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S05.E09: The Ride

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I was fine up until they played that song & then the tears came.  Oh My:  Randall's 3 girls have grown up so pretty...his 3 branches.  Kevin seemed like he was going to follow in his father's path, but he realizes Madison is like his Mom who can handle anything.

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Loved this episode!!     I knew it was Deja and Annie as soon as she got into the car.   Whoever scouts for extras to resemble these cast members is excellent at their job.    I love any song by Bread.   It was very appropriate.   

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Poor Annie sat in that car seat listening to Randall give his speech thinking, Oh, god, Is this my life now and looking none too pleased about it! She was adorable as all heck though.

2 minutes ago, Armchair Critic said:

So Deja is the pregnant one? I was afraid Kevin was going to drink like Jack did, dodged that bullet.

Yup. Looked like Jack's was just a one off too although he did start drinking later in the timeline as we already know.

I felt like Kate's reaction to Ellie was poor although I'm not sure I blame her. I know it threw Kate for a loop.  I think it would have been better to reassure her and let her know the door is always open rather than question her at such a vulnerable time though.

My jaw dropped open when Toby told Kate he lost his job. At least he can sign up for unemployment.

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The show continues to nail the casting.

Jack with Kevin's twins was so beautiful. How I wish I could have seen my uncle meet his grandchildren, and be a grandpa. He passed from brain cancer at 50, when my cousins were 17 (senior year), and 13. 

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Just have to say I loved Sophie the Giraffe making an appearance! All three of my kids had one and whenever someone I know is having a baby I gift them one as well. I actually had a Sophie randomly make an appearance at my front steps a few weeks ago joking with my husband that it was a sign to have another baby (my youngest and last baby is almost 5) but I think some baby must have dropped it on their stroller walk. I left it out on display in case they came back for it. Those things are seriously like gold! 

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15 minutes ago, ams1001 said:

I hate watching people drive on TV normally (especially this show because they are really bad at pretending they are driving an actual car) but god this episode stressed me out. I seriously almost turned it off. But I didn't. Instead, I snarked.

  • Yes, Jack, you having to pretend you know everything is more important than the safety of your kids. Just RTFM.
  • "How come you got three car seats?" Um...is it that hard to figure out?
  • "She looks like she could start laughing or crying at any moment. That is all you." This is the kid whose entire personality thus far has been "cute and blandly pleasant" (when she has anything to do/say at all).
  • First name Hailey, middle name 's Comet. That is totally something Toby would say.
  • I feel like Kate and Toby driving the birth mother home from the hospital is...how should I put this?...not the best idea..? Jeez, Kate, give the woman some space. It's not about you. Did they really not have any kind of adoption counselor/social worker involved that would have given her a more realistic idea of what to expect from a woman who is giving her baby to you? Or even spend a half hour googling the topic?
  • Gee, it's almost like on the way home from the hospital with a two-day old baby isn't the best time to lobby your wife to do it again? Who'da thunk?
  • Sophie the Giraffe! 🦒 Better be magic for what those things cost.
  • Jesus, Jack, you couldn't wait until you got home for that shot? How long was Rebecca in the hospital? Google tells me you shouldn't drive for at least a week after giving birth, 3-4 if you had c-section. She has stitches that are painful when she turns in the passenger seat. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Rebecca should not be driving. Also, why didn't you put gas in the car before you picked up your wife and newborn children from the hospital?
  • Kate's "unflappable"? Ha.
  • I'm just gonna assume Baby Jack got to meet his little sister during the commercial break, then went back to his nap.
  • No, Kevin, you don't want to be like your dad. 
  • Between the show and the Huggies commercial that I saw at least twice...I am overloaded on adorable babies.
  • Sorry, if I were Rebecca, I would not have stayed in the car long enough to hear the Sad Pearson Speech after being told he made her drive because he took a drink in the middle of driving his new family home from the hospital.
  • Okay, I'll admit they faked me out thinking they're bringing in more random people for some side story. (I even had to delete my first line of snark.) So future Deja becomes a doctor, huh?

You just said everything that went through our minds. DS17 said to me, “I wouldn’t say that at all” when Toby called Kate unflappable. But I was surprised how unflappable Madison was, given what (albeit little) we’ve seen from her character. DS also asked “did you give me a long speech when you brought be home like Randal did.” Uh, no...and sitting on a hard chair eating ice cream in a parking lot on the way home with a two-day-old baby wouldn’t have been my choice either, but to each her own.

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Future Deja and Annie!

Kevin proposing to Madison with his hospital bracelet was sweet.

Really, Jack, drinking on the day your kids come home from the hospital and making Rebecca—who’s still physically and emotionally recovering—drive home? Yikes, dude. 

I know Kate is hoping Hailey will know her birth mom, but it’s been like two days. Give Ellie some time to process.

If I just gave birth and my husband was asking me when we were having a third kid I’d take the car keys and he’d be walking home. 

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3 minutes ago, stonehaven said:

Nice episode but all the "family/kids" moments were lost on me as I don't have any kids nor plan to but Beth had me running to the freezer for ice cream.


I hear you!    I was craving an Oreo Blizzard the entire show.   

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7 minutes ago, stonehaven said:

Nice episode but all the "family/kids" moments were lost on me as I don't have any kids nor plan to but Beth had me running to the freezer for ice cream.

I may or may not have had a pint of Häagen-Dazs Irish Cream Brownie for dinner while I watched.

7 minutes ago, PRgal said:

Off topic:  was there no episode 7?  I just realized we went from episode 6 to episode 8, since tonight’s was 9?

This is the episode list for this season so far:




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There is a reason that SAG seems to award this show more than the others. Their casting across the generations is so impeccable. Déjà was not a surprise (Annie was more an assumption) as the casting was so eerie. 

I wonder where Toby’s job loss will lead. Is that going to cause him to spiral again? 

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21 minutes ago, tennisgurl said:

The paparazzi guy was a serious jerk (and a said one) and I also side eyeing the guy who just taking random pictures of Kevin when he was putting the car seats in. Being famous obviously has tons of perks, but being "on" all of the time must be absolutely exhausting.

I was surprised the paparazzi guy was willing to trade potential pics of Kevin with his new babies for ones of Kevin jogging (and the comment about wanting Kevin shirtless and package visible was just gross).  I would have thought the baby pics would be more valuable than jogging pictures.


51 minutes ago, DoubleUTeeEff said:

I felt like Kate's reaction to Ellie was poor although I'm not sure I blame her.

I blame her a bit.  I wanted Toby to point out that Randall was abandoned by his birth father (and to a lesser extent, his dead, but not really, birth mom), whereas even if Ellie decides not to have a relationship with Hallie, both Kate and Toby know who she is, have met and talked with her and can tell their daughter about her as needed.   

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11 minutes ago, txhorns79 said:

I was surprised the paparazzi guy was willing to trade potential pics of Kevin with his new babies for ones of Kevin jogging (and the comment about wanting Kevin shirtless and package visible was just gross). 

Yeah, what are the odds Madison's really gonna call him? Also, ew.

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So far we know for sure that Rebecca, Nicky, Toby, Kevin, Randall, Beth, Tess and the twins (Nicky/Franny) are at the cabin. Deja and Annie just arrived and Jack and someone are "on their way" - which may or may not be the car that just honked.

The remaining unknowns are Miguel, Madison, Kate and Hailey, and also the possibility of future children that we don't know about.


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Now I know why I got into so many fights when I was young- I didn't have a wife or a girlfriend there all the time to pull me back into my senses 🙂 


There was A ...LOT of talking in this episode. Seemed like more than usual, but it probably wasn't. I do agree with everyone on the casting  -- those women really looked liked grown-up versions of the girls.


Here's to hoping Kevin & Madison make it work, but I have a feeling it won't. Maybe we've already seen that result in one of the future-flashes ?



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2 minutes ago, Blakeston said:

Rather than saying that Toby was laid off, they should have had him say, "I got fired, because I never go to work, and I disappear for months at a time."

Seriously.  Out of the adults on this show, I think Randall is the only one who currently has a paying job.  Kevin walked out on his, I'm not sure the last time Kate earned income, my impression was that Beth's dance studio is for all intents and purposes closed until further notice, Madison does not seem to work and Rebecca and Miguel appear retired. 

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Why did Kate snap at Toby just because he accepted the birth mother’s decision to not stay in contact with them and the baby? It was like she wanted him to get angry about it.  That’s just immature, imo.  Also, the woman may have some hormones going on....let things settle.  And after that Toby has to kiss her behind.....ughh....

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Great job, Jon Huertas! Glad the show found a way to use him more.

I wish Kevin had gotten to see the mess that Jack was on the day the Big Three came home from the hospital, and not the idealized version in his dream. That sure would have taken off a lot of the pressure he put on himself. Seriously Jack, you "don't need no stinkin' manual" to make sure your children are safe in their car seats? Of course, because everything is always about you.

Kate, shut up! Respect Ellie's wishes and just let her know that you'll always be happy to hear from her if she changes her mind later. Speaking of Ellie, I loved her "first name Hailey, middle name 's Comet" joke. Her sense of humor is a lot like Toby's, and it made me wonder if she chose the Damons more because of him and less because of Kate. 

2 hours ago, bettername2come said:

Future Deja is again spot-on casting.

She's perfect! Not just looks-wise, but she nailed Present Deja's speech patterns as well.

1 hour ago, memememe76 said:

I wonder where Toby’s job loss will lead. Is that going to cause him to spiral again? 

I hope it doesn't lead to another running for political office storyline.

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LOL! I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. No way the wimpy paparazzi trades brand new twins exclusive photos for the promise (?!) of a Kevin jogging shot. 

(Unless he thought he was customizing a shirtless tight package shot for his private collection. WTAF?)

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 I'm happy that all three of Randall and Beth girls seems to be thriving. Doctor, social worker and whatever Annie is. With all of Randall pearsoning about branches and trying for a boy, and the mysterious male driver in the flash forward, I wondered if he was able to talk Beth into trying for a boy. But then I remember that Nicky and Frannie are preteens in this time period. So the guy is someone else.

I'm glad that they fixed Randall's old man makeup so he looks only a decade older but still looking pretty good. Previously he looked 20-25 years older and way older than older Kevin.

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I think this week and last week were the best episodes so far of the season. The casting of Deja and Annie were ... amazing. The actress playing Deja got the younger version’s speech patterns so perfectly that I was trying to figure out if the older actress was dubbed. Plus they got Annie’s sunny & easy personality. Amazing! Especially considering there’s not a whole lot to work with in regards to Annie.


I really like Jack and as someone who lost their dad early in life, I completely get the idolization of him. I thought Kevin’s dream was perfect and I like that they showed that Jack wasn’t that perfect on the first big three’s first day home either. I also like Madison a lot. She reminded me of Rebecca and I’m glad Kevin realized that. 

As an aside, I always like when they show the realities of being a celebrity. Some shows overlook it (Nashville) so it’s cool when they do it here. I thought Kevin handled the fan well and Madison the paparazzi. I wonder if he lost that job. He’s a good actor, I hope he doesn’t drop it and run for office of something haha. 


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3 hours ago, ItCouldBeWorse said:

Yes, when I saw her in the hospital, I said to myself, "is that Deja?"

I'm still totally confused. Future Deja is a medical resident? And she's pregnant? I think only future Tess resembles current teen Tess. Didn't even realize the 3 were Randall's until the flash forward. Guess I am a bit slow. I'll blame it on the late hour. We never see Jack in scenes with his adult children so I enjoyed the new dad Kevin with Jack scene. Enjoyable episode.  Well done Mr. Huertas!

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Okay, so at first I didn't figure out it was future Deja - but the second she sat down in the car, I was like "holy crap is that future Deja? That must be Annie driving her!"

That thought was preceded by "nobody's wearing masks so this is a flash forward"

Also, I liked Randall asking Future Deja about how the drive was and she said something like "oh it felt like no time at all!"

Hopefully that was the show mocking itself for how they play with geography

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3 hours ago, memememe76 said:

I wonder where Toby’s job loss will lead. Is that going to cause him to spiral again? 

Maybe he will get a job offer in Philadelphia and they will move near Randall-although in reality, his job in tech would probably be done from home right now.

Kevin and Madison will also need more space-they are living in a 2 bedroom now, and I predict will not want to raise their kids anywhere near Hollywood.

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17 minutes ago, Leeds said:

Am I the only person who hated 99% of this episode?

(Including the brand new baby that looked like a kielbasa inexpertly wrapped in a blanket.)

You are not.
I would have been fine if the episode had concentrated on the present-day Pearson newborns getting home. 
I have absolutely had it with Jack. Dear writers, the character has been dead for more than two decades. ENOUGH ALREADY!

I'm truly not sure why I'm still watching this show. Most of the time, it just annoys me now.

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8 hours ago, bettername2come said:

Jon Huertas directed! I know next to nothing about this man and I’m ridiculously happy for him. Like him directing is indicative is the show giving Miguel some of the respect he deserves. 

“Annie… this girl is an angel sent down from God Himself.” Yes! You treat the finest member of the Pearson family with the honor and respect she deserves!

Did they put Madison in a turtleneck solely so that she could pull the neck over her mouth to talk to paparazzo? 

The proposal with the bracelet was nice. I can see him relaying that story to Seth Meyers on Late Night soon.  

I do not believe they were in the hospital for only 4 days with premies in 1980, especially with an extra one.

Future Deja is again spot-on casting. She and future Randall have such a sweet relationship.

I had my twins on Friday, out Sunday morning and 4 wks early. If they are healthy, you can.

I thought too much with all the births but did enjoy seeing Beth and Annie and Randall acting like Randall. I thought the paparazzi was going to be a fake out but I guess Kevin is popular enough. I thought Madison looked way too thin, but she is normally a bit underweight. I was pretty cool with my twins coming home and did fine with a 3 year old at home so her seeming good wasn't untrue. As long as I was with my husband and a bunch of people didn't want to wake them or make noise, I was good. I had one sleep many times while I fed one or I rocked them with one foot and fed the other. You just roll. I personally didn't feel safe in the hospital, it was noisy, I couldn't rest.

I though not mentioning Kyle's name seemed odd. Rebecca mentioned her mom's miscarriage early on and she was depressed but she had Kyle. He existed. No mention of honoring him in any way. I thought that was sad. A vehicle for Randall I know but still.

They do casting well but I felt way too much Jack (for me) and he wasn't so stupid he couldn't put car seats in. Rebecca looked spot on mix of exhaustion and depression and looked the most realistic. Annie wasn't Beth's first and she looked good but tired too. I wouldn't take a newborn to an icecream place but drive through or pick up, fine. ; ) I love her comebacks and banter with Randall, he is less irritating with her. His wanting another seemed totally not Randall though, not then.

I guess the show will slowly have everyone show up at Kevin's house and then toward the end, hold out on the most asked about. I actually don't care as much anymore which is maybe not what they want, but good for following it for me. Whatever they do, they do.

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This was the worst episode for quite a while. I felt like you can really tell they've been struggling with this virus and having to re-write everything FAST. This felt way rushed and just bad. It's like they're going by in slow-motion. I love this show but this episode had me going in and out so many times. Ugh. 

The only thing good about this episode was Beth! I freaking love her. 

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Just now, Ana88 said:

This was the worst episode for quite a while. I felt like you can really tell they've been struggling with this virus and having to re-write everything FAST. This felt way rushed and just bad. It's like they're going by in slow-motion. I love this show but this episode had me going in and out so many times. Ugh. 

I think that was why they stayed in cars the whole show and the guy at gas station was behind glass and they guy in the car was far away and Jack Jr wasn't shown even in a clip they edited in. I wonder if they filmed this before the last one.

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I did not see the whole episode. I watched the beginning last night and the ending this AM. I'll watch the entire episode later, but I loved th ending. I really do wish Rebecca would tell the kids, “I know you idolize him, but your father wasn’t perfect. He made mistakes. He stopped and took a shot of whiskey on our way home from the hospital with you.” 

I like Madison and Kevin together. 

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The casting is so good for this show.  I knew that the doctor was Deja immediately and especially as soon as she sat in the car with the Annie lookalike.  Aww, Beth and Randall are going to be grandparents!

Those were some of the fakest looking babies being held that I've ever seen.  Gotta do what they gotta due during a pandemic though.

I'm starting to love Madison.  She and Beth are the best.  And Miguel.


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