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  1. I thought there were some funny bits with the employees trying to avoid working with 'crazy" Carol, and Sandra's facial expressions were funny. Amy used to be smart but now as a Manager, she seems to be clueless about what is going on in the store. The whole storyline with Jonah & Cheyenne were at the protest seemed like it was on a different show & didn't relate to the main storyline at all...Jonah & Amy don't seem like a Couple anymore.
  2. I think they needed the whole title "St. Francis of Assisi", there are other "St.Francis's" in the Catholic church(one being St. Francis deChantal)
  3. I am enjoying the opening sequences with Jimmy & his kids...just very casual & relaxed & then he has nice casual talks with people like Lin-Manuel & John Legend & what they are up to....last night he had his wife on(I had never seen her before, very attractive) and he asked her questions about her life & she told a story about the most romantic thing Jimmy ever did for her, and he bought her a VW Bus from her teen years. It was cute
  4. I think I read that Greg Rikaart tested positive for Corona-virus. 😞
  5. All I have to say about today's show is: Rob has amazing Abs 🙂 Don't need to see Eric being all angry at Sarah again, don't need to see Kristen weeping over Rachel's grave & clinging onto Brady, and seeing Sarah comfort Kristen just made me "ugh".
  6. I really liked the storyline exploring Rebecca's sadness over losing one of her babies at birth, I think that affected how she treated Randall, he was replacing her dead baby. And then in a parallel storyline, we see Kate going back to the NICU where she nearly lost baby Jack & feeling sadness over what her baby had to overcome.
  7. Yep, that's what we will all be doing 🙂 The Man with the horse left to go to work & we see him put on a white doctor coat & then walk in to talk to Madison. He encourages Madison to talk to the Father & then quotes what his daughter said about the horse "let him go free".
  8. Yes, exactly! 🙂 I thought the girl in the art museum was somehow related to Rebecca's interest in that painting of the lady. And I could not figure out how the girl with the horse & her Father fit it....then we see he is Madison's doctor & I wonder if the daughter shows up in Madison & Kevin's future?
  9. Oh Wow, I loved all the early Patch/Kayla episodes & loved Adrienne & Justin's love story(poor girl/rich boy). And Jennifer & Jack adventures. And the "Cruise of Deception" was exciting. And I was a fan of early Marlena & John.
  10. Regarding Evan, he had a 'heart to heart" conversation with Sonny who convinced him to 'do the right thing" and return David to Rafe. Orpheus was surprised by that! And Rafe is all OK with Ben coming over to visit David any time he wants! Sheesh, I would think you would want to keep lil David safe from all 'wacky people"!
  11. Beth was great in this episode! I loved her "Um um huh"...reaction to Randall when he was talking to her as they were leaving & then when she cleared everybody out of the house when she knew things were going to "BLow" between the brothers.
  12. We got Toby being a great guy(usually he annoys me), we got Uncle Nicky & his dry sarcasm with Kevin, we got Miguel being supportive as always, we got Dr. Major Dad singing "Blue Skies" which I loved. Just all kinds of interesting tid-bits in this show
  13. Oh My! Tears galore! Surprises galore! Unexpected twists & turns & I loved it!
  14. Good Grief: I did so much eye-rolling during today's show: Marlena&Stevano are just ridiculous, I had to mute the sound. They are panting over a cactus & then doing some kind of "romantic" dancing?! Then Eli & Lani being amateur sleuths peering around a tree in the Square & Evan knows they are there: How dumb! The only part I enjoyed was the fact that Rafe was re-united with David.
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