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  1. Well, the psychiatric hospital....I just wish the actress would be more subtle in her acting choices...
  2. The person on Twitter who Rates peoples rooms as they are interviewed, "Room Rater" gave Dan Goldman a 10, loving the wave painting & surfboard 🙂
  3. Goodness, Claire is So Over-the-Top in her reactions to everything, its like she is sending obvious signs that she is "cuckoo"...I wish the actress would tone it down so we could believe that she was cured at Bayview.
  4. Wow: the toad in your house! Maybe he was looking for a cool spot to hang out 🙂
  5. BuckeyeLou


    I see that Joy is getting lots of Congratulations on Twitter, including Dan Rather, Soledad O'Brien, & Chris Matthews himself..
  6. Were the writers teasing the viewers of the show today when they had Bonnie talking about "Super-couples" 🙂 She named all the obvious ones: John/Marlena, Jack/Jennifer, Patch/Kayla & then she said "Bonnie & Lucas" lol. I think "Super-couples" are an "old" concept on soaps now.
  7. Yes, Yes, Yes! Wally brought tears to my eyes, some really emotional scenes. Loved Victor's snark, loved Kayla's hug & tears as she realized what Justin was saying. Jack & Jennifer are always faves. Hope & Patch's scene of being old friends who understand each other. When Justin broke down & cried while at Kayla's condo just broke my heart. Yes, the younger actors need to watch the vets to see how its done.
  8. I wondered if that was written into the script or did the actor accidentally drop the cards & it made for a funny moment so they left it in?
  9. I did like some of the 'one on one" conversations today: Sarah & Victor, Jack & Xander, Jack & Patch, Sonny & Justin. The show seemed slow, but the conversations did show us what the characters are feeling at the moment.
  10. On 4th July weekend, I saw Chrissy Metz singing on PBS "Capitol Fourth"....she sounded lovely.
  11. The actress who plays Gwen annoys me with her constant chewing on her fingernails! Is that supposed to be some kind of 'cute, quirky habit" that she does? And Sonny and his Blazer-wearing self! Ugh, its summer time, Will has a short-sleeve shirt on, why cant Sonny dress appropriately? And that Gwen seems mighty suspicious to me, maybe she some how ruined the dress? And Allie seems so silly & not very bright, Eric brings up all the things she needs to be thinking about when the baby is born, and she is like "Ohhh...I had not thought of that"?!
  12. BuckeyeLou


    When I saw that ugly wallpaper, I was LOL....she & Craig using the same room. Lindsay was interviewing NASCAR drivers while there was a rain delay...
  13. I must have missed hearing that Kristenleft her baby at the Convent....what a "great" Mother she is, just leaving her baby behind so she can pop up in Salem again. Why couldn't we see the actual Court room proceedings? I guess the show's budget does not allow for another set, but it was odd seeing Gabi suddenly appear in front of Chad to brag to him. Julie really Is a pill...gosh, ordering Abe around! I did think Lani looked fantastic in her wedding gown, it was very Sexy.
  14. The clip they showed of Ari was when Nicole was at the car crash site & she broke down crying about Holly being dead...dramatic scenes.
  15. TODAY wins Daytime Emmy for Best Morning Show...
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