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  1. I thought the acts other than the singers were the most entertaining tonight: there was Skill shown by Alan Silva, it was beautiful & dangerous, I gave him votes. And Bad Salsa were Amazing! I am glad they performed in person, I wonder how they got a Visa to come to USA & the Bellow sisters were still in Germany? I like Archie but he was not the best Performer tonight, but I can see him winning. I happen to like Brandon, or "Woke-man" as some on this board call him, his Performance left me teary-eyed...so Emotional! I would love to see him tour the country as a Motivational Speaker, he will make Poetry "Hip". Cristina Rae was the best of the singers tonight, she really hit those High notes...I can see her winning, (and her little boy is a cutie).
  2. This is So Cool! And they are both so talented, Congrats to them both!
  3. Exactly! Megan has to butt in while Sarah is trying to make a point & then accuses Sarah of 'slandering the judge"(they were talking about one of the women named as a possible replacement). Arrggg...
  4. Oh Good Grief Megan: what's up with the Gold Tiara on her head?! To let us know she is the "Princess"?! 🙂 And she had to let us know she did NOT cry when RBG died like all the other women did, but she did cry when Scalia died(rolling my eyes).
  5. Exactly! I posted earlier about what a strange scene it was with "Father" Eric & the lady from Africa...Why was she all "touchy-feely" with him? Was the audience supposed to think she was putting the moves on the good priest? I was so confused...why didnt they just have someone/man/woman/ from the village come to see him & explain the situation & ask for his help? Why the sexual innuendo?
  6. Oh Gads! 10 minutes into the show & Meagain is attacking Doctors & the CDC for lying to HER! She doesnt believe in the mask mandate, she is with Trump that she doesnt believe Dr. Redfield! OMG....I cant take it! We are in a National emergency & she is poo pooing the Experts!
  7. The woman who came to visit "Father Eric": she confused me. She knew him as a priest, she said she knew he was married, yet she was all sexy & slinky & putting her hands on him & breathy voice....WHY? She could have just been a regular person who came to see Eric & ask for some help...did she think her allure was going to convince the "Good Father" to return to Africa?
  8. I have gotten a kick out of Sofia as a Judge this year...she seems like a good addition. I have not heard anything about Simon's condition recently, wonder if he will be able to show up for the Finale?
  9. I'll join the chorus of "I miss Tom", but Tyra did Try to engage with the Dancers. I do not know who Nev is, but I enjoyed seeing a classic Ballroom Dance. I thought Johnny Weir would be better, Justina Machado is so much fun to watch & so full of energy, AJ & Cheryl were a fun way to start off the night, Carole Baskin was definately the worst of the night. I was surprised that the judges were judging so Low for everyone...the past couple of seasons they were pulling out 7s & 8s the first weeks. Tonight, I was surprised to see 3s & 4s. I thought Derek was a good judge: fair & constructive advice, I did not care for Bruno's silver hair & I was annoyed with Carrie pulling out the "lifts" penalty again! The piped in crowd noise was distracting & annoying.
  10. I thought Heidi looked really cute last night: loved the colorful outfit & her 'pony"....you are lucky you can rock a "Pony", I dont have enough hair to pull back 🙂
  11. I felt badly for Archie...he seemed nervous...his voice sounded weak...he has talent but last night was a poor performance. Broken Roots seem like they could get a recording deal in Nashville. And Brandon has a career as a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker. The Dancetown Family group are fun & energetic...I would like to see them advance...I can see them doing a show in Vegas.
  12. Yes, 2 Wild Cards this week: Thomas Day(a singer) who had Covid & thus had not been able to perform, and the Dance Family from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
  13. CNN is showing Episode 5 now(9pm Eastern)....This one focused on Diana & Charles marriage...Episode 6 is next at 10pm
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