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  1. This is wild! I am enjoying the questions from the audience :) Guess they have to be really careful who VP comes in contact with now.
  2. Savannah, who I dont think is known as a 'fashion plate", was given the task of styling Hoda & Jenna this morning & Savannah said her style is "Gothic/Schoolmarm": Yikes! She had Jenna in a really frumpy outfit, at least Hoda's jumpsuit looked nice on her, but then Savannah added all kinds of funky jewelry. I did not care for the looks at all, but I find it interesting that the 3 of them all share clothes, I guess because all of them are so Tall.
  3. MSNBC can be found under "Network Talk" & yes, Nicolle's hair looked gorgeous
  4. Wasnt Ariana getting ready to do a Concert somewhere in England when a Bomb went off & killed lots of young people? She said she was very traumatized by that event, and she went back several months later to finish the Concert.
  5. I'm with Chanel, I do not like Horror movies, as she said "There is enough bad stuff going on in real life without watching a movie about bad stuff". I wonder how Chanel will be affected by this storyline? Will she somehow be caught up in the possession storyline while Johnny makes his movie? I hope not because I like Chanel, she is sparkly & sassy & not a push-over.
  6. And I liked seeing the 3 Siblings inter-acting. And Johnny & Allie were cute together today
  7. Funniest line of the day, Allie says "Well, Mom has a flexible relationship with the truth" :) The scenes with Marlena & "DevilDoug" were creepy.
  8. I Love how excited Sara is about celebrations, she is a 'ray of sunshine" on the show. She really enjoyed the "Mean Girls" theme for her Birthday.
  9. I was disappointed with the Finale.....the winner was not the Best Magician they have had on this show, for Example Shin Lim & Mat(that was on tonight) are both amazing. I was rooting for young Aiden, the aerialist, who I totally can see in Vegas or Lea, the "Quick Change Lady"...both were something different from we have seen before. I do enjoy these 4 judges, they seem to get along very good and there were some fun & interesting acts this year, but I just felt a sense of let-down at the end. But, I will be back next year :)
  10. ITA! Have you noticed that Whoopi has a box under her feet so she can rest her feet on something? In the early days they sat on a sofa which seemed much more comfortable.
  11. I guess we got a 'history" lesson in today's show....why was Ben feeling so over-come by what he heard? Wish they had left Oak Tree Plantation to Bo/Hope's history. This is an important topic but I dont think Ciara/Ben are the best characters to explore it.
  12. I admit to crying during the scenes with Doug & Julie. Bill & Susan were wonderful (Susan can be 'over the top" & "chews the scenery" but these scenes were tender & filled with memories & the 2 of them have such a connection.
  13. What the heck was contestant, Amde, doing?! He looked like he was scratching his leg or trying to untangle his cord, or something...it was very distracting watching him, like he was bending over & reaching for something...
  14. I loved Kayla & Patch's wedding on the boat, I just loved them as a couple & Kayla had become deaf & the day of the wedding she began to speak & I remember crying I was so happy for them.
  15. If Mia was auditioning for Co-Host, I would rate her as "Average"....her voice was unpleasant, but overall she tried to 'play nicely with the other Hosts", there was No hissy fits :)
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