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  1. Why am I not getting DOOL today? There is a break in the Impeachment hearing, and at 1:00, I check the TV & I am getting an episode of "Access Hollywood"! At 1:00 I should be getting DOOL. Ugh, how annoying, now I don't even know how many episodes I have missed, or are they all showing up on "On Demand"? Is anyone else seeing today(Wed) episode?
  2. Just a shallow note about today's show, I want Ronan's hair! 🙂 And Megan's plaid shirt does not match her sparkly skirt
  3. I remember Nick Cannon saying NBC 'brass"(corporate) did not like when he started wearing the turbans & told him to stop or he would be fired, so I think Nick, basically, quit.
  4. Amy Klobuchar traveled with Senator McCain when Senators would travel overseas, and Sen. McCain would always make sure Sen. Klobuchar was recognized, as sometimes the people in other countries would over-look the women Senators.
  5. I was disappointed with this movie. Maybe I went in with too high expectations. I was expecting a "feel-good" holiday movie. Instead, it was more about Matthew Rhys' character(Lloyd) and he was a 'sad sack", in fact, I didn't like him very much. I did enjoy Susan Kelachi Watson's character(as Lloyd's wife), she was a very patient wife to put up with her husband.
  6. Have a safe trip! Check out the gift shops in the Terminal, I like to do that 🙂
  7. Stevie & Dmitri getting together so quickly, surprised me....I thought Stevie wanted some time to think about things. But, I did get a kick out of the scenes of confusion during the Chinese Restaurant scene & then going back to the White House and the parents congratulating them Before the proposal & then Russell barging in, in the middle of the proposal made me chuckle. The scene with Elizabeth & Chen talking on the bridge in NYC was very cool.
  8. I came up with "Plastics" right away, but was straining my brain to think of a movie from 1941, I was like the one fellow who said "Nuts"(the General who replied "Nuts" to the Nazis when ordered surrender), but that was in 1944. I will miss Beth, I liked her pleasant voice.
  9. The character of Eric is being written terribly, he is angry all the time(or crying), he comes across as a jerk...I wish they had continued the storyline of him being a priest, there is a lot they could have done with him as opposed to the usual "soap hunk".
  10. Thanks for asking, my hubby had bumps & bruises from the accident, but was fine, we saved up money to buy a car(we had just gotten married). As for the cookies, we got coupons that we could use to buy the cookies whenever we wanted. We did not get a giant box full of cookies 🙂
  11. Ugh..."Rage-aholic" Eric storms into a private bedroom yelling so loud he wakes up the baby, doesn't check to see if the baby is OK, but just keeps yelling at Sarah & Xander! Sheesh....Xander (from what we've seen & been told) has been a good father to lil Mickey & there is no reason why he cant be a good Step-Father. Eric sounds like a possessive, angry father. Yes, Eric is the bio-Dad, but it doesn't mean he automatically possesses the baby.
  12. And Tom giving Sasha his suit coat to wear, LOL
  13. I missed all of last week's episodes & now I am So confused! 🙂 Why does Clyde have a personal cell phone in jail?! Why are Clyde & Ben allowed to hang out in private while in jail?! Why does Ciara look like a 1930's actress with vampy hair & bright red lipstick?! Why did Xander burn a letter in the fireplace?! Why is Eric still crying? LOL.... I guess I will have to find the episodes On Demand...was there a show all 5 days last week?
  14. Hoda got engaged over the weekend. Joel proposed while they were on a beach vacation.
  15. I am certainly surprised. Chrishell seemed to enjoy going to all the "THis is Us" events & red carpets & she seemed to get along with Justin's daughter. I never saw anything in the 'gossip papers" about problems with them.
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