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  1. I have not watched this show in awhile, so I am really confused by this season. When Rio took Beth to his Family Dinner, I got the impression his "brother/cousin" was the Head Guy of the operation & he needed to check Beth out. And in Season 1, didnt Rio have a son that Beth met at the park & then his girlfriend/wife/babyMama showed up & had a talk with Beth, why wasnt this Son at this Family Dinner? Or was that not really his son? Beth's husband just comes across as a "goof"...I know he was happy to be free & out of jail, but he always seems clueless about what is going
  2. Wow! Yes! You explained it so good....both brothers had insecurities and neither one understood how the other one felt.
  3. Same here, we had the Covid Press conference interrupt half of DAYS. And I too miss Sarah...she was lively & silly at times & had chemistry with Xander.
  4. The Kids on this show are terrific! And the Teen Kevin & Randall were also terrific in their scenes...the casting for these kids has been spot on.
  5. Wow: that was intense & emotional! I am glad they got a lot of their 'ugly" emotions out of the way & could really talk to each other. I Loved when Kevin said "You are my Brother, My Smart Black Brother".
  6. Thanks for the info...I could not remember the details
  7. Yep, loved seeing "Television Without Pity"(altho nobody knew the answer), I too made my way over here after TWOP disappeared
  8. And didnt Sami cheat with Rafe on her last trip back to Salem? Rafe was engaged to Hope and I thought Sami was married to EJ at that time? Rafe was upset because Hope found out, but I dont remember Sami feeling badly about their one night together.
  9. What a fascinating family(on both sides) that Helena Bonham-Carter has! She reminded me of Mary Poppins when she had the straw hat on.
  10. Congratulations! Hope you are able to visit & hold him.
  11. Me too: I said Brasilia & Buenos Aires. Lima would not have come to mind at all.
  12. Thank you for saying that it is gross to see vomit spewing out all over the other actress....I thought maybe it was just me being too 'sensitive"....they could have showed Gwen doubled over & had sound effects, but they did NOT need to show yellow guck running down the actress legs...sheesh
  13. I too thought Victoria Konafel did an excellent job in her scenes today: very intense as she displayed shock, horror & disgust at both Ben & Claire. Meanwhile, put me in the camp of "Ewww" with Xander & Chantel....WHY would she go into a drunk man's hotel room, it makes her seem not very bright....and how old is she supposed to be? College age...early 20's...she acts very Juvenile.
  14. I did like that Uncle Nicky called Miguel to apologize...Miguel realized Jack would have wanted Nicky there if things had been different between them. And now, Kevin wants to make sure Randall will be his Best Man & not leave a rift between them like there was between Jack & Nicky.
  15. I was getting a big kick out of Julie & Jack's conversation today, Julie loves to gossip & wants to know whats going on with everyone in town...poor Xander...I'm glad he has Jack looking after him(altho is Chanel going to worm her way into his life(and money?))
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