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  1. Yes, I, too, am enjoying seeing the clips of the early days of the show, and yes, I am shocked they included Matt Lauer in the clips. Also, Ann Curry appeared in a couple of clips & they generally like to forget about her. I am so old I remember seeing most of these hosts :)
  2. And they wanted the viewers to pick the baby's name! The baby was about 6 weeks old & had no name yet, that seems strange & I would not want TV viewers naming my child!
  3. I thought it was a lovely episode with different aspects of young Love vs. Mature Love. The scenes of young Rebecca & Jack in the convertible and just driving along & enjoying life were delightful, Rebecca was so full of enthusiasm & I thought Mandy Moore looked beautiful. Then we had young Nicky & Sally & a love of regrets, and then Deja & Malik's first moments together, Deja did look "Incandescent" in that red dress. Miguel continues to win my heart, he is so thoughtful to Rebecca(I loved the brooch story he made up), his remarks about Nicky make me chuckle, I hop
  4. Me too! I can think of some locations :)
  5. Sorry to hear about all that! This whole Covid situation does not seem to be getting better...good luck during Quarantine
  6. I was happy to see Whoopi....she looked good & seemed to be in good spirits. I got a kick out of what she was doing: listening to audiobooks & opening her Xmas presents and she watched the Ball drop on NYE, the "one with all the stuff going on", lol, so we know she was watching Andy & Anderson :)
  7. Funniest scene today: Ava's dream of smashing Rafe's apology cake in his face! :) Ava's a cold one :)
  8. Oh My: The Kleenex came out at the end, Little Kevin broke my heart when he told Kate "Mom & Dad are going to die", and then when Rebecca remembered "Caboose".... But, I did get a chuckle out of Rebecca telling Nicky was giving her a Headache. Kate & Kevin discussing how far they had come in 5 years was a good scene too.
  9. Ava Vitali: Slayer of Teddy Bears!
  10. So, is Antonio Brown's career in Pro Football finished? Does he have mental health issues, or is he just a 'jerk"? I am No Tom Brady fan, but at least Tom expressed sympathy for Antonio, whereas Coach Arians just seemed to be done with him. I cant see any other team taking a chance on him...
  11. Shouldnt the building where Basic Black is located have a security system with cameras? All the cops would have to do is check the security videos of who went in & out of the building that night.
  12. The Cast of "This is Us" are on all 3 hours of TODAY this morning. Its a fun interview & they do seem to be friends in real life. I am glad Jon Huertas was included(Miguel), and Chris(Tobey) is a really funny guy.
  13. Yes, Thank You! Cantinflas added humor to the movie.
  14. I was disappointed with this...I'm so old, I remember going to the cinema to see the original "Around the World in 80 Days" when I was a child, and it was fun & exciting...David Niven was very cosmopolitan, a Mexican actor(forget his name) was the Valet & he was funny, and Shirley McClain played the lady rescued in India. I could not understand any of the dialogue spoken in Paris, did not understand anything that was happening there. The young reporter was rather annoying. I just wanted something light & fun, like the original movie(altho maybe my childhood memories are 'foggy")
  15. Joy says hopefully its just a week that they need to do the show from home. Whoopi tested positive but is doing OK. Joy's hair looks bad. Everyone looks tired. Poor Ana, what a difficult Christmas for her with her Mother passing away & her Father having Covid. Then, Sunny tested positive for Covid & had to isolate from her family over Christmas vacation. And Sarah's husband tested positive for Covid, so they've all had a rough time of it.
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