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  1. I was yelling at the TV! Megan does not want to give Dr. Fauci 'any Medal" for his work, because he LIED to her! Oh Good Grief! And jumping on Pres. Biden for not wearing a mask, how about Trump & his people Never wore a mask!
  2. I love the "DH's" together, I think they have great chemistry
  3. Oh Good Grief! Megan has to say she is a Republican(again!), and she is mad at Joy for calling Ted Cruz an enemy, she is defending Ted Cruz! ugh, I just cant stand listening to her defend 'her side"!
  4. She had the spirit & passion of a Gospel Preacher...she was so good this morning.
  5. I wondered about the baby clothes too! I thought maybe she was folding Rachel's clothes to help out Brady, but wouldnt there be a Nanny or Housekeeper to do that sort of thing?
  6. I'm enjoying the scenes of "cat & mouse" between Charlie & Rafe today. Charlie is slick. And Claire & her Mom have some emotional scenes., poor Claire always feeling like she is 2nd Best to Ciara. Also enjoying the scenes between Xander & Philip, Xander is really giving it to Philip!
  7. LOL...I thought the same thing! Was she painting and dribbled paint on her shirt? Or is it a "look"?! 🙂
  8. Like everybody else, the Hubby & I said 'the Russian dog" but could not think of the name at all. I like the new Champ, she made some bold wagers.
  9. Well, I found this an emotional episode...I especially liked the character of Hi(Hai?), both younger & older(the young version was a very handsome young man). The actress who played young Laurel reminded me of Beth, their facial features were similar. I am glad Randall is beginning to resolve some of his issues.
  10. Yay for Whoopi's statement just now! I agreed with every word! Meanwhile, MeAgain is ranting & raving, I am just rolling my eyes...I did like the fact that she mentioned Jared & Ivanka...they dont get to be free of association with all of this sedition.
  11. I dont have a problem with Katie Couric, she is always very peppy & up-beat. I think some people associate her with Matt Lauer(they Co-Hosted the TODAY show for a long time), I dont think she ever came out & said anything against him, I've also read that she was 'mean" to folks who worked for her.
  12. Ken's voice cracking really got to me....I thought he did a good job with keeping the game moving and reading the clues in a clear voice. His interviews were nice, he seemed to enjoy doing that. The Hubby got the FJ but I could not think of it in time. I feel like it was a good start to a new era, but I'm still missing Alex.
  13. I liked today's scenes with Charlie being interrogated by Rafe, the actor playing Charlie is so smooth when he is "nice" Charlie, he made me believe he knew nothing about Ava or Allie.
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