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  1. About 19 years ago when I was 53 I was placed in a medically induced coma for almost 3 weeks. I was diagnosed with myocarditus but now my current cardiologist says it was a stress heart attack. I was also on a ventilator and had a heart pump. I always say I had the easiest time of my whole family. I remember nothing except after I woke up and my husband was laughing at me trying to eat fruit salad because my coordination was bad and the grapes were wily in their escape efforts.. I was in the hospital for about a week more. I had some memory issues while in the hospital but recovered q
  2. This happened about 25 years ago. For work reasons I traveled with a large group of people and a few times a week we would go out to dinner together. My temporary boss liked to collect all the money and put it on his credit card. (Cash back had just come into existence.) We gave him our money and I would be sure to tell him the generous amount I was leaving for the tip. I noticed he did not leave much of a tip so I started just leaving my tip in cash at my place on the table. Then I started to stand there until everyone left the table to make sure no one took any of the money. On top
  3. This weekend I loved wearing my mask. I accidently pulled out one of my bridges (3 teeth.) I practiced talking without opening my mouth too much and a closed mouth smile. Then when I went out I put my mask on and my problem was solved.
  4. Could the seven plots of land be the 4 in the development, one with Christine's house on it, one with Robin's house on it and then the extra plot of land next to Robin's house? I am just guessing because I only get my information through this forum and haven't watched the program in years.
  5. I tried looking this up but found nothing similar. I think it must have been on TV in the mid 1960s or earlier. I remember watching UNICEF or UN specials along with our Thanksgiving dinner. For me, who doesn't do well with blood or other medical conditions it was not a nice meal and may have contributed to my continuing dislike of Thanksgiving. However since I couldn't find anything my memories nay be jumbled. Also while I was on a cruise I did something to my little finger so I couldn't move the top joint. Neither the doctor nor I could figure out what it was. When I got home it took
  6. thosme


    There is a cute commercial from Cravendale milk and cats with thumbs. I think I learned about it on the forum about commercials. I always look it up by English commercial milk cats thumbs.
  7. thosme


    I used to enjoy watching Katy Tur at 2:00 or 12:00 where I am. I don't think the new format with both Brian and Katy works.
  8. While cleaning out a large storage bookcase (so it could be moved because of a plumbing leak) I came across articles about old HSN hosts. I don't know why I saved them and then I just forgot about them. The articles are about Terri Toner, Charlene Lake, Robynne Krueger, Alan Skantz, Alice Cleveland , and Dan Dennis. At least one came out Summer 94. HSN was selling shoes by Vanna White and the Thighmaster from Suzanne Somers. I will probably just throw them away - I've gotten away from watching Shopping Networks all the time except I have noticed now that I am more tempted when I am watc
  9. Gee I think that's before it's finally coming to my city.
  10. About 30 years ago,we were staying at the Las Vegas Hilton with our children. Children were actually welcomed then and the Hilton had a day camp for them. Full House was filming their LV episode at the same time. Of course my 10 or 11 year old daughter was thrilled. Along with about 30 other people, many young girls, we stood watching a scene of the cast going into the theater. The only one of the main cast, the three male actors and the oldest two girls who acknowledged the fans was John Stamos. He would wave to the girls and talk. The others completely ignored everyone. My daughter w
  11. I don't know if this is DG's problem or not, but when I was on cancer medication I was extremely depressed, grouchy, and tired. An anti-drepressent helped but never completely solved the side effects.
  12. I like his "Smokey the Bear " PSA especially carnivorous, deciduous, or pine-scented trees. As a watcher of The Colbert Report it is a reminder that bears were man eating beasts (or something like that) on the show.
  13. The scooter made me laugh because I flashed back to Sheldon riding behind Howard and the horror on his face.
  14. Thank-you Rinaldo. I really enjoyed the performance. Do you have any other recommendations?
  15. My husband just said "Real Men wear contacts." Of course, he is wearing glasses as he said it.
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