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  1. thosme


    There is a cute commercial from Cravendale milk and cats with thumbs. I think I learned about it on the forum about commercials. I always look it up by English commercial milk cats thumbs.
  2. thosme


    I used to enjoy watching Katy Tur at 2:00 or 12:00 where I am. I don't think the new format with both Brian and Katy works.
  3. While cleaning out a large storage bookcase (so it could be moved because of a plumbing leak) I came across articles about old HSN hosts. I don't know why I saved them and then I just forgot about them. The articles are about Terri Toner, Charlene Lake, Robynne Krueger, Alan Skantz, Alice Cleveland , and Dan Dennis. At least one came out Summer 94. HSN was selling shoes by Vanna White and the Thighmaster from Suzanne Somers. I will probably just throw them away - I've gotten away from watching Shopping Networks all the time except I have noticed now that I am more tempted when I am watching them during this time shut in the house.
  4. Gee I think that's before it's finally coming to my city.
  5. About 30 years ago,we were staying at the Las Vegas Hilton with our children. Children were actually welcomed then and the Hilton had a day camp for them. Full House was filming their LV episode at the same time. Of course my 10 or 11 year old daughter was thrilled. Along with about 30 other people, many young girls, we stood watching a scene of the cast going into the theater. The only one of the main cast, the three male actors and the oldest two girls who acknowledged the fans was John Stamos. He would wave to the girls and talk. The others completely ignored everyone. My daughter was enthralled with it all especially when an extra in the scene asked her to hold her camera. I think we stood there for over two hours watching. I didn't like "Uncle Jesse" lighting up a cigarette but after he was so much nicer to the kids than anyone else, I always thought of him fondly.
  6. I don't know if this is DG's problem or not, but when I was on cancer medication I was extremely depressed, grouchy, and tired. An anti-drepressent helped but never completely solved the side effects.
  7. I like his "Smokey the Bear " PSA especially carnivorous, deciduous, or pine-scented trees. As a watcher of The Colbert Report it is a reminder that bears were man eating beasts (or something like that) on the show.
  8. The scooter made me laugh because I flashed back to Sheldon riding behind Howard and the horror on his face.
  9. Thank-you Rinaldo. I really enjoyed the performance. Do you have any other recommendations?
  10. My husband just said "Real Men wear contacts." Of course, he is wearing glasses as he said it.
  11. Has anything recently happened with Marty Rathburn? It just seems they are including him more often than in previous years. They always seemed very protective of him before. Maybe I'm just reading too much into the clips they have been showing.
  12. Even though she had some funny ideas, for some reason I liked the woman moving to Buenos Aires. I also thought the couple moving to Belgium was cute and they were teasing one another. I liked the woman saying her husband looked nervous every time she brought up children. And he got a few good lines in also. I just wouldn't want to take trips on the motorcycle unless I had my own motorcycle to drive.
  13. I will only watch long enough to determine if he is wearing more then one collared shirt.
  14. What in the second apartment made it look Asian? I thought the facade looked a little bit but they didn't have the whole house anyway. Because their budget was so high ( $4,200) the apartment they took at $4,300 was just 2% over their budget. You would think a banker could have figured that out.
  15. I thought Tayia was particularly open about the manipulation. I come from Pennsylvania but have lived in the SW for over 40 years. At my husband's relative's funerals, several men showed up in bib overalls. I was pretty shocked the first time it happened but then sort of enjoyed in my own snobby way. I guess I have been so acclimated to it that I wore black denim to the last memorial in the family. The weddings I have gone to have been less formal than many of the East Coast weddings but none shocked me except when we had to clean and vacuum the church after a niece's wedding.
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