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  1. Is "Cut" in the ellipses menu extender? That's an android menu, it's not part of the forums per se.
  2. I brute forced a fix to normalize font sizes when this happens as I can't stop whatever voodoo phone you are using from doing this. 🙂
  3. Can you double check? I can see it on your homepage in admin view. It'll be in the # section up top. Thanks!
  4. I have re-indexed all shows as of Feb 20, 1pm ET. New reports are appreciated as we are still hoping to see these de-indexings in the logs so we can find the bug.
  5. FYI, this does not work on Apple TV natively due to gremlins or something.
  6. This thread is for discussion of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Potomac. Have at it!
  7. The show, the hosts! Here's your new all-seeing eye topic.
  8. Funny how it's like a low-fidelity adventure game (limited decision tree) with hi-fidelity 'graphics'. > Go west. > Pick up book. > Read book. _ You went crazy reading the book. Also a grue ate you.
  9. Ugh, I'm very sorry but I can't recover the data in any useable form. I see some data, but nothing I can use to import back into the system. Please feel free to restart any topics. Sorry again.
  10. Hi, Dave the site admin here. We are in the middle of processing the forums, going through everything and converting some forums into topics and doing some general housekeeping. During this process our server crashed and we seemed to have lost about 3 forums including The Orville. I am working on a possible recovery but due to the nature and terrible timing of the crash I'm not hopeful (I will know shortly). My sincere apologies, we had almost 2000 posts in here dating back since the show's debut. I'll write back shortly on the recovery effort but I suspect we're SOL.
  11. Hosted and exec produced by Jordan Peele. Coming 2019.
  12. Unfortunately I believe we lost the old thread for Wentworth as the server went down half way through the show's forum move. Here's the new home.
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