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  1. Hey all... Just a reminder that this is the celebrity news thread, not a network discussion thread, Thanks so much!
  2. I really enjoyed this episode, but I expected to as I really admire both Audra MacDonald and Mandy Patinkin. I wasn't put off by Patinkin's emotional responses as I already knew he was the sort of guy who is just out there with his emotions (as he himself said in this episode). I did appreciate that MacDonald's story was unique to the series (so far) with the attention spent on the Great Migration west, and not North. All that being said, I did think there was a strange element to this episode. Patinkin's side was pretty heavy and MacDonald's was far less so. It pretty much came down
  3. (Mod note: sorry this is thread went up late. I had my 2nd vaccine shot and was out of it!)
  4. I caught up with the 2 most recent episodes last night. I was oddly looking forward to Gretchen Carlson's segment, not because I especially like her (I don't...at all), but because I thought her family's Scandinavian background would have something in common with my own. It didn't, other than alcoholism. I actually found her story to be probably the most boring of all that I've seen. Don Lemon, on the other hand, had a story that was sadly similar to many that have been featured, but he just seemed so much more authentic than Carlson that I couldn't help but be sucked in. I wonder if
  5. I finished Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant last night this morning. It's been described as mermaid horror, but I didn't think it was actually a horror novel. It was more like a monster movie. I enjoyed it--it wasn't art, but it was fun. I also finished The Adventures of Tom Sawyer this morning. No, I had never read it before. It was enjoyable, although I wish it had a more concrete plot. I also wonder what I would have thought of it if I had read it as a teenager. As an adult, Aunt Polly totally stole the show. That poor woman...
  6. That's good to hear. I also enjoyed Once Upon a River and The Thirteenth Tale is my absolute favorite novel (because I'm apparently dark and twisty...) I enjoyed this as well. I started looking for real estate in Spokane the moment I finished the last page.
  7. Hey all! In attempt to keep this thread from becoming a free-for-all (as the old thread did), we have a pretty narrow aim here. This thread is to talk about specific cases of assault, harassment, or other aggressions. I've updated the original post to ask that any topic introduction include a link to a news article. As for Piers Morgan, we have moved away from the specific case of him being called out on air for his behavior to his general icky-ness. We don't want to stop this conversation, but rather move it to a more appropriate thread. There is always the Miscellaneous News thread o
  8. I was pretty impressed that my 10 year old guessed Kermit in about 10 seconds....
  9. We have decided to freshen up this discussion! This thread is now closed, but discussion can continue over in this thread.
  10. This replaces the Hollywood's Dirty Little (Open) Secrets: Harvey Weinstein and Others Like Him thread. This is the place to discuss abuse, assault, power aggressions and the like in the entertainment industry. Please remember: This thread is not for gossip, but for specific, concrete allegations. Topics should be introduced with a link to a news item. This is about the entertainment industry. Discussion of similar topics in the sports world is better placed in the Sports forum. The entertainment industry includes: Celebrities Entertainment industry
  11. I finished The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec. This is not my genre and it is a supremely weird book, but it was a nearly perfect read for me. The only thing that kept it from being absolutely perfect was incredibly dump and completely on me: in this book, Loki is described as fair-haired and every time that came up it conflicted with my mental image of Tom Hiddleston as Loki (Loki is pretty much the same character here as he is portrayed in the MCU). So, other than that, it was absolutely amazing.
  12. Duchess Meowly De Chat Noir, better known as Alice. This is my favorite picture of her. She happened to meow at just the right time, but she looks fierce (and she is fierce. Let's just say she has a reputation.)
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