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  1. I loved The Eighth Detective. It's probably in my top 5 of books I've read this year.
  2. OtterMommy

    MLB Thread

    Comments about supposed racist aspects of the different teams have gone far enough. Time to move off from it. Thanks!
  3. I agree with this. Roy and Keeley have actually had a pretty dynamic relationship and every time they come to some sort of obstacle, they grow from it (it's fun...and strange, in a good way...to watch). I think what we're seeing now is Roy having to deal with his own insecurities. He thinks Keeley is awesome and powerful and he's not sure where he fits in. He's a coach, but he's no longer a player--which is how he has always defined himself. I think this played out in his reactions to Nate kissing Keeley and Jamie professing his love to her. It could be argued that what Nate did was wors
  4. I have so many thoughts about the fight they had when he suggested he sell the business and she quit her job. On the one hand, yeah...he does need to be around more and I can't imagine that their business brings in any profit whatsoever. On the other hand, even though her job may be bringing her face to face with the minions of Satan, I still really resented the fact that he expected her to quit. Even putting aside the fact that she is a grown ass woman and has the right to have a job she finds fulfilling, she had a point that it was her job that paid the bills and provided the benefits.
  5. I finished Jennifer Weiner's That Summer today. I didn't have high expectations for it since it is in the same universe as Big Summer, and I really didn't enjoy that one. However, TS worked far better for me. I think there is a trilogy going on--you don't need to read Big Summer before reading That Summer, but my spidey-sense is leading me to believe you will probably need to read both before reading Last Summer, which comes out next year. I started Black Water Sister by Zen Cho. I'm not far into yet, but it's pretty much a girl haunted by her dead grandmother. I'm intrigued...
  6. A friendly reminder... This is the Everything Else TV forum. Discussion about not-made-for-TV movies should go into the Everything Else Movies forum.
  7. I just recently finished David Chang's memoir, so hopefully I'm over my strong feelings of distaste in him by January. But, on the other hand, KATHRYN HAHN!
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