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  1. I have to say that I found this episode surprisingly dull and didn’t feel that the two storylines—Elizabeth and her horse racing ambitions and Mountbatten and his, well, ambitions fit that well together. That being said, the scene of Mountbatten addressing the group of veterans was so magnificent, both in acting and directing, that I felt as if it made my heart stop. And the scene with Mountbatten and Alice was unbelievably touching. Even when this show falls short, it seems to be head and shoulders above anything else (in my opinion).
  2. I will say that this was a case where the movie was better than the book. I liked the book fine, but it wasn't anything spectacular. However, the movie is pretty much half this book and half My Life in France by Julia Child and that part is excellent. Powell is actually a pretty insufferable person. I followed her blog, starting when she was doing the Julie/Julia project, and she was always pretty annoying. Then I read her second book, Cleaving, and I realized she's just a really awful human being (although the goodreads reviews of that book are fun to read...).
  3. We are having some technical difficulties with our auto locking and unlocking of threads, so I will manually unlock this thread when the show airs on the East Coast. There is a chance I may be a few minutes late, but it will be unlocked as close to 8pm ET as possible.
  4. I finished The Starless Sea last night and am completely in awe of it. I remember enjoying The Night Circus but not being as impacted by it as I was by this. It's definitely more complicated, and I am already planning to listen to audiobook to get more out of it, but I definitely recommend it! As a bit of a palate cleanser, I started Park Avenue Summer, which I'm enjoying so far, but it is definitely fluffier.
  5. Please remember that this thread is to discuss the story of this show, specificallySeason 3, Episode 10. If you would like to discuss the cancellation decision and the factors around that, you can do so in the Media Thread. Thank you!
  6. Season 2 will drop on Netflix on 01/17/2020.
  7. In the 03.10 thread @Camera One wrote: According to Netflix, it is a series finale...
  8. Canadian Air Date: 11/24/2019 Netflix USA Drop Date: 01/03/2020
  9. I just finished Ribbons of Scarlet by a whole load of female historical fiction authors (Kate Quinn is the headliner on it). It follows 5 women during the Reign of Terror. They were all real people It was good...and not. The problem is that, with 6 different authors, it is made up of 6 novellas and, frankly, not all are created equal. I think that Quinn earned top billing, not just because she is probably the best known of the authors, but also because her contribution to the book is definitely the best. The problem is that the better novellas sort of amplify the problems with the lesser novellas. I'll be starting Erin Morgenstern's The Starless Sea tonight.
  10. OtterMommy

    Author Antics

    To be fair, Jennifer Weiner has posted an apology for her role in this. Ms Weiner does tend to have a thin skin, but I'm glad to see that she has apologized both publicly and to the author of the article.
  11. This episode simply took my breath away. I was apprehensive about HBC at Princess Margaret. I love HBC, but I just couldn't quite see it, but now I'm convinced. I think that, as an actress, she's identified by her "stranger" roles, although she really seems to shine in more "normal" roles (you know, ones not in Harry Potter or Tim Burton movies). I do hope she gets the recognition she deserves for this role. I never expected an episode of this show to make my double over with laughter, but the entire sequence that cut between Wilson and the Queen and Margaret and LBJ did just that. This LBJ may not have been nuanced but it was a home run after seeing the Kennedy's last season. What really got me was how well the complex relationship between the two sisters. And none of that was scripted, it was all acting. I think the show hit the home run with Olivia Coleman and HBC.
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