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  1. Connie seemed like different people depending on who she was talking to.
  2. That was Ronald, the kidnapper, running the backhoe. He didn’t actually look that thrilled.
  3. Locking the thread since there are no ore new episodes, and therefore no more ratings info or scheduling conflicts.
  4. Since the show has completed it’s run, there are no more spoilers. Locking all spoiler threads.
  5. Since the show is over and there’s nothing left to speculate, this thread is now locked.
  6. Yes, this is why they are kept split as two separate threads. 🙂
  7. This thread is for episode 6 ONLY. The next episode thread will unlock when the show is finished airing.
  8. I agree about the grooming. I don't see any "grooming" at all here.
  9. No. I was having trouble with the locking function.
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