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  1. Whimsy


    I'm sure you're right. It's just such an odd concept that I probably changed it in my head into something that made sense to me. But, it still makes no real sense. I also think it sounds really dumb.
  2. Whimsy


    I thought they were saying it was kind of like Pampered Chef or whatever where you're the host and you hold "parties" and people come and check out the furniture. I didn't like it. My friends would stop wanting to come over if every time they did I was essentially trying to sell them thousands of dollars worth of lawn furniture. Otherwise, how would this work? Put an add in Craigslist? I think this is a stupid idea. That's what I wanted to know. We are dealing with our 10-year old yellow lab going through cancer treatment. I know that stemcell doesn't help cancer, but her mortality is in the forefront of my mind at all times. We rescued her when she was three and we rescued another one as a puppy, but she was already spayed. This product is unfortunately only good for people who get their pets through breeders, which I would never do. 😞
  3. Hey guys. It's time to "agree to disagree" and move on.
  4. Original airdate 11/20/19
  5. Please take the "Inside Look" discussion to the original thread that aired for that episode. No discussion of previous/other episodes belong in this thread. Thanks.
  6. Original airdate 11/19
  7. Original airdate 11/19/19
  8. I just had to remove about a page’s worth of posts that were rehashing events from like 5 years ago. Remember, this is the topic for THIS episode only.
  9. “Coco Vinny” wants to spread the “Coco” love to the rest of the country by selling coconut beverages; if he can’t prove to Marcus Lemonis that he has a valid business concept, then this business could be all cracked up.
  10. original airdate 11/12/19 Sorry. The episode title totally spoiled the merge. 😕 I didn't even want to post it.
  11. Whimsy


    I work with dr’s and I deal with the leaders in the medical school frequently. There is a REAL problem with bias against people of color. It’s recognized and they are working on (at least at my school/hospital) recognizing it and stopping it. I still thought Lori was being a drama queen.
  12. Oh, lots and lots. In my situation, I found two long-lost sisters (I didn't know my bio-dad, so not too strange or unexpected) and an uncle my grandmother had in her 40's that NO ONE mentioned. I'm about the biggest animal lover out there. I have two rescue dogs, volunteered for a rescue league for years, oh and ah over my daughter's cats, etc, etc, and I would 1. Not leave work to help a friend find their dog and 2. Not expect everyone I know to drop everything to find my dogs. If my dog was still missing hours later, after everyone was done with their work, and they want to come by to help, I'd be super appreciative. But, I wouldn't expect it. I think it's only us that are hoping for a surprise reveal that the baby is Jon's. I think Nash, etc, are firmly in the "It's Eddie's" camp so I don't expect any reveal with Charlie's paternity. I think the comment to Eddie about Delilah & Jon not having sex was so there was no question on Eddie's part and then the reveal about the vasectomy was an easy way to get the secret out. It's hacky and stupid, but I think the writers think it's a done deal. I agree with some others in that I don't think they realize how much Delilah is hated. I think they think she's the special snowflake and that everyone adores her. But, we don't. They need to figure out how to either redeem her, or kill her off. I vote for #2
  13. I am calling cease fire on discussion of the Jamal/Jack situation. It's degraded to personal attacks. Future discussion will result in removal of posts and/or warnings.
  14. Whimsy


    I also agree. Not exactly the same thing, but my dog was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with months left to live. There’s a supplement product out there that is plant based that has supposedly helped thousands of dogs. Will it work for my dog? I don’t know. Am I going to try it just in case? Damn straight I am!! That and a change in her diet. If it gives me a few more months it will be 100% worth it.
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