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  1. I have seen that story so many times. I am so sick of the same crimes being done in every true-crime show. You can’t tell me there’s not other murders that they can spin into a tv show. And, now I feel like a monster wanting more murders.....
  2. I came here to see if that was a back-door pilot. I love that family. I hope so! I felt so uncomfortable seeing Emery with his shirt off and me noticing that he's got a nice physique. I felt dirty afterwards lol. I totally forgot that that store did that back then. I keep getting my timelines mixed up in this show. I got confused when Trent was on a cellphone.
  3. Wow. I guess I really wasn't paying attention to this episode, but now that you say it, I do remember seeing Guy.
  4. Whimsy

    S02.E12: FeMellor

    Not sure how old you were when that song came out, but it was pretty well-known. I literally laughed out loud both times they sang the song and people kept coming out of the woodwork because they heard it and had to join. I rarely laugh out loud at comedies anymore as they’re just not very funny. I do remember seeing one tube top in yellow but for some reason I though that was on a student. The maroon top Lainey wore was a camisol that really belonged under another shirt, not worn as THE shirt
  5. Thanks. For some reason I was remembering that differently. She has every right to be angry.
  6. He's the regular weatherman. Tracy is... a producer? Something behind the scenes I think. It's hard to ship Will and Angie (and I have since the beginning) when Leighton and Brody have such amazing chemistry. Not every couple has on-screen chemistry, but they are so sweet and cute together. That scene where Derek was anticipating all of Angie's needs was well-done and not cloying. I kinda loved it. One thing I didn't love was how much Angie keeps throwing in Derek's face that she was doing it alone for 9 years. Wasn't that her choice? I don't do an episode by episode assessment. I never like Rory. For him to look disgusted while he notes someone's "cheap shoes" really pissed me off. Not everyone can afford super expensive shoes. I think he's an entitled snob and I can't stand him.
  7. Yes. I work for a medical school that is connected to a hospital (physically). One of our docs who works here is also a team doctor for our local professional teams. I believe these people are on a different show. 😉
  8. I may be wrong, but it has seemed that in quite a few of the challenges models are just assigned. In the few challenges where they said the cards were on the table (or whatever) the designers all run over and randomly grab without really looking. I am not a Sergio apologizer, because I think he's a terrible person, but I don't think it's an active choice of NOT choosing them. I agree. My initial thought when Victoria waved off a hug was that she didn't want it because she was trying to stay composed. That's how I am. If I'm upset and someone hugs me, I will start to cry. I also just hate hugs. But, then I saw Victoria pout and wine and throw a temper tantrum. So, she was just being a brat. I don't think Dae Young is pretending anything. I think she's genuinely sick but I also don't think that the other designers should help her. If she's not well enough to compete, she needs to step down. Too much collaboration and it's no longer her garment and any win would be unfair. I think he's a political designer in name only. Was last week the first time we even heard him say he was? Before that he was just an "over 40's, wealthy" designer. There's a difference between staying true to your aesthetic and making the same damn thing over and over. I think that's what they were trying to say. This made me throw up in my mouth a little. 😉
  9. Maybe it's just me, but I kept seeing chemistry with Arthur and Ginny, even though she keeps going back to Wayne, so when Arthur kissed Adams I was floored. I saw zero chemistry with them prior to this so it seemed to come completely out of nowhere. I also hopes this gets renewed. I know that Ginny can't take the job otherwise the biggest star, after BW, would no longer be on the show. But, I still am interested in seeing her work through it.
  10. I also kept skipping this despite it showing up repeatedly as suggested for me. I watch a LOT of true crime, so I should've paid closer attention. I thought it was going to be a bunch of videos of cats losing their shit and attacking lol. But, this was both fascinating and very difficult to watch. I'm glad I watched it, but it's hard to recommend it in a way because I was so distressed by the videos. Me and my family are very avid animal lovers. I'm of two minds about this. He obviously had issues. If it wasn't this, it may have been something else that pushed him to commit suicide. But, also, maybe this was really the sole reason. Either way, I am very sad for him and his family/friends. I sincerely wish had had gotten help. I am beyond frustrated that the vigilante group wouldn't even listen to hard-core facts that proved it couldn't be him and just continued to hound him. I hope they are also feeling guilty about what happened. I would carry that guilt forever, just like the woman (I watched this weeks ago- I forgot her name).
  11. It's time to agree to disagree, or whatever, and just keep this thread moving with it's intended purposes- posting spoilers. If something is being stated as an actual spoiler- post links/cite sources. If it's a speculation, make sure you're stating that as such and not making it out to sound like a spoiler. This thread has gotten a little off-track. Thanks.
  12. Since they were all already Firefighters and not just randos from the streets- the answer to your question about taking the standardized test is yes. Also, the requirement, at least where we live, is that you have to LIVE within 10 miles of the station- as the crow flies. They all were transplanting themselves, therefore- choosing residences within that criteria. This is also a fictional show by a person who doesn't give a damn about reality, so it really doesn't matter anyway.
  13. Ok, I know. Sitcom. Suspend reality. All of that. But, you do not decide to go on a cruise 2-days before! We always book almost a year out lol. Not saying you have to quite THAT far in advance, but two days is ridiculous.
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