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  1. Original airdate 1/26/22 This is your LIVE CHAT thread
  2. Original air date 1/26/22
  3. spoiler tags are not needed anywhere in this thread since both seasons have streamed their full set of episodes. Just for future information. :)
  4. I can’t speak directly about Navarro, but cheerleading overall is not a cult. One thing I really appreciated about cheer is my daughter learned a lot of life lessons and skills- the same way many other children do with many other organized sports. She learned accountability, responsibility, perseverance, how to work with others even if you don’t necessarily get along, etc. She has said many times now that she’s an adult that she was grateful for those lessons she’s learned as she feels it’s helped her with college and her career. So, with a good set of coaches, these things are attainable in a
  5. Thanks! Will try both of those!!
  6. Eh, I bought the hiccup thing. I actually don’t get them that often, but when I do they hurt and they last a long time. For $14, it’s worth it. I’d pay $14 every time I had to use it, if I had to, just to get rid of the hiccups. I plan on putting it in my medicine cabinet, so super easy to find. Also, at only $14, I won’t really be that upset if it doesn’t work. So, win/win for me.
  7. It would not surprise me if Maddy yelling at Gillian was learned behavior from her all-star gym.
  8. I’d love to share if we did! No, our smoking tends to be pork butt (mmmm, pulled pork), brisket, ribs, chicken, etc.
  9. Well, I mean, even the most rudimentary designer would have a website where they would have photos for their clothes. So, even if they had their next door neighbor's cousin's best friend take pictures in an alley with no lighting they would answer "yes" to that question. I also am glad Bones is gone. Maybe the other designers did like him, but as a viewer I did not. Like @millennium, I didn't appreciate his no-shirt in the workroom, etc. And, maybe it was the editing, but to me Christian didn't seem to really enjoy the "banter" with Bones.
  10. I guess it’s probably different for a college team than all-stars because the parents pay for the all-star uniforms (and they ain’t cheap!). If the same uniform is used the following year and your child has grown, you can sell it to a smaller child to help pay the cost of a new one. Gyms like new uniforms, though.
  11. Yes. They get ordered from a company and they can make alterations to colors, etc. the athletes pick their sizes based on their normal clothing sizes, they are not all the same size. I am sure she passed or correct sizes but they edited it weird? The athletes then try them on and let the coaches know if they don’t fit.
  12. I agree with both of these. The way that the people around Joe are trying so hard to get him to forgive Amy or get back together with her is baffling to me. She CHEATED on him and is now having that other man's baby. Who cares if she did it because she thought Joe was also cheating? That was just a shitty thing to do to somebody. I'm not saying they can never work it out, but everyone else needs to just butt out and let them work on it on their own, if they even want to. And then Jenny in the cop timeline- that was atrocious. I hate that this is the way they are showing she kept it
  13. Yeah, that was so ridiculously shoehorned in. Who in their right mind thinks “we need some activity to enjoy as a family. I know, a smoker!” My husband loves to BBQ. We have 3 smokers. We all enjoy eating the food, but it’s not a feel-good, fun family day. It’s a meal like any other. We gather at meal time, eat it and that’s it. We were recently given a Green Egg from someone who just never used it. We didn’t have one before because it was too pricey and also not as good for smoking meat. Like all of you, I just cannot understand and what Kevin is doing. He complains
  14. Original air date 1/20/22
  15. Original air date 1/19/22 This is your LIVE CHAT thread
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