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  1. I'm very lucky in that I was involved in "only" two sexual harassment situations while I was in the military. The first one was my first supervisor telling off-color, sexual jokes. He was very awkward socially, so I really think he was trying to show off and seem cooler than he was. It didn't work. I did complain about him and they assigned someone else to my unit to be in charge of me. The 2nd I was involved in peripherally. The Commander of my unit (which consisted of 3 of us- me and one other woman) was accused of sexual harassing the other woman in the unit, but I had to be completely honest and say that I didn't see or hear any harassment. I think he must've kept it behind closed doors because, while I 100% believed her, I couldn't lie and say I witnessed any harassement because I didn't. The Commander was also rotated out of my unit and I have no idea what happened to him. In my experience, they tend to just move these offenders around to other units, but it's not actually SOLVING anything. They can go to the next unit and do it to the next person. My husband probably has tons more stories as he worked for the legal department processing court martials, etc, and would read all the depraved things going on. But, this was almost 30 years ago.
  2. Discuss The Duchess episodes here
  3. Hey guys. As a reminder, this is the Media thread, which means you're really only supposed to post links and keep discussion related to said links. We do give a bit of leeway, but the discussion of JA in The Boys either needs to go in the Cast in Other Roles thread or in The Boys board. I've moved previous posts about Jensen in The Boys to the Cast in Other Roles thread.
  4. Whimsy

    Little Voice

    It's too bad more people aren't seemingly watching this show. I think it's a gem. It's not perfect, but to me it's pretty close. I thought this latest episode was the finale based solely on the fact that she sang the theme song lol. I am glad there's another episode, but I am so sick of the flip-flopping between the two guys in the love triangle. Samuel is so obviously better for Bess that I really wish Ethan didn't come in at the end there. I really am hoping the next episode opens with a Bess/Sam on-stage kiss and Ethan realizes he's not the one and just leaves forever and ever. I am really sad that Bess' father has disappeared into a black-hole of substance abuse. I am not totally surprised, once we learned of his history, because of how colossally bad that recording session was, but I'm still disappointed.
  5. Whimsy

    Little Voice

    I'm caught up on all of the episodes and I'm really enjoying this show!
  6. I don't understand how Ben aged as a ghost. When they showed Ben first appearing to Klaus he was much younger (and a different actor) but now Ben looks about the same age as the rest to the UA. I like the actor and character of Ben, so I'm ok with it, I just would like an explanation. Unless I missed it. Totally possible.
  7. I was getting a really bad feeling about Fitz when Jemma started freaking out. I want this e2 crazy kids to get back together, soon. I don’t think it’s cathartic, she simply doesn’t remember. With the implant, she thinks she’s protecting his location, but I think it was implanted to prevent her from melting down and continuing with the mission. I sincerely hope I’m wrong
  8. The Wildcats are very well known in the cheer world. That is an "open" team which means they don't have age restrictions. There is a major difference between cheerleaders and a dance crew. The stunting alone makes it tremendously harder. That routine was amazing. Not one little bobble. No stunt falls. It was amazing. To clarify. This is an "All Star" gym which means they do not actually "cheer" for anyone. There is no cheering in unison for these teams. It's all very athletic and danc-y. They practice all year long (it's actually an 11 month season) and perform the same routine (with maybe slight modifications- sometimes major ones but that's not usual) about 15 times or so per year (more or less depending on how many competitions they are registered for). They also ALL have tumbling. It's a requirement. The entire routine is 2.5 minutes long and they all have the same components, although not necessarily in the same order. The components are stunts, jumps, tumbling, pyramid & dance. My daughter was a cheerleader for 8 years, 5 of which was for an all-star gym.
  9. This is a reminder to keep things on topic. There is a separate thread to discuss your experiences with COVID-19 here.
  10. No need for the spoiler box. This is the thread for the last episode, so it was all revealed in this ep. 😉
  11. The JS people may not have been as obnoxious but holy shit are they stupid.
  12. Not to make any excuses for this horribly written show, but a couple of episodes the DID do a huge time jump in it, so it could've been January then and summer now. The rest, though, makes no sense.
  13. He asked her to repeatedly. She refused initially and then did a little hip shimmy.
  14. I think it was planned and Sofia was totally playing it up. She is an actress, after all. I thought that act was really cool. Something totally different and I liked how the song segued into Zombie. I think so too. Funnily enough, I just watched another show (a To Tell the Truth) with a sword swallower and she did the same “when I wink, pull out the sword” thing but she did t look so obvious about closing her mouth around the sword. For some reason, it was so much more noticeable in this act.
  15. Yes, lol. Me. I also thought the song was way over-produced and autotuned. At one point it sounded like multiple voices and Alex was up there by himself. They could've at least TRIED to make it seem like it was just him and a keyboard. I also agree with those saying that the 1941 scenes were the best and will seriously miss Jason Behr next season. I didn't really see the chemistry between him and Nora (?). I just don't like that actress. Idk. I may not return next season- whenever that may be. The only person I've finally warmed up to is Isabelle. Not sure if that's a strong enough reason to come back. All this show has done is make me miss the OG show and start a rewatch of that (which has been slow going due to real-world stuff and still watching other shows).
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