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  1. Welcome to The Handmaid’s Tale board. You have two new mods with you this season! @Whimsy and @Scarlett45 are here to make sure the rules are being followed, this board runs smoothly and are enjoyable for all! There was a pretty long hiatus between episodes, so it’s easy to forget the rules. Here are some basic rules that are going to start being strictly enforced. Episode threads are for talking about that specific episode ONLY. If you wish to reply to a poster, and your reply is focused not on the specific episode at hand, quoting the original poster and stating “Taking my
  2. That beard was so far out of regulation it was ridiculous. I could’ve given it a pass if all the other soldiers we saw didn’t get the shipment of razors in their care packages, but Bryan was the only one. OG Roswell started on an interesting alien/NA direction but then they dropped it entirely. That’s interesting about the beard covering the scar, but makeup or CGI would’ve been a better choice. That beard was so distracting I had a hard time paying attention to the story.
  3. This is a reminder to stay on topic for THIS episode. This thread has gotten way off-track with lots of things discussed that weren’t in THIS episode. There are lots of other threads for this show to discuss other topics.
  4. Yeah, I think the contestants commit to a certain length of time and they are "voted out" when they are no longer available. As a contest, this is a joke but I still find it amusing overall. I'm just not concerned with the outcome.
  5. Original air date 5/4/21
  6. There's a bit too much book talk going on here. Please take your book talk to the appropriate thread.
  7. I work for a medical school that also is directly attached to a hospital. I’ve seen MANY department chairs replaced. That is not how it works, at all. First of all, there is a whole search committee established. There is usually one or two other department chairs in charge of the committee with other faculty members sitting on the committee as well. Secondly, they hire a search firm. The purpose of the search firm is to find candidates. Then, they have several rounds of interviews. When they narrow down the search to a small handful, the candidates come to campus and have a full day (or more)
  8. Some posts have been removed due to not following our “Be Civil” rule. Please stay on-topic and be civil.
  9. Original airdate 4/27/21
  10. original airdate 4/28/2021
  11. original airdate 4/28/21
  12. original airdate 4/28/2021
  13. Another SCC fan here! LOVED BAG in the role. So disappointed it ended at a really interesting place. Yeah, BAG's acting was pretty bad here. He's not the GREATEST actor, but he's been more comfortable in other roles. This was just awkward. They're basically real-time (or close to) with COVID, right? I mean, now isn't the time to move out! The struggle for many is real. My daughter had to move away from a city she loved (San Francisco) and come back home to MA because the restaurant she worked at closed down. So many restaurants were affected that she couldn't find an
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