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  1. Whimsy


    Just binged The whole series today. I’m watching the “Making Of” episode now. Highly recommend that, as well. I thought this was really well-done. Everyone (except Moishe) was sympathetic, in their own way.
  2. Original air date 4/8/20 Here is your live chat thread.
  3. original airdate 4/8 Reminder- do not post in this thread until after the episode airs.
  4. Awww. You shouldn't have let that deter you. Not everyone has to tumble on all of these teams. It depends on the level. My daughter couldn't tumble at all, but she was on a very competitive team that won a lot of competitions.
  5. She was in the National Guard. That’s not full time military. They do one weekend a month and two weeks a year.
  6. Thank you. I couldn’t properly articulate why I never saw Max as a “Nice Guy”, but these are all the reasons why. He may not be a “Nice Guy”, but he’s also not perfect. He keeps getting his hopes up to get them crushed and doesn’t necessarily handle it well. I agree with others that Simon, as currently written, never should have been an option for Zoey. I also wish she was showing more struggle because, while you can’t help who you are attracted to, you can help how you react to it.
  7. For this I will be forever grateful. I can totally see everyone's points about Max, but I can't help it. I still like him and am totally rooting for him and Zoey. I just don't see this show doing it well. If they do put them together, I think it will be very short-lived. They'll probably try to do like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend did and put them together and break them up with the intention that they are actually end-game. Maybe they can cast Santino Fontana to replace Skylar as Max. All of this, of course, would only be possible if it's renewed, which I really hope it is.
  8. Original airdate 4/1/20 Here is your live chat discussion
  9. Original airdate 4/1 Spoilery episode description. Reminder- do not post in this thread until after the episode airs.
  10. My dog has cancer. Since she's been on her cancer meds her eating habits have changed DRASTICALLY. We've tried literally EVERYTHING. I've tried every kind of canned food, dog toppers, making my own dog food, EVERYTHING. She will get really excited and eat whatever new thing I introduce to her for about a day or two and then she will sniff it and walk away. It's much easier to get her to take her cancer meds (about 6 pills each meal) if I can get her to gobble it up with food rather than shoving them down her throat. Also, my other dog- who has no health issues at all but is a total empath and will do whatever my other dog does (in this case- not eat her meals). So, I did order this immediately when I saw it on the show. I JUST got them today. I am pretty excited to try them with their dinner. The pack came with 5 or 6 flavors so I'm hoping that, as they get bored of a flavor, I can cycle to a new flavor and when I make it back to the one I originally started with it will feel "new" all over again. Getting my dog to eat is imperative since the cancer is literally wasting her away and she needs all the calories we can get into her. ETA: I shook some of this on their food tonight, but I treated it like a condiment like salt, and only shook a little bit. I was disappointed when they did not show any interest and didn’t eat their food. Then I realized that I should just shake more and they ate it right up! I hope that this continues.
  11. The Eliot and Alice songs is one of my all-time favs by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.
  12. Whimsy

    S03.E12: Fools

    Yup, this is mostly what happens.
  13. Someone liked her two outfits enough that they used them for the “examples” they showed on the screen for what the “runway” look was and “ready to wear”. Weird since they made a point to comment how bad it was up close.
  14. My employer actually paid parents to volunteer. There was a limit on how many hours per month (I forget now since it was like 15 years ago), but I thought it was an awesome benefit.
  15. Tyson has a very dry sense of humor. I really don't think that he thinks he's "amazing". He was making fun of himself along with making fun of Rob. I'm WAY more interested in EoE at this point. I love it!! Only reason I have any interest left in this season, tbh. There was no need for Amber to take off. She knew Rob has a big advantage over her in that department. I would've done the same, if in that situation. Same. I always thought that was totally fake last season, but her comments this season confirmed it for me. I love, love, love Rob. I am excited about him possibly getting back in the game. I want him to dominate to get back in and then dominate over those "new schoolers". Still don't think he'll win, but I still want to see that. ETA: I really love Natalie, too. I am very impressed by her. I wish two people could make it back in the game. I think they reshot for coverage. I don't think they spent money and time to "paint" shorts on Sophie because they don't like her. If that was the case, they would've done it for the entire challenge. I think this was just a huge editing fail. I did completely side-eye Parvati's panties, though. I know that normally the producers have a huge say in what they wear so I'd like to know whose decision that was so I can hold them in contempt.
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