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  1. I’m reading the book now. Honestly, except for a few things (primarily character names, Tully’s career choice and the name of their street) the book is VERY different from the show and not in a good way. There are many things left out of the show from the book that I don’t know why. Having three children vs 1 child doesn’t really make a difference, for example. Also, the book doesn’t convince me at all of this lifelong, strong friendship. Tully seems like a very selfish person and Kate seems very jealous. I’m not really enjoying the book at all. Not that the show was even great either, but at least the teen girls had chemistry.
  2. Whimsy

    S01.E05: Duke

    I guess there are no fans of Schitt’s Creek here. There was a character named Twyla on that show. I like the bits of humor we get. I wish there were more of those.
  3. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/netflix-reportedly-picking-up-the-lincoln-lawyer-series-from-cbs-prime/ Looks like it's back on - on Netflix now
  4. Same. I cannot stand a dirty kitchen. I clean as I go, so by the time I'm done cooking almost everything is already clean except the dish I am serving from. Then the dirty plates, etc, from eating immediately get put into the dishwasher. We eat in our kitchen, so I also am usually the first one done eating and I'll get up and start cleaning up whatever is left before everyone else is done eating. Although, right now it's just me, my husband and our grown daughter who had to move back due to COVID and we don't usually all eat at the same time so it's not as crazy as that sounds lol. Agreed. Justin Hartley is so good looking. And, I'd also like my backyard redone!!
  5. Here’s a topic to discuss speculation about season 33. When it may air, etc.
  6. Please remember to stay on-topic. The vaccine is not on topic. Posts have been removed.
  7. Connie seemed like different people depending on who she was talking to.
  8. That was Ronald, the kidnapper, running the backhoe. He didn’t actually look that thrilled.
  9. Locking the thread since there are no ore new episodes, and therefore no more ratings info or scheduling conflicts.
  10. Since the show has completed it’s run, there are no more spoilers. Locking all spoiler threads.
  11. Since the show is over and there’s nothing left to speculate, this thread is now locked.
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