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  1. Thanks @peacheslatour and @Snaporaz, you've made me feel better. The physio place is only 21 hrs a week now, it was 25 hrs, and with grandpa getting on in years, I do need to find something full-time and the sooner the better. And yes, new skills are never a bad thing. It's been 20 years since I graduated college and adding a new course to my resume can only make it better. Thanks again for perking me up 😉
  2. Oh mes amis, je suis une peu triste. Last Wednesday after work, I went to sign up for that dental secretary course. They're holding smaller classes, 2-3 students per teacher and instead of six weeks, it's only four weeks. The school seems a bit sketchy (it's not recognized by the ministry of education, but it is recognized by the government in the sense I can get money back on my income taxes next year and it's recognized by dental clinics across Quebec.) That being said, it's been around a long time and they teach you about billing and insurance, which I need, and it's taught by actual dentists. It looks like i'll be starting on Saturday, March 7th. The woman I spoke with is also the recruitment agent and said she has a lot of demands now for dental practices looking for secretaries and showed me some of the inquiries. She said because I have experience working in the health care field, she thinks she can place me pretty quickly. That means in about a month and a half I might have a new job. And I'm not sure if I'll have a lot of notice to give the physio place. I should be happy but I'm a bit sad. With the exception of my manager, I like the place and I'm going to miss the clients like crazy. And of course there's the added fear of quitting the physio place only to have the dental job not work out and then having no job. Gah. I really hate change.
  3. jewel21


    I liked the last episode. The hot bad boy actually reminded me of Mark, the late Glenn Quinn, from Roseanne. I could definitely see why the daughter was attracted to him. The younger daughter continues to amuse me. I love that she has her own set of car keys heh.
  4. I felt bad that Eddie died. That massage chair looked so great. I love that Dr. Frost stole it for himself, heh.
  5. Everyone looked so lovely at the country club. Wendy looked beautiful in the coral dress. Poor, Jill. I felt so bad for her at the end.
  6. Damn if this episode didn't get me right in the feels. I loved Sheldon holding George's hand. And I both grinned and teared up at the last shot of the CalTech cafeteria. Well done, show. Well done.
  7. Yes, avocados are very toxic to birds. In addition, so are scented candles, perfumes, air fresheners, fumes from non-stick pans (never keep your bird in a kitchen,) fumes from self-cleaning ovens, and cat saliva. Birds are seriously delicate creatures. Thanks for sharing the info @Snaporaz!
  8. Victoria was so much prettier when she was younger and had a bit more meat on her bones. She looks lovely with a fuller face rather than the skeletal one she's now sporting. I wish she would put on 20 pounds, but I'm settle for 10. Jill was gorgeous.
  9. I really like Victoria's dress. She looks great in white. I am not a fan of Sharon's dress or her missing port. I kept wondering how big it was supposed to be and if it could be hidden behind her dress strap. I really liked Chelsea's dress. The color looked lovely on her, and her darker hair and the style looked great. I'm not a fan of that brownish/blond thing she's had going on for awhile. Ashley continues to look years younger with her new hair colour. Best decision she's made, hair-wise, in years.
  10. I can't wait for Cain to get his comeuppance. I'm glad that little girl ended up being alright at the end.
  11. It's twice now that I recall where all the characters were onscreen and there was no mention of him. Is he old enough to be left alone?
  12. I like that we got to actually see how lonely and heartbroken they were without one another, rather than just being told.
  13. I feel like it was mentioned at one point that his siblings were twins, but I'm not 100% sure.I did laugh at Dottie trying to get Olu and Tunde to take them, lol. Also, everyone's reactions when Bob stuck his foot in his mouth was hilarious. Oh, Bob indeed.
  14. I felt so bad for that poor dog. I hope someone looked after him until that man's son could be called and arrived to take him.
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