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  1. My grandmother, who had Alzheimer's and was in a residence in Toronto, passed away last night. And we can't even hold a funeral because of Covid-19 and because we can't cross the border into Ontario. Instead, she's just going to be sent for cremation and maybe one day, if things get better, we can hold a vigil for her. I hate 2020 so much right now.
  2. I really need my preverts today. Yesterday I didn't go into work because the day before I ended up coming home and bawling my eyes out so much when I woke up in the morning they were super swollen and I looked terrible. So I took a mental health day. It's just constant criticism over there. It's always everything that I forget to do that is being pointed out to me multiple times a day, but never anything encouraging. And it's making any confidence I have or self-esteem completely disappear. And today I woke up to find that my Polish grandmother passed away last night in her nursing home in Toronto. She had Alzheimer's for 13 years and I hadn't seen her in at least 5 years. Apparently, she had been sick for a few days and her blood pressure got really low and she just passed away. They didn't even treat her at the hospital because there were so many Covid cases, so they doctors at the residence treated her there instead. So I called in sick to work for tomorrow too, although the dentist had the audacity to ask if I was coming in or not. Like no, my grandma died, asshat. We can't even have a funeral because we're not allowed to cross the boarder due to the Corona Virus so apparently she is just going to be send directly to be cremated and if this virus ever goes away, we will hold a vigil for her. Things just seem to be getting worse as the months go by rather than better, and I'm terrified for 2021.
  3. Sadly I can't comment on the new season because we're only just getting Season 2 here in Canada. I have noticed these guys tend to tell their clients a lot of the time that the ghost aren't malicious even when their behavior is a bit nefarious. They said the same thing in the last episode that I watched which was the team checking out a location purchased by a soccer star to turn into a soccer school/academy.
  4. On Sunday, I walked into the entryway to discover my uncle, my brother, an older technician my grandfather knows, and my 92 year old grandfather all standing around a ladder and not a single one of them was wearing a mask. And my grandfather also has a cleaning lady coming tomorrow and she wasn't wearing a mask last week either when she came to clean and I doubt she will be wearing one tomorrow. And it's like no one seems to care. We're in a red zone and we're not even supposed to be mingling with people outside of our home address. I'm so tired of being the only one who cares. My uncle is another one of these idiots who thinks this is just a flu and no way is he getting a vaccine because he's not going to let anyone microchip him. Also, only old people die from this and in Quebec only 6000 people have died and most of them were old so it doesn't count. And he never wears a mask around his father. I just can't anymore.
  5. Okay, so I just finished watching the new episode. That was really intense! That dark figure that Dakota managed to capture was super freaky. The building was really interesting. I would have liked a bit more evidence. It would be nice if they could revisit it later but maybe hire some security or cops to patrol/secure the site so they can be sure the voices they are capturing are paranormal and not possibly people breaking in. I also wanted to know what that bright spot was on the thermal camera. I found myself being really angry at the state of disarray the building was in and I was livid to learn it had been set on fire on three separate occasions. I hate vandals.
  6. No! Not yet, I haven't found the time but you're really making me want to, lol. It sounds great.
  7. Hahaha. I know Billy is a screamer, but I never heard that pitch come out of him before, lol.
  8. In Canada, we finally got to see the episode where they boys go investigate an olive oil farm. Man, Billy can shriek like a little girl, lol. I thought someone was being murdered and he was freaking out because he heard a loud noise. Geez.
  9. Elvis, baby. Followed by Buddy Holly.
  10. Paul Weasley's character is so creepy, I can't even, heh. I also really love the song that was released by Ashley. Is that her name? The 'Beast' character. Sadly, I think her assistant is not long for this world.
  11. A brand new episode in 2 days! And, the gang confirmed on their Facebook page that they will be doing a scavenger hunt for each new episode. Also, they have released some official merchandise! For those interested go here! Airdate: 10/24/2020
  12. That I would actually love to see. Kyle annoys the hell out of me. Theo can be a dick but I have a soft spot for him. I'm not sure why, lol.
  13. I totally understand this. My grandmother on my mom's side has dementia. She lives in Ontario now (she lived in Montreal until her 70s), and has been in a facility for the past two years in Toronto. I haven't seen or spoken to her in about three years. She doesn't remember me and hasn't for awhile. The last time I saw her/visited she kept confusing me for her niece and trying to speak to me in Polish and I didn't understand what she was saying. This storyline reminds me of her. While the episode was powerful and the acting was wonderful, I really hated that Dina died in the chair like that. I would much rather she had gone to bed and died in her sleep. That part just bothered me and was hard to watch.
  14. Man, I felt bad for poor Theo. None of the Abbotts remembered he exists and thought to call and tell him his grandma died? That's cold. Especially considering he actually seemed to really like Dina.
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