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  1. Thanks for the input, everyone. I emailed my manager and she will give me the altered paystub on Monday. And I was able to schedule an appointment for April 21 at 9:05 AM. Here's hoping I have no major side-effects because I will be heading into work around 10 AM that same day. But, I will have have the following day off should I need to recuperate.
  2. Airdate: 04/12/2021
  3. Airdate: 04/15/2021
  4. It's the Quebec Dental Association and the Association of Dental Surgeons of Quebec who informed us this morning. They've been fighting with the Quebec Government and the health department to get dentists vaccinated since January. They finally got the go-ahead but it looks like they're only including those in the dental office who are in direct contact with patients, which includes only dentists, dental assistants and hygienists according to the email that was sent out today. This decision came from the government. Teachers and Daycare works are being included in this category. The vaccinations are taking place at various pharmacies or arenas. We have to use the Quebec Health portal to book an appointment which is the same portal being used by all eligible Quebecers since the start of the vaccination campaign. Even at my previous job as a receptionist at a physio clinic they would refer to me as a 'secretary.' I agree, it's a very outdated term.
  5. I have a conundrum. We finally got word today at work that dentists and some of the staff can get vaccinated. However, they're not including dental secretaries. My manager said she would have no problem adding "dental assistant" on my paystub which I would need to bring with me to the appointment as proof that I am eligible. But, I feel weird about it. However, even though I'm just the "secretary," I am standing by the clients as they check-in, taking their temperatures, entering the room while they're undergoing treatment to speak to the dentist or hand over their file, etc. Therefore, I am coming into contact with any aerosols being produced, and I'm not wearing an N95 like the dentist and assistant are. Plus, many times, he takes the file which has been sitting in the room and plops it onto my desk without removing his gloves and I have to handle it. Today he handed me a file that ended up having a bit of blood on one of the pages. I just feel like I am at risk, and I live with my 93 year old grandfather, and therefore should be included.
  6. I have to say, I am really enjoying Grandma Nikki and her interactions with Faith. They seem so natural together.
  7. 1. Small hands. They're already pretty small anyway. 2. Dentist. I don't want to be looking at asses all day long. Or doing other things to them. 3. I was going to go with honey but I don't like being sticky. And I'm terrified of bugs and the thought of attracting wasps and bees to me makes me want to die. So, I will choose skunk. Hopefully I can cover up the smell with deodorant or soaps or something.
  8. I loved the Mighty Duck movies growing up. They actually got me to watch hockey for a couple of seasons as a teen until I decided I'd rather watch Primetime TV shows instead, heh. Unfortunately, I don't have Disney+ and I'm majorly bummed. The trailer looked awesome. I'm glad people are enjoying it though and hopefully we can get a new generation of kids watching these movies and the show.
  9. jewel21

    Zero Chill

    Yes, Mac is a nickname and even on Wikipedia or IMDB it's written as follows: 'Mac' MacBentley with Mac in quotations. However, I don't know whether his first name is actually Matt. I can't find a mention of it online and when I wrote my post first using the name Matt I was going off of Mabinogia's post because I was too lazy to look up his name and couldn't remember it for the life of me, heh. I read despite having experience on the ice, they all still went through a 9 week training camp of sorts. Source
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