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  1. My condolences @shapeshifter. I hope you can at least find some peace in the knowledge that she is no longer suffering and is now at peace.
  2. Hi, I am here. Between the new job, which has its ups and downs, and modding, I don't have time to read the Y&R forum as much as I would like and post. It also took me awhile to get over Zappa's death and after hearing more crap about my douchecanoe of an uncle, I think I am just mentally exhausted. As an introvert, staying inside the house wasn't the issue, it's having everyone coming over all the time without masks that is driving me nuts. Gramps still invites everyone over for Sunday lunch. Everyone is still going out and socializing, but wearing masks in public spaces like grocery stores so they think they're immune. Like wonderful that you're wearing a cloth mask, but going to Walmart once a week as well as attending outdoor parties with your friends doesn't make me feel particularly safe. But if I dare to say anything, I'm attacked, so whatever. ETA: My cousin surprised me with a gift for taking care of Zappa. She had her friend make it for me.
  3. Charismatic robot who's having the best day ever.
  4. I'm glad the second Canadian group won the redemption round. That's now two CDN groups representing.
  5. So I finally watched this this evening. It wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be like Grim or OUaT but clearly I am wrong, heh. It was fine but I kept expecting some sort of supernatural element and that obviously didn't happen. So far I don't have a favourite character and no one is standing out. I am hoping next week will be more intriguing.
  6. I finally managed to catch an episode of this show. I didn't like it... Hopefully it'll improve with time. It's just not very funny. The Hawaiian shirts...the purse...it all fell flat. Oh well, there's always next week.
  7. I was just coming to post this. I haven’t seen this show before but I’m happy The CW is airing it. It’s “new” TV for me and I am excited, heh.
  8. I keep meaning to watch this show and keep forgetting. I did program my PVR this evening to record all future episodes so hopefully I can actually discuss this show properly next week. It's refreshing to see a new show on TV, and I like comedies, so I'm all for his. Plus, I like Will Sasso.
  9. I hate that they pitted the two Canadian groups together because I loved them both, and as a Canadian, I would love to see them both make it to the big stage.
  10. I rarely vaguely remembered crazy!Michael breaking through a wall, so I was happy to see this episode again. But I want to know what happens! Does Nina run into him? What about that brunette that Chris was talking to who was heading home after being away? How does she fit into this situation? Was that her apartment Michael was using to break through Christine's wall? My inquiring mind mind wants to know!
  11. This. I loved the Alesandra tango pair and I usually really dislike ballroom. But they are fantastic. Also, I hate Geometrie so much. They do nothing for me. They reminded me of those French brothers who won the first season. I really disliked them as well.
  12. Zappa died in my hands earlier this evening and it was my fault and I can't stop crying. She's been doing really badly the past couple of months. She was old and after her allergic reaction, she ended up having infected eyes and a bum leg she would drag behind her. My cousin just kept saying she was old but didn't want to do anything about it medically speaking. Yesterday she looked terrible. She's had problems with her eyes the past month, they were watery and almost completely shut. And yesterday I saw that the fur that had started to come in, was falling out again. She had a white crust on her skin and some parts looked blackish. She was also having problems using her back legs and would drag herself by her front paws. I went to my vet today to pick up food for Steve and asked the girl working there was there was something I could do, but she said Zappa would need a consult, and then it was a matter of pain meds, or euthanasia. I went to change her cage today and give her fresh water. She was just huddled by her water bottle not moving and half asleep. I scooped her up and held her in my palm for about 20 minutes and she barely moved. I kept trying to get a look at her back but couldn't. It looked like there was a crack almost, and it looked painful but I couldn't be sure. And this is where I fucked up. I got a q-tip and gently tried to part her fur. Honestly, I barely touched her, just grazed the tip of her fur but she freaked out. Started running through my hair and slipped into the sink. I grabbed her and she ran across my arm and fell and I couldn't catch her in time and she fell on the floor and peed herself. And I scooped her up and held her and she just stopped breathing and god I feel so bad. I never should have touched her. Why did I try and see what was happening with her fur? I should have left her alone and I can't stop crying about it. If I hadn't tried to see what was wrong, she would still be alive. My cousin came over and insisted it wasn't my fault, that she was old, but it's killing me. We buried her in the flower garden on my grandpa's yard.
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