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  1. Man, this episode was emotional. I enjoyed everyone speaking about Neil but I thought the actor playing Devon did a really good job. Devon signing "I love you" to Neil made me choke up. Also, CK made me cry, which I was not expecting. I totally believed her being Neil's grieving daughter. It was nice to see Lesley, Jill, Malcolm, Sofia and Moses. I wonder why Paul wasn't there? Was DD unavailable for some reason? It was also nice to see Victor show some emotion. You can tell EB is still so affected by KSJ's death. So sad. Is the next episode the special or is there another episode revolving around Neil?
  2. jewel21

    S7 E19: Until the Weather Breaks

    I know there were plot holes but I still enjoyed this episode. It's the only one I'll watch again if it airs along with the hockey bus episode. I much prefer these type of episodes than the crew just go on random two minute calls. I just feel more invested in what happens when it spans the whole episode. When the boy refused to speak at first, I thought he just didn't speak English, lol. I was ready for him to only speak Russian or Spanish or something and Otis or Cruz to step in.
  3. Today's episode was really well done and sad. I loved everyone reminiscing about Neil and everyone did a wonderful job. I also really liked the scene between Jack and Victor and how sad Victor was about Neil's death. It's nice to see Victor display some actual human emotion other than anger. Mariah looked super pretty today, too. And I thought Tessa's song was lovely. She needs to stop singing on her fire escape though and annoying the neighbours. CK did a wonderful job acting wise as did the actor who plays Devon. Cane just continues to creep me out.
  4. jewel21

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    Holy hell! The show better be renewed because Max Evans can't just die, ya'll! Also, how the hell are they going to explain to the town how Rosa came back from the dead after 10 years? I like Michael and Maria but I felt really bad for Alex who keeps getting screwed around by Michael. Grrr. Go, Kyle! Loved him getting the better over Manes and putting him in an induced coma. And wearing a bullet-proof vest! Also, it's scary how Americans will sell anyone a guy, even someone who appears to be completely batshit crazy. Thank goodness I live in Canada. Please renew this show? Even if it's just so that I can stare at Michael's pretty face for another season.
  5. jewel21

    Ghost Adventures

    Glad it appears they're heading further east. It seemed ridiculous to have a show on the Travel Channel where they don't travel, lol. I miss the earlier seasons where they went abroad and filmed in castles and stuff.
  6. jewel21

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Happy birthday, Gloriole!!! I hope you have a wonderful day despite the Neil sadness. Have some cake!
  7. jewel21

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Thanks everyone. You've made me feel better.
  8. I saw Motown the Musical last year which is why I was excited to watch this. Had I not, I wouldn't have known who Berry Gordy was and just how inspiring his story and legacy are. I feel blessed to be able to watch him and see him on my TV screen. Yeah, it felt a little flat because so many of the original singers are gone and we couldn't see them perform their own songs, but it was still good. I don't regret watching this at all.
  9. jewel21

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I don't believe in turning our animals vegan unless they are naturally meant to only eat veggies like bunnies. Cats and dogs are carnivores and I refuse to deny them that right. It just seems cruel to me to force them to alter their diet to mimic my own. On another topic, if you had the opportunity to go to Europe for the first time ever for 9 days, would you go, even if it meant putting your bird in boarding. Keep in mind your bird doesn't eat when you're not there and you fear he might die while your gone. I'm so torn. I want to go but I'm totally worried about Steve. Boarding is at the vet so if he doesn't eat, they can incubate him (force feed) but still, I don't know what to do.
  10. jewel21

    World Of Dance

    Was it just me, or was there one couple who made the top three but only like a minute of their dance was shown? I was just starting to get into it and suddenly they were being judged. It was really confusing. I wish I could recall their names. In any case, I thought it was weird.
  11. The first 25 minutes recorded sound but no picture which was disappointing. It was nice to see Smokey, the man can still sing, and I find his eyes mesmerizing. I thought Ne-yo did a good job singing. I'm just sad so many of these greats are gone.
  12. jewel21

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I live in Montreal, but I'm in the suburbs, and way too landlocked for any flooding, thankfully. I do know of one patient who might have a flooding issue and mentioned she might not be able to keep her appointment as a result.
  13. jewel21

    Chicago PD in the Media

    Antonio always bored me. I won't miss him when he's gone, he's always been a non-entity.
  14. jewel21

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Pfft, ButtBiscuit wishes he looked that good.
  15. Now I'm picturing her in the dead of night stealing Victoria's door right off its hinges and bringing it back to the cottage, heh.