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  1. I got Mallory and then changed one answer and got Vince. Although as long as I didn't get Jeanette I am okay, lol.
  2. Oh, and she is mad that I didn't come work for her right away after my schooling but allowed them to send me to another clinic for a week and went to another place to check it out for a day. According to her it's clear I was her last choice after she gave me a chance and hired me without any knowledge. And she was mad that I had stopped back in 2019 to help out my other boss. Their secretary was going on vacation (I told them she broke her leg and they needed me to work her Wednesday shift) and I didn't know how long it would be. I worked from mid January until March 4th and then Covid h
  3. No there are multiple courses, she just signed me up for one. But they're all in French and they speak quickly and I have issues understanding. Plus, they're using a paperless version as an example and our layout doesn't look like theirs. She was like you want me to take the course and then teach you and that's not how it works. I'm not the secretary, you are. I don't know, when I was working at the other clinic, the secretary and the office manager were both teaching me the software.
  4. Well work sucked again but this time it was my boss' wife who pissed me off. I went to ask her about holiday pay because it didn't make sense. I worked Victoria Day (7 hours) but she only paid me a percentage and as a result, I had 3 hours unpaid, and then she made me take the following Monday off also unpaid. I told her normally I should be paid for the 7 hrs I worked (as though it were a regular Monday) and the other Monday I was off should be a percentage. She got pissed. Told me she was losing money, I was wrong, that's not how it works. Turns out I was right. She called the accounta
  5. This thread was starting to get off topic, and as a result, some posts have been hidden and the ones discussing past seasons and characters have been moved to the Past Seasons thread found below. https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/6018-past-seasons-talk-the-men-and-women-of-firehouse-51-and-beyond/
  6. Yes, but can she walk and chew gum? Now that is the true test.
  7. Airdate: 06/14/2021
  8. jewel21

    S01.E14: Trips

    Airdate: 06/17/2021
  9. So I brought Steve back to the vet earlier this evening for a re-evaluation. The vet says he put on a bit of weight. he's now 79.8 grams. His stool is looking more normal but still not 100% so he has to undergo two more weeks of antibiotics (a different one this time.) But, he said after the two weeks, if all appears fine, I don't have to bring Steve back for another re-evaluation which I am happy about because I'm tired of lugging him to the vet. So fingers crossed and all that.
  10. Aww not Hoyt :( I really like the actor and wanted to see more of him. Well, no one will ever mistake Liam for being anything but a Walker since he's now been branded, heh.
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