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  1. Well, I meant to comment, but then I kind of forgot what happened. I tend to like the secondary characters but they didn't really do anything this episode.
  2. Airdate: 11/18/2019
  3. I'm enjoying this show and it's supernatural elements. I'm curious about Lucy's death and how it ties into Tiffany's. And I really like all the characters, especially Ace.
  4. This was a fun episode. I like Lizzie remembering Hope and them working together. The music was awesome. Not a bad song throughout the entire episode. Landon running around looking for a condom cracked me up, lol. I can't wait for next week 😄
  5. I really enjoyed this season and I loved this finale. Everything tied together nicely and we actually got a happy ending for Brooke and Mr. Jingle's son. And that final scene of him staring back at his family was beautiful.
  6. I enjoyed this episode and found myself quite invested in the case of the week. And I like that Ruzek wants to be there for Kim no matter what she decides to do. I think he can step up and be a good father. If Kim decides to keep the baby, he'll have 9 months to get used to the idea and hopefully grow.
  7. I really loved the scene between Jill and Andy where she wanted to break up with him due to his drinking. It was so well acted and you could see how both parties were upset at the thought of not being together. And I loved Andy saying he would simply stop drinking and Jill's surprise that he could do something like that. It was so well done. The Bonnie and Adam blaming one another story line for not having married friends to hang out with has been one before on other shows but still cracked me up.
  8. Missy beating the snot out of that boy was awesome! Poor Veronica, she really likes Georgie. I felt bad for her. And I'm so happy we're still getting cameos with Dr. Sturgis.
  9. You know, my favourite part of the episode was watching that gorgeous falcon fly and sweep toward the CEO on stage. What a stunning creature. I re-watched it three times.
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