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  1. Mom - Jill's exercise montage at the gym while her boyfriend watches in disbelief.
  2. The Conners - Jackie and Becky bully Darlene into giving them Bev's money to re-open The Lunch Box and Dan goes along with it.
  3. Well, the finale was great. Poor Dakota got so scared he looked on the verge of tears. I really hope these guys get a third season. This is such a refreshing ghost hunting show. They did a live Instagram session or maybe it was Facebook... either way they announced the winners from the scavenger hunt and I was one of the names listed. They pronounced Quebec funny as well as my first name. Americans always tend to it pronounce my name one way, and Canadians another, lol. It was funny.
  4. Cupid, I'm so sorry your mother in law is suffering so terribly. This disease is horrific. *Hugs* On a lighter note, here are some pics of Steve eating.
  5. Hey everyone, just an FYI but Chernobyl was removed as a nomination since the majority of its episodes aired in May 2019. If you noticed any other shows that don't meet the nomination guidelines, please don't hesitate to point them out. Thanks!
  6. No they never listed a reason as to why he got sick. They just said he was okay and would be in the next episode.
  7. The Primetimer Award categories are up and waiting for your nominations! Nominate!
  8. Well this is scary. Apparently a town in Quebec has 9 out of 11 students in a classroom who are infected with the virus. This is despite social distancing and hand-washing. And some of those students tested positive without any symptoms. Gah. I have to go back to work next week, y'all. In a dental clinic and I'm worried.
  9. Was Oxygen the group with the arms? Because if so, yes they were really good. I had forgotten about them.
  10. This show is no "So You Think You Can Dance," but it's one of the only shows on TV airing new episodes so I watch. Most of the performances didn't do much for me, but, I loved the Italian couple who did the Argentinian Tango. And, I also loved the last couple who did the ballet routine.
  11. I took the job. The lady was very happy and cancelled another interview scheduled for this evening as a result. I start Monday at 9:00 AM. She said the three month thing was more of a probationary period and if I did well, they would keep me on. I am not sure if the number of hours would remain the same, though. I am just glad I can give this a try without having to quit any of my other jobs first. Let's just hope the physio place doesn't call me to come in next week because then I am screwed. Thankfully, the eye place won't be opening until at least September.
  12. Traci looked lovely. However, she seemed significantly older than Ashley and she's supposed to be the baby so I found it distracting. She had quite a few lines on her forehead and around her mouth. Jill's outfit made me laugh so hard. The hat was everything. Everything. Jack was kind of a dick to Nikki. On the other hand, it was nice seeing an assertive Jack. He's kind of a pushover now. Traci's bouquet was lovely. I wanted to wrestle it away from Jill, heh. And it was nice seeing Dina! It seems all the kids got along with her fine, Ashley included. Wonder why she had such an issue with Dina returning a few years ago?
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