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  1. Amen Sister! Back at ya and ya'll. It's like having lunch with your friends.
  2. "Who's a pretty bird?" *spoken in my best bird voice*
  3. Loved Anthony Bourdain. Huge fan...and a crush, too. Miss him. 😥
  4. Face it, kid...you were Born Under a Bad Sign (cue Albert King). Happy Birthday!
  5. My bat story....have two but this is the creepiest. Years ago at the shop (old building, built in 1870's and leaked like a sieve draft-wise in the winter) I was cleaning up in front where the hats were. Had this really cool old wood slat Shaker-like baby bassinet/carrier (no legs) that I kept hats in. Went to pick up the basket (which I hadn't moved in over a year) and there was a bat splayed out under it! It let out a screech/scream that still chills me to the bone when I think of it. It was sick or stunned or something so I grabbed a hat and scooped him up, took him outside. Put him on
  6. I use those things everyday! RIP, sir. Job well done.
  7. Whoa, man...I'm having an acid flashback. I'm watching a Bergman film all of a sudden.
  8. We had our 50th last Nov. 28..... Where does the time go?
  9. I was born on Easter Sunday...March 25, 1951. Easter hasn't/won't fall on 3/25 again until 2035. So it's never happened to me. It's been the 24th-26th lots of times but not the 25th. I always count Easter as my 'second birthday'.
  10. Yes! Happy Birthday, peaches! I shall raise a glass or three in your honor.... Happy Easter everybody!
  11. Oooooh......if only those scarves could talk.....
  12. Not to worry Snap. He's only one of the guest hosts. His stint is up Fri. They've had Ken Jennings, Katie Couric, and now Oz (I'm not a fan either). Ken Jennings should get the gig IMHO. Very respectful of the legacy of Jeopardy & Alex and he's funny.
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