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  2. Teyonah Parris says she taped auditions for the role and got it before ever knowing it was for the MCU as Monica Rambeau:
  3. I won a math prize in grade 4. A medallion hanging from a ribbon. It was all downhill from there....
  4. She is the most clueless, self-entitled person I've seen in a long time. Still doesn't believe she did anything wrong. I really hope that somehow she was brought up on charges at some point for this, especially since she actually believed she was "doing them a favor" by locking the front door. Did it even occur to her that the DOOR keys might be on those car keys and that she had locked the defendants out of their house? But how DARE they inconvenience HER by blocking her car after she helped herself to their driveway (I'm pretty sure her friend "Jaime" wouldn't have appreciated it either). Plaintiffs should have had her damn car towed and let her spend eternity trying to find it.
  5. YES - and when she finally takes a breath, Whoopi thinks she's done. Whoopi starts to respond, and Meghan gets a second wind, and talks right over Whoopi. You can see the irritation on Whoopi's face when this happens, and she usually says something like "Ok, let's go to break."
  6. Pepper continued, "But does a lot of it break my heart, as much of it has broken yours? Do I understand your disgust? Of course I do. We must take responsibility for this match -- but I assure you the Chris we all see now, is not the Chris we met and married to Paige." In other words the experts were buffaloed and bought it hook line and sinker...They should have waterboarded that rat.
  7. I don't feel sorry for her...there is no love there. She basically stalked him at his gym and "bumped" into him. She wanted fame and fortune and she got it. She just didn't realize she was going to be stuck with a sustance abuser who is an entitled, spoiled enabled mama's boy.
  8. It's the same version of the game where Kam got her gold skull. But the flags which have to be collected are higher up and further apart. So probably set up for men. They only had one other security breach previously and that was to bring back Ashley? Because of the quarantines and testing required, they may bring back Theresa or Amber B, the last two women eliminated. Maybe they had them stay a day or two extra in Iceland. Lolo probably told the producers that she was thinking of leaving. Bill Simmons and David Jacoby mocked Lolo about leaving to prepare for the Olympics but she apparently did win a Bobsled or Luge medal recently, so there's that. But probably not too much money in that event.
  9. While this hasn’t been the best season, I’m really not all that into Phaedra and her resting stank face coming back any time soon...
  10. Eh, some did, yes, but there's also plenty of people in that state who didn't (there's a reason there's been a lot of talk about Texas potentially going blue in the coming years, after all). I mean I live in Iowa, and a lot of voters here are frustrated with the people we have in charge. Yet they're still in office, because of things like gerrymandering and voter suppression and so forth.
  11. wow nothing says "I love a newborn grandchild" like posing with her in your winter coat while wifey clutches your arm. These people are so messed up
  12. Oh my *laughs* I just realized that if he married one of the other 'singles', Amanda, she could be Mrs. Rocky Buttery Butts.
  13. But he's not making his own decisions. Maci is a control freak and she "leads" Bentley to every decision. A few episodes ago, Maci tells Taylor that Bentley NEVER asks to see his dad. Later in the episode Bentley says, "Will I get to see my dad?" She says, "remember how you said you don't want to see him unless he goes to therapy????" Bentley was like, "oh yeah." The kid just wants to see his dad. Bentley wanted to go to the friday party, no matter that it was at Ryan's house. Maci led him to the decision that he should call and tell Mimi Jen that he didn't want to go. It is very clear that Bentley doesn't want to be on the show, he is uncomfortable on camera and is trying to please his mom. Bentley doesn't care that Ryan is a loser, he just wants to see him. He wants a relationship with his dad and he really really wants a relationship with his brother and sister (Ryan's kids). It is hard for me to understand, I would think he would be like - whatever my dad sucks. I can't understand why he wants to see him. Personally, I grew up with an amazing family, but my husband has a mother that is awful and he still wants to see her. Boggles my mind but I guess some people still want that connection even when the parents are losers who CLEARLY don't gaf. I maintain that what she is doing is abusive. She is an adult, and she chose the show and the pros and cons that come with it. Like someone pointed out upthread - Bentley didn't choose to do the show and even if he did, he is 11 years old, he cannot make these decisions!
  14. Hey, it's not real until it's been plotted out on a whiteboard. I loved that scene.
  15. Me too. I have *never* understood how that is considered a sport.
  16. And she was calmly discussing Hillary 1.0/baby death like someone else was responsible? Ironic isn't it?
  17. The ad portrays two hockey players who act like jerk offs and a referee/announcer (?) but I didn't see any masturbatory maneuvers. Coverage not available in California.
  18. The split-screen of Jen Psaki and Meghan McCain, was hilarious. Just the visual - Jen P with a perfectly normal and pretty hairstyle, nice makeup, and a sweater. Then Meghan, with BIG HAIR, false eyelashes, and ringlets bouncing when she talked, along with a red velvet jacket. Basically, no matter what was said, one person looks like a rational human being, the other looks like she's about to go on stage in some sort of community theater production. she totally looked like she was in some sot of costume.
  19. I was wondering what the hell happened to Butch? Is he OK or is he strung out again...I think it's weird that someone who was an integral part of the story line for as long as the show has been on is no longer on or even mentioned.
  20. Let us know if He does! 😉 As for sports, I hate boxing. I don't understand how people can watch that!
  21. This reunion just absolutely sucked. The dresses looked like Prom Wardrobe on the set of Napoleon Dynamite, just hideous!! The discussions went nowhere. Jen and her anger issues, Heather and Lisa screaming at each other, Mary is just as creepy as her husband. Lisa and Meredith both seem so far removed and appear as they're so much better than any of the other cast members -they have absolute zero interest in anyone else's pain or lives~selectively disengaged. Just mention of Brooks Marks makes my stomach turn-what a pretentious punk!! IMO, the only one that actually offered anything of value or had any productive dialogue was Whitney and her husband, Justin. I didn't love Whitney's dress, but I did like it......however, the breast issue ~ they were NOT just geographically relocated, at least not without adding how many CCs of saline?
  22. If I have to get a COVID shot every year, I'm okay with that. I get a flu shot every year. Assuming, of course, that I'm ever able to get the first COVID shot. (I'm not eligible yet in my state.)
  23. WOW!! I had no idea. I had always assumed the show started when he was 16 based upon Tom Welling's appearance. Thanks for the education. My mind is blown.
  24. I'm guessing too, but I think initially ABC/production was thinking "okay, we're no longer racists! Two black leads in a row!" and also "we even fixed the thing about the olds, even though that didn't work out." So then they were "WHOA She brought a vibrator -- we haven't had anyone so openly sex-positive since Kaitlyn, and everyone loves Kaitlyn now!" plus Katie's stance against bullying. Then things hit the fan and they had to think about race again (though I personally think they will go with Abigail -- half-Korean and a disability and a fan favorite). I adore Serena P, but I don't want any more leads under 25 years old or so.
  25. Its hard to squeeze the show in to make room for endless commercials. Whenever I watch I always look for two other channels to switch to. Sometimes I switch back only to see they have gone to yet another commercial break.
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