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  2. So, Pvt. Logan splashed ashore on D-Day, and was saved by the compass. Let me guess. He was shot at precisely 8:28 am. I know how the 828'ers can save themselves. Have Logan get another safe deposit box with a better number, say, 7890. Then they can live in peace, right? All we need is bar and we got us a joke. And what patient ever said "Oh, look, time's up. Gotta go."
  3. Jesse Rath being completely believable, comfortable and awesome as Alak Tarr covered in layers of makeup was the reason I knew people connecting with him under the Brainey make up when he first arrived was going to be a piece of cake. I think they originally hired him basically for that experience and awesomeness. She's been without a proper romance since Mon El which is unusual for a CW show so I'm not surprised. Currently Lena isn't a good friendship - although obviously lots of screentime is being devoted to it, and she an Batwoman will meet on screen 1-2 times a year and most of her on screen friends and family have romances. I don't mind them doing it, it's a part of life but William just feels like a bland non entity even with the obligatory "oh we were opposed, now we connected a bit, clearly there's something there." I hope it doesn't last too long as you're right he doesn't exactly feel necessary. I'm going with Winn being in the future for longer than has passed in the present, like Mon-El when he returned with a wife or Jax on LOT when he also had a wife and baby after "two months."
  4. I got nothing. Oliver dying a hero is literally the worst ending that anyone could envisage for the show and for the character. I liked how they used Sara, I liked it a lot. She was the only character written consistently across this whole thing who could be said to have an arc and who was given some moments to breathe that made sense. Everything else was a giant mess with a huge Felicity-shaped hole in it. And don't get me started on William and Mia not re-appearing. I'm sure fans of the other shows have similar gripes; up to and including characters disappearing and re-appearing, sometimes randomly. If the multiverse didn't collapse then how do some of the other universes exist but others don't? None of it made any sense. And now Oliver got the 'heroes' ending both he and his fans never wanted.
  5. Here's a Tumblr post going into some detail on how the Ruth!Doctor might slot into the season 6b theory.
  6. Uh, try never. I don't think she even switches shifts in a pinch for someone else. Wonder what a "bad couple of days" means. They couldn't stay alone while S&J go out for a date night?
  7. Dowel Jones


    Such as a complete dependence on known-to-be-inaccurate facial recognition software (especially with African-Americans), and some intuitive leaps. Oh, a picture that looks like her is on an escort service brochure? She must be an escort! And I'm pretty sure that using someone outside the PD to rifle through a house to get evidence is considered the same as the cops rifling through the house, i.e., you still need a warrant. Nothing personal, xelihou66, I just shake my head at some of the shortcuts used in police procedurals, sometimes. Was the accusation that the rapper had participated in an armed robber accurate? His manager/quasi-attorney either was right that it was nothing, or he was bluffing the agents. If it was true, OA did have him over a barrel with that 'you aren't done til' I say you're done' thing. If not, he had nothing over him. In then end, though, he's no more safer with Thumper off the streets. There's a whole gang behind him. Maggie (Missy) is getting big! They better think of something pretty fast.
  8. Me, too. They seem like they should be good but no. how about Mountain Bars? 😋
  9. I thought she was a flake at first too but I also wondered if maybe she knew she was sick by then and figured a big vacation with her daughter would be a better use of her money.
  10. One of my aunts was hilarious and a real character... She always called her bra "an over the shoulder, boulder holder" I couldn't help but laugh during the latest episode when Princess Areola pulled Axelbrushes binkie out to kiss and had to shove it right back in his pie hole before he had a melt down.. And wtf was up with Axel's hair?.... It was all over the place. I think they should restrict the binkie to naps and bedtime... He was at a family gathering, kids to play with and tons of new toys but he had to have his binkie shoved in his yap the whole time.
  11. Thanks for the reference! I've never seen that story and I'm really interested in it.
  12. So one sister is burning her bras the day before the other is promoting them.Typical contradictory Browns. I would really appreciate not having to cop an eyeful of voluptuous saggy bosom on display every time I check my Instagram feed.
  13. But didn't she say, two seasons ago, that she was absolutely over him?
  14. You may be correct. She has been dropping hints that she is coming back as friend of.
  15. Today
  16. Personally I would never go to Whitney as a trainer, no more than I would go to a hairdresser with dirty, unkempt hair or a dentist with bad teeth and bad breath. Whitney is not physically fit; I'd be too afraid she'd collapse due to some medical condition. The other oddball choice for her is a career as a nutritionist/dietitian.
  17. I felt ZERO sympathy for Kristen. She's a psycho, a killer [or, at least, attempted killer], and a baby snatcher. So if her 50+-year-old ass (and yeah, in reality, far too old for this shit!) lost a spawn, I call it karma. And, again, I find the fact that she and Brady spawned when she was once engaged to - and knocked up 20+ years ago - by his FATHER is just all sorts of nasty, be it soapy behavior or not. This chick should be pushing up daisies. I'm talking Isabella dead, not Jack dead.
  18. As far as I know - the only relation between Shingles and Cancer is that you are at a higher risk of singles if you are neutropenic With the Ferrari - I was thinking maybe he did one of those "drive a sports car" experiences where you pay like $500 and drive one around for 30 minutes. I know, I know, I just expected a show to have some basic knowledge. With the opiate thing, maybe they wanted to make a point about the opioid crisis, sure, whatever, but this was just ugh Yup! There's a bunch of anti-nausea meds. I've was on Compazine, Reglan, and Zofran (all at different times. They didn't want to try any others, given that I have epilepsy, but if someone doesn't have a history of seizures (or some other conditions that this guy obviously did not have or they would have mentioned or shown it) they have like a dozen medications they can try. For some reason his doctors didn't think of a port until he was doing maintenance chemo because.... reasons? Are you cancer free now (Or at least in remission)? I hope so! If you need some support resources, even if you are long in remission, I can message you some - i'm in a chat with people with cancer, survivors, caregivers, a whole lovely community.
  19. Same here. The episode had some typical pilot clumsiness, but I found it funny overall. Mixed in with “Millennials who need to figure themselves out and get their shit together” storylines. And I like Awkwafina . So I’m here for more episodes.
  20. Why do we need Kara in a relationship? Can't we just have her have good friendships, like with Lena and Batwoman?
  21. This was a good episode. Kate's next week should be.... interesting. The Kate-Toby stuff does not make sense atm, maybe it will make sense after next week?
  22. I just don't recall her ever filling in for another host, but that's just my memory. She has left the set early on quite a few occasions where another host filled on, namely Rick Domier; actually I remember him starting his presentations earlier because she would announce rather prominently that she had the sniffles, sneezing, etc. instruct her producer to get her off. No quiet, behind the scene talk, just on-camera discussion.
  23. I still hate those stupid things on the girls' heads
  24. So true. The only thing I liked about her mother was that she acknowledged how beautiful Claire’s eyes are. I think that whenever there’s a close-up of her, but it seems no one else notices or comments. Not even Jared or any of her recent hook-ups. I liked this storyline. Morgan and her mom both have control issues. I forget who pointed that out. But I laughed out when Morgan told her brother, “You need to listen to me and do what I say!” I can imagine her saying this even as a little girl. And in terms of Morgan listing her mom’s faults, I thought they were trying to keep her awake and even a little upset in order to induce a seizure. Also, parents are often in denial about the fucked up shit they’ve done to their kids—or they flat-out lie. As someone who’s been gaslighted by my parents when I try to discuss childhood hurts, I could sympathize with Morgan’s detailed memories. To still remember not being picked up from preschool at 4 years old because your mom was doing something artistic with your older sister? That had to hurt. And where was the dad? Did I miss that?
  25. Favorite part was seeing all of the early episodes and remembering all of the characters/actors I totally forgot about. It was just me all "Oh, yeah, Kevin Alejandro was Brother Blood!" or "Oh, right, Dylan Bruce was on here for a few episodes." And a brief glimpse of Walt! Still wish we had more of him since Colin Salmon deserves to be in everything. The interviews were fun, even if some I can't say I fully agree with. Like Katherine McNamara seems like a cool person, but we would certainly have to agree to disagree over her singling out Diaz as one of the best villains. Speaking of which, I know Stephen Amell's story about Kirk Acevedo's chair saying "The Dragon" on it was meant to be a fun antidote, but it just made me think Kirk might be one of those obnoxious method actors, which could explain why he came off like such a D-bag on social media (and, again, I actually generally like him as an actor, but I really didn't care for him here.) On the other hand, Echo Kellum shot up some points for naming Chase, and it was cool of Katie Cassidy to mention Cayden, since there was so much potential there that was wasted, but even then, Michael Emerson sure managed to leave a mark. At least the Salmon Ladder got some love! And the shallow guy in me was glad they include the scene of Sara/Caity Lotz using it! It felt like David Ramsey and Katherine were the most emotional ones here, but it definitely seems like everyone enjoyed working on the show, which is good.
  26. Has anyone watched without a crystal ball (Katie Joy) you tube videos about the break up. Katie usually has factual quick recaps of some reality TV and some related topics like Duggars and religion. She reached out to Tiffany and Ronald and they responded to her and kind of got her in the middle of their fight. Tiffany sent many messages and pictures to Katie trying to show Ronald was lying. Katie seems to believe Ronald lied to her and to Tiffany. Tiffany sure made some poor choices marrying him so fast and having another child. I hope she can move on and make better choices. Her son seemed so sweet and deserves the family unit he wants so badly.
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