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  2. sunshine23

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Would you hate her if she hadn't paid you for goodness knows how long? Its one way for the stylist to get revenge, and here Dorito thinks she's just killing it. Um, nope. Not now. Not ever. She just continues to prove she has no taste but does have a giant need for attention. I guess negative attention is better than no attention. She and PK are going to be getting a whole lot more negative attention with their lawsuit. Then again, so will Kyle and Erika. Kyle is a true hypocrite and only remembers what she wants . Reality is not her friend. LVP was just an obstacle to Kyle all these years. The first 15 minutes proved LVP was correct in not showing up. They were going to bash her one way or another. Andy could've taken the high road (ha ha who am I kidding) and just mentioned she wasn't there but not doing that shows why he is basically one of the HW's. She's looking OOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDD. She must not be able to get her face down as much with the lawsuit and all. I would actually love Camille with a diamond if I was planning to continue watching this farce. At least she's entertaining and brings the truth, albeit in a snarky way. The others are just as snarky, just not to each others' faces. Because they needed someone to attack and if it had been said during the reunion it would have made Camille look better than Andy and TPTB wanted her to. I thought this was one of Erika's best looks. I know, that's not really saying anything, but this comment and the visual it gave me made me chuckle. Not necessarily wrong when I thought about it. Kyle has always been a bitch, she's just shown her bitchiness and desperation more this season. I bet she doesn't even realize her mask had slipped and her real face was showing during those scenes. These idiots are so thick if they don't think she'll turn on them as soon as she considers them a threat. That's what she did to LVP, although she's been threatened by LVP for years, and she did it to her own sister when her Kim was leaking family secrets.
  3. burghgal

    S03.E09: Heroic

    I watched last night as I couldn't sleep. This episode did the trick in allowing me to get a few zzz's in. If it had been a one off, it wouldn't have been as awful -- but we've had enough of the June looking scorned, torture scenes. We get it -- this regime is awful, with pockets of decent people in it just trying to survive, June is a rebel/fighter. This show needs to move forward somehow -- ASAP. My biggest investment in this show right now is going through all the scenarios that can be made to save it from ruin. That being said -- Janine calling June out on her BS was a good scene. I also liked how the Doctor basically told June what we've all been thinking -- "you are about to end up on the wall doing no one any good-- get your $%^* together and rise above your emotional baggage".
  4. Landsnark

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

  5. Not always. In MD back support is only owed from the date of first filing for support. So if you wait until the kid is an adult, you are not getting child support. Now a case would not go 30 years here either. In most cases. Yeah that is a lot of time and money spent on a principle. "I know he is the dad and I am going to prove it if it costs me every cent." What else could she have done with that money? What else could she have accomplished with her time? Okay so biologically he is the father. Who really raised him? If this lady married, THAT is the child's father. He might not be as rich, but he was the father in the ways that really matter.
  6. Baltimore Betty

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    OMG! I forgot about that tidbit!
  7. cooksdelight

    Food Network in the Media

    Someone needs to enlighten Bobby that when Alton left and he and Giada took over is when the show started going to hell in a handbasket. And stop faking everything. If you’re going to have a focus group, get real people off the street, not paid actors.
  8. Haleth

    S16.E06: Academy 1

    I think you are absolutely right even though I don't think Eddy or Madison looked particularly good. I'm surprised they didn't keep the twins for the inevitable comparison but am actually glad they are both gone, and I was surprised Maia (not My-ah) did so poorly. I think the two non blonde female hip hoppers will make it. I'm glad they got rid of all the quirky auditioners who had not business being there.
  9. Baltimore Betty

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    Bugs the shit out of me, (Molly from 90 Fiance who owns a bra shop would wear shirts like that and the wrong bra with everything!). I don't care how much she spent on that unflattering rag she did not help the look of her outfit with her dirty four hook bra showing in the back. Also, she would not get out of the kitchen! She invaded their space, their tiny little space. Philanthropic my ass, I saw that documentary on that Queen, the house is an unfinished mess, they are pretty much broke and her husband (I think has since passed away) looked so checked out all he could do is sit in his den and stare at the TV. Sandy tried to paint them as a power couple, not buying it. They could easily give back to the community, turn that house in to a shelter for women and children at risk or a pet rescue, anything but the façade of bygone days. Anyone that would put the crew thru that mess of having to have to set up lunch at the top of Eze is a sadist...production or charter guest.
  10. cooksdelight

    Crimes You'd Like To See On Dateline: Calling Keith Morrison!

    I’m not buying what she’s trying to sell. I don’t believe the man with a knife story, but I do believe she thought she’d get on TV like the other woman who was lost for days. I’m thinking she wandered off and got lost, period. An embarrassing situation for sure.
  11. And... She looks Loads 'O Years younger
  12. cooksdelight

    S06.E05: The Kill

    What kind of animals did your family hunt? Mine hunted deer, and it was always skinned after the body cavity was cleaned out of all organs. A moose is very similar to a deer, and bow-hunting season is as big a deal here as regular deer season. https://www.hunter-ed.com/washington/studyGuide/Field-Dressing-a-Deer-Detailed-Instructions/20105001_700046905/
  13. Chloesmom

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Hoo boy that tape! It's already on other networks and good eyes on Meeks as that is Ghislaine Maxwell in the background at the end. Somebody at NBC should get a big bonus for digging that out.
  14. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    This show is really trying my patience. So much filler. This is all the writers came up with for this season. Because it's just all so boring. Don't care about Clarke's mindscape trips with Josephine at all. Let's put these memory books over here and blast them into somewhere else. FFS !! And the Primes are so gullible they deserve to be killed off, falling for the old "you don't know the formula for making nightbloods from bone marrow" con. Is Diyoza ever going to show back up ? Anything to get the story moving along. Where the hell did Jordan go ? Still recovering from his stab wound somewhere, I guess.
  15. film noire

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I love that LVP quit the day before the reunion. Beyond fucking brilliant. She didn't give these monsters a heads-up. She left them hanging. She left Andy Cohen waiting on her decision, fidget-spinning and drunk-dialing ("Anderson do you think LVP will come? And then I can SMASH her like I want to smash MY MOMMY?") She left Kyle dreaming of finally destroying LVP ("I will fake-cry and my tears will make deep grooves on my pancaked face like Chernobyl-ash and then pink flowered Lady Luncheons will finally be mine!") She left Teddi sitting there with her paddle-hands waving like Free Willy's giant fins cresting the water, she left Rinna sitting there with her sickening body-shaming intact (my girls mocked fat people and now one of them is is anorexic - go figure!) as well as all the repulsive after-thoughts: Erika the morally above-it-all child abandoner, Dorit the morally indignant dog dumper, and Denise (dear god, Denise, who took a turn so crooked, she is now the defender of the deeply immoral Brandi and Rinna, the shit-souled ghouls of this franchise). Congratulations, you smug, festering suck-holed pretend-friends. You were fucking dismissed.
  16. Meowwww

    S15.E10: Week 10

    Yup another Luke post. He’s what, 23? His know-it-all, verbal diarrhea of platitudes remind me of when I was that age. My friends and I knew it all, we were sure we had this life thing in the bag. Our ideas were right and no one else knew anything cuz we KNEW who we were. Ha ha, right? I see it in my nieces and nephews now too. (I don’t have kids). I think 40 year old Luke will look back and be embarrassed. I am embarrassed by who I was back then, but it’s part of growing up. I also think Luke and Hannah have some past life brother-sister thing. I promise I am not weird, lol...but I believe in past lives and spirits and etc 😜
  17. Poor little Sofia looks like one of those ghoul children in a horror movie.
  18. It figures that, even with a wig, Caro picked a size that was too small!
  19. druzy

    The Wendy Williams Show

    It was fabulous!
  20. Trillian

    S03.E09: Heroic

    I didn’t hate this as much as the rest of this season, but I think it’s because have cracked and am numb to the pain. The glaring inconsistencies just passed through my mind but have lost their power. Why is The Most Dangerous Loose Cannon of a Handmaid Ever unguarded and unrestrained? Why is she allowed to go anywhere near a conveniently unchaperoned child? Why, if they are letting Natalie die now that she’s delivered, is she still hooked up to machines (any reason other than that the beeps make a poignant counterpoint to June’s monologue)? I didn’t even have the strength to want to slap June as she looked beatifically down on the woman whom she herself got killed. For me, June’s realization that she isn’t the only person in this world who’s hurting comes too little too late. Last episode, any residual caring I had left for her crossed into absolute hatred. And not even the incomparable Belinda Carlisle can change that.
  21. eleanorofaquitaine

    RHoBH in the Media

    I tend to look at all of those kind of articles as positioning from one cast member or the other to strengthen their own position. It may or may not have any bearing on the truth.
  22. cameron

    House Hunters

    Regarding the Cooperstown NY couple, can't understand her fixation about needing to see the children from the kitchen when she's cooking. If I were her, would be more concerned about the pool in the backyard. But I did love that house.
  23. VK? Uncommonly pretty girl? She’s a generic white blonde haired girl with a toothy smile (which i will be forever bringing up considering her own mother had the guts to make fun of a girl with the same smile). Hannah is uncommonly pretty. If you want to go with an uncommonly pretty girl, Abigail would be an example.
  24. dleighg

    Good Bones

    Did they make the (only) bathroom accessible only through the bedroom? I get the reason, but..... maybe for a single professional (the target audience) it would work ok.
  25. Jess2149

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    What I don’t get is, if he really HAS to work out every day, why isn’t he doing an indoor workout when he can’t go outside? I mean, I get that it isn’t as nice as having the weights and bench and everything. But you CAN do push-ups and sit-ups and jumping jacks(ons) inside.
  26. eleanorofaquitaine

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I think it was hypocritical of her, yes. I also think, though, that it should be a teaching moment for all of them that sometimes a situation becomes so untenable that it's time to move on. I was mostly commenting on the fact, though, that the producers wanted to make a point about LVP as opposed to the other women.
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