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  2. FYI - one of these singers is Ciara Renee (Hawkgirl)...
  3. Taking response to Whoopi's Thread
  4. I thought Bawa hired Whoopi as part of her redemption? She, Whoopi that is, had gotten bumped from doing the Slim Fast commercials and other things because of what she said about Bush. And she was persona non grata. I think, another reason why Bawa chose her was even if Whoopi's own talk show failed, she was good. I remember someone posting her interview with Joan Rivers, here, and we wondered WHERE is THAT Whoopi?
  5. Great seeing everyone again. Great to see everyone still in good health, I also see Ben ran into the same issue as me in the hair department. Always, loved hearing Niles.
  6. I love Dale!!! Oh and Honey...Heather's new Golden puppy...OMG She is adorable!!!
  7. Yes, that's the new woke way of addressing those who don't identify with the gender listed on their birth certificate. You are supposed to ask what their preference is. My correct-grammar-drummed-into-me-by-the-nuns brain just cannot absorb calling a singular person "they".
  8. I was referring to Tinsley. Looking at some of her pictures on Instagram, it looks like she mingles with very wealthy folks.
  9. I don't either! However, I hate being out of the conversational loop in certain group texts. It bugs. Is there a Wiki where I can just read the whole thing?
  10. But wouldn't the cobalt have been leaking for ages.. How long has it been affecting him... Was it only after possibly torpedoing his career because Meredith went rogue... Or when he was feeling shitty and got emotional with a woman who wasn't his wife?... Catherine has her faults.. But Richard's pride cost him Ellis as a wife.. And being a real father to Meredith and Maggie.. And it reared its head again after he got fired... And yes her emotional state made her buy Pac-North... But it was her emotional state that led her to buy Grey-Sloan... So while Catherine has tons of things to work on herself.. She didn't deserve what Richard did
  11. I think SATC was envisioned and probably sold to SJP that she would be the star and the others would be supporting. And while the focus was mainly on Carrie and she was presented as the character all the others revolved around I think the writing was better for Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. And I think viewers gravitated more towards the other women. Watching the show I identified with Miranda and Samantha. The only thing I identified with Carrie about was making bad choices regarding a man who did the push/pull thing with me.
  12. Also, I do not understand why magically he started being unable to talk. I mean it was like they hit a certain season, he was now older and he couldn't talk anymore. Never made sense, I also remember when they had him doing his "Trump Speeches" during his and Manny's senior year to become student president. He sounded like someone had punched him in the mouth when he spoke. It was really bad.
  13. Yesterday MG tweeted two script pages for the ending scene to this episode (where Oliver gets branded by Ra's al Ghul), so I've added them to my above transcriptions.
  14. I gasped when I read your post. I dreamed about a Duggar last night too! And, I haven't watched a show in a long time. I dreamed that a Duggar daughter, (seemed to be a combo of Jinger and Joy-anna) was charged with murder! She was having her trial and I was at the courthouse. Most of her siblings were there. I went to see some of my friends who were in the courtyard and we hugged, when I realized my friend who I hugged was actually the JUDGE. (And, she is a judge IRL!). I work up before I got the verdict. Before going to bed, I had watched How To Get Away With Murder. Maybe, that had something to do with it. lol
  15. 320 ending scene where Oliver gets branded by Ra's al Ghul...
  16. I think they should just toss in the towel....go with the vets they have. See if any of the retiring vets might reconsider or ask some of the All Stars if they'd like to rejoin for a season.
  17. And IF Nelle is Nina’s, then that means she knew Frank and slept with him, yes? Unless Nelle is also adopted? That Madeline took the baby and sold her to Frank? And Silas was the father? Okay, now my brain hurts.😖😖😖😣😣😣
  18. Didn’t Dorinda marry into money and status with Richard? How can she judge Tinsley for being involved with a wealthy man ? Dorinda is not a good friend, and if I were Tinsley I wouldn’t share any details with her either. It bums me out because I used to really like Dorinda.
  19. Ok I watched last night and asked myself "why"? It must be habit because I watched them 10+ years ago when they were off the chain drunk and ridiculous. Now? Now they are 40 something with kids and don't drink. Two of them are sober and the rest don't drink like they used to. So its like watching old family home movies that are dull. So who is more ridiculous? Me for still watching or them for still filming?
  20. LuAnns two houses ( if she still has upstate), are pretty small. She probably doesn’t want company to entertain. Btw, how come nobody tells Dorinda she needs help? Are they afraid of her? I have a feeling the new girl will tell her off.
  21. My dad used to buy ribbon candy when I was a kid. That is some noisy stuff. My father would bite into it and shards of ribbon candy would fly everywhere and stick wherever it landed. I easily get annoyed by noisy eaters. There is one particular pretzel commercial that irritates the crap out of me. My dad also used to make sugared mixed nuts. Sugared nuts are awesome, but in the middle of winter with nowhere to go, I needed a human size hamster wheel in the house to run on to calm my ass down. I have the same problem with caffeine. Caffeine triggers my anxiety. My father used to make potato salad and put canned shrimp into the potato salad. Totally barf worthy. It was awesome without the shrimp, but with shrimp? Yuck. It is much cheaper to make your own snack mix than buy the ones already made. Plus, you get to control what amounts are in those mixes.
  22. Imo, Ramona was doing Lu a HUGE favor by giving her the lower level, and Lu was too clueless to cash in. Ramona said the lower level has it's own private entrance. It's so simple,...Lu, being "sober", excuses herself to go to bed earlier than the others, then sneaks out the lower level entrance, has an Italian friend to come pick her up at the end of the driveway, and hits the bars. She just needs to be back in time for the breakfast shoot, and can claim she thinks she's coming down with something (especially with Tinsley's situation) to explain the rougher than usual voice,...and everyone's happy. But, no, she couldn't be cool. She had to be uncool.
  23. HomeCon starts today (April 10) - Ben Lewis is back on the guest list (I guess his temporary omission was a mistake, now corrected)... https://homeconofficial.com/#team Schedule not yet posted/live: https://homeconofficial.com/#events
  24. It's weird, because it seems to be both Xavier and the FBI who had Asher killed, since Henchwoman works for Xavier but is also an undercover FBI agent. I forgot that she worked for Xavier until this morning, even with the Previously On HTGAWM. Unless the FBI don't know about their agent teaming up with Xavier, then they're equally responsible for Asher's death.
  25. @Yeah No my heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
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