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  2. They won a few creative ones with the fantastic earworm Agatha All Along winning best song. At this point, Elisabeth is the best bet and that category is TOUGH!
  3. I kept trying to remember where I'd heard of him before and finally caved to the Wikipedia gods. I watched him on "Invasion" about 15 years ago, so yay!!
  4. That actress they got to play Young Mabel looks so much like Selena Gomez, especially when you saw her at an angle instead of head on.
  5. Looks like Dr. Mercy went to see Hair Goddess pre-filming. That mane is fabulous!
  6. They've already won a couple. Design and costuming, I think.
  7. Oh ok the DJ is going to do different voices very break a little advanced warning would have been nice.
  8. I'm watching Robyn and Juan in the warehouse... and now I understand why they have the financial problems that they do.
  9. A new side show on TLC. They are the travelling circus of basic cable
  10. I've had wallpaper put up in my bedroom and breakfast nook in my new house where I'm moving on the 27th - can't wait!
  11. Ellie, I and many other people have had very hard times in life.
  12. Evan Peters!! I've loved him S1 of American Horror Story. So happy.
  13. All five nominated performances are outstanding in that category. Well deserved whichever woman wins Woohoo recast Pietro. Was rooting for Evan!
  14. Those psychotropic medications can blunt one’s emotions.
  15. Now I’m worried that Wandavision won’t win anything.
  16. How convenient that Victor flies to where Ellie is before Ellie gets on the boat to Providencia...
  17. So screaming about Kate Winslet is a thing? Great. Shut up Reggie.
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