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  2. Even when she was younger, Julia Sawalha's voice was a bit on the mature side. This is such BS, and wasn't Ginger a grown chicken anyway? At least Mel Gibson won't be returning. I hope he won't, anyway...
  3. I thought the same, and then I realized that Sonja was talking about her age when the photos were taken, LOL!! Instead of those vanity photos on a revolving frame stand, Sonja should have several mirrors around, so that she will hopefully realize that she's NOT that somewhat attractive young "girl about town" anymore. She should realize that she is a bloated, over-drinking, pathetic, 50-something woman who is living in a dream world. (Although - seeing her briefly on WWHL, I'd like to know where the heck Sonja went in Palm Springs - whatever they did, they worked miracles on her!! Aside from the ridiculous eyelashes, Sonja looked amazing!)
  4. Luke, Matt and Zach. Now we have Brett. The show really likes to torture the females. Maybe put these guys with a hardass bitch if they want them on the show so bad.
  5. The show was nominated for Outstanding New Program at the TCA Awards!
  6. Sorry this is a year later. I have a degree in Danielle-ology so I know the answer to your question. Her consummation comment happened during her first interview with her similar-but-better-looking lawyer. Also present at this consult was her friend Beth. Dani wanted to deport Mohammed because he "frauded" her. Two times she threatened him with deportation, and twice he returned to Ohio to change her mind, successfully. They eventually were legally divorced. You can purchase all the episodes from YouTube, I think Discovery Communications is the channel, and keep them forever and ever and ever, amen.
  7. Mika must be losing her shit that Joy got that 7 pm gig. And Nicole is the new favorite, while Mika & Joe are in FL, not being able to pressure the new boss to kiss Joe's ass like Griffin and Lack did. The new guy said he's going to hire more women and minorities, where does that leave Screech & Douche??? Two rich white people with little talent stuck babysitting BeBop and lost their Number One protector. Karma sucks.
  8. Fellow cat owners, I could use your advice. I am moving my cats’ litter box from my office to the basement this weekend. Any tips for helping them make the adjustment? They already have one litter box there, which they do use, but less than the one in the office. They are very familiar with the basement, since my husband’s “office” is there, and I’ve put in a motion-detection light near (but not too close to) the litter box. They are young cats, 16-18 months, and have only been with us since March, so I’m hoping that they aren’t too set in their ways.
  9. How cute was Kielan's DIY Artic bob? 1/4 of the way through...
  10. Maybe that's why Bethenny flipped out every time she was at BSM: She couldn't handle all those bold colors. 🤣
  11. My apologies to Justice Ruth Bader Gingsburg. I saw the drawing and immediately shouted "Elton John!". Next thought was Ed Sheeran, until RGB was mentioned. I apparently did not see the clearly drawn out robe. In my defense, I don't believe RBG is a red-head, so that gives me a bit of a pass.
  12. Once again MSNBC refuses to listen to Mika & Joe. I am sure they wanted Kasie Hunt to take over from Chris Matthews. Joe was very upset when Chris Matthews was forced to retire from the network.
  13. lest face it , all their contrieved breakups post 2006 were largely a result of Stephen Nichols exiting the show . most of us can see right through these breakups . they done to simply explain Stephen Nichol's absence .
  14. I think he is too, that and he tries a bit too hard to be zen because it came off very passive aggressive when he was talking to the girls (at the Sutton opening), kept saying I'll go where ever you want to to go, like baiting them to act out. Honestly, if he kept his mouth shut and his shirt off I would not mind his presence.
  15. That was funny, but I kinda get it. Mom and I love going to Goodwill in different cities, as well as charity shops (secondhand places) in different countries. Foreign grocery stores? Awesome. But Walmart? Oh Deb...At least she's easy to entertain-drop her off at a Walmart with a Panda Express inside and Coltee/notLarissa can have all the secksy time they want.
  16. Damn. It's the voice of a freaking chicken. How young did they want her to sound?
  17. I liked the BSM redo too. It looked as if the decorating was consistent with the time of building. The furniture actually looked comfortable to sit on. Thank goodness Dorinda didn’t go for the ultra sleek characterless furnishings we see in the real estate shows or in any space done by Bethenny. I would guess that Luann has wanted to get rid of Sonja for awhile but didn’t know how to do it. Sonja adds nothing to the show. While she is not an artist, Luann is a performer. Sonja is merely an exhibitionist. It’s not Luann’s job to support Sonja. If hair and makeup costs more than what she gets paid, Sonja should have stopped appearing, however business accumen is not Sonja’s strong suit.
  18. How many millions did this fucking degenerate piss away? FFS!
  19. This is interesting to me - and I can't believe I'm asking this of a 30-year old woman - but would she even understand the concept of "gay" other than it's something she can never possibly be? In her mind, is she even allowed to imagine it or is even thinking about it considered a sin? I guess I'm wondering if she might be in such deep denial, it's almost as if the word has no meaning to her at all, let alone what goes along with it. I know it's been speculated that Josiah is gay and we've seen how that worked out for him. Did Jana suspect and see that he was forced into marriage/fatherhood anyway, and she's afraid of that life for herself? Did they ever look at each other and know that one or both was keeping a secret? Is Jana fighting a courtship for this very reason, and deep down, Michelle and Jim Bob know why? It's just so profoundly sad that these kids are lumped into one big cookie-cutter mold and will never be allowed to find out who they truly are, and what they're truly good at. That's a lot of potential and individuality squashed.
  20. the wedding I think, by the mention of Thanksgiving, was in November & outside. From my experience with my son getting married outside Courtney had on appropriate attire, especially having to deal with toddlers. Not something I would wear to a wedding but what others wore. I don't know what Kayleigh's mom looks like but I only saw Courtney's friends and mom helping her. The blond friend is Kayleigh's cousin.
  21. Generally I don't mind episodes that are mostly about wacky hi-jinks - the season six episode in which Jemma and Daisy got high was pretty good, for example but this one just one wasn't funny. A robot kills a bunch of randos - why should I care since we were never going to see them again anyway? Honestly, It feels like Simmons has been leading a lot more than Mack has this season. But the show has always had a problem with excusing the emotional decisions made by the team leaders, regardless if they happen to be Coulson, Mack or whoever. And of course, in addition to the bad decisions that pay off by dumb luck most of the time, SHIELD leaders tend to give hypocritical speeches about duty always coming first which makes them look even more incompetent. I like both Coulson and Mack much more when they aren't in charge.
  22. The book I'm currently reading has a part where the heroine of the story is looking around the cellar of a castle, when the lord of the manor (to whom she is very attracted but a little afraid) sneaks up behind her. Because I've read all the Outlander books plus things like Pillars of the Earth I immediately thought, "oh no! He's going to rape her!" He did not. They talked and left. Imagine that. A man can converse with an attractive woman and not assault her.
  23. I loved that Claud called Kristy out on her bossiness. I found Kristy overbearing at times but knowing the reasons for her desire for control, I could empathize. Wouldn’t want to hang out with her though. I love Stacey’s outfits. So stylish but without being oversexualised, which I really appreciate. Sadly, my fashion choices lean more towards Kirsty’s. Jeans and a hoodie are my go-to.
  24. Of course Dorinda thought that Leah was agreeing with her/shocked at Lu instead of bracing for Dorinda to launch into Lu's ass for daring to criticize her "toast."
  25. This is probably true. Of course I’m all for adults doing what they want- Jill & Derrick werent bothering anyone by eating in the car but I did think it was odd. I grew up in a family where “eating in the car” just wasn’t done, unless it was early morning and you didn’t have a chance to finish breakfast on the way to work/school. Also my family didn’t eat fast food much (not a snobbish thing just didn’t care for it). If we went out to eat it was for the experience of going out to eat- if we wanted to eat at home you cooked or got delivery. You didn’t drive to pick it up and eat in the car. I did know several young couples like Derek and Jill who would get snacks or drinks to eat in the car to have private conversations away from the kids/others, or enjoy some very cheap “alone time”. So that’s what I thought the car eating was for- just to get a short break from the kids. When my mom was a little girl her parents would sit in the car to argue, and she would peak out of the window😝.
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