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  2. I agree with this. Improving her core strength would significantly improve her dancing overall, especially in her preferred lyrical style. That said, I thought she looked good yesterday. There was one kick I noticed that wasn’t great, but I’ve also heard that those decks are really slippery and they’re not used to dancing on them, so she gets a pass from me on that. I didn’t realize immediately who it was, but I knew it was a veteran. I thought she looked strong, sharp, confident, and fun to watch — far better than the two rookies next to her and the brunette vet who was the next down the line. I thought she was a mess her first season trying out and improved enough to make the team last year but in the bottom half of the group, but I was impressed by the clips from the game that were posted here. She’s a tall, leggy East Texas blonde with big boobs and a big smile, and her dancing has noticeably improved. I can’t see her joining the Rockettes or walking the runways in Milan, but selling tons of sideline calendars and posters in her DCC uniform? Absolutely. She’s basically the DCC Barbie come to life.
  3. We've seen the skills of the IT department on numerous occasions. Since the telephone service isn't as reliant on Q employees, they probably have a better shot of actually being able to get through an order via telephone.
  4. North and South is one of my favorite historical miniseries if not the favorite. Richard Armitage is so swoon-worthy as Mr. Thornton and he and the actress playing Margaret have insane chemistry. Coyle plays Nicholas Higgins, the union organizer and factory worker who has enough sense to know when to fight and when to back down and is open to change.
  5. She said she wears the MukLuks sherpa socks all year round at home, including during the summer. But those socks consist of all manmade fibers: "Content: shell 70% acrylic/30% polyester; faux-fur lining 100% polyester," according to the Q website. To me, that means you'd have really sweaty feet wearing those things in hot weather.
  6. She really is a piece of work. Why would she say that about Malia, who I hope is experiencing heartbreak.
  7. Yes! They should haven’t had rookies this year at all. I read the Gold Rush cheerleaders only took returning vets. Their coach said this year would have been too overwhelming for new cheerleaders. Also, I thought the DCC didn’t dance on the touchdown decks anymore because of risk of injury but this year they think it’s okay? I really question the common sense of TPTB.
  8. I just kept screaming at him. Idiot. Tho, yeah, I feel that he's being compelled or glamoured by the people or the island. Whatshername is in on it all, I'm guessing? Her story about a super controlling husband who watches everything she does doesn't seem to jibe with her coming repeatedly to this island with its apparently debauched bacchanalia. His poor wife. If he makes it out of this alive, she should kill him
  9. Join the club! He's the worse part of the show.
  10. This reminded me of the woman a couple years ago who was forced to combine coffee and green apple, then got eliminated because the flavors didn’t go together 🙄
  11. Apart from the fact that they make me hungry watching, I kinda like them So, the four Emgality commercials that come up in my search are all targeted towards women - two of which are young moms who can't play princess or bake volcano cupcakes with their kids because of migraines.
  12. What does Megan even know about Catholicism? She is trying to make the discussion about Sara being anti-Catholic so that they don't discuss Amy's background. What is she so scared of? What the hell does being Kavanaughed mean? Megan thinks she is so clever. This woman is being offered a seat on the supreme court, a lifetime appointment, she is 48 years old, Ruth Bader Ginsberg died at 87, and you damn right, people are going to dig into her past. I loved what Joy said as a privileged woman she is fighting for those who are not.This is why I love Joy, Am I my brother's keeper? Yes! I know her detractors say she is angry and bitter but I get her frustration about a lot of things.
  13. I'll be sure to not suggest it to you.
  14. Here we go!! Another sermon from the Q's one and only in house prophet and preacher to all of us weaklings about broccoli and more broccoli!! In case we haven't noticed her love for all greens! I love the softb halo glow around the plate of broccoli crowns 🥦!
  15. My wish is that no one gets it. Get well soon!
  16. Hypocrisy and hidden sin makes it sound like ole Jer was attracted to boys, not girls and was planning a well-closeted life before Jesus stepped in and fixed him. Then again, is 'hidden sin' fundie code for masturbation? So many options. I'm Catholic, no moment of salvation for me. Because of ridiculous 1950's rules (my mom wasn't born a Catholic and was married before my Dad); my parents couldn't join a parish (my Dad was on the outs for marrying a divorcee). My Grandma, big in the Ladies Guild and the Sodality, pulled some strings so the hip young priest at her parish agreed to baptize me and my sisters so my older sister could attend Catholic schools. I was 5 and I do remember being baptized, my older sister and I were irate because he got our bangs all wet and we let him know it, too. There's a part of the ceremony back in the olden days where the priest puts a dab of salt on the tongue of the Baptee (?). Our lovely Father Danko said, 'I'm skipping the salt because I might lose a finger.'
  17. Jinger and Jeremy are still dependent mostly on the show for income. They moved far away but they’re still tethered to the family imo.
  18. Since Meghan "has been in politics her whole life" you would think Meghan would know this. I mean it's in the Constitution. Which Meghan said she keeps a copy of that on her nightstand right? Guess she needs to read it again.
  19. I would love to know if QVC thinks this "schtick" by Shawn is actually a selling feature. I mean, I order off the web, not by watching actual hosts present stuff (except for maybe ITKWD, the only segment QVC has that I might actually sit down and watch anymore). If I want a comedy hour or drama, I turn to Netflix or Showtime or any one of the other cable networks. QVC is not where I go to find appointment tv!
  20. Had the Q on when I went to bed. Fell asleep and awakened by the nonsense of Shawn telling me how the polar fleece sheets and the MukLuks sherpa socks are year-round items. It's one thing to romance your product, it's another to fabricate stories.
  21. I wasn’t a fan at first but I think Bugsy is an excellent stew. It seems like she will be one of the few to get through a reality show with her reputation more or less intact.
  22. Some people acting goofy in the stands made her emotional?
  23. I've mentioned this before, but they're still behind in adding squad photos to the website. They even need to add a new section for that this year (2020-present). I wouldn't hold my breath for updates aside from BTS pics and videos (even if they're only a minute long).
  24. As much as I love to snark on the Rods. I do feel sorry for the kids. They are doomed to life of poverty, grifting and becoming Jill Rod mini me’s
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