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  2. tomsmom

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    I have to keep reminding myself that it’s been a year since Perry died. Move the eff on.
  3. Kemper

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Maybe Meeka could have a KYV seminar and donate the proceeds to these poor kids and the horror of what is happening. I am fully expecting Joe to give a concert to help raise funds. Sadly this is no joke. I have noticed that there are not nearly as many posts on this thread as there used to be. I know, it is that time of year...summer, kids, vacations. But could it be that we have reached fatigue with these two and the show's format? During the repetitive Biden stories (and the opportunistic Dem candidates who could not wait to pile on) I flipped to CNN and stayed for awhile. They had a lively discussion on the latest rape allegation against Trump. Different faces/reporters/opinions that were actually interesting to watch. And everyone got a chance to talk. When they switched to the Biden story I switched to CBS This Morning. Shallow end...what is going on with Meeka's white jacket/top? It seems about a size too big. Accommodating the width of the chest to the detriment of the shoulder size?
  4. Imagine if you had to have sex with that in order to get into this country.
  5. I think Kashara wanted to live a normal life again and see her bf more than she used to while being a DCC so she turned down all stars?
  6. cherryblossom

    Past Seasons

    Several comments about vets cut/ quit & Courtney Russ. Why weren’t Erica & Holly listed in the cut/ quit category? Am I missing this? Courtney Russ-she was a pharmaceutical rep who traveled all day & ate in her car. She was very stressed & I believe she ultimately quit her job.
  7. Jynnan tonnix

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I love that as well! And I also love fog, where you just feel as though you are enveloped in your own little cocoon, separate from the outside world. For yard work or walking, I love a cloudy day with a touch of mist and drizzle - not enough to sog your clothes, just that you can feel occasionally on your face. So refreshing. I can work for hours in that sort of weather. If it's sunny, I'm wiped after half an hour.
  8. Raja

    Major Crimes

    As the show begin Chief Johnson was a political hire. Since LAPD does not take transfers from other departments, you either start off as a "boot" and go through the academy and a probationary year on patrol or get hired as a Chief like the post Rodney King Riots LAPD Chief Willie Williams who was not an actual POST approved police officer in California. Presumably Chief Johnson got POST (state of California) certified, just not through the LAPD Police Academy off screen. So to start a special section, the Priority Homicide Division, what should have been Lieutenant Johnson as a part of then Captain Taylor's Robbery Homicide Division, Brenda Lee was hired by the city as a Chief. With the rest of the department under the impression that although she was called "Chief" she was actually just a Lieutenant in power. But it didn't take long for Chief Johnson to weld the power of a chief with push back from others like a Traffic Division Captain when she got into an accident or a narcotics detective who acted as if he was just dealing with an equal unit for his big case when Chief Johnson keep pulling her rank on him, since the murder versus big drug dealer case didn't. And to cut off a disciplinary action against her early, before the city administration found out Chief Pope swung a deal and got Captain Taylor promoted to Commander. After Chief Pope's ex wife publicly outed the affair that he had with Chief Johnson the department lead by Commander Taylor closed ranks around Chief Johnson and he became more ally than antagonist until the selection of the next police chief. Captains, Commanders and the three different Chief ranks are all command staff and can be moved around politically. When Chief Delk took over before his quick death he was going to promote Commander Taylor to Chief Pope's office and move Chief Pope back down to a Captain's billet. As Chief Pope was named interim Chief of Police he did promote Chief Taylor to his old position. Where Chief Taylor was when Chief Johnson was forced into retirement and Captain Raydor was transferred from Force Investigations to command Major Crimes.
  9. If Pauly picks Nikki, he gets what he deserves. You can smell the crazy on her. Vinny picking Alyse has been obvious since three beginning. Personally, I think both guys are going to pick the wrong girl.
  10. BW Manilowe

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    According to her Wikipedia page, Judith Krantz was the sister-in-law of the late ventriloquist Shari Lewis (probably most popular in the ‘60’s & ‘70’s—& another celebrity I was fortunate enough to have met through my March of Dimes work). Ms. Lewis was married to Ms. Krantz’s brother, Jeremy Tarcher; Ms. Krantz used her married name professionally.
  11. oakville

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Joe was happy that Al Sharpton, Jim Clyburn & John Lewis defended Joe Biden for working with segregationist senators. Adrienne Elrod said Corey Booker got more press attention for criticizing Joe biden than he did during the campaign. Joe said Biden has to work for the nomination. There are many candidates running.
  12. TDT

    Masterchef (US)

    Has Food Network or Cooking Channel trademarked that phrase yet..? Can already see this as the title for some new Chefography-type show: "I'm (chef name here) and this,is Me*pause..* On A Plate."
  13. Milburn Stone


    HBO spent money for Hader and Berg to develop that first pilot, then shoot it, then post-produce it...so I'm amazed on two counts. One, that Hader and Berg would even propose a concept without knowing how they'd flesh it out, and two, that HBO would have given them money without hearing a plan for this. Maybe the interview helps explain it.
  14. One funny quote that always comes to mind is the John Quinn episode: John: Hello, John Quinn. Rose: Hello, I'm Rose, Blanche's roommate. Won't you come in? John: Uh, could you give me a hand? Rose: Sure! *claps* It cracks me up every time.
  15. As far as I can remember, the timeline of the various shows pretty much lines up with when they aired, that's the sequence of events in this universe. I watched Defenders without having seen Luke Cage or Iron Fist, and pretty much managed to follow what was going on. Having then gone back to watch the shows in order, in terms of understanding the plot of Defenders, Iron Fist is the important one - you'll already know Luke Cage from S1 Jessica Jones, and I don't think anything from his show ties into the plot of Defenders, other than the existence of a couple of supporting characters perhaps. Daredevil gets name-checked once or twice in Luke Cage, but that's about it. Defenders directly ties into the beginning of Daredevil S3 - which from what you say you've already seen? So you'll already have seen how DD S3 picks up in a different place from where S2 left off - other than that, the events of Defenders don't really figure into the plot of that season, so you aren't missing much. Defenders is fun to watch in terms of seeing all these characters actually interacting, but the storyline isn't the best and the plot is all over the place. Luke Cage is a moody, broody kind of show - has some really entertaining characters, but can be very slow, and Luke himself is not the most engaging protagonist ever. Iron Fist is...I would say the bubblegum offering of the Netflix Marvel universe. It isn't a great show, Danny Rand is dumb as a box of rocks, but I actually found it a lot more fun to watch than Luke Cage. Not least because they remember to switch on the damn lights from time to time! And again it has some really entertaining characters. So...you aren't missing much if you decide not to watch, but then again you might have some fun with them if you do!
  16. ozziemom

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    And her hair isn’t covering the whole outfit. She does actually look quite nice. Why are we all so shocked?
  17. Chloesmom

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    That's as long as I lasted this morning and then . . . click. So gross.
  18. Mandolia

    The Pioneer Woman

    It doesn't bear thinking about!
  19. I-Kare

    S01.E02: Stuntin' Like My Daddy

    The tape didn't show a face though (I mean, I gues maybe from the side), and it looked dark and grainy. Not sure how he'd recognize her from that and his adrenaline charged 1 minute he "met" her at the party.
  20. OoohMaggie

    FTWD In The Media

    Q & A with ‘Strand’ https://www.amc.com/shows/fear-the-walking-dead/talk/2019/06/spoilers-fear-the-walking-dead-qa-colman-domingo-strand
  21. I think a good many of us would like Billy Miller back; but the "Billy" character has been ruined. Why not bring him back as a recast Chance? Dylan? I know it would be confusing and distracting (to say the least)...but it might work in the long run.
  22. Exactly! It’s like many professions. Book learning is one thing, and someone could be excellent at testing. Put that knowledge into teaching, and it’s another ballgame. It’s not easy to be able to train someone else. I detest training at my job, detest it I tell you!
  23. Chaos Theory

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    Also I meant to add I am really enjoying Meryl Streep. Mary Louise is playing a mother in deep denial about her son and asking the questions a mother in that kind of denial should ask about her son who died suddenly and knows people are keeping secrets. Heck she just found out she has another grandson who hates an uncanny resemblance to her “other” dead son. “Are you sure he assaulted you?” ”Why do you have these pills?” A lesser actress would not be able to pull this character off.
  24. The story on the show is that they were arguing and that Larissa posted on social media that she needed help and one of her followers called the police.
  25. stormy

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Would it kill you, Joe, if you pledged to give your own money to help the kids? Mika sat by with a smug expression nodding her head while do gooder Joe promised to fund raise.
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