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  2. Nick has always been my favorite in BSB, but I never had any clue of his actual range as an artist. I'm really impressed, and glad he's going through. I hope he wins it all, but he has serious competition in the Sun (much as I love and prefer Popcorn, I don't think she'll outperform Sun tonight). I think whoever wins in the Jellyfish/Mushroom pairing will take 3rd. Though obviously I'm getting way ahead of myself, since there's another like...4 hours to get through before we know who wins. (Next week is a "holiday singalong," then we have a two-hour finale on the 16th.)
  3. Just finished watching “Welcome Home Richie, Part 2” Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  4. Maybe he was just pretending to be excited about it so that he could spend more time with Joss.
  5. Favreau announced Grogu to the crew during Season 1 filming, so the list of suspects includes more than people directly linked to Chapter 13....
  6. I think he kind of dropped the humourless shrew of season 3. She wasn't that in 1,2, or 4 really. I like that they showed the mutual jealousy, due to their strange royal crap, and vastly different opinions on some of that, but at the same time, show the "Hello you!" stuff. FWIW, I thought cold season 3 Elizabeth was an angle that permitted her to ruin her sister's life. At the time, anyway.
  7. If not her, its Celtic Thunder!
  8. I am so glad that this doesn't have actual voting. Nick Carter wanting to give his kids a better childhood than he had would be unstoppable.
  9. I developed the photos from @Clanstarling's birthday celebration. The first one is Clan with the great cake her family made for her. The next one was taken in Clanstarling's back yard, the morning after a night of hard birthday partying. It's like we were there! Hope you had a good one, Clanstarling.
  10. I don't know that I buy 'resting players make them rusty'. I mean, these people are professionals. Plus, on the other side, if you play the game and someone gets hurt that they're out for the actual meaningful game, then you're roasted in the media too.
  11. Sounds like the leak was more like a flood. Ooopsie!!
  12. Not a fan at all of the two remaining singers from each group battling each other. Just reeks of "We don't want all females as F3.
  13. Yep she does the same with the Gingerbread Man shower gel that smells like gingerale for the single folks???
  14. Exactly! Bryan never had any illusions about becoming a movie star, he just wanted to stay in his lane and live his life.
  15. I also said The Count of Monte Cristo for FJ today. I don't think I ever would have come up with Moby-Dick, since I've never read it. Not my best night, but I was trying to multi-task and half-listen to a Zoom meeting at the same time. I only got ear and two of the TS. And yes, I had myself muted on the Zoom meeting!
  16. This is the most boring season and the cast is horrible, none of them have any personality most are just irritating or I'm in a bad mood every time I watch this show. Something I've noticed in every episode too is nobody combs their hair and they look gross all the time like they just crawled out of their bunks.
  17. First of all, I'm enjoying this season. I'm not gritting my teeth and HATING half the crew and for that I'm thankful. I think the more we see the aggressive, abusive, misogynistic behavior we were treated to last season, the more normal it becomes in our society. And I am not here for that! I'm still pissed at Andy Cohen for giving those assholes a pass at the reunion last year. And compared to BDMed? Sandy with her creepy, lying, unprofessional "leadership" has gotten gross. It's taken a few years for her true colors to emerge and I don't like her colors. I was in and out of last season and never did watch Hannah get fired. So give me Captain Lee with his gruff exterior but soft spot for competent, hard working crew. I like his simple requests for dry clothes and exactly how he wants his coffee and breakfast. He doesn't want a hug nor does he tell you he loves you (as Sandy did with J-Wow). Eddie isn't quite the leader I would have hoped at his age but I think he's trying not to explode at Shane. I still don't understand the Sunshine nickname. Sunshine earned the starting quarterback position in Remember the Titans and helped bring about positive changes for the team and the town so I think being called Sunshine is a compliment. Izzy is killing it as a deckhand, mentor to Shane, friend to her roommate (can't remember his name), and on Twitter. I LOVED the shade she threw at Ashton when she remarked you can teach how to tie knots without being a jerk. LOVED it. I would love to see Eddie supervise Rhylee. She could soar under Eddie's leadership! Her roommate is revealing himself week by weeks a likable, vulnerable person. When a cast mate reveals their true personality I think the show can really soar. That's true for the Housewives shows as well as BD shows and I think it's the key to Bravo success. I really like Ashlin (sp?), the third stew. They way she jumped into the laundry and got it organized was great. Laundry needs to hum along all the time in the background. I stopped the screen at one point to read the messages on a white board and she had the laundry schedule laid out for when different loads would be done. For instance, crew personal laundry only on turnover days. She signed the schedule so you'd think I'd remember how to spell her name. I want Rachel to cook for me but I think I'd want to be drinking to hang out with her. That bawdy humor goes down a lot better after some booze, rather than during work hours, especially if the Captain is in the kitchen. She is holding in her unhappiness with Francesca and that's not good. It could come roiling out like a volcano and Francesca won't know she's in trouble until it's a big, big problem.
  18. I’m just watching the bonus cottage from last week. Shannon was really drunk talking to Braunwyn’s kids about her vow renewal. That was embarrassing and inappropriate. If she is happy with the new guy, get over it already.
  19. Jen clearly thinks she's the main star of the show and the queen bee. Problem is, there is nothing interesting about her. There's no "there" there. She has horrible plastic surgery, a "glam squad" that she takes everywhere...and tries to be risque? That's really all I've got. The rest at least have something going on, beyond just being on a tv show. I also thought it was ridiculous that Jen thought it was ok that Whitney went to Mary's church, but Meredith can't, and you can only be friends with one or the other if you're Meredith but not Whitney? I'm sorry, being friends with two people who don't like each other isn't a "conflict of interest" it's just life. The second episode, with much less Jen, was better I thought.
  20. Or opted for one of these plastic weight-loss sauna suits because that's the real reason she wants a sauna.
  21. Alexis was definitely not a shock. They were playing gender non-conforming roles going back to background extra friend of the queer curious son in Down and Out in Beverly Hills.
  22. Oh man, I don't know which three I want to go through the most.
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