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  2. Today's New York Times has an interesting article about the pandemic shut down of Broadway and how various television shows stepped up to hire the actors. I may have to watch some of the shows mentioned, especially The Gilded Age, whose cast consists of "a company of theater heroes, with enough combined Tonys to crowd a mansion’s mantels."
  3. Haven't watched the episode yet but it sounds like a two basin stainless steel sink. Wouldn't a one basin stainless steel sink serve the purpose without other alterations?
  4. I like that the site has different models of sizes and ethnicities, so you can see how the items might look on you with your size, skin tone, hair color etc. Have fun at the beach!
  5. https://deadline.com/2021/05/chicago-med-yaya-dacosta-torrey-devitto-exit-nbc-drama-april-sexton-natalie-manning-original-cast-members-s-epatha-merkerson-return-1234753741/
  6. Regarding the pink ring Erik gave VA. It looked like a silicon ring. Lots of active people wear them because they don’t hurt if they get caught on anything. I noticed Erik wore one all season. Perhaps VA liked his and asked him to get her one.
  7. Yes. The standard practice is to list the source, so they are now USA Today bestselling authors.
  8. I think they intentionally replaced the 'g' with a 'j' to get the jaw part in there ("jaw dropping modification"). My DVR was at 100% full yesterday and I saw that I had Part 1. Did they air them on consecutive nights? I deletd stuff but may have missed out on recording Part 2. From the small number of comments, it doesn't seem like it was much, but then this show hasn't generated the convo that it once had. Perhaps they'll put the show out to pasture.
  9. She's wearing black hose and black patent leather shoes. Horrific!
  10. Antonella posted a new cancer update video on YouTube. She said they were starting to sail north up the coast. She said this portion of the trip could be "dangerous" because of shallow water, or something. That bothered me. If she's so sick, she should not be in a dangerous situation. Seems that either the husband or son could have rented a car and driven her to the destination, one driving her and one sailing the boat. For her breast cancer treatment, she said the port (for the chemo) will be put in on May 21, and chemo will start on May 24. She will be staying in a hotel during the trea
  11. Too old fashioned, IMO. Well, they went pretty old fashioned (and quite pedestrian, IMO) with Archie, so why not old fashioned with their daughter?
  12. So the can add bestselling authors to their resumes. 🤦🏽‍♀️
  13. I thought the BLM story was handled well. I knew someone would be hurt but was surprised it was Regina - I thought it would be Tyrell. Rome is exhausting, but Romany did a great job with it all. I'm liking the character growth in his dad. I felt for Eddie. Yes, he brought this all on himself, but addiction is brutal, and exacerbated by his physical issues, it was almost inevitable. And yes, he cheated on her which is despicable and not something I would forgive, but she did. You don't do that and then use it as an excuse later when things get hard for other reasons. There are definitely two si
  14. Those leggings are nice. I'm going to the beach on Sunday and staying for 2 nights. The weather will only be in the 70s, and those leggings would have been nice to wear. I do have enough cotton loungewear pants that will work on the beach and those are all I am packing. It will be warm enough that I can sit outside all day reading or spend my days lying on my bed watching the waves from my hotel room.
  15. I LOVE Carmen Miranda movies in color with Don Amechi. Beautiful costumes and nice dancing and Tito Puente. My girls gave me a Build a Bear doll dressed like her with the fruit and outfit. I’m going to try and put the picture on here.
  16. The show really is leaning in to making everyone as unlikable as possible. Ben needs to cut Darlene loose. They don't want the same things and she keeps lying to him. Wacky Jackie was a pain in the original series and she's a pain now.
  17. Have you ever seen her cookbooks? From what I remember they aren't heavy on desserts and are more in the family meal territory. I'll give her a pass on that because it's not something used in a whole lot of recipes and it doesn't seem like baking is her thing. I've known some really good cooks who don't have any real experience baking for some reason. At first I thought it was cotton candy also, but then I noticed what looked to be a unicorn horn on her head piece. It was weird for sure and better suited for a child. Considering the way she sexes it up normally I'm surprised she we
  18. The USA Today bestseller list for the past week was released today, and the Vuolo's did make it on there. The Hope We Hold is at #101 out of 150. So 100 other books sold better than theirs last week. USA Today looks at all books for all ages on this list.
  19. Dang it! Kendal grew on me. Sad to see her go.
  20. Wow, that’s a lot less than I was expecting. Is that across all of her jobs (Young Life, podcast, etc.)? Doesn’t she have a nanny too?
  21. The Spencer Davis Group Texas Hippie Coalition - Moonshine Gangstagrass - You Can Never Go Home Again Shakey Graves - Kiss The Girl Eric Bibb - Shine On Foo Fighters - The Pretender Bumblebeez - Pink Fairy Floss Ramsey Lewis - Do What You Wanna Shirley Horn - Come Dance With Me Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale J.J. Grey & Mofro - The Sun Is Shining Down Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan - Pachelbel - Canon Otis Rush - Whole Lo
  22. Taza is my favorite, so, I hope he’s not dead. I’ll be bummed.
  23. Bringing this over from the Jill thread- she was displaying some modest bathing suits on her instagram, and she looked so good and happy I looked at the site. I dont need any more bathing suits, I have a cute lemon print suit from Torrid I have yet to wear (Covid and all), and I am still losing weight so I shouldn't buy more until maybe next year. But IF I was going to do some water sports or something, I would be in the market for this outfit. The swim capri leggings look SO comfortable and great for water activity (compared to lounging and looking cute- which of course are wonde
  24. I got the Nellie Bly right only because Drunk History did a skit on their show about it.
  25. KC did another podcast interview, this time with Andy Wang (Inspired Money) - I only transcribed selected comments below... How Katie Cassidy Is Selling NFT Art to Encourage Female Empowerment, Self-Love, Acceptance Inspired Money May 9, 2021 -- Per Andy Wang, KC is the "first celebrity to drop an NFT." -- KC is a "third generation actor," but she wasn't raised by "that side of the family." KC said that she wasn't raised by her biological father (David Cassidy) and didn't meet him until she was in the second or third grade. Her stepfather is an ER doctor. However,
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