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  2. I think that TSV top may be problematic for those with big hips and those of us with belly issues -- the flounce location only accentuates those areas. Plus, even though I do buy Logo sometimes, none of those patterns appeal to me. Was watching (on mute) earlier when Kirsten was wearing a different LOGO top, which was knit. She could have been an advertisement for the lumpy "before" Breezies bra photos! Definitely some lumpiness in whatever she had on underneath.
  3. Kevin asked him if he had sex with any other women while he was married to Amber and he responded, "no." When Amber said that Raven told her he saw Matt leave a bar with a woman, he responded that the woman was "just a friend." Matt also mumbled something about how, when he was out at the bars, he would "talk to people he knew" (presumably men and women). I don't remember any other discussion about either dating other women.
  4. Getting pregnant quickly right after was really helpful for me, and honestly about a month or two after I had my miscarriage I rarely thought about it. Now with a 15 month old I often forget that it happened. Having a separate special cake with a made up name and sex of the baby never in a million years crossed my mind. it is morbid and weird.
  5. He has a deep amount of racial self-loathing, which explains why he had to go the Maria route because American women of all ethnicities probably clocked Caesar's screwed up beliefs around race.
  6. The Premiere Episode of New CBS Comedy "The Unicorn" to Get Early Multiplatform Preview Beginning Today
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mishti_doi
  8. Anyone watching Knife or Death? For some reason they are calling new episodes Season Two, even though they had a finale for S2 already back in November. Why isn't this Season 3? Regardless, I'm still enjoying it in all its OTT campiness. Also enjoyed the Forged in Fire Kung Fu edition 😋 - at least they are trying to find ways to make things a bit different here and there.
  9. You should. It's a great show. Starts off slow and a bit tropey, but the rules all just get thrown out of the window before the end of the first season. There are several episodes of that show that rank up there with the weirdest television I've ever seen. Out of Their Minds works really well because six characters swap bodies, more than once, and the show seems more interested in exploring the ways that each one reacts to being in a new body than it is in solving the mystery of the week. Rygel having to learn how to pee when he's in John's body was fantastic. "Pull it out. Point it like a gun. And shoot." John in Aeryn's body has... well... he takes some liberties. And it turns out Aeryn does too, while in John's body. I don't know about that. It isn't that kinky.... oh wait... I see what you mean.
  10. The Yankees just made the playoffs -- that helps. (Well, it helps me.) 😁
  11. They were convicted together - that they'd both committed the crime.
  12. Show is really pissing me off. These selfish monsters didn't get a traffic ticket. They either participated in or helped cover up the theft/kidnapping of a baby. They should all burn in hell. I hope Katie dies. It will free Bill.
  13. Lori Go must be losing some fans. No sell outs on her bleh TSV shirt. Not a very happy 10 year anniversary for her.
  14. I will say this, Matthew Morrison plays a (literally) cocky bastard extremely well.
  15. I don't know but he seemed really happy she was going and I thought it was out of relief she was going to be gone. HA! I watched this but clearly not close enough. What was the Kam weigh me thing? Yeah well I don't have kids and in my family it is OO LA Wee (I gotta pee). It is a family joke that stuck. HA!
  16. one trope I hate - young female child on sitcom has omnipresent doll that she claims talks back to her. Buffy Davis, Dodie Douglas, Mary Sue Torkelson etc.
  17. Other than an excuse to bring back MM, what does she expect to happen at Devon's? She brought zero documentation, zero proof of any thing at all. Is Devon just supposed to go "Oh snap, well here is all the money. I guess there was a mistake. Kthksbye"
  18. Sadly, she isn't allowed time to mourn but has to get right back on that baby train, because God forbid she tries to prevent a pregnancy. And I'm sure she wouldn't have it any other way. I think she is suffering from depression but of course that doesn't exist when you have Jesus. Imagine she grows up with that knowledge. Will she feel they wanted Asa more?
  19. The problem is that this asshole Michie thinks he is so damn "hot" that he probably thinks he is doing Nicole a favor with that move on top of her. He always looked at Nicole like the "nerdy girl" who he probably made fun of in high school. I really think he thinks she should be glad he did that, that he thinks he is a "gift." I know his mentality. OMG I hate him so much. He is so fake. I so want this asshole to lose on finale night. Can I manifest that?
  20. I hadn't watched this show in forever and had forgotten how God awful the hijinx and bad acting were. It actually makes me grumpy. Maybe I need to watch while drinking? Loved at the end when the open house goers were texting Ashley that they were out front. Funny, never knew that's how an "open house" worked. I usually just walk right in. But of course, what a nice set-up for the stooges to have to be all overly dramatic about their stealth removal of the llama! While the family refuses to enter the home! Oh Lordy. The saddest part was I thought the house looked terrible at the end. The master bath was hideous and the kitchen was like some bad reject from the 90's.
  21. Oh, that's right....Xander let it slip to Kristen yesterday that Sarah was preggers. Oy.
  22. I can see Matt marrying Caryn ONLY if she signs a big pre-nup.
  23. Holly is dumb on this whole "ThrowGate" situation, but I will give her this one thing - Nicole celebrated winning that HoH way too much for an HoH that was literally handed to her.
  24. I have to wonder - does anyone think they might ever consider recasting Chloe? I mean, she apparently exists in the Supergirl universe as well as the Smallville one, so..... It might be a way to disassociate the character from Allison Mack.
  25. I agree 100%! I too wonder if Lauren is mentally ill. She should not have gotten pregnant again so quickly if she was still so deeply in mourning for her early miscarriage. I don't think she'd be having this particular precious girl if that pregnancy had gone to term.
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