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  1. The scene of her walking reminded me of something out of Scooby-Doo cartoon. I almost yelled "Yikes"!
  2. This is the same woman that put a glass to a wall! She worked in the style section for 15 years, got a little anxious on he first scoop and forgot to have everything in place. Next time, she'll be properly prepared with the camera setup, have her wall climbing gear, bugging equipment and night goggles ready.
  3. Weird episode! I get the feeling the floor manager pushed Lucy in the room in order to get her hands on the meth smoothie. Was the audio dub/mix off when Lucy was singing? I want to know why the man wanted a restraining order on Meow Tse Tung. Bradford has impressive ears to hear the Valerie/Chen's conversation. If there are 3 other reported hotel cases, the detectives from the other stations are clueless to see the connection or couldn't Lucy talk to a detective in her station to call the other stations instead of just passing info to Valerie? If the 2 men didn't want the concierge to report the robberies, how did they end up in the CAD reports? Couldn't Nolan and Nyla at least follow the blood to see how far it went down the street? Would have led to the lady's house. First time I ever cheered/laughed for a snake bite! Seems like the snake should have bitten him the moment he stuck his hand in the bag without looking. I would be pissed too if the repair man quoted $500 and the final bill came to $2,000! Valerie could have tossed her phone through the opening next to Bradford's foot instead of dropping it. Nolan is always finding trouble! Griffin has some serious speed and strength to crack open the ceiling and then get Nolan up hanging from the pipes before he woken from his concussion. So for 3 nights just Lila heard screaming? What was Donovan doing all that time and did the other neighbors choose to ignore the man? If Benjamin has a job, they didn't call the police for him missing work for 1 or 3 days? What inconsiderate neighbors and friends. I almost thought the coyote was going to leap out and attack the dog when Nolan approached. I wonder how fast Donovan got on the phone to his realtor after hearing about his neighbor. I guess the show couldn't wait for the wind to stop in order to film. The show must go on! Please don't have Valerie be a recurring character and have her chase Bradford.
  4. I don't think she needed Aram for that moment. She was "done" 2 seconds after the doctor said he has passed.
  5. The 2019 Red killed the actor/nurse. If she was alive now, the 2020 Red would have purchased a house for her. The woman with Liz is the PI the FBI agent recommended.
  6. I do believe it. It was long ago when I heard about it (just forgot where it happened). I think that was a picture of young Ilya Koslov. Or maybe the doctor is on the blacklist. He researches pre-nups and make arrangements with the greedy wives/husbands for a cut.
  7. I don't blame Dembe. What was going on with the bottom of Glen's feet? NBC could have been kind and put up a warning! Maybe not careless but Glen has been giving Red unnecessary stress. I think that 2x winning pastor is flaunting a new Maybach to his congregation! Yes. I believe the last time we saw Glen, Red was throwing his sandwich at the wall.
  8. Surprised it wasn't Elodie's plan for her and Aram to have sex in the air. Can they end this story line! Now the husband is gone, so it's a start. Why is the pre-nup on the table for anyone to walk in and see? Maybe Elodie was hoping one of Charles' ex girlfriends walked by, caught a look and got jealous. Poor Elodie! She hooked up with the wrong man. Aram has morals and will try to end her chances at $10 million. Why was he at the house anyway and "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background? Lately, Glen has been careless with his assignments. Red and he needs to have a serious conversation about his future in the organization. Now it's up to Red to try and bribe a priest in order to make up for his carelessness. The contest had too many 5 minute breaks. Red is getting soft, he rewards Glen with a new car. There are no dealerships in Maryland Red could have had the truck deliver to? The cop was distracted/moved his hand off the truck because the woman passed him a cell phone and he's disqualified. That's some friend/relative/companion. I see a lot of speeding tickets in her future. Newton walks up to Healy and says "do you need a jump?". The answer shouldn't be "Yes" but "How the hell did you know I need a jump?" The FBI agent (with a nice desk) Liz asked for help failed and he recommends she hire a P.I.! Terrible! I wonder what caused Libby's back door to be destroyed. From her spot in the backyard, she didn't look to be in great shape/position to get passed Newton, run to the house, closed the door and he needed to break it down. Newton could have been a rich man with his invention but used it for petty revenge. I can see why his girlfriend left him. In the basement If Ressler was Park, he would have gotten his ass kicked. That's the second time she tried to kill someone in self defense. Park had the best line of the night: "from what I've seen, I didn't think this task force had a line".
  9. mxc90

    Station 19

    Alicia is too nice and naive to suffer what is coming! Six years Emmett!!! Alicia didn't hear the news about Rigo to understand what Travis was telling her about FF lives? Dean: "That therapist get in your head at all?" Jack: "No." Dean: "Yeah. Me neither." Why the decision to add these lines to bring down last week's episode? Too bad for the of the rest of the restaurant customers, there's no one left in the kitchen to cook. The ICE scene and Maya having to do push ups to get the guy away were over the top nonsense. Maya could have told Todd she was with Carina from the start.
  10. mxc90


    I guess Dick Wolf felt the need to make some TV history with shows he is producing and thinks this will boost ratings. He chose the wrong character for this event. Yes. She was very unpleasant. I think he did a crossover with a Chicago show and Law and Order. They could have easily elevated Emily or Kristen to replace Maggie. No need for Upton to be here.
  11. mxc90


    Per Isobel: Upton will be here a few weeks for an inter agency training program?? Isobel read the memo wrong, she showed up to train them!!!!!!! She taught Scola how to open a hidden drug trap, gave OA a valuable lesson on patience/ wait for the confession and saved his ass from getting shot, and broke down Harper when the FBI failed to crack her. It was funny when she just opened sealed evidence property and stormed into the interrogation room. She made the FBI look like fools. I was surprised she was denied the opportunity to go undercover or didn't get the kill shot on Lucas. What does OA see in Upton that reminds him of Maggie? If you are a resident from NYC and someone approaches not wearing NYPD/FBI gear would you answer their questions? Or at least ask who are you? Directed by Monica Raymond. So it make sense why things unfolded the way it did tonight. Has to make people from NBC Chicago look good.
  12. It was funny Fredwynn told the team "breakfast can wait" and the first thing he does when he gets home is to "fuel up". The others probably haven't eaten the entire day. Poor Boris! All those years he probably thought he "delivered" and Janice just had to crush him! Bartender! A small carton of milk please! I wonder why Simone asked the lady if she was Clara as it was mentioned earlier Clara would be in her late 30s. I'll bet the poor lady had to clean up all the wallpaper mess after Janice and Simone left. I liked the transition from Peter/Fredwynn outside the building to the model in the museum. I wonder how long it took Peter to realize the food was real. How long did Peter work for the Playlist company. Seems he didn't really know any of his co-workers or the right avenue for escape. Didn't make sense for the security guard to not accompany/follow Peter and his life coach the entire time. Oh No! Peter just leaped from the roof. No need to go downstairs to see the extent of his injuries or call the police. Back to work everyone! Fredwynn needs to work on his people skill. As Peter is lying on the ground injured from his fall he is more excited about finding the IP address. At least he let Peter know it was impressive, just in case he bleeds out before they arrive at the next location. Fredwynn has good quickness as he bolted from Peter in the office like he was the Flash but he needs to work on his strength/stamina as he was so gassed after helping up Peter. I think he would crack if waterboarded or balls were electrocuted. He coagulated on the way over here! That is some penthouse! I wonder if Janice's memory of going to the mental health facility will tie into something Octavio will exploit later or just a reason to explain why she knew to go to Hawkton (nothing more) During the "Uber driver approaching" scene the director did not see an item fall out of Fredwynn's jacket. Maybe he did and did not care to have the scene re-shot. Is the bad news about Clara from 20 years or something new?
  13. The flowers were upset and yelled: "don't look at us! We didn't write this mess!" I didn't think I could be quickly annoyed after a character's brief introduction but this one set the record with me.
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