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  1. Weecha is played by Diany Rodriguez.
  2. My goodness the show opens with the same damn clip of Liz holding the gun to Red and getting shot. How many times do we need to see this writers? Maybe they enjoy highlighting Ressler's embarrassing crash over and over. So Red is dumb or arrogant to see Dembe leave for the FBI, never changed anything in his business so Dembe can't blab secrets to Cooper and the misfits?! The man is seriously sliping. I appreciate Marvin's efforts trying to tell Red how silly, stupid and petty he is being. I hope Cooper doesn't consider himself on the same level of the great agents that paved the way
  3. I don't see it either. Maybe it's an inside joke. The role was offered to Fox first and he turned turned them down.
  4. They played that setup card with Nique in Book 3 but these writers usually live by the code: "Streets need A ....Lorenzo's body!"
  5. I don't remember the timeline but wasn't Tamekia fired before Keisha was killed by Tasha and some of the others in the pictures? I need to look back. I just don't know how she has those files and pictures. I remember Tariq giving her a dollar last season. It would have been nice to seen Davis and Tamekia interact a little about his case. I thought she just talked to Saxe due to familiarity from working together and out of concern for Tariq and Yaz. Tamekia must be real nice person to not ask Tariq for at least $250,000 for her services the same way Davis is always demanding him.
  6. And now add Diana to the shameful list of jumping on Tariq. Unreal with him. I did laugh when Tariq closed the door on Lauren. What exactly does Lauren know about Tariq to make her so important in all this? She didn't record anything incriminating and she doesn't know Tariq sells drugs or killed the 2. Give credit to Tariq for at least telling the truth in church. How does Tamekia still have those pictures of the dead? That's property of the DA office where she doesn't work anymore. Did they really expect 9 year old Yaz to remember the details of that day? I forget, is Tamekia Ta
  7. Are we sure Tom Brady wasn't the ultimate villain behind all this? Man needs to cover his tracks. Careful Ressler, the proverbial "Light and the end of the tunnel" you are seeing might be the cancelation of this show. Maier has balls to abduct the reporter in broad daylight. Was he on his "super soldier serum" to drag her from the street all the way to her apartment with ease and not been noticed? That's Brotherley love from the people in Philadelphia. Park is trying to save a woman and this POS Ressler is only worried about his drug habit and stole a sheet from a perscpition pad (Als
  8. Effie is working for an unknown boss. I can see her taking advantage using Tariq and Monet for her gain. Seem odd with these judges. Trial wouldn't begin that fast. It be a few weeks/months. TV magic. Tate has way too much power (the name of the show is not about him). Yeah. I guess they will be seen next episode plotting something. The man is completely clueless. It will be his undoing. Surprised no one questioned if he worked out a deal, came out of jail and be a snitch for the feds. I think the writers brought her on to just to say she is a sex add
  9. I was surprised Effie showed up and then hoped in bed with him. They are always conveniently there when Tariq needs help. Tariq breaks up with Lauren but of course she will be trying to get back with him soon. Now Effie is there to make him realize to trust Brayden and advise he is not what Ghost thinks of him in the letter. The luck of this kid has with women is unreal! Tariq should be careful, Effie could decide to make deals directly with Monet and keep him out of it. My goodness! Monet loves asking: "You know who I am?" Is it normal in courts for Tariq to have one judge giv
  10. "Between Sleep and Awake" The most appropriate title ever created for an episode. I should have paid closer attention. Someone tried to warn us what will happen during viewing.
  11. So this is how you open 2022? An unnecessary Ressler flashback! So Ressler watched Liz hold a gun to Red and didn't see Van Dyke behind her ready to shoot? And this jerk is blaming Red for her being killed??! He could have given Liz a courtesy warning! Maybe he was too gassed to scream after that long run from the hospital or dumbstruck unable to speak staring at her ass. Speaking of Van Dyke, where was his body after Red killed him in the retconned footage?! It just magically disappeared. As usual Ressler chases Red and it ends with him spectacularly crashing the car. Not even for Liz'
  12. I rewatched S2:E3 "The Greater Good". Mecca watched from his car (using binoculars) a meeting of Cane, Tariq and Brayden. That was the only time Mecca got a look of Tariq and Brayden. Maybe offscreen Meeca did his homework on Tariq and got pictures of him. Mecca wasn't present when Nuff had Tariq on camera to know Cane was lying. It was only Chef and Cane. Nuff was killed just for unneccessarily beating up a (supposedly innocent bystander) who could bring the NYPD to their door with a complaint. Two things Mecca could have done to confirm if Cane was telling the truth: 1. Look at the secu
  13. Mecca knows about Cane and Tariq. It was Mecca's advice to Cane to use Braydon to undermine Tariq. With all the secrets and lies with Monet, Mecca and Cane, what does Mecca the outsider expect to accomplish with Zeke and the Tejada family (Before knowing Lorenzo was released). Does he think he will be accepted with open arms after all is revealed? I couldn't help but notice the height differential with Kamal and the detective. For their scenes, the camera has to be placed further back than usual for them to fit in.
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