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  1. Jamie handled himself well with his first crisis so far but someone is going to screw up with their story. Up until the governor's request at the end, I was wondering if Kaycee was going to have a story this season. So far, all he has done was bang Monica and tried to talk to a coyote. John and Tate had a nice opening. Grandpa is doing way more for Tate's rehab than the parents. The governor must hate Beth. She didn't call her, invite her to the meeting and didn't mention her as a replacement. Good thing Beth has her secretary on her payroll. The governor is playing with fire by trying to placate with solutions and maybe have a good time in bed with John in order for him to surrender. The sales pitch of adding big revenue to the state has put her on the path to bring down Yellowstone. How can Jamie go to interim attorney general that fast? "You can hold her damn hand Rip!" "Thank you daddy!" Still not warmed up to Tatter yet. Colby must have wanted to be wine and dined before he gives it up! Once John told Jimmy he will be hard to stay on the payroll if he got hurt, I had a feeling an injury was right around the corner for him. I hope he isn't written off the show. That was a loud crunch. To add insult to injury he just got a date. Maybe Mia's brother put a curse on Jimmy.
  2. Ivy sucks at her job! She can give Keaton a vicious torture but couldn't bother give Weller half of that treatment a few episodes ago!!!! And Keaton still didn't talk. It took Madeline to get to his family for him to flip! What was Ivy doing to Keaton to make him walk funny? Nice try with the "slip in the shower" excuse buddy! See ya Keaton and good riddance!! You were the worst CIA operative. Keaton opened his door to greet Tasha as if he was never trained by the CIA. Why is the FBI Lab lit in blue? One would think (after all that time living in the bunker), they would have had some secret hideouts or someone other that Patterson would have studied the layout. Weitz should have never admitted his mistakes to Afreen (even if she's on his side). If pressing "enter" was the last step, Weitz should have shoved Afreen to the ground and gotten the job done himself. So Madeline, Ivy and the other henchman weren't in the office today. Would it have been a good time to delete their access codes to the FBI building? Madeline has blackmail files that are easily accessible. Afreen wasn't worried it could come back to her computer terminal? We finally found the "one" agent in INTERPOL that's looking for the fugitives. Where was this jerk the last few weeks when these people were travelling around the country carefree without disguises? Tasha needs to work on her skill/technique for drawing her gun from the holster quicker. Most likely, she'll blame the pregnancy for being slow. Geez Tasha! Couldn't go for a quick kill on Madeline (a piece of wood from the chair was nearby to pierce the witch). No no...let's try to slowly strangle her and give her men enough time to rush in! Tasha was not on her game this week! Madeleine flew from the US to Malta and back to the US in 20 minutes! And had time to shower and slip into the pink outfit for the special occasion. All that time Jane and Weller were in the elevator before the malfunction? Huh! Madeline's travel took less time than it took Jane and Weller to get to the top level!!!!!! Sorry Madeline! You did have a choice. You could have sent your son to his room without dinner instead of zipping him. Why were those goons wasting their bullets on a computer monitor and the wall? Patterson was safely tucked away in the corner. Not buying Patterson is dead. She probably slipped through a trap door on the floor. Oh Hell NO! No way they are now going to give Madeline remorse for all her evil acts and then probably elevate Ivy to main villain. Madeline better not do some heroic act at to redeem herself! I guess the Zip is safely in the US. What could delay Ivy now from unleashing it? If Allie had used her "middle finger", I wonder what that message is for Weller?!!? On the "Soul Ghost Train", we didn't get to see Jane or Weller dancing through the line! I guess the perp walk was this show's version.
  3. I wonder what would happen if Henry ever decided to breakup with Cindy. It's Cindy's job to be with him. Cindy seems to have everyone's cell number. Must be her other special power. If Cindy is not allowed down the basement, why was she given the security code to the door? Cindy believes the kids in the high School will do anything she says? She is delusional. Courtney little lesson from the end of last week to listen to Pat didn't last long. I had to laugh at Beth for being pissed at Courtney for not training that day. If Pat can make a fighter out of her, he is a genius. Cindy killed her mother? Icicle said he killed the man pursuing his wife. Pat you better watch out. It was daytime when Pat, Courtney and Mike were in the stands. Kickoff was at night. Just last week, Mike didn't want Pat or anyone to come to the exhibit. This week, he is complaining to Courtney for his attention. Did Artemis' parents scare the opponents to not tackle her. Cindy just leaves the game to go home because Courtney declined Saturday??? Does she live next door the high school to get back so fast? When was it established Cindy is a cheerleader? Where did the principal go? How many exits can that secret passage lead to in that town (ISA headquarters and the villain's homes must be real close). I guess Mike is really going to be pissed at Courtney now that he had to home from the game alone. I would love to see a good little friendship between Cindy and Courtney before they fought. This fight came too quick. So the ISA adults couldn't kick Stargirl's ass, It took Cindy to accomplish this. Give the girl a seat at the table and make sure she has a mask ( Courtney recognized her immediately). What exactly knocked out Stargirl? At the end, her hands were burnt and she took maybe one serious blow. So did she pass out for being out of shape? The comic staff couldn't jump in save Stargirl but it had energy to fly away to get Pat. Unreal! That's the second time someone had to jump in and save Stargirl from doom. The blue filter was way too heavy in auditorium fight. Pat running in the room yelling "Courtney" 3 times, is Cindy going figure this out? No one wanted to answer the question of how many seconds in 45 minutes for extra credit. Not even the smartest one in the room? Henry has the greatest power if he wants to cheat on a test! So the parking lot, cars and school buses were damaged a few episodes ago and now the school auditorium. When is the police going to get involved? Pat has a nice clear picture of Tigress. Can Beth's googles see who she is? Good luck Pat explaining Courtney's bruises to Barbara this time.
  4. At breakfast, Beth looked like she has never ever had someone treat her nicely the morning after. I have a feeling she is going to let down Rip. "Mind the flowers when you leave!". And Beth runs over them. Only a matter of time until those two are in bed. If Rip didn't show up, Jake would have given Monica the wild horse and should have had another trip to the hospital. Damn you Rip! Dutton and Rip have a conversation about new hires and in no time Rip has people already lined up for auditions?! That's some human resourcing! Not sure why Dutton said the girl has to be mean and ugly. Avery (the girl from last season) is pretty and had no problems in the bunkhouse. Ms. Teeter looks like she will give Monica a run for the title of "Ms. Annoyance of Yellowstone". Is that Spanish? No. It's Texan! No. It's gibberish! Damn coyote should have torn up Kayce/Monica! They probably didn't put on a good show while he/she watched. No response from Dutton to "I love you" from Kayce. Jaime is already in office? Quick transition. Agent Hendon is a fool. Some way to send a message! Nice first day or week on the job for Jaime with this mess.
  5. She can throw Ivy a few more bucks to stand with her and order Weitz and Afreen to play distant relatives. Ivy is itching to get the Zip released soon. If she has her way, people will forget to show up and vote on election day. Does Ivy have enough to cover the U.S or is just Manhattan in her sights?
  6. Even in Jane's dream.. Weller looks like shit. She has low standards for her man and surrendered to this scruffy look. Weller making guarantees again: telling Jane everyone will be safe from Madeline (as if he is in the know with the writers). At least he didn't promise Greg he would be safe. A few episodes back, Weller claimed Allison is too smart and will have her and Bethany well hidden from Madeline. That sure went well! Patterson is tracking Ivy's text messages and never got a whiff she is after Allison? How does Weller feel now that he and Tasha didn't going back to eliminate Ivy and her goons when they were lying on the ground. Weller mentions "hospital" and Ivy knew where to find Allison quick. I guess there is only one hospital in the U.S. All this time Tasha knew Madeline has a son and never bothered recommend to go after him for leverage on Madeline. "Soft Serve? Milk shake? Sorbet?" The writers gave Weller and Tasha funny lines this week. Federal Agent Allison can't tell Madeline to go fuck off? Alison's skin tone on her face and neck were off. The makeup department must be on strike. Where are the props people finding these atrocious wigs?! We find out from Greg: Madeline went to med school but didn't practice. At what point did she decide "evil villain" is the proper career path! Just saying ZIP gave Greg a pause and required a quick camera close up to his face (this means it's serious)! Greg: "she has her troubles but she is not a bad person!" He sure learned quick to not accept a "drink" from mommy! Ivy travelled from the U.S. to Hungary real fast. Why not just have Jane and Weller ambush Ivy and the two goons? Good job letting the ZIP arrive in the U.S. safely. Did Madeline's two guards go help fly the plane or take a long bathroom break together and just left Tasha and Greg alone with the precious cargo all that time? WTF? Fugitive Tasha snuck on the plane in Libya, travelled to the U.S. (for a short time) and somehow managed to travel back to the bunker in time for dinner. I am now convinced no one is looking for these people except for Madeline. These people should leave the bunker and go back to the U.S. It's the CIA's fault Tasha didn't arrest Madeline in the past. So these dopes let her infiltrate the FBI and maybe allow her to get close to the White House. Now Keaton sees Allie's message and declares they are now in the "end game" and send another message. If they handled Madeline from the start, they wouldn't be in this spot. What is preventing the CIA from assassinating her? Poor Weller thinking that sign was only his and Allie's little secret. She shared it with other men Kurt (you are not special). Wow! Some brief acting/emotion from Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. I almost felt sorry for her zipping her son.
  7. Poor "sidekick" Pat. It took SRTIPE to gain him a little respect with the kids. As if the kids couldn't respect him for just being an adult and knowing the history of JSA. I was rooting for the Sportsmaster and Tigress to give the kids (especially Rick) a beating. Just to bring them down a peg for their arrogance. I want to see more of Icicle. He is a more compelling character by far on this show. Not impresses with the Sportsmaster and Tigress. Beth is so close to calling Chuck her boyfriend. Of course she considers it her friend. Chuck has no choice but to talk to Beth. It's not like it has the ability to run/fly away from her if it wanted to. Beth with the googles has to ask if the security guard (lying motionless with blood coming from his head) is OK. Was Chuck on a lunch break to respond or didn't feel the need to give the obvious answer? I thought the cosmic staff would be out of commission for a while from the hockey puck and put Courtney in a bind. But it came back to work ( so she's lucky). Artemis is looking forward to working "with" the new coach. Good grief! New coach took the job quick. I guess word hasn't gotten around town of the previous 3 coaches or other people disappearing. The Gambler has a real problem if he's betting on High School football games. After seeing the team, it's no wonder why the Gambler is betting against them. Why is Amy Smart/Barbara here? So far she has done nothing meaningful to date. The list of characters is growing and growing. Almost forgetting this is Stargirl's show.
  8. In Monica's brief screen time, a lecture/history lesson/man bashing had to be given. Geesh! She is going to be insufferable this season. One of the students should have said "we were checking the time because you were late". Then she just walks away and not teach class. Monica thinks Dutton is the "Indian" in this day??!! Ellis Steele and Providence Hospitality will not know what hit them when this season is over. Beth vouching for Jaime to be live stock commissioner. I don't trust her. I sense she is going to set him up. I guess being a ranch hand wasn't Jaime's calling. That late night game must have sealed it for him. He accepted the commissioner role and order to move out real quick. Surprised Beth didn't drink the entire bottle before reaching Rip's cabin. At the end, I was expecting to hear a news report of the store clerk's husband/boyfriend being shot to death. Seems Dutton was doing more for Tate than the parents. Jimmy: Y'all wanna hear a joke? All: No!
  9. A team of 5 with guns out is waiting for 3 clowns on an elevator and they still get taken over. Ice Cream threatened the team by saying the entire police will be on their location if he is killed. The team has been travelling the country with no problem from the law up to this point. I would have taken my chances and shot him. I hope the team made sure Ice Cream replaced the two bulbs he shot. They are expensive in that area. After being shot and surgery last week, Jane back to full strength to fly to Italy and Croatia to crack a safe and wear a terrible wig. Did Irving Sutton have some device on him that senses his death, upload his confession, messages and clues to the dark web? Jane has remorse for killing Irving in his home and can't even join the toast of Ilya's death?!! Who is this woman!? The security alarm was going on for a long time and no police to catch Jane and Weller. I hope the owner has some choice words for that security company. What was the importance the geode and the bible for the other thieves to take ? I guess this will come into play in a future episode. The thieves had time to tie up Jane and Weller but couldn't bother shut their mouths. Pregnancy is getting to Zapata if she thinks Reade was one of the best! Why did Paterrson need to run downstairs to use the computer for the music search? The many computers on the top floor plus the one right in front of her weren't good enough for the job? Rich said Ilya is supposed be the a cross of the Rock and Andre the Giant? Does Rich know his wrestling? The guy looked like he is under 6 foot, not well built and pale. Susan Shah is terrible Vice Presidential material if she sees value in Weitz. Her husband must not have wanted any part of the White House or call a Ray Donovan type if he decided to kill her that quick over an alleged affair. Poor guy is going to feel terrible when it's revealed to be fake news. So the plan from the start was for the team to steal the gardener paintings for Ice Cream to give to Ilya. Ilya must have gotten tired of waiting as he was already at the monastery ready to steal the paintings. Seems Ilya is not a considerate criminal to alert Ice Cream earlier that the deal is off and he will not cut out his eyes. I'm sure Ilya didn't need to travel across the country like Jane and Weller to finally find out the monastery is the place to be. Irving must have left easier clues to be found on the regular web! Rich had a gun up to Ilya all that time while Paterson had to pack all those paintings. After all that, Ilya and his goon are easily noticed and killed by the Irish police, while the so called fugitives Paterson and Rich slipped by and travelled safely back to the bunker with the real paintings. No Madeline again. Thank you NBC! But our good fortune will end next week! Ice Cream wants Paul Rudd to play him? He can't aim higher for a better actor? Sign me up to take some Zip so I can forget this season!
  10. Uncle Matt could have been a millionaire if he didn't take the parents offer? What was stopping him from selling the house and moving back to Silicon Valley with Rick 9 years ago. Don't blame Rick for your bitterness, it's your fault. Barbara couldn't say to Beth: "Courtney is not home"? She just let her in the house (for what reason), listen to yap for a while, ignored her question, and left her alone so she can follow the dog to Courtney's room to find the goggles. The goggles wouldn't work for Courtney or Yolanda? They weren't a little curious put it on themselves to get some juicy information (maybe answers to an upcoming test, dirt on Cindy, better information than Wikipedia, who is the principal, unsolved murders, etc.). Why did Stargirl let Beth keep the goggles? She admitted to not knowing her (she made an attempt in her bedroom but Beth kept changing the subject.) Also, Yolanda didn't want to vouch for her. What has Beth done to earn her part in the team? Courtney can't trust the adults in the town but she can give powers to some kids with issues. Was the principal the woman who told Courtney to sit at the "loser's table" in the pilot? Did Cindy's follower have a back up costume to put on? "Sidekick" Pat shouldn't bother get upset with Courtney's actions/handing out powers or give her orders. She has moved on without you! The janitor must be a real weirdo if Beth is giving him strange looks. I'll be a little pissed if my power is for only hour a day! Make it count Rick. Beth's grades are in the JSA databanks. Who is updating the system with this information?
  11. Another week of no Madeline! Yay! Ivy Sands must have "sand" in her head! She is questioning Weller for the team's whereabouts but knew Jane was peeking from the corner (just a few feet from her) before she left with Weller and didn't bother capture Jane for torture or just follow the trail of her blood back to the bunker to apprehend her and the rest! Madeline is paying this clown big money??? Why would Ivy assume Jane made it back to the bunker? She could have passed out or died on the side of the road from her injury. For Ivy's last feeble attempt to "unbuild" Weller, she decides to go to place where Weller is remorseful for all the henchmen/women he killed (who knew he had a high body count?). She found out quick that he doesn't care. Now it's revealed Ivy sucks at tying up Weller. He escaped with ease, outwitted her and gave her a wicked shot with the chair. Why did Ivy need to burn the SUV? The police are not looking for her. Deep down in Weller's head, (of all people) Oscar is living there? His father gave up plans for fishing quick. Got changed and went straight for the liquor. Zapata and Weller needed to take a train to get back to the bunker. Of course the police cameras did not see them! Patterson just happens knows everyone's blood type? Why did Jane need blood? Her blood is well trained to not leave her body after getting shot. I guess Patterson purchased a big monitor for the bunker after the surgery or there is another room with computers. Ice Cream finds the team's bunker in no time proving Ivy is a terrible tracker (her methods needs to be reevaluated).
  12. mxc90

    S01.E04: Wildcat

    I am not tech savvy. Can a person send a picture that fast? Seems mean girl had the phone in her hand for 3 seconds. Official title: Super Villain in Training.
  13. mxc90

    S01.E04: Wildcat

    "Why am I listening to you?" was the best question tonight from Yolanda! Wasn't clear how the mean girl got the picture. It would have been better to see a scene of Henry passing the picture to her and understand his motivation. Henry gave the impression he was pissed at mean girl for grabbing his phone. Did the mean girl have scandalous pics of him and threaten him? It's a shame there are a bunch of "Vote for Yolanda" t-shirts and buttons just wasting away in the attic. Surprised Yolanda still has a room and is not living in the basement. Parents turned on her quick! Courtney is way too trusting/naïve to just pick Yolanda from a yearbook, then reveal her identity and JSA history. For all she know, Yolanda could have taken the suit and started a life of crime or still hold anger and try to murder a kid in the hospital. Ceiling tile was strong enough to hold Yolanda's weight. Where was the nurse to tell the principal to stop the violin noise and ask her to leave? Good job Stargirl for breaking one of the top rules by saying "Yolanda" instead of Wildcat in public for Beth and maybe other patients to hear. Seem like the mother should have had that conversation with Beth a long time ago. So far, every time we see Pat makes breakfast.. no one eats. How many Pop Tarts can Mike eat in one day? It's night time and Stargirl is trying to hide with a glowing staff. Last week, Icicle was a menace/aggressor killing the Wizard and his son. This week, we are introduced to Doctor Ito and he has Icicle shivering a little.
  14. That list is funny! Thank you!
  15. The woman in the interrogation room was played by Joey Parsons. She is listed as "Scientist". https://www.joeyparsons.com/ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11034510/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_2 Also, could someone explain the importance of "Hudson University"? I've heard it mentioned on this show, "Blue Bloods", "Law and Order", "Legends of Tomorrow" and probably mentioned in other shows I don't watch.
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