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  1. No daughter this week. "Faybien" Motors! Seems Kia told the show: "if you're going to make our car's security look bad, don't say our name in your episode". When the hospital had the hack and the airplane scare, I wonder if it ever crossed Hana's mind that she could make big money working IT consulting. She wouldn't need to find a new roommates for rent payment. Does Jess report to anyone? To ground planes you would at least expect him to be on the phone briefing someone at HQ. Thank you for explaining "Hillbilly software". I thought the name was weird at first mention. Show made sure to check off all the boxes for the nerd stereotypes. Jess put his gun away but Barnes had her gun drawn and she allowed Lucas to grab the gun and take hold of the lady. They are making her useless in the field. Does Clinton have x-ray vision or a very special scope? No way he had a clear shot. Is it insulting to order a cheeseburger in a Chinese restaurant?
  2. mxc90


    And so it begins, the friction among Maggie, Nestor and OA. Nestor "Bell". In 10 seconds after finding out!, even OA already sees who is in charge in that relationship. Soon OA will find some dirt on him. If Jubal wanted make sure there was no new romance with Rina, he sure picked the right story to scare her. She suddenly had to catch that "Train" that probably will depart in 7 hours . Good grief Jubal! How drunk were you back in those days? Surprised you were even able to properly put the cuffs on McMay then or your alcoholism was not noticed by the other agents. Didn't understand why Tate needed to run home at that moment. He could have finished talking to the agents, let them leave, run quickly through back door to go home and dispose his computer. And to make those scenes useless, he had a LEGIT alibi the night she was killed. Writers Please! They couldn't have made Deleon anymore obvious he was the one when he was being questioned by the agents at the doctor's office. Scola and Tiffany had a nice scene in the field. Nice to see Scola make the big break in the case. But then we see OA and Maggie get congratulated for the collar from Nestor (and they didn't bother correct him)!!!????? Hope McMay gets a good lawyer and take every penny he could from the FBI. 8 years? His sister couldn't hire a private detective?
  3. My favorite of that group was the guy with the spray. He was done in 3 seconds and never checked his work. I think he was cleaning up her bad acting. I consulted a professional lip reader after the show. This person told me Liz was saying "NBC! Are you really considering to renew this show for another season?" It 's nice that super secretive Liz and Katarina don't have code names on their phones. It's just "Liz" and "Katarina".
  4. Eduardo should have whacked Red the moment he put his gun away. Cooper, Ressler and Co. are the worst. They are trying to catch Liz but need to do it in a way for her to NOT get hit with kidnapping charges from the "real" authorities. Ressler: "Keen knows what she's doing". "Please tell me you won't hurt Keen". "I would do anything for you. If I could". My Goodness! I almost threw up my dinner. I was hoping Red or Dembe had slapped the taste out of Ressler when he tried to put up that fake tough act to Red. I guess Red hit a nerve with that "second string QB" crack. I see the FBI gave Ressler another gun. Curious to the explanation he gave for losing it last week. He almost lost the second one but Dembe was nice to give it back. Liz asked Ressler for more doctors for Dom. Did she expect him to go to a hospital and kidnap a few? Now we know which age/look of Katarina...... "Dirty" Dom most admired! Why didn't Red just have his men follow Liz to the warehouse? What's with that "How dare you put the zip tie restraints on me?! Don't you know who I am?" look Liz gave Dembe?! Dembe-Wan Kenobi! You were our last hope! You held strong for a while and then fell flat! Katarina needs to work on her carjacking skills. If you have a gun, there is no need for small talk. Note to make up department: be consistent with Liz's running mascara in scenes. Katarina better be dead this time. Please no fake bullets/blood.
  5. mxc90

    Station 19

    Andy's family didn't see her again after that incident but they attended most of her milestone events in "secret" all those years? Her cousin tells her a few times: she saw her mother is alive. This should have been in Andy's mind as she grew and she never thought to seek out her cousin to find the truth (they all lived in the same town)?! I find these hard to process! Did Pruitt brainwash Andy? The moment Travis heard "350 pounds" he made the correct decision to grab the steering wheel and hit the gas. I would have been blocks away as soon as I heard "Bengal Tiger". F*ck that! I am nobody's meal. Were all of animal control and the police force off duty or in another town/state the entire time?! When the tiger entered the fire house, I burst out in laughter. It's not like Vic was far away from the door. Maya and Jack could have grabbed her quickly and shut the door before the tiger took one step. That close up image of a younger Pruitt at the fire house was terrible. How long do we have to wait for Travis to confront his father? Now that Carina can be with Maya, how fast will they get tired of being around one another?
  6. I understand with the real life situations. My question was based on the events the show had presented in the past. There would have been a "Gorsch type" higher than Boden who would have cited regulations and would be beyond pleased to write up Casey if he/she read the incident report or heard Gallo. Squad was already in the house (as Severide had Stella on his lap). My question/confusion: how did 81 know there was a crash/trouble that fast?! I don't know what "10-1" means and Gianna never gave the location. Maybe it was from a 911 call. In the previous episode, earlier Sylvie called a "10-1" to dispatch when the druggie was chasing them on foot and Casey, Severide or over protective Cruz never left the house. If it was a 911 call, then Squad 3 should also have been sent? But I have to remember to forget continuity, Casey needs to save his girl. Yes. Bad writing. They could have had Gloria (Gallo mention her. I don't think we've met her) come in by herself one or two days out of the week for a few hours to work and teach Boden how to use the copier. I wanted to see Severide travelling the streets in his Mustang with that door. It definitely couldn't fit in the trunk. He had door on the roof with one hand on it and the other on the steering wheel looking like a modern day Fred Sanford. (Looking back) On the track level there was an open space that had stairs leading to the platform not far from the lady. Someone could have jumped or taken the stairs down, picked her up and brought her to the open space way before the train arrived. There wouldn't have been a need to toss her up then jump up (if that was their concern).
  7. The way Casey was behaving, he most likely forgot to tell the police he tossed the gun. You know a little kid will find it and PD/Med will have to sort out the mess. Also, the show pointed out Gianna (and maybe Gallo) never took the time to look at the wall memorial pictures/bio of Shay, Otis, and others.
  8. "It's always been you..." sounds like: "Damn! I have dated a lot of guys and now I have to force myself to settle for you! FML". Why are these writers obsessed with Gabby? She's a stench they refuse to put away. Shouldn't Casey be written up/scolded for jumping out of a moving truck and leaving his gear behind? Of course Gallo can blab to everyone except Boden. A rescue situation for ambulance 61/the drug brother and Squad 3 is no where to be found? Did they leave all the drugs in the ambulance for the curious drug fiends to loot later? Sylvie with no cuts or broken bones. Gianna only a small cut. Show knows to keep these ladies looking good. Why is Stella hounding this girl? Not sure I understood what was bothering Gianna. The writers never bothered to have her and Sylvie discuss what happened. Boden can help Stella with GOF but not do his clerical work that's been piling up for a year. CFD sent the full time staff home for Covid a year ago. How are they approving for part-time help and ignore the staff sent home? Once the civilians were sent home, shouldn't someone in the house be assigned to clerical duties? What kind of operation is Boden running!!? How were supplies ordered the past year? Severide hasn't put his burglary skills to use in a long time. Came through like a pro. Also, he managed to not damage the door tossing it over the fence. And ladies the door color doesn't match the rest of the paint job, so live with it. Looks like there were more than 10 able people on the platform and no one felt the need hop down and get her off the tracks or call 911. Just yell, hoping a fire truck will pass by. Way to represent the fine people of Chicago.
  9. There's a bright green van driving in daylight and no local cop/FBI couldn't catch those two within 20 minutes of the episode? Seriously! After the third mass shooting, they cop said "maybe we should consider a shelter at home order". Funny they only reference 'Columbine" and not the "DC Sniper". Kyle's phone has a good battery. That "Heat signature" detector could have came in handy when the agents were making a move on the van. To go with Folger losing his job....... his wife left him for a rich man. Doubt she needed Covid as a reason. Then Folger passes the FBI check and buys an AR-15, glock and a haul of ammo. The FBI never thought of him until Jess saw the photograph at the shop. Unless the father's girlfriend is a future fugitive.......no need for soap opera drama. I almost thought she was going to say she was pregnant.
  10. mxc90


    Spencer calls Allie a racist, then asks her out on a date?!?!?! Only in Brooklyn! Kristen is gone!!? The show didn't give her a chance. She was moved from the desk, then briefly put in the field, stabbed in the neck and then back to the desk. Now she's gone to Dallas! And all her lines were past to 6 analysts. No update to what happened to Emily? I guess Kristen was enough for the writers to handle. Tiffany's introduction/first impression was awkward. Earlier she tells Scola: She hates talking about the Yankees, doesn't want to hang with the crowd at O'Sullivan's and Murphy's anymore so decides to join the FBI. Later it's revealed: she punched her lieutenant for saying something disgusting and some ASAC decided recruit her to the FBI. Why not just lead with that story first to Scola? Nice job OA for leaving away in disgust and Tiffany alone to cuff Connor. S.A. Nestor! Now you have learned to never think you are in charge when OA is on the scene! Chain of command doesn't work here. Now he's in some romance with Maggie. No way he survives this season. Poor guy! So what new promise was OA giving Zayne: "in 20 years when you get out of jail, I'll have a job lined up for you"?! Maggie gets a medal for saving an officer from being stabbed. Where were those quick reflexes when Kristen got stabbed in the neck? OA and Maggie put the mask on one time for a few seconds. Why bother? The whole episode they were mask free.
  11. Season 8! Damn! Some of the scenes were weird to watch/dark. Almost wished they gave us animation. The U.S. Marshals were never suspicious at anytime before the elevator closed?!!? U.S. Marshal to Ressler: "Told you I don't miss". Sure! And you don't call your superiors when there's a problem on your watch too. Poor Pasternak was killed without seeing the "outcome" to the porn flick. Note to self: put wolfberries on the grocery list. Also note: wolfberries makes you tell some ridiculous cat stories to a stranger for no reason without taking a breath. Sorry Red! Katarina is not surprisingly formidable. You are just slipping and also rude for not pouring a glass for Dembe. Roanoke's team is a sloppy bunch: they underestimated the US Marshal's ability to count, didn't kill the people at auto body and left all the blueprints and clues at their hideout for Liz/Ressler to easily find. Is Red losing his memory, didn't he find out Liz was the traitor that set him up last season? Why was he so trusting of her to tell her the plans to move Dom. Now we have N-13 to go with the Sivorsky files. Good grief! And now they are trying to sell Katerina as the sympathetic victim. Ressler really thought he was finally getting into some action with Liz and the fool doubles down by telling her he won't give up on her. Then Liz rewards the jerk by taking his gun. Enjoy that cold shower buddy! I'm sure Liz had the auto body send the bill for the four tires to the FBI to pay. Cooper's real dilemma is should he pay for it out of his pocket or have the FBI pay. Aida Turturro lost some weight. Last season, someone here pointed out Park's eyes. Now those always moving golf balls are the first things I noticed whenever she appears.
  12. mxc90

    Station 19

    I could be wrong. There was a line tonight Andy had to mention she was an "only" child, so I can see these writers bringing a sibling later in the season.
  13. mxc90

    Station 19

    It's been so long and I don't remember all details of last season's finale. For all we know of Pruitt and him knowing he was going to die, I am starting to find it hard he never told Andy her mom was alive or leave her a note. I understand it's for Sullivan's plot but why haven't we heard of a private fire corporation in 4 seasons!? Now what storyline will we have for Sullivan as he is not going to return to 19? Is he going to keep ignoring his other job and run to Andy's side when there is a fire situation or emergency? I can see him leaving the show soon. I don't get those kids, they can call for an Aid Car but not call for AAA service. And how did the car part get on the kid's chest which resulted in him laying on the ground toasted behind car? I would think the fire would have knocked him forward. I forget, what is preventing Vic from finding her own place? I am getting the feeling Andy's mom had another kid. Now Travis's dad is gay. Where was Ben's PRT service?
  14. Cruz couldn't see through the window and determine barging in would be a bad idea??! Also, the huffing and puffing wasn't a good look for him as being in somewhat decent shape is required for the job. This show loves sending the paramedics to a house without police present. Had to laugh seeing the fool holding a gun to them all that time and then start chasing the ambulance (too bad Brett didn't hit the brakes and knock him over)! Brett placed a 10-1 and dispatch never sent police to the house? The show had an opportunity to drop the "Girls on Fire" storyline but kept it. Why? Hope the girl's parents tell Kidd "No way my daughter is going back now". Surprised Mouch wasn't holding his nose or spraying air freshener when Herrmann walked out of the bathroom stall. What's with Casey's hair? Dyed too dark or a bad hair piece? So some time since last season and Casey and Brett are still in this phase? Not feeling Gianna. Already her sandwiches are greatest, Cruz role on the show is spend the entire episode to watch over her/act like a possessive lunatic as if she is so precious and Gallo melts when he is around her. Not one mention of Cruz's wife. Severide is down and Boden sends no one to rush in and help (everyone else were changing air bottles? Total BS). "You have 2 minutes" is his order. Boden should be fired if they where hurt. Stella had no intention to help those trapped girls (she is lucky Mouch arrived). All she was worried about was Kelly. But if Boden said she is ready to be lieutenant, she is ready (who am I to argue)! That ending! LOL. I don't think there was a scene where the fool didn't have the gun in his hand. He's probably lying there still holding on to it. I don't think the gun has any bullets. He kept teasing. Either shoot or go home!
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