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  1. I wonder who will crack a smile first before the season ends: Tameika or Monet? Tameika took cash for grilling Tasha? Looked like she was unleashing on her for free. Monet has done her research on Tariq, knows it doesn't end well for anybody around him but decides to work with him anyway. Wouldn't word get back to Lorenzo that Cane shot up Guap's ceiling? He will get on Monet for defying his order for sending him along with Dru. Too late to have Guap stop posting. The police is already aware of his videos. Guap is wrong. Monet is getting plenty this decade. Is Jabari's office the only place where he can get it on? Poor sex addicted Carrie. How can she get her mind off her troubles and focus on work with a loud inconsiderate co-worker in the next room?? Oh No! Tariq got a "NC". For a moment, I thought he paid the girl to set up Jabari so his grades will be fixed. How many times will Tariq need to send a stripper to Scott to keep him away from selling? Epiphany doesn't work for low wages. Zeke told Tariq he had a game tomorrow and the next day he is on probation/can't play? Huh! Coach Wallace looked clueless asking Zeke his status instead of having all the information from a school official! Zeke to coach: "It's not my fault I can't play". So I guess it's Tariq's fault Zeke??!! Surprised Monet didn't give Zeke hell for not giving her a call, making her travel to the game if he knew he was on probation and wasn't playing. Such a ridiculous press conference. Coach should be fired.
  2. How many people need to tell us Tariq is "smart" or "bright"? So far, everything is coming up smelling like roses for this asshole. Soon he'll be running Monet's empire, the Weston frat house and he will get Zeke excellent grades. Stanfield holding a vigil for Ghost? I guess Ghost had no other family except the uncle. Tasha shows up in that ridiculous dress. We hardly knew you Frank! Bye! All the Saxe, Davis, courts matters doesn't hold my interest.
  3. Maybe not this season but for shock value and to get Tariq a reputation, I can see writers doing this.
  4. And we're back! At least bring a new theme song. They are trying to give Tariq some of Ghost's qualities but he is not likable to be the lead. Every week I watch...I will want him dead or in jail. Ghost is not buried yet and we haven't seen Tariq show any remorse/guilt/wake up in sweat for killing his father. The kid is a sociopath. In court, he could have confessed but kept silent, I thought he wanted the truth to come out?! Why is everybody bending backwards to help Tariq? Effie gives him the drugs (no problem). The stripper sells for Tariq (no problem for her. She quit on Tasha last season). Instead of newly fired Tameka just going home, she needs to call Tariq immediately. Tariq messes up with the first verbal exam... he gets a second chance. It bothered me to see the 3 teachers were in awe/smiling as Tariq was talking. Poor Lauren (the new young Angela) will be corrupted by Tariq. So far, she is the only likeable character on this show. And here is the new young Tasha: Diana. Hooked on Tariq very quickly. Unreal! And here is the new young Kanan: Cane. Even the name is close. Surprised the guy returned to call him out. Most fools would just start shooting. And the new Proctor: Davis. Not sure if Brayden is Tommy material. Seems odd to assigned newly enrolled Tariq to "tutor" Zeke (the prized stereotypical basketball player). I have a feeling Zeke is going to get killed. For all the crews we've seen during the seasons of "Power", Aunt Monae should have been introduced/mentioned sometime during a season. She seems powerful. How old is Zeke? He looks 30. I bet Tariq will have a brief romance with the teacher. Because they killed all the good characters, we are now left to explore the life of Cooper "Nancy" Saxe!!!!!!!!!!!!! How old is Zeke? He looks he is 30. "Of course! He likes basketball". Can we get rid of Simon already?!?!!
  5. I'll guess: the next rap group's t-shirt Mother's Milk will wear is "Run DMC". Ooops! I made a big mistake looking up "Stormfront". Wanted to burn my laptop, Curious how Hughey feels about his "second wind" Starlite now. I have a feeling it will not go well for Maeve's ex once Homelander finds out.
  6. The obvious choice would be Roarke hired the hits but they are trying to throw Jaime and Rainwater in the mix for the cliffhanger. I'm not buying Jamie being that devious to John, Kayce and Beth after one conversation with his father. I can't see Rainwater doing that after one conversation either. I can see the Governor doing this. She is shady. Probably got news about talks of Kayce being governor. Kayce for governor? The writers are concerned about a storyline 2 years from now but had a hard time giving Kayce a good storyline this season. Kayce's hit could be separate. Maybe revenge for killing the man? With that "Master/slave" speech, I'm surprised Rainwater's driver didn't pull over, tell Rainwater he quit and told them to walk home. I doubt John is gone. The kid will magically save him. Just plug his bullet holes with the lug nuts. When that mother said she was from CA, I thought of the biker gang and thought she was going to shoot John or set him up. Beth and Kayce are safe. Beth's newly hired/fired secretary.. not so much. Tough way to go out on your new job. And Beth was just getting over her facial scars. She will have some new ones next season. Of course, no one thought to take out Monica! I think I heard a bomb go off when she turned around. With this show, it always comes down to violence to resolve matters. I had a feeling all the legal talk this season was just a smoke screen. I think those crows were flying around Jimmy telling him how dumb he was to get back on that horse. Finally found something to scare the Barrel girls out the room. A Yellowstone brand. This is the same Mia that jumped Jimmy in a hospital and could have injured him more. Now she is concerned about his welfare. Lloyd didn't look pleased. That girl has no shame.
  7. I thought she was teaching summer classes. A few episodes back, didn't she bring her students to help search for the girl?
  8. How far away from the ranch were Colby and Teeter? Did they stop at a diner for breakfast before returning to the ranch? Wade and his son found out the hard way to not put a rush on bringing in those hired guns. Good riddance! Curious how "branded" Wade got away from Yellowstone and was never dealt with all those years. Wonder if Rip was dying inside to tell John: Walker was Kayce's responsibility and he didn't do the job. Lloyd telling Walker where the bodies are dumped is going to come back on John and others. For a moment, I thought Walker was going to be the 3rd body tossed off tonight. Looking forward to see what becomes of Jamie after his talk with his father. Now Lloyd's suppose girlfriend is going to bring trouble between him and Walker. Walker never screamed as Kayce took the tape of his skin and beard. Tough man! Next time, he'll learn to just go straight to see the parole officer and leave town immediately. I was surprised Monica mentioned her teaching job! She is hardly there. What does "just a little milk" mean to John? He just kept pouring. Monica knows not to lecture John and Beth (the way she did Lloyd earlier this season) about their foul language around Tate . Enough with Willa mentioning she "likes Beth". John is talking as if his end is near.
  9. Welcome back the wicked side of Beth! At least fire her after she cleaned up the mess! Way too late for John to set boundaries with Beth. Oh! Hell No! The sniper and police knew the killer was going to stop at that location to attack. Were the people in the red car in on the sting too and didn't stop to pick up Monica? Monica doesn't read the papers? Doesn't seem right for a college professor. How fortunate Rainwater had one available. Good for Dutton to not tell Tate how he got the callus on his right hand. Seems like the first time Jamie and Kayce had a scene together in a long time. In season one, wasn't Kayce a horse whisperer? He should have taken a crack at taming the horse. Colby found out the hard way to never follow Teeter. Were there any bodies in the water? With the quick cuts, couldn't tell if they were just being beaten with the rope and/or stomped by the horses. Wade's son finally got a little payback but he will probably be dead next week. Why did the governor push to have Jamie appointed Attorney General if he would be forced to resign in this matter? Does Walker have some special knowledge about the ranch that required him to be killed? He wanted to leave and Rip gave him a ride out of town. Walker hasn't talked, so Lloyd should let it be.
  10. From closed captioning: "There's no court filing that changes power of attorney for the Dutton Ranch for John Dutton".
  11. No Monica this week! Dirty secrets are being revealed this season. I'm surprised John never slipped telling Jamie he was adopted in one of his many angry outbursts towards him. Didn't seem John was ever planning to tell Jamie. This will be more fuel to Beth's hatred towards him when she finds out. Terrible way to find out about his real parents. Mia was testing Rips's patience. I was waiting for him to stop the truck and toss her out. The show didn't waste time getting Jimmy back on his feet. Why does Jimmy need another lesson/reminder? His injuries will never put him in a rodeo again. WTF! Kayce catches up the truck by horse, lassos the driver by the neck and driver immediately stops. Wade's kid is pretty stupid. Hasn't learnt his lesson from last week, Second time he gets knocked on his ass. John knows Rip well that the would never propose. The cattle thief is an asshole for getting in a gun fight with his daughter in the trailer. Maybe John will adopt her (yeah right)! The Livestock agent wasn't trained on how to position himself? It took awhile for "Yellowstone Bourbon" to catch up and get advertising on this show. Good to know: Beth stays dirty! TMI!
  12. Ok. But that lingered on way too long. Could have been revealed sometime last season. Maybe In season 6, Kayce will finally have the confrontation with the coyote. (just kidding).
  13. I'm guessing the writers heard the fan's question for 2 seasons (why Beth is on Jamie all the time?), didn't have an answer then and came up with this back story this season. Probably didn't realize this heavy plot just leaves more questions.
  14. Not Jaime's finest moment with Beth. There is nothing Jamie can say to Beth at this point, so he'll try anyway with this: "I should have said no. That's what I should have done. Because then you couldn't blame me for doing exactly what you asked me to do". For 30 something years, I find it hard to believe John didn't get a sense something was wrong between Beth and Jamie. Did he think it was siblings playing when she was beating on him mentally and physically? He claims to know what goes on around there. Dutton paid for Lloyd's hospital bills too. After that, he should have placed a rule to new ranch hires: "If you want to work at Yellowstone, NO Rodeo!", I was almost certain when Monica arrived, she would have found Sila alive and unharmed. Wasn't mean to be. But now Monica has found purpose and will make this her problem. All she needs now are a mask and cape. Look out criminals! After that scene with Rainwater and Monica, I'll be pissed if he loses the land. The Buffalo scene was a waste of time. I thought there would be a confrontation with Wade or someone would get hurt.
  15. Saw a big "100" and for a moment thought I was on the CW. Unsatisfying ending! Bye Jane! They just left you in a body bag in Times Square to go get drinks. Good job Weller for conveniently leaving out of your report to the new director Grigoryan: he and Tasha had Ivy knocked out, in their grasps a few weeks ago and didn't eliminate her. So deep down in Jane's zipped mind: she thought of Tasha and Paterson getting together/married and had her "doubts" that Reade is the father (she gave the baby a light complexion)? Also in her Zip mind, she can't give Roman a scar less face. Zip also made Jane so narcissistic. Jane through Reade is telling herself she is a "great agent". WTF! The man with the burning arm was thrown into the pillar by Jane and he magically disappeared. Did Patterson bother tell anyone else she had a cure for Zip? If she had died a few weeks ago in the bunker fire, the cure would have gone down with her. Selfish! Ivy (as we were told many times is the top mercenary) is easily seen, knocked the f*ck out and captured. The woman was a joke the entire season! Times Square was cleared out in less that 6 minutes. Impressive! The show went all out bringing these people back. Nice they remembered Jane's daughter. But the bunny made the best appearance out of all. Didn't Grigoryan say she had her top people looking for Ivy ( I guess they started their search in New Jersey)? We see only the team go looking for the bomb in Times Squares and (of course) the bomb squad was no where to be found. Weller: "Am I the only one not getting this?". This is the same man that claimed he was one of the top agents earlier. Didn't Kathy escape? How did she get lumped in with he dead people? Only loose end that wasn't wrapped up. Did Afreen make an appearance? Couldn't get an invite to the Zip house party? Rich mentioning a Patterson/Rich spinoff? We can only hope!
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