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  1. We still haven't met Kostya and who knows what Navarro is up to. Teresa may die just from exhaustion!
  2. Nice to see Teresa smile. Although it would be brief! Too bad for King George (RIP) to go out like that but he showed no discretion and was scheming/snooping around at every moment with way too many people around. Lay low and blend in for a awhile. I got the feeling he was done when he was talking to Teresa about the boat and drinking champagne. With 4 episodes left, no need for Boaz to be subtle anymore and just go straight to war. All those Haitians were doing their jobs correctly and Boaz set them up just to trick George/Teresa. What was Boaz' plan? He had George tell T
  3. Only two testers to examine Kidd? Thought CFD would have had a few more officials in the room to witness her brilliance and charge an admission fee to the rest of the rank and file. I wonder who was driving while Kidd was out? Another equipment malfunction on truck! Is this Gorsh's fault too? When Gallo said to Casey "you may not like how", did he and Casey finish the remainder of their conversation telepathically for Casey to OK the maneuver? Shouldn't Gallo have his oxygen gear on for when he went in to the burning building? Not too long ago Casey went nuts on him about safety
  4. Way too much time allocated to the family dinner scene, Jess' father calling him during work time, Jess' father and sister arguing over Sarah/Tali. If the ex is still in jail, what's the fuss about her moving in? If only Wyatt wore a ski mask breaking into the semi, the agents would haver never been on their tail. The little things. I want to feel bad for the Hammond brothers but those were some brutal killings (cutting off ears and a tongue). Even the church going retired HR lady had to go??!! Wonder why they just didn't go after Larry Griffin from the start. The "experts" tes
  5. mxc90


    Scola tried to act calm and cool but he was soaking in that introduction Jubal gave the agents of his stock trading background. Probably wished Jubal did it imitating Michael Buffer's style/voice. So Scola made a lot of money and still decided to go work for the FBI???!!! Tiffany will make sure he buys all the time now. Kix Bio must be a great place to work for when the lady won't make an attempt to save her boss' life. If she saves him, he'll fire her!!!! The girl that talked to Scola and Tiffany is surely fired. She could have been a little more discrete and chatted with them
  6. What did the murdered office ladies do to Charlie that he couldn't warn them to leave? Must have been payback for taking the best shelves in the fridge. All of Neville's important sensitive information is on a piece of paper in a manila folder for Charlie to take home. Some crime lord. FBI Agent Ressler arrives to get Red's latest bidding and Thom the thief (probably on the FBI's Most Wanted List) is right in front of him and like a good trained servant for Red....... just let him go. Ressler: "You can call a prostitute an escort but she's still a hooker". He must have been told
  7. There is a very very small chance it will happen: I am holding hope the writers throw a curve and she's humbled after failing the exam.
  8. I'm not a fan of Boaz but I do appreciate him easily seeing through Teresa and George. Could George be any more obvious? Boaz knew something was up the moment he walked through the door. There was a time when he was talking to Boaz about killing Lafayette and I thought he was working for the FBI and wearing a wire. Then he's on the phone with Teresa speaking out loud about Boaz. Don't do drugs!! Am I wrong to think Boaz is loyal to Teresa (except for killing Lafayette when she wanted him alive). Now Teresa has re-routed the shipment and sent George to spy, she is making him angry.
  9. I'm losing it. There was a moment when Donna arrived and thought she was going to use the room to teach a Zumba class.
  10. Congratulations Stella Kidd! You have reached Saint level. I bow to your absurd greatness!! She hasn't reached Gabby level of annoyance for me yet but that day is coming! Her climbing the tree with ease and holding the man up was just the appetizer for tonight's Kidd special. Only part missing to witness was her touching his wound to heal him. Was the man bouncing on a trampoline when he was hit by the cars to travel so high up and be impaled? The show delivered a good WTF with this accident! Of course they don't bother add a line later to update his condition (Cruz' swaddling/Huxley
  11. mxc90


    I believe they share the office with Homeland Security. Some of those analyst are busy trying to make sense of the other field office's work/cases (i.e. WTF are the agents doing on "the Blacklist", making sure there aren't any tattoos left on Jane that went unanswered or having to answer phone calls about "little green men" from nervous people who recently viewed Fox Mulder's Youtube video).
  12. Granger is careless with a gun. He shoots Nasir, then walks out of his house at night and fires a bullet in the ground. I understand Johnson's anger towards the cop but I don't feel bad for him. He's tresspassing on Granger's property and spray painting his car. He has to expect the owner would walk out and defend his property. Didn't seem right for Charlotte to suggest Granger should have gone back in the house and just call the police. She would have expected Barnes to grab her gun and do the same thing Granger did to protect their family. Looked like Barnes got some of Tiffany's
  13. mxc90


    Another week with a main character's personal matter relating a little with the main plot. What's in store for OA next week with his cousin or parents? Tyler has been vomitting, high fever, eyes blood shot and Samantha didn't seem it was neccessary to call Jubal earlier. Oh! Let's meet at a diner. Before telling Jubal the news, she had a grin as if nothing was wrong. Can't blame the cab driver. He was already passed them when the Adam hailed him. Was calling him a shmuck neccessary? A true yogi wouldn't behave this way. I don't think Nicole was impressed. Did Octavio have intel
  14. There was a message at the beginning: "Viewer Discretion Advised". Then Liz appeared on my screen. Thank you for the warning NBC! Very thoughtful of you. I would have worshipped the ground Neville stood on if he had offed Liz and the fool just let her go! Why torture me so early!!!! Must be nice for Red to admit theft to Cooper and ask him to do the same. Next scene Cooper and the team are plotting and only Park had some sense to question why are we doing this! Why is Ruddiger working with Liz? Last time we saw him he was being tortured by Neville (thinking Liz set him up) an
  15. Preview show him with Boaz. I hope George is sent to finish him. When he was in the closet, I thought he was going to defy her orders, not kill him and go home. He looks so disinterested at times during his scenes. Not sure if it's the actor or what he's directed to do. Once Teresa defined their relationship, he should have packed his bags and caught the next flight out of town. Maybe she's paying him well and provides a nice company car. It's about time he announced. He has been showing for some time. She told the agent: the extortion/corrupt police were the
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