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  1. Is Ray a superhero now? I could have sworn he was shot in the woods. And just like that all charges against him and the others are dropped and ignored. I too would like to know what the detective will tell her superiors about this (while not involving Ray). Why did Ray see the deer? Isn't that part of Terry's vision? Good advertisement for Cadillac that their trunk can handle a dead body. Is it better to bury Jimmy in the trash bag or out? Is this really time for a song Bridget? Made your father depressed. A step in the right direction for Darryl for finally ripping into Mickey. And of course Smitty didn't listen to the only time he gave smart advice. Darryl could have gotten Smitty out of the way before he started shooting. Just sayin! Once Smitty purchased flowers, I had a feeling he was a dead man. How long was Smitty lying in the street? No bystander helped him. Yes. He is a rat but Bunchy and Darryl just left him there is terrible. I liked how the cars in the back ground kept going by fast as there is a shootout and Smitty is lying in the street dying? No rubberneckers in this part of town. Now I have to wait in anticipation to know if Terry jumped off the Empire State Building. Just like Terry to "one up" Dolores and go to a higher building! Wouldn't there be an autopsy report showing Bridget was pregnant? I find it hard to believe none of this was known to the Donovans. Bridget did try to tell the brothers she was "late" but that flew over their heads as they though she meant for work.
  2. Of course. My question was meant for Blanca's/police's focus before he died. No. At least Elisa Maria is not stuck in some foster home. Tommy couldn't let let him have his last Nestle Quick before he shot him. So rude! I was surprised to hear it too. I can't believe this is the last we see of Tommy with 2 episodes left.
  3. Both times, he told him "Let it go". I am curious why they put: "Who Shot Ghost?" instead of " Who Killed Ghost?"
  4. I liked this filler. Tommy knows who killed Ghost and didn't go after him/her? He definitely would have killed Saxe and Tate at Truth, so it must be Tariq or Tasha. Still have one eye on Ramona (even though she wasn't listed in the four). The only problem with Tasha/Tommy's scene is they already established Tasha was alive at Ghost's lawyer's office last week. So the build up of him shooting her was nothing. Tasha accepted Tommy was going to kill her and he was going to look out for her kids? She doesn't know this man is crazy? Tasha just had Keisha signed papers on the kitchen table? As if she reads it everyday while drinking her coffee. Kate only wanted Tommy to stay because she didn't have anyone to give her drugs but when she got the money now he can got to Hell/California. Tommy: just more palm trees and fake tits! Kate: Ok. How big? A gram, an eight ball? LOL The scenes with her, Elisa Marie and Tommy were funny. Elisa Marie now knows to never again trust that POS Tariq for telling Tommy about the recording and realize he helped Tommy kill her father. One minute Blanca is telling Tommy she will give him immunity for Ghost and later she says she has evidence to take Tommy down. Who is the bigger prize for the police Ghost or Tommy? Forget Blanca! Elisa Marie is going to take down Tommy!!!!!!!!!!! She put it all together faster than the police. This girl needs a spin off or a flash forward in the last scene of the finale to "pay him that visit". She's playing the long game to kill his ass herself when she gets older (forget the recording, she has something else planned for him). Hopefully, she has Tariq on her hit list too. Tommy must have good cleaning products to get rid of Benny's blood. Vincent has the worst hitters. The guy with the automatic rifle is standing there not shooting as Tommy is ramming two cars. Vincent got a well deserved death. All the other minor character's deaths didn't mean much to me, but his... I cheered! Why would Kate have Tommy's envelope? At least she knew Ghost wanted a better life and get out of Queens. At least Tommy knows he was wrong for all his hatred for Ghost. But it felt rushed for him to come to this conclusion. After Ghost's death, flowers were sent to Kate's home? Shouldn't Spanky be in witness protection? Why is he walking the streets? Any way ..See ya! Spanky: I used to say fuck the police but now I'm saying fuck jail! So it was Cedric the Entertainer as one of the shooters at the pier. Who was the other guy, Steve Harvey? So who else is left to kill on this show?
  5. Delaney has never heard the wonderful stories of Casey and Severide? He thinks they are cocky and lack experience? Huh???!!!!!! Why did dispatch call for Truck 81, not Engine 51 and sends Engine 20 instead? There would have been less tension if 20 was told to return home. So the brief distraction from Delaney caused the driver to die? Too bad the wife couldn't hear this discussion to boost to her lawsuit. Was the wife already wearing a neck brace while she was trapped in the car? Move the trucks Casey. Don't argue! 20 has one treadmill? The show stooped to Station 19 level and had Gallo and Violet hookup in the fire house. If Captain Leone had that nice little room in 20, why was she and the others running to 51's lounge room? Surprised the show didn't make Delaney look foolish when he took charge. The fire at the cleaners was so dark I couldn't tell who was in trouble. Boden gave Buckley strange looks when he first approached him. Was it for weight loss? Or Boden was faking that he knew him and was trying hard to remember? Buckley's story made the whole 20/51 tension look stupid. Hopefully, this story line is over.
  6. This episode started off weird with the lawyer/judge tag team and then took a left turn to absurdity with the mother and her problems. Seems Sheryll was around to just provide judgement on people. And we can't get through without Crosby almost losing control and bashed the rapist's head in.
  7. mxc90


    Adam Mizrah is a honest thief. He only takes the memory stick from the safety box and leaves the $40,000 in cash. I admire that! How long was Jubal waiting to say the 'fatal error" line? The first person that wants to kill Bates/Sentinel is the hot dog vendor for throwing away the buns every two or three times a week. Almost felt bad for the Sentinel (Manson wannabe). He got caught because he was responsible to wash his dishes and careless to not wash his clothes so the dog could track him to the panic room. He was so close to tears when he realized his bomb plan failed. Too bad for Kristen! She got screwed and is never getting out of the JOC now. Jubal couldn't see the look of disappointment on her face. So why was Agent Emily Ryder added to the show? Kristen could have stayed in the field and those background agents in the JOC could provide the same skills she has in deducing.
  8. The "other son" is Tommy. She couldn't wait to tell him Ghost left her a lot of money. She considers Ghost a son.
  9. Definitely the captain. As soon as the detective told him about Ferrati, he got on the phone to call him. And I think he is in the woods with the other two looking for the judge. Can a laser scope show on a target through curtains? Ray has/had a lot of fires to put out. Darryl, the Sullivans, flipping/now finding the judge, Ferrati, Mickey, and Smitty. It's too much! Darryl drove the streets for a day and a half with the body and bullet hole through the windshield. He is messed up but I still don't feel bad for him. All those witnesses (one guy was recording him on his phone) and the police never caught up to him. If Declan knew where he was hiding, why didn't they go after him and not call Ray? Bridget can leave Smitty for making a deal with the police but Smitty can't leave her for cheating on him! I wonder what Bridget told the police. We never saw her after she was shown the pictures and asked the questions. Molly has heard the tapes and knows what her father did. She will confront him next week. Young Ray had all these signs about his sister. He didn't put it together when she committed suicide? As usual, Mickey is making money plans, probably already has it spent in his mind but doesn't have the certificates. Why is Frankie Lee bother looking into the dollars for him? Bunchy is a pro at stalking/looking creepy and he loves his Pop Tarts. As soon as Alan Alda's character heard Terry say the "Donovan" name, he knew it was time to go! Mickey was so nice to Smitty when he found out he didn't rat on him.
  10. Add Paz, Junior and grandpa to the list (with Dre) of people who didn't kill Ghost. Also, add the people they will show in the next 2 episodes before the finale. They should have revealed Ghost's killer last week because these episodes are going to be fillers until the last. Paz had the gun with her the entire time. Did she walk into the government building with it in her purse and didn't go through a metal detector or get searched? Paz woke up and caught up to Junior quick. Junior took a very slow bus or train to Truth. Who is the Democratic party to tell the FBI to stop investigating? Now Warner has been fired? So we are now down to Blanca to solve all this! What's with Ramona saying "there are some people who are just unstoppable"? She knew she was getting laid that evening and was speaking like a proud, victorious woman??!!! Never thought a bullet can stop him?! I wouldn't be surprised if Ramona is the killer. Why is Ghost leaving money to Kate? She would be just as happy if he had left her an ounce of coke. At least Paz had a better plan to go after Tommy than Benny. She chose a gun while Benny thought a butter knife would do the job. Nice to see Geoffrey Owen's make an appearance. The fallout from the Trader Joe incident got him some work.
  11. This is one mystery I wouldn't mind staying a mystery! If Stella wants to know if Kelly is really into her, she should put on that wig to see his response. Was the US Postal Service ashamed to have their current logo shown in this episode? I'm sure Mouch lost a lot of checks during his mail clean up.
  12. mxc90

    S06.E11: Still Dre

    Dre using his "friend" as a shield was shameful. Glad he is finally gone! But it was a weird way to go in a prison. I guess Spanky's positive thinking really worked! Too bad his time will be coming up soon. This episode didn't feel right not having Ghost in it. I believe Ghost is dead and they are going to drag out 4 episodes showing the perspectives from the remaining 5 suspect's of the same damn day to find out who killed him.
  13. Conrad goes from holding a flare, threatening Kelly to receiving a well deserved beating from Kelly to having Kelly rescue him, to shamefully standing by Kelly's hip hoping to escape the fire. That's it! Kelly is done with OFI? Waste! The driver "trapped" in the car is a real diva! I thought he was stuck in there. He could have exited the car through the window on his own power. Nope! He just sat there, waited for Casey to waste time with the jaws and when the door opened he just rolled out easily. All those firefighters, police, a photographer and bystanders around and no one noticed the guy stealing the jaws? Gallo had the jaws in his hand after seeing Violet. Maybe he was so upset after his encounter with her, saw the red pickup, thought it was the truck 81 and put the jaws in the pickup's trunk?!!? Why did the criminals tie up the old man in chains in the side walk? Was he guarding the ATM? Wendy has no shame! Stella is right there and she's pushing on Kelly! I hope they are done with her and this story line. Sylvie and Foster's feud ended too quickly. I wouldn't mind seeing this carried out for a while. Who sees a fire truck waiting at a red light, assumes they are after you and drives off quickly like a lunatic? Seems like Gallo and Violet should have gotten it out of their systems a long time ago.
  14. For their hard work, the fugitive task force is assigned to the dim lit, moldy, basement of the New York office (?) right next to the car fumes. If they get a second season, they may move upstairs. I am not feeling Crosby with his over aggressiveness. They couldn't get to Brock before he could get the gun to his daughter's head? All that honey is going to catch up to LeCroix. That was some sales presentation at the strip club!
  15. mxc90


    Some questionable decisions in the field from Maggie and OA: 1. Maggie is prepared to shoot Sarah as she turns around and OA quickly jumps in front of Maggie to shoot Sarah. OA could have been shot in the back. 2. Maggie (not wearing a wire) assumes 20 agents are backing her up as she decides to deviate from the plan. She's lucky Shoals only knocked her down and didn't shoot her. Maggie probably feels guilty for seeing Kristin because she will be reminded she didn't bother to check the criminal for any weapons that led to Kristen's injury. Real smart for Emily to walk in on her first day and tell the upset group she is the "new Kristin". How could she not know an agent was stabbed the day before and fighting for her life? It was nice ( for a change) to see Scola and Emily sit back/watch as the Jubal and the others connect the dots. Did Jubal "jinx it" by tossing the wrist band in the trash before Kristen's return?
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