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  1. It was. Was the original plan would have been for Lou to wear the jacket to shoot Nique or Howard??! I thought Raq had Kanan shoot Howard as a response to his demand he told her at the hospital. Maybe it's "two birds with one stone". It was an unexpected surprise to Raq: Juke mention Burke. So she took it to her advantage. But if Juke is just going along with Raq's scheme, she is ice cold to just shake off her fight with Marvin to follow this plan. Also, why is Juke a Baltimore cop and not NYPD. Maybe Raq moved her business there. The preview showed Howard a
  2. We never got a scene between Marvin and Juke before this episode to know their relationship. There was one brief diner scene and that's it. We finally get one and it's him finding out she's gay then spitting/violence ensue. Unreal this writing. I understand Raq mentioned to Juke "Sometimes the police are good friends to have" but Juke's first thought was to go to Burke instead of Raq? Raq showed acceptance/understanding to Juke. Also, Raq wouldn't tolerate Marvin ever hitting Juke. Doesn't make sense. Lebanese?! He is dumb! Wouldn't be surprised if Juke ends up killing Marvin.
  3. I don't think Juke knows Kanan can cook (Unless Marvin or Raq told her off screen). I think she just gave him a pass for handing the vial to her. Juke is not that numb to be easy on him if she knew he made it.
  4. What has Raq been eating to gain significant strength to knock big head Kanan on his ass with one slap. She put Marvin down with a slight tap using a 2x4. Maybe it was the new hairstyle that gave her the "Power"?! She did look good in leopard outfit though! Too bad the "bullets" from Nique's crew didn't have the same attitude as Raq to hit Marvin. They were afraid to touch him. I guess Marvin will eventually redeem himself with Raq. I think it will cost him his life. Juke showed guts to appear at the funeral. Nicole parents just got home to notice the break in and the pol
  5. Looking back at the scene from the previous episode, (I missed) Crown laced the weed with crack and passed it to Nicole. I don't know anything about addiction but she got hooked pretty quick to have drug paraphernalia in her dresser drawer. The people in charge must have wanted to get her off the show and stop paying her. I'm sure Detective Burke will have sharp memory and remember Nicole was with Juke at the bus stop. Yes. If Davina can figure it out, Nique and others can put it together too.
  6. Scrappy lost an eye and kidney but he'll be OK. He's battle tested! WTF! I guess Raq provides solider benefits and organ donors. Were there a list of instructions/pamphlets handed out to the buyers from out of town? Buy candy on the street, drive to the gas station, don't eat/pass back the candy, get drugs and bounce. For a moment, I thought the drugs were in the candy. Seems like a dumb plan. Any cop on surveillance can clearly see the car pull up to the gas station, not stop to buy any gas, see the transaction, and get their plate number. Since when was liking Hall and Oates s
  7. Bad plan. When Raq said "make him a meal", I thought he was going to be fed to an animal or tossed in the river with weights on. I'm still trying to understand Raq language.
  8. Yes Raq! Streets do need a body and one fell right at your door steps. I knew Scrappy was a dead man. Although, didn't think it would come this quick. At least, he didn't go out being seen wearing torn underwear. Note to Scrappy: if Nique calls you a "Turncoat" to your face, it may be a sign your cover has been blown. So Raq's house get shot at and now Scrappy's body is dumped there. Raq needs to move. Do the police need any more evidence to keep her under tight surveillance. Seem odd/awkward to say "RIP D-Wiz" and follow with "Streets need a body". As if he was sacrificed
  9. 08/15/21. Happy Birthday Kanan. Raq was fierce. Her tirade to Kanan and Marvin motivated me to clean my room and do the dishes. "We shake hands when we negotiate, we throw hands when we renegotiate. You don't want that Papi!". Ouch Raq! Ouch! Every time they kept telling us Detective Howard has "no family", I should have seen this soap opera twist coming. Now let's see Kanan get talked into being a donor. Kanan looks nothing like Howard. He's lucky he had the blood to test. It was odd to hear Raq tell Kanan she was showing him how to cook because if something ever happen
  10. I thought so too but I had to look closely and saw at least two meatballs in the dish. Kanan must have known it was bad as he didn't put any on his and Raq's plate and Symphony got the hint. I think Raq spends more money on buying manila envelopes to hold bribe/payoff money than purchasing meat. After getting robbed many times, one would think the security guards would not leave the truck open ever again or at least change delivery times. They deserve to get hit. What shortcut did the security guard use to catch up to Juke and why wasn't it used the previous times they got hit?
  11. It was funny watching Detective Howard running wearing that leather jacket, suit and in those shoes. The show is trying to tell me leukemia is the reason he was unable to catch Scrappy??!! Yeah right! He looked so out of shape! Seeing the detective give chase to Scrappy tells he is not a cop on Nique's payroll? Poor Symphony is slowly getting seduced by Raq. I feel soon, she'll rope him into her "other" business. Surprised Raq and Symphony were so quiet that Kanan never knew they were getting it on the house until Kanan later bumped into Symphony on the computer. Deen mu
  12. I was skeptical at first but the acting is getting to me. Lou is starting to be intriguing. Him giving Famous specific orders for Jessica was funny/desperate. I thought the same about D-Wiz's brother too. I can see Tasha's mom. I always thought Tasha was younger than Kanan/Ghost and wouldn't be in high school yet.
  13. Raq sure did whatever was necessary to get the target off Kanan’s back. I would have thought they would hand over D-Wiz to Nique for his people to get satisfaction/revenge. Instead it was Lou who killed him in an alley. When Raq said "Reggie Jackson", I thought there was going to be a beaten with a bat. At least they showed him some mercy and got him a woman before his end came (that didn't sound right). Interesting twist when word gets back to Kanan: D-Wiz got in the car. I can't see him breaking away from his family over this. When he confronts them, they'll make it a teaching
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