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  1. I thought the coffee plot was kind of silly, but you could tell they were sidelining Matt and Jake a little so Grace and Kate could have the main plot this week. And the guys could have played dumb when Tammy went to the break room. Matt and Jake sitting there all smug about the sign just gave them away. Jake looks like he's in better spirits. Nice continuity from last week. I loved Grace and Christian hanging out together, it's always funny to see Christian actually relax for a change. But Grace, checking the sender in the email is 101. That's as bad as hitting "reply all". The best scene was John just sitting in his car, combing his nonexistent hair with that orgasmic expression on his face. The Jonas-brothers music in the car only made it funnier.
  2. Yeah, this episode really deserved more attention. It was an excellent view into Jake's chronic depression and how he was starting to spiral. The scenes in the apartment were way too real. Also, I didn't know "Black Dog" was a euphemism for depression. This interview goes a bit more into depth about the background to the episode, like Jake Weisman's actual experiences with depression, and how it effects the people who want to help, like Matt doing his pathetic Mary Poppins routine.
  3. Pugh has a few solid scenes as the older Amy, but her playing the younger version was just too much of a stretch and the non-linear jumping doesn't help. On the flip side, I really liked what they did with Beth. There was a real effort to illustrate her and give her some strength and desire of her own. You could see how she and Mr. Laurence bonded. And although she's clearly sensitive, you don't get the vibe that Beth is a total pushover compared to her sisters. Claire Danes' version looked like she would blow away, and I say that as someone who loved that film. I also appreciated what they did with Meg, and how they showed her and Mr. Brooks together. And honestly, I thought Emma Watson's accent would be a lot worse than it was. I get the significance of the scene with the publisher near the end, but the rom-com vibe of it was just silly and cringeworthy. They could have kept that whole five minutes. Not having read the book, I always thought that Jo really refused Laurie because she didn't love him romantically, not just because they would be a bad fit. But this time, I felt bad that Jo was actually reconsidering his proposal because she was lonely and could envision herself married to him. You could understand that feeling of being lonely and wanting your independence at the same time. Performance-wise, Dern and Chalamet were miscast. Ronan was great as usual, the others were fine. Scanlen deserved more props than she got. As a movie, it's not bad, but I don't need to see it again. It's about 2.5 hours and it felt long. And like a few people mentioned, the movie doesn't hit the emotional core the way it should.
  4. This. Tiffany's nails were the last thing I would have checked for, and even if they were manicured, it wouldn't have been some major clue to her PPD. She's a first time mother. Her going to the block party at all was a big deal. The fact that Amanda had to add in those random details just shows how half-assed the PPD plot was. You can't just sprinkle in a few breadcrumbs and expect the whole plot to be fleshed out by the finale. Issa said that the girls didn't notice Tiffany's problems because they were too absorbed in their own. But Tiffany wasn't actually there for them (or us) to notice. Kelli and Chad were barely there, either.
  5. And interesting enough, after the argument between Molly and Victor in Mexico, Andrew told Molly that he wouldn’t let things fester between him and his brother. Everyone’s said it already, Andrew was just over it with Molly. Between walking on eggshells, the fight with Issa, now the stuff with his brother, he was right. Relationships shouldn’t be that hard. And Andrew hit the nail on the head when he asked Molly why she was doing what she was doing. They both knew this was really about Issa, but Molly didn’t want to admit it. Her screaming that she let shit go wasn’t about Andrew at all. The more I think about the finale, the more annoyed I get. Even if Condola wasn’t pregnant, Issa going to SF for Lawrence would have been a truly stupid move. A few hookups and an artwalk doesn’t put everything back together again. Issa let herself get so bothered over Molly, she didn’t even consider a LD relationship with Lawrence, she just jumped to moving across the state for him. I had a feeling that Issa was letting herself get too deeply invested again, which was why the pregnancy news was so devastating to her.
  6. That was a disappointing end to the season. It's good to have a focus on PPD when there's little-to-no mention of it with Black women, but Tiffany is such a non-factor that I was just waiting for that plot to end so we could get moving. I know this wasn't their fault, but the stuff with the cop felt tone deaf right now. And the guy with the "inner Black woman;" WTF was that all about? That whole scene was ridiculous. Issa has gone online saying how frustrated she is with people clamoring for longer episodes, and I don't blame her. But if they wanted to spend the majority of the finale on searching for Tiffany, then the finale should have been extended. They devoted all that time on Tiffany who we never see, but we didn't get to hear Issa and Molly's conversation in the end? Bullshit. A lot of this season has felt like it was building up to something that doesn't happen. I was over Condola after she flaked on Issa during the final planning of the block party, so not thrilled with the pregnancy. Cheap writing. And if Lawrence does go to SF, he'll be coming back often to help Condola with the baby. Ugh. Knew Issa should have been done with his ass. Was ready for Condola and Lawrence to leave. Saw Andrew and Molly breaking up a mile away. Dude hung around as long as he could, so I couldn't blame him for finally calling it quits. That's another conversation we were cheated out of.
  7. Although I would have liked to see this in theaters, I don't know if it would have gotten a lot of money in the overall BO. It's a movie that lives and dies on the leads, because while they're charming, the plot is so generic. This was perfect for Netflix, it's cute, funny, and re-watchable. Issa and Kumail did have great chemistry, even if it wasn't always romantic. The orgy was the funniest part. I was expecting something a lot more sinister. Not to nit-pick, but if the detective was trying to find the couple all night, she could have just tracked their credit cards. Leilani and Jibran took several Lyft/Uber rides, not to mention the ratty clothes they bought from the discount store.
  8. I actually don’t blame Molly for not wanting to see Victor again, regardless of him being Andrew’s brother. I don’t know if I would see him, either. But as usual, Molly handled the situation poorly. There’s no way to avoid Victor forever and she definitely can’t stop Andrew from hanging out with his brother, nor should she. Molly can give herself some time, but she just flat out refuses to see Victor again, then that’s just another reason she and Andrew won’t make it.
  9. Well, I'm off Team Molly at this point. Molly just doesn't want to try. She can admit that there's a problem, but won't put in the real effort to fix it. She just runs or shuts people out. Whatever Issa's issues are, at least she's making an attempt to reconcile. But you can't do that with a brick wall. Molly's idea of reconciliation is Issa asking for her forgiveness. It's obvious that Andrew is getting fed up with Molly. He's been supportive and non-judgmental, and subtly trying to coax her and Issa back together, but enough is enough. Victor may be an asshole, but Andrew can't cut his brother out of his life, and Molly just wants to act like Victor doesn't exist. If Molly refuses to compromise, Andrew's going to call it quits. Whether Nathan and Issa get back together, he's a good guy. He genuinely appreciates Issa and how she inspired him to be better, the way that he inspired her. I hope this isn't the last we see of him. I'm glad they shed some light on his character. I think Lawrence definitely got hired in SF, and he's trying to figure out how to tell Issa. They both have their shit together, but that doesn't mean they should be getting back together just yet.
  10. Amethyst


    Sadly, the show got canceled, but given a final season to sum things up. A lot to wrap up in 6 episodes, so the eps were extended. I know they were lucky to get a send off season at all, but I was definitely left wanting more.
  11. I’m sure it was. Some of the hype has died down on Lizzo, but “Truth Hurts” was probably still on the radio regularly when they were filming this episode. Lizzo has a huge fan base and a lot of crossover appeal. And “Truth Hurts” was a major hit, so I’m not surprised to see people singing along with it like they were at the bar.
  12. Man, as someone who was over Lawrence, this episode really highlighted why he and Issa work. Or worked well. Their chemistry is real, and they have all the goofy humor and inside jokes that you can only have with someone you've known a long time. This episode was so well-written and beautifully shot. It's clear that Issa and Lawrence have changed, but they also make a point to show each other that they changed, like Issa with the drink and the fancy meal, and Lawrence with his impressive new apartment. They both still care about what the other thinks. The unseen painting from the art walk has to factor in somewhere down the line. There had to be a reason they didn't show it to the viewers, yet Lawrence ended up buying it. Hope Condola isn't pregnant, but I'm definitely leaning there. Even though they're still great together, I'm hoping that was it for Issa and Lawrence. No more questions, just closure. It would be different than last time if they're both making the conscious choice to move on from each other, not just because of the break up. But they should move on. Especially if Lawrence gets a job in SF. Natasha Rothwell did an excellent job with the writing. I'm hoping she does more episodes. Almost forgot the best part: Issa telling Lawrence that she wanted more that night. Even if it doesn't add up to them having a future together, I loved seeing Issa take charge of her life and what she wanted.
  13. Amethyst


    That was a nice finale, but anticlimactic. Tanya Saracho did that viewers would be left to fill in the blanks, but it was disappointing to see Emma and Lyn at odds again. And Emma just throwing her hands up and calling it quits felt like one step forward, two steps back. That's basically how she ended last season until she got out of her funk and realized that Lyn had actually made the bar into something legitimate. So seeing Emma angry at Lyn and not speaking to her just felt redundant. Still, there were some great moments. Loved seeing Mari come into her own. Yes, it can end badly, but for now, she has a real direction, and she doesn't have to compromise her morals to do it. And she's getting paid. Welp, that's the end of Rudy. What bothered me the most was that that the whole "pee on me" thing (maybe a pee/humiliation fetish?) wasn't to make Lyn better, but to satisfy some need of his own. Victor and his sermon over Emma was horrifying. I hope some of his parishioners take heart to what Emma said, especially if they see the proof of how Victor beat his wife. Bastard showed his true colors when Lyn confronted him. Wish they had never brought up Nico being married, because they just glossed over that detail. Nico's ex being in her life would have been enough conflict. Oh, well it doesn't matter now. Even if Emma goes with Nico, I doubt she'll sell the bar. I wonder if Lyn and Johnny are getting married. At least they can be together now. I'll miss this show. Could have easily gone for another 2 seasons.
  14. Amethyst


    I read that the finale is 1 hour, but it may not be not so difficult. My predictions: Looks like they're setting the stage with Lyn/Johnny and Emma/Nico. Eddy hooks up with the drag king who likes her and Lyn and Emma continue to co-own the bar. Not sure about Mari. Besides protesting, what is she interested in? I doubt Victor will stay around long. Emma clearly hates him and after what he did to Vida, I can't blame her. Lyn will learn the hard way that her father isn't what he seems. Ooh, that would be interesting. I did notice that Yoli wasn't among the protestors, even though she's vocal about how much she hates Emma and Lyn. Maybe she knows something about the group, or she realized that Mari is right.
  15. Amethyst


    I thought the exact same thing. Her nipples were obviously showing when she tried the top on at the house, so I don't know how she didn't see it later. I just thought Lyn was going to put on a slip or a bra before she left. I wonder if Lyn is really ashamed of the direction the bar is taking, or she's just that insecure about what Rudy and his mother think of it. However she feels, she needs to end it with Rudy, things aren't going to improve. Mari was right about the protest group; all they do is talk and plan but they don't do anything real. That's why they're screaming at the bar every night, it's an easy target that makes it look like they're getting something done. Meanwhile, the neighborhood is being gentrified and swallowed up by the larger corporations, but the protest group conveniently ignores that. Mari was right to leave when she did, and I'm glad Emma told them off. Johnny did look unhappy, and I don't think that's just a lack of sleep due to newfound fatherhood. And if Karla is still holding a grudge, then she and Johnny need to end it. They're just dragging things out now. Looks like they're setting up someone for Eddy to move on with, and that's nice. The other members of the drag group were awful, though. I didn't like that Victor basically told Emma that he'd be waiting for her when she was ready, like nothing really happened. I think he's full of shit and he's hiding behind his newfound religion.
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