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  1. That was awesome. The doctor in the first story probably got off the easiest. Yeah, he ends up in a coma, but he's reliving the orgasmic sensation of his actions, so at least he's peaceful. Could have gone without seeing the gory stuff with him mutilating himself, though. As for Carrie and Jack, I sympathize with them both. The transfer was just an awful idea from the start, but that's how Haynes worked, he would reach these people at their most vulnerable moments and propose a miracle that seemed impossible. And he said it himself: the real reason that the transfer failed was because it took away any semblance of privacy from Jack, and any agency away from Carrie. None of the experiments were reversible, so the guinea pigs were stuck with the consequences. TCKR knew that too. The point was to get enough data to do the same procedure on someone else, having worked out all the kinks on the previous subjects. That's why Haynes and TCKR never charged for the services. Still, the needle tips over to Carrie slightly. One thing I noticed was that when Haynes brought up the transfer to Jack and Carrie, Carrie immediately agreed, but Jack was more reticent. Still, he went ahead with it. Years later, when it came to transferring Carrie's consciousness to the stuffed monkey, Emily (Jack's new GF) agreed, while Jack was reticent, but went ahead with it anyway. Jack let himself get swayed by others when it came to major decisions, so it wasn't surprising that he relented on everything. Emily probably gave the stuffed monkey to Haynes and told Jack it was lost. And Jack willingly accepted that, because he wanted the whole thing to be over and done with anyway. Clayton's story was the saddest, and it's not surprising that racists and White supremacists were some of the most gleeful watchers who pulled the switch. Hopefully his consciousness isn't in the souvenirs. I know Haynes' story started unraveling at that time, but I think that was when the poison really took affect, so that could be it. I don't think Nish having her mother's consciousness in her head is a good idea, despite the happy ending. But maybe there was a way to transfer her mother and Carrie into something else, or San Junipero, like others have mentioned.
  2. I was wondering this too. I guess physical manifestations of arousal never showed, like erections. I think Karl had more emotional ties to Danny than he admitted. I think that if Danny had responded differently to the kiss, Karl would have as well. And there was a genuine connection between the two of them through their shared history as friends. Could be why Karl got the cat at the end, he was tired of being by himself and wanted something else to connect to. Everyone had to compromise in the end. Even though Theo gets to have a hookup for a night, it wasn't what she set out for. She was willing to sacrifice desires for other men for her marriage, and she loved Danny enough to do it. Karl only gets the "best sex of his life" once a year, and I'm not sure that he was able to really enjoy sex with anyone else. He didn't "finish" with Mariella, and he said that the other versions of the players in the game didn't measure up for him sexually. Danny was the only one who really got the best of both worlds; amazing sex, and a loving wife and child at home. It was nice seeing Nicole Beharie on screen again, and she's still got the range. She really owned the scene at the restaurant. She deserves way more work than she gets.
  3. Same The moment Eddie started waxing poetic about how he wanted to tell her and he loved her, I was just waiting to hear the crash. So predictable. But someone on Twitter said they think Eddie was hit by the drunk guy who "saved" him at the bar. Shame that Gary and Maggie had a nice, mature send off, because you know it won't last. Gary will move on and develop feelings for Single Mom, Maggie will return from Oxford with some hot British arm candy, and Gary will get jealous. Figured Rome and Regina wouldn't get the baby. I know Regina is hurting but blaming Rome isn't the way to go. He's in as much pain as she is.
  4. Basically. Even with the footage they have, there’s so much negative press with this show. Besides the shoddy craftsmanship, the current residents don’t want them there, anyway. And I noticed that the recent articles list Donovan as Alison’s ex-partner. I guess she would have to get a new construction partner to continue the series.
  5. Ow, Saoirse. That peplum does look like it has its own tray. The skirt is so pretty, but it looks like it belongs on a totally different dress.
  6. ITA. The look is very simple, but accentuates her beautifully and the color works. Sandra’s dress is just too much.
  7. I thought she was Linda Ellerbee at first. And while I love Linda Ellerbee, blonde does not work on Olivia.
  8. I recognized the coma guy's son from Sleepy Hollow. Hey, Corbin's son! I really don't care what's going on with Iggy. I feel like all the loathing I had for Bloom has now transferred to Castro.
  9. This show does irritate me at times, but I think the writers are aware that it's not that accurate, hence the upbeat jazzy music and lighthearted tone. It's not as clever as Scrubs, but I don't mind it. She definitely is, thankfully. I thought it was due to her hookup with the PT, but I guess it's more than that.
  10. I thought the same thing, especially when he said he wasn’t trying to “rock the boat”. I thought it was leading to a proposal.
  11. Is Jennifer Aniston high, or sick? She was flubbing her lines and I thought she was gonna throw up for a minute.
  12. Damn, he went in! Can’t lie, some of that was spot on. ”I know you haven’t seen my show.” Enjoy it, Ramy!
  13. It's been a long time since I've had Domino's, but I definitely remember the flour/crust thing, and it happened nearly every time we ordered from there. I never thought anything of it, though. I just figured they dusted some flour on the bottom of the box so the pizza wouldn't stick. That said, Domino's gives me stomachaches I don't eat it. Same with Pizza Hut. Shame, because I'm OK with eating cheap.
  14. Disappointing, but not surprising. Would have been nice if they had one final season to wrap everything up.
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