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  1. Wow, that was good. So glad it did not disappoint. Tom Hiddleston owns this, no doubt, but he's got an interesting plot as well as a great supporting cast. That life reel couldn't have been easy to watch, but it had to be done. What I didn't get was that they never referenced the first Thor movie, or what happened to the Frost Giants. There's no question of mind control or influence when it came to that. Loki's actions on Asgard were entirely his own. He tried to wipe out a whole race of people just to keep his secret hidden, and I couldn't believe that Mobius never brought that up.
  2. I know I'm past the Auntie age because I had to look up what a bodycon dress is. And the Millie Rock. 😭 Gabrielle is this season's MVP. The gang retreat was better than the first and she owned the Auntie sketch, along with Laci as the fairy godmother. I kept rewinding that one. But the vampire/demon stuff at the end just felt like a poor way to shoehorn the rest of the cast into it. The apocalypse side plot still doesn't make sense, but even worse, it's just not funny. It wasn't that logical last season, but at least the cast was just hanging out and having fun, rather than try
  3. Honestly, I thought that was a terrible premier. Who wrote these skits? Some of those lines were just straight up cringe. I do like Robin, but her acting is too hammy. She just tries too hard and exaggerates everything. I understand Quinta couldn't come back this season, but they couldn't even mention her during the apocalypse scenes? As it was, it didn't really make sense. Robin gets knocked out and ends up in some random warehouse? I dunno, it was just dumb. And Quinta's absence is noticeable in the show. As for the newbies, it's still early. Laci was pretty charmi
  4. The man really can wear a suit. That three piece that he wore during the first Avengers promo was everything. Getting more excited for this, although I don't want my hopes too high. Also, I saw a box of Boku juice in the very end trailer. Does anyone remember that? The sophisticated high school juice box of the 90s. Ha!
  5. Going to direct streaming was the best thing possible for this movie, because it meant that I could fast-forward/skip all the boring stuff. Was anyone really clamoring to see the Russells again? Why bring them back? Anytime one of the Madison's Scooby Doo scenes happened, I just zoned out. Sadly, I wouldn't have cared if they ended up as casualties of Godzilla or Kong. What a waste of Brian Tyree Henry. Suprisingly, Jia was a great addition, and one of the only humans that I genuinely felt for. I think the writers had wanted people to like Madison the way they liked Jia, but Madison
  6. So this is the April Fool’s joke this year. The Aqua Teen (or Aqua Child) theme song dubbed with childrens voices is cracking me up. I just wish I knew the lineup. I think they’re going to show an episode of Metalocalypse, along with a few other retired shows.
  7. That was good. The slower pace doesn't bother me, I think we needed that after the batshit crazy WandaVision. I didn't care for the first fight scene. It just looked so cheap for some reason. And the closeups to Sam when he was in the air was terrible. Closeups on scenes like that don't usually look good, imo. I truly sympathize with Sam wanting to save the family boat, but I'm on Sarah's side. She's been on her own for five years, raising two small children, trying her best to keep things afloat. She clearly doesn't want to sell it, but I see why she feels she has no choice.
  8. Yep to both of these. Definitely thought sparks were going to fly between Lavelle and Meeka during the lion trial, which would have made things awkward for the obvious reasons. And in this day and age, no way would this charade have gone by so long without someone suggesting a DNA test, and not just go by the word of an old man with a sketch. Surprised that Semmi didn't suggest this to Akeem, but Semmi had less to do this time around. Missed opportunity for an ancestry.com joke.
  9. I think it would have been better if Lavelle was Semmi's son, not Akeem's. I never once bought the bond between Akeem and Lavelle and I could have believed that Semmi had slept with Mary all those years ago and just lied to Akeem about it. It actually started out pretty good, but the cracks started showing about 30 minutes in. Part of what made the first so funny was seeing Akeem try to fit in among the New Yorkers, but Lavelle trying to fit in at Zamunda didn't have the same comedic value. Most of the ending had me just going "Oh, ok." Like Lavelle and Mirembe getting married
  10. Emotionally and acting wise, that was on point. It's called WandaVision, but Elizabeth Olsen carried this show. She deserves an Emmy nod at least. It did feel anticlimactic, though. The Vision fight was OK. I hated that line from Monica about the townspeople not knowing what she did for them. Well yeah Monica, because Wanda trapped them trapped in the hex in agonizing pain, unable to even sleep because Wanda's nightmares were poisoning them. She even tried choking them when the begging got to be too much. They're right to be angry. And they've been exposed to the radiation in t
  11. This episode may have been more exposition than I prefer so close to the end, but it was necessary. Kinda bummed that Agatha wasn't behind it all, although I loved her backstory. It was interesting how she actually did want to be good, but just said forget it in the end when the other witches were fighting her. Seeing the heart Vision circled on the deed is a callback to the first episode, with the heart drawn on the calendar. That was really sad. Plenty has been said on Elizabeth's performance (and for good reason) so I wanted to mention the visuals. A few that really stood ou
  12. Monica's superhero transformation was glorious. When I saw her blue eyes, I basically squealed. It wasn't just her going through the barrier, it was knowing the radiation could seriously harm her and going in anyway. Ultimate hero move. I can't wait to see what she does next. Loving Kathryn as Agatha. Her evil cackling at the end was perfect. You can tell she's enjoying this. Her theme song cracked me up. It actually sounded like Kathryn singing it! Honestly, I thought poor Billy and Tommy were going to be in that basement lair, unconscious or hanging up by their thumbs, or
  13. I wondered the same thing. But cells changing doesn't have to mean superpowers, either. We know that's the case with Monica, but what about the citizens? Could this have a radiation/cancer-like effect? It's too convenient that Agnes was at Ellis Ave. Also, when Vision said he didn't know his past, Agnes' tone seemed almost accusatory. I am really in awe of Wanda's power. When Jimmy said the town was moving, I didn't realize that Wanda was actually expanding Westview. Even if she can't control every citizen, it's just damn impressive. She really could have taken out Thanos on h
  14. Rerun of the LA couple moving to Ecuador. Probably would have picked up the first place and dropped it in the city if they could. Wasn’t surprised that they went with house 2, it was more resort-y. What really got me was that quick shot of them making out in the end. I barely see HH couples do a quick peck on the cheek, let alone straight up mouth to mouth. It was nice! They should let them show affection more often.
  15. I know Asta was a young mother, but she barely looks older than Jay. Is Jay in high school or college? I wonder if Jay was selling the pills with the stolen prescription pad, or just taking the pills herself. It would explain why she’s always knocked out. Glad Max made a friend, although I don’t think the girl saw Harry as an alien, but as a human. Still think the pilot was the best episode. These past two haven’t really been engaging me. 😞
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