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  1. I thought the same thing, especially when he said he wasn’t trying to “rock the boat”. I thought it was leading to a proposal.
  2. Is Jennifer Aniston high, or sick? She was flubbing her lines and I thought she was gonna throw up for a minute.
  3. Damn, he went in! Can’t lie, some of that was spot on. ”I know you haven’t seen my show.” Enjoy it, Ramy!
  4. It's been a long time since I've had Domino's, but I definitely remember the flour/crust thing, and it happened nearly every time we ordered from there. I never thought anything of it, though. I just figured they dusted some flour on the bottom of the box so the pizza wouldn't stick. That said, Domino's gives me stomachaches I don't eat it. Same with Pizza Hut. Shame, because I'm OK with eating cheap.
  5. Disappointing, but not surprising. Would have been nice if they had one final season to wrap everything up.
  6. I really hope this gets a second season. That was a good finale, but I don't want it to be the end. There's still so many questions. Trieu vaporizing the 7th Kalvary was just too satisfying. And Keene getting liquified (while wearing those stupid panties, no less) made it all the better. I thought he was going to exit the machine looking like a horrible abomination, like Brundlefly. I felt sorry for the Warden/Adam. Assuming that he didn't even want the role of a villain, Adrien had to turn the knife sideways and tell the Adam that he didn't even do a good job of it. Poor Angela. Even if she has supernatural powers, she's lost Cal, and nothing makes up for that. Love them together.
  7. I wondered the same. Is there a reason they changed it? Watchmen is getting my live viewing tonight, but I’ll still DVR the KCH. I’m really looking forward to the Sesame Street tribute.
  8. This episode was wild. Glad I watched after the credits. Angela may have inadvertently started things, but didn't Judd have the Klan hood in his closet regardless? Liked seeing Cal go full Manhattan. It was confusing from the perspectives, but they made it work. And nice full frontal, back and everything else. 😉 So the Warden is Adam. I wonder who Eve is.
  9. I know about the curbside pickup, but it doesn't change the traffic and crowds you deal with on the way there. And doing several drives to the same store is overkill.
  10. Solid trailer. Movies/trailers based in the 80s tend to look stupid because they overemphasize the gaudiness of it, but this looked more...natural, I guess? Nice use of Blue Monday. I'm wondering if Steve is a ghost or a figment of Diana's imagination.
  11. The Peloton ad was stupid and poorly thought it, but I didn't get the uproar, and I've seen it several times. It just felt like something that social media ran with, and definitely not worth the Aviation redemption ad. They could have just let it die. Then again, Ryan Reynolds sucks, so basically anything he does annoys me. IMO, the GMC commercial wins the honor for the worst holiday commercial this season. It's one thing to buy a new truck, but two? Even for the holidays, it felt like an embarrassing extravagance, and the cutesy wife "I want this one!" running to the truck the husband was obviously eyeing, haha! Keep that trash commercial and those shitty trucks. The Walmart ad sucks because Walmart is always a zoo so I just felt sorry for the husband. The traffic, the crowds...and you deal with that before you even walk in the store. Then doing that several times? Forget that, I don't care if someone's off gluten/carbs/whatever, unless it's an allergy, they can eat elsewhere. I'm only making one trip!
  12. So Cal is Dr. Manhattan. Did not see that coming. Seeing the bluish tint at the end made it more real. If Jane has been working with Keene all this time, that doesn't bode well for Judd's legacy. Either he was involved or he was an idiot who didn't realize what his wife was up to. Saw a clever tidbit on Reddit; Blake's Dr. Manhattan-style dildo was called the Excalibur. Now we know that her ex is named Cal Abar. Veidt's scenes are amusing, but I can't get into them too much because they're so removed from everything else. Just saw Faithe Herman in Shazam, now she's playing the younger Angela. Nice to see her getting more work.
  13. That was an excellent episode. A lot to take in. Crawford said he got the Klan suit from his grandfather. I take it they haven't revealed who that was? I thought it would be one of the cops who was killed in the warehouse fire. The mesmerizing technology was a horrifying concept. I felt for that poor woman in the theater. What a nightmare to experience.
  14. Maggie’s plan was to take Ben home without running into anyone else, since he was supposed to be quarantined (measles). But when they arrived at his place, there were plenty of people outside, including kids and elderly people, who are particularly susceptible to measles. Ben told Maggie it was ok, because they both knew he couldn’t go any further and risk infecting anyone, so back to the hospital they went. I hope you feel better soon!
  15. Knowing about Natalie’s impaired memory made Maggie’s decision even worse. If word got out, other staff (especially Connor) could think that Natalie really did place that order in to release the patient. I follow the girl who played Aviva (Jasmine Luv) on IG, and she’s a pretty talented comedian. Shame that this role didn’t play to her strengths.
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