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  1. From episode 4 and the existing comments you probably already know too much to make it a surprise, but I think it would be worth it to watch the spiral into desperation. Eps 1 and 2 seemed to me to be tedious, but they are essential. You almost need a scorecard to keep track of everyone.
  2. I don't know about that, but it's not in the plot for this go round. Max can give the police all kinds of info on Roy's schemes and connections, and they can follow up on that. Obviously that would require the UK equivalent of Witness Protection. ETA: And that bent cop is toast.
  3. Dowel Jones


    Bill is definitely a supreme schemer. Setting Crystal up like that to undercut Jack and his league is devious to the nth power. The irony here is that Jack spends so much time on the script when he could just use the real life drama to put on a show.
  4. That, and it's all on him. The Codys would likely burn him the second any investigator comes close, as they actually had nothing to do with the murder. Not that they wouldn't drop the fed, but they would be a lot more careful. All they have to say is "He was standing there with a gun on us, and made us dispose of the body." Of course, the Codys would be under some serious heat for a time, but the cop would be done.
  5. Dumb moto cop chased him into and around the parking garage. There's only 1-2 entrances; call for backup and stake out the exits before you go chasing him. But I guess it was necessary to show how badass Craig has become. One wonders how Deran managed to work his way through the bureaucracy to get his alcohol license in the first place. Blowing up at City Hall never ends well. Deputy Dawg thinks he's a big time gangster now that he's killed someone to help out the Codys. I think he had no idea how deep his shit is, now. Sorry, Max. You can piss off Julia, you can piss off S
  6. Spaghetti on the wall again, as far as I can see. Craig and Renn, Deran and SOB owners, Pope and Smurf's ghost, J and the attorney, the Codys and the cops, young Smurf and Manny and Pete. Where is this all going? 20% downgrade makes for an exciting skateboard ride.
  7. If Pete hasn't flushed the coke, his best play might be to seek out a middleman to go to the cartel and tell them they can have their coke back. Let's think about this. 1. The cartel loses a shitload of coke. 2. They have the resources to put the word out about any large deals being done behind their backs. 3. They're not shy about taking revenge on whoever has the coke, guilty or not. From Pete's POV, best to just get rid of it and save his life, Codys be damned.
  8. Maybe they're going for a huge, all encompassing "I was all a dream" sequence, featuring the return of Scott Speedman.
  9. Has Pope never heard of Amber Alert? When Cass's husband reaches town again, he's going to report the abduction, and Vancouver is not exactly around the corner from San Diego. The flashbacks this episode were even more uneven than previous weeks. So Janine and Pam pull off a jewel heist. And burn up the escape van. So? We already know they are crooks. Dumb ones, too, as Jake and the other guy left fingerprints everywhere.
  10. The liquor store scene brought a laugh. Say, mister, can you buy us some beer? Been there, done that, as a young'un. Why would the distributor short Deran's order? Did he screw up and not know it? And it makes no sense for the SOB owner to go to Deran. He didn't pay for his shortage; why try to get it back from Deran? And sorry, Deran, owning a dive bar doesn't mean owning the customers. Everyone goes to the new place, at least for awhile. That confrontation is setting up for something, for sure. Janine runs into her trailer, hugs and kisses Julia, and then pats Andrew on the
  11. I did like the way that everyone else started flying as soon as they drank the kool-aid, but Pope just sits there wondering "What am I doing here?" It takes about 2 hours before he finally starts flying, at least a little bit.
  12. Smurf gets a house in Oceanside. Jake gets beat up by Max Cross. Smurf makes a deal with him. The guys pull off a heist that should get an award for piss poor planning. Craig makes a deal with Pamela. Her son gets a few lines, anyway. The Oceanside PD fires a warning shot over J's bow. Pope drinks the kool aid at a minor league Jim Jones place and goes haywire out on the beach. So, the plot thickens. Or not.
  13. All I can think of is that somehow Jerry the cop is going to get pulled into Smurf's web somehow, with implications far down the road.
  14. The worst thing that Smurf did to her kids was to put them in that eternal adolescence of 'make enough money to surf and buy drugs', without giving them the tools to plan their lives, J excepted. So, here they are, completely at Pamela's beck and call and none of them really has an idea of how to build up their family business, now that it's gone. They're consigned to doing day jobs for other people and taking all the risk. All that is not to say that I'm rooting for them, but it really sucks when being a criminal is harder than making an honest living. Pamela said that Phoenix babysa
  15. I thought he did, there, when the neighbor woman asked him if he had found his sister. I thought he was standing at the gate to Smurf's old trailer, even if it had been replaced.
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