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  1. I just watched it, and, to quote George Bush, "That was some weird shit." Laughed all the way through, although I do recommend closed captioning for us 'Muricans.
  2. Not to mention the fact that, even with a proper code, insurance companies are not going to line up to say "Sure, we'll pay for that."
  3. As soon as the trooper told Rebecca and family that there was a motel back down the road, I silently said "No, please don't make it the Pilgrim Rick motel." I enjoyed Kevin excusing himself from building the puzzle, especially since, ~20 years previously, he said to Randall "You're the only one who's ever going to want to solve this puzzle." I would also have chuckled if, when Toby handed little Jack the Luke Skywalker figurine, Jack had hurled it across the room, and then cooed when Toby handed him a Darth Vader figurine. The look on Toby's face would have been priceless.
  4. I think she has her own agenda, and is keeping it hidden from everyone. I was rather surprised at the meeting at the end. From an inmate's viewpoint, the worst possible thing the correctional staff can do is have a private conversation with you in front of all the other inmates. That just screams 'snitch', and you won't be trusted by anyone again. Anything that happens, related or not, will be blamed on you.
  5. Max's great idea at the end doesn't make a lot of sense either. Farm your doctors out to the hinterlands? Is that what he's saying? Because charging another hospital the traveling doctor's salary, even with an admin charge, isn't going to increase revenues, because it's just a pass through charge. Is he advocating bringing those patients to New Amsterdam? Who pays for that? Janet Montgomery' accent slipped just a bit in one scene (in the hallway) where she yelled at her mother. She said something like "Patients not allowed in this area." Problem is, she used the English 'arear', as she is native to London. That's okay. I do like Max finally getting blindsided about his chief of cardio leaving. Pay attention to your people, Max. Too bad Todd wasn't around last week when the hospital sunk all their loose change into a hospice ward.
  6. The Following called. They want their plot lines back.
  7. Dowel Jones


    The police had no record of his daughter even existing. No files, SSN, no nothing. They likely regarded him as a kook.
  8. Dowel Jones


    Once again Maggie and OA are detailed all over the area to look for suspects. And once again they have to chase one, although this time it was semi-legit because he ran first. I would have laughed had he run down the fire escape instead of up to make his escape, what with the duo failing once again to call for backup to secure the scene. Jubal got to talk at normal volume for almost the entire episode! That was one helluva nice panic room.
  9. To tell the truth, I was waiting for a reveal that Vivian had hired the kid to murder their father, with the promise of part of the inheritance to go toward his mom for a lifetime. ETA: Color me shocked (shocked!) when Benny asked Taylor if her evidence had been obtained legally with a warrant. Is that a thing now with TAC?
  10. Normally I don't pay much attention to the credits at the beginning of the show, but I just noticed that former LA County DA Gil Garcetti is a consulting producer for the show. Has he been on board all along or was that a new addition?
  11. With this show, it's more likely "OMG, the character is acting logically!" That's still brand new. Throw in a giant four toed statue and a purple sky and I'm there!
  12. I am going to commit the episode title to memory for future reference as an excellent insult.
  13. Maybe he will assign Dr. Bloom to the unit, and she will be consigned to walking the hall with her cane, making only token appearances in the 'regular' hospital.
  14. Additionally, DOT requires that all trucks over 10,000# GVW have a rear collision bar on the trailer, which is supposed to prevent that very occurrence. I would think that both vehicles would have to be traveling at rather high speeds for the car to have enough force to bend that bar back enough for it to slide under the trailer. But, if that were the case, we wouldn't have the thrilling race to save the driver with the slowest extrication possible vs. the person to person blood donation. Type O for the win!
  15. So, I'm guessing, a mistrial? If the tone of her voice isn't enough to make him drop everything and call her back, whatever she said won't make any difference, in my opinion. That was one stressed phone call. They are definitely going somewhere with the tension between the two of them. Worst. Bailiff. Ever. They are trained SO deputies; he should have expected some type of violent or extreme behavior from the defendant as soon as he got up. Did her experience in Die Hard inspired Holly McLane to write a book?
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