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  1. So, Chester/Taizo has this spirit chasing him across land, sea, and air, and it's not going to be over until it's over. I kind of have the same feeling as with season 1 when the monster was revealed to be a gynormous polar bear, and that is just that everything else will be formulaic from here on out. I hope not. Did all the camp guards go home for the night, and there was no one to notice a huge wooden building totally involved in flames? I was rather stunned at Chester's outburst toward his "father", denying him that role. He raised you. He is your father. Chester mentioned, I think, that he had been honorably discharged when he emerged from the Army truck. It sounds horrid, but would that necessitate him being held in the camp as an internee now? I assumed he was there on a visit.
  2. Maybe they can get her hubby to do a cameo as the real father, just to spin up Angel.
  3. I agree about the lawyering up. Only a fool has himself for a client. Additionally, Harvey said he wanted to call his lawyer when the PD put the cuffs on him. By law, the prosecution cannot question him at all, period, without his attorney present after that moment. Presumably that goes for Cahill, too. And that cop is going to be in a lot of trouble for smashing his phone, now that Harvey won. And did Faye tell Cahill to take the deal? That may be bordering on incompetent counsel. When Harvey and Sean were talking shouting at each other on the street, Harvey kept looking up and to his left. Was Macht reading cue cards? It was really convoluted. Eye-rolling, head-shaking, face palming convoluted. You just have to accept it.
  4. Maybe he's unloading to Keri because he just killed McGann. Who knows?
  5. So, when McGann and Nick are meeting, McGann makes some leading comment about how Jessica is the root of all their problems and they need to take care of that. I'm paraphrasing there, as I didn't rewatch it. What I did do is go all the way back to Ep. 1, (at least 8 weeks previously) when she takes the cab to Calumet and 61st, and then calls another woman (Keri?). A van approaches, and she says "Stay on the line". Right about that time her eyes get a little big, and it cuts to a different scene. Bad Day at Black Rock for Jessica? Possible. Maybe Misdirection? Also quite possible. Show of hands. How many people actually googled 'Best Boxing Gloves'? I did, and those Everlast gloves really do show up. Nice plug. Keri's gotta be thinking "Should I stay here at the lower paid city attorney position so I can continue in this useless relationship, or should I go private and make $310,000 per year? Hmmm."
  6. Riding a motorcycle from Santo Padre to Stockton? 8 hours? I'd be a little grouchy whenever I stopped, too. Looks like another story arc coming up. I presume to hooker was left alive and she will talk to the Mayans as to who the two cops were. That won't end well. What is going on with Dita? Give us some hints, at least. Emily isn't afraid to throw her Felipe weight around, isn't she? Of course, as Felipe said, that's how execs get things done. Now, I'm sure that Bezos or Zuckerman don't have people killed, but I'm equally sure they have local politicians bent to their will simply by implying what money can do. So I wasn't completely awed by that display. Are Adelita and Mini on the Mexican side of the border? It would seem that biker gangs clubs and burly white guys asking questions about a girl and a woman might attract undue attention. Who in their right mind would use a car tracker with a bright red LED light? Certainly they're not as fast as the crotch rockets that the frat boy gang was riding, but the look and the sound are distinctly Harley Davidson, and that's what counts in that world. I know it was necessary for the plot, but I can't believe that two CHPs got outflanked by the bikers. On another note, now it looks like the Mayans are losing their routes. They can't go through the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino), they can't go across on I-10 to LA; they'll have to go all the way over San Diego and come up I-5. Poor boys. "Prospect. Recycle that shit." Heh.
  7. Shouldn't the soldiers have been right on top of the wrecked jeep? They would have seen the duffel bag zombie, and likely have shot it. Maybe next episode. Does anyone remember the movie Fallen, with Denzel Washington? I'm sort of getting the feeling that this plot is similar, in that the yurei can move freely from person to person, and there's nothing to stop it.
  8. Personally, I can't remember stuff that happened 2 seasons ago, let alone 8. I did get a small kick out of Harold whining "I worked for you for 3 years. Don't you remember me?" Don't ever change, Harold. 8 hour drive in a muscle car? I'm surprised Faye didn't pop up in the back like the Trunk Monkey. "Gandalf? Who's he? I'm not a sports fan."
  9. Sort of like some other Pearsons I could name.
  10. Dowel Jones


    So I guess Mel isn't going off to Spelman College this next term. When she hears about this, I don't think Wanda is going to try and act tough around Mel anymore. Teddy was cold; "Leave your keys on the counter before you leave." He's going to die a cold, lonely death. What if Mossad wasn't really responsible for the failed attack on Ari? He might think they are, but if it's someone in the cocaine pipeline, Teddy's contacting Mossad will only cause more problems for himself.
  11. Fear of retribution, mostly, and since MS13 is the designated bad boy of Latin America by the current administration, request for asylum would probably fly higher than a vague claim of political differences or whatnot.
  12. Emily is going over plans to rebuild a house (their own or one on their property?). One of the scenes showed them sitting next to some charred beams. Maybe Dita somehow started a fire in the house and it burned her? Maybe it's related to the "getting worse" comment? A lot left unexplained there, or I missed a lot.
  13. I think he was possessed because he was speaking Japanese, which Chester translated. That's not likely (but not impossible) for an Anglo soldier.
  14. The problem is that she has no proof of what he did. She handed him $1500 in cash, no receipt, no contract, and he said he would handle it. All he has to do is deny the meeting ever took place. She blew it. Her only choice is to go to the "fixer". Which, of course, Jessica will do with her own bag of tricks.
  15. Dowel Jones


    The staged suicide won't hold up under investigation, assuming the LAPD doesn't want to cover it up. There would be powder burns on Andre's head from a close range shot, plus the angle was wrong for a self inflicted wound. There would likely be gunpowder residue on his arm, as there is on Franklin's arm. Not that they could pin it on Franklin, but he's now a prime target for any of Andre's friends in the department. Plus, Melody, if she straightens up, would be screaming to the world about how her dad was murdered.
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