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  1. It would have been so much more delicious if Red had been reading from John Grisham or Mario Puzo.
  2. There has been a few incidents where all the 51 vehicles pulled out at the same time, yet, at the fire, Truck comes in from a different direction than Engine, and parks nose to nose. And sometimes Boden was 3rd on scene.
  3. Because Prince Andrew intervened and the FBI was told to step down. That's why he was being shipped off to Hawaii. Or maybe Tidal got pissed at her and locked her computer up for ransom. Or maybe TAC has a trademark on skeevy practices. I can't help but think that Taylor's kid will spend one summer in Hawaii, and then come back to noisy, cold, crowded NYC next winter and just unload on Taylor.
  4. Maybe Gerard is the real, Real, I Mean Really Real and This Time We're Not Kidding Real Reddington.
  5. The family fight might be interesting if both were at least marginally respectable, but it isn't. Sam should go to the board, dump it on their laps with full disclosure, and hand in her resignation. Let them deal with Dr. Asshole. She may even get her job back, but that would be the end of the series, more or less. And, just in case anyone thinks shenanigans like that don't happen, the hospital in the neighboring town to me (Tulare, CA), actually shut down, fired the entire medical staff, and was closed for about a year when it went bankrupt due to the financial malfeasance of some of the
  6. I already know the answer. Vandyke stole Liz's dogs all that time ago, just waiting for the right time. He set them free that night, with a hearty "Go find Liz!", and badda bing, badda boom. One thing that always puzzles me about TV gunfire is that a blood mark always appears on the opposite side of the body from the shot, in order to emphasize the fact that the person has been shot. But this means that the bullet exited Liz's body. Where did it go, since Reddington was standing directly in front of her? Understatement of the night: Cooper - "Congratulations, Special Agent." De
  7. True, it was poorly written, but it had to happen in Randall's presence for the effect. Personally, I was quite tickled at the takedown but it was at the wrong time. I have no idea where any of the characters are anymore, but in California it's actually mandatory to undergo at least six hours of driver training at a certified school. Parents can drive with their kids, of course, but it doesn't count, and, as you said, they learn all the bad habits. I wondered that too. It looked like over a pound of beef there. Not that much came out, though. That was downtow
  8. I had to laugh when Beth ranted out that "she's not getting this (her phone) back until there's an iPhone 30!" Uh, Beth, that'll be around August... That theater guy was classic. "I think he mighta gone down to the food court, but I'm kinda....stoned, so there's that." A model of upward mobility, he was.
  9. "Good evening. This is Rich HeadofHair with the evening news. A giant sinkhole has opened up in downtown Los Angeles, killing possibly thousands of people and causing several million dollars in damages. Rumors abound about the causes and the possibility of time travel. But first, this story out of Hollywood. Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really breaking up? We go live to our intrepid street reporter now!"
  10. Just as an aside, the medics' call about the man in distress has some basis in fact. I just read a news article about a guy down in New Zealand who woke up with a cockroach inside his ear (presumably a small one). The doctor didn't believe him about the irritation until someone finally looked inside. Again, presumably, a 110 lb. medic didn't jump on his back and poke a syringe into his ear while he was gyrating around.
  11. By the same token, if Sally had taken off on a fling with jerk Nicky, after two or three days of his grouchy-all-the-time antisocial behavior, she might reevaluate her life with her husband.
  12. I'm really hoping that we get to a Marissa v. Bull in the battle of the trial sciences. Her new company will have its own mirror jury and hackers to dig out all the dirt on the jury pool, and maybe for once Bull will get outplayed.
  13. IMHO, the moment that her kid, and especially Bull, broke silence about the effects of the tumor resection, the judge should have thrown a mistrial, based on influencing the jury. Did anyone notice that predatory look that Danni gave the new guy as he was walking into Bull's office? Sparks flying!
  14. Dowel Jones


    (Coroner's report indicates that Rina was killed by a slashing sharp object...) Can you account for your whereabouts before this episode aired?
  15. I actually got a little chuckle over the demise of Hermann's latest scheme. Maybe it's because it actually sort of happened that way in a city where I used to live. The local radio station planned out a similar contest to be run over a few weeks, but a listener just happened to drop to one of the clues in the first two weeks, and found the treasure. The business sponsors were not thrilled. I've always understood that 220v, or even 440v depending on the line, would give you a whole lot more bang than just a concussion. I know that a local firefighter here lost his arm brushing up again
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