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  1. It would have been a great cameo if Purcell had planted a dog in the woman's back yard and they had used on of Liz's missing dogs.
  2. Believe it or not, it's been done, out at a drop zone here in California. Filmed, too. The FAA got involved just to make sure there wasn't any distractions to the pilot while the couple was in the plane. Anyway, moving on.... Do we know who Liz is looking for? I didn't recognize the photo. The auto contest was done on Third Watch a long time ago, and the cop (Skip Sudduth) got taken out of the contest when one of the others arranged a fake purse snatching which he felt compelled to chase down. Nice to know that the server farm runs on a single 220volt line. Some terminally dumb people in this episode. Tech at the server center looks at Purcell, and says, "Oh yeah, you're the guy", even without ID? And don't those door handles work both ways? He should have been able to open the door by moving the handle up. Second up, who opens their door to a stranger in a parking garage? And lastly, who lets a stranger into their house/yard on the flimsy excuse of "I lost my dog"? If Elodie is capable enough to arrange a delayed reaction aneurysm to her husband, Aram should probably shuffle off exit stage left. He's in way over his head. Just had a thought- maybe she's an honest to God Blacklister!
  3. Because it would violate one of the basic tenets of television crime drama: Prison guards must be stupid. It's right up there with 'When being chased by the bad guys, you must a) run down the middle of the street and, b)keep looking behind you to see if they are still chasing you. A subparagraph requires that the man always hold the woman by the hand while running because, you know, they can both run faster that way.
  4. I got a laugh when the Mayor and the PR woman were talking on the morning after and I misheard her saying "I took a leap coming here" as "I took a leak coming here." The LAPD is stumbling over who would want the rapper/activist dead, and I kept saying "It's the developer." Outside forces are generating online conflict between two gangs. Hint: It's the developer. There's a boatload of money to be made gentrifying the area. Hint: It's the developer. Doesn't anyone on the force watch tv? A side question: If Tommy came from an outside department to take the Chief job, would she have all those service stripes on her uniform? She hasn't put in 30 years with the LAPD?
  5. On a completely different note, only Randall and Beth could set the house alarm for 30 seconds and then launch into a detailed discussion on some subject. I replayed that sequence and timed it. They got out the door in 45 seconds. That will not work, trust me on that.
  6. Anya (or her team) calling the School Board is a terrible move. If that is leaked, her candidacy is dead in the water. An AG candidate should be seen as someone taking responsibility, not getting your kid off the hook. Did they intentionally cast an actor who bears a slim resemblance to Al Capone for the corrupt CO? I laughed when he met Wild Bill out in the open yard, and passed him a package. Nothing obvious about that to everyone else, including other CO's, right?
  7. Maybe the honeymoon suite will have a hot tub. Problem solved!
  8. Dowel Jones


    Relative to the first episode (I'm a week late, I know), an LE helicopter would have priority over all other flights in the area. None of this dropping altitude because of a busy airspace. And 1500' was the original assigned altitude? Even at that the noise would be easily audible to anyone. You can hear copters flying by at 5000'. And the FBI must have blown all their budget on computer networking, because a simple drone could have been 10x as effective as a helicopter. Well, anyway... I thought they were going to continue the terrorist saga into this week's episode, but perhaps they're saving it for after the break. I don't follow CPD so I had no interest in the crossover, but Upton needs the same hairdresser that Tracy had way back on Revolution. She was always perky, even in combat. Harper and her dad better leave town. Dem boys are not going to be happy about this. An off thought occurred to me while watching the team move around. How much gasoline do they burn up every case driving around those big Suburbans from one borough to another?
  9. The CO was probably distracted by the looming shadows in the back of the bus. Now there's a mental image worth saving. Maybe that's why she needed that veil.
  10. I would like to know what MRI tech would have "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" on his playlist for patients. That's just cruel.
  11. At first I thought, this is insane. The entire Task Force is gathered in one public room. A Blacklister could eliminate them with one bomb. But then I thought, no, don't do that. The Task Force is probably the best thing to happen to organized crime. Take them out and they might get replaced by a competent group.
  12. I was hoping for a good "Ten Little Indians" style episode, but that fell apart rather quickly and became as predictable as usual. I guess we're lucky that the FBI wasn't notified early on, because you know Ressler couldn't even set up a perimeter on an island. If those clowns were Turkey's "top agents", they need to up their recruiting game. That was just incompetent.
  13. Legend has it that Eli is still running, trying to get clear of that entire town full of idiots.
  14. The Golf Club O'Death! Then, in the final battle between Jaime and Ambrose, each grabs a club out of the bag and gets to it, a la Luke and Darth. Fade to black at the moment of the final swing, so we never know.
  15. One wonders how the high school kid was recruited if he never had contact with any of the bad guys. A want ad on the dark web? "Make money in your spare time! Work from home! Travel the city! No Low risk. Send resume' to...." When Ben pulled out the music box and played it, I was thinking, what if Cal heard the calling "Let him go", and hadn't given it back to Zeke's dad, and the melody was decoded into fractals which somehow led to an address of an old warehouse where someone was storing a U-Boat with a treasure on board. But there's a bunch of White Collar types looking for it too. Who would think up something that crazy?
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