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  1. You mean all those phone calls marked "spam risk" that I deleted were Callings? Well, I failed my trials. Sorry guys.
  2. Aram: Ooh, the script has me going to Paris for a location shoot! Cool! Director: Actually, we found a nondescript bar on a side street in Queens, and craft services is furnishing us with a croissant. Aram: @#$%$#@ Ressler is B23, Aram is I32, Cooper is G6, and Park is O17. Aha, I've got it!
  3. So, apparently the series continues under a different title, called Empty Promises.
  4. Nice of Squad to remove the ladders from the tree after the victim was lowered down. Guys, did you remember that Stella was still up there? And then, did they have some magical way of removing that chunk of wood from the guy's thorax so that they could fit him in the ambulance? I didn't even watch the ending with the swaddling competition, or even if it took place. So much misplaced testosterone. I for one would like to see a Western night at Molly's. Maybe they can squeeze in some second rank Nashville Cat to sing a few songs. I remember reading an anecdote about two baseb
  5. That's why I put the SJV note in there. I live about 100 miles south of Lodi, and it's in the middle of the valley too. It's just that I laughed at the figure of speech.
  6. I know what you meant, but....Lodi? The hills? Disclaimer: I live in the San Joaquin Valley.
  7. The ex-governor, RIP, could have used a lot better security. Glazed eyed kids wandering through the meeting room? How did they even get in? And they didn't secure the bathroom before her speech, either. This is after open threats against her. Adelita deserves a horrible death for brainwashing those kids. I had to laugh at those strategically place rose petals when he pulled her out of the tub. I'm kind of surprised that Bishop would call an ambulance for Steve. Brotherhood and all, but a point blank gunshot to the head is a done deal, and the ambulance would call for th
  8. Dowel Jones


    I'm evil, so I was thinking momentarily that Jubal was the brains behind the abduction to work on his own son. No one would suspect him. At least the FBI proved that they don't have to warn the suspect when they're 50' away. I had a good laugh when Lorenzo ran right through them like a fullback. He didn't realize that a delivery truck is a lot harder to lose. Not to mention putting everyone out there in plain sight, knowing that he was a special ops guy down in Mexico, and, dumbest of all, set up two bright blue shelters and an ambulance in plain sight. If I'm Dr. Caldwell
  9. And then, to complete the circle, Bull could fantasize about producing a TV series based on TAC...
  10. On another note, I found it hilarious, in light of the movies, that Martha's kids are calling FDR "Godfather". So many iconic quotes to be slipped in there.
  11. Yes, I think it was, from what I've read and seen on programs. The tragedy of WWI was still fresh in many people's mind, and there were strong feelings that we were drawn into an imperialist war to benefit bankers and industrialists. Much of this was disseminated by the German-American organizations, and helped along by various celebrities such as Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh. In retrospect, it's hard for me to imagine why US citizens would think that isolationism would save the world from tyrants like Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo. I liked the effort put into showing the human effe
  12. Dowel Jones


    That's probably part of it. Had it happened this season I would probably remember it, but, 1)I watch so many different shows that I'm not so invested in any one of them to remember characters that aren't there every episode, and, 2)there was such a long break between seasons that I had forgotten most of even the major characters until a few eps. in.
  13. Maybe the spirits from Ghost, too. I maybe mighta been there once or twice on a Saturday night/Sunday morning...
  14. I see what you did there.
  15. I'm all in on the 828-themed restaurant. Well, at least until he died. How about some menu selections? Appetizers - Unibrows and Olives, Cheesy scenes, Recycled Actors Entrees - Overdone characters, Seafood tails (2 for 1 special!), Impenetrable Plots. Note: All specials expire after 84 days. Drinks - Kool-Aid. Enough for everyone!
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