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Found 3.1k results

  1. Thanksgiving: still going strong after 398 years, because no one at the first one held power of attorney. Or a grudge.
  2. Dropping on Netflix on Sunday, November 17, 2019.
  3. Anny becomes frustrated with Robert's promised shopping spree; Tania and Syngin disagree on their future plans; Anna feels Mursel is asking too much from her; Emily goes into labor; Mike and Natalie make their introduction. Airs 11/17/19
  4. Airdate 2019.11.17 Mod Note: This thread is for discussion of the episode only. If you didn't see it happen onscreen, discussion of it does not belong here and your post WILL be removed. DO NOT DISCUSS CASTING NEWS, including reported cast comings and goings. We have separate threads for discussing spoilers or the comics.
  5. Dropping on Netflix on Sunday, November 17, 2019.
  6. Whew, finally made it to the end of S3. As a season finale, this is a fairly good one. There's some good bro moments, they get a few stars from me for having the guts to actually send Dean to Hell (I was sure they were going to get him out of it in the end) and they set up S4 quite nicely. As an individual episode, though, it's not really one I like to re-watch. I find both Sam and Dean feel very Sam and Dean; as I prefer them to be. Sam is so desperate, he's willing to do anything to save Dean and Dean is accepting the consequences of his actions especially if that means Sam will live. I appreciate both of their perspectives and can relate to them both. I'm also fond of Bobby in this episode--he's helpful, but doesn't take up more room than he's supposed to. Ruby is shown to be the lying liar that lies that I always knew her to be and I like the fight between her and Dean. Although, And that little girl is the creepiest thing that they've done in a very long time. So, overall a good solid finale, IMO.
  7. S07.E07 Hannah Hayes Summary: The Task Force investigates the unexplained disappearance and sudden re-emergence of a governor. Red and Dembe surveil someone close to Katarina Rostova, as she inadvertently involves Agnes in an operation of her own.
  8. Dropping on Netflix on Sunday, November 17, 2019.
  9. I have a love/hate relationship with this episode and most of the hate side is not really the episode's fault. I have a general annoyance with most time travel episodes (seems like they are just opportunities to dress people up in retro and/or futuristic gear, but usually don't serve story all that much), but I do think Supernatural pulled this one off marginally well and it does actually serve the story to a certain extent. The other part of the hate--now I'm thinking hate is such a strong word, let's go with dislike--is some of the retconning that's been done in the last few years, with regards to John, makes it harder for me to line up characterizations and makes my head hurt a little when watching it. (I don't want to use spoiler tags, so we'll leave it at that). However, all that is tempered by the actual episode itself. Firstly, I think the casting for this episode was perfect, not only with Matt Coen and Amy Gumenick as John and Mary, but I love Mitch Pileggi and can't imagine anyone else playing this patriarch. And Allison Hossack plays a great Deanna also. The other thing I think they got right is pulling back on the production design so it just wasn't a gag to dress people up; they gave just enough of the time period to set it in-period, but not too much that the gag overtook the story. And, for the most part, events and mythology line up and nothing is torn down or ruined by the time travel, for me. So, in the end, they manage to rise above all the reasons why I usually dislike time travel episodes. I do have a few minor quibbles about the whole "deal" making by Yellow Eyes feeling a little shoehorned in there, but the whole demon blood/psychic kids stuff was never a favorite storyline of mine nor did any of it make a lot of sense in the end, so whatever, right?
  10. Dropping on Netflix on Sunday, November 17, 2019.
  11. Airing Thursday, November 14, 2019.
  12. With Abishola only helping part-time, Bob, Douglas and Christina struggle to take care of Dottie. Airdate: November 18th, 2019
  13. Dropping on Netflix on Sunday, November 17, 2019.
  14. JTMacc99


    A cutting-edge stem cell technology to save pets from diseases; a healthier alternative to a traditional style deli meat; a multi-functional exercise device; an innovation in outdoor furniture; Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe, guest judges.
  15. Watching this episode had me, once again, lamenting the loss of Kim Manners. He had such a way of taking these absolutely silly and ridiculous concepts and not only bringing them to life, but having me believe them too. I don't think Dean digging himself out of his own grave could not have made one bit of sense if it weren't for Mr. Manners steady hand. Just the fact that the six feet of dirt didn't crush him alone makes it a physical impossibility not to mention that he did it with his own two hands--oh yeah and there's an oxygen issue to also consider--but at the end of it all, I'm always sitting there thinking "Hell, yeah, Dean Winchester can dig himself out of his own grave...no question!" Of course, Jensen did a lot to convince me too, but I'm writing a love letter to Kim Manners here. The beginning sequences of this episode are quiet things of beauty, IMO. I sometimes wish the show would remember that they don't need to fill all those quiet spaces with blathering, we can follow along and sometimes just relishing in the quietness will sell a moment better than the their drawn out explanations of non-explaining they seem to get caught up in these days. Add to it the quiet scenes of Dean looking in the mirror and sleeping while seeing those flashes of Hell and I'm in my happy place. Manners always seemed to find that place to root his episodes in some sort of real emotional place, but they never seemed to drown in their own misery either. For example, the scenes of Bobby and Dean walk that line of humor and heavy just perfectly. Bobby and Dean hugging never fails to elicit an "aww" out of me and the holy water splashing never fails to elicit a giggle either, but I never feel like I have whiplash either. Manners was also the master of taking scenes that are just basically people standing and/or sitting around talking and making them visually interesting to watch. Take the scene where Sam, Dean and Bobby are sitting around talking about how Dean got out of Hell...the camera starts on Sam moving and handing Dean and Bobby beers, then Sam sits on the bed in the fore-front, Dean (mid-frame) gets up and moves over and picks up Yucky Ruby's bra and sits beside him all the while Bobby is seated in the background. Not only is the camera moving, but the people are moving too--and the way he stacks them three deep gives depth to the framing-- the scene never feels static and/or uninteresting. I could go on and on and talk about something I like in almost any scene of this episode, but I think you get my point so that's probably enough said. I'll just ad that this episode would probably sit on my trophy shelf right next to The Pilot, In My Time Of Dying, Born Under A Bad Sign and What Is And What Shall Never Be for story reasons anyway, but the Kim Manners factor makes it something I look forward to seeing.
  16. Series finale! With the fate of his nation in the balance, Ross must gamble everything to protect his country and those he loves.
  17. Airing Sunday, November 17, 2019.
  18. Airing Monday, November 4, 2019.
  19. Promo: Original air date: 11/12/19
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