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  1. Terrible. Not even trying to follow any book plots and just any and every storyline is the most ridiculous that it could be.
  2. When June was negotiating (helping negotiate?) the Fred for handmaids exchange why didn’t she ask for Hannah too? At least throw it out there?
  3. That they seem like they’ll be pushing a Serena-Tuello romantic relationship when he knows her part in gilead and June’s abuse and rapes… ughhhh
  4. So if Amelia and Maggie are both living with significant others, are the only ones left in merediths house her and her kids? Who is taking care of the kids? Meredith by herself? I assume they must have an unseen nanny of some sort, or Zola is picking up a lot of slack. It feels like there has always been at least one other adult there with her
  5. Garrick and Roberta... want to have a baby together even though they live in separate countries (with no guarantee a visa will ever come through) AND neither speaks the other’s language, beyond some basics. How will they communicate about a baby?? Let alone giving birth and not being able to easily tell the medical staff how you feel, assuming she makes it to the US for the birth. the Mormons... I thought perhaps it was dandelions they were picking/weeding to make something with, they mentioned something about getting the root too. I don’t know what you can make with them (is dande
  6. About Nick... I think at one point he may have really cared about June and the baby and all... but I think he’s starting to get corrupted by the power and enjoying the power (maybe not fully realizing it) and if given the chance he’ll betray June to keep the power/position. From the Swiss (?) negotiations it sounds like there is nothing for him outside of Gilead even if he could get out, he’s some type of war criminal or something.
  7. What does happen when you retire from aunt-dom? Or even the econo class? Do they live a life of leisure? Or just work til they drop? June should really have come up with an alias. Seems like everyone knows who June Osborn is and what she’s done. It would have been safer to take another handmaids name or just make up something totally new. Some people will have her picture but with the lack of tech being used it won’t be everyone. That might make too much sense though.
  8. Sidian reminds me of my brother in law... when SIL broke up with him when they were dating he stalked her to the point she tried to get a restraining order. A few months later they were back together. She brought him to my house (didn’t say it was the same stalker bf) and he told us all about how he had multiple masters degrees, had been in the army, etc. It was all total BS which we saw right through. He also had a criminal history. We asked SIL not bring him over again and she stopped talking to the family for a while. Eventually they got married, she got pregnant, she reconciled with the fa
  9. If them all having the same name is so important why can’t they all (including spencer and his kids) change to “Meanswell” which they seem to use for some things (the star, something else in an earlier episode). See what they all think of that!
  10. Spencer’s face is really feminine... something with his eyes/eyebrows
  11. why are these girls using sippy cups still? Cups with tops/straws in certain situations, water bottles, whatever. But a sippy cup shouldnt be what they use at the table at home.
  12. The name change discussion with the therapist, so manipulative. If she wants to keep her dads name she is old enough to make that choice, her parents need to stop pressuring her to change it. They say it’s her choice but make it sound like she won’t be a part of the family if she doesn’t.
  13. When they were running along the train looking for somewhere to hide there were actual cars strapped to the train, I was thinking, that’s probably a good place to hide, no one will look inside a car. But no, they dropped into the unknown that ended up being a tanker full of milk. Blech. My first thought when they dropped in was hope it’s not some poison/chemical/acid thing. and the guy knowing they were basically giliad sex slaves asking for a blow job is just so gross on so many levels
  14. I read the book before watching the series. It took me a while to get through the series because it didn’t draw me in at all. It was more “inspired” by the book than based on it. The way the series ended was not an ending. I preferred the book (even though it had me bawling by the end).
  15. Good riddance to covid denier guy.
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