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  1. I'm watching this on Paramount Channel now. They're putting up several at a time on Fridays, but they're time jumping all over the place. What's interesting is the way the show treated law enforcement back then. It was quite okay for the FBI to bully people, threaten them, assault them, and commit all manner of 4th Amendment violations, as long as they were confronting "the bad guys."
  2. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that television resorts to such gimmicks! (Tips hat to Casablanca)
  3. And that's how the series is going to end. 20 years in the future, all of Jaime's enemies are dead, the family accounts have been settled, and he's sitting in a lawn chair outside that enormous house, all alone, and dies. Season 4 starts with the whole family in various stages of casting and bandages, spread out in the living room, a la "It's a Mad, Mad....World." (You young folks look that one up, too.:)
  4. I agree about Jimmy. Mia talked him into rodeo again with a kiss. The kid doesn't (didn't) figure out that barrel racing is not the same as bronc riding, and the consequences of a fall are way different. Then there's that 'weekend rodeo' vs. 'business rodeo' that Rip showed him. The entire assassination plot seems rather absurd to me. Why bring all that attention upon yourself, assuming it was ME, when, as stated in an earlier episode, the ranch is essentially going bankrupt in another year or two? Wait them out. It's not like a major airport can be built in a year, anyway.
  5. But isn't that area a dead zone? I don't buy either of them, either. They don't have the contacts to hire hit men to do a massive kill off. That's not something you can solve with "I know a guy who knows a guy...." If you don't have connections, you will owe the hit men for the rest of your life. Quick! Call the veterinarian! Helluva cliffhanger, though. Was the horse shot by someone, or was it just dying in the field? I missed something there, unless the entire scene was just to have Rip see the buzzards. Which were mighty fast to get there. Poor ol' John. The Guv' don't dig you no mo. The one time I really laughed in this episode was when the ranchers told Kayce they want him to be Governor, especially on the 'Kill 'em All' platform. By the way, the three most populous cities in Montana are Billings (100k), Missoula (50k), and Great Falls (50k). All a long way from the Dutton Ranch.
  6. Did she? I was under the impression that she was buying up all the parcels around the Dutton Ranch, on orders from Bob the Mysterious. Then, when Market Equities gained control of Schwartz & Meyers, they got all that land, at a cost of billions. Nothing of the actual ranch was sold, was it?
  7. I'm really impressed with the sturdiness of this ranch crew. Jimmy just had hip replacement, and there he is, on his horse again. And Colby and Teeter just got trounced by horse hooves literally the night before, and all they have are cuts and bruises. No chance for infection from dirty hooves and a pasture stream, either. I guess that on-call vet who saved John Dutton's life got them all cleaned up and ready to go in no time.
  8. I was thinking after the last week that poor Gator had been shuffled off to the side this season, as so few scenes were shown in the ranchhouse. Sure enough, he's back. And he even gets some lines this week. I swear I'm going to get in on the diet craze and write a book on "The Dutton Diet". Where nothing ever gets eaten at the dinner table. Why are all the bad guys on this show so damn stupid? First Jenkins, then the militia guys, and now these two idiots. I'd be interested to know the backstory on how Wade came to work for Dutton in the first place. And kudos to the posters who figured out that it was the brand. One thing (among many, I admit) about the land grabs that have gone on. Jenkins's estate sold off all his land to Market Equities. Why didn't Beth have Bob by the properties instead? It would have made short work of the attempts to force the Duttons out of the valley. No matter now. ME apparently owns everything.
  9. That would be nice in a perfect world, but, in reality, the current population of wild/feral horses is a real detriment to the western range. There aren't enough predators anymore to control the herds, and political pressures prohibit the euthanization of excess animals. Releasing another young, healthy horse just adds to the problem and takes away forage from the existing horses, as well as the wildlife.
  10. The irony here is that the Duttons adopt Jaime, apparently without a peep from the community; no gossip, no nothing. Years down the road, Jaime thinks he can't take Beth 100 miles down the road to a Planned Parenthood clinic because, "people will talk because we're well known."
  11. I paused the tv just when John had been handed the paper with the headline of the capture, just because I like to read the actual stories if the print is good. On this one, under the headline of 'Libby Hatch Captured', the article reads "Libby Hatch, murderess and kidnapper, died by her own hand in a police raid...." I can't believe that was intentional. Was it just the newspaper's way of saying she gave up? Curious.
  12. I found it interesting that, last time, there were no Tribal Police available to search for the missing woman, but this week there's what, 8-10 cars ready on the sting? And they blow their sirens as they're going through a pasture. Move over, gophers! This is an emergency! I'm glad to see that Beth The Invincible finally got taken down a peg or two in the financial world. I am surprised that Bob the Voice puts up with her insubordination, sometimes. One wonders why, with all her ruthlessness and financial acumen, she doesn't have her own firm. Roarke is far too high strung to be a shark broker. He's going to make a mistake also. Shorting a stock, by the way, from what I read, is borrowing shares from a broker, and selling them on the market, hoping that the price will go down and you can buy them back cheaper, and then return the borrowed shares. It takes a buyer to be able to sell stock, so, unless everyone is taken in by ME's wealth, shorting wouldn't work on a large scale. Then Market Equities, seeing their stock being shorted, would wait it out and buy the shares back at those lower prices. Let someone else take the hit for buying at the higher level. But I'm not a broker, just broke. I think, based on the conversation at the arena, that John already suspects that Rip got Beth pregnant, even though Rip doesn't know that he did. Yeah, Walker is one dumb fool to stick around the local area after getting a reprieve from death. Maybe he's still on parole and has to be there. The plot of the airport deal is just too much.
  13. During the confrontation in the restaurant, John blurts out "You have something that belongs to me", to which Wade retorts "Come and get it." I think the grudge is more about something tangible, maybe some property, rather than a relationship. Of course, what would a soap be without a big mystery behind everything? We'll just have to wait to find out.
  14. He is the older rancher who is grazing bison on property next to the Dutton Ranch. The guy who John confronted in the restaurant.
  15. I've been using CC all the way through for that reason. Also, Jaime asked her to check on the Salt Lake City office too, and she asked if the POA would be valid in Montana, also. That's what I remember, anyway.
  16. So, S3 on AMC just ended. Helluvan ending, too. Kate must have watched a few episode or a movie or two of American cop shows. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. I do want to know who the "they" is that had Dot in the palm of their hands. If he thought he was getting away, he was sadly mistaken. If she hadn't taken out that car, his body would have been dumped on an isolated street corner shortly thereafter. I wonder how long the actress had to rest between those takes of the pursuit. I was somewhat expecting the Armed Police to be just another group of crooks, but she can't be killed off. Note to self: Watch all episodes all the way through. Somehow I missed the end of The List, and during the "previouslys", I was struck dumb by Lindsay's demise. I take it from the epilogue that they finally did decide she was involved in the ambush? I know it said that Arnott still works in AC, but, if I were him, I would bail and find a job as a fruit peddler someplace. That office sucks.
  17. I was surprised that he could even talk to Beth without at least one belch. Not that I would know anything about that, of course...
  18. So Kayce suspects the guy is a thief, rides after him (cut him off at the pass!) lassos him through the window (uh huh), and then beats a confession out of him. Unless they're planning a lynching, that won't stand up in court no way no how. He did say he would have to be the Commissioner his way, so I guess this is what they get. I guess the other two agents getting shot is what they get when Kayce hands out vests to anyone. I sensed right away when they filmed the county clerk walking down the hall that something was going to be amiss. I really thought it would involve Wade, but that plot is still hanging. John tries to play the savior to Jamie. "I raised you, fed you taught you." (Except those times I pissed all over you and beat whatever spirit you had out of you) "Look into his cold black heart and see if you want him for a father" (Pay no attention to the fact that I myself have murdered people, and so have you.) If Jamie had any balls he would pack up, call the Governor and resign, and move out of the state. Who cares what anyone thinks of him? He officially is not a Dutton now, only a calf that was raised for slaughter. "Turtles All the Way Down" is a cool song. Don't know if it's worth listening to Mia babble along, though. What happened to Jimmy's authentic cowboy hat from last season? The backwards ball cap is just stupid. Then again, so is Jimmy. He can't see that rodeo is not in his future. Remember the episode in This is Us where the agent tells Rebecca that she is 'Pittsburgh good'? Jimmy is Bozeman good. You don't need to go any further. "What is this, Paradise Island?" Hee. Agreed that Wade needs to put a leash on Kid Crash. He tends to lead with his chin and wraps his stomach around the other guy's fist.
  19. Yeah, it seems that he has glossed over the fact that Lloyd murdered a man in cold blood on Dutton's orders.
  20. So when did John become a Livestock Agent? Does Kayce hand out those vests daily? Not a word all episode about Rip being the father. I wonder what John will do if he finds that out. How different life would be if Jaime had refused to take her to the clinic. She would have had to tell Dad about it and he would have found out about Rip. Wade Morrow is correct that the Duttons have to fence off their own property to keep the bison out (the Open Range law), but that also means that the bunkhouse crew is trespassing when they rode out into his field. How did they get through the fence? That's going to come back on someone, for sure. Personally I can't see anyone offering $500 million dollars for the property if they're hoping to make any kind of profit in the future.
  21. Wait, what? There was a plot? I thought they gave that up at the beginning of the season.
  22. One of the many things that irked about this show is the gratuitous fight scenes. Yes, the team were ostensibly FBI agents, and are supposed to be the good guys, but they always burst into a room with the bad guys, who are intent on some terrorist act, and whoever is there (Jane, in this case), shouts out "You're all under arrest" And promptly loses her weapon. They're terrorists, on the edge of killing multitudes of people. Just. Shoot. Them. Is that any different than throwing the bad guy out through a window?
  23. "Hey everybody! Free drinks over at Central Park all night long!"
  24. Yet he had money, or the promise, to pay for Jimmy's surgery and hip replacement. That's not cheap. Which is interesting in its own right. S&M (heh) doesn't have a never-ending supply of cash to keep buying properties and selling off Roarke's fund at a discount. Sooner or later they have to turn a profit, or their own investors will start moving to other funds with a better return. Does Bob have a plan that he's not telling Beth? But he's the Livestock Commissioner for the entire state, now. He can't be seen with the common folk anymore. 😉
  25. At first I thought it was just a plot device, and that wouldn't happen in real life. However, a quick search brought up this story from a Minneapolis paper: The U.S. Indian Health Service (IHS) later applied forced sterilization to American Indian women in the 1960s and 1970s, (bolding mine, to illustrate that it wasn't ancient history) sterilizing 3,406 Native American women between 1973 and 1976. In 1976, the U.S. General Accounting Office admitted that this took place in at least four of the 12 Indian Health Service regions. The numbers include women in Minnesota as well as 36 women under age 21, despite a court-ordered moratorium on sterilizations of women younger than 21. Their study, however, was very limited and the actual numbers are likely considerably higher. The article goes on to say that doctors thought they were doing a service to the tribes by limiting births in low income families. Frightening. "I thought that too!! Why not just pay for the funeral anyway?? $16 G is nothing to them!" (Sorry couldn't quote it) I got the feeling that John didn't really think too highly of the other rancher, but was willing to let Kayce break the law in order to help him out. I think his objective was to stick it to the bank.
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