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  1. Well, I guess Doug doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. Edited to add: I came up with a great name:
  2. Another TCM Remembers: friend of TCM Jane Powell has died at age 92.
  3. Jury’s still out on the new look. I’ll probably get used to it.
  4. Don’t forget his tight shorts.
  5. A TCM Remembers update: the dear Jane Withers died last night at age 95.
  6. Where did this come from?!!!
  7. Guess who’s the first guest will be on Monday. Hint: he will be coming up (from the desk) instead of the side.
  8. I can safely say I did not see that coming.
  9. If a movie from 1933 can be pro-throuple so can DOOL!
  10. I couldn’t find it on TCM or HBO Max, but The Criterion Channel has it.
  11. I always imagine that a reporter is interviewing Brando after he won the Oscar and asks Brando “Marlon Brando you have just won an Oscar for On the Waterfront what are you going to do now?! Like the Disney World commercials that air after the Super Bowl. Then Brando tells the reporter “I’m going to star in a musical!” The reporter is dumbfounded and wonders if he’s on Candid Camera.
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