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  1. I just got back from seeing this movie and I loved it! I was thinking at the end of the film when Marta was looking down at the family, should she cut off all of the family (yes, I really think she should or if not, make them work for it)? I mean if Meg is in the latter half of her college education, maybe Marta could pay the rest of her tuition with stipulations like going into the Peace Corps or Americorps. Also, I thought the Nazi masturbating child must be sent to be deprogrammed.
  2. Bravo to former TCM Researcher Alexa Foreman for her documentary on Mary Astor. Guess who's it's dedicated to?
  3. They waited until December 14 this year. Lyon died the day after Christmas and most of the staff is off for the holidays.
  4. Would you believe we already have a star for 2020’s TCM Remembers? Sue Lyon aka Lolita, died yesterday at age 73.
  5. They changed a photo of actress Joan Stately. The video is back on now.
  6. A possibility for TCM Remembers: Robert Walker Jr. died Thursday at the age of 79.
  7. Just watched my first film on Disney Plus! The original Parent Trap.
  8. Who’s pointing a gun in the promo?
  9. I'm so sorry many of you lost TCM. I know TCM is available on Hulu Live TV for $45 per month after a free trial.
  10. Well since we’re talking about SP and me results:
  11. This has to be said...Donna?!!! In 2019!
  12. Well this is the THIRD time Jack was hit on the head and it was a charm. 🙂
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