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  1. The mattresses “on the floor” looked to be trundle beds, real beds, which can be pushed under the lower bunks when not in use.
  2. My heart broke when they showed little Diez after surgery, with those swollen, swollen eyes. And then my heart swelled when he went back to the rental and was sweetly greeted by his siblings. To see him smile when he recognized them. Oh so wonderful. I was bothered by seeing the children start making up a song to record to put in the bear for Diez. The quints were talking about who would do what, one of the quint girls said she would be the DJ, and then Denver raced over and declared that he would be the DJ and who else would do what. I hope that quint girl (I’m sorry I don’t know h
  3. They had a storyline last season about hiring a babysitter, or was it a nanny? I suppose that was just for that one storyline, as that sitter hasn’t been mentioned since. They may want to give her a call now that Gigi is pushing back. And I do love her for speaking her mind so forcefully! Trivial perhaps, but this bugged me - the kids each had a plain bagel for breakfast? I’m assuming that’s what I saw. Spring for the cream cheese so it tastes like more than cardboard! Scramble up some eggs on the side! How about some fruit to go with that? Something.
  4. The mom was very upset because she said they HAD asked about it before and kept being told there was nothing wrong with his head.
  5. 20 minutes to eat a container of puréed green beans…not very fast at all.
  6. So. June raped Luke. I get that she was reclaiming her agency, her power, her sexuality, herself. But the fact is, June raped Luke. How is he to cope with that? And how will she be able to face herself or him? Or will it simply not be addressed?
  7. It made me so sad to hear that Lily was so verbally beaten down by Lawrence that she agreed to have her little baby circumcised. And she was right after all - the poor baby had a botched procedure and will likely have to have corrective surgery performed later to correct it. 😢
  8. I had a hearty chuckle at the ending - June looking up, directly into the camera, as she stepped on Canadian soil. We haven’t seen THAT look before 🙄
  9. That’s not a room for a little kid! Where are the personalized touches, things she likes, posters, decorations? It totally looks like a plain old guest room.
  10. Yes, I watch via the A&E app on my Fire TV. You just need to sign into the A&E app with a logon for Directv, Dish, etc. I am baffled as to how the brother committed suicide. Paralyzed from the chest down, and shot himself? Could he have had use of his arms? Confusing to me.
  11. Watching Irene tear through that food at the start of the show 🤢 it made me physically ill to witness someone gorge on chicken, biscuits, burgers, fries, fries on burgers...🤮 And for the love of all that’s holy, why oh why didn’t she have any clothing on her lower half? Sitting on the couch with a bare crotch 🤮 Was she wearing any lower clothing at that visit to Dr Now’s??? Do they sterilize the chairs after someone sits in them? Oh my.
  12. If Evan isn’t getting blow jobs from Jackie, he’s getting them from someone else. Just saying.
  13. Lilly spoke about circumcision being genital mutilation, and I was impressed by the fact that she had appeared to research the topic and have an intelligent, not knee-jerk, thought about it.
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