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  1. Xeliou66


    What episode of the original L&O used that twist? I’ve seen every episode multiple times and I don’t recall one that used that twist.
  2. Lewis wasn’t half as irritating as Nicole, although I agree they went overboard with his storyline. Lewis was at least somewhat compelling at first, Nicole sucked, I didn’t even find her very compelling, and the way she escaped justice over and over was a joke. And then when she was finally bumped off, it was offscreen at the hands of another villain, extremely unsatisfying.
  3. I liked this episode even though episodes that are tech heavy aren’t usually my favorites. I didn’t really get why the Most Wanted team was assigned this case at first, they didn’t even know the identity of the perp when they caught the case. But I did enjoy the investigation and seeing how it played out, it was a good case. I liked how Hana got fleshed out more in this episode, we got to know more about her and she wasn’t being a wiseass to anyone. Clinton seems to get the fewest lines of any character but I liked seeing his sharpshooter abilities at the end. I had to laugh at the scene with the perp and the fat dude in his basement, not only because it was so stereotypical but the fatso in his underwear screaming that someone else was a loser was funny. No LaCroix family drama was nice, it seems like that’s been in almost every episode, it was nice it was completely absent tonight.
  4. Xeliou66


    I liked this episode and it was a nice feature for Jubal, I’ve liked the actor since his days as Lupo on L&O, and it was nice to see him take center stage. I like Jubal and this was a nice feature for him, his scenes with the wrongfully convicted guy were very good as was his determination to get to the bottom of the case. I noticed that Scola and Tiffany weren’t in the early parts of the episode much, but everyone worked together in the second half which I liked. I liked Scola cracking the case with his realization about the leukemia, and I also liked Jubal and Scola interrogating the killer, it’s not often we see that pairing do an interrogation together. I was somewhat suspicious of the killer in his first scene but I wasn’t certain he was the killer, so I found the episode fairly suspenseful, although the red herring at the start was obvious, it did lead them to the incel website though. I’ve seen the incel plot on several shows now, it’s bit overdone but I’m glad this episode didn’t over focus on the incel subculture, it sticked to focusing on solving the case. Isobel seemed somewhat cold once again this week, she curtly cut off Jubal when he was explaining about why he went to the prison. Isobel has seemed cold at times, I wish they would develop her character more and give her an episode where she takes center stage like they did with Jubal tonight. I also wasn’t exactly fond of Jubal’s old partner/girlfriend, I had a feeling she might turn out to be corrupt, and she seemed more concerned with her career than with anything else, even after it was revealed they got the wrong guy. I did like getting more background into Jubal, like I say Jubal is one of my favorites (I know people on this site are mixed about him) and I thought this episode was a good feature for Jubal. It was nice to see Ian the tech expert back as well as some of the other regular analysts. What I didn’t like about the episode - Nestor. The character reeks of smugness in every scene he’s in, and I’m not a fan of Maggie dating him, he seems like he could be a douchebag. I really hope Maggie’s relationship with Nestor doesn’t put a strain on her relationship with OA, that would be too soapy for this show and while I don’t know whether Nestor will be a bad guy or not, I’m not a fan of him. Overall this was a good case with a good investigation and a nice feature for Jubal.
  5. And I’ve said it before as well that it was very unsatisfactory how Nicole was offed. While I was thrilled she died, it was unsatisfying to see her die offscreen at the hands of another villain.
  6. I get what you’re saying but I’m glad it was more low key, it would’ve taken up a lot of time to get all of those characters to appear and I liked that L&O was always about the cases and the series finale was no different. I thought the way it was done was excellent, and having a ton of previous characters appearing might’ve made it distracting. I definitely agree that Logan, Curtis and Green would’ve been at the party if they were in NYC at the time, and maybe Fontana, Falco, and Cassady as well. But we know Curtis was living in California at the time, and who knows where Logan, Green and Fontana went to in their retirements, Cassady and Falco were probably still in the NYPD. As for the prosecutors, yeah I could definitely see Jamie, Abbie and Serena being there, the DA’s (Schiff, Nora and Branch) never had much interaction with Van Buren and didn’t know her well. And of course we can assume that these characters were there, they just weren’t shown, as we didn’t see everyone at the party. And LOL at your comment about Branch, I take it he was your least favorite character. I liked Branch pretty good despite disagreeing with most of his politics. I did like the continuity that we got at various points of the show - such as seeing Curtis again in season 20 and getting an update on him, (that was really well done, I loved that they talked about Lennie and even referenced Morris Lamotte, the detective who was a minor character for a few seasons, apparently he was still in touch was Curtis and Van Buren), and I liked how McCoy talked to Schiff on the phone in season 19, it was nice to get an update on Schiff, like you said he was a huge part of the show and it was nice to find out he was in Africa with Jimmy Carter. I wish we had gotten an update on Green at some point though.
  7. I definitely agree that it was Hannah who got Goren and Eames back, I thought it was hinted at in the first couple of episodes of season 10 that Hannah had convinced Goren to come back and pulled strings to make it happen, but I agree it should’ve been made explicit how Goren and Eames got back to Major Case. I’ve made my hate for the Nicole episodes well known, that storyline just got worse and worse as it went on, it was completely ridiculous how Nicole kept managing to escape, and it became very soapy as well.
  8. I love Van Buren - she was an outstanding squad leader - firm but fair, unbiased and objective and just a very good character all around. I didn’t like the subplot of Van Buren suing the department because it went nowhere ultimately and just seemed forced in to the storyline. I was fine with Van Buren’s cancer storyline in season 20 and thought it was done well, and gave Van Buren some more material to work with. Van Buren had a lot of great lines and episodes over the years but I think Four Cops Shot might be my favorite episode for Van Buren, the way she handled the captain, the way she dealt with Lupo and Bernard, just the way she handled the whole situation was exemplary.
  9. I didn’t think I would like this episode at the start, but it improved as it went on and I thought it was decent by the end. The best part was Carisi - he’s well suited for the ADA role and has settled in nicely, and I love seeing him act independently from the squad, acting with authority, not taking orders from anyone, not being shoehorned into scenes he doesn’t belong in, and getting to act as a prosecutor in court. This episode had a lot of courtroom scenes which I liked, and I have hope now that the writers have gotten a handle on how to write for Carisi and the legal stuff based on the first 2 episodes. The case was predictable, and I found myself not really caring who killed Dwight as he was an epic scumbag, and I had a feeling Irina did it the whole time, and I didn’t find Irina very sympathetic, yes she was abused but she wouldn’t stand up for her son for a long time and lied constantly. She didn’t get much sympathy from me, although her sentence at the end was fair IMO. Every man in the episode seemed like an asswipe, not only Dwight but the ex who was a cop seemed like a prick and so was Irina’s lawyer, they sort of overdid that theme. Benson didn’t really irritate me in this episode, and neither did Rollins, which is always a good thing. It was interesting that they brought back Pippa Cox but barely used her, oh well, she wasn’t a very memorable character in the first place. I liked the continuity again with the reference to Mike Dodds. As for Fin, I didn’t find the lawsuit scenes very compelling since we knew what happened and that Fin did nothing wrong, Joelle was rotten to sue Fin and make her son testify. I didn’t like how it took Fin out of the case for the most part, and what was with Fin and Carisi having another heated discussion, it seems like there’s been a lot of tension between them since Carisi joined the DA’s office. I understood why Fin was torn up about the situation at the end though, and so Fin has a girlfriend now, Phoebe is his ex partner that we saw in the season 20 episode Brothel, I wonder when her and Fin started seeing each other. Overall this episode was okay despite their being little suspense and little investigation, mainly because we got a lot of good courtroom material to make up for it.
  10. I liked Goren’s mock salute as well. I noticed Captain Hannah had a large role in the episode, I really liked him as captain, even if it was a bit odd seeing that actor play a good guy, he was a good captain, something which CI had been missing since Deakins retired, asswipe Ross was a terrible boss and Zoe Callas in season 9 added absolutely nothing. Hannah brought personality to the role but wasn’t a dick like Ross, and I liked how he knew Goren for a while, enough to be on a first name basis with him. I really liked the visuals in Boots on the Ground, it was very colorful and had some really nice visuals.
  11. Terrance was pure evil I agree. Naomi was pathetic as well. I like the episode a lot, it was intriguing and suspenseful and ended with each of the suspects being guilty of something and going to jail, it was a plot that was complex but not too complex to follow, like some CI plots were.
  12. Xeliou66


    I liked Kristen and Emily as well - I thought Emily worked well with Scola and I was disappointed she didn’t even get a mention of where she was, and Kristen was a good character as well who had great chemistry with the rest of the cast, particularly with Jubal. It was really weird how Kristen’s exit was handled, it wasn’t even announced she had left before the season started, and they just addressed it with a couple of lines between Jubal and Isobel, you could tell Jubal was sorry to see her go but there was no buildup or explanation. I wonder if they were planning to explore that at the end of last season before the virus shut it down. I do like the new agent Tiffany pretty good though, I liked how her and Scola seemed to figure out how to work with each other quickly and I think they will be a good pairing. Did anyone else find it interesting that Scola asked Tiffany to call him by his first name? Scola is the only character who isn’t called by their first name regularly, I can only remember Jubal calling him “Stuart” a couple of times, the rest of the characters are always called by their first names, so I found that interesting.
  13. I liked the case pretty good, but I don’t like the family drama, it doesn’t add to the show at all. The case was very timely with the virus stuff and all, I liked how it played out although I did predict that the younger perp would kill the older one, I could tell the tension between the 2 was going to explode. I liked the teams investigation, it was good and played out well. I also found it odd that they didn’t mention the DC sniper case, this episode reminded me a lot of that case. What was with Hana’s wisecrack about Crosby’s dating life? Hana is starting to annoy me, she’s too much of a wiseass, I’m glad they’ve toned down Crosby, it’s now time to tone down Hana. I also found it interesting that Clinton didn’t say anything about the situation with Lacroix’s dad, since he’s now living with Clinton’s parents. It was totally unnecessary to bring on Lacroix’s dad, and I have a feeling this situation won’t end well. I don’t like soapy drama in the first place and so I wasn’t a fan of it.
  14. Xeliou66


    Pretty good start to the season, I liked the episode, it was high octane and riveting from start to finish. So Kristen is gone?! I knew nothing about her leaving the show, so that came as a major surprise, and the way it was handled was weird, only a couple of lines between Jubal and Isobel, no one else even commented on her departure, that was strange, you could tell Jubal was sorry to see her go but why exactly did she leave? I was very surprised she’s gone and I was underwhelmed with how they handled it, I liked Kristen even if they didn’t seem to know what to do with her last season. And no mention of where Emily went either, I liked her, I wish they had at least had a line about her. I liked the case and how the investigation progressed, it was great to see everyone back in action. The only time the episode slacked was at the end, with the hostage situation, I pretty much knew OA was going to get the guy to surrender, so the final few minutes weren’t as compelling as the rest of the show, which was riveting. I liked the balance of screentime amongst the characters, although I noticed Isobel was barely in the episode. I like the analysts that work in the office with Jubal, it was a great addition to the show to add in more background people, the investigations really feel like a team effort starting last season, season one was all Maggie and OA. The case was good, almost all of their cases are, it was interesting how we never even got to know much about the villains other than that they were white supremacist trash, as they were all killed by the FBI. I knew OA’s informant was going to be more involved than he let on but I wasn’t sure how. I liked Tiffany, I was a bit unsure of her at first but I think her and Scola will make for a good pairing and she has nice chemistry with the rest of the cast. I can’t tell if I like Nestor or not, I liked how he took charge at the hostage site and wasn’t a pushover but he seems a bit smug, and I don’t really care to see a romance between him and Maggie, which is what the end hinted at, this show isn’t about romance. Overall this was a pretty good start to the season, a compelling case and it was nice to see the team back in action, glad the show is back and I think this will be a good season.
  15. I like Garland as well, and I think bumping him up to a series regular will be a good move, I like Garland’s style, he’s more low key than Dodds and he’s clearly a good guy but he can be tough when needed. I don’t think Olivia is a racist, but I think she has blatant biases towards anyone who makes an assault allegation and against anyone accused, she automatically believes every female accuser no matter what. It was refreshing to see the show acknowledge her bias and take her down a peg.
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