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  1. Harvest was on today, this is a really good episode, I really liked the investigation into the organ harvesting doctor and the detective work, I liked the investigation into both the shooter and the doctor. I thought the shooter’s lawyer was dumb to decline the DA’s offer where the shooter could be out in 12 years, they had overwhelming evidence, it wasn’t smart of him to hang it all on trying to convince the jury the doctor was solely responsible for the victim’s death. The doctor was a real smug piece of shit and I loved Jack’s cross examination of him, where he sprung it on him that he knew
  2. Yes that was the episode. And yes that was an awesome moment. Melnick was trash in that episode, and she should’ve been disbarred back in season 13’s Open Season when she blatantly violated a judge’s order, I hated that Jack went to bat for her and saved her ass, she should’ve been disbarred for her actions. She was so smug and self righteous.
  3. I found this episode rather dull - the case wasn’t great and Torres’ crybaby tendencies were on full display. Torres’ whining can get tiresome and he was at it the whole hour. The case itself was just average, it just kind of felt underwhelming that the victim had gotten killed by accident in an underground fighting ring because he was trying to help the foster brother, I don’t know exactly but it just didn’t hold my attention much. Torres is my least favorite character on the show, I don’t hate him but his whining gets old and I didn’t fully get why he was acting the way he was, wha
  4. Wow, I’m surprised at this news, even knowing how Dick Wolf loves to use the same actors in different shows. I’ll have a hard time adjusting to seeing him play a good guy on this show, but I’m glad it’s the end of his arc over on Organized Crime, I am really sick of that storyline.
  5. I just saw this news as well - this stuns me. I don’t see how the show can continue without him, as he is clearly the main star, and it’s shocking that he is leaving halfway through the season. I wonder if they will bring in a new actor to take over the team and hope the show gets renewed, or if this is the end for the show.
  6. Phil, Tommy’s boyfriend, was mad that Tommy wasn’t going to leave Chrissy and move in with him, and so he started using Tommy to get money as well, and Tommy found out about it and about Ricky using him, and wanted to confront them both, Phil and Tommy had a confrontation in the basement of the building when Ricky showed up and attacked Tommy and I think Phil was scared and left and that’s when Ricky staged everything. That’s basically what happened. A bit complex but I followed it. I thought it was a good case with a good investigation, a lot of it felt like classic SVU. Benson did drag it d
  7. Yeah I used to live near Atlanta and it’s blatantly obvious the SVU writers have never been there, as it’s not a podunk, redneck area. There are places in South Georgia a few a hours away from Atlanta that would qualify as very redneck areas IMO, but not Atlanta and it’s suburbs. To be fair, SVU’s writers have never been that good about depicting places outside of NYC, but yeah it’s noticeable they’ve never been to Atlanta.
  8. Mike? There is no Mike in season 21. Not Mike Logan or Mike Cutter.
  9. I’m just finished caring about the Wheatley storyline. He’s so over the top it’s laughable. I was hoping Stabler would kill him in the elevator so we would be done with this shit for good. This show has potential, the Albanian mob storyline was really good, but dragging the Wheatley mess on and on is ruining the show. And now Wheatley has a guy who’s trying to seduce Stabler’s mom? Seriously, how long is this Wheatley vs Stabler show going to go on?! I just don’t care anymore. I’m more interested in the situation with Nova and Kilbride than Wheatley.
  10. This is AWESOME!! Jack McCoy is back!! Can’t wait to see him again.
  11. I think this may have been the best episode of the season, it’s not often that I praise the show, but a lot of this felt like classic, golden age SVU, it wasn’t perfect but given what we’ve had this season, it was superior to the usual quality of the current show. The case took a lot of good twists and turns, and there was good detective work from everyone. I never saw it coming that Phil would be involved, and I didn’t peg the culprit, my money was on Duke the first half of the episode, and I really liked the twist that instead of being a bigoted asshole Duke turned out to be an okay guy
  12. This episode sounds kind of interesting - seems like a different type of case and I also wonder why McGrath would be confiding anything in Benson, given how antagonistic their relationship has been. Also, since SVU will apparently be off for a month after this, the next new SVU will be on the night the Mothership Season 21 premieres, February 24, so I wonder if they will do anything to set the stage for it.
  13. I watched Bitter Fruit today, this is a great episode, a lot of good twists and good detective work. One thing stood out to me at the end - when the kidnapper’s mom says her son called the victim’s mom when the victim was injured, wouldn’t phone records either prove or disprove the story? It was implied that the kidnapper’s mom wasn’t telling the truth, as McCoy basically spoon fed her what she should say so he could get Karen Gaines put in prison, but wouldn’t phone records prove whether or not a call was made from the kidnapper to Karen Gaines? If she didn’t receive a call, that would’ve pro
  14. Amen!! That episode’s ending infuriates me. That kid didn’t deserve to die for exercising his right to free speech, he may have gone a bit overboard but nothing about him meant he deserved to die. The defense was basically saying that you have the right to kill people if their beliefs offend you and you’ve suffered a personal tragedy. Fuck the killer and fuck his defense, I had no sympathy for him.
  15. I agree this season of MW has been very good, I like it almost as much as original FBI, I think both are having very good seasons. I’m not bothered by the gory stuff that’s sometimes on MW. It’s funny to me how the one episode they put a “viewer discretion advised” thing on was the one about the young black guy shooting the cop from last season, which didn’t even have gory scenes in it, it was just because of the controversial subject matter. I’m disliking International more and more, Tank the dog is my favorite character as well, but it rubs me the wrong way how they’ve made Forrester and com
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