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  1. Agreed - the way she kept on escaping got utterly ridiculous, she escaped 3 times and she was found not guilty at a trial another time, that’s 4 times she managed to evade justice. I didn’t even find the character that compelling in the first place.
  2. I just wanted to see the bitch dead at the hands of Goren or Eames onscreen. To devote so much time to the character and have her ridiculously escape justice time and time again only to be killed offscreen was a huge letdown.
  3. Yes they could’ve at least had her killed by Goren or Eames, instead of killed offscreen by Gage. Having her killed offscreen by another villain was remarkably unsatisfying, I hated the storyline and I hated the ending to it. I really wished they had killed her at the end of Great Barrier.
  4. I’m in agreement with everyone about the Nicole Wallace bullshit, I HATED that storyline. It would’ve been okay if Nicole had been killed off at the end of Great Barrier, it still wouldn’t have been a good storyline but I wouldn’t have hated it nearly as much, having her escape again at the end of Great Barrier, then again at the end of Grow, then killed off offscreen by Declan Gage, what a stupid shitfest of a storyline. I almost always skip the Nicole episodes when they come on.
  5. Yeah I wondered why Judge Bradley allowed the defendant to call an alibi witness when it was blatant perjury. I get why he excluded the tape, but I thought it was stupid of Green to use a toothpick like that, it did seem like they could just stop him from entering if they thought evidence was going to be destroyed. I’m not sure what you mean about it getting reversed on appeal, the prosecution can’t appeal, only the defense can and they had no reason to here since the defendant wasn’t convicted. I liked the episode, any episode that dealt with jury tampering and stuff like that I found interesting, but I didn’t find it surprising that the woman killed the perp at the end, and I did question the logic of a couple of the characters actions. Briscoe seemed a bit different in Point of View than he did in all other episodes, I’m not sure if they just didn’t have a good grasp on the character yet or if they wanted some tension between him and Logan given that Logan thought Cerreta was coming back and Briscoe was just temporary. Either way I’m glad they quickly changed Lennie to make him more laid back and less abrasive.
  6. Yeah I’m not a fan of that episode for those reasons. It seemed like they prosecuted the bio dad because they disliked him, not because of any evidence against him. And yeah Branch’s ending line about telling the police to take the weekend off was cheesy and not realistic, the police can’t just quit looking for someone because they sympathize with him. I found that episode frustrating and it’s one of my least favorites actually because of how the case was handled. Apocrypha was on the other day, really good episode, and yeah that was a chilling ending. L&O did have some memorable endings and it could surprise you, most chilling ending IMO is Prince of Darkness with “she doesn’t have an uncle” and the horrified look on Schiff’s face after Stone says it.
  7. I’m very curious about this show - I’m a die hard fan of the whole L&O franchise (the Mothership is my favorite show of all time) and I’m interested in what this show will be like - I hope it’s done well. Stabler returning to the force doesn’t make a lot of sense to me right now, but I hope they explain it in a way that makes sense. Stabler wasn’t my favorite character, I especially disliked his family drama, but I’m curious to see what he’s like now. I hope the show has interesting cases and good characters, if it does, I will watch it. I will not watch it if it is another version of Chicago PD, with cops breaking the law and abusing civilians, and Stabler behaving like an out of control rogue jerk, which he showed signs of being in his last few years on SVU, I hope Stabler has mellowed.
  8. Absolutely, I know that Adam was incredibly hard to replace but if they had tried harder Nora could’ve been a lot more interesting, Nora should’ve acted more like a DA instead of an academic, I just had a hard time buying her as a DA, I wish she had shown more authority instead of just being on the sidelines, she had moments where she was good but for the most part she was just kind of there doing nothing and adding nothing to the show. She lacked charisma. I know Arthur Branch is a polarizing character among L&O fans, but he had a lot of charisma and personality and wasn’t afraid to exercise his authority. He was a much better DA than Nora IMO, and he always added something to his scenes.
  9. Law and Order LA could’ve been successful IMO, it wasn’t as bad as some people say IMO, but it was hurt by a bunch of turnover i the cast and it was weird how they alternated prosecutors in each episode, then had a prosecutor become a detective. Also, the police Lieutenant and the DA didn’t appear in every episode, and the DA was written as more of an antagonist than a protagonist. As for our discussion about Nora - she could’ve been interesting, and her best episode was Teenage Wasteland where she was forced to decide about asking for the death penalty despite her personal beliefs, but it seemed like the writers just didn’t put in the effort to make Nora interesting and as a result the character lacked authority as well as personality and seemed all too often to just be standing on the sidelines doing nothing. I’m not sure how much was the actress and how much was the writing, but she could’ve been a lot more interesting than she was.
  10. Yeah I just had difficulty buying Nora as DA or as a prosecutor of any sort - she lacked authority and never made decisions, and was way too soft for a DA, along with having a total lack of charisma and personality. She was a weak character, one of the worst in L&O history, and it was especially noticeable since she was following the awesome and legendary Adam Schiff - Nora even said during her very first scene that it was daunting coming in behind Schiff, and it did show. Nora had a few moments where she was interesting, but for the most part her lack of authority plus her lack of charisma made her one of the show’s weakest characters.
  11. I’m pretty sure a manslaughter conviction guarantees some prison time. I think he should’ve been convicted of a charge of reckless endangerment perhaps or something like that, I think he deserved to be found guilty of something but I’m not sure if he deserved prison time or not. I liked the exploration of the gray areas as well, and I think that it might be my favorite episode of season 15, which was the season when the writing started to slip a bit and continued to for the next couple of years before the show rebounded in season 18.
  12. Very good post - Endurance definitely set the tone for Nora’s tenure, she was soft, dull and lacked authority, she mainly just stood on the sidelines and made comments about cases - she had moments where she was interesting and could’ve been a good character, but for the most part she was just dull and soft and lacked presence and authority. She was a huge dropoff from Schiff as DA. The killer certainly would’ve been prosecuted for the murders of the hunting party had he survived. The guy who engaged in the high speed chase with the killer was charged with manslaughter in the death of the boy the killer had as a hostage in the vehicle. I believed that the driver deserved to be convicted of something as he was reckless and he was lucky more people didn’t die as a result of the crash, but I think his intentions were noble and he thought he was doing the right thing. That was a tough case, one of the best episodes of season 15.
  13. That lawyer was an idiot, he wasn’t one of the lawyers who acted dumb but was actually sharp (such as Dworkin), he was just a moron. Considering how bad of an attorney he was, again how could Jack be so sure they would find her not guilty by reason of insanity instead of convicting her? I would’ve loved to have heard what McCoy’s closing argument was, since he didn’t even want to win, but he would still have to give a closing, it would’ve been interesting if the jury had convicted on murder 2 in spite of McCoy’s not wanting to win. Something just rubbed me the wrong way about the ending of that case, I wasn’t sure why McCoy decided to tank the case, and I didn’t like how Nora didn’t really do anything in the episode, it just showed her lack of authority.
  14. I’ve been watching L&O on WE today, and I saw Nora Lewin’s first episode, Endurance, and what a massive drop off it was from having Schiff as DA to having Nora - right off the bat in Nora’s first episode, it showed how she lacked authority as well as personality with how McCoy basically tanked the case against the mom who set the fire/killed the disabled son. I personally believed that they should’ve allowed the manslaughter count to be added so the jury would likely convict on that, I think McCoy was wrong to just tank the case, and I don’t think he would’ve done that if Schiff or Arthur Branch were DA, they had the authority to reign him in, Nora just stands aside, and then at the end Nora said she would’ve tried to get a conviction but that she was glad it was McCoy trying the case, well Nora could’ve ordered McCoy to include the manslaughter charge or she could’ve removed him from the case since he didn’t even want to win it, Nora was the boss in the office, but she did nothing but show that she was weak and indecisive and that she could easily be run over. I did wonder what McCoy said in his closing argument, since he didn’t even want to win the case. How could he be so sure the jury wouldn’t convict on murder 2? His handling of the case just annoyed me, and Nora’s do nothing but stand on the sidelines and pontificate stance annoyed me more. I did like Rudy Giuliani introducing Nora, it was always cool when they got a real life prominent figure to appear as themself on the show, and I liked that they talked about what Schiff was up to in his retirement and it made sense for Schiff to be both traveling and active in social issues in his retirement. The case was good, especially the investigation part, that part was almost always good with Briscoe and Green, but I was annoyed with McCoy and was puzzled as to how he handled the case and Nora was such a soft DA and such a dropoff from Schiff.
  15. I’ve never seen a preview for it either. It’s a joke that it’s never shown and not even included on the DVD’s.
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