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  1. Yes it was Dickhead Ross who said “I can always try to get Barek back” or something like that and Logan just gave him an odd look. And yeah I disliked how Goren appeared so shaken up when Ross was murdered, Ross was a prick who was never nice to his detectives and I didn’t buy that this would really shake up Goren. The whole season 9 premiere was so confusing and poorly done, thank god they got Goren/Eames back for season 10 to give them a good send off.
  2. Yes I’ve heard that but nothing has been confirmed. I hope this is true and I hope this new detective gives the show a jolt of energy, like Carisi did when he came on in season 16.
  3. I’m not surprised it wasn’t the actors decision to leave, and I think the budget played a role. I also think they may have realized they made a mistake by making the chief a main character, as not every episode requires the attention of the chief, and Garland only appeared in half of the episodes last season despite being a main character. I am pretty sure the chief role will go back to being recurring as it was when Dodds was chief, and I really hope they add in one or two new detectives to give the squad some depth. I’ll miss Garland, he was a good character, I liked Dodds a lot but Gar
  4. I love season 5 as well - all of the main characters were great. While I dislike romantic relationships between main characters in crime procedurals, I definitely think McCoy and Kincaid had great chemistry together and I liked how their relationship wasn’t shoved in the viewers faces at all, and was only confirmed after Claire’s death. There were a lot of great episodes in season 5 - I think my favorites are Purple Heart, Bad Faith, Guardian, Virtue and House Counsel.
  5. I’m not 100% sure about how Kat and Garland will go out, but I have a feeling they may kill off Kat - that’s just the feeling I have because I’m not sure what else they could do with her, they could have her transfer back to doing undercover work, but I don’t see her getting fired or promoted. So I’m thinking that SVU kills off a main character for the first time ever. I think that explains why there aren't many photos from the premiere being posted online. As for Garland, my most likely bet is that he quits in disgust with the higher ups and decides to go work as an activist for reform or run
  6. Didn’t know the actors who played the Kapell’s were married in real life, interesting fact. I think season 5 has a lot of good episodes, and the cast is one of my favorites. The transition from Stone to McCoy was very smooth, it could’ve been bad but I really liked how it was done as Jack fit in well from the start and I liked how he didn’t need a grand introduction as he had been in the office as well and was known by everyone. I liked how they did a follow up to Coma in season 6 as well, it was well done.
  7. Watching some season 5 episodes tonight - first one I saw is House Counsel, where McCoy went after his old friend the defense lawyer for the mob boss, for conspiracy. This was a good episode, really interesting case about how the defense attorney was involved in the mob boss’ crimes, and it was one of the few times we saw Jack really bothered by the case after convicting his old friend. I didn’t buy what the lawyer’s wife said about Jack wanting to win at all cost, Jack wasn’t prosecuting Kapell because he wanted to win, he did it because he wanted to bring the mob boss to justice and this was
  8. I definitely bought that she would name drop Goren because Goren is probably a legend in universe due to his intellect and his uniqueness, so everyone knew who Goren was when she mentioned him, no one had to ask even though I bet none of them had ever met Goren. I really wish they had cleared up that with Logan though because that Barek mention in the first Logan episode of season 6 was beyond weird. They had a great opportunity to say whether Barek and Logan parted on good terms or if they kept in touch, I’m disappointed they didn’t clear that up. But it’s not surprising since SVU sucks
  9. I think it was a bottle of malt, but I’m not sure. But yeah I liked the goodbye between Deakins/Carver and how he gave Logan a new desk. Still wish Goren/Eames had been shown when Deakins exited though. And yeah it was Barek’s final scene, and I’m still puzzled at the mention of Barek in season 6 when it implied her and Logan didn’t part on good terms - I really wish SVU had cleared that up when Barek appeared last season, it was nice that SVU brought her back and let us know what she was up to and that she name dropped Goren, but I would’ve loved to have known if she still kept in touch wi
  10. Blah, I feel sick just thinking about it. Sadly this show has officially become more about the romances and personal lives of the main characters than the cases, I think that will become apparent in season 23. Such a disgrace to the legacy of the L&O franchise which was so great for so long, it’s sad that some people will only associate the franchise with the later seasons of SVU and not know about the Mothership, CI, or early SVU.
  11. Deakins exit was just weak IMO, I always thought of Deakins as a fighter, and I didn’t buy that he would fold so easily. I wish they had either just had him choose to retire to spend more time with his family or given him a better exit story. He was such an underrated and under-appreciated character. I did like his last scenes with everyone, he even got to say a nice goodbye with Carver which I liked (Carver called him “my friend” and that was unusually warm for the usually reserved Carver, interestingly enough, that was Carver’s last scene as well).
  12. Oh yes season 18 was horrendous and was the worst season overall, but the Benson worship continued in seasons 19-20 even if the episodes were a bit better. I think it was dialed back some in the last 2 seasons.
  13. Oh yes I liked all of that - Olivet’s appearance was really good. As I’ve said before, it’s too bad Olivet/Skoda didn’t show up more often on CI, there were plenty of times they could’ve used their expertise. To the Bone was an intense, good episode, but I really wanted a follow up to know if they were able to lock up all of those murderous scum, I didn’t like how open ended it left off. And I really didn’t like Deakins exit, he was another character that got a disappointing exit, he could’ve fought Adair and his buddies and won, I didn’t like how he resigned instead. At least he got nice
  14. Oh no kidding, I was laughing when they were so short handed at the start of season 21 before Kat/after Carisi became ADA, remember in one episode they had to get Carisi and Garland out in the field. Even having some extras in the background doing stuff would be more realistic - but instead they had us basically believe that Benson, Fin and Rollins were the only SVU detectives in Manhattan. I really hope they add in interesting detectives this year, while losing Kat will make the squad extremely thin once again, I won’t miss her, she was whiny and obnoxious, I hope they can get new blood that
  15. Yeah St Olivia infuriated me in that episode as well. She’s had plenty of moments like that, I just posted over on the show analysis thread about how much I hated her in the episode Branded. However Benson was okay in the seasons where she was a detective because we weren’t constantly told by everyone how wonderful, heroic and awesome she was, and she was sometimes called out on her behavior and she wasn’t treated as though she was superior to everyone. Ever since she became the squad leader, which was the same time Mariska became a producer, the show went all in on worshipping her, she was al
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