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  1. I liked how the show handled Garland’s situation, it was nice to see a character do things by the book and professionally when a case gets personal, instead of breaking the rules or letting their personal feelings take over. I liked seeing how Garland’s emotions progressed throughout the episode. The writers are definitely capable of writing good storylines, I just wish they would give up episodes with more suspense where we didn’t know who the perp was immediately, and more legal stuff, and less personal drama. All too often it seems like the writers are too lazy to come up with better plots even though they are capable of doing so, and instead go for cheap, soapy drama. This was a decent episode mainly because the acting was great, the writing was slightly better than in other similar episodes of the past couple of seasons but it was still predictable.
  2. Apparently they’ve pushed this episode back a week and it will air next week. More Rollins personal crap?! I’m really sick of the focus on Rollins this season, she’s been shoved down our throats and has had a ton of personal stories, it’s beyond tiresome. I’m hoping the case is good - it would be really nice to have an episode where we don’t immediately know who the perp is and what happened, I get tired of how in most episodes we immediately know who the perp is.
  3. Oh dear god, not the Stabler family!! Why on earth do they want to continue to shove soapy family storylines down our throats?! The only good thing about this season being cut short is that we won’t have to see Stabler’s family, at least not this season, I hope not next season either, save it for the new Stabler show and keep them off of SVU. I hate Stabler’s family about as much as I hate Rollins’ family. And I’m sick of the writers choosing to shove soapy family drama down our throats instead of trying to write good cases. This show is so far from what the L&O franchise has always been about it makes me sick.
  4. Stabler was fine in the early seasons for the most part - then somewhere around season 6 or 7 his anger and hot temper began to dominate the character and they started throwing in soapy drama regarding his family, and that started being what defined the character - a rageaholic who disregarded the rules and who had a boatload of family drama, and add in the horrendous writing for most of seasons 9-12 and the show just wasn’t very good when Stabler left. His departure and the change in showrunners actually gave the show a boost for a couple of seasons.
  5. Agreed - I’m not excited about this and I think it makes no sense. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be done - something which Dick Wolf and company don’t seem to get about this show. They are hell bent on dragging this show out forever and on doing stuff that doesn’t make sense with the characters. I think Meloni and Hargitay do get along, if Meloni was bitter at everyone involved with the show he wouldn’t still have contact with Hargitay, I know they’ve remained in touch. I’ve always thought Meloni had an axe to grind with the higher ups though after leaving because of his contract, which is why I thought we would never see Stabler again.
  6. Decent episode IMO - I thought it was fairly well executed, it was a decent case with a solid investigation, although it was predictable that the wife would turn on him and that would close the case, we’ve seen that happen on SVU a lot in recent seasons. I liked that despite the perp being someone close to Garland, they didn’t use it to throw Garland under the bus, I like him and I liked how he handled this by recusing himself and not getting in their way, I did find it odd that Benson and Carisi went to Garland’s house to discuss the case with him, I didn’t think it was appropriate given that Garland had a personal tie to the perp. I liked seeing how Garland dealt with the situation and I thought the actor did a great job of showing Garland’s emotions without overacting, unlike how MH does constant overdramatic facial expressions every time Benson deals with a crisis. Fin got some nice lines and was really good, it was really nice to have him back. Carisi had some good moments as well towards the end, although he was again shoehorned in to a couple of scenes near the start where he didn’t belong, I wish they would realize Carisi is no longer a detective and would instead put in more legal stuff for him to do. Minimal Rollins was really nice, although the reference to her mother makes me worry she will be the next Rollins family member to appear. I hated the line they threw in making the DA’s office look corrupt once again, when Carisi said he would give them a head start before telling Hadid. I have no idea why the writers want to make the DA’s office look slimy, other than for cheap, pathetic drama, it needs to stop, it’s an insult to the franchise and drags down the show. I wondered what was the point of the hint of romance between Benson and the defense lawyer? It didn’t really add anything to the episode, and I wonder if we will ever see him again. It was better than having Noah in the episode though! This episode was better than I expected, it didn’t drag Garland through the mud and instead did a nice job of showing his emotions throughout the ordeal and the investigation was solid. Parts of it were predictable, and I would still like more legal stuff, but overall this was solid.
  7. I have noticed they like to force Carisi into scenes that he doesn’t belong in - scenes that should be done with detectives, not an ADA. I’m not sure if it’s because they want to give Carisi more screentime or if it’s because the squad is somewhat short handed, especially when Fin is off, but I’ve noticed it in several episodes. I get that it’s quite an adjustment for Carisi going from detective to ADA but I wish they would stop forcing Carisi into scenes he doesn’t belong in and instead give us more legal stuff, I want more trial scenes, we’ve only had 2 episodes featuring trials and I want to see Carisi give a closing argument. Also, give Carisi more scenes with Fin and even Benson and less scenes with Rollins. Oh and get rid of the Hadid witch, ASAP, she’s one of the worst characters in SVU history and she’s horribly wooden and drags down every scene she’s in and cuts into Carisi’s screentime.
  8. I liked the Schumer cameo, it was a nice touch to tie the show into the real world, I always liked when the franchise had people appear as themselves. I agree that Kathy would have a lot of knowledge and was very well prepared, I just wondered how she found the time to hide the car, then go back and get the car and ditch it at JFK, wire the money and send the cell phone out of the country. It just seemed like a lot to do while being at the center of high profile missing persons case.
  9. I’m afraid that they will make the Benson/Stabler reunion as soapy as possible as well, since the writers have forgotten what the L&O franchise is supposed to be about and love soapy melodrama. It would be nice if both Benson and Stabler acted like mature adults when they see each other again though. The whole premise of Chicago PD is extremely unrealistic - no way in hell Voight would be put in charge of a squad after being locked up - he would most likely have been fired after being jailed. Chicago PD is incredibly stupid as well as morally bankrupt and a celebration of fascism, I never watch it, and I’m hopeful there won’t be anymore crossovers between SVU and CPD (I remember hearing somewhere that the dude who plays Voight burned his bridges on the SVU set and isn’t welcome back, I hope it’s true). A Carisi/Stabler interaction would be fascinating, Stabler was always difficult with ADA’s but we rarely saw him with a male ADA, and Carisi knows nothing about Stabler, so hopefully he wouldn’t bow to him - so far Carisi has been much better than I expected regarding him not bowing to St Olivia as ADA. SVU loves to assassinate characters (although I’m certain McCoy isn’t the DA anymore, Leight had an unnamed “new DA” in his last tenure as showrunner, so I think this is another new DA, but it’s still a travesty that they’ve trashed the DA’s office and implied they aren’t trustworthy without explicitly mentioning there being a new DA, it enrages me and it shows that the SVU writers have no respect for continuity or for the franchise), the worst character assassinations have been making Barba a baby killer and having Stone stage a sham trial because of how much he loved St Olivia, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they throw Stabler under the bus for drama as well, besides I think they want to amp up the melodrama for the Benson/Stabler reunion and the best way to do that would be to have Stabler and Benson not having spoken since Stabler left, if Stabler reached out after the Lewis ordeal, that would mean there wouldn’t be much melodrama when Stabler and Benson reunite, so yeah I bet they have it where Stabler and Benson haven’t spoken since Stabler left.
  10. Yeah I agree, but I wonder where she got the gun from? And I wonder where she hid the car, which she later recovered and ditched at JFK, and she mailed the phone out of the country, and how did she find the time to do that with all that was going on?
  11. It would be great if instead of making the Benson/Stabler reunion angsty and soapy it was low key and normal. Stabler looks great compared to Voight I agree, Stabler isn’t corrupt, Voight breaks the law in almost every episode. A Carisi/Stabler interaction would be interesting IMO. LOL at Rollins banging Stabler.
  12. Deakins was my favorite - he was laid back but wasn’t a pushover and was a very good leader. I agree that Hannah was good as well, he brought some life back to the role after the season of the extremely dull Callas. Ross was an obnoxious prick, extremely rude and condescending to the detectives and behaved like a dick most of the time. It annoyed me how Ross got so much more screentime than Deakins did, Deakins was seriously underused. Van Buren and Cragen were awesome as well - they all had slightly different styles, but they were great.
  13. Solid episode, not a lot to say about it other than I thought the FBI agent who was in charge of the operation to catch the villain would be more involved, but I liked that the story wasn’t about the FBI taking everything personally or seeking vengeance. It was a pretty good episode, and I like the characters, although I thought Hana’s joke about being the one in charge if Lacroix died was very awkward and ill timed, and wouldn’t Barnes be the one in charge, I’m pretty sure she’s second in command.
  14. Xeliou66


    I liked the case, disliked the hero worship of Upton. I loathe everyone from Chicago PD, they should all be in prison IMO, and I didn’t like how they had Upton being the one to do almost everything to close the case. And yes she was unpleasant, I was almost hoping for her to pull off an unethical stunt like they do on CPD and then have Jubal berate her, that would’ve been awesome!! At least OA let her know the FBI did things by the book. The background characters were absent in this episode pretty much. I like Emily as well, I would like for her to stay on as Scola’s partner and have Kristen work mainly from the office, but I don’t know if they will add in a new character. The case itself was very good, I liked the complex but strong plot and figuring out how the 2 murders were related. At least it was Jubal and Scola who figured out the location, not Upton. I hope Upton isn’t back next season.
  15. Agreed - Tucker was a great character who could call Stabler out, and it would’ve been nice to see them interact again. Voight + Stabler = an automatic no watch for me, they both don’t give a fuck about people’s rights and like to rough people up, Voight is basically just Stabler on steroids and with no one to reign him in. At least with Stabler, Cragen and IAB could reign him in.
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