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  1. It's weird how Roman and John have become sort of simpatico considering their (shared) past. But I guess since John did once think he WAS Roman and loved many of the same people Roman did (siblings, Roman's kids, Doc, Shawn/Caroline), I guess it does make a sort of warped sense.
  2. And I would be more than fine with this theory. Ecstatic, even, if it meant Bonnie was worm food.
  3. By Guns N' Roses, just to clarify! 😉 I could hear him pretty clearly! (Versus some backup singers in songs.) Unsure if he also sang backup in the demo version, which was also released!
  4. Maybe Ciara leaves with Hope if/when violence erupts at her [Ciara's] wedding and Ciara FINALLY wakes up and realizes this will be her life if she marries Ben - because people tend to rightfully despise serial killers and they will forever be looking to off him/get him locked back up.
  5. I read somewhere way back that both VDO/KE were interviewed and positively raved about Viola Davis. From what I gather, she was just as complimentary. She really excelled at playing an ice-cold bitch of a murderer juxtaposed with tough, loving mother! I already mentioned this, but Bobby wearing the blood-soaked shirt of the murdered family patriarch still skeeved me the hell out. As an aside, in the episode, "Faith", I get Christine believed in Erica. But her belief bordered on the monumentally stupid. I know the show touched on Christine having a medical issue that dealt with her maybe not having kids. But perhaps that little psychological angle should have been highlighted more. As it was, she seemed less like a duped believer and just a garden-variety psycho in her own right. Especially given the manner in which she killed Doug.
  6. Is it sad I still remember him most as Daryl from Adventures In Babysitting? (Old Gen-X'er here!)
  7. I'll dissent: I am SO HAPPY that Steve and Kayla are together again! One good thing on this show. The way I see it, drama would have resulted even if Kayla stayed with Justin because...well, DRAMA! It's Salem, after all! But for me only, it's nice to see true love prevail on the show as there is enough of it not happening in real life. Hopefully, Justin can recover and find someone. I'm just glad he knew he would never be #1 for Kayla. And in a marriage, I think that is pretty imperative. So I'm glad he was a grownup about this.
  8. WE is currently airing "Bright Boy". The father still strikes me as very creepy. Never knew until recently that the actress, Lisa Eichhorn, who played the headmistress of the school that poor Robbie was accepted to, was one of the actresses to audition for the role of Diane Chambers on Cheers. Even with his motive of wanting the best for his kid aside, how the father could not see his son was miserable and flailing astounds me. Robbie seemed to be a surrogate to the father, living the life the father thought he should have had if not for his dyslexia. I'd like to think the aunt and uncle Robbie went to live with just allowed Robbie HIS life and allowed him to be a kid. (Which Kim the social worker tried to stress to Robbie, probably leading to Robbie lying to his father and setting everything in motion.)
  9. WendyCR72


    I LOVE the early seasons. For me? I just look at it as it was intended: Trying to stay sane during the craziness of war. And using humor to do it. I really got turned off the show later on when it started going all sad and into drama and with constant preaching about the evils of war. People know war is horrible. I think the show got too caught up in its own messaging. As for "Yankee Doodle Doctor", it made me laugh. So it worked for me. (Trapper as Harpo seemed fitting, somehow! Maybe it was the curly hair!) On a side note, it was always nice to see a young Marcia Strassman as Nurse Margie Cutler in that episode - and a few more. I know she gained later fame as Julie Kotter on Welcome Back, Kotter and the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids franchise. A shame she died so relatively young of cancer. Always wondered if the show was toying with making her a semi-permanent love interest for Hawkeye as she kept popping up, but then she left, so...guess not!
  10. Heads up! Anyone wishing to discuss Elliot's return to the franchise further, there is now a forum for Law & Order: Organized Crime. So take it there and have fun!
  11. And didn't Shawn Sr. die by sacrificing his oxygen mask for Bo? Victor is/was an interesting antagonist character and has a lot of history, but Shawn Brady was Bo's father, full stop. Biology be damned.
  12. Just watched the episode about that poor hairdresser, Patrice Endres. I know there were other killers suspected, one with the confession, that were not ruled out. But my GOD, her husband was CREEPY AF. Wanting her REMAINS to be displayed? Picking up the skull and talking to it? Locking her beloved teenage son out of HIS own house right after her death?! Sleeping with her ASHES?! And saying he would never share the ashes, "particularly with Pistol"? FUCK HIM. And why didn't the SON have first rights to her remains? Or her father? Even with his time stamps and all of his other verbal diarrhea, I don't find it hard to imagine that he had some involvement. I also doubt it was coincidental that TWO separate friends of hers told the cops the same thing: To look at Rob. Considering the jealousy he displayed because she dared to love her own damned son and his wacko statements, I still do not discount - even if he did not do the actual murder - that he had Patrice killed. Because a jealous guy like that typically does not take rejection well. And I seriously doubt the intent to divorce him was "new information", as he put it. This guy is almost as creepy to me as Jule Caylor in the original series. As for poor Pistol Black, I hope he has found a measure of peace somehow. Thankful that he still had his father (and grandfather). But Rob is a lunatic. And I have zero doubt that he had some sort of involvement.
  13. Whoops! My bad. I mixed them up. Thought current hubby was American. I do know I am right about KA wearing Hope's gown for her first wedding, though. 🙂
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