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  1. WendyCR72

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    I call the franchise the "Dick Wolf Casting Agency" because - like with Raul Esparza, who did a guest role here then ended up as a regular SVU cast member - the guest roles seem to be a pool for Dick Wolf to use for future casting. As discussed in the Mothership thread, I saw the actor that played Eames' temporary partner in "Purgatory", when Bobby went undercover without Eames' knowledge, as a defense attorney. Then there was the late great Jerry Orbach as defense attorney Frank Lehrman also on the Mothership in the S2 episode, "Wages of Love" (based on Betty Broderick), before popping up a season later as Lennie Briscoe. And S. Epatha Merkerson was in a S1 Original Recipe Show episode, "Mushrooms", as a woman whose baby gets shot to death. She naturally reemerged in S4 as Anita Van Buren. Jeremy Sisto followed Jerry Orbach's path of casting... And Julianne Nicholson was on the one and done season of the 2006 show, Conviction (not to be confused with the more recent failed show of the same name with Hayley Atwell!), a show about young ADAs in the L&O universe. Once that show ended, she went to CI as Det. Megan Wheeler and Milena Govich went to the Mothership. Wheeler took fine; Cassady, Govich's character, left after a single season. And Kelli Giddish guest-starred in the S7 CI episode, "Depths" (ironically on early tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. ET per listings on Oxygen) before going to SVU as hot-mess Amanda Rollins. (Spoke about this before, but I find it odd that Giddish's SVU character has the same exact name as Cynthia Nixon's CI character, an alcoholic Broadway producer, in the S10 episode, "Icarus". That was in 2011, just months before Giddish joined SVU, too. Wonder if there is a relative or friend and that's why the name got used twice within months? LOL!) But all of the above is why I love the "Dick Wolf Casting Agency". LOL! In a related note, he seems to reward/remember some former cast members of his other non-L&O shows with some guest roles. Patti D'Arbanville, who was a cast member on New York Undercover (Yep, Dick Wolf was a co-creator), guest starred on Original Recipe and Criminal Intent. (Unsure if she did the trifecta?) And Lauren Velez, who was also a cast member of New York Undercover, played dirty beat cop (after being demoted from detective) Lois Melago on CI in the episode, "Purgatory", who was the former partner of fellow dirty cop, Mike Stoat, who Bobby was tasked with bringing down. Played by none other than Mayhem himself, Dean Winters, better known from SVU as Cassidy. So Raul Esparza was part of an esteemed group. 😛
  2. WendyCR72

    Law & Order

    Pretty sure the defense lawyer on "Immortal", soon to wrap on Sundance, was the same actor to play Eames' temporary partner on L&O: CI in "Purgatory". when Goren was undercover without her knowing. If not, they sure do sound alike.
  3. WendyCR72

    All My Children

    Just spied Lonnie Quinn, meteorologist, and the first nicer Will Cooney/Cortlandt, on my local CBS affiliate during its evening news. So trippy. He is still recognizable! Just older. As are we all. 😛
  4. WendyCR72

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    "Lady's Man" is on. Nice to see Bobby coming alive to help Alex out since she had done so a lot. Love the scene where, in the interrogation room, Bobby puts his arm around the friend of Boz's they are questioning and says, "So it was just one woman? Several?" and when Alex rolls her eyes at the guy when he asks them to keep his ONS quiet as Bobby sort of snickers/laughs behind the guy, but then quickly looks serious when the guy goes to look at him. Nice to see some levity. And I know I have said this, but Raul Esparza plays smarmy psycho well.
  5. WendyCR72

    Press Your Luck

    Exactly why I laugh when there are such contestants on Wheel of Fortune when the puzzle is obvious, they already have tons of money, yet they spin one last time - and hit Bankrupt. 😛
  6. WendyCR72

    Unpopular Opinions: "I hate BLTs from Kelly's!"

    I forgive you for your flawed preference. 😉
  7. This, I didn't know. Certainly explains why the ADA angle on CI under him more or less disappeared when he was made EP. Sounds like it is drying up on SVU, too. Time will tell.
  8. WendyCR72

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    Hey, stranger things have happened! Although I do wonder if the movie and crime that Logan remembered about was based on some sort of real crime, since this franchise loved "ripped from the headlines", and all...
  9. WendyCR72

    Unpopular Opinions: "I hate BLTs from Kelly's!"

    I hate to say this, but I was on Guza's side way back during the tug of war with Wendy Riche, who was REALLY pushing Jax/Chloe, while Guza was writing for Jax/Alexis. I think NLG had no problem whatsoever generating chemistry with Ingo Rademacher.
  10. WendyCR72

    Law & Order

    Just speaking for myself, but nah. I don't think Angie Harmon and Jill Hennessy looked anything alike apart from both having dark eyes and hair.
  11. WendyCR72

    Unpopular Opinions

    Meh. Look at Mike Horton. Born in the '60s yet was old enough to MARRY by the mid-'70s. Only to stay in his 30s for another two DECADES. Age on this show is now meaningless. And don't get me started on Brady, whose actor [Eric Martsolf] is pushing 50 while he should be Abigail's peer as both were born in 1992. Then there's EJ, who married (and raped; nope, I will never let that go) Sami Brady despite being BORN two years AFTER Sami and Lucas' son, Will. By comparison, Sarah is at least in her original ballpark!
  12. WendyCR72

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Not to sound callous, but I would assume an addict would have to learn coping skills since - for good or bad - not everyone will abstain.
  13. WendyCR72

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    Good point. But then, G/E were not mentioned when it was a Logan episode. Both ways are dumb. At least reference the opposite team. The only time I recall that happening was in "Lady's Man" when Ross told Eames he wanted her to fill in Nichols and Wheeler about the Boz Burnham case, before Eames stopped Ross. You think so? I know Weinstein had a looooooong reputation, but I thought it was kept hush hush until the last few years. Either way, I can see it!
  14. Ron only knows camp and tricks he used over and over from his time at both OLTL and GH, namely villains in masks [Faison as Duke on GH] and DID. Again and again and again and again and...
  15. WendyCR72

    Unpopular Opinions: "I hate BLTs from Kelly's!"

    In real life, I would NEVER advocate this, but I'd rather the show do Alexis/Neil. Let Hayden contain Finn.