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  1. Yeah, in the future, SVU show videos belong in the SVU forum, any Stabler crumbs notwithstanding. Please, in the future, if the video is strictly labeled for whatever show, put it in its proper forum. Thanks! ETA: I have moved the SVU video to where it belongs.
  2. Not just no, HELL NO! Say what you will about Susan Seaforth Hayes' old-school acting and how Julie annoys (hi, @boes!), but she and Bill Hayes earned their popularity/acclaim. Ciara/Ben leeching off of them AND Bo/Hope is just gross. They will never even be in the same UNIVERSE as those two pairings.
  3. Yep, a double-header season premiere. Airing on September 23, 2021: And The Empire Strikes Back synopsis: Never Turn Your Back On Them synopsis:
  4. And we're almost off for the Season 2 premiere. Airing on September 23, 2021:
  5. I know, I know. Barek/Sciorra was just the guest star, and the actual show star, Hargitay/Benson, gets the glory. 😋 As I said, Barek wasn't that bad, all things considered. She didn't kill anyone or ruin her career, so that's a win in terms of the franchise today.
  6. I was just grateful that they did not make Barek into a complete moron to make Benson look better. I was half expecting just that. Although, even so, since she did work with the FBI before working at Major Case, it was kind of asking a lot to think Barek did not have one clue that her detective was bad. Oh, well!
  7. You're correct. (Thank God.)
  8. I really was hoping that would be clarified but...nope. But it's weird [but cool, don't get me wrong!] how she name-dropped Goren, when it was Logan that was her partner [although as Goren was the "face" of Criminal Intent, I got the reason, overall!]. I just wish Logan's odd reaction to that one Barek mention in S6 was explained.
  9. I think KA stating it was "not the show [she] remembered..." was a veiled swipe at the writing/stories. This was after the last disaster with Princess Gina. I think even she had had enough by then.
  10. Since both Reilly and Carlivati were/are uber hacks, I'm not surprised Retread Ron would go back to the one story that forever made Days a complete laughingstock and ruined what the show was.
  11. Nice of Deakins to give Carver that bottle of...Scotch, I think it was? And giving Logan a better desk. BTW, not only was it the final scene for Deakins/Carver but also for Barek, as well. (Even if she and Carver both got token mentions the following season.)
  12. A few, IMO: Bo/Hope Shane/Kimberly Steve/Kayla's first lavish wedding on the yacht (later made invalid because of stupid retcon of Marina Toscano as Steve's first wife [which apparently also was not a hit with Stephen Nichols], but she did lead to Isabella...) Speaking of... Isabella/John and when Isabella went into labor with Brady Bo/Carly's (illegal but gorgeous) Mayan wedding ceremony in Mexico
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