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  1. I felt ZERO sympathy for Kristen. She's a psycho, a killer [or, at least, attempted killer], and a baby snatcher. So if her 50+-year-old ass (and yeah, in reality, far too old for this shit!) lost a spawn, I call it karma. And, again, I find the fact that she and Brady spawned when she was once engaged to - and knocked up 20+ years ago - by his FATHER is just all sorts of nasty, be it soapy behavior or not. This chick should be pushing up daisies. I'm talking Isabella dead, not Jack dead.
  2. Reason 209,142,546 I'm glad I quit watching. SOOOOO. MUCH. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTEEEEE.
  3. WendyCR72


    I know this sounds dumb, more than likely, but I do like that the mother of the murdered kid that Jubal kept getting shut down by wasn't all grateful to Jubal as some savior. Maybe her behavior was strident and too angry, but too many times on cop shows (hi, SVU!), the cops make an arrest/do whatever and all is forgiven and the focal cop (hey, Olivia!) becomes said savior. I liked that Jubal's past with this kid made this case more realistic in terms of the reactions, etc. Not everything is pretty and gets a pretty upbeat ending. Like I said, probably small potatoes and sounds dumb, but just my take here.
  4. Hello everybody, The mod team is noticing an uptick of posts with political references or asides. This is a reminder that such posts are not permitted here. GH, as we know, is not a news program and, thus, political commentary has no bearing here. For your sakes as well as ours, and to keep board peace and harmony, please refer to the board's policy as pertaining to politics. Further posts of a political nature will be removed and may result in warnings, so please heed this going forward. If anyone has questions, please PM @WendyCR72, @OnceSane, or @thewhiteowl. Thank you.
  5. The Logan/Olivet scene in "To The Bone" is on ION as I type. I really did like that. For the history franchise wise - and how it was so easily captured in such a short scene - and because it was one of the very few times this spinoff seemed connected to the rest of that universe. Chris Noth and Carolyn McCormick did have good chemistry together, no matter what that unnamed dynamic was.
  6. For any questions or concerns, please contact @WendyCR72. All non-show talk is to be taken to the Small Talk thread. Thank you.
  7. Probably the usual crap: My mommy got rid of me/put me up for adoption! (See Carly on GH.) That's a crime of all crimes on soaps.
  8. Was he a fan of V/Jax or Alexis/Jax? Because what I recall was he wrote a LOT of sparkly Jaxis scenes during their "fake" marriage while Jax/Chloe scenes were rather simplistic and saccharine. At the time, I remember reading the argument you just said but replace V with Alexis.
  9. Anyone remember the Philadelphia cheesecake bars from the '90s or the Toll House candy bars from roughly the same time? They were so good! Sigh.
  10. To air on February 3, 2020:
  11. WendyCR72


    Here is the episode description for S02.E14, "Studio Gangster", to air on January 28, 2020:
  12. To air on January 28, 2020:
  13. To air on February 5, 2020:
  14. No argument there. But if there was no fucked up shit under Ron...there'd be nothing at all. He can't write ANYTHING else.
  15. Well, there have been cases in real life, most famously, Kimberly Mays/Arlena Twigg (of which a TV movie was made about back when networks made those). So while a lot of very stupid and dumb shit happens on this show, the baby switch thing isn't exactly one of them. ETA: Linked to the 20/20 episode from 2019 about this incident.
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