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  1. Yes, he was. I get Tyler may have been hoping for a return to GH as Nik, but honestly, considering the shape he is in mentally and emotionally, recasting was the only thing TPTB could do. I say this not in criticism but Tyler is in no shape to work and his disease makes it that he may not be reliable. As NLG says, he has a very serious disease and he needs help. For himself and for his family. Maybe - if he ever gets on an even keel - he can come back to acting. But it may be too much pressure for him, too. The takeaway being that he needs to get that help and focus on his health before all else.
  2. If you have a Roku device, the entire series now streams for free on The Roku Channel.
  3. For anyone in the Albany, NY market, the local NBC affiliate, WNYT, will air Days at 2:35 a.m. overnight. So set the DVR!
  4. As far as I know, a new episode aired NOWHERE in the US. The same holds true for this Friday.
  5. Me-TV showed the MASH finale movie, "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen", on Veterans' Day. For such a minor side character, G.W. Bailey's Rizzo actually got some decent screen time in it, even appearing up towards the end to give Winchester a lift out of camp in a garbage truck. (I was 10 when it originally aired in February 1983 and had forgotten a lot of it, actually!)
  6. On Veterans' Day, Me-TV aired the MASH Season 11 movie finale [from February 1983], "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen". Of course, the late Allan Arbus, who played shrink Sidney Freedman, appeared in it, as he recurred throughout the series. As Hunter viewers know, Arbus again played a shrink, this time for the police department, in "Unfinished Business" in Season 6. But another name that appeared on Hunter also popped up in the final credits of the finale: The late John Shearin. He played Lt. Ambrose Finn on Hunter from Seasons 2 through 4, with one of the more memorable sendoffs. In the MASH finale, he had no lines, but he was the chopper pilot that eventually flew Hawkeye out of the 4077th for the last time (as Hawkeye looked down at the rocks spelling out, "GOODBYE" that BJ had left for him). Shearin was simply credited as "The Chopper Pilot".
  7. Yep, at least 99% of the time! (Except when douche Captain Ross tricked her into spilling Goren's personal info! But that was a lone misstep.) Huh, right now, in late night, WE is showing "Unchained" from S5. [Logan/Barek]
  8. Definitely. In terms of the longest, I think Criminal Intent still holds the record: "Please Note We Are No Longer Accepting Recommendations From Henry Kissinger", from Season 7. Whew.
  9. Then drove over Bonnie again, just to be sure - in case he missed the first time. And if Mimi, Connor, and Patrick are with her, even better. Wipe out the whole damned clan.
  10. This, I do like. Especially since - early on - the show seemed to want to play up Neil Curtis as Sarah's dad when he was really just a sperm donor. And a retconned sperm donor, at that, since that story retconned Neil as the donor when it was actually Evan Whyland [played by Lane Davies before Santa Barbara].
  11. I know I said this elsewhere, but my mindset is the same as yours even if the channel losses were different. In your market, it was Decades. In mine, it was H&I and I still am mad that I lost that for Start TV. I watch nada on that channel.
  12. I really am wondering who will return and who won't. I think the younger cast will likely go elsewhere or even try for prime time. The longtime vets are the real question mark, I think. They will either have enough saved up to retire and not want to return for drastically-reduced pay or they will return out of loyalty. So it's a crap shoot. I'm going to GUESS that John Aniston won't come back, for one, as he seems to be in less than perfect health, as of late.
  13. Hey, I have made the same mistake with episodes; I bet many have. Don't worry about it. 🙂 And checking listings, the title is indeed right. (And, yes, adds up to 21 letters befitting S21 so Leight can have his little peccadillo.)
  14. I am not the mod for this forum; however, since one of the issues was just changing the episode number, I corrected that.
  15. Well, like I said, I will trust nothing unless/until taping resumes. As I posted, Susan Lucci was also told AMC was not on the chopping block, even getting promises. And, well... So I am in wait and see mode.
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