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  1. I sort of have to side with Ross with "The One Where No One's Ready". Growing up, no matter the family function, my mom's side of the family was ALWAYS late. Be it to go shopping at the mall, family parties, whatever. Got so that my mom would give some an earlier time for something so they'd actually arrive when they should. And she would fume and my dad, my brothers, and I would just tell her that she knows their habits and they won't change, so why get upset, etc. But it would annoy her, and I understood. Always sort of fascinated and mystified me at the same time because my mother was ALWAYS punctual, or even early and made sure her kids were, too. Yet her sisters and parents were forever late. (I say with love.) I joked with her once and asked if she was adopted as she stood out in her family...
  2. I preface this by saying I love Susan Sullivan. But I am very happy she did NOT play Nolan's mother. This is not Castle and I think each show should have its own identity. This is not to say that Ms. Sullivan cannot/should not appear in a role in the future should the circumstances warrant, but having her do a retread with Nathan Fillion would just cast a shadow on THIS show. But that's my $1.50 opinion on the matter, such as it is.
  3. I would if I remembered the specifics! Alas, I don't even recall just WHO raped him, just that he was and Michael Logan dismissed the cries of rape by the viewers. THAT, I remember. And it was gross.
  4. Mike Hammer also airs on the Pluto TV Crime Drama channel.
  5. Maybe whatever they were going to see was so freaking dull that the only way to enjoy it was being sloshed beforehand? 😛 (Especially if it's opera. Sorry to any opera lovers here!) But that was all weird, anyway, as, later on when being interviewed by Bobby and Alex, the snooty wife mentioned she really did not know Peter and Linda Bonham all that well. Ooookay. But they knew them well enough to go to the theater together? Whatever! Scuzzy Peter shooting the intruder probably livened everything up, sad to say.
  6. I think the soap press even made this line of thinking worse as, years ago, the character of Jax was raped on GH and soap journalist Michael Logan was insisting that men cannot be raped. I remember many even THEN were appalled by that line of (non-)thinking.
  7. Wait! The latter WASN'T the proper lyric? That is always how I heard it, too! Huh!
  8. I think it says volumes that SOD's pick for Best Couple for 2020 on this show was Steve and Kayla, a pairing that had seen their glory days THIRTY PLUS years ago. There is always the complaint that the old-timers like John and Steve and Kayla need to make way for the new generation. Trouble is, those classic characters had the benefit of good writing and great production values equaling fond memories for many viewers. This generation has crappy writing and cheap production values. And, let's face it, none of them seem to have the "presence" the older characters got. (That includes Ben/Ciara and Chad/Abby, the "popular" [relatively] pairings of the modern era. To me, it does, anyway.) Even the generation before this crop, with Sami, I find a little of her goes a LONG way. The writers see Sami and think "spitfire bitch". GREAT for young Sami, but it's rather old to me now. The writers never really gave her "shades of gray" in between, IMO, and I think the character has been running in place for years now. (Just my opinion here!) Long way of saying the best years of this show are long in the rear view mirror.
  9. Airing on January 17, 2021:
  10. WendyCR72


    Here is the synopsis for S03.E04: "Crazy Love", airing on January 24, 2021. (Note that the 24th is a Sunday. So this seems to be a special airing!) This episode sounds like a similarly-themed episode of another Wolf show, Law & Order: Los Angeles, way back when. ___________________ And episode S03.E05: Clean Slate, which is airing two days later in the usual slot, airing on January 26, 2021:
  11. Airing on January 19, 2021:
  12. Airing on January 25, 2021:
  13. Still, as was mentioned before, I'm not sure that Alicia Witt would have wanted to be long term as she actually works pretty steadily. Falacci irritated me, at least initially, but considering how others reacted to her, I do think it was intentional. And she did relax by her end. So, had she stayed, I probably would have eventually liked her more. Wheeler was...fine, I guess. She didn't seem to inspire much in the way of extreme feelings as the other characters did/do. Not sure if being so nondescript was a good or bad thing.
  14. Xander is not being smart here, but let us remember if Phillip wasn't being a greedy scumbag and getting into this in the first place with Ava Vitali, there would be no ball TO set in motion here. So if Xander must face consequences, let Phillip die, too. This IS his fault, too. (Hey, he brought Ava back to town, so I have no use for Phil these days. LOL!)
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