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  1. Could have used this on the scuttled Law & Order: Hate Crimes.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, Since politics still seems to be seeping in, I think it is time to move past recent events. Things have gotten too political, and it is almost impossible to separate given the circumstances. And, anyway, I think this has been discussed enough. It has been at least a week out now. In that case, let us return to what this thread is for: Press involving the show itself and not the politically-tinged drama outside of it. Thanks.
  3. I think Brady is dumb, hence Brickhead Brady. But I just could NEVER feel sorry for Theresa since she actively tried to kill Brady's own father. So, it isn't like she was some mere little lamb. Theresa was watered down by the time she left, but she was a piece of work in her own right. And it never jived for me considering just who her family/parents was/were. Well, at least it runs in the family what with Phillip being Brady's uncle. LOL! And, yeah, I'm really not feeling ol' Phillip this go-'round, either.
  4. I don't know if you meant for the prison breakout or on the show altogether but, needless to say, I agree. Shocking, I know!
  5. Rachel has no chance, what with Brickhead Brady for a father and a psycho for a mother. She'd've been better off staying with Sarah.
  6. Yeah, Paul Telfer being so damned charming certainly makes a difference (to me!).
  7. I like Xander's relationship with Maggie and Jack (sans the retcon). They humanize him. We like who we like.
  8. Oh, I know all of that. 😎 But it all was so tangled! And Steve Olson not even being mentioned for over 40 years is sad. He is a Horton by Addie. And I'd think, after so many years a blank slate, a GOOD writer (meaning, not Ron!) would want to tackle and fill in the gaps...
  9. If Julie were just another woman he married, sure. But Julie is indeed Hope's half-sister. And while I know Julie loved Doug first, the fact is, Doug was also married to Hope and Julie's [and brother Steve Olson's (whatever happened to him after he left under Stephen Schnetzer in '79?!)] mother, and had a child with her in Hope. So, it's all kinda quasi-incestuous, anyway!
  10. But Doug is his grandfather, Doug being Hope's father. So, still weird. I guess saying Aunt Julie and Grandpa Doug would just be ooky, considering his aunt is married to his grandfather, hence just first names used.
  11. It's Ron, so I half expect it, but I'd despise if Gwen gets Xander/happiness after all the shit she pulled on others. Let her LOSE. Maybe then, she can grow. As it is, Sarah's exit was not of her own choice and by lies, so I think it would suck if Xander just dropped Sarah if she ever comes back (if she still believes in Xander) to reward a character who has earned none of it.
  12. I don't see Emma Samms coming back anytime soon. Didn't she just get married again? (She seems to be mainly in the UK these days, isn't she?) But if I'm wrong, time will tell.
  13. Yeah, the first version was what I would see as a kid (born in '72) before the specials started on CBS.
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