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  1. Afton Williamson calls investigation findings "heartbreaking".
  2. Well, what is known is the person in the hair department was terminated. I doubt simple misinterpretation would bring about that result. So, based on that, it is easy to infer something of consequence happened at that level, at the very least.
  3. Admittedly, I have bias as I am a Monica/Chandler fan. But, putting that aside, I'm still glad it never happened. Ross fell for Rachel. Joey fell for Rachel. All three would put Rachel in dangerous Mary Sue territory, IMO. So - fan angle aside - I'm glad one of the guys was immune!
  4. I had a Windows 95 computer and now these instruction videos are surfacing in my memory. Man, they were cheesy!
  5. And the final say is said in the Afton Williamson investigation. Note: Feel free to DISCUSS. But attacks and the melee that happened before will not fly. So be respectful, and all will be fine.
  6. Well, if NBC proper won't take it for another five years, perhaps "Peacock" (yes) will? (This new service - from reading - has already stolen the Psych movie sequel from USA.)
  7. *Thanks lucky stars AGAIN that I no longer subject myself to this show* But UGH.
  8. If anyone watches the MyNetwork repeats of the show, starting next week, the show moves back to Thursday evening instead of Monday evening.
  9. God, I'm old. I remember when the soap press covered her birth! But congrats to her!
  10. Sarah and Xander are very watchable, just as I'd thought. I think they make each other more likable. On this show? That's basically everything. No small feat.
  11. TV Listings go 12 days out, at least online. The series does not return until 9/29. So wait a day or two. It should pop up then.
  12. WendyCR72


    ABC is doing a week long "Cast from the Past" event on its prime time shows, reuniting old casts on existing shows. Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas will guest star on The Rookie on October 9th. (Other reunions are as detailed in the link.)
  13. WendyCR72


    ABC is doing a "Cast from the Past" week-long event on its prime time shows. As such, Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman, George Wendt, and John Ratzenberger will be on an episode of The Goldbergs on October 9th. Other cast reunions are as described in the link.
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