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  1. Coming to Hulu and described as follows: A three-part documentary series delving into the lingerie empire, The Rise and Fall of Victoria's Secret is set to premiere on Hulu next year. ... The outlet said the series will trace Victoria's Secret's journey from a mail-order undergarment company to a retail giant that later became entangled in controversy.
  2. My dad loves the latest Allstate commercial with the driver and hood ornament singing "Opportunities" by the Pet Shop Boys. (Read somewhere, because of the ad, the song re-charted on dance charts.)
  3. And the dogs are SURE to "remind" you of that, as they sit and just STARE while you eat said pizza. (Been there, done that!)
  4. Just flipped on the TV and "In The Wee Small Hours" just started on WE! 😎 The scummy Garrett family in all its perverse glory.
  5. Starting from birth? I mean, this is the same Sami that tried to sell Baby Belle on the black market.
  6. Maybe. But I still like Chloe and Brady. Different vibe than with Brady 1.0 (who, of course, now suspiciously looks like Rex Brady!), but still good. The fact that she isn't psycho Kristen is just the icing on the cake.
  7. Airs on May 9, 2021:
  8. Airing May 4, 2021: Sorry it's late. Chat about the episode!
  9. I'd argue that happened ages ago with Trial By Jury (which makes me wonder about this new series since this one was a one-and-done!) and Los Angeles (another one-and-done) dragging said franchise down. While no Law & Order in its title, Conviction (2006) was obviously set in the same universe since Alex Cabot was the lead character there - and that also failed. So I'd say 2005/2006 already overextended the brand (as the initial three [Mothership, SVU, Criminal Intent] were all still around at the time, so over saturation was too easy). Hope history is not repeating itself. Guess
  10. I don't think Emily had plastic surgery. The hair color was different, but I noticed, around Emily's eyes, she has the fine laugh lines. NOT putting that down; it's refreshing. She looked great, and since she could move her face and emote, I assume she's still natural. She is also a notorious vegan [very passionate], so maybe that's a factor, too.
  11. He was married, right? Maybe the wife had money. Yeah, "ogre" is charitable. Sad that it was likely one of Chris Penn's last acting appearances, though. But he played Tommy Onorato to evil perfection. Hard to believe he was shy, awkward Willard in the original Footloose all the way back in 1984 with Kevin Bacon. And as for Margie, if I were her husband, I'd've let her ass rot. She's lucky he hired her a lawyer.
  12. The revival is set to add three new series regulars - and all women of color.
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