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  1. Season 6 is actually a great season. Trust me. If you feel the need to stop, wait for S7. THAT is when the tone AND lighting go south. (S7 is dark both metaphorically and physically.) Of course, you may feel differently if you keep going. But, for me, that is when the show started having one character eat the show and become a Mary Sue. (I'm looking at YOU, Abby!) However, the show - after S6 -basically becomes uneven. Some parts are great! But the lows are pretty low. (Season 8 also sees Susan Lewis return, but with the shitty writing she got, she may as well have been a new character.) One season I completely recommend is the final one, S15. Bunches of returns from the classic cast, and it was just a great wrap up. And Angela Bassett, for coming in so late, was a good addition.
  2. I wonder if Michael E. Knight and Kim Delaney will have some meta scene on GH, seeing as they played brother and sister Tad and Jenny on AMC eons ago? (I loved Jenny and Greg/Jenny as only my 11-year-old self could and was heartbroken when Jenny bit it on that rigged Jet ski by her evil ex-fiance!)
  3. Except Zander was played by an actor with actual talent. And I STILL love that Chad Brannon used his skills, as the bus ran over Zander for the sickly puke that was Num, and got an Emmy out of it. Before they became Cracker Jack prizes.
  4. Not Days, but I remember the first baby to play Samantha Capwell on Santa Barbara, while adorable looking, used to scream BLOODY MURDER when Lane Davies (who played her father, Mason) would hold her. LOL! Obviously, the show recast, and that baby, Erin/Caitlin Moore - later just Erin, would remain 'til the show was canceled around five years later. So I get why soaps use dolls a lot of the time.
  5. Never liked Tripp as he was the spawn of fucking Ava, but even I know this is character assassination. Ron is disgusting. As is this "story".
  6. I'd try to dig out my DVDs and upload the deleted stuff, but Universal would yank it off of YouTube in no time...
  7. As I said, the only good thing about Marina was the introduction of her sister, Isabella, and her subsequent friendship with Jack and romance with RoJohn.
  8. Yeah, I remember you telling me about the Dr. Skoda deleted scene before. Saw it and wished it was kept in! Especially since CI often seemed like it was off on its own island and sort of disconnected from the franchise.
  9. It's Kerry, just so you know. 🙂 So you got it right!
  10. I generally despise reboots/reunions, but if it fixes the travesty of an ending that Chris/Rita had, I'll make an exception. (Although I doubt it happens, so...) On another note, Chris/Rita were THE main reason for my late teen/early 20-something self watching this show. But while I never felt as invested after they departed, I did come to like Tom/Cassy well enough. Enough to be miffed (not really upset like C/R's ending but...miffed) that the S8 Tom/Cassy cliffhanger went forever unanswered. Generally had no use for Michael/Holly, if we're discussing all three teams.
  11. I got an e-mail that holiday makeup/gift sets are out at Sephora. I didn't buy any makeup gift sets but did get the Briogeo hair mask gift set (the Don't Despair, Repair! mask is in a sweet honeybear container as part of that set...)!
  12. Since bonus material (an alternate dead Nicole scene as one - yay!) stopped after S4 (I believe - been some time since I dug out my DVDs!), you're not missing much not having the DVDs.
  13. As I know I have a tendency to repeat sometimes, I went through all nine pages to make sure I wasn't doing so yet again. 😉 I didn't see this one, but if I missed it, throw tomatoes at me. This is an "almost": U2 - Sweetest Thing Juice Newton - The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known)
  14. For those that may have Peacock to stream Hunter (or anything else!) and a Roku, a deal has been reached. You can now add Peacock via the Roku Channel Store to your Home screen.
  15. Making it extra ironic was Cynthia Preston the actress being on GH along with Jane Elliot (Tracy Quartermaine), who played the character of Cynthia Preston on All My Children eons ago!
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