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  1. I'd like to think Linda Bonham took their daughter and changed their last names and had a fabulous life as revenge. What a baby that Peter Bonham could not deal with his wife's success. Or that he could not just man up and get a divorce. Speaking of kids, in watching "Bedfellows" on MyNetwork now, I'm betting both those boys were beyond screwed up, thanks to their grandfather still playing favorites, Charlene being an addict, and Lena in prison. I know I should feel sorry for Jules Copeland, losing both sons, but it's clear he didn't care about Ted, and right there, it makes him a crappy father, grandfather, and human being. But Rip Torn did a great job. Cool to see him with VDO again after Men In Black.
  2. TV Line has a bit about the show: Any scoop on The Rookie? Specifically related to Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen? “Funny you should ask…,” showrunner Alexi Hawley responds. “In our next episode (airing this Sunday, April 12), a new love interest for Lucy causes her to question whether she’s ready to start dating again, and sparks tension with her T.O.”
  3. Foo Fighters - Over And Out Britny Fox - Over And Out
  4. Anita Baker - Just Because Jane's Addiction - Just Because
  5. Well, Mike Horton is not psychotic. He's not brainless. And he is not at all campy. So, no interest from Ron and Company. Besides, he is better off not being on canvas to be completely character assassinated. My morbid curiosity wonders just how old he is now, since he seemed to age in reverse a la Benjamin Button. 😉
  6. That's one angle we have dissected again and again and I asked the same question. Personally, I think Carver just did not like being shown up. But, as you say, his freak out had zero basis. Goren got the priest to confess and it saved money on a trial, so Carver could have several seats there. For that matter, his similar freak out a season later in "Best Defense" when Goren and Eames kept Carver in the dark about Peter Bonham framing his wife for murder was also justified in my view because at the beginning of that episode, it was clear that Carver had a relationship - coworkers or friends - with Peter Bonham and had railed about not embarrassing them at one point. In real life, I would say he should have recused. But, as it is TV, I think G/E did what they had to, later with Bonham and early on with the priest.
  7. Then that's it. The pic on the site makes it look bigger than it is. 🙂
  8. Is it certain Zoey is involved with Rafe? If so, there goes the steady work for KT theory.
  9. What is a Zoey and why is she necessary? That said, maybe Kelly Thiebaud wanted steadier work. Can't blame her there as Britt is now only recurring on GH.
  10. Maybe that was it. I probably got the price wrong. Sorry!
  11. I believe Disney has it back up for ordering. Only $29.95.
  12. I think the whole "Molly/TJ break up" fault follies has gone as far as it can. Let's move on. Thank you.
  13. To be fair, this was also the show still trying to find what worked and maybe what didn't. It was only a few episodes in, so there were likely some growing pains. I think as S1 progressed, the characterizations got significantly better. That being said, Goren still had a soft spot for the weak and/or mentally ill, so maybe that was actually consistent, for good or bad. Probably heavily influenced by his own life and his mother, etc.
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