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  1. I teared up when I read the dedication: "To everyone getting us through 2020." And I have no problem with a Pete win. Hermine should have been in Laura's place, but I'm not going to be a soggy bottom about it on social media. Also-also Dave's baby is the sweetest thing I've seen on this show.
  2. Oh, if I had only caught who that was upon first viewing! (I had to watch it after it aired on the website, and I was so distracted by the "Who Is That?" that I became a little distracted from that particular plot. This is the first new Midwife episode in *checks calendar* a couple of seasons that made me boo-hoo openly. Recent episodes have made me have feelings, but not to the point of this one. When Val's grandma muttered about "gritting her teeth" as her former patients did, the waterworks started and didn't stop until *checks clock next to calendar* two minutes ago. After T
  3. I wonder if a bunch of us made it public that the only thing keeping us from financially contributing to PBS was the way they cut scenes from CTM... If they'd actually quit doing it. There were so many questions, like: what did the contest picture look like? What was with the Turner's rabbits? And how did that young man test to get into prep school from home? Loved the Buckles in this episode. They were just right. And Fred's emotional attachment to Primrose was realistic and sweet. Mother Mildred scored all the points tonight. Between the sympathy towards Primrose's mother to
  4. Ignore all that mess - I clicked the wrong button. I'm sure someone at Disney is taking notes for the newest evil Mother Figure on the block - "and give her bangs that are almost too long!"
  5. Did you not see how Hannah gnawed on his ass? That's gonna leave a mark.
  6. Welp. The only good thing about this episode was Esther's heel-face turn* and the youngest Parker brother's kindness toward Miss Lambe and admission to being gay a confirmed bachelor. The "lost series finale" fanfiction starts... NOW! *-if she was ever really a heel, or just led about by her stepbrother via the power of lust and came to her senses just in the nick of time. YMMV, restrictions may apply, eyes on your own paper, etc.
  7. The Denham Matriarch Lives! (I won't say "Called It", because I thought she was faking and she wasn't, but I was super-close!) Now let's see the character development Esther gets. Sure, now they bring in Young Stringer now that Charlotte has a contender for Sidney's attention. Apt name, as it kind of feels as she's stringing him along... Ugh, love quadrangles are so exhausting. Didn't know how much I missed the other two Parker siblings until they appeared. She's a bit much (even though she doesn't do anything but simper over her brother), but he becomes more tolerable with each
  8. After tonight, I care not a bit for the younger Denhams. Here's hoping the matriarch is faking her illness, and will "bequeath" all three of them a schedule for stagecoaches out of Sanditon after they've all self-destructed. There's quite a bit of unnecessary things happening on the Parker side of the story, mainly with the return of Sidney's Old Flame. There's a love triangle set up already, with Young Stringer - why set up another angle with Mrs. Golde-Dyger? I watch the "more about the making of Sanditon" bits after the show because 1)more Theo James is good, and 2)watching the
  9. Yup. If you look at it like that, it's enjoyable. Start thinking about Austen and "would she really...", and it muddies the water. Kinda wish her name wasn't attached to this - I would be happier watching it. With Downton Abbey being off the air (and watching the back episodes on Prime too often to mention!), I require a regular period drama, no matter how contrived. And this one is especially easy on the eyes, if not the dialogue.
  10. Can we just concentrate on the younger royals from here on out? Not only are their "characters" more captivating, but their actors are nailing it. (I especially want to see Princess Anne tell off her would-be kidnapper, because I think her actress would deliver "not bloody likely!" perfectly.) I can see where the Queen was coming from in her last rant tirade speech. The delivery sucked, though. Another reason I want to spend more time on the young royals now.
  11. I wonder if Margaret had any inkling about how LBJ was really like. Otherwise I'm sure she wouldn't have dared... (I know, this is a fictionalized show of real-life events, and Margaret probably never said the word "arsehole" in public, much less a state dinner, but one wonders...) I liked HBC, but I really dug the casting of Young Margaret. She looked a lot like Vanessa Kirby.
  12. Being an American and not knowing about the Aberfan disaster, I had to do a bit of research after this episode, and hoo boy... It was just as bleak and difficult and gut-wrenching as this show made it out to be. The image of the schoolteacher, looking out the window at the sludge approaching, will probably haunt my dreams soon. He went from a rather cool-mannered character ("don't peak early", he tells his singing student dryly) to screaming at the kids to take cover. That last scene, from the terse conversation with the PM to crying over the hymn, is why I adore Olivia Colman. It
  13. The speech Elizabeth gave at the art exhibition made me applaud. It wasn't complicated, but it was brilliant and well-delivered. I have a soft spot for both Olivia and HBC, so I am giving this season a lot of hope (and a little slack?), but I think it's off to a good start. I'm already enjoying it more than I did season 2.
  14. Just how far are they sending George off the deep end with his Elizabeth delusions? (Not that I mind seeing Heida again...) Also, love that they at least acknowledged Ursula's existence. Oh, if only the series would dig into her future juuuuuuust a little bit. Also-also, will there be a frickin' love triangle between George and Geoffrey Charles? (I know George isn't in love, but he's got matchmakers, money, and entitlement on his side.) Of course Ross saved the King of England. I'd roll my eyes if they weren't halfway closed due to me yawning. Drake and Morwenna - I wan
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