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  1. This is CBS remember. If it were ABC or NBC I would be more irritated but CBS has a major diversity issue.
  2. What Rachel showed tonight was the only year he paid taxes since that almost billion dollar write down and I think the only reason why he paid taxes that year is it was the first year of his marriage to Melania. Remember there's evidence she didn't come to this county illegally and one way Orange Hitler would be able to cover for that is paying taxes the year he got married to her. Also, that write down is suspect and I think it's tied to Russia connections that she's been reporting on for the past couple of weeks. Jessica Halem- a really smart and funny lesbian I know tweeted this a
  3. My question is won't Stef and Lena getting remarried so soon raise red flags at the IRS? Also, when did they have time to get a marriage license? So many details left on the cutting room floor.
  4. Mingo was still getting shit about the costume because the writers had him disappear from the story while they had Daphne realize the error of her ways earlier and get involved in the fight with the students of color. It's as simple as that. What both of them did wasn't cool IMO.
  5. This fire incident at the Bates house makes me wonder if the two boys got spanked really hard based on the Gothard discipline mandate. I know they took them to some of the houses that were affected by the fires in their area which is a good way to teach young kids about the dangers of fire but I don't think that was the only discipline they received.
  6. The thing that saved Luke Cage and Daredevil at times was the supporting cast while the reviewers of Iron Fist are saying none of the characters on that show are interesting in their own right.
  7. Already loving the addition of Janel Maloney and Sandra Oh to this cast. Can't wait to see how this story unfolds.
  8. Wow so Julie Bowen's great grandfather on her mom's side was someone who rounded up Germans living in America during WWI for the APL. Like he was the leader. I loved that she spoke out about the potential Muslim registry being floated around right now/rounding up of undocumented immigrants. Suck it Ben Affleck. Love that her three times great grandfather on her dad's side was a member of the American Anti-Slavery Society in Pennsylvania and traveled in the South to speak out against slavery and his home was a way station on the Underground Railroad. Loved the bee hive story so much
  9. Mercy Street on PBS was canceled due to funding issues and actor schedules not working out. So pissed about this.
  10. To be fair they have to raise lots of money because their funding might get cut by the federal government. Part of the reason why Mercy Street wasn't renewed was due to money issues i.e. not enough for production costs.
  11. Something happened with this birth and they aren't saying what it is. Also, look at his toes. In other news, Ben needs to slow his roll and realize the world doesn't operate the way the Gothard/Quiverfull movement does.
  12. maraleia


    Bingo. There's another Black guy Terrell J. Starr who gets questioned about his Russian/Soviet knowledge because of course no Black person could be an expert about foreign affairs. John Schindler is a conservative commentator so there's that.
  13. Yes their love and affection for each other is so damn cool. I wish more male celebs would behave in this manner. I love that Ian brings up LGBT issues every time he makes a TV appearance. He travels to schools across the UK to talk to students about him being gay (and them accepting their LGBT classmates) and that's why he was in Scotland prior to the show.
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