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  1. Thank you. Doing the entire most to “hide it” and then blurt it or throw it off like “I’m pregnant” so people shit their pants. And this bullshit Sami and Lucas were horrible parents because they didn’t choose her and she don’t want same like 50% parents have surprise pregnancies even Lani show darling is in one and news flash people in chosen and planned pregnancies fuck up. I was a planned pregnancy to 2 married parents and still had a broken home as an infant. She can miss me on this shit that Sami is gonna be an asshole when she was completely supportive of Will and her main reason for saying this is Sami committed the crime of paying for her 4 years college and apartment while she was shopping away then expected her to (gasp) get a job after. Sami, a teen and unexpected mom and habitual fuck up would have been actually her rock and understood and the fact she’s blind to and besmirched that and Salem is going along with this obvious bullshit is text book bad writing. It’s getting old Ron’s depiction of all women as crazy or stupid. And idiocies about law jails and criminal justice (Ron’s a lawyer). Fucking crazy too the conversation Vivian had w Kate about Kate’s crimes out weighing hers so she couldn’t do anything also that Kate would care more about retaining that silly ass low pay Mayor office job. In what world? The Jake shit is baffling AF too btw and he’s extremely annoying. This bitch has been yelling he’s not Stefan and has real memories but now acting like he did actually have amnesia or missing years of his life and wants to get down to the bottom of it but grudgingly. Please choose an opinion and backstory. Chad is a mentally ill asshole and it’s pretty clear he poisoned his horrible wife or should just be written off. I really liked the actor and character once, the other day he said the lines super weird.
  2. It’s going to be something dumb af like Rolf (king of fake death) dying i do think Ciara at some pt will be presumed dead until they can get a recast which will be easy. There’s 1000 actresses on Instagram in LA who are identical to her. If Ben’s gonna be in Abby orbit or Allie orbit until then kmn since they are brats. If that occurs he will be a more smug problematic version of Paul just a good looking buff dude shoved in like a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit but also a dick head - cue FF
  3. Here’s Chad talking to his imaginary friend like he does incessantly. oh wait he’s talking to his “dad” in portrait form because that’s perfectly sane and normal to do 20x a day and not getting old for us viewers at all. Claire’s been perfectly nice to Ciara and Ben. He’s being a little too controlling and bossy for my liking. I remember he even used to do that shit way before he was a psycho killa working for Sonny and dating Failure, he’d talk over them or get pissy or tell them their opinions were wrong in that same way. Gwen’s a real “pick me” also nothing about her writing has made a lick of sense. She was super pissed and scared of Jake to the extent of incarcerating herself in a cell with medical guards to protect herself from him. Now she’s all over his jock just randomly but still every 2nd episode saying he’s a dog. Gwen’s said multiple times w derision Jakes working at a gar-age and today snarked on his dump of an apartment above it... but was perfectly fine when he he was helping pimp, sell drugs or human traffic? (He worked for the mob and they had a priceless coded book w client names the dumbass stole - which would in rl mean certain death- mobs with client names list like that are usually prostitution or human trafficking). Um whAaat? It’s high key bizarre. Her conscious Briticisms work my nerves “bloody” this and that and “wanker” and “tart”. People who speak other languages or have fam from other nations we code more, at least I do. Was there a point to Lani’s nightmare? Like does she have ptsd or Abigailian mental problems now or viewers should be shitting our pants on her behalf over Vivian because Vivian’s smiley “I don’t want to kill you now for shooting out my sons throat, he might be alive hee hee” peed all over that stupid terror scene. I’m starting to find Jake annoying because he’s an asshole and voice and behavior grate. I can’t stand Allie either who for some reason finds her mother the Antichrist and dresses like a homeless 13 year old runaway in a Lifetime movie. Why is no one talking sense to her? Kayla’s wedding dress was ugly and she’s a beautiful woman with and nice figure. The wardrobe really misses most of the time, except with Kate she always looks great and true to character. Sometimes Eve was dressed awesome too but KdP is tall and lean AF and has great posture and confidence so dressing her should be a slam dunk. Cray Ciara and Ben stilllll live in a hotel which at min charges $100-200 a day but were bitching about affording wedding bands.
  4. I felt like the pacing of the wedding, and everything after was way off.
  5. I think Ron will stunt cast someone from an old ABC soap if he can get one. But the future doesn’t look promising for Days. This is the first time I really felt this show might be canceled.
  6. Bye Ciara!!!! This show gonna just revolve around Abby’s love life and Elani in Fall 🤔
  7. Who said it was written in? Didn’t she say her last episodes & footage were filmed months ago? They can still still air footage and edit that to write the exit even if PR comes back. @DisneyBoy I also have thought a while now Victor is going to die. They seem to have been testing it, they kinda foreshadowed it, it’ll give good story, and if JA wants to retire good for him.
  8. They can only low ball so much if someone is on contract because they’re union and legally have to match their scale. This is why I learned Eileen’s income, she was on RHOBH which is a “reality” show and they still had to match the equivalent of what she made on daytime acting, which taped far less and they still paid her from what I heard a million dollars for like 22 episodes in 2 months taping on the basis of that. The backstage shit is so much more interesting than show rn. I 100% believe KA/Hope quit because of covid and just not wanting to work or be there if show went down and have to deal. I think CB/Gabi quit because they asked her to go to recurring so lower pay (recurring isn’t on contract and it’s paid per episode at a diff rate) and it’s felt like less prestige or slap in the face to her. She will be fine and KA will be fine also. Hell not that I give a shit but the MBE/Kayla is probably rich af from her daytime acting so long but her husband is an acclaimed LA plastic surgeon and has raked in insane dough, she’s probably just hanging around because she likes the people on set 😂
  9. I think it’s she’s rich enough and afraid of covid and being around for cancellation. But I always saw KA, Deirdre, and Allison riding with Show till the last episode so color me surprised. It isn’t like the ABC greats that did it to the very end, even in the network and ratings bullshit or dealing w real life shit, which I really respect...very old Hollywood. It’s actually really touching that David Canary in AMC carried story until the end when he already diagnosed ill and that other vets stayed because you know they did it for the fans hanging on and their less seasoned performers who needed jobs.
  10. I feel yah. The only spoilers released after all departures indicate a focus on Abby, Chad (who actor seems like he lost a bet and has the choice of reciting the lines or losing his kneecaps), Jake and or Stefan as their third wheel, CIN, and Elani aka a SnoreFestival. I was deadass Show needs to get its shit together. If they have a million dollars free by Kristian Alphonso leaving they need to get back Lucas, Rex, Sami fulltime and quick fucking around with this writing and production choices.
  11. Someone anonymously on Days social media was commenting on their posts they were trying to court back PR/Bo. He’s retired AFffffff but I can see him doing it for the 💰 and to usher off KA. They used to hate each other in their prime supercouple days 😂 but got past it like 20 years into it. If all these vets and supercouples are leaving imma need them to bring back characters I like and put some effort into their writing. Like this shit is getting serious and they need to stop fucking around.
  12. Actually I heard a some actors are tentative to go back because of covid as well. If KA is gone that frees up a huge amount of money. Eileen Davidson makes a million dollars a year on her Union acting scale. So KA makes at least that.
  13. I replied earlier I forgot to hit “send” when I went into Jewel 😂 I myself heard the rumor about Bo from an anonymous poster on Days who replying on Days social media. This shows gonna be weird in the Fall with all the departures. It’s gonna be the CIN and Abby love life hour. 😴
  14. I posted it in the spoiler thread that Bo may return. Maybe Hope dies and meets him in heaven.
  15. I get what you meant actually. Lani when does try to emote she has reactions that take you out of the scene. Last week she said “oh my god” like 10x but would make expressions like she was annoyed or sitting on a cactus. Whenever she’s supposed to be anguished or scared she raises her eyebrows and kinda widens her eyes or squints one. It’s very obvious there’s no acting coach on set or they don’t give directions feedback. All My Children, which also ran on a smallish budget, had the phenomenal Darnell Williams as the set coach which was a great investment. A lot of the younger actors who went onto prime time or NetFlix credit him for their improvement. Finn Wittrock was one. The legendary David Canary also helped the other cast members a lot practicing with them lines and giving them help on reactions and emotion.
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