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  1. Some new oil for his abs?
  2. ? The spoiler on here says Jack tells Justin to fight for Kayla. Youre saying you have a spoiler where Jack says the same thing to Steve?
  3. I’m so proud of you @jewel21 you are still doing your studies and kicking ass even in this while social isolating. These don’t sound like easy course work either so it’s pretty amazing you’re doing it at home diligently! Fingers crossed for you my lil book worm pal you Ace it! @OhioSongbird I live in a wealthy suburb of Chicago. I have lived in actual Chicago and quite liked it. We are hit pretty bad here by the pandemic. I was a fine dining waitress just returned to 2 weeks before quarantine and simultaneously took a restaurant lunch job at a lower scale place and in healthcare for both for low pay and something told me take the healthcare morning gig, not that lunch shit which made slightly more. Quarantine and pandemic broke out and my healthcare low pay job became full time and only job. I am an essential worker so do go out everyday sans mask and gloves. I social distance and don’t venture out beyond work or grabbing a few necessities. It’s been incredibly depressing. I know people who’ve passed, of course, while the stay at home order is going on and their funerals were via Zoom and I know people who aren’t well during this like about to suffer nervous breakdowns. I fear many things. Like a return to normality. Getting my mom, my only family sick. Getting sick myself, rarely I think about, but I do have heart defects that eventually require I’ve known will require a replacement so if I get ill it will probably be game over if I’m being blunt. There’s a tremendous sense in my soul that I am vulnerable since this will be my way of life a long time so there’s no options. Also I don’t think this even will be the biggest crisis of 2020 I think something bad is going to happen in the fall that most people won’t be able to handle like something really fucked up we won’t expect that is different from this it will happen in or the fall out will be in November. This isn’t going to be the worst thing that happens, it will be different.
  4. Victor. I actually think there’d be some good story if he was dead dead legit dead and it was a murder mystery for months. Obviously after they build up all the people who may have offed him and bring back old characters to spice up the suspect pool it’ll turn out to be Nikki who has always been casually homicidal or Victor himself who set it up. Paul’s really boring but I don’t mind him being used occasionally in friendship scenes or throwaway cop plot point shit. It’s kinda funny actually seeing him blow people shit or pretend to be effectual. Jack I love and is one of the only classy dudes on the show. He also has a very ABC soap quality to him, a lot of the male leads on those, even the assholes and rich guys had some polish and a debonair old school demeanor.
  5. This seems like combo for the other thread not current episode one, since none of those characters are onscreen rn or been mentioned in months. I know they talked about that topic that relevant thread and has some cool points 😊
  6. Stephen/Patch has a twin whose also named Steve? How weird and bad writing!!
  7. @QueenSerena we are in the spoiler thread. You don’t need to use spoiler bars.
  8. Very well said. For these people work has been increased exponentially and the pay is the same, or, in some cases: with truckers, delivery people, care givers decreased but still necessary. You guys really inspired me to strive harder today with my validation to people and I think that’s made some good connections and moments. I did some extra training as well this afternoon and have some in depth training with a leader this week pertaining to memory loss that I’m looking forward to. @boes I agree. At least in my area I see young people social distancing or not even out so I don’t get the constant rhetoric pushed that they are social gathering or irresponsible. I have experienced some people not respect social distancing or hygiene things around me and that does bug me. I don’t want to expose anyone I work w to a damn thing. It also crossed my mind I can’t expose my mom. She literally is my only family and like has cried or screamed everyday for years she’s sick. I can’t get her sick. I have aortic and mitral heart defects that require eventually replacement for my valve. I never think if I got sick from COVID or just if it starting fucking up again what would happen but I guess I’d be shit fucked waiting for a bovine transplant which I’m against anyways since I’m vegan. A Holocaust survivor I know has a little framed sign in his window “The more you complain, the more God will make you to live.” The quotation is funny but also profound.
  9. Kayla will forgive Steve like Jen did Jack then it’s back burner ville. Which sux because I actually give a damn about both ships and each have chemistry. Sorry I don’t buy Ben’s redemption. I am a cold Virgo sun and Gemini moon so you know I’m critical bitch. If Ben can be hand waved for serial killing cuz mental illness then the entire everyone needs to shut the fuck up about a lot of others. I hate that cherry picked shit like Ciara and Ben acted like Claire was the Anti Christ because she was crazy and targeted them... and Jordan... but they think because he was beat around he had a pass to kill multiple people? Jordan was raped as a child and hit for years. Claire was legit breaking down to the point she tried to burn herself alive and didn’t actually kill anyone. She was deranged and wrong but that Show made her worse than Ben and more punishment is ludicrous let’s keep in mind Ben said to Clyde regarding his parenting “you tried your best.” The man who beat the shit out of him according to canon, his pregnant mother, and raped his 13 yr old sister. In what fcking world would that be considered a father? And he’s a raging homophobe.
  10. Will his home let you FaceTime or Skype with him? The care people can do it via their phones with you. Sometimes they just want to talk. One struggle I have found is when people w memory impairment think they lost something and don’t know what it is or something hasn’t happened (like a meal) and get frustrated with me and I have trouble conveying it did or we will resolve it and that they will trust what I say. One person in particular has been struggling in a sharp decline and I’m thinking of suggesting notes they will write or a structure at the beginning of the day like “I’m wearing this jacket, ring, watch. I’m going to this activity at this time in this place. Then ordering this specific meal” ect on a list kept w them then later it may be more comforting to them if something is forgotten, easy to locate lost items or say “you left that in your residence, and you accomplished x,y,z today.” Like maybe as each activity or occurrence like a meal is done someone can cross it off for them or it done together and may feel productive or comforting. Does that make any sense? Like a specific list or day planner set up curated? I totally relate to people talking about feeling emotionally like shit. I know I bitched about it in this thread. I see the vista ahead and know I will be struggling and scared for a while. I will be poor a very long time from this and my mom, my only living relative, is not well. Additionally I mean I am really depressed by what is going on. @boes thinking of you and your family today ❤️ The phrase “thoughts and prayers” said in any fashion is so trite. you guys always make me feel better and elevate me. Like y&r is the trashiest and most phoned in show ever for years but has the classiest, smartest, most grace filled and honorable role models in the community that we have for it! So many of you have 20x my character and gifts. And that’s always been a gift so keep on keeping on @PatsyandEddie @Capricasix @bannana @SweePea59 @Cupid Stunt @peacheslatour @jewel21 and the rest.
  11. He is guilty of one crime. The crime of stealing our hearts.
  12. @boes continues to elevate the words “kindness” and “grace” just so naturally to him. Even in a few typed sentences I’m humbled by the level of care and class. I’m really now starting to see people break from this. That’s all I will say about it but yes. Even I cried today on the job because of shit happening to people I deal with. Besides that which was going on. I am an asshole because I thought this quarantine lasting in my state of months more meant I will have to be scared and desperate working meager pay like crazy menial to maintain me and my mom and beg for that. The vaccine is September trail, I can’t this that long. The nursing home people can’t see family or go out or eat together. A lot are on hospice or have dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosed so last few cognitive months in isolation. I will pray for your cousin @boes. Please Lord help.
  13. I like this Hope more than Old Hope she looks more like tertiary Logan’s and has more warmth. She’s phenomenal with Douglas and the babies which I always enjoy. But I agree she needs some gd grit and Bridgetian qualities. Bri was kind woman and smart and strong, never being an asshole about it. That is the current issue women cowering or begging for a man. Or scared of rivals to their dude’s penis like the sky will fall. I hate Steffy and even she is wimp to the men and some judgy rag to stupid shit.
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