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  1. I high key hate the Olympics since it means missing my shows for almost month or whatever. It was awful when Passions was on and Days so I lost 2 shows. I feel like at one the time Passions halted in the middle in a meaty story with Theresa and Days had Sami up to some fuckshit before hiatus so it was especially annoying.
  2. I get Brady is so stupid that an iceberg wedge could be a contender for CEO or replacement of his duties but Ciara had the work ethic of a gnat and was fired from part time waitressing at an unbusy Pub (Roman said in the few months she worked there she showed up for her shifts a handful of times and usually didn’t even call) and is uneducated. Also I hate to be rude or tacky but has Ciara gained weight? Her face and body looks fuller. Eric was definitely being an insensitive asshole and it twisted the knife. Just help her to a chair and get her some food or juice then keep it movin. No need to bring up the good times, how you wish it would’ve been different, how much you guys cared, ect. What drunk driver is arrested days after the incident and charged for it? Um the breathalyzer doesn’t work hours after let alone days. You mean to tell me he went to a cop shop and demanded to be charged with drunk driving when they can’t use a breathalyzer or field sobriety test evidence in court at that point? And they concurred that would be fine take to trial and not only that he admitted he almost hit a woman? Again no evidence and beyond preposterous a non schizophrenic would do that but okay Show. I see Ben is still an entitled asshole. I wouldn’t eat a random pizza some stranger man shoved in my face then ran away. Then again I’m not a fan of eating things that could be laced with pubes or Roofies. I probably would have shoved it back and told him fuck you or my room mate Rafe keeps guns in the house.
  3. You forgot kidnappings. 🤔 @DaphneCat Which are probably the most prevalent besides “back from the dead.”
  4. Whoa tonight I had a party of 6 and two of the women were shrewsssss just insulting me and complained over everything, sent everything back, bitching to all the managers and owner’s brother about me and everything served. The managers solution was to comp a lot of shit excessively, the one woman manager we have (who already has been up my ass since day one and nit picks my appearance a lot or gives me bitch face) said I must have really dropped the ball and said I need to have a conversation with her. Hey it wasn’t my idea to get excessive giving free shit, or for food being too cold or too hot, and I knew from the first 2 minutes there was no pleasing this woman and her mother. I also high key think they wanted free shit and a low check since they’d be tagged gratuity. Just yesterday two of my tables went up to lady manager and told her they were regulars and I gave the best service they’ve ever had, so I’m not jumping on this grenade. And the table before this one gave me a 36% tip and the rest 17-26%. It can be dangerous for me financially with this lady manager thinking I’m a fuckup, cuz they will give me shitty sections, seat me less, or never parties if they think I’m a bad server. 99.9% customers are so wonderful serving and nice and respectful. It’s such a joy having them and makes me honored they spent their time and money. It’s great being part of a nice experience, I truly value I can contribute to that. But like 1 in a hundred is legitimately aggressive or irrational or inappropriate like rolling their eyes or scoffing when you greet them or asking your ethnicity and snapping fingers at you or clapping sarcastically or patting your head and saying “good girl” when you set down something.
  5. I also am worried about @valleycliffeand @AngelKitty. I still remember when Left plelange disappeared randomly mid convo and never came back and something about that really unsettled me. I mean this y&r community here is so kind and close knit, I honestly appreciate so much about each of you and have been so grateful to be a part of this group. We really all genuinely care. I got the news today it’s my fuel pump. 💸 💀 🤷🏼‍♀️ So worst (likely) case I will have to walk and bus and Uber for a few months. It’s so trivial to mention.
  6. That comes down to actors using non verbal cues like touching a hand to their chest or maybe tearing up but keeping a stiff upper lip and strong shoulders or varying their vocal inflections and speed. KdP/Eve is actually really good at this, she’s done a lot with lines just by body language and tones. I actually do the same shit having worked in sales and now serving.
  7. I didn’t see a problem with Gabi making Lani beg on her knees. The woman shot her husband and she’s deep in trauma and Gabi’s always been very impulsive and never been shy about her anger or desire for retaliation. Also they both are minorities so I didn’t get racial pings. I agree Sal did not hold her own in her scenes with CB who owned the rage and heartbreak and committed, while Sal seemed like she was discussing a misplaced iPhone or listening to an MLM pitch and knelt and asked like she was humoring some stranger, so they’d shut up.
  8. I guess Connor having angst is supposed to pass for story now. Unless they plan to turn him into the Bad Seed but Patty McCormick or Macaulay Culkin he ain’t and you have to actually care about those he will antogonize. Everyone hissing Nick should be in politics. It is to laugh. Lola and Kyle are about to rift over whether they should have a baby. I find whether or not they do or split as interesting as opening junk mail. Do it or don’t or just disappear forever, I don’t care. Rey is still wearing a lot of makeup. I myself do for work, so notice mascara and contouring. I remember when this show used to be about interesting things.
  9. No Sal’s always been a bad actress and Lani is one of the blandest people ever. Now she’s also smug and seemingly had no career or interests other that hanging around the Hortons fetching their food and giving them ass pats. I don’t find Xander and his Sarah thing adverse. I actually have always like how funny he was with his quips and cheesy ways. I just don’t like how his every waking thought is of Sarah and he acts like his life would fucking end if she rejected him or moved away. I couldn’t care less if André gets a job or marries Anna. I high key find them weird. It was also stupid AF she tried to gift the Scrabble tile ring she bought herself to Roman. He totally was like “why did you ask me to meet you and waste my time?” Then like “what the fuck would I do with this QVC bauble?” I had to concur. Roman and Kate still have some nice chemistry. She is so cute. Rolf did a Get Out type hypnotism or brainwashing identity fuckshit on Hope, but with a rosary and a scapel instead of the tea cup. KA was horrible as Princess Gina in the Marlena in Heaven and Hell scenes after she was shot and as “Midnight Hope” so I’m not looking forward to this playing an alter or mental conflict crap. Marlena to Eric’s apartment was like Jen to JJs. Adult couple about to have sex then their mom bursts in. Hijinks! Are surprising adults with cakes on their bdays instead of gifts making a come back? I’m a server and have had 2 tables do this (with my help springing it. One brought a layer cake & super elaborate candle that when the top lit burst open with ten other candles ignited inside and spun) and witnessed maybe a dozen in other servers sections in just 2 weeks. This was last week but I agree with the poster that said Kayla was bitchy to Sarah unnecessarily when she yelled at her to she should answer her phone and shouted angrily to scrub in. It wasn’t like she took a long time getting to the hospital. Sometimes people shower or sleep or phones die even on Horton time.
  10. I hate Thomas and hate Zoe so have no interest in them having airtime and love or happiness.
  11. The only reason I don’t have a problem w last season of GOT was I agreed with Dani’s actions, good sis did what she had to do. Dexter really had me fucked up. Hope didn’t do anything to deserve what happened (I’ve seen the posts as well saying this). Steffy, who I dislike, I’ve also felt bad for and high key pissed off Ridge and Thomas, her FATHER and BROTHER brush that aside. And Emma, a character I couldn’t care less about for her entire run was the only one besides a small, traumatized, abused kid were the ONLY ones with integrity. Emma literally died trying to do something right for someone she wasn’t even close too and that’s seemingly irrelevant. Bullshit. But this is the same show that trashed Ally and pretends she and Bridget didn’t exist. Why wasn’t Bridget mentioned in passing or brought back for this? She and Hope could have had some amazing scenes talking about loss of a baby and disconnection from spouses.
  12. I bought it because her body was slanging then and she had those ice cold eyes that were fiery in her expressions. She had a hot sex scene with Brandon right around that transition you mentioned (btw he seemed to like her first) and was riding him and had an hourglass AF body. I must of been in HS but was like “get it, girl”. Great Jordan and Gabi will be villianized to prop Horton princesses Ciara and Lani (a sanctimonious Horton Princess now from sexual transmission or being a “pick me” basic like Haley was). I don’t see a problem in Gabi hating Lani personally. On a smarter show it would set up this was Jordan doing this dumb shit to Ciara and it actually being Ben who wasn’t cured after all as a WTF moment. I’m excited to see Jack propose to Jen. The only time I’ve ever really liked her was with Jack. I don’t mind if Eve stays. I love KdP (she’s ridiculously kind irl given a lot of money quietly to college students, one I knew when I was on university debate circuit) and she’s so funny I just think she needs to move into Abe’s orbit as a friend or be a frenemy of Xander or Gabi for the humor and “we’re both gray hats and ridiculed” bullshitting sessions. Yes Mimi Lockhart needs to never come back. She’s high key horrible and I’ve never found Bonnie amusing except when she and Hattie were trying to get drunk or lit in the urgent care of Salem Hospital, that seemed relatable. I still am of the mind a time jump needs a “reason” or turning point. When The OC, Buffy, or OTH did them (nighttime soaps) they had major game changer events to kinda justify or make viewers want to see the jump ahead and fall out like a core linchpin character’s death or every main on an authentic cliffhanger.
  13. I know I sounded stupid above. I hope above all else it’s fixable and not that the engine exploded or something. Best case scenario if it’s the fuel pump that will completely tap me out of my bank account and cash I have on hand, not even taking into account the towing. We all heard it was #hotgirlsummer I think it’s gonna be #brokegirlfall. I cannot continue to work esp random ass shifts waitressing, be vegan, take G to a sitter without a car and after being carjacked and the attempted abduction I’m not super keen on public transportation with strangers, and George, my tiny dog, can’t go on it with me also, it’s not reliable in the burbs like it is in Chicago proper or used to be (I’ve taken the bus in the my burb before during the Polar Freeze last winter and 50% of the time it was late and once went so off route veering off to a Metra Station I was a hour late to work). @Cupid Stunt I fucking hate these wildfires. Everyone says the animals have instincts and run to safety. But many can’t due to the speed of the flames or just being slower animals (skunks rabbits baby birds and stray or left behind dogs or animals hindered by a physical defect or injury) and I’ve seen the pictures and videos of those who didn’t. I also feel an ache for those humans who lost homes or get harmed. Heartbreaking. Has anyone heard from @AngelKitty ? I agree @peacheslatour and @Capricasix. I also was very affected by the loss of Tom Petty (something about him seemed so earnest and good and just someone who’d be around to grow old continue being normal) and I’m still fucking upset when I think about Heath Ledger. So young and so immensely talented. What a huge loss. His performances in Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight were flawless and he demonstrated he could play charming and comedy in other roles as well. I honestly believe had he lived he would have continued on the realm or eclipsed Daniel Day Lewis in his gifts acting. Even DDL has said as much tearfully.
  14. Just googled it and had no idea fuel pump replacement was so expensive 😩 I cannot work and take George to his daycare without a car also I’ve been helping my mom out with some dough so this is serious. Jesus take the wheel.
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