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  1. Not only does the baby playing Beth look just like Anikka Noel and Scott Clifton but she’s a hell of an actress! Always so present in her scenes making eye contact, touching Annika or playing with her hair while smiling, reaching for her, giggling with Scott.
  2. Xander has been regularly wearing shirts. Are we sure he’s not wearing a mask? So I guess it took Rafe sleeping with Carrie for Hope to fall for thirsty Ted. Kristen playing Susan and Susan being Susan make want to mute the tv. Good Lord is that voice annoying. 😖 I suppose Roman putting up the Help Wanted sign means that Sonny (who’s been bitching about being out of work) or Ben will get a job at the pub. Of course, entitled Ciara, who really has become a less slappy and less married man obsessed version of Abigail, thinks following a job schedule is optional. She also showed up to work only 5% of the time. Xander should probably been happy the briefcase with Kristen’s mask was stolen, then he could claim no culpablity when she comes at him for it and direct her ire at Gabi. I want one of those state of the art Rolf masks that not only change your face, but also body and vocals to the person it’s fashioned of.... I could get one of Lana Del Rey and not only have her bone structure and lanky frame, but sing like an angel and do choreo. This show sucks if their A story this stupid ass Kristen mess. Y&R and B&B are shitty right now too 😫
  3. Brooke’s squint at the wedding
  4. Petunia13

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Is there a legal requirement that Days has at least one 20 something going through a mental illness storyline at all times? Stefan and Gabi are getting married already? Whatever. Sounds like Lani and Eli get pregnant. I hope she gives birth to a new wig. This Kristen story gets stupider by the day. Idiot Susan comes back for mistaken identity hijinks. Next it’ll be real Nicole. Maybe they could switch places for school and dates like the Wakefield twins.
  5. Petunia13

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I meant I cant pick it up till tomorrow since looking for the car and dealing w the phone jazz off locating it made me on a time crunch to pick George. Yes I’m being a baby (GIPHY doesn’t have a “Kim there are people dying in world” gif, why, that’s like the most relevant quote from Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s) at any rate I have had a billion signs to quit this store 😂 🏃🏻‍♀️ the good news is at least my car wasn’t stolen and G wasn’t mad when I got him, he rained kisses on me. Our fur and feather babies are angels
  6. Petunia13

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Since I’ve been transferred nothing good has come of it. My store is in a city has no employee parking so I parked on the street in a few blocks away and the alarm was set off. So my car was towed. There goes $255. Plus I can’t pick it up tomorrow and George was waiting the entire time I was looking for it. At first the police told me they didn’t tow it. Then after 40 minutes they did but then tow place said they didn’t have it ect
  7. Steffy has a nanny though named Emilia and both she and Liam aren’t working at the moment so I’m not sure what they are carrying on about.
  8. Fuck you Ridge. “Thomas is a good kid” “no I don’t think Hope is depressed” “that’s because Hope is doing what’s right...” 🖕🏽🖕🏽
  9. Facts AF. The stories are so boring and ill thought out. It’s become the Great Value version of Passions. Eric has complained or felt sorry for himself everyday, saying the same stuff since before NYE. He’s like a damn pull a string doll... we get it. I’m not sure why Sarah finds it captivating or Marlena reacts with compliments and back pats.
  10. Petunia13

    The Spoiler Collection

    Be thankful you aren’t a Days viewer where a hot spoiler means “oh great, something to look forward to 2 seasons from now” (they tape 7 months in advance). If there’s a newly cast doctor as part of the Beth reveal I’m think she has a medical crisis which her dna or a donor match is sought.
  11. This show refuses to allow anyone to be gay or bi even though it’s based on the fashion industry, set in LA, and primary audience is in France, Italy, and Germany. It’s high key bizarre. They even had a story line of queer phobia that Ridge was at Pride Parade in Germany or France and photographed. So dumb at least half the brands or public people in Pride Fest are allies or promoting something. Someone mentioned DD/Bill being off a couple weeks and thinking he’s still paid from contract even if he doesn’t work. I think he doesn’t auto get paid from a contract salary, since that’s why people negotiate episode minimums but he as a union actor has probably some vaca and personal time up that roll over and has 7 youngish sons and a wife so is chilling. I like Bill. He’s a rogue but likable and DD commits to his performance and is ... not ugly. Hope needs to lighten her base and/or roots. Thomas Pac Man looking “ghost” wearing a Steffy Party City wig is what i see in the corner of my eye during sleep paralysis
  12. Petunia13

    Eyeshadow: Single shades or sets?

    Cat eye or winged eyes are insanely hot right now. Even when I do a natural 5 min beat I wing my eye a touch.
  13. EJ was a scumbag and no one is letting him skate for that. But the fact Failure went after married father Austin and drugged him. Then Carries sister Sami’s fiancé and father of her children, purposely cultivated a friendship with Sami and babysitting gig after the affair started, was pretentious to Sami about art, education & class while riding her man’s dack, fat shamed Sami and slapped her in her own home. Gross!!!! It’s pathological twisted behavior where she’s obsessed w married men and putting down and/or competing w women. And all the while pretending she’s on some moral or talent or looks high ground.
  14. Petunia13

    The Spoiler Collection

    The BETTER be a big payoff to this story after all this fuckshit. Like Hope dies and we don’t know if it was crazy bitch Thomas, that idiot Zoe, scumbag Dr Reese Witherspoon Windsor Castle, or she killed herself in grief. Or Ridge keeps defending Thomas while he continues his evil and rapey behavior and child abuse and when he takes it too far and the truth vindicates her suspicions, Brooke is so disgusted w Ridge and his trash kids they are over for good. Or Thomas resorts to killing again to keep his secret and in that spree kills Zoe, Charlie, Pam, Taylor, Dr Winslow, then himself.
  15. Petunia13

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    It went okay. It felt nice to get myself out there. My job now is just too far for the money and there’s such slow growth at my retail chain. Also there’s a guy there who’s problematic. I want a place closer to home and feel the store is stagnant with some weird cultural stuff going on in general.