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  1. Brooke was talking intelligent today.
  2. ED makes almost $4000 a day on her union scale as reported by media. This why when she worked only a couple months on RH of BH she made a million dollars a season. Even if she wanted to come back and was easy to work w, I think shows budget is ultra-selective due to slim budget. JJ/Casey doesn’t look a decade younger than Theresa. And he def doesn’t act mature w his sup clingy cringe needy crush on Haley that is causing him to throw away his career, family, and home. I do agree it was dumb to bring Kristen back she’s campy and idiotic and the mask that alters face perfectly and the wearer’s height, muscle tone, skin and voice is out of Goosebumps or Animorphs. Amazing some flimsy latex over a face can make limbs grow, biceps & breast inflate, and voices lower and more melodious. If this lazy dirtbag Ron wants to make this show Passions he need to realize, it’s missing the humor and culture behind it.
  3. Petunia13

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Steve snuggling his Mom is the most adorable mental image. I bet your heart melted. I thought this was really well done. i didn’t realize initially
  4. If they knew the character wasn’t working instead of bringing back the old portrayer why didn’t they kill her off? Her same old, same old narcissistic hysterical aggression isn’t entertaining. Especially in 2019 and after she’s been this gross for years.
  5. Thomas, a week ago: ”Dear God, thanks for killing Hope’s baby and my son’s mother so I finally have a way to get into Hope’s pants. ❤️ “ Thomas, today: ”Hi God. Thanks for making sociopaths steal and sell Hope’s baby so my sister has her token newborn ... while keeping Hope vulnerable and depressed enough to be w me. This gets better and better”
  6. Petunia13

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    So is Ana in love w Tessa and frustrated or what?
  7. Petunia13

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Call me old fashioned but I think you should be divorced from your current spouse before getting engaged to another. I’m weird that way.
  8. Xander’s been kind to Maggie, volunteered up Rolf’s life saving journal, and wearing shirts for consecutive days. He’s really stepping it up. His love for Sarah must be a good influence 😂 I liked Chloe’s patterned dress and sleek straight bob. I love pageboys. Sarah’s hair, makeup and clothes have ranged from random to tragic. I don’t get why the styling team is so mystified with her prep. LG is a traditionally attractive delicate featured slight woman, when in doubt just do an understated simple look. Hell even jeans and a t shirt with a pony tail and neutral toned makeup. Rex is so damn easy going and likable. He’s like if a Golden Retriever or Lab got a PHD and abs and tan and wearing a Kristen style human mask.
  9. Petunia13

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Anyone else think Adam looks like a brunette shaved Mark from The Room?
  10. He does seem to put her on a pedestal because she’s a mother and business owner and naturally gifted in the arts, seemingly representing all the things he lacks. She also is hard to get and puts him off and has other men openly expressing their interest so that makes her tantalizing vs Gabi. Gabi is beautiful and exciting too. So he’s torn, but I think he actually wants to wife Chloe or has all sorts of fantasies of love match and family.
  11. I’m really supposed to believe I agree w above post that this entire show is revolving around ADAM, horrible Phyllis, & the human Ambien square faced couple Lola and Kyle. 💤 in what world is any of this serial drama content? Some dude being called evil and dastardly and being like “whatever” to it while making normal requests. A late 40s “corporate leader” and “mother” behaving like an entitled banshee twisting every situation to react like an enraged narcissist. She eventually gets kidnapped and literally only her village idiot daughter, who she also treats like shit and who she taught to be an oblivious selfish moron as well, is the only one that who cares. And the always exciting seeing Lola and Kyle chant to each other how amazing and in love they are daily. Hearing that rephrased 157 ways a week with the same canned expressions and vocal tones totally counts as a storyline.
  12. Wait... Ciara and Ben are on the top 10 list of best Days characters of all time?
  13. Petunia13

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    I feel like we’re gonna find out Elena and her uncle have been running a long con on Devon. Or that Hilary or Hilary’s twin is alive. Is the MGTOW red pill dude stalking Mariah storyline forgotten or..? Those guys are creepy as hell and dangerous. One of my friends just was harassed by a couple of these trash last week, scary shit. I have a feeling somethings going to happen to Christian under Nick’s watch and it’s will redeem Adam or vindicate why he’s been wanting custody all along. Maybe even a sequel to what happened to Delia. They’ve made such a fuss over him and his safety and driver and Nanny and stuff. Yes @jpagan05 a Hot Damn is vodka whiskey OJ and rum. I don’t really think those go together that splendidly. It’s hilarious the liver donor and recent liver failure/donor recipient were drinking a week after surgery and daily since.
  14. Why do they both look so young here?
  15. Petunia13

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Because Will is cured and she’s reconciled w Lucas.