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  1. He chanted all over town to every ear for a YEAR she was a saint. Now she’s a piece of shit and says she was always ethically repugnant. Is it always just A or Z? And I’m not saying this as a Nicole fan, which I’m def not, he just looks very stupid and kiddish. This is the man you stan Sarah? hard pass. Contrite and redeemed working hard Xander or Rex were better... and I said what I said and meant what I meant.
  2. It was pretty rich Eric threw Nicole’s past in her face this week and added the zinger “do you even pray?” with scorn when for all of last year when she was “dead” he made speeches on her saintlihood to anyone who’d listen ... even to the point of that public one at an event calling her a role model. Not even cape-ing for Nicole but he looks like an idiot with a very myopic view and binary thinking.
  3. That has been telegraphed so hard. And of course when Eric comes back and is all like “I guess I’m willing to forgive you.” He’ll be pissed off and cry betrayal at Nicole and be hating Brady.
  4. Yeah they sound pretty Snoresville. Weird Stefano is going to bang Kate when he’s still obsessed w Marlena “Queen of the Night” but I guess he wanted to try out his Steve body bits, kick the tires. Kate’s had a bit of a dry spell. Used to be every new person in town she or Brady would sleep with. Question: if Stefano’s mind has been downloaded into Steve’s body what happened to Stefano’s OG body? Is it dead, comatose, organs harvested? I also find it weird Rolf brought PG back to basically be his annoying roommate. They don’t even seem to get along or have affection for each other so I don’t see why Stefano would care PG is back. Also PG scolds him a lot in that asinine haughty voice and calls him Steffy in the most cringe, corny way. If I was Stefano I would start calling her PG back then shorten it to “The Peeg” see how she likes that condescending cheesy shit.
  5. She’s on B&B and still stunning. Actually all the leads of the show are pretty attractive I guess that’s appropriate cuz of the name. Courtney Hope/Sally and KKL/Brooke are gorgeous too. I let out an ugly laugh this week when Ciara and others kept saying Justin was the best in the business. I’m not so sure that’s correct. Also why are they having that idiot Abigail being smarter than CIN? She’s at least open to the possibity Eve is innocent despite circumstantial evidence against her and her being convicted in a court of law, meanwhile there’s NO EVIDENCE against Xander and he wasn’t even tried yet they are positive it was him and only him in the world who would be guilty. 🤔
  6. Whyyy are Kim and Khloe screeching Kourtney doesn’t pull her weight as a sibling filming when it’s perfectly okay for Rob, Kendall, and Kylie not to film? Also Kourtney had a a lot of her life used as storylines in the past w Scott drama and giving birth. Hell she pulled Mason out of her vagina on camera.
  7. I didn’t watch during the Charlotte Ross era so Eve pretty much was a new character to me. If I’m honest Days can be intimidating to a new viewer or sporadic one over the ages since almost everyone is related. I still get head aches sorting out the Brady and Hortons and often give up. B&B is the only one left that’s relatively easy to navigate, being it’s only 17 minutes and smaller casts the entire time. Yes KDP is very nice irl. She never speaks about it publicly but she donates a lot of her money for philanthropy quietly, I knew several people from other colleges while I was on the speech and debate circuit she gave tuition money too. She’s also very warm and humble conversationally to strangers and her family.
  8. Eh I think Steffy had ulterior motives when suggesting Hope bow out. I think Hope is gonna design this shit herself or get Sally. On this show anyone can be a designer or model. They even made Bridget, a doctor who was always academic AF and serious about research, suddenly be all about design as Madame M. Weird they brought back wretched Zoe. I guess that means she’ll suddenly be involved in this fuckshit at Thomas pawn. Get a clue Girl. Hanging out at the flop house apartment like a dork.
  9. So is Kristen. I just think it’s sad she lost her only child and it would be funny AF to see Jen and Abigail’s heads explod and them try to be cordial. JJ and Eve all year since her return had some simmering sexual chemistry and spark he never had with Haley. A few times when they were arguing I thought he was one second from making out w her.
  10. Why would Chance leave a government job that has excellent benefits, stability, and a pension for a security job in a small startup? 🤔🤔🤔 I tired of seeing and hearing Connor.
  11. I would like that a song an exit story especially if Eve leaves with JJ pregnant.
  12. I’m starting to think Thomas thinks the only solution will be killing Liam.
  13. JJ was in “Italy” and they do trial by judge for manslaughter and murder, he’d probably would have been shit fucked. And yes I think Marlena, a psychiatrist, was very inappropriate giving her diagnosis Mickey has no chance and I’m fine being alone in that opinion.
  14. That would never happen. Plus she gave her opinion of Mickey’s chances like she was an oncologist and def isn’t, but sure.
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