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  1. Petunia13

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    This AF. It makes absolutely no sense to do business with / hire someone who is a rude bitch to you, publicly hated so would bring nothing but bad PR, and is openly plotting to undermine you and steal your company. Abby’s reasoning to Victor was dumb shit too “she’ll do a good job...I’ll enjoy being her boss.” 🤨 wot.
  2. JJ said Haley should be applauded since she worked her way through nursing school all on her own, but Show had her say 20x she was grateful to Melinda for paying her college tuition and letting her live w her 🤔
  3. Petunia13

    The Spoiler Collection

    So the spoiler is Thomas races to cliff house to confront or abduct Hope and Brooke is in pursuit and attacks him to save Hope. He hovers near death and Brooke ends up accused or attempted murder or murder (if he passes). 🤦🏻‍♀️ The spoiler is also Ridge arrives after Brooke on the scene and has a different reaction or interpretation. I guess it’s insinuating he may be a witness or accused of Brooke. Hell to the naw.
  4. Do we think she didn’t come back by choice or because show didn’t ask? The reason I mention this is she’s not cheap. When she was on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills she was paid a million dollars a season for maybe 22 episodes and 3 months filming because they had to match her union scale.
  5. Petunia13

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Did I miss even one reference to Kyle’s dead mother during the wedding and reception? This show needs to stop pretending Keemo never existed as well and recast him w a hot as hell Asian stat. I also agree w @Waldo13 Mariah and Tessa’s romantic proposal and wedding are overdue. I never was the biggest fan of Tessa but can’t deny they look great and have chemistry. The wedding didn’t look cheap as fuck so that was a surprise. I’m tired of the propping of Lola and Kyle shit. I was surprised their first song wasn’t to that treacly depressing tune they’d play during the Summer Triangle era and her illness. I don’t really like Elena but Devon has grown so much as a confident calm adult acting a character. I kinda wish Hilary or her long lost sister or something would come back. The actor / Devon reminds me of Jack in a way he’s respectful and dignified but still has a light personality. Most of the guys in GC are total scumbags or bland so they stand out. The stories right now are super boring. Phyllis is a narcissistic creep and textbook delusional. I couldn’t care less about her stupid hotel and vendettas.
  6. Petunia13

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    @Cupid Stunt Just Egg has been available at Whole Foods for a couple months. I haven’t tried it (I’m Vegan ). I have had tofu and turmeric scrabbles “eggs” before. Whole Foods has also had the beyond burger packs of ground “beef” (not the patties but loafs like so you can make meat loaf or Hamburger Helper or chili and shit). I love being vegan. My coworkers at the dealership find it so mysterious and ask so many questions.
  7. The way they hyped up Kyle and Theo’s secret I thought they had an orgy wearing plague masks on drugs in a stolen mail truck. Zzz. Thankfully we have the sup exciting Adam is the Antichrist story and CinderCon and CaveNick’s budding romance and Phyllis and Abby bantering entrepreneurship and Lola’s off screen daddy issues bringing even more spice to the show. This show is really clicking all the right boxes.
  8. Is this show Days of our Kristens now? I’ve had more than enough. Sarah seemed blown away Eric cooked for her and bought her flowers but Rex was shown doing that for her many x. I’m not really sure why she gushes over and praises him constantly since forever. I jinxed it by quipping about Xander being an imposter since he’s worn a shirt daily since his return...then he went nonstop shirtless. They must be in the hamper now or the himbo fashion police caught him for being properly attired too consecutively and warned him if he didn’t tow the line he’d have to live in a speedo or chaps.
  9. The kid playing Douglas is such a great actor when he told Beth “goodnight” and blew her a little kiss ugh 😩 and baby Beth did a little clapping when Hope said it’s her new home now and family. B&B fucks up so much but their child casting and coaching is A+++. I feel like all this happiness is a calm before a storm. They’ll be people acting messy and petty AF soon and an idiotic focus on characters people don’t give a damn about soon. Bradley refuses to not have a triangle of bores or someone talentless front burner inexplicably (Zencole, Xander/Zoe/Emma, or Pam and Charlie). He has an instinct for ineptitude. Brooke’s legs looked looong in those high waisted skinny jeans and heels. Beautiful. Thomas is on the run Andrew Cunanan style. I fear it will never come out that he roofied Liam. Doing that knowing he’d be alone and flirty w Stef was akin to rape by proxy in my opinion since Liam had sex w her severely drugged and under fraudulent pretenses.
  10. I’m surprised Steffy didn’t offer Hope to take Kelly instead.
  11. Yeah either Ciara or the writers have dicey memories.
  12. I’m vegan and think even I could cook a steak with out burning it. Very hot skillet, turn perpetually for 10 minutes. If you have a meat thermometer stick it in the center and its ready at 135 or 145. Let it rest for 3 minutes then serve. Also Ciara has a smart phone and could google or YouTube it. What does Ciara do all day? The past few months when she worked for Roman she apparently only showed up a a couple days a month. Now she isn’t “working” does she just hang out at Ben’s all day or?
  13. Petunia13

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I talked to the Sergeant on the phone while I was at work. He’s in county jail away charged w unlawful entering a vehicle, battery, attempt to carjack, and resisting arrest. He didn’t/want able to post bond. If he does he has to keep 50 feet from me. The funny thing was how much he insisted I go somewhere w him. In not even sure he was after my car. I live in a neighborhood w Tesla’s, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Porsche’s, ect and my car is old and rusty. But the officer said maybe he tried other people and my door was unlocked while I was in the car, I don’t know. The entire time he insisted I take him somewhere he only treated to take my keys and was striking me when I refused. When I agreed ok I’ll drive him and I do what hell say, he was very insistent I drive w him to someplace and he’ll let me know when to get there. I was lucky I was able to convince him to stop at the gas station.
  14. Petunia13

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I have no idea what he planned for me if I had drove to where he wanted. I stopped off at an all night gas station where there’s usually other people. And said I needed to pee. I got out of the car w him and mouthed “I need help call 911” to a man near and he said he wouldn’t help me and didn’t care. Another man in a night security guard uniform pulled up and I told him I was being car jacked and the guy told him I’m lying and his girlfriend. The ladies inside the station were already on the phone w 911. The security guard was separating me from the man and he ran off. When he got into the car he was restraining my arms and hands and I have 2 cuts and when I was driving he was stroking my face. The whole time George was in my lap and thank god he wasn’t harmed and didn’t panic. I worked today but when I think about it I’m sick and shaky. Apparently car jackings aren’t uncommon in Chicago and the burbs. I’m not sure what this guys intention was though cuz he really wanted me to drive him somewhere and never said the address. I wanted to humanize myself to him so told him I work a lot 2 jobs struggling and I have heart aneurysm which is true. He said he’s never known anyone who’s died. I had to wait hours doing the reports and while the witnesses wrote reports. They had camera footage of him and caught him in a long chase on foot and I had to identify him. Then I changed and walked George and went to work. It really is that easy and random for someone to grab you.
  15. Petunia13

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    It took hours but they caught him and I just ID him for police.