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  1. Yeah she’s been negotiating her exit and trying to get out for a year now as I mentioned. I believe people can quit jobs for myriad reasons. I don’t know what waters she will be “testing” when we’re in a pandemic and literally nothing in the world is taping and no auditions whatsoever have been held since March and don’t seem likely until 2021.
  2. I wouldn’t hold my breath that VK / Ciara will make full time return. Wasn’t it an open secret she planned to leave for a long time because last year she and Rob / Ben (who has a gf) had an entanglement?
  3. Me and Sami fans thinking the show is ending so manifesting her return to liven shit up ending Show on a high note w the rest of our faves. ... then us realizing it’s only for her to be written as a constantly apologizing loser who’s propping shit characters and writing. @CanaryFan98 yes. Mar was cold AF to Hope even before she knew she was Gina just for hanging around John then after Hope apologized she fixed her mouth to say she wouldn’t accept her apology. But not long after said to KRISTEN of all people “bygones are bygones and [her] apology accepted.” She also said rude remarks about Eve not forgiving Ben. 😂 whaaat?! And some weird shade about Gabi. A gossipy quip about Chloe. And was aloof in a throwaway fluff scene to Jen awhile back like cut her off when speaking and made some face. It’s very subtle but she has no warmth or consistency at all anymore, for being the “pillar of the town” and “voice of reason.” Almost Julian. This is the head of psychology for the TOWN Folks, but as impartial and non judgmental as Cotton Mather. I like Phillip but only ever bought him in a ship w Chloe he sold the fuck out of that. You had to be there. I really miss Rex. He’s a really underrated character. I don’t want him w Sarah I just like this human version of a Golden Retriever who can laugh at himself and dispel drama with kindness and lack of ego. I haven’t commented on Elani twins or her angst but I smell a mental health crisis coming since Ron only likes women who are crazy, drinking like fish, or chasing penis. She’s gonna get postpartum psychosis or Munchasens or some fuckshit his writing and her acting can’t handle. Hope and Rafe 3.0 are super boring. I simply do not care but it’s a gag both of them are interested merely because they know they are each other’s only option when they and everyone know together they had as much excitement as lukewarm tap water, argued like idiots -often- and brought out their respective worst qualities.
  4. Ron totally recycled the Victor “I’ll do anything to get back in your good graces” response “Then give me the CEO position” lines from him and Brady to him and Phillip. 😖 Also as an OG Belle, Phillip, Shawn Stan Phillip isn’t a threat to Shelle. Phillip’s true love was Chloe. Also also I could see Phillip and Xander becoming friends at some point because they both hate Brady, have problematic mothers, and chronic issues of problems of falling for women that never seem to find them good enough. I want to see them connect on that level and start some fuckshit with Brady and Chad who are both idiots. LOL. Fuck up DiMera and X out Brady in the process my dudes. @sas616 Phillip was a bit iconic there were huge ship wars of Broe vs Phloe and Phillip had a pivotal scene of chopping down a tree with his and Chloe’s initials carved in it out of angst. Classic! He was for years mainly known as being a rival w Brady. He was an entitled douche (who is still liked) then but now Brady is my how the worm has turned. I like Sarah and LG a lot since her B&B era. But she’s been working my nerves a while now. The baby talk and twee behavior needs to exit. I like seeing Judi Evans back and smiling on my screen but of course Ron has make her Bonnie because he only likes crazy or weird women. Don’t believe me. Look at Kristen, Gwen, Gabi, Abby, Lani ect. Allie’s baby lottery can end anytime now. It’s a child not old LV Neverfull that you surprise people with as a re-gift. I know Sami was trying to comfort John and bring him back to life but “of course you’re part of my family. The most important part. Our rock.” How Sway? Marlena’s been cold AF to Sami and more judgy of her than the ab model serial killer but if I’m honest she’s been a bitch on roller skates (or Rockport loafers) a while now. She shaded the FCK out of Lani and blabbed immediately when she left Eli at the alter and said some other gossipy and subtle snark to other women I clocked last year. I wish I remember the examples but it was passive aggressive and random unearned shade the way an old aunty or neighbor slides in. I’m supposed to believe Sonny. Who sits around his grandpa’s mansion in suits all day for years and literally talks about nothing or reacts passively to anything around him, who is super close to his husband, never once mentioned or gave a hint he was founding a company in his mother’s honor to his dear partner or father who he’s extremely close to. Not only that but one that’s in the process of finding a cure for cancer?! And he has a grandfather who is a billionaire and husband who helps run a newspaper so could help promote the organization and elicit donations but simply never thought it would be helpful to clue them in.
  5. Days: John is a real life James Bond beating down doors, punching out bad guys, and not fazed by kidnapping or bombs. Also, Days: John collapses and almost dies at some light criticism from his daughter in law.
  6. A while ago an unreliable spoiler said its Tripp.
  7. At this point I like Xander and don’t know any of the other dudes you mentioned. they spent the time to redeem Xan and that’s enough for me. He’s changed more than Ben I will say that.
  8. Cray “Sonny gets an opportunity he cannot refuse.” & “Gabi doesn’t react well to Will and Sonny’s big decision” so he finally got a job (after like 4 years Days time) without even looking. At least we know he’ll always be on dress code Bro wore suits and ties just to mope around his Grandpa’s house. I don’t care about John’s sudden medical crisis. Although it’s a nice change from his or Doc’s monthly rotisserie of being kidnapped. I just hope Kayla doesn’t try to harvest any of his organs prematurely as she’s prone to do. Or maybe she could take his olfactory glands and the recipient will have to spend the rest of their life permanently smelling farts. Why would Hope need advice about Rafe? They’ve worked together for decades and were married for years. She knows him pretty well and he’s an open easy to read book. Like one of those Golden ones for beginners. In a more logical world Xander and Phillip wouldn’t be rivals. They’d actually be friends.
  9. This Ally baby story is dregs. Rafe showed practically zero interest in adopting that child. But for some reason they are acting like he has no agency or decision making skills of his own. And Ally’s hatred of her mother and people saying that loathing is earned because she bounced from partner to partner and traveled what parent on this show hasn’t? 😂 as far as saying well Sami was hellacious as a teen so she’s getting her karma now. That’s not how this works or anything works. If that would be the case then Abigails kids will have blank checks to be monsters and should escape all accountability as well. I did like the Sarah and Xander reunion even though the music was 🌽 and it was weird when she flopped on the bed belly down. Bonnie’s a weirdo and so is Gwen. Bonnie seems to think her resemblance to Adrienne can get any of her former lovers to climb into bed with her or like her. Gwen is obsessed with getting drunk and demanding penis. Sarah is in her 30s and a driver and has no idea what wear sensors on brakes are 🤔 “when I brake I hear a squealing noise I don’t know what that means or even how they can fix it...” yes they replace the pads. And if you drive it too long after the squealing you hear will hear grinding or just the breaks stop working. Ugh though I just remembered the only car shop in town in Jake’s and he works like 15 minutes a month and his only other employee even less and is all brain scrambled and creepy. Maybe Xander’s idiotic idea to replace an entire car instead of paying for a few hundred dollar routine maintenance is the right idea. Sami looked bomb in her dress this week talking to Rafe and Sarah looked nice on her date w Xan. Sonny was annoying w Will and it was fucking ridiculous he was more upset w him over covering for a mere conversation his mother had with her ex husband. Than so many other betrayals and serious issues they’ve had even in the past few years #bruh.
  10. Yeah you’ve mentioned your wishes and hypothetical preferences for Paul Telfer/Xander a few x before. I have to disagree with the ongoing suggestions. I feel like he’s been pretty interesting and come into his own now and actually has some fans out there. Anyway even if I agree, which I apologize, don’t. We can’t close the barn door at this point. PT has been playing Xander for years. Campaigning on why you would cast him differently or informing us periodically won’t unring that bell.
  11. Hispanic is an ethnic category.
  12. . The actress who plays Sami. Is named. Alison. That was why he was commending “Alison”’s performance making him feel sympathy for the character Sami... I’m just guessing?
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