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  1. I truly hated Abby’s cackle at Lani interrupting Gabi and Eli’s wedding. this is your much more tolerable and more attractive cousin whose anguish you are relishing. TRASH! The entire conceit of storyline of the past ‘year’ was Eli was embarrassed at the alter in front of everyone yet they are consciously doing same again? Lani could have told him before her wedding to him. Or Lani or JJ privately before Gabi’s wedding to him. Julie could have had a new pacemaker a year ago.
  2. They already posted on this page that it is. She pushes it out of anger at Lani and Julie pretends to have an episode then they reveal the pace maker was already swapped out or some shit.
  3. Probably over stupid ass Chad. Low key if it’s hand to hand combat I could see Gabi KOing him with a spin kick. Casey Moss/JJ looks hot in glasses 😍
  4. Gabi’s dress was ugly. It looked like something they’d put Kristen in or from a Star Trek wedding. Hi Lani. What a predictable cliché. Also stop wearing that nun costume.
  5. Yeah but they did that w Jack and Jen then basically dropped it post reconciliation.
  6. All the write outs and firings seem dumb ass hell. So the younger group would now entirely consistent of Ciara, Ben, Chad, and Abby? 😖 Then the rest of the show will be people 40+ or infants?
  7. “A former couple reunites” That’s going to Wyatt & Sally or Hope and that piece of shit.
  8. I only really like Kate’s style. Hope’s jewelry (a lot of times she’s wearing Van Cleef & Arpels necklaces which run 12-24 thousand dollars), I like how Lani does that half tuck of her shirts on her slim frame kinda a casual “model off duty” vibe, Eve/Nicole/Kristen when they wear fitted clothes or dresses look snappy since they are lanky... Eve and Nicole are tall and have legs for days. Claire used to dress real cute and I liked Chloe’s vampy style. Jennifer can look pretty and fresh but a lot of time and, this has been going on a decade, is styled so severe in her clothes hair and makeup. Stafano seemed low key interested in Kayla. I completely buy WK portrayal and the writing of Justin still loving Adrienne and honoring her but also sincerely in love with Kayla.
  9. The fuck?! We just got over Kate and Julie almost dying. Jen almost dying. JJ talking suicide for 2 episodes. Adrienne dying. Bristen baby dying. And Mickey at deaths door. Between all this death and almost death of liked legacy characters and currently a kiddie rapist and homophobe front burner this show is getting too dark for my liking. Doug just had some awesome AF material and performances recently which really showed how is kinda the heart left of the Horton family. When Julie was dying and everyone was railing in Gabi’s ear about donating (Eli, Kayla, and Lani)...Doug in an extreme example of grace and compassion said he knew she was suffering and didn’t expect her to donate Stefan’s heart and wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t. He showed so much love to her in that moment. It was so dignified and powerful.
  10. @boes came up w HoGina in December. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbs.soapsindepth.com/posts/days-of-our-lives-spoilers-abigail-tries-to-kill-marlena-157711.amp ^Abby killed Andre and tried to kill Kate and Marlena. We’ve talked about it here but it’s also recapped on various soap sites found via google.
  11. Almost all her systems seem to be nervous system of cognitively related though so that would be random and lack foreshadowing
  12. Yeah they ain’t it for me. RN I like Xander and Sarah, Jack and Jennifer, Eli and Gabi, Kate and Roman, Will and Sonny. Warming to himbo Brady and his crazy gf Kristen. Stanned for missed coupledoms of Rex and Chloe, Claire and Ben, and Sami and Lucas, JJ and Eve. They need to bring a couple of those characters back imho. So it seemed pretty obvious to me Stevano was shot by Abby’s bitch made hubby. And Ben got shot in the leg I guess. I hope the guard blows away Clyde for turning a gun on him and I was excited when Stefano was going blast Abby. Interesting her alter didn’t jump out in that high stress moment, interesting how conditional and convenient that is.
  13. He wanted EJ and Sami endgame. So he probably already hated Failure for her stank ass interloping. Plus Jar Jar tried to kill Marlena and has always pushed Chad to distance himself from DiMera. He has many reasons why he dislikes her.
  14. Yeah. He kinda indicated he thought the reasonings were a bunch of bullshit.
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