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  1. It was to indicate he took her more seriously than everyone else that called her casual and kiddish Sami. It was supposed to convey a distinction.
  2. No fashion house would put up w these Zoe type antics unless she was Naomi or Gia.
  3. They need to go off together w their blanket children.
  4. Is the site crashing and "error loading" message happening for anyone besides me all AM? this enormous taking the entire screen notification alert for if a person like my posts happening too... this upgrade been like 4 wks
  5. I agree w you on that. They were stupid dumping AMC and OLTL because they were already cheap and already had a guaranteed viewership, despite being small, and it probably cost more in the long run sourcing, developing, building replacements. And you brought up another point which is by taping ahead and being in a bubble it's pandemic or crisis proof. on other social media forums people talk about and miss AMC on threads to this day. I really miss OLTL too.
  6. I think Jake's an asshole and he's been that since day one. Not sure why so many women were throwing themselves at him and not sure why he has such a fan base. Chad also is a dick
  7. When's this new EJ coming I want to see if he's as hot as his pictures
  8. She also hates Nicole. And she's right about that. you know what Dumbass, I mean, Kristen could have done? Wear a mask and the Governor and given herself a pardon. I guess that would have not time consuming and as destructive enough for her.
  9. Who told you this would happen with Ellen? Oh yeah me. (pats on back)
  10. Her and Ben ate the fucking show the past 12 months. And if they weren't being shoved in our faces it was those 2 non-actors Lani and Allie stinking up the joint in their dumbass plots.
  11. EJ would believe Sami over Kristen any day of the week.
  12. The irony is of course while Ron literally patted himself on the back on Twitter for addressing race and stereotypes on Show recently his attempts were a self drag. When Paulina made a speech about Abe should help her secure the Horton Square store space because there weren't enough black business owners there ... wouldn't it take you know? Black characters? As I watched I thought well what should Lani or Eli quit the force to sell shoes or something? and Chanel skipping out on a tab is a very prevalent stereotype about black customers in the restaurant industry, I've even been fired
  13. Haven't watched yet, but assuming Zoe made a dumbass of herself yet again and made this personal issue other people's problem by running to blurt it to people who don't care?
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