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  1. The ratings should be an easy slam dunk at this point. It’s been a pandemic a damn year, people have been home and feening for fresh content. So that’s on Ron and Corday. Not to be a bitch but Gwen doesn’t look younger than Abigail. Ron’s kinda a dumbass since one of the things people liked about Jack and Jen is they only had kids together like a true love match, but this dumb dumb likes hitting on show legacies and revered expectations he did this on OLTL.
  2. Lani was so happy to see and hold her gf today. Notice she’s able to emotionally open up w her in a way she has not with Eli during this? I swear if Kristen wasn’t obsessed w Brady, Lani would risk it all to be w her. Phillip’s mugging and inflections worked for me today. I feel like Show should maybe lean into that and make him more of a comic relief and sarcastic or snarky side dude in all the stories. Doug looked really nice today in that classic sweater, blazer, and matching pocket square. Sarah’s first day at work in over a month. She has that Horton princess pass that Failure and Ciara had were they can work 5 hours a month and still get a full time salary and ass pats.
  3. She’ll probably do it when Sharon has her back turned. Hmm maybe if she gets annoyed w Adam enough she may frame him for choking her out or bonking her head.
  4. ChelseaCon is gonna get back her ability to move then try to kill Sharon and get away w it since people will think she’s still paralyzed.
  5. Can you believe in a week is February sweeps? I’m going to need them to step it up w some of these storylines. Not really sure why they decided a couple characters w the likability and charisma of tap water should be in lead story.
  6. No after Lanis GF escapes from prison she uses Ben as her hostage or some bullshit and puts on false teeth to pretend to be Susan to get away or see Brady after he’s shot.
  7. Jason47 been mum on it and he’s the only one who has ironclad spoilers. He did say BB/Shawn’s been extended to tape until April and Gwen’s taping now so will be around at least another month or 2.
  8. Gwen’s gonna talk slick to Abigail and get her shit rocked. See she don’t know Abby as well as she thinks, huh? 😂
  9. That was weird as hell btw they had the 60 yr old man acting like he had never seen It’s A Wonderful Life before and to the point he was distraught saying to his wife “he’s going to kill himself! I hope he make it’s at the end, (sob) Doc ”. It’s one of my faves so besides being dubious it was disrespectful.
  10. Watch she’ll be pregnant by Chad. Now he’ll have 2 women to be an asshole to.
  11. Lawd I hope they don’t bring on some annoying woman to play Janice Raincheck or what Gwen’s mom’s name is. Kate’s outfit made her look like she was gonna be in some rap video about flossing. The actresses hair and makeup have been 💯 amazing since they returned and that’s such a compliment since they do both themselves because of covid. Gabi’s looking real desperate it’s embarrassing. I’m enjoying Abby this week. MM really injects some some nuance and reasoning to this character. KM would have played this material super smug and shrill.
  12. I meant JJ’s nurse Haley. LOL silly me distracted posting this AM.
  13. If Gwen has come 2 years earlier she would have had to sleep with Chad’s nurse and only had Jack’s headstone to nibble her fingers at.
  14. “You should never leave proof that you’re scum of the Earth...just lying around.” with a small smile and casual head tilt. 😂 ⚰️ I fucking love Anna sometimes. She’s so unbothered and zero fucks.
  15. Why is this in backstage gossip? This isn’t tea, just off hand random thought.
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