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  1. Especially if he's dressed up in a pilot costume.
  2. I was going to refer to Ted Nugent as a piece of shit in my post, then I decided not to stoop to his level. I had never heard what Lugal posted. If I had, I would never have hesitated to say it. Ted Nugent is a piece of shit. And this piece of shit is on the board of directors of the NRA. As if they didn't have enough reasons to be ashamed these days.
  3. Caught the 3/15 repeat today. That was some load of shit Meghan was spewing about the being called out as a Republican while shopping for sex toys. Even she didn't look like she believed any of it. Also, I learned today that she exists on a diet of salt (perhaps other minerals) and water. Because she eats neither animal nor vegetable. Whoopi: Meat or vegetarian? Meghan: What do you think?? NO! Ugh, she's such an idiot. I did enjoy the segment with Ricky Gervais, though. He is not an idiot.
  4. Ha! I thought that guy in the Cesar commercial was a pilot and that he was in a pilot's lounge on a layover, spending some time with his dog. How his dog was in the pilot's lounge was a head-scratcher, though. I did NOT get security guard at all.
  5. Yes. This is a person who said Obama should suck on his machine gun. Decency and Ted Nugent are not acquainted.
  6. "People in LA really are flaky as f@#k" tweets Meghan McCain. Might explain that lack of party invitations . . . just sayin'.
  7. The most hawkish person on TV, dontcha know. I'm always struck by those who claim to be against violence, to respect life in all forms, to be a Christian, etc. and yet are all for war. They think war is glorious, patriotic, noble . . . war is people killing people. They think it is righteous to kill the enemies of one's country even as their faith tells them to kill is wrong. This is something I will never understand. I have huge issues with the way we view war in this country, how we glorify it and celebrate it. Meghan and her hawkish ilk make me sick.
  8. She was. And it was creeping me out. Apparently it was also creeping out Joy.
  9. I didn't say it was the blowjob. I know it wasn't, I remember it very well. I said specifically, "Even lying about it, no big deal." And I think Clinton was impeached because Bill Clinton more than anything else, but that's just IMO.
  10. I really love how now Presidents having affairs is no big deal. Even lying about it, no big deal. My head, it explodes, because I remember when it was such a big deal nCongress had to get involved and impeach a President for doing so. Oh, but disagreeing with Meghan is always an attack. It is so tiresome. Yes, I also wanted to point that out.
  11. Huh. She looks comfortable, like she's having fun. I guess no one had found out yet that she's a Republican.
  12. Nope. There are at least two of us.
  13. Oh! I'm inexplicably happy to hear this! Ringo is my favorite Beatle.
  14. I thought she said, "That alone makes her unqualified." It followed the discussion of Christine Quinn calling Nixon 'an unqualified lesbian.' I'd bet there's a big market in FoxNews viewers.
  15. Ugh. More of that? I would love someone to ask when these people are going to stop painting themselves as victims of the big bad liberal meanies . . . their guy got in. A week or so ago Meghan was saying that aluminum tariffs would raise the price of a beer and THAT would be Trump's undoing with his voters. But I guess that was okay because she's Red American or a Gun Countryman or whatever she calls herself.
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