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  1. Will we learn why Varya and Geoffrey (or even Mary) weren’t on the tell-all? I had been avoiding spoilers and don’t know why.
  2. Side side note: I would not doubt Lisa attempting either one of those horrible scenarios.
  3. I loved - LOVED - Mommy Usman's look at the camera after she said a wife will deliver two babies within three years after getting married. That was some serious Nigerian shade.
  4. I hate how Geoffrey seemed to enjoy the fact that, as he states, “I have two women fighting over me.” I’m sure it will be the first and the last time. To bring Varya around Mary's friends was mean and cruel - you can do so much better, V.
  5. Yes, the house he lives in looks a little ragged. It makes me wonder about the other homes he has that he rents out.
  6. I hate that little smug, self-satisfied smile that was on Geoffrey's face in the "next time" scenes. This is why Varya should not have gone to the U.S. Geoffrey just wants two women fighting over his criminal a__.
  7. I agree with this. I think the most important element to consider in a relationship is "how does this person make me feel when I'm around him/her?" Just watching Stephanie is exhausting... Can you imagine what it would be like to live with her? Stephanie is a person who is best experienced in small doses. There's no way a sane person, young enough to find another life partner, would move to a new country for her.
  8. I would love to see Varya again in another season with a person better than Geoffrey.
  9. Maybe that's why she keeps her mouth clenched. She never seems to smile.
  10. Omg, I can totally see Stephanie as a Real Housewife in the future!
  11. I actually feel for Ash. I once taught a class as a grad student when I was unprepared (due to things beyond my control, of course😉) ... and those women's looks looked just like my students.
  12. Yolanda (? woman from Las Vegas who is being catfished) did say this but I think it was true. I don't remember when her husband died but I think she's different from other women. Most of her kids are grown up.
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