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  1. Does any one know what was going on in that exchange between Jeffrey (Geoffrey?) and Christian? I missed the first part of it.
  2. Oh, Sergio's face when he realized he's safe...😎
  3. Curiously, I think these prints would have been great for the Cyndi Lauper challenge...
  4. I am also completely lost. I'll re-watch and hopefully will understand.
  5. One thing I haven't seen commented upon: How Delvin and ShaVi comforted each other as Delvin was leaving the runway: Delvin: "It's not the end." ShaVi: "It's not the end." I loved this!
  6. Also, when Christian asked how he was able to embroider so fast, Sergio did not acknowledge the work the models did to help him out (or at least that wasn't shown).
  7. I love this! It reminded me of the challenge, I think from last season, when the designers had to design "street wear" and one of the guests was Dapper Dan. This look would have won that challenge.
  8. Am I being too cynical (shout out to the "Pilot Erasable Pen" commercial)?... but is Sergio pretend-crying?
  9. I hope this Chesley focus does not mean bad news for her...
  10. This is an article from The Wrap on Heidi and Tim and why they "jumped ship" from Project Runway to their new show that will be on Amazon. Curiously, some of the criticisms voiced on this site are echoed in the things they wanted to change, but couldn't because of the show's "formula."
  11. I've just started watching this season so I don't know if this has been discussed before but... Tania's Mom's house looks really cluttered and I wonder if both Mom and Tania are hoarders. Tania seems to have problems making decisions, which is a classic sign of a hoarder. I don''t think she loves Syngin... she loves the idea of Syngin, the idea of being engaged to this man.
  12. This. I bet his elimination will be epic.
  13. I can't put my finger on it, but I think there is an element of misogyny in Sergio's conception of the "over-40" crowd he designs for, as if younger women aren't tasteful or classy enough to wear his clothes. There's more to it than that, but this is the only way I can explain it at this moment.
  14. I would love to see Diana Ross (a 70's challenge?) or Tracee Ellis Ross as a judge. Bravo could make it happen.
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