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  1. I love how you can tell the episodes that are being shown are really old, not only by the dated design (lots of dark, mahogany-looking wood items), but also by David's hairline. The more hair he has, the older the episode :). (All in good fun - I like David.)
  2. I would watch this! Axe going head-to-head with... Kendall? Logan?
  3. I've written this before and I wish Bravo would do this: I would love to see a "Real Housewives of Academia." People have no idea how shady academic people (women and men) can be. This is why I'm looking forward to Sandra Oh's tv show, The Chair.
  4. I think Gary is also memorable because there is a narrative behind his designs, there's a story there that you want to know... even if he is not always (verbally) articulate in telling others.
  5. This is purely speculative: As someone who can also get "lost" in their head, I wonder if the self-doubt/questions hindered him to some extent?
  6. Does any one know if the designer receives all or just part of the profits for the sale of their clothes? The jacket is $200. I'm curious how much goes to Gary, how much to Amazon, and how much to the producers. (Though, of course, I realize the "name recognition" is it's own form of compensation.)
  7. There was something about Brooklyn Andrea that rubbed me the wrong way this episode. From the early moments when she vowed to "win one" to her inexplicable giggles throughout the episode. But I loved her camel coats! Miami (?) Andrea got on my nerves as well. I thought her collection looked too familiar and a little class-less. I think the producers will try to get Gary and the two Andreas in the final.
  8. I wonder if Karen is going to make #FreeJamal, #TaxReform T-shirts 🤔
  9. Can I just say, I loved this episode, especially seeing the designers model the clothes. I'm something of a fan of Olivia -- I like her quirky humor. I hope, in time, to see her back in a later competition. She got royally screwed since I think it should have been Andrea (her partner) who should have gone home. Ally -- I'm a little torn. I thought her clothes looked great but understood what the judges were saying about "emotion." Ally's clothes look like anything you can find in a J.Jill catalog. Yes, I was thinking to myself: Ally needs the ten minutes (or however long it was) t
  10. Succession season 3 trailer:
  11. Her little girl is adorable. The scene with her husband and daughter in the kitchen betrayed some tension between the couple, some... hostility, maybe?
  12. It's really interesting that we never see Wendy writing/typing up her research or trying to prepare a lecture for class. Or even see her walking across the campus.
  13. Yes, I hope we see more of them in the talking heads.
  14. Finally! Laverne Cox would be great as a host.
  15. And if you have a poor sense of self. For all of their bragging about their looks, they both have insecurities.
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