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  1. Megan is an heiress and a daughter of a famous politician, which enabled her to "earn" a job as a host on a national talk show. She has so much in her life yet is a miserable Cee-u-Next-Tuesday. Meghan views herself as a victim of the left wing, the media and sexism and sees her life as a constant struggle. She will never realize that people do not like her because she is a spoiled obnoxious brat who does not have an ounce of empathy for other people. Meghan McCain is a sad pathetic basket case of a poor little rich girl.
  2. This is my favorite Quickfire Challenge ever. Hung realized that he was limited by his aisle in the grocery store and decided to do something fun. That Smurf Village was epic.
  3. Randall always needed to have "mommy" to himself. He loved the fact that his siblings were living across the country. When baby Jack was born and Rebecca moved to LA to help Kate caring for a special needs baby, Randall was pissed and JEALOUS. The fact that mommy would also be living near Kevin instead of him sent Randall over the edge of reason. Randall keeps throwing it in Rebecca's face that HE took care of her when Jack died. The fact is that Randall was being self-serving. In his mind, being mommy's helper gave him an edge up on his siblings. He was the "good" son. I think Rebecca was really strong after losing everything, including Jack in the fire. Randall attended college nearby so he could help is mother was because HE needed to be needed.
  4. Randall has always been a manipulative, spoiled asshole. Rebecca and Jack always put his needs ahead of their other children. When Randall began having OCD and/or anxiety issues they bent over backwards to placate him. He got so much more attention than his siblings. Jack did the "daddy's little girl" thing with Kate, so she was got special attention. However, Kevin was really ignored by his parents because he rarely demanded their attention. Randall steamrolls over his parents, siblings, his wife and kids. He wants what he wants and manipulates everyone around him until he gets it. Look at what he has put Beth and his girls through. Bringing William ( his bio dad but a complete stranger) home without discussing with Beth first. After William dies, he buys his dead bio dad's apartment building. He impulsively quits his high paying job. He decides that he and Beth need to be foster parents. He decides to run for public office two hours away from his home. This office pays much less than he would be making if he had not quit his job. Beth loses her job and decides in a midlife crisis career change. The family is overwhelmed by Randall's commuting 3-4 hours a day. Beth does not demand that he resign his office, she decides to uproot her family's life by moving to Philadelphia. Beth did not really fight against Randall's self-indulgent whims because she knew he would never back down because he always gets his own way. Now Randall is emotionally blackmailing his mother into doing a drug trial halfway across the country, taking precious time away from her family. It does not matter to him what Kate, Kevin or her husband feel about this, it is all about him. Randall Pearson is a miserable excuse of a son.
  5. I believe Joy's son-in-law is a Physician's Assistant in NYC and is working on the front lines in this pandemic. Because of this, I think Joy's daughter's fear for her mother and husband is understandable. Her husband is a healthcare professional and needs to be there to help his patients. On the other hand, she does not want her mother risking her health for a talk show. Joy is doing the right thing for herself and her daughter.
  6. EH's answer to the Corona virus was Prayer and Purell! Meghan, the other co-hosts, and 99% of the viewers gave her a WTF look. When she started on her P&P solution, I had to keep rewinding my DVR because I could not believe what she was saying. EH belongs on the Jim Baker Show, where she can spew her nonsense, not The View.
  7. It seems that Glenn, Jenna and Adam dropped the ball on this charter and failed to support the crew. When he first observed the guest's behavior, Glenn should have hired extra staff to act as bouncers. Even though he did not know about what Madison had been through, he should have known that these guys were drunken pigs and acted to protect the female crew members. Jenna should have made sure that Madison was not alone on service when these assholes returned from the bar, especially when they returned to the boat with a bunch of drunk women and a DJ. Adam should have gotten his smug ass out of bed and made snacks for the drunken guests. These guests were loud, obnoxious and had hired a DJ. There is no way Jenna and Adam did not hear the party going on, they just chose to ignore it and let Madison deal with everything while they slept. I can't imagine Kate or Hannah not assisting their stews in a chaotic situation like this. Jenna really sucks as a chief stew.
  8. I agree. I hope they all have a permanent case of shingles on their deformed micro-dicks. MVFROSTSMYPIE, cursing misogynistic manpigs with a shingles on the dick spell will NEVER get old for me. 😎
  9. Why isn't Adam up making midnight snacks for the guests? Jenna should have been up helping Madison when the guests returned to the boat with their guests. Poor Madison was cooking for and waiting on all those drunks by herself. I am glad Parker was there to help her.
  10. Where else is the POTUS going to have an affair. He/She can not exactly sneak down to the local no tell motel.
  11. Michael lied when he told Nelle that he killed Claudia when he was a minor. He was over 18 when he killed her in self defense.
  12. Michael is an idiot for going by and giving his son the name Corinthos. I hope the awesome judge from Michael's sentencing for Claudia's murder is the judge in Wiley's custody case.
  13. I have been thinking the same thing. I would love for Nelle to win this round. I am so tired of the Corinthi hypocrisy. I really want to see Michael lose both his son and ELQ. To have Nelle be responsible for him losing everything would be icing on the cake.
  14. I have had this experience. I was very close to my grandfather, who raised me. Last year I was looking up some genealogy information and ran across my deceased grandfather's name on a YouTube video. When I clicked on it there was my grandfather. Someone had filmed interviews of local business owner's from my hometown and included my grandfather. The video was filmed before my grandfather got sick. He looked and acted just as I remember him. He was telling some tall tale with a wink and sparkle in his eye. That video bring up so many emotions for me. I have tried to download the video to my computer but I can't. I tried to contact the person who posted the video by he has passed away. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can preserve this video?
  15. The fire killed her father and destroyed most of the family's belongings. That mug was one of the few things that belonged to her dad. Marc knew that and he took PLEASURE in destroying it. When Kate dared to confront him on it he calls her fat and locks her out of her cabin in a snowstorm. That guy is one dangerous guy and he is not done with Kate.
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