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  1. The BJ's Heart story was the best story line in soap history.
  2. Does anyone remember the good old days of TLC when it WAS The Learning Channel? Bravo and A&E were the "high brow" channels, now it is nothing but trash.
  3. I have not slept for 46 hours and I'm a bit loopy right now. I started to drift off in front of the tv when....Holy Shit, did I really just watch a woman artificially inseminate her own daughter? WTF!!! What is wrong with this mother/daughter duo? Well, I'm wide awake now and I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight.
  4. Bill also ignored the fact that Biden is advocating for free vocational and tech training as well as community college. The President's goal is to educate and/or train our country's future white AND blue collar workers.
  5. If I remember correctly Dr. Romano recovered from this helicopter accident (but was unable to operate again) only to be killed by another helicopter. He was standing outside the ER entrance and the helicopter fell off the roof and onto him.
  6. I think it's a little bit of both things. She's ignorant AND likes to be an instigator. 😝 This is what makes her so dangerous. Meghan spouts conservative (her husband's?) talking points script. She doesn't know or care if they are true, half-truths or outright lies. Meghan just wants media attention. I can't understand why the ABC News Division continues to give her this platform, she is a liability.
  7. Meghan IS dangerous because she misrepresents (lies) facts to support her team's agenda. ABC is offering a platform for her lies. The View is a part of ABC News, why are they allowing her to damage the reputation of their news division. HRH Meghan, Princess of Arizona, is a liability and they should fire her sorry royal ass.
  8. Meghan may be more unhinged than usual today because Rachel Campos was hired by FOX to replace Jedediah Bila on FOX and Friends weekends? Meghan really wants to be hired by FOX, that is why she keeps spewing their talking points. Her husband has been on the network recently and I think her dream would be to host her own show with Ben. She wants to be a FOX version of Joe and Mika.
  9. Poor Margene brought her mother's ashes with them on the trip. She wanted to leave them with her aunt and uncle but they were so awful Margene could not leave her mother with them. Her mother's urn was accidentally left on the roof of the car and they spilled all over the casino's parking lot. To help Margene, Bill baptized Barb, who was a proxy for Margene's mom, in the hot tub of their motel room. That was the road trip from hell.
  10. His name is Lex Medlin. I know him from Drop Dead Diva, and more recently from a small part on Grey's Anatomy. Thank You! I used to watch Drop Dead Diva.
  11. I have seen that actor before but I can't place him. Does anyone know who he is? I hate it when I get all OCD about this stuff? :) Because it can't be said enough, Dean is a dumbass. He is too stupid to be in business but his ego will not allow him to stop trying. He does dumb and impulsive things like putting a hot tub on the hardwood floor in their living room. He is Beth's fifth child.
  12. Ari Melber makes me cringe when he starts quoting rap lyrics. Dude you are a middle aged white man and you can't pull it off especially when you are delivering the news. Keep the singing and rapping for the shower, in your car and on random karaoke nights....like the rest of us nerds.
  13. I think Dan is a functional alcoholic. He gets up every day goes to work and takes care of his family but he is dependent on alcohol. While we have rarely seen him out of control drunk, he almost always has a beer in his hand. The fact that he can't/won't go without having a beer during his daughter's first meal on her first night home from rehab speaks volumes.
  14. This X's 1000%. Also, this virus has mutated and become more dangerous. We need to keep wearing masks because we need to protect others. It's the humane and patriotic thing to do. Why can't HRH Meghan, Princess of Arizona understand this. This pandemic has been horrible to live through. Almost 600,000 Americans have died because of it. If wearing a mask until everyone is vaccinated is what we need to do to make us all safe, than we need to stop whining and just do it.
  15. Shawn IS guilty of attempted murder. Sonny ordered him to kill Jake Doe (Drew). Hayden and Drew were both in the garage when Shawn fired and Hayden was shot in the head. It turns out that there was another shooter on the scene who was hired to shoot Hayden. Shawn's shot missed Drew and the other shooter shot Hayden. Shawn was charged with the attempted murder of Hayden when he was really attempting to murder Drew. He was caught red handed by Jordan(?). It does not matter who he was trying to kill, Shawn is still guilty of attempted murder.
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