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  1. Saaaailing... Sorry, I just got lost between the moon and New York City for a second there... I went through my old vinyl collection this weekend and found my Christopher Cross album. (It was next to a carrying case containing my old 45s with the yellow disks in the middle.) I played that album constantly for a few months. I had forgotten I had that album.
  2. movingtargetgal

    The NBA

    This is how I feel about all the tributes to Kobe. He was a great basketball player and a horrible human being.
  3. I want Taggert to drop a few (dozen) truth bombs about Sonny and Carly on Michael. Taggert knows all about Sonny's history. Michael needs to hear the unsanitized story of all the things Sonny has done in his quest for money and power and how he manipulated a brain damaged Jason away from the Quartermaines. Let Taggert introduce that SLS to some of the innocent people Sonny has victimized over the years.
  4. I really liked the Richardson family. The stepdad seems like a good man. He and the 4 older children's dad were trying to resolve their issues so they could co-parent the children. They were going to take Braylon to play paintball for his birthday but the father died. Watching his stepchildren grieve for their father triggered his own grieving for his parents. The children, especially Braylon, were acting out. The mom just had a baby and she was grieving for her children. There was so much raw emotion that the family was dealing with, it is easy to understand how things got so out of control. Jo helped the parents communicate better so they could stay on the same page. I am glad Jo reached out to their church to help the stepdad with his grief. I hope the pastor will be able to help the children through their grief as well.
  5. That ending scared the hell out of me. Mr. Moving is away and I am home alone for the first time in YEARS. I got out of bed, rechecked the locks (even on the second story windows) and crawled back into bed with the cat. My husband was right, we need to get a dog. ☺️
  6. I agree with all of your post. I also think that while sitting in intake for hours, the CO saw how out of control and unsafe that facility is. He knows how things should be run by the jail's staff and he knew that place was too dangerous. He was smart and brave to tap out. It is not worth dying for a tv show.
  7. Valentin was born with a hunchback and facial deformities. Being backwards sociopaths, both Helena and Mikkos would not accept a baby that was not perfect. They would have felt a great deal of shame. When Helena gave birth to Valentin, she passed him off as being Mikkos' bastard son, the product of one of his affairs. Helena and Mikkos played sick mind games all through their marriage, she knew having a less than perfect son would devastate him. Mikkos hid Valentin away and disowned him. Helena had the satisfaction of knowing she caused her husband such distress. It did not matter to her that it was her own son that she abandoned, she got rid of her "shameful deformed" baby and mentally tortured her husband at the same They were both such heinous creatures. Helena was so afraid of Valentin because he was HER son and she knew what he was capable of. I am making a guess that Faison was his father. Valentin had the crazed vengeful sociopath gene on both sides. Helena knew Valentin worked for the WSB and the DVX. He also had surgerys to repair his spine and face. He was a new man locked and loaded for revenge. Helena did not fear anything or anyone. However, she knew she created a monster in Valentin and he terrified her.
  8. I think it’s a possible combination of things. Possibly as a sort of revenge to have Nik shackled to her since Nik claims to hate her. Also, while Nik could just pay her off, I think Ava would get a kick out of having access to all the money as his wife. Also, while I don’t know if the Cassadines are a respected family, they are powerful and she craves power. Being married to Nik might give her more fighting power when Sonny tries to shut her out of Avery’s life. Plus, she gets to be a princess. Nick is a prince which would make Ava a princess. What a way for Ava to stick it to Ryan. "Ryan you gave me nothing but misery. I am now married to Prince Nicholas Mikail Stavrosovich Cassadine. He has given me everything I ever wanted and more...he made me a real life princess."
  9. What Kevin should have said: Shut Up Lulu, let your mother finish. Lulu is so annoying.
  10. This is as wacky as the Jonas Brothers singing Earth, Wind & Fire songs at the Kennedy Center Honors. Nothing will ever be wackier (or more horrifying) than the Jonas Brothers singing Earth, Wind & Fire at the Kennedy Center Honors
  11. The new sheriff has his work cut out for him. His ordering the shakedown on his first week was a good start. The amount of weapons, drugs and other contraband was horrifying. It is unbelievable that over 200 door and cell door locks were broken. Inmates come and go from their cells at will, no one is safe in that facility. I can't blame any of the participants from dropping out of the program.
  12. I would rather walk barefoot across a frozen lake of Legos than have dinner with my in-laws. Hey BLACKBERRY, how about the next time one of our in-laws are in town, you and I can ditch them and go to a spa?
  13. After she lived through such a horrible year, it was nice to see Ava being rescued by a prince.
  14. Jax showed today what a good and decent man he is. He hates Valentine with the fire of 1000 suns and is working to bring him down. Lesser men (Sonny and Jason) would have relished watching Nina destroy Valentine at the altar. However, Jax thought about Nina's plan would affect her and Charlotte and tried to talk Nina into the long term consequences if she did this in front of Charlotte. He has no connection to Charlotte but he is thinking of how to protect this little girl. I wish some of the parents in Port Charles would put their children first....(Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam).
  15. Diane's speech about how Sonny's CHOICES have harmed every one of his children did not go far enough. She should have told Sam that HER CHOICE of living a mob life with Jason is harming her children. Sam chose Jason and the mob over Drew and her children and going to prison and being on parole is the consequence of her actions.
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