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  1. When Lucas first became a doctor at GH, wasn't he a pediatrician? It's hard to keep track because the docs at GH change specialties so frequently. 😄 Maxie arranging for Lulu to receive Deception products and her own personal beauty specialist while she was in rehab was superficial but very touching. Like all of Lulu's loved ones, Maxie feels helpless. The one thing she can do for her best friend is to help her to maintain her natural glow until Lulu wakes up.
  2. Rory was hysterical when she ran to Richard and it terrified him. There was fear and panic on Richards face, he had never seen Rory that way. He did not know what to do to help her, so he folded and gave in to Rory. Between her grandparents and Lorelei, Richard was the weakest link. Rory knew this and easily manipulated her way into the pool house.
  3. I ALWAYS put a post-it over the lens of my computer's camera just before I log off Zoom.
  4. I've noticed her weight loss, too. Her face is much thinner for sure. Sara had her first baby in 2016, her second baby in 2017 and her last baby in June 2019. That's three babies in three years! Her weight loss is due to not being pregnant and and raising 3 toddlers. I think she has always been beautiful, inside and out.
  5. I live in a rural area and Halloween is very big here. However, the kids do not go house to house for trick or treating. The people in town park at the school and decorate the trunks of their cars and place bowls of candy inside. This year everyone will be wearing masks, gloves and the kids will not be able to reach into the car trucks to get their candy, all the goody bags will be place on a card table so their is no contact. Maybe larger communities can do the same at their neighborhood schools?
  6. I am calling it now, when he was a young man or teenager, Finn slept with his stepmother, Jackie and Chase is Finn's son. I am not sure if Finn knows that Chase is his son and not his brother.
  7. Did anyone see Kiko and Captain Lee on WWHL? Kiko was his upbeat positive self and he totally charmed Captain Lee. Every time Kiko spoke, Lee had a huge smile on his face. The next season of BD has already been filmed but I would not be surprised if Captain Lee requested that Kiko be the chef on BD 2021.
  8. I bet the nursing staff will all get hazard pay.
  9. I think most of Whoopi's being upset about Trump and the IRS had to do with remembering how much her mom struggled to pay her taxes and keep them financially afloat. I vividly recall my mother sitting down with the checkbook every month to pay our bills. Mom never said that we were in trouble but I picked up on her anxiety and fear. She would always say that everything was fine even though there were tears in her eyes. This made me feel so helpless and afraid that while typing this, I started feeling that same anxiety. Today Whoopi's anger was triggered by those memories.
  10. Sandy is definitely on something. She is using/abusing some "substance" and is exhibiting very poor judgement. I don't care if Malia is gay or not, it is not appropriate for anyone to out her... especially her boss. If I owned a yacht that was to be rented out to BRAVO for Below Deck Med, I would insist that Sandy be fired and another Captain be hired by the producers. Sandy is nuts and is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  11. DEBBOE311, I think you are right. Meghan will cut her maternity leave short. She will not want to lose the attention she would get by being "the only conservative voice" on the panel during the election.
  12. How would she like people telling her they cried over so and so but not her father. How rude! She’s rude when someone just died but we all must bow at her dad’s memory for ever. Princess MEghan, of Arizona is a narcissist. She does not possess an ounce of grace or basic social skills. MEghan is like an antisocial bull in society's china shop.
  13. I am so tired of the Princess of Arizona lying about this issue. At the start of the quarantine, there was an extreme shortage of PPEs for hospital staff and first responders. There were people buying up PPEs (and toilet paper) and were hoarding them. That is when medical experts pleaded with the public to stop this so our medical staff and first responders could be protected. We were advised to stay in quarantine and wear a reusable cloth masks when we had to go out in public. The medical experts never said that masks were not effective. It was the fact that hospital workers and first responders were at high risk and if they got sick, there would be no one left to care for the people who became ill after the initial outbreak of the virus.
  14. Hannah did seem over it during the last few seasons because of Sandy's toxic behavior towards her. Hannah knew that no matter how well she did her job, Sandy would pick her apart. She was in a no win situation.
  15. I listened to Hannah's podcast last night and she was really funny. She is enjoying her pregnancy and seems so happy! https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/dear-diary-youre-effed-hannah-ferrier-yea-Fuk2Y8V61fs/
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