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  1. I really hope that Sonny ends up with Nina, Jason ends up with Britt, Jax ends up with Brenda and Carly ends up all alone.
  2. I am currently watching the 3rd season. I had not watched it since it went off the air and I have grown to hate all of the characters, even Dr. Melfi. The writing and direction make it compelling, however, at the end of each episode I feel disgusted and a little depressed. Call the Midwife has the opposite effect on me. I really love these characters, flaws and all. Even when an episode has a tragic story line, I feel uplifted by how the nuns and midwives care for and support each other, their patients and the community of Poplar.
  3. The only reason I remembered this detail is that I binge watched the entire series last month on Netflix. I am currently binge watching The Sopranos. I can't explain why I would go from watching nuns and midwives to homicidal gangsters.
  4. When Sister Monica Joan is ill and has a fever, she becomes disoriented. Her shoplifting and wandering were a result of her illness. She walked away from Nonnutas House thru the snow, with bare feet to go "home" to her mother and family , who were long since dead. She can be a willful pain in the ass but I still love her.
  5. The Community Colleges in my state have both academic and technical programs. Our local college offer degrees/certificates in Automotive, Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing. Biden's plan does include technical training/trade schools as well as traditional college programs. It is important to our county's future to have a well trained workforce.
  6. Sometime last season or maybe the Christmas Special, Violet and Fred opened a tobacco shop in a building around the corner from Violet's. I think the new flat is over the new shop. Don't hate me but I LOVE Sister Monica Joan. I think her wandering and stealing were attributed to her being ill. When she gets a fever, her mental state takes a big hit and she loses touch with reality. This is not to say she isn't stubborn and will manipulate to get her way. I admire this about her. If not for these character traits she never would have been able to break free of her controlling mo
  7. Nick is enraged and mortified by Spencer's actions but he went too far by banishing his son from his life. Even though Ava is angry about what Spencer put her and her daughter through, I think she will try to bridge the gap between father and son. Once Nick's anger has subsided, he and Ava should sit down with Kevin (and Laura?) to come up with a unified plan to help Spencer. Kevin and Ava can compare notes on Esme and they can all agree that she is not only playing Spencer but is a dangerous woman. They can all sit down with Spencer and reaffirm their love and support for him, howe
  8. I just saw this!! Chris Hayes tore Farah a new one regarding her efforts to sanitize her image while whitewashing the actions of the Trump administration. I am not sure if this should go in the View media thread?
  9. Caitlyn Jenner didn't answer the questions Joy asked. She was only able to repeat the talking points she had been given to her by her campaign staff. Jenner hired Trump's former campaign manager to run her campaign. This may be a big reason why she did not want to answer any questions about Trump.
  10. I don't blame Sunny for being upset that her's and Ana's test results were made public. Sunny's husband lost both of his parents to the virus last year. The family's grief and trauma is still very raw. Her husband, children and parents were also affected. Manny was pulled out of the OR in the middle of a surgery. This all went down on live TV and Vice President Harris was involved. The Secret Service was in control of the situation. It was a chaotic situation and their was speculation that the VP was in danger. The VP's team decided to announce what was happening to assure the pub
  11. I wonder if the Secret Service tests anyone who will be in close contact with the President or Vice President. According to what I learned from the West Wing, the President's entourage includes a doctor and'or other medical professionals. I would imagine that they screen for Covid because the health of Biden and Harris is a national security issue.
  12. I also think she looks like she has gained weight. Wonder if it's menopause related? Sunny also lost her mother-in-law and father-in-law due to Covid and her whole family is grieving. The grieving process takes it toll on your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
  13. Mr. Moving has been watching this show since he retired 5 years ago. I think today's show broke him because Finn and Anna stood around the freezer for an hour without opening it. Every time they cut to them he would shout "Open the F**kin Freezer" or "How Long Does it Take to Open a F%%kin Freezer". At about 45 minutes in, he said "Let Me Show You How Easy It Is", got up from the couch, went into the kitchen, opened the freezer, said "See How Easy It Is!" and came back with ice pops for the two of us. Hubby and I could not stop laughing.
  14. Some of the insurrectionists used American flags/flagpoles to assault Capitol Police. They literally used our flag as weapons.
  15. The BJ's Heart story was the best story line in soap history.
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