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  1. I think when Ali comes back, she usually does it because she spent half her life working on this show with so many of the actors and the people behind the scenes. She started on the show as a teen and they are very much like family to her. Anytime that she has come back it has always been very short-termed and they use her appearance to jump start certain stories. I think she has returned for these stints just for the chance to work with these people again. If she wanted to come back to the show for longer stretches of time or come back on contract, I have no doubt that the show would make that happen and she would once again be the main lead on the show. As for KM or CS, they may have come back to the show for those same reasons but they don't have the same long term time and history with the show as compared to Ali.
  2. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Like Nina said, Sibley is a con-artist who could have done some research about Kiki since she last saw Ava. All she would need to do is get one personal story and use that as proof. In this case that Kiki slapped Ava and what Ava said. That would have been a memorable moment and it silenced Ava's accusation that Sibley was a fake. So course, she could not contact Nikolas at that moment, because she did not have any prep time to research who he was and his connection to Ava.
  3. nilyank

    Grand Hotel

    Sex P'Alicia. Awesome Javi.
  4. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Rick tried to blackmail Courtney into dating him to mess with Sonny but she never did.
  5. nilyank

    Bitterness Thread

    They did with Isabella.
  6. Starting with the whole still pretending to be pregnant and switcheroo with Susan. But in the beginning, she was a nice woman who loved kids and worked as a social worker. Even when she tried to keep John away from Marlena, she was still just committing regular soap opera misdeeds. It was after she lost the baby, that she turned all the way up in the Dimera crazy scale.
  7. nilyank

    Spoilers And Shockers

    With the many retcons on this show, that was Andre pretending to be Tony. Tony was on the Pacific Island that Stefano banished him to for 20 years after he was forced to divorce Anna.
  8. nilyank

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Tony despised Nicole and he never met Kristen. Ugh, it is going to be Andre.
  9. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Maxie and Peter said that they it took 1 1/2 hours to get there, so the shooting victim is going to be dead if Maxie insists on taking them to GH. Either Michael or Sam mentioned that GH still had the results in their system since they ran the test. So there is nothing stopping Shiloh from getting another printed result. So stupid. Read the damn paper.
  10. On the one hand, Thomas is a creepy as fuck as tries to scare his son to manipulate Hope into marrying him. On the other, the ghost effect was comical looking that I don't know why Douglas was screaming.
  11. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I also think that she is acting distant with Finn because how things ended between them after her past came back to haunt her. Since she knows that Finn is now engaged with Anna, she is not trying to act needy or wanting Finn back. The sort of spoke things through mostly. Their child is the ticking bomb that has to be revealed.
  12. nilyank

    Another World

    As problematic as it was, I love Jake and Vicky. They were my two favorite characters on the show when I first started watching the show back when EW was still playing Vicky. That they were best buddies as children from the wrong side of the tracks and always scheming together was just icing for me. When she got pregnant with Steven, I wanted Jake to be the father and was happy that he was help deliver him. I hated the twist that had Jake raped Marley. Now I loved Jake/Paulina and Ryan/Vicky, but at the end of the day, the actor that played Ryan left the show. Recasting Ryan wouldn't guarantee that the chemistry would still be there. I could not stand Joe and his blandness infected Paulina's storylines. And I really, really, really hate that ATWT killed Jake and Vicky and that they never had a chance to raise their boys and girls together.
  13. Not that I care, and I really don't but why would Jill give any fucks about Adam or think that he is the evilest of evil. Have they ever interacted in any of his many previous versions of Adam. And I am not feeling much compassion for Nick's situation with Christian. This is the second child that he found out relatively early in the child's young life that he might not/is not the biological father and does everything in his power to keep that child away from his father. Sure Summer isn't much to write home about, but Nick found out early that he wasn't maybe the dad and decided to keep quiet, denying Jack the chance to know the truth.
  14. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Meanwhile Jason and Diane are working only Oscar's real last wishes with Kilimanjaro group but Alexis had nothing to do with it. Does this mean that they get the ELQ shares?
  15. nilyank

    S02.E04: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    Sure Pray picked on Candy but it was usually after she looked silly most of the times at the ball.