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  1. And if the show wanted to pretend that Hope was younger than she actually was, they should have not aged Ciara (keeping the popular LB) and Chase. It would have also avoided another storyline where a female gets sexually assaulted.
  2. He shot EJ when he was 13-14 yeats old so he most certainly has it in him.
  3. Actually, Xander said he was trying to shoot Eric not Marlena, but he missed. Xander has tried to kill Eric several times and it makes sense that he wants his child to have zero contact with the man.
  4. Not unless Nik tells Jax and Laura what happened. Either that Hayden was threatened by Valentin and a goon came after her or the full truth that Nik hired that goon to scare Hayden.
  5. I thought Dev was in danger from the people that kidnapped Dante because he helped Sonny. Since he was a key witness, I don't understand why that fake government agency WSB didn't use it's clout to help with Dev's asylum request. It's not like Robert doesn't know who he is.
  6. That was a pretty sad Thanksgiving episode. A meager plate at the prison for Hattie and Eve, the tiny get together between J&J and Chabby and then only a few people being shown at the Kiriakis mansion. No kids, no real multi-generational families getting together for the holidays and no real explosive drama as people get together. Yesterday's show had Eric revealing he was the father of Mickey. I am sure that would have been the most talked about conversation piece at the Kiriakis table and not Kayla and Evan being invited over by Justin and Sonny.
  7. I think the word you are looking for is dumb and yes he is. Brady gets is naturally from him.
  8. Of course Nik sees nothing wrong with separating a parent with a child as Spencer still believes his father was murdered over three years ago. I knew that Nik hired a thug in order to scare Hayden to leave town. Because it is such a stupid plan and basically pointless move as Valentin now knows about the codicil.
  9. Dev is the same age as the other teens, at least 15-16. The actor will turn 17 next February.
  10. After his talk with Alexis, I kind of want after TJ telling everyone that he wants to propose and planning on asking her, Molly surprises him and then proposes to him first.
  11. I thought that Jax was actually talk about Brenda whose life did get so messy because of Sonny that she had a nervous breakdown that Jax had to help her get better. But then they couldn't do the comparison to Valentin and Sonny about being good fathers because Brenda going back to Sonny had nothing to do with him being a father. Carly's lowest points in her life were when she thought Michael died (he didn't), Michael was in irreversible coma (he recovered), suffered her own psychotic breakdown (she recovered and eventually got involved with Jax) and finally when she lost Morgan (whom we are all expecting to come back from the dead). Despite all the trauma, Carly has been able to live her life and doesn't really need Jax to save her from it. He really can't fix anything for her because for the most part Carly doesn't see that anything is broken with her life.
  12. Exactly. They just introduced the fact that Jack was a veteran/soldier out of the blue to introduce his long-lost son. They could have introduced Keemo but changed the circumstances like Playboy Jack went overseas for some business for Jabot and got together with the daughter of business/client vendor. He would have left not knowing that she got pregnant and her family threw her out as a result.
  13. Well Eli had never spent any extended period of time with Abby and Chad (as a couple and individually). I can see how they can grate on one's nerves with repeated exposure to them.
  14. As he should as Nik has been running around for more than year without sharing the news with Laura, Spencer, Lulu and Lucky.
  15. Asher is wrong. It's not Annalise that set up all the madness of the past 6 season. It was stupid Wes who started the murder game when he killed Sam. And if Wes did not die, Asher's death had better have been faked too.
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