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  1. She made copies of herself. Like I couldn't hate her more. Is there at least one not horrible person/robot in this world?
  2. Dying kidnapper mom that he overdose to kill her when he learned the truth of him being a Carrington.
  3. Morgan went to one of 4 or 5 mental facilities that are located in Port Charles.
  4. I thought it was wrong when they stole Ryan's kidney and he is a deranged serial killer. It was also as wrong that they did the runaround so Wylie could have the surgery. Michael should have gotten the court order for the surgery. Because the next surgery is going to harder to get done without Nelle's okay. And right now, she is pissed and as per own words, she is going to let Carly win and have the last word on the matter. Now I don't feel bad that Nelle was stuck on the roof and that where having no friends or people that care about her, bites Nelle in the ass.
  5. This the same hospital that under their watch allowed for Ryan to lose a kidney and it be given to Jordan. My understanding of what Monica said about Wylie is that the damage is worst that they thought and he will need an additional surgery in 6 months. That doesn't mean that today's surgery was unnecessary just that it couldn't correct all the damage.
  6. Plus, Kate will be able to support Madison who should empathize both with Madison's issues and having a child(ren) that would be her only shot of having one.
  7. She has known this child a week. It is a horrible twist as the child will most likely be gone within a few episodes. What I hate the most about Fallon's relationship with Liam that all her stories end up revolving around her relationship. Not her family. Not her friends. Not her drive to build her own dynasty.
  8. Unless there is a time jump, there actresses that play Tess and Deja are maturity as puberty hits and they show their real ages rather than the younger ages of the characters. Even Kevin's twins if they keep the same children actors, they are going to appear older when the show finally gets back to filming. The ages of the children is going to fluid enough so it sort of makes sense. The issue for me is future Randall (and to lesser extent movie star Kevin) look much older than 10-12 years into the future.
  9. Philip had his face so badly damaged but when he removed his bandages, JKJ's cute face and dimples returned after looking like Kyle Brandt for a year or so.
  10. No. Luke was too busy trying to steal the Ice Princess with Roy in Turkey. At that point, Luke and Laura were doing their own stories until they eventually reunite.
  11. You would think that GH would have the roof door locked so random people would stop going up there. Especially as there have been people pushed off and threatened to jump off said roof.
  12. No, I think that she found out from Brad way back when it was first discovered, so this is not new information to her. I still think that she is right to say no the surgery if she wants but I want to talk to real doctors not a bunch of stuff that she looked up on the computer.
  13. Because Sami (thanks to EJ's letter) was able to take half of the Dimera fortune (about 500 million) right from under Stefano's nose.
  14. Show, I am not on Sam's side because she is damn stupid. I'm thrilled that Delores would have burned her life and her lover's life rather than give into Sam's blackmail attempt. I don't like Nelle but if she doesn't want to sign off on the surgery, I was fine with it. I actually do think that she is concerned and doesn't want Wiley to be cut open if she could avoid it. Of course, she didn't help her case when she said that she googled stuff on the internet and wanted to find alternate ways but refuses to listen to the experienced cardiologist and dismisses any referrals that Monica was trying to give her. Wiley is 2 and he isn't in any immediate danger. There is enough time for Nelle to do real research and get a second opinion. Now if Wiley is rushed to the hospital again because he is not breathing and she still refuses to even consider the possibility, then that would encourage Michael even more to go for sole custody. Both Wiley's parents are too stubborn and dumb for his own good.
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