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  1. She also owns the hotel. It hasn't been one night yet. I am going to take the contrary position as say I understand Spencer's reasoning. While he did renounce his trust fund, it stil burns him that Ava has any control or say in what happens with it. While Nikolas shouldn't have to give up his wife in order to have a relationship with his son, Spencer is no longer a child and he has made it clear that he wants no part in having Ava in his life. He has not changed his mind about this. While I understand why Laura is pushing for Nikolas and Spencer to forgive each other, it gives me sim
  2. The only reason that hope returned back from Europe was because Ridge convinced her to come home for Brooke’s sake. So if Steffy wants to point fingers instead of her hateful behavior, take it up with Daddy.
  3. I thought that was Sonny as he was the one who packed up Avery's and Donna's stuff and they had to get their gummy vitamins and Avery said they would if he did too. Whcih Sonny totally didn't. I think the main reason is that since he has moved on from Nina, he can actually view when she is acting deluded. "Mike understands" Ultimately, Nina would like to have Sonny and Wylie in her life. She is not going to get one if she attacks Sonny's favorite kid and namesake. I don't care how off his meds and drunk Sonny might get but he isn't going to support Nina going after Mic
  4. Yeah let’s see how how pro-Nina would really be if Nina treated Avery and Ava the way she treated Charlotte and Lulu. none of the adult kids are going to support the relationship and Carly won’t let Nina near Donna.
  5. I don't think he could bring his daughter to live with him at campus housing. I get that Harvard is a big deal but he told Randall that he wants to be a Top Michelin Chef and open his own restaurant. He should have gone to culinary school. When he said that Deja looks incandescent, he sounded like that was the first time he ever said/heard the word.
  6. Tiffany. Hence why Randall texted her about Breakfast at Tiffany's. Tess knew the truth because they hugged each other when she left (like why would sisters hug for a one night sleepover at a friend). Deja would have confided that she was going to visit Malik and lose her viriginity. Oh my, that dinner was super awkward. When Sally invited them to dinner and Nicky wanted to just go, Pearsons gotta Pearsons, so they ended up staying.
  7. While a big chunk was that Ava didn't want Kiki to throw her life away taking care of Morgan, Ava's focus was on Morgan and how he was going to take over Kiki's life taking care of him, not Sonny and Carly. And a small chunk was that Ava was jealous that Morgan fell for her daughter again. It was originally Jax's idea to keep quiet that Nelle fell over the cliff and then later it was his idea to keep quiet that Nelle had a necklace like Nina. (No dna test, retcon can still be in play to change who Nina's daughter is). Esme is either getting sleeping pills or her pers
  8. It is worse that a comedy show. It is unfunny comedy show. None of the jokes land.
  9. Different apartment. The front is in the left not the right. This was the apartment that they got together after Will came back from the dead.
  10. Which was ridiculous. At the time Chanel was in Italy with Johnny, so Allie was by herself running the bakery which is not an easy job with the early hours needed to do all the baking and being the only employee. She has her own son to take care when she is not working but she volunteers to babysit two additional babies. Where does she have all the energy to do so? I want Allie to move out of Nicole's because I remembered that was originally Eric's apartment and when he first got it, he specifically said it was a two bedroom apartment. When Allie first showed in Salem, Eric and Nicole agr
  11. He is old enough to be her father. From what she told Joss and Cam, she was adopted/raised by someone who weren't her original parents and she has issues with people breaking up her family. While I do believe that Esme was playing them to some extent, I actually think she was telling them some of the truth there regarding her childhood.
  12. And they all apparently lived in Arizona and Sonny works with them for the company that they created to honor their dead mother. At least one of those brothers has children because when Will and Sonny decided to move to Arizona, they mentioned that Ariana would love the chance to spend more time with her cousins. Since at the time the siblings of Will and Gabi were childless, that means the cousins came from Sonny's brothers.
  13. Yes it is an indoor mall which opened up in 2011. John even made a comment when it started to snow that the place has a roof. What doesn't make sense is the Pub is inside that shopping complex. It existed more than a decade before that when John help Shawn and Caroline by getting them the Pub.
  14. The hospital was desperate since Kayla left town leaving it doctorless. They had to promote Tripp so that he could see all the patients in Salem.
  15. She most likely took it out after Finn left her place because she is not as ready as she claimed. Nice job Sonny throwing that barware. That's one way to get rid of the Mike in you.
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