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  1. Promo for this week: And I brought this over because Sonny is wearing a cowboy hat.
  2. Or how wills work. ELQ was always privately held in the family which prompted all the fun infighting between the various Qs. Eventually some outsiders were able to gain some ownership in the company (Sonny, Jax). Finally at one point, Skye wanted to lessen the impact of said outsider and convince enough of the Qs to go public thus pushing Sonny and Jax out of ELQ crazy board meetings. Edward manage to take back control of said stock and made in privately own again with the various Qs owning. Of course, Edward's shares were split up a million pieces for every grandchild/greatchild
  3. Tyler was adopted by some family but I always that was a stupid way to get rid of child that new writers didn't want to write about. I never understood why Mimi didn't want to keep the child when she was told that she could not have children. I never understood why Victor or Kate didn't ignore Philip choice to sever his parental rights and grab their grandson to raise for themselves.
  4. Here is the thing about Brady. He first got involved with her despite knowing her terrible history with his father and Marlena. He leaves her when he finds out that she faked a mugging to get his sympathy. She rapes Eric and records it with the intention of embarrassing Marlena but backs off when Brady chooses to go back to her. Brady goes on a cycle of destructive behavior with addictions and getting involved with Theresa, Melanie, Nicole and Eve. Kristen steals the unborn fetus out of Theresa and gives birth to Tate. After being presumed dead, Kristen returns to Sale
  5. Also suddenly PCU is has a Division 1 Volleyball team. So where did Peter, Anna and Val go to. Yesterday, Peter said he wasn't going to given the antidote. Did they knock him out and drag him back to the basement. Or did they shrug their shoulders and said oh well. Dante has spent more time around Willow when she was Charlotte's teacher than he has seen Willow and Michael together, and this includes the first month or so when he was living at the Q mansion with them. Finn actually mentioned that a toxin could be the cause of Chase's numbness. If only someone could send a note wi
  6. Anna is going to keep quiet about the Peter poisoning Chase. So I hope any warm feelings that Finn has for her would finally die because there should be no coming back from that. Peter should have used that toxin on Franco the second he mentioned hearing voices. No one would have suspected the cause or that he had anything to do with it. Such 3rd rate villainy.
  7. I suggest a criminal nemesis from his FBI days who wants revenge and kills Lani leaving Eli to be a single dad of twins and working at the Salem PD. It worked for Drake when he first played Roman. And Ron loves to repeat past stories.
  8. Kristen helped to keep EJ away from Sami and the kids for 4 years, trapped with Rolf and the other dead people. Not to mention her previous crime of raping Eric that cause trouble for EJ's relationship with Sami which then led to his sleeping with Abby. Why would EJ listen to anything that Kristen had to say to him?
  9. It was why he was passive-aggressively having the Gatehouse all fixed up with all the fancy trimmings so that he could eventually get himself livng there with Willow. Whatever Liesl. I don't recall Faison being all that adoring with you. He used her a plenty and she was still jealous that he was obsessed with Anna and not her. Jordan is going to give up her marriage over her job. A job that she terrible at. In fact, I think she is the worst police commisioner that the PCPD has ever had. Even more so than Burt Ramsey aka Mr Big.
  10. Ciara does know. She even saw her wedding pictures.
  11. Lani knew that Eli was the father because she and JJ were broken up and got back from together when JJ thought he was going to be a father. But that is okay because Lani was going to be a mother.
  12. Lucas is a chump. The last time they were together was when Sami and Rafe were getting a divorce because he found out that she cheated on him with EJ. EJ was distracted trying to prove that he was the father of Nicole's baby. Meanwhile Lucas came into town from Hong Kong where he had a fiancee named Autumn but he broke things off to reconnect with Sami who was rebounding from her broken marriage. He even moved in with her (because he also a mooch) and lived with her and the kids for 2 months before he moved out when she once again couldn't stay away from EJ.
  13. In Primetime, on Bob ❤️ Abishola..
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