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  1. I think Will mentioned to Johnny, that while in California when he wrote his very, bad script, Sami had a little much to drink one night, and she told him a bunch of stories about her and the family. Of sucky writer that Will is, he thought that is what he means by colloboration. And at the end of the day, he was never a priest. It was his cover so that he could steal artwork with Princess Gina across Europe.
  2. I can see Nina buying it to assuage her guilt but why would a nurse leave her hometown just to run a business that she has been shown to be completely useless at.
  3. And yet single and keeping the baby who has special needs, she made Partner. I like Cop Joe best as he seems to be the best looking of the three. I also interesting about the lifepath of childhood friend Eric, Amy and Jenny Nurse Joe - Eric very successful meeting Joe at the fancy restaurant and happily married to Amy. Uncertain if they have kids. Jenny is a paralegal and is seperated from Joe. Cop Joe - Eric own his restaurant, is happily married (not to Amy) and is expecting a child. Amy is working for the congressman's campaign. Jenny became a district attorney years an
  4. I wil be contrary and say that I am thrilled that there really wasn't any drama between S/C/J. Someone kidded about the show being the first trouple on daytime but they really sort of have been for the past two decades. Usually the show is plot driven, but in a way, it really is in character for those three to go back to the way they were before. I for one don't believe that Jason and Carly got to the point of falling in love with each other. There had been no real buildup to that except for the past few weeks but that was only 1 day in GH time. Before Sonny died, the three of them w
  5. Holly. Maybe Liesl, since I am not certain if the PCPD thinks she dead or kidnapped.
  6. It is a new clip because it takes place in the the revamped set for the Kiriakis mansion.
  7. After they show the Days of Our Lives logo, they show 2 clips. One of Xander telling Gwen that Sarah is trapped on an island and then a clip of Victor.
  8. "Mike" was under the belief that whatever family that he may have had, they didn't bother looking for him. He never realized that he had fallen off a bridge into a river and presumably drowned. When he woke up, he was miles away from the river and in a town that apparently has never heard of the internet or google. Forget Sonny. I hate and am angry and do blame Nina for keeping her mouth shut since March. We were forced to watch this dumb Nixon Falls storyline that included a bar with zero customers and the Chekhov Sauce.
  9. I still remember when ABC used to sell items related to GH online and they were selling Sonny's barware. That actual scene was between Sonny and Carly but of course they couldn't show her because that was SB and not LW. I hope when Jax tell Maxie that Nina kept quiet about Peter's stalking her, that Maxie cuts all ties with her.
  10. Oh this silly show. When Michael was a toddler and probably before having his first real memories, Jason left town for a bunch of year. Carly and Michael went to live with Sonny, and he was the only person he considered his dad during his childhood. Michael also tried to parent trap his parents when he a child, so Michael is straight up lying to Jason. Sonny was taken out by water and will come back through fire.
  11. Sam was related to the Cristal #1 that ended up dying. She was his aunt (mom's sister). No kin go Cristal #3 who was recast for previous Cristal #2 who had met Cristal #1 before she changed her name to Cristal.
  12. I think that they have tried to get married three times. First time, Kate drugged Brandon and Sami the night before the wedding to make Lucas think that she cheated on him. Second time, Kate dressed up as Stan to prove that Sami was messing with everyone in Salem and then Lucas dumped her at the altar. The last time, Sami was happy and in love with Lucas and the wedding actually went through without her being left at the altar. Despite the secret of her maybe being pregnant with EJ's child, Lucas beleived Sami and not his mother when Kate tried once again to stop their wedding.
  13. Well her easy to go for therapy in grandma is dead, and her other therapist was Marlena? So I hoped she found someone in Boston for these past 6 months. Her children are under the age of 5 and she has spent half of their lives away from them either voluntarily (fake being dead, last six months) or involuntarily (multiple stays at mental hospitals)
  14. He was also on Y&R as Ricky Williams
  15. He said that he was paying for it which I took to me that really Sonny was paying for it, in which case I see why Sonny is doubly mad at Will for keeping quiet about Leo. No way would a real media corporation give their writers that much leeway or budget to waste weeks on with no real story coming out of it.
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