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  1. Back in the day on AMC, JS" character Will was involved with Skye. If Skye ever shows up that would be a cute scene between them.
  2. Skye sold her shares and Lila's shares to Valentin's intermediate. So what was were compelling reason for doing so? Everyone is mad at Brook Lynn as they should be but she wasn't the only one that sold the family company to an outsider.
  3. I am at the point that I want Sami to leave with the baby when AS leaves after her visit on Days. Just because it is the last thing that Allie wants. They should have never burdened the character with an unwanted baby and this gives the show an excuse about why Sami isn't in town. She is raising her grandson away from all the dummies in Salem. For once, I wish people would have a normal reaction. When people find out Allie's latest choice to dump her baby on, I want people to look perplexed and say WHY? If they later get convinced that Allie was thinking about her son and not to stick it to her mom in a spiteful way and choose to support her, fine. But come on. The first reaction shouldn't be Nicole is going to be a great mom and no I don't remember that she stole Sami's daughter for a year.
  4. Well he sort of did but he then pointed out that Nelle's theatrics showing up in the wedding dress on the first day of the trail and her own witness claiming that Nelle blackmailed the groom made it seemed that Nelle has been more manipulative than Michael.
  5. And I didn't miss the paragraph where Allie said that Sami ruined everything. Honestly, if Nicole (and Eric) are such shining lights of the most perfect parents why weren't they first on her list when she decided on giving up her baby for adoption after 5 minute conversation with Will and Sonny. Rafe was her first and best choice. Then Will and Sonny. Now Nicole (Eric). Allie tells Claire that she knows that Nicole won't let Sami take the baby away from her. If Allie really wants her (and her husband) to adopt her child, she needs to stay in Salem and see a lawyer (that she pays for) and get adoption papers drawn up. Instead she runs away.
  6. They have mentioned it being Cook 2 years ago. We might be on Cook 3 or 4.
  7. If Ridge keeps getting so drunk that he blackout whole event, maybe he has a problem.
  8. I also had issues that Nicole is apparently allowed to take a child out of the nursery and bring her to Allie's room (and then later Sami returning back to the nursery). I mean it's not like the hospital didn't recently discover that newborn babies were switched at birth....Oh wait.
  9. Eli was just a way for Gabi of trying to move on (and messing with Lani) but she was still talking about Stefan to Eli when they were involved.
  10. Michael did throw shade at Ned. When they asked Valentin why he went after ELQ, he said basically that their CEO (Michael) annoyed him during the whole Sasha business and he realized that ELQ was a company that interested him. When they realized that Val purchased Skye, Lila, Maya, Nelle and BL's share plus the proxies from Sam and he has 50% of the company, Michael seemed relatively chilled because the Qs were still a family and it was just a company. Again another reason why Michael should have never been CEO.
  11. Nelle wanted Martin to find an excuse so she wouldn't be in court. The judge has made his decision so none of Nelle's delay tactics will change that decision but her continual games will be viewed negatively by the judge. He told her that was a bad idea and they went at it where he pointed out that her theatrics probably resulted in her losing her custody suit. She fired Martin and said she would be better off being her own lawyer. He was also fired from being her lawyer for her lawsuit against GH. He said that he will send his bill and she said that she isn't paying him. He threatened her if she didn't pay, lawyers have a way of getting back at clients who don't pay their bills. She essentially said she is going to court, wait for the judge to give her full custody and then she is going to leave PC forever with Wylei. Sam signed the proxies and Val had her PO switched. Jordan was on the phone with Laura about her press conference about Cyrus and said she understood if Laura fired her. Laura did not.
  12. She also had that one night stand in with Ric between Jason and Lucky.
  13. It's call the Dimera Plan because Sami is the only one who could afford that kind of insurance.
  14. Or Sami, Eric or Bellle. All of which the actors were still filming when this scene will take place.
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