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  1. He was sterile and he made his second wife Anjelica think that she was the problem about why they couldn't have children together. Hence when she had her affair with Justin, there was no way that Harper could be the father.
  2. Yes, this was months after she played the whole my dead baby scenario with Julian in which she pulled in the Quartermaines to hide her secret (Ned, Monica and eventually Brooklynn). I think the only reason why the show just didn't make Ned the father of the baby was because he and Olivia were not sleeping together. For months, they grown closer and were good friends, but they were not dating.However since the baby was born 5 months later, they should have had Ned and her get together and done a WTD scenario but ultimately made Leo a Q. Making him a Jerome brought nothing storywise.
  3. Abby also punched Ben at one of her weddings to Chad. So MM's Abby is Punchy while KM's Abby was Slappy.
  4. If Jack had an idea that he had a daughter out there that was a few years older than Abby, you would think he would have reached out to her mother when Abby got sick and needed a donor to save her life.
  5. Olivia apparently forgot when she had her one night stand with Julian where she concieved Leo. Weren't they drinking heavily because they were feeling jealous because Ned and Alexis were sort of seeing each other.
  6. I want to know what Allie studied in London as she has already graduated from college by the time she showed up in Salem pregnant.
  7. Chad was always well off. His mother was a judge and his father was the District Attorney (played by actor David Leisure). Years earlier before marriage/starting her law career, mom actually worked as high class call girl along with her buddy Kate when they both worked for Stefano. This episode was supposed to originally be aired on Monday, Jan 25. Lauren Koslow joined Days on Jan 25, 1996 twenty five years earlier.
  8. As do Jason and Sonny (although he don’t remembers anything).
  9. Cornell University. Ivy League school. It also 2 hour drive to the border of Pennsylvania, to Albany and to Buffalo which is where I always think that Port Charles is supposed to be.
  10. If she wanted Leo to have good memories of Julian, the last people who would have any to share with him are Lucas and especially Sam. She would have better luck with Ava and even she pulled a gun on him on his multiple death tour. Is Britt dying? She mentioned to Jason that she "plan to do good with the time that she has left." I don't care show how many times you keep saying that Franco is dying? I don't believe it. And even if he did die, I don't care and I will be thrilled that Liz and her boys can move on from the Franco Project.
  11. So Zoey reassigned certain tasks to her team but I thought it would actually have something to do with running that floor/department not just figuring out the bar or setting up the softball team. You know something about the tech company that they all work at.
  12. God he is so creepy. I really do fear that Thomas will one day rape Hope.
  13. I thought it was an interesting to note the parallel of Steve realizing that Jack was his brother but he also was the man that raped Kayla. Tripp has to walk the tightrope of reaching this newfound brother whom he could relate to on one level but also knowing what Charlie did was really reprehensible.
  14. Despite being now besties with Nina, Ava has not heard the story of the half-hearted necklace which does not look in any way special or different than any other half-hearted necklace. Jax should bear the brunt of Nina's wrath. He is the one that encouraged the lie. He is the one that is involved with N ina, telling her that he loves her and she is a part of his family. He is the one who wanted to prove that he was better than Valentin. I felt the same way about switching Spencer's paternity. Jax was the one who bribe Dr Meadows when Courtney was pregnant that he was the fahter and he claimed/named the child John after she died in childbirth. Carly stumbles across the truth some time later as she was helping take care of the baby and yet she somehow was blamed as the mastermind of the paternity switch when Jax started it all because he didn't want to lose Courtney and the baby to Nikolas.
  15. Meanwhile I think Willow is still waiting for the adoption to be finalized. Maybe they should have used Ned's lawyers.
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