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  1. I mean his real innocent victims were Drew (and whoever was on the plane with him) and Andre. Jason (killer), Sam (idiot), Franco (another killer) and that hitman. His count is actually lower than anyone of them.
  2. If I remember correctly, Kai was a siphon witch like Josie. And he has the power of snark.
  3. I understand if Finn betrayed Anna regarding Peter because he concerned about Violet's safety, or concern about Anna or even because it is the right thing to do. However feeling bad that Sam just won't keep away from Jason while on parole and may stupidly land bsck in prison? NOPE. Finn although you look like someone that Sam was involved in the past (several versions), you are not friends with her.
  4. He lost me with the cows but his genuine tears about his brother got me back.
  5. Not that Eminem isn't killing it, but isn't this show long enough as it is.
  6. It's not like Brady and Eli are similar characters that the show had decided to focus only on Brady. Eli and Lani have been on the show for a few years and the show has zero interest in developing anything interesting about them.
  7. I know that Peter is supposed to be all evil and everything since he dared to frame Sam and sent her to prison for a few months, but Jason has bigger fish to fry at this time. Cyrus' three prone attack could have killed Sonny, Jason, Carly and Michael if any of Cyrus' men hadn't gone to the Storm Troopers Academy for Shooting. So Valentine is making a play for ELQ. He is trying to Nelle's maybe shares and is using the sleazy music producer to get Brook Lynn's shares.
  8. What the hell is Abby wearing to Gabi's wedding.
  9. Definitely Kristina. After all Carly is Kristina's godmother as well as stepmother, and we had seen Michael/Morgan and Kristina/Molly were all close growing up together.
  10. She sort of has the shares but with the two wills the Qs could tie up those shares in court for years. Nelle has no money, no job or prospects, no family and no friends except Brad. The Qs could wait her out and circle the wagons against her. While 5% of the shares is significant, if the Qs banded together in making decisions about ELQ, it wouldn't matter what Nelle tried to do as she try to curry favor with the various voting members of the Board who all happen to hate her.
  11. God, Sam is so annoying as she tries to get Spin to do her dirty work and nag Finn into helping her get the goods on Peter. The scenes with Nina and Jax are pointless because they don't really have any chemistry and their characters are showing little to no longing for each other. Michael should play hardball and lower his price each time Nelle rejects his offer.
  12. Ryan killed Bryce for lusting Ava’s picture. It was just a lucky break for Peter. What you forgot was arranging for Drew’s plane to disappear most likely killing him and the crew on the plane .
  13. So Gladys and Brando had a falling out that he was as good dead to her. And then her insisting to Sonny and Carly that Brando had a lot of girlfriends. I am wondering if Brando turns out to be gay (and in no way possible could be Dev's dad) especially I don't think that Lucas and Brad are long for this world when the truth about Wiley/Jonah finally comes out.
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