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  1. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Jordan's insurance are dumb in many ways because Drew offered to pay for her medical cost and he was still responsible because he did hit her with his car so his auto insurance would come into play to pay for her costs. Let us also remember that Jordan was told that her insurance was so bad that they would not pay for her dialysis sessions at GH but would if she went to Mercy Hospital. But she chose to continue to go GH because she liked it better and was going to pay out of pocket her continuing, expensive dialysis until she found a kidney donor. But then on Friday my biggest issue with her insurance woes, was that she said that she and Curtis might need to take out a second mortgage on their place. My question was when did they get a first mortgage? I just assume that they were either living out of one the apartments that they were renting. While insurance worries is a very, real life event, the show keeps choosing people who should have better insurance due to their occupation and position. While there aren't really any poor people on the show (and most have rich relatives that would be happy to help them out), I could think of better people they could have facing these issues: TJ - med student and no longer on his mother's insurance Willow - recently fired teacher looking for a new school to teach at Marcus - struggle to pay the care of his wife at the same facility that Sonny can easily afford for Mike any of the Dawn of Day members who leave the cult in disillusion after giving all their money to the cult and spending years working at DOD and not at a real job
  2. nilyank

    S05.E12: Chapter Ninety-Three

    And the only reason that Alba was initially Team Rafael was because he was the father of Jane's baby even though neither he or Jane planned it. Alba thought that Jane should be with the father of her child regardless of everything else.
  3. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    That's not true. When Nelle first came to town, Carly was so grateful to her because her kidney had saved Joss. Carly wanted her to stay in town, and asked her to be her assistant. It wasn't until after Morgan died and Nelle faked sleeping with Sonny that Carly realized who Nelle really was. Even after it was discovered what Nelle did, Carly was not the original person trying to keep Michael and Nelle apart. That was Bobbie. Then Nelle's dead fiance's sister came to town and Carly thought that Nelle was some type of black widow and it was then that Carly wanted Nelle away from her son
  4. nilyank


    Luca, I am always iffy on. Junior just told her that sometime her apologies don't sincere. Aaron paid for her bill when her credit card was declined and then straight up ask if she was interested in him. When she said no, he said that she was causing more drama for the whole group. It would be one thing if Zoey maintained a distant and cold roommate relationship with Ana. But she was literally spitting in Ana's food and Ana in turn was staying away from Aaron. And Zoey was still the person acting the most upset about everything even though she loves Luca, is not intrrested in Aaron and it has been a week since she found out the truth.
  5. nilyank

    S05.E12: Chapter Ninety-Three

    Eh. Don't care. Putting a big dance number isn't going to convince me.
  6. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    With the switcheroo of the adoption papers in NY State Court Records (how isn't that computerized), does this mean there is no legal proof out there that Brad and Lucas adopted Willow's son?
  7. One thing. Nick and Victoria are his half-siblings. Not step-siblings.
  8. Plus who would be responsible for hiding Hilary? Nate? Neil? Both would have come forward the moment Lily was arrested and then sentenced to prison.
  9. nilyank

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    After two previous films where they hinted the relationship and eventually revealing the truth, they didn't even a share a scene together. Quicksilver was taken out with an injury.
  10. nilyank

    Unpopular Opinions

    Well not with Lani. Or the actress playing Haley.
  11. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    But how? I don't know how they are going to do that. And more importantly why would the readers of Crimson give a damn about Ava? This is like when they the Real Woman Issue and used only women who lived in Port Charles.
  12. nilyank

    Spoilers And Shockers

  13. nilyank

    The Spoiler Collection

    Now he is top of my list as the killer as he is the most unhinged of the group of characters.
  14. nilyank

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    But why didn't Ava come to see Avery on Kiki's birthday. She was released from jail and spent some time at the cemetery. And whatever stupid custody agreement Ava and Sonny have, why does she always seem surprised that Avery is not available. Does she not have any set days? Why doesn't she call to confirm when she is picking her up? We have seen numerous times that Ava shows up unannounced and is shocked that Avery is asleep or not at Casa Corinthos. I don't know she hasn't learn that things are not going to change as Sonny and Carly are never going to make things easier for Ava.
  15. nilyank

    S05.E11: Chapter Ninety-Two

    I didn't mind that because he wasn't asking foe himself but for Alba. Why should Jane get the more convenient parking spot that her older grandmother whose home that she is living in. And I think that Alba was angrier with Jane because does know how Jane thinks. I thought it was telling when Alba pointed out that Jane was put out that Alba was catering to Jorge because he was a man but had no problem when when Alba had done the same for Jane and Xo. And the fact that the Alba was the only one to prepare all the meals in Jane's time is just not nice or considerate.