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  1. Well his name is Michael. So. Nina's nurse. What if she lied to Nina and knew exactly where her daughter went and Nelle called her up when she "died" on the other side of Pennsylvania to help fake her death. Imagine if Nelle finds an amnesiac Sonny.
  2. So did Laurel ever reconcile with her parents? Was Laurel actually the love child of her aunt and her married lover? Do people really get charged for 5 years from ODing and possession of drugs?
  3. After everything that Thomas has done, the last thing I want him is to win the woman that he victimized. Last time that happened, Caroline stooped to his own level and faked dying to get him. Then she dies, leaving little Douglas with only Thomas to be used as a weapon to go after his next conquest.
  4. Lucas found out he was a Horton but he didn't change his name for YEARS. When he finally did change, it was because he was upset with Kate and wanted to have nothing to do with her. It was around the time came back from Mexico intent on breaking up Sami and Lucas' who were going to get married much to Kate's displeasure. It may have been after the twins were born.
  5. No, Jack slept with with Laura. At the time, they met in a group for self help but they didn't use their real names. Jack hadnt met Laura' because she was institutionalized for years since Jennifer was a child.
  6. I go back to why in the world did the show make Julian the father. If they were going to write in the pregnancy anyways, why not just make Ned the father especially as Ned and Olivia were reunited and married afterwards. There wasn't much story that came out of that except Olivia faking Leo's death (with an assist from Monica), one uncomfortable Christmas when Olivia inserted herself in between Alexis and Julian, and just another child that Julian has a limited relationship with.
  7. Well we can't have people ringing in the New Year with all the kissing at midnight.
  8. Since I find both Billie and Summer to be deluded and stupid, I would have them discussing their boinking on the night before Summer and Kyle's wedding like "can you believe that we slept together that one time." And then have Adam over hear/tape/film, then on the day of the wedding which is being filmed live at ChanceCom (whatever that stupid thing Jill made up to have Lily babysit her son), he slips in the recorded conversation. Then watch Victor plan vengance. Then see Nick punching Billie in the face. See Kyle pretend that he didn't know and dumping Summer at the altar. Then have Phyllis scrambling as Nick breaks up with her and another Newman takes her silly hotel away from her.
  9. I would think that Steffy would have learned her lesson after the last she needed a paternity test when she got the results that she wanted (Liam was the dad) but kept the piece of paper with that info that Liam easily found that same day
  10. This is the same show that wouldn't allow Sami to smack the crap out of her when she confronted Abby for sleeping with EJ and lying to Sami's face for months. Even as AS was leaving the show after 2 decades and the defacto female lead, Sami was only allowed to get Abby fired from a job thatAbby never went to and revealing her name as the person who cheated with EJ in that magazine article. Even when Sami did confront Abby, the show made sure that Jennifer was in the same scenes so she could shield Abby from Sami's full wrath.
  11. But something did give. Cyrus was trying to get Jason killed and he used Julian and the bomb to get that done. In the processs, Dev was killed and Lulu was placed in a coma. Prior to this, Sonny/Jason had blown up Cyrus warehouse.
  12. When did Carly have enough time to get Spinelli to fake the transfer request, talk to Bobbie about taking care of Florence, talked to the guards who didn't check in with Jason, set up the safehouse and then move Florence out of Vermont to safehouse? Laura went from talking to Carly to then meeting with Marty at the Metrocourt. During that time, Cyrus got the news and went to confront Jason. That was well cooridinated which is something that I don't expect out of these incompetent criminals.
  13. We learn that she and Trina were 18 when they did the GH Election Day Episode and they went to vote.
  14. It sounds more like wishful thinking of the actor hoping for a job.
  15. I mean it really sounds like it will be Steve, John and maybe Ava who will do that. I think Belle and Shawn would be the ones thankful to Ben (since they already don't hate him) for saving Claire.
  16. My issue is that they had no reason to sneak around especially after Chad started making accusations that his wife was sleeping with Jake. Kate presumably loves Chad like one of her kids (god help him) but she thought to keep quiet because she is delusional enough to think that Chad would feel more hurt/betrayed if she was sleeping with Jake rather than his wife. If it was Gabi and not Kate, she would have no reason or interest in alleviating Chad's fears. In fact, she would enjoy keeping quiet as she knows it would hurt Chad and Abby And Jake's and Kate's relationship is nothing. They have been sneaking around for the past month or so. They have not been shown to develop to the point past feelings where Jake is crying because the woman he is sleeping with doesn't seem to want to go public. I also not saying that Jake and Gabi were a big time romance. They would have been a similar place as how Jake and Kate started except there would have been extra months of them bonding/boning that real feelings could have developed at a much longer timeframe.
  17. Carver Malcolm Grant Julia Harriet Grant. Well it sucks for Valerie that she had three grandchildren but none of them get named after her. But Eli names his daughter after a woman he has known only for five years and was one of the reasons why Val could not be with his biological father. Blech.
  18. Yeah, I really think this nonsense relationship with Jake and Kate was written when Camilla left the show and Ron just used what he planned originally with Gabi. Gabi and Jake would have been sneaking around and having sex, not wanting anyone especially Chad to find out because they are all fighting for Dimera Ent. Gwen is pissed and used their sexcapades to fuel Chad's doubts about Abby. Gabi has no reason to tell Chad that she is sleeping with Jake and Chad would not confide in her that he thinks Abby is cheating on him. Now imagine that fight that Jake and Kate had insert Gabi in her place. They would have been sleeping with each other since the middle of summer and not just last month. And then everything that Jake accused Kate of her being ashamed of him would actually mean something and then you add the element that he looks like Stefan but he is not Stefan. God it just so pointless.
  19. Chloe and Philip dated first and were a couple before Brady showed up sorased. Then the triangle started as Chloe and Brady bonded over being outsiders and love of singing. Blech. I hated BROE.
  20. It is too bad his best friend Will couldn't visit him when he came to Salem for the holidays. Will was here for a week (Christmas to NYE) and he essential saw Allie for a few minutes, spoke to Brady, had a meal with Kate, listen to Jennifer talk about Jack and then did a zoom call with Sonny after he said his goodbyes to Maggie. Will spent no quality time with his family or close friends in Salem. The only thing that I am grateful is that he didn't get to catch up with serial killer and offer his condolesences.
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