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  1. Agreed on looking flimsy - it started to cave into the sink when the woman pressed to tout its sturdiness. If you own any board game, you already own the Matte.
  2. I wasn’t thrilled that this episode was essentially a repurposed episode of Genetic Detective - call it a crossover or something, but don’t show me an hour of intro and then an episode of another show that I watched already. At least when Dateline does a 20/20 story they’re not using the exact same footage.
  3. I was so excited when I saw Marsha Warfield’s name in the credits, and as soon as Hen’s doorbell rang I just KNEW she’d be Hen’s mom. Perfect casting, I also hope she’s recurring!
  4. I’m always delighted to see this on my DVR - I legitimately laugh out loud at least once an episode, but each episode has been more enjoyable than the last as the characters are developing and the relationships bloom. I’m only disappointed I didn’t realize the season was ending so soon - planning to rewatch while holding out hope for renewal!
  5. I know. I was just theorizing based on (1) why Buck has no memory of him and (2) why the family removed all trace of him from their lives. Some have theorized Buck was conceived to save Daniel and it failed; I’m proposing that perhaps that was the intent, but it didn’t have the chance to fail because Daniel died before they could try - so Buck wouldn’t even have any trace of an attempt in his medical records. They didn’t definitively say he died after Buck was born, either. I don’t think I’m right, but I wanted to toss my hat in the ring since it’s bouncing around in my subconscious.
  6. The more I stew on it, I’m wondering if Buck was conceived with the hopes he would save Daniel’s life, but Daniel died before Buck was even born so there was no trace of him once the new baby arrived. The grief of losing a child combined with continuing to carry a baby once his reason for conception is gone could certainly put the whole family in a weird headspace.
  7. A lot is lacking on this show, but I do appreciate the clever choice of using “High Hopes,” a song from the 1959 film A Hole in the Head.
  8. Aunt Denise threatening to and actually dressing up as a ten-year-old had me rolling! Same for Harrison the equal-opportunity bigot (Gary Cole is nothing short of incredible, making the least likable characters some of my favorites). I didn’t think I missed this show all that much, but I was wrong - it’s cute, it’s funny, and since it’s set in the 80s it’s inherently a Covid-free environment.
  9. I couldn’t even make it through this whole episode - the sticky buns were lame, but the completely unfunny therapy scenes were the kick I needed to delete this show from my DVR entirely.
  10. I don’t know that it’d be a more interesting show (though that is a pretty low bar IMHO), I just think I would agree with the casting choices in that scenario. I don’t get any romantic chemistry or tension from Cheyenne and Mayim, though I feel it’s obvious I’m supposed to as the characters are written.
  11. Co-sign. I’ve been saying this to myself every episode.
  12. I liked that she was willing to make up the difference if she’d guessed incorrectly. She knew she was rolling the dice and didn’t want the charity to lose because of her gamble - I enjoy when the celebrity gets to enjoy playing the game *and* keeps their charity as a priority.
  13. Justina was underscored, Skai overscored again, Monica GROSSLY overscored... and they’re extra harsh on Jesse. I’m a grump on my way to the grassy knoll.
  14. It’s been days now but I can still send myself into a fit of giggles with two little words: Colonel McMustard.
  15. I got secondhand embarrassment from last night’s episode - pacing is terrible to begin with (Tyra rushes the judges through their critiques for time but then asks contestants inane questions To drag out the post-performance interviews - maybe it’s to tally or something, but it’s an uneven mess) and then that elimination snowballed from a miscount (announcing Bottom 2 with three couples remaining) into an absolute disaster. I don’t have any investment in Monica/Val, but if I was a producer, after that screwup I’d say NO ONE goes home this week and then make next week a double elimination. It’s
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