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  1. He had a wedding ring on so she’s still around I guess. Why was he still in Florida? Weren’t he and Lorraine supposed to be relocating to California?
  2. Do these places where Robert goes not have health departments and restaurant inspections? I worked one summer in a fast food breakfast place and we got inspected and we knew they were coming and prepared for it. We were pretty clean anyway so there wasn’t much more we had to do. When was that last time someone checked Rossini’s out?
  3. LizDC

    The West Wing

    Martin Sheen in new commercial with a WW shoutout...
  4. That clue meant nothing to me. What’s the significance?
  5. Anyone know if this show is coming back? The last new episode aired over a year ago.
  6. But is that Billy Porter’s singing voice? Sounds exactly like Seal to me. Also, the leopard is talking with a British accent and the costume looks Elizabethan/British.
  7. Does L.A. have court on Sunday? When the lawyer whose name I don’t know showed Nolan the alert on his phone the date was Sunday, November 3.
  8. Eric was on one of the early seasons of Brother vs Brother (when they had teams). That’s where HGTV found him.
  9. 99% sure the leopard is Seal. The clue 1963 is his birth year and he sounded exactly like him.
  10. I’m 99% sure The Fox is Wayne Brady. The clues of Doogie (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin Williams - Wayne worked with both of them.
  11. I think Sherri Shepherd was a good guess for the Black Widow, don't remember which judge suggested that.
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