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  1. I think you can stay up to 6 months at a time without becoming a permanent resident. so if you could find another great country you want to live in you could alternate 6 months in each one. If I was going to leave the U.S., New Zealand is where I would like to go. I would want to go to Wellington. I have never been there, so I might not like it as much as I think I would.
  2. I think it was to show that Dele has an interest in something that Abishola would think of as frivolous and definitely would not let the kid waste any more time on. This will probably create resentment and a huge rift between the two in some later episode, especially after the video goes viral.
  3. All this happened because Bob and Abishola weren't there. They had to step up their game.
  4. If Bob's siblings are not going to take care of the family business and plan to spend all their time hanging out at Bob's house, it is not unreasonable for them to spend some time taking care of their mother. Bob shouldn't have to give them a pass on both obligations. Bob's siblings were not even hanging out in the same room with their mother, they were having minimal engagement with her. Bob was out rewarding his employees for doing something that he didn't even think that he could accomplish. Bob's siblings could at least hang out in their mother's room while Abishola is there and pretend they are learning how to take care of their mother and try to keep her spirits up.
  5. Does anybody know if Mr. Pickles is being replaced by this new spin-off show?
  6. Maybe it is the name that least associates Malcolm to his famous serial killer father, since that is the reason Malcolm chose it. It might be a sign of respect to acknowledge that Malcolm is attempting to move on from his past.
  7. I just assumed he mastrubated into the box, to show her what she was missing, but that would be a bad idea since you would be handing over proof of who did the deed. As if there wasn't enough proof from the surveillance tapes, coffee sales receipts, and eye witnesses. I once decided to never mastrubate again, which caused me to have my first wet dream which I thought was much worse. I was in college at the time and shared a single dorm room with another guy. Till this day I never knew if he heard it or not. I went back to periodic mastrubation and never had another wet dream.
  8. Kelly talking to someone who just woke up after being unconscious from a concussion: "Why didn't you call me?" Did Rama Kahn die or did he escape? An unceremonious death for someone that has lived for thousands of years. How did J'onn get into Lena's lab, I thought Lena had the best security in the world. You mean that cage Lena held Malefic wasn't designed to stop a green martian from getting in? The computer was about to tell Supergirl about the other aliens that were on Earth with Rama Kahn before Supergirl shut it off. I am sure that won't bite her in the butt later. Alex and Brainy called Supergirl for backup, I hope they follow up on why Supergirl never showed up.
  9. I blame Julia Pennyworth for the death of that Hamilton Dynamics scientist that Mouse killed. If she would have done her job and subdued "The Rifle" instead of attacking Batwoman, "The Rifle" would be in custody and the Hamilton Dynamics scientist would probably still be alive. Julia Pennyworth made it appear that the people who wanted him dead were still right behind him when in fact the two people fighting meant him no harm and wanted to protect him.
  10. It's also a new power for her. The only time she has had it was touching Jordan. She decides to start there and figure out how it actually works. It was a long shot, but it is the only shot they have.
  11. I remember reading somewhere that Damon Lindelof imagined the the US government gave reparations to the descendants of people who experienced specific (the worst cases of) racial injustices in American history. This was done to limit the amount of money required to be paid out, so that other people couldn't sue the U.S. government later for other incidents in the past that might have occurred. It was kind of a Class Action lawsuit for all past racial atrocities committed that would absolve the U.S. government of any legal responsibility for any and all other acts that might have occurred in the past.
  12. This society seems to have gone full steam ahead with the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to clone humans and collecting DNA is not used to discriminate against people with genetic predispositions.
  13. That is who Maggie was touching when she had her previous premonition. It turns out she was correct. Mel has a "bag of magic tricks" that she keeps stocked with potions. Darklighter James was hoping that Maggie and Mel would show up so he could capture them and hand them over to his "Master". I think there is some plot where Darklighter James has to capture all those magical creatures seen in the previous episode plus Maggie, Mel, Macy and Abigail (which is why he shot her previously) and hand them over to his "Master". The big mystery being who is the "Master".
  14. With Abishola only helping part-time, Bob, Douglas and Christina struggle to take care of Dottie. Airdate: November 18th, 2019
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