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  1. I thought the guy using the book suggested that he wasn't some womanizing playboy, but pretty innocent, similar to Tally. Although the dick pic he sent her was greatly exaggerated.
  2. Nancy is really burning her bridges fast. I was hoping she would end up sleeping in a cardboard box under a bridge in the rain. But, I bet Ace or Beth will let Nancy crash at their place. Nancy wouldn't be pregnant with Owen's baby, now that would be an interesting merger of the two richest families in town.
  3. I am guessing everybody in the Half-Way House is no longer going to be shown?
  4. I really wish this show was about an ex-con fulling his dream of becoming a chef.
  5. Upload (TV series) Amazon Prime Video Original release date: May 1, 2020 10 Episodes From Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Recreation) comes Upload, a new sci-fi comedy. In the near future (2033), people who are near death can be “uploaded” into virtual reality environments. When party-boy/coder, Nathan (Robbie Amell), meets his early death due to a car crash, his girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) uploads him into a VR world. The luxurious “Lakeview” digital afterlife provides Nathan with his preferred version of heaven. As Nathan grows more accustomed to life away from his loved ones, the alive, cash-strapped Nora (Andy Allo) who struggles to stay afloat financially, works in customer service for “Lakeview” maintaining Nathan's simulation. Nora carefully constructs an avatar of herself to develop a relationship with Nathan. Ingrid who is funding this VR simulation isn't thrilled to learn about what’s currently going on with her VR boyfriend. Stimulated Evironments: Relationships in the Future Crossing Wires: The Cast In Other Roles On the Download: Upload in the Media Upload Official Trailer Amazon Prime Video
  6. Well, since they do have a character that is from Earth "Our Galaxy", maybe they are lightly hammering home that he has a long way to travel before he can reach his home planet, since he is trying to return to Earth.
  7. New episodes start arriving April 10 possibly due to the shut down of most of the current TV studio productions.
  8. I just couldn't get over that Harry didn't bring any milk home.
  9. How long ago was that lady founder of the Woodchucks, Isabella Finch, if Scrooge McDuck was reading about her adventures when he was a little boy. I thought Scrooge McDuck was a couple hundred years old.
  10. AnimeMania


    I liked it, I tuned in because I have a thing for Natasha Leggero. It seems like the rich couple could sell some of their stuff (jewelry, luggage, pyramid, etc.) and replace it with cheaper versions. The rich couple's man servant has a well paying job and probably has never had to spend a penny of his earnings. He should be loaded and more than capable of chipping in a few bucks to tide the family over until they are on a better footing. I thought this was much funnier and more professional than other comedies, like Indebted and Outmatched.
  11. Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 5: "Foo Fighters"
  12. I thought it was strange that when they enable the privacy mode in the command center, all the windows glaze over except the one that has a view of the outside of the building overlooking heavy trees and bushes. All the people with the security clearances view is blocked, but anybody hiding outside in the bushes has a clear view of their strategy board.
  13. The team are forced to stop for repairs, but the cannibals who inhabit the planet have other plans. Nim really has no self preservation skills, instead of throwing the grenade in the direction the bad guys were running away, he holds it in his hand. Instead of stabbing the bad guy with the knife, he stabs himself. I am finding the show tolerable, they are coming up with very interesting characters. Even the minor characters have a lot of personality. The full episode 2 can be seen here:
  14. I don't really like this mermaids going to war with humans story line, but I guess they have been foreshadowing it with the mermaid history lesson. I don't think it will go well for the mermaids, they already have more than enough problems not being able to reproduce. The show hasn't given us a glimpse of what mermaid life is like in the water, I wish this season had portrayed normal life before all this war crap. I don't even mind all the don't pollute the ocean propaganda. I was hoping this season would be more like Maddie and the mermaids work together to clean up the oceans and make it safe for mermaids by catching this new sea monster "Ga'anda" making Maddie and Ben famous.
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