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  1. Is this true? I am drawing a blank. Could you provide proof that this is true, specifically episode 2 and 3.
  2. The plot is well written and intriguing and the characters are coo coo bananas. Everybody has motivations that I can't even fathom.
  3. I never realized how misogynistic I am. I have always wanted to try Archery and if I ever do, I want a target shaped like a woman bending over. Yes, I know I need therapy and if they ever "bring me in alive", I am sure I will get it. Grace, tons of tools and tons of time. Never once thought of using them to help the other girls escape from the trailer. They could have helped you on your one woman quest to dig through concrete all the way to China. The floor caves in everywhere except the one place where she was digging, The sewer caves in the moment she crawls across it, isn't that a little much! I thought she said she heard rushing water, why did she crawl out into a mud puddle? I thought sewers lead to the sewage treatment plant. I think I need to join that cult "The Apostles of the Golden Sugar Daddies", what state was that again? Sexy young thangs going out with old geezers, did that guy have two, what is the most you can have! This show gets a big thumb's up for each week helping me discover some new fetish/fantasy I never knew I had. They called me "The Big [p]Rick", the "p" is silent. "This is going to hurt you just as much as you think it will."
  4. AnimeMania

    S01.E06: FILE #6

    I was hoping the episode would end with a rocket strike on that building on the docks. I "guess" it is possible that he pulled a knife on her. Just let your son go stay with his grandparents so you can focus on saving the world. Is it possible for the hard drive to contain evidence of BioMotion making the Bioweapon, running the simulation and testing the Bioweapon. I thought they showed the Guerrillas doing the Bioweapon test at the same time they were cracking the hard drive, why were those videos on there?
  5. I figured he was just knocked out since the snake didn't disappear. I was wondering if Lee Scoresby had shot the man in his Lemur, would the man have died? Would the police have any proof that Lee killed him. Would they even know how the man died?
  6. I thought the episode was going really well until they shouted "Happy Christmas to all!'.
  7. This was mostly people fighting. The fight scenes were well choreographed. They could have told the story in half the time, but I did enjoy it.
  8. Wow! No wonder Zazie's wardrobe changed. Zazie must be the most dedicated person in the universe trying to teach that Bloom something. It must have been years from the time Zazie snuck over and put a baby in Jax, until Bloom finally reached Jax size. Bloom seems to have perfect control of her portals including time, space, and universe selection. She is going back to spy on Jax's life.
  9. I like that the FBI are going to find out all kinds of things by surveilling Cassie and letting her stir up all the sediment at the bottom of the crime family pond.
  10. A tray of 48 Oreo Cookies is $3.79. A can on Light Blue Spray Paint is $3.98.
  11. Since most of you guys have HBO Max, watch Kaley Cuoco on the animated series Harley Quinn, also on HBO Max. It is an adult comedy that doesn't respect society or it's rules. Good job pointing out the book, Cassie thought the book didn't fit Alex's personality and she took it with her and is constantly looking at it. Cassie's father died, hopefully from an accident during an hunting trip, hopefully involving rabbits and deer. That would explain some the opening credits. Maybe she was startled by some animal when she was preparing to shoot.
  12. Sitting silently in the car after telling somebody not to talk to you, usually occurs at the end of the date, not at the start.
  13. That Burnham and Book scene should have ended with Michael saying "Oh, I almost forgot, my mother is on board and she would like to speak to you."
  14. I think Jada is the spy, if there is a spy. (No reason.) I am surprised that Cassie exercises, but at least it made it believable that she ran down all those steps. Why did Cassie have 2 passports still in her drawer? I am assuming that she had 1 passport with her when she left for her flight to Rome.
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