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  1. Here is the picture from the Brothel Book, I will spoiler tag since it might be NSFW or not allowed on the website. I included what the caption says under one of the drawings, enjoy!
  2. You think Weller is smart enough to turn his autopay off. Then how they could make the entire last episode a clip show where they try to get Jane to remember all the things that I am trying to forget after watching this crap show.
  3. My favorite scene was when Weller throws the Dabbur Zann guy over Rich's head to the stairs below.
  4. You can watch "Lady in a Cage" for free in you have Amazon Prime Video.
  5. "Dips and Dunkers" – Wednesday, July 8 at 10:00pm ET/PT In this very special episode of At Home with Amy Sedaris, Amy hosts a party to watch the big game! Amy is not usually thought of as a sporting fan, but she's willing to play along if it means attracting a younger TV watching demographic. Amy, along with a special guest, teaches us how to prepare the perfect game day dip. Amy also takes time out to help promote the network's new electrifying homemaking show, Chris Linnseed's Mindfeast! Game day is off to a rousing start, until it's derailed by murder. Will they find the culprit? Will the home team win? Will the dip be matched with the right chips? Tune in to find out! Guest appearances from Rachel Dratch, Bridget Everett, and Darrell Hammond.
  6. He was the one that threw the knives and had the relationship with the policewoman.
  7. Cindy is at school and Dr. Ito is never around. Dr. Ito probably bought every house on the street so that there would be no reason for anybody to come in the neighborhood. His mole people have to live somewhere.
  8. Beth was taking so long going to the bathroom that Pat had to make conversation to keep Bobbi from noticing. Bobbi probably breaks the appliances every other day to a have a string of repairmen entering the house while Cindy is at school.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, there was probably a "proof of concept" train and Wilford and his train full of Whores are probably right behind them and catching up fast. That is why Melanie is so worried about how behind they are in the schedule. It would be easy to assimilate the people in the tail into the rest of the train, all you have to do is send some people back there to train them and then say that the Tailies can have a place in 3rd if they learn a skill, get a job and they can take one old or young person with them in they are willing to live together, take care of them, and pretend to be related.
  10. Everybody is just a little excited based on the preview. They will really start posting when it comes on tonight.
  11. You watched Icicle blow a cold wind from two miles away, outside, with the wind blowing, and a minute later, knock a playing card out of the hand of a little boy. But you find if hard to believe that Icicle can blow a cold wind ten feet, in an enclosed environment, and hit a metal doorknob? I keep thinking that Barb is going to be attracted to the pink pen and Pat maybe Green Lantern since the Lantern already glowed for him once and Mike will choose something else, possibly sugary food related, like the "Pop Tart Kid". Then I will get my "The Thundermans" reboot.
  12. Since the Dragon King has video cameras all around his house, I wonder if everybody in school is going to receive a video of Yolanda taking her clothes off behind a bush while Rick is turned the other way telling her to "hurry up"?
  13. They could always turn the temperature down in the cars that are rioting, not enough to kill anybody, just enough to remind everybody what might happen next.
  14. We all assumed that George was killed because he was one of the kidnappers, but he might also have been killed because he was an accountant for the church and discovered something he shouldn't have, maybe started blackmailing the church members. I still think Sister Alice's mother is extremely shady, she might have been sleeping with Herman Baggerly, since he mentioned he is always attracted to the wrong women.
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