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  1. After a 4 year hiatus, Black Jesus returns with a third season. Sept. 20th at Midnight on Adult Swim.
  2. ‘L.A.’s Finest’ Season 1 Draws Solid Viewership Numbers For Spectrum As Season 2 Production Begins Season 1 had over three million viewers. L.A.’s Finest goes back into production for Season 2 on September 16.
  3. Stephen could have saved the bit by saying the pizza box had a hole in the bottom. #MovingParty
  4. Tulip and Cassidy have been living together for months and the first time they have sex, Jesse comes back the next day? Awkwaard! I still can't figure out how they get their car from continent to continent. I wonder what country Tulip, Cassidy and Humperdoo were living in?
  5. Not a lot of Alfred, Thomas or Martha in this one.
  6. AnimeMania

    Reef Break

    After the explosion Cat couldn't identify her attackers because her dress was over her head. They must have been Garbage Men because they threw Poppy in the back if the truck like a sack of trash.
  7. Not nearly as enamored with the series as other on the board seem to be. I did like the white neighbor lady that calls the cops with a running commentary every time she sees a black person.
  8. What if the species went extinct, and someone brings them back. If then somebody else decides it was a mistake they were brought back. Which one is right?
  9. AnimeMania

    Reef Break

    You were looking at that scene as it was today, instead of through the lens smeared with "Vaseline" they used to transport you back "however" many years to when Cat was at peak "Cat-ness". Back in those days Wyatt would have never flirted with the Lady Cop or Eastland's daughter if he was dating Cat. Oh, you mean FBI guy, I don't understand how Cat blew up his relationship. Deputy Governor Lady couldn't seem to figure out who he was in love with. Every woman on the island seems to get an "inferiority complex" whenever Cat is around. Eastland's daughter appears to be an idiot, Eastland should send her to the mainland and let her live the heiress life.
  10. What was the reason the virus was in the fog?
  11. AnimeMania

    Reef Break

    Anybody else see that huge smudge of makeup that Poppy left on that guy who owned his own island's shirt after she gave him a hug. Erasing the video of Petra handing the guard a gun makes everything Petra did go away. The prison didn't have a copy, the guard didn't say where he got the gun, all the police who watched the video no longer remember it. Why would the police allow Cat, who was suspected of breaking people out of prison, walk around the evidence cages of the police station, which seem to be completely unguarded. That scene makes you wonder why Cat had to break into the evidence cages at night that one episode when she could have just walked in at any time during the day.
  12. Piety did it to herself, whatever it was.
  13. Of course he has a first name, what do you think he was raised in a barn? Um.... that's not important, his whole name is Agreus Astrayon. https://carnival-row.fandom.com/wiki/Agreus_Astrayon
  14. That wasn't a handwave for me, those two have been very close political rivals for longer than their children have been alive. Don't forget that the son might have been fathered by either of the men. I am sure at home he probably vented to his wife, mentioning every rumor and unsubstantiated claim and hired investigators to verify them all. If you want some worldclass handwaving explain to me how the only way anyone can tell if Philo is a half blood is to ask him and they will accept anything he says. He says he refuses to go to a doctor because they would figure it out, but nobody else seems to want to go there. It is a crime after all and they are the police.
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