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  1. In the end it turned out well for him, but every reckless thrill-seeking endeavor ended with him going to the hospital. Now he wants to go into the jungle where there are no hospitals. The wife only wanted to see he die once, not once a week after every little stunt he pulls. P.S. He might be dying, but she is planning on living a long time, what is she going to do after he farts away their entire life savings?
  2. Even in reality, someone who is transgender can have biological children. If for discussion's sake, Nia has or recently had testes, Nia's sperm could be frozen and used to create children. In a world of super-science and magic and so on, it's pretty easy to envision that Nia could have some sort of bodily transformation to have a uterus and to create eggs. Or that Nia's DNA could be combined with that of another to create a child that is incubated in an artificial womb. And that is just scratching the surface of possibilities focusing on Nia having biological children. There are probably just as many possibilities involving her adopting or fostering children. If her own biological sister didn't receive her special powers, then I would be dubiously suspicious if she could just adopt a child that would have the powers, especially since she is an alien and her powers are hereditary, passed down through the female line, are extremely rare, and poorly understood. I think the writers were having a laugh at William's (and the viewer's) expense. Winn wearing glasses kept him from being recognized by William as the crazed Toyman that was all over the news, the same way it keeps Kara from detection as Supergirl. Did Lex take the memory cube from Winn's ship? Does that mean he has access to/knowledge about everything that will happen in the future? How could any superhero, especially Brainy who knows Lex did this, allow that to happen?
  3. Change the name of the show to the "Chilling Adventures Of Ambrose and Salem"?
  4. Altered Carbon: Season 2 Feb. 27, 2020
  5. I will be the first person to say I have no idea what transgender means, but I am curiously suspicious when they are claiming that Nia Nal will eventually have children.
  6. I am surprised the denizens of Hell would allow Caliban to just run in while Sabrina is fighting King Herod for rightful ownership of the crown, to just pick the crown up off the ground and go running back to hell with it. Wouldn't the royalty of hell want more from a leader than just being a sneaky weasel? I was hoping that Sabrina wouldn't have killed King Herod, only subdued him and when Caliban claimed to be the owner of the crown, release King Herod so he and Caliban can fight. After the fight that Caliban wins he is no longer such a pretty boy, covered with scars and wounds. I think that would have hurt him more than anything else.
  7. Wow, way to put on those old timey cheerleader outfits and make me believe you are from the 1950's. Don't perform the same cheer routine twice in the same episode. Head over to Riverdale to learn how to effectively shake some retro pompoms. I am not sure I enjoy Roz's singing voice, is she any good? I tend to be extremely picky about that kind of thing.
  8. Maybe I am just ignorant, but was the "Wizard of Oz" just a thinly veiled description of a journey through hell? If so, I wish Sabrina had included some flying monkeys. It seems that this part is a little more sexy than the preivous parts, I approve. Sabrina gives Nick a hug and he changes into a nude version of her father, AWKWARD!!!
  9. Finally finished this, I didn't like it. All the characters were unlikeable. If I had to relate to somebody it would be Viv, her friend, and Viv's mother. Everybody else seemed horrid. The brother Geoff's character has to be brutally honest (due to the type of monster he is) and everything coming out of his mouth made me hate him. The only time he seemed like a descent human being was when he apologized to the teacher for telling everybody his wife banged the Coach. The father was OK until he cheated on his wife. The Good: The video quality was very good, the views of the cities were amazing. The sets and locations were outstanding and there was no need to hide the monsters in shadows. The fight scenes with the monsters were boring. At no point did I think these were bad-ass monster hunters. I am not sure why there had monsters in the show if they were going to spend the majority of the episodes covering typical high school shenanigans with just the smallest amount of supernatural hijinks sprinkled in. It made no sense that a janitor would let a student have access to their own private room because the student can get them food from the school cafeteria. A janitor should be able to get as much food as they want, anytime they want from the school cafeteria. Then Viv gets in trouble for being in that room and they didn't even bother to show us that happening (I thought I might have fallen asleep and missed something). Not having younger characters play the older characters was a mistake. Fred's father looked like he was about dead from when Fred was a young kid, all the way to the end. Fred and Deloris didn't look the same age. I thought Fred hated his father since the time he left the house and married Deloris, but he is hanging out with his mother and father long after that. Did they ever have a real falling out? I thought the kids hadn't ever met their grandparents from all the mean things they were saying during the car ride to the house, but they used to babysit them. Don't make all the characters in the TV show so horrible that when the bad guys threaten to blow up the town at the end, I am saying "Good! They deserve it!". What would have made me like the show? I think they had too much plot, they rushed so far so fast I never got to know or like any of the characters. I think they went through about 3 seasons worth of plot. I would have been happy with the parents doing bad-ass monster hunting, while their kids were starting to realize that they are not like the other kids, while at the same time starting to realize that their parents are not like normal parents. My favorite scene was Viv during the seance because that was the type of stuff I thought the show was going to be like. Spooky, creepy, scary stuff. The only other scene that came close was Deloris and Fred's first monster kill.
  10. Everyone is psychic, asserts medium Laura Lynne Jackson, who gives a powerful, unexpected reading and invites the goop gang to open up energetically.
  11. Julianne Hough and GP's team go with the flow as John Amaral works on their energy fields in an effort to heal both body and mind.
  12. How old are you - inside? Gwyneth, Elise and Wendy gauge their biological ages after dietary tweaks and try facial threading and a vampire facial.
  13. Going from real vulvas to true vulnerability, Gwyneth and the team plunge into the topic of women's pleasure, guided by sex educator Betty Dodson.
  14. Can a shock to the system relieve stress? Chill staffers learn "Iceman" Wim Hof's breathing techniques, do "snowga" and leap into a freezing Lake Tahoe.
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