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  1. AnimeMania


    Agencies get tens of thousands of dollars to provide babies to people who want to adopt. I think the parents adopting a baby would want to know if the mother was a crack addict, smoked or drank during the pregnancy. The agency would also have to get permission from both parents and probably check that the grandparents won't raise a legal fuss. The agency would probably also check that the mother was regularly visiting a doctor and had proper living arrangements. It is illegal to pay a woman in exchange for adopting her baby, but people can pay the expenses of a mother in the hope that she will let you adopt her baby.
  2. AnimeMania

    Blood & Treasure

    If it was me I would weaponize the "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb", maybe weaponize some Mold or Fungus specially designed to go in Cleopatra's Tomb. A highly lethal and contagious pandemic disease, a fitting end for you Tomb Robbers!
  3. AnimeMania


    If I worked at a bar I would never give out personal information about a bartender (especially female) like if they worked there or even if they would be working tonight without someone providing me with some information about who is asking. And remember he is a lawyer so he would know what kind of information you can give out to random telephone strangers. I am sure the person on the other end of the line said they were from So & So Adoption Agency and were doing a routine background check on a potential client.
  4. What's up with the new suit. http://imgbox.com/TWZehdgs
  5. AnimeMania

    The InBetween

    I seemed he threatened to hurt the baby, if she decided to leave him.
  6. AnimeMania

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    Does it have to be human brains, even a mixture of human and other animal brains might cut it, call it "Human Brain Helper". Most animal brains are not used for anything as far as I know.
  7. AnimeMania


    I don't think that was the husband's adoption application, but the girl working at the bar adoption application. She was trying to get her baby adopted and they were looking for a conformation that she was employed there. Now that Andy and Dylan know that the girl wants to put her baby up for adoption, maybe they can convince her to stay working at the bar and help her with the financial and medical expenses. Michael Emerson will be in the upcoming "Evil" TV Series airing on Sept. 26th. I am not sure how big his role is.
  8. AnimeMania

    Swamp Thing

    Wow, that had more drama than all 7 episodes of Swamp Thing released so far.
  9. AnimeMania

    S01.E01: Shelter From The Storm

    The opening scene, was that an illusion projector to make the house and the surroundings look nice or an invisible biosphere bubble that allows vegetation to grow inside. The main girl is very annoying and stubborn. As long as they all were short skirts, I don't mind. How can a planet worried about war not see a spaceship take off from the planet? Why didn't they ask the one student that has pilot training to fly the spaceship? If the girl can generate wormholes, why is she always late for class?
  10. AnimeMania


    I think Charlie Manx's immorality is tied to the car and his youth is sucked out of the children. If the car is destroyed, he is done for.
  11. AnimeMania

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    You need to see the episode where they gave Joe Saylor his own TV Series. Does anybody remember what episode that was? Never mind it was on Youtube
  12. AnimeMania


    10 episodes total, 3 more to go.
  13. AnimeMania

    S03.E04: Chapter 23

    I think they look like cats. Really!
  14. AnimeMania


    That's why I thought a closet/attic with an iPad and some headphones in the girls house would have worked just as well. They could have even snuck him some dinner. It was only for a day or two.
  15. AnimeMania

    S03.E06: Fly Like An Eagle

    They should just go back to Pill Mills and Money Laundering. I am not sure if Roller even has a "job".