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  1. I've seen some of this: This show is ridiculously hyper; but I guess that's kids' shows today. Still not a fan of the art/animation style. They seem to like including little DC in-jokes/references/easter eggs. Thought it was hilarious that Oliver Queen as a theater nerd makes him a literal drama Queen, though!
  2. More casting for season 3: Jackie Cruz cast in recurring role: ---- So,
  3. Has there been any discussion about who would host the show in Trebek's place, here or by the producers, or whoever?
  4. I was wondering if the producers had said anything about why all the titles referred to women. Thanks for the info!
  5. Another season premiere photo and a few quotes from Krondon at EW:
  6. Casting news: Charlyne Yi joins cast for season 3: https://tvline.com/2019/09/17/good-girls-charlyne-yi-season-3-cast-lucy/
  7. Just in case you can't tell who the designated nerd is, it's the person in the sweater vest.
  8. So as soon as I complain about Sendhil not doing any promo... So TV Guide (and others, I'm sure) did some interviews with the cast.
  9. Nice! (LOL, They're all holding hands; bet it was Tom C's idea...) At least WB knows how to put out a proper cast photo.
  10. A little behind the scenes info: https://twitter.com/EncorePost/status/1173647029404233729
  11. I wish they would let this feature die off... Chronicles of Cisco is moving to the show's Instagram account. New-ish photo of Cisco at the links.
  12. It doesn't even have to be 'all over', just anything? Becuase so far it's been nothing; which is weird since they made the effort to include him in the Comic Con trailer. --- Anyway, It took six years to get here, but I'm glad there's finally a cowl that matches the rest of the Flash costume. (And again, I can't believe they let him wear that other thing for a whole season.) Some of the tweaks make a world of difference. I doubt it, but I wonder if they'll mention the suit update in the narrative?
  13. Character portraits from DC's movie-related trade paperbacks:
  14. Artist ComickerGirl created a few cards with Barry/The Flash as part of her Supergirl countdown: https://comickergirl.tumblr.com/post/187756829812/supergirl-national-city-knockout-cards-13-1574 (She made a card game with her own art and rules based on Supergirl.) Photos of each card at the link.
  15. Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn, also some Birds They really could have had their Harley Quinn movie AND a lower budget Birds of Prey movie, but noooooo. Anyway, I don't like the poster; looks like jokey fanart - which was probably the look they were going for. And they put Harley on there twice even as her image makes up most of the poster. Oy. I assume a proper trailer will be released in the next week/s?
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