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  1. Trini

    Barry Allen

    This isn't a bad look. I wouldn't mind seeing a the suit in a different color (for an alternate version of the Flash, perhaps).
  2. Trini

    The Batman (2021)

    Reeves is promoting another project, but he's getting Batman questions too; so there are a bunch of interviews with snippets of info. One at Deadline: ‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves On DC Pic During COVID-19 Hiatus...
  3. Matt's Inside Line from TVLine:
  4. Matt's Inside Line: --- This is a Wallace quote, so "rockiest" could mean a lot of things. What I am worried about is whether things get resolved between them before the shortened season ends.
  5. Episode 3.10 synopsis:
  6. The next new episode has been pushed back to May 3, apparently. 😞
  7. Trini

    The Batman (2021)

    Reeves quotes on some of the other Batman films, and his own: Also at Nerdist: 'Matt Reeves on the Humanity of THE BATMAN', 'Matt Reeves’ TALES FROM THE LOOP and THE BATMAN Aren’t So Different'
  8. Meagan and her stunt double Rochelle Okoye:
  9. COIE crossover re-watch discussion on DC Daily (from home!): Some Flash moments are mentioned.
  10. A Tom C. And Carlos collaboration in the age of social distancing: (They need to let Carlos keep that beard for the show! 😢)
  11. Antimatter cannon explanation from writer Sterling Gates:
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