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  1. Lady Eve!!! Yay, they actually got Jill Scott to come back! And her twin manservants came back with her too. The only thing I didn't like was her caving to LaLa, of all people. She's a former ASA Boss Lady. Although if they have her finally kill LaLa for good, maybe it might be worth it? But speaking of LaLa, what is his arc for the season?? He just shows up to do petty criminal stuff not connected the main storylines. But on to the Pierces: I'm glad Jen decided to level with her dad, and that everyone is starting to work together as a family again. Including Uncle Gambi. Jen is too hotheaded about certain things - this is why we don't tell you certain things! Are they going to be using Brandon and his powers more later on? Because he learned a lot of secrets in just one episode. Someone's going to have to fill me in on the significance of Geoforce. Well of course Random ASA Guard with a Conscience is the one helping Lynn; she's been so isolated from her family most of this season. ... And now Tobias is free? I hate how they have her making all these bad decisions. Anybody know where Lynn met ASA Guard - what house was it supposed to be? It wasn't the Pierce home. LOL! Gotham is the worst, of course Odell calls it home!
  2. I thought this was a really solid episode! It was great to have Winn and Jeremy Jordan back for a bit, and he even got to play an evil version of himself! Loved his interactions with everyone. Leviathan is still such a vague threat, they really need to actually show how it is the worst threat ever. Oh look, Lena doing the same thing to Andrea that she is so mad about Kara (supposedly) doing to her. Can someone talk some sense into Lena, please. I'm glad that Brainy came clean to someone, and they didn't drag it out. But he also has to tell the rest of the team. Because I know i'm going to hate Team Luthor being 3 steps ahead of Team Supergirl with this Leviathan arc. I was too; but I suppose no one really wants to talk about exes? Plus, just in general they really seem to want to forget Mon-El happened; especially when they're introducing the newest love interest. I mean, why not William? Look at how 'fans' react to every single love interest (not only Kara's); they're clearly not going to please everyone. He's bland for a reason. I do like that they're letting her have a love life again. LOL! It was really considerate of J'onn to include a Balcony of Emotions in his floorplans! Also useful for flying in and out. I think that's pretty much it. And maybe it's a signal that those are the crossovers we'll see in the future. I definitely approve of Kate and Barry visiting.
  3. So we got Skarsten playing Alice, playing Beth, playing Beth as Alice; will we see Alice as Beth? I don't think Alice can play 'normal' for longer than a minute so probably not!
  4. Promo for the next episode airing February 16th: Episode 12 - "Take Your Choice": Looks like Alice is out to get both of Kate's sisters!
  5. Demo still lower this week - it aired against the Grammys; 1.11 ratings: https://deadline.com/2020/01/grammy-ratings-slip-kobe-bryant-billie-eilish-cbs-1202842407/ https://tvline.com/2020/01/27/grammys-ratings-billie-eilish-wins-five-kobe-bryant-tributes/
  6. LOL - Oliver sucks at putting the universe back together; but hey, he hasn't had as much experience with the multiverse and alternate timelines. How many more random doppelgangers are going to pop up on the different shows?? But I did like seeing another version of Beth; and how it gave Kate some hope and a glimmer of what could have been, even with the angst of thinking maybe she could have saved her Beth. And Doppel-Beth is an astrophysicist? I wonder what her Kate grew up to be? It was really interesting to see this Beth interact with Luke and Mary, but I have to nitpick sending her in to rescue Kate apparently without any backup, or backup plan. So Mary and Kate are back to being okay again? Not that I want them to still be cold with each other, but are we supposed to just forget all the tension from the episode before? It was depressing, but I did like seeing some more backstory for Alice. Can we get some flashbacks for Kate and Mary too? Sophie worked well as someone for Alice to play off of, but I also need to see her do stuff outside the Crows. I assume they'll tell this story eventually; maybe sooner (this season) than later?
  7. There's another show I'm watching that's also doing a 'friends-to-enemies' arc, and they're both just similarly irritating. The Former Friend is being the worst, while Our Hero is being way nicer and forgiving than would a reasonable person. It would be one thing if Cass was clearly possessed or manipulated by Zhan Tiri(??), but at least half of it is just her being irrationally villainous. (The other show has slightly better reasons for turning against the Hero, but there's no ancient sorceress pulling strings.) In both arcs, I know the writers want the audience to root for them to make up and be friends again, but only one side is doing all the work, while the other keeps going to extremes. The thing is, I'm pretty sure at the end of both these arcs both Former Friends will be redeemed and everyone will be friends again, but it's not going to be fine with me because there's just too much stuff they pulled beforehand. So yeah, weekly reminder I hate this storyline. However! I did enjoy Eugene's new birthday, and Rapunzel throwing a party for him. And they were going to propose to each other - awww! LOL at Eugene and Lance fist bumping at never being convicted; and at Lance in general. Yay! at Jeremy Jordan singing again. ----- Is it confirmed somewhere that this is the last season? I can almost never find news on this show. (Maybe I'm not looking in the right places?) This half season feels like a burnoff. It's weird that they're airing this without commercials, right?
  8. Oh wow, I had seen this a while ago, but didn't comment. This wasn't exactly the sequel I was hoping for, but I enjoyed it. Like many of you, I thought it wasn't quite as good as the first, but still good. Although, I think they had a few better action sequences in this one. I've seen complaints that the story/villain is same as in the first film, and yes, there are similarities, but I there were enough differences to make it not feel like a repeat to me. And yeah, the villain was obvious from her first scene - which was kind of surprising. On the other hand, I remember when the first character images and names were released, and people guessed right away who was the villain (Evil Endeavor - come on); so maybe they were never trying to hide it! I liked that Helen had a active and leading role in this one; and I like seeing new 'supers' and new powers, and those powers interacting. Disappointed Honey still doesn't have a face. Anybody else think they were addressing criticisms of the first film - specifically the body count - with the line "... no casualties!"? No redshirt minion deaths or allusions to a superhero massacre. I don't remember every single thing, but there were fun and awesome moments for each member of the Parr family (and Edna!), although, like someone mentioned above, I think Dash got the short end this time.
  9. Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Morgan Reznik grapple with a terminal cancer patient who is determined to live the last few months of his life without inhibition. Meanwhile, Dr. Reznik must confront her relationship with her mother when she comes in for a third opinion from Dr. Glassman; and Shaun and Carly's relationship reaches a new level of intimacy. Written by Doris Egan and directed by Steven DePaul. Airdate: Jan. 27, 2020
  10. Jefferson, Anissa and Jennifer discover that the ASA is now hunting the entire Pierce family. Meanwhile, Lynn does the unthinkable. Tasha Smith directed the episode written by Lamont Magee. Airdate: 1/27/2020
  11. Danielle P. answered some questions on Twitter: Danielle P. absent from the show will be a first!
  12. https://ew.com/tv/2020/01/20/paul-wesley-directing-batwoman-episode/
  13. Preview clip and more quotes from the showrunner: Batwoman sneak peek --- Eh -- I get wanting to integrate Batwoman with the other shows - even though I don't think it's necessary - but I don't know if a doppelganger is a good way to do it. I liked that this show was a little more grounded.
  14. 'Supergirl director David Harewood breaks down Jeremy Jordan's return'
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