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  1. Photos for 5.08: https://supergirl.tv/the-wrath-of-rama-khan-gallery
  2. Trini

    S05.E07: Tremors

    So this was the episode for confrontations! J'onn/Malefic; Alex/Kelly; and Lena/Kara. I think all the actors did well in those scenes. I'm not so much into Alex/Kelly, but I'm glad their relationship is getting some focus. The thing is, while I'm glad Kelly has a continuing arc (her trauma/PTSD), it's weird that Alex doesn't so far this season. I've had this question also for a while; and I think she does? It's just that I can't point to a specific scene that makes this clear. I enjoyed J'onn's subplot; but yes, so many holes. If they've forgiven each other now, what are they going to do with Malefic for the rest of the season? Yes; he's off the show. I feel bad for both Lena and Kara; I get their feelings, but I cannot take Lena seriously when she says she's 'not a villain' - after she's been supervillain-ing this whole season. Oh, they'll walk it back. Will it be credible? Not to me. I guess we'll get more into Leviathan in the back half? Still not sure what to think of them. Brainy was good here too. I know he got Nia, but he needs something to do outside of comedic relief and tech support.
  3. 'Danielle Panabaker Reveals How Her Pregnancy Will be Addressed on the Show' And the video of ET's interview:
  4. From this interview at Collider, some info on upcoming storylines, etc:
  5. Eric Wallace and Danielle Panabaker interview at Collider; Wallace gives more info on some upcoming storylines.
  6. Eric did say there was going a hint about how we might see Nora again, but I don't think it has shown up yet. I've been assuming that there's going to be JPK/Nora cameo at some point - but there's been nothing to confirm that.
  7. From DC, more Danielle interviews: 'From Danielle Panabaker, with Love' Twitter thread:
  8. Why don't they have Grant do a press day?? I know he spoils stuff, but come on.
  9. More quotes from Danielle (and Wallace) at Flash TV News: 'Danielle Panabaker on Directing “License to Elongate,” Romance For Her Character'
  10. Interview with showrunner Caroline Dries: 'Batwoman boss breaks down that Mouse twist, Julia Pennyworth's casting'
  11. Glad to see that that they are giving the female characters more to do this time. Looks like Lois, Clark, Iris, and Kate are sent to recruit some Supermen and Batmen. Lois and Iris are wielding the Book of Destiny?
  12. Photos of the Batwoman (Part 2) part of the crossover are out, and it looks like Kate may meet the Bruce/Batman of another Earth. Other than that no other cast members are in the photos.
  13. Here's one gallery: CW releases new Batwoman portrait posters
  14. I wouldn't say it's insulting. This is the one time Barry's leaving and he has advance notice of it, so they're having him do something with that. For me, the pregnancy issue doesn't even have to be a big thing; them not mentioning it at all since the premiere after they know he's dying is very odd to me. Maybe it will come up in episode 7 or 8? I'm not expecting any mention of Nora in the crossover; although I do expect an attempt at a parallel with Oliver's daughter since they always want to parallel to WestAllen.
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