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  1. Little update on the remake; a new director: 'Lee Isaac Chung To Direct'
  2. Trini

    The Batman (2021)

    'The Batman’ Resumes Production After Shutdown'
  3. The show will have a virtual panel at NY Comic Con: https://www.findthemetaverse.com/schedule
  4. Stargirl to have a virtual panel at NY Comic Con in October: https://www.findthemetaverse.com/schedule
  5. Carrey as Biden? Well, that's a swerve.
  6. I know we watched this in high school English, but it didn't have much of an impact -- but I almost sure my parochial school skipped the nudity. (Can't really recall.) The Baz Luhrman film is "my" Romeo & Juliet. Anyway, play this on a loop at my funeral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqKZwvH2bAQ One thing I love about the party scene is that the costume designer didn't skimp at all even with the background extras; even with those who don't get closeups or more than seconds of screentime have amazing looking masquerade costumes.
  7. Intro/review/promo for Swamp Thing from DC (put out in April before the news broke that it would air on CW): 'Escape Into the Dark Romantic Fantasy of Swamp Thing'
  8. Trini


    Wildfire smoke residue in the atmosphere made it here to the East Coast; enjoyed a stunning red sun rise this morning.
  9. Ronnie dying really took away half of her potential stories. I think they would have done something with SnowStorm if Robbie Amell had committed to the show. (As I recall, it was his decision to focus on movies/other projects. To me it was clear they wanted Firestorm to be major recurring character.) Now they just recycle plots for Frost.
  10. Helbing wrote some good episodes on his previous show, The Flash, but he kinda sucked as showrunner. However, he might be better here since he's got the showrunner role from the start, and he can self-insert more easily. Don't think I'll be watching long enough to find out, though.
  11. Saw it! It was fine. Obviously Clark/Superman is the lead, but I wish there had been more Lois Lane. The voice acting from Clark, Lois, and Lex was fairly flat half the time; I feel like that was a directing issue. I know some are thrown by the new animation style and designs, but I liked them just fine.
  12. Here's a tweet about it with a screencap: ----- I don't think this show can do that; at least without it looking bad on one or more levels. However, the thought did cross my mind that they may be able to show two actors closer than they really are with VFX? I'm more than happy to skip next year's Grodd episode if they use the VFX budget to pull it off.
  13. So stupid. I assume the reason the writers de-powered him was because he was too powerful, and that makes solving problems too easy. But they could have just lessened his powers; maybe to one specific skill. But back to next season; speaking of stupid decisions regarding powers -- I was appalled to hear that they're going to transform Cecile's (completely unnecessary) powers yet again. Like she doesn't have an entire family - including an infant daughter - and a supposed career that they could use to generate stories for her. No comment on filler for Caitlin/Frost.
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