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  1. It sounds to me that this next year's crossover will be a Diggle story that plays out on each show.
  2. 'David Ramsey To Direct, Return As John Diggle' -- With him guest starring on five* of the DCTV shows, it sounds like this year's crossover is just one character crossing over to (almost) everyone. Which makes sense, it'll be a lot easier to pull off in this year of Covid than previous crossovers that involved a so many cast members crossing over to multiple shows, sets, etc. I wonder if the Diggle plot will be a subplot that doesn't really disrupt all the shows' current story arcs, or will it be the A-plot for each "crossover" episode? I'm not really invested in the 'Diggle as Green Lantern' theories, or Green Lantern in general, but I'm skeptical that DC will let Diggle be a full Lantern on the CW. On the other hand, maybe they will; but only because he'll never show up on the HBO Green Lantern series. *Disappointed that Black Lightning is being excluded; but maybe they'll be able to connect them to the other shows somehow.
  3. 'David Ramsey To Direct, Return As John Diggle' So far, no info on which episodes he will direct. Taking my speculation to another thread.
  4. Spoiler TV has the upcoming titles (they are usually accurate): https://www.spoilertv.com/2020/11/the-flash-season-7-first-5-episodes.html Keep in mind that 7.01 - 7.03 was supposed to be the conclusion of Season 6, so 7.04 starts the real Season 7 arcs. I don't really have much speculation based on these titles. I think we already knew pre-Covid that there was going to be a Wells-centric plot. "Central City Strong" sounds like the city coming together after their annual disaster; so it's appropriate for a "season premiere". I'm assuming "Mother" refers to Eva - and only Eva, because I refuse to set myself up.
  5. Another shutdown: ‘The Flash’ Pauses Production After Positive Covid-19 Test
  6. Team Citizen poster: https://twitter.com/irisxxwests/status/1331311466817990656
  7. Also one at TV Line: 'TV Takes on Pandemic: How Well 14 Shows Incorporated COVID, Ranked'
  8. Two more articles/interviews with former S&L writer, Nadia Tucker: https://www.thevulcanreporter.com/interviews/nadria-tucker-superman-lois/ https://shadowandact.com/superman-and-lois-writer-says-she-was-dropped-from-series-after-raising-concerns
  9. West-Allen family Thanksgiving gifset (from episode 5.07): https://a-flash-of-the-lightning.tumblr.com/post/635716031236734976/the-west-allens-have-never-missed-a-thanksgiving --- And a Cisco/Caitlin themed Thanksgiving gifset from the same maker: https://a-flash-of-the-lightning.tumblr.com/post/635263068603088896/the-flash-o-come-all-ye-thankful
  10. This is nice, but I do wonder how long he'll be staying on the show;
  11. The Pierces in WB's Thanksgiving collage on social media:
  12. The Thanksgiving episode made the collage from WB:
  13. BTS photo from Elizabeth Tulloch:
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