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  1. Well, I figured they would have to address Mel/Ruby's family at some point. But this was another episode I wasn't really feelin'. So the island can grant wishes for DEAD people??
  2. Well, dang. Was hoping the Junior ISA would be around longer. Since this was going to be the only JSA vs. JISA fight, I'm glad they decided to make it count! Too bad for the school property -- does this mean summer school is cancelled? Again, I'm into the horror theme with Eclipso; but I'm not out -- yet. Why did they even introduce her if they were just going to send her away?
  3. Nick Tarabay interview: 'Nick Tarabay Promises Eclipso Won't Be Easy to Defeat'
  4. Another costume tease from Muschietti for The Flash: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUA2qB8lo2_/
  5. Showrunner interview: 'The Cowboy Bebop team aims to go deeper than a simple anime remake:  André Nemec previews the characters, direction, and music for his anime adaptation'
  6. Candice did an instagram Q&A, her comments seem to indicate that Javicia/Batwoman hasn't filmed for The Flash yet; so maybe she only shows up in 8.04 or 8.05.
  7. I didn't watch much of Lost, and I bailed on Gotham about halfway through season 1; but I don't think their problems were quite the same. For me, one of the several problems with Gotham was that there were set endgames, but they weren't actually interested in telling a prequel story. They were more interested in their villains and doing shocking/crazy developments than the coherant growth of their heroes. And I think that because of the set endgames, the writers had the characters act more (or mostly) like their endgame selves way, way sooner than they should have been; because they liked the
  8. Trini

    The Batman (2022)

    TV spot; same clips as the first trailer, but one new line of dialogue at the end: Also from Matt Reeves:
  9. So many shows do this, it's annoying. And 99% of the time, the longer the character is around, the less sense it makes that they're still around. And I find that when it's a villain, it makes the heroes look weak - because 'why can't they defeat this guy?'
  10. Maybe the Podcasts subforum, or the Comic Books subforum?
  11. Azie Tesfai talks about writing episode 6.12 and the Guardian suit:
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