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  1. Also Danielle Panabaker is pregnant again. And I'm guessing the baby will be born during the hiatus, so I'm not sure if that means anything for her characters in the long term. In the short term, I assume less screentime, and more big shirts/coats and other filming tricks to hide a baby bump.
  2. Happy Birthday to John Wesley Shipp! I can't remember if they've done a birthday post for him before.
  3. Trini

    The Batman (2022)

    I dunno. I haven't been following the BTS production much; but this feels like they (director, writers, studio?) are trying to get as much in as possible because perhaps a sequel isn't guaranteed. (Despite Batman being a bestseller.) The director keeps describing it as noir, but this seems a long for that. And this isn't supposed to be an origin story, so what's filling the time? If it's long and great, that's great; but the runtime is the first thing to give me pause so far.
  4. Trini

    Naomi In The Media

    There's a shot in this promo with posters of actual DC comic book covers, including Stargirl, but I'm not sure what that says about this show's place in the multiverse or Arrow-verse, if anything. But DC has used real comics in their shows before, so maybe it's just an easter egg.
  5. NAACP Award nomination for Joe Morton:
  6. Camrus collaborates with DC again for Earth Prime #1:
  7. Trini

    Disney Films

    I'm thinking, 'did they learn nothing from the live-action "Lady and the Tramp"?' I don't know if it was bad, but clearly it didn't make much impact, so I don't know what they think is going to happen with Aristocats, which is even less famous.
  8. New comic miniseries based on the CW DCTV shows coming in this spring. No info on the Stargirl issue yet.
  9. New comic miniseries based on the CW DCTV shows coming in this spring. No info on the Flash issue yet. I wonder if this will lead into an actual crossover next season (Fall 2022)?
  10. It's a cool idea; they can't do a proper crossover with the current shows, so this works. I like that the show producers are involved. They say the stories will be canon with the shows, but I just wonder when these stories take place in each shows' continuity, because I have some questions based on the synopsis of the Batwoman issue: [spoilered in case it ends up being a show spoiler] Cover art for EARTH-PRIME #1:
  11. A 'prelude' comic based on the Flash movie, coming in April 2022: (more info at the link)
  12. I'll have to re-watch, but I'm not convinced that it was Mary who killed that guy. I think it could have been Poison Ivy 'protecting' her. Mainly because I'm sure the writers don't want her to do anything very bad - even in Poison Mary mode; and there was hardly any follow-up to that, and murdering someone is A Big Deal that I don't think they would gloss over, especially with a main character like Mary. Also I would hate for that to be another thing they use for "sisterly bonding."
  13. What are they even doing with Renee? I guess the point of her was just to free Poison Ivy? How is she disappointed that the same woman she put in stasis is the same woman who came out (only angrier now)? And then after helping Pam regain her strength, I'm sure she'll be expecting the Bat Team to trust and work with her again next week. I'm guessing they downplayed Diggle/Ramsey's appearance so it wouldn't over shadow Poison Ivy? Because he had a whole subplot with Jada. I don't know why they'd keep a fan favorite returning a secret. So - flirty vibes between him and Jada, suggesting a pas
  14. A couple re-watch thoughts: I'm not invested in the Renee/Pam relationship; but kudos to Renee for her plan to get back her girlfriend luckily working! Even with this 'evil'* version of Mary, it still doesn't make sense for her to so chummy with Alice. But the writers really want a sisterly relationship shown. I get Alice's motivations: she has no other allies, and Mary is useful. However Mary doesn't need Alice to act out in classic youngest sibling behavior. I don't get me started with her being upset that - because of a situation she herself created - she didn't get turned into a
  15. Trini

    The Batman (2022)

    A couple of new posters: I hope they're not overhyping Catwoman's role in this, with the way she's so much in the marketing. And expect a lot of closeups, I guess.
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