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  1. Yeah. I wish he'd just go completely dark on days like this. It's clearly not been a "good morning" for many people. Meanwhile, EBR is using her Stories to promote BLM donations.
  2. He just posted an IG story of a video of the ocean and him saying "Good morning!!" so I guess it was too much to hope that he'd read the room today....
  3. He said he made a deal with a publishing house and had started working with someone "because obviously I'm not going to write it myself -- which in and of itself rubs me the wrong way because I don't want someone to ghostwrite it. But then I just decided to pull the plug because I'm not an author." He mentioned that it was about fatherhood and he only had one kid who was only three at the time so he didn't entirely feel like an expert. Near the end of the chat he said that a bunch of commenters were bringing up the blog he used to write and saying he was underestimating his writing talent. He kind of laughed that off and said he might have to go back and read that blog, but it tends to be cringe-worthy at this point.
  4. SA did a FB Live yesterday and said he'd do another one today, but honestly with everything that's going on in the US right now I can't imagine he will (unless he plans to address it). In this one, he talked about retooling the podcast, Nocking Point, Heels being on hold, said that he's pulled the plug on a deal he had with a publishing house to write a book, and wants fan input on which charity to donate the stars he gets from Facebook when he goes live (he got 52,000 in this stream, which translates to $520). Some highlights: He got asked "Will you do conventions again when this pandemic is over?" He got asked "What's the first thing you want to do when this quarantine is over?"
  5. SA just did a Facebook Live. I don't have time to transcribe it, but he said there's no new podcast until Monday because they're reworking it and partnering with a podcast production company, and going forward will be on a 2-3 day a week schedule. He also said he'd consider doing a charity thing on Omaze instead of the auction style that they recently did with All In Challenge because more people could participate, and talked about almost appearing on Supernatural before it ends ("Dude, we tried. We actually tried. It just didn't pan out"). Other bits of note: He was also on IG Live, and Colin Donnell popped in for a bit:
  6. Sorry if it seemed like I was trying to call you out. Not my intention - and neither was it my intention to “even the score” for his wife (someone I don’t particularly care for based on what she presents in things like this). I watched the entire stream live, not just Twitter clips, and was just giving my opinion on the video as a whole, which remains that SA (who actually does know how to play Quiplash and said he’s played it many times before) came off the worst. That’s all.
  7. It wasn’t my intention to enumerate every single negative thing everyone did in my original post. EBR tried to help SA with his technical issues but she also teased him about it as much as as everyone else and even said “we can play without him.” When I watched it my first reaction was (and continues to be) that they all had some eyebrow-raising moments, but overall SA had more than the rest and a generally petulant attitude, especially for a charity event. YMMV.
  8. I thought it was racist and terrible. Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough. I also thought it was terrible that EBR and AT laughed at it. That probably deserves a callout too.
  9. I already knocked her for that. My point is they both came off poorly. Some Olicity fans on Twitter made it seem like his wife was being the devil while he was just making heart eyes at EBR. They were both pretty terrible, as seems to be the case whenever they do lives together.
  10. I hope so. I thought the reaction from Emily (who fwiw, was drinking the whole time too) was totally sweet and earnest, but his seemed to have the “I love Olicity” yelling in that TVLine SDCC interview energy. Maybe I just thought that because he was such a grump throughout the whole thing. When he couldn’t get into the first game room he was like “well I’m just going to hang up” and AT had to cajole him to stick it out for only two more questions before they could reset. It was for charity and he was just going to bail 5 mins in?! It’s a good thing his audio was muted when he first went into the same room as his wife because he looked so pissy at her when she was trying to give him the wired headphones (he ended up just stealing one of her airpods like she predicted). And all the women managed to submit a couple of good zingers during Quiplash but his answers were lame. He also had to get his wife to explain what Kwanza is. All in all, a really poor showing on his part. He seems like a sore loser.
  11. I watched it. EBR was adorable, AT was the most professional (helped the host keep everyone focused and talked about the charity), CA was fine (though she made a comment about eating bats that was a bit 👀), and SA had audio issues because he didn’t charge his airpods and honestly acted like a petulant child. He was so snippy with his wife that at one point, the host asked “are you two ok?” It was total cringe. (He also made his username “Olicity4eva” which everyone in the comment stream seemed to think was cute but I assumed was a bit mocking, but who knows?) He was nice to EBR though. She kept changing into ridiculous helmets and once he was laughing so hard about it he couldn’t talk. He signed “I heart you” to her at one point, and at another she signed “220/10” at him. There was also a cute bit at the beginning where she said she didn’t know him and he said “you shut your mouth!” and she got really close to the screen and whispered “Can I talk to you for a second? That’s not what I meant.” So them being cute almost made you forget that he kept throwing tantrums about tech issues and losing. I didn’t watch the AT cocktail live stream yet but here it is:
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