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  1. Allison, who wrote Arrow’s reviews on the A.V. Club, appears on this week’s Televerse podcast to do the spotlight feature on Arrow. I haven’t listened to it yet, but their spotlights are usually the last 45 mins: http://www.theteleverse.org/episode439/
  2. As @tv echo pointed out in the media thread, when the camera pans out there are boats in the harbour so it doesn’t seem like they’re alone. I keep seeing people on Twitter complaining that they’re stuck at QC or in a deserted world, but that never even occurred to me. I just assumed the office was just the starting point.
  3. JH posted a cute bts pic of EBR wrapping on her IG stories:
  4. Oh I completely agree. But knowing that MG and SA were so adamant that dying was the logical conclusion to his journey, I'm glad they figured out a way to get their cherished death scene(s) while still giving him a happy-ish ending. As much as I'd love to see Oliver raise his kids and live a happy, normal life, Arrow always leans into darkness and angst so this is a surprisingly optimistic, swoon-y ending (in my opinion, anyway).
  5. I'm actually surprised they didn't get more of the cast beyond DR to do post-finale interviews. I guess KC, KM and JH just did a round of press for the backdoor pilot and EBR only committed two days to shooting so was probably not up to additional duties, but it's very surprising how little we've heard from SA. I was expecting at least a FB/IG live video, but I guess he's done done.
  6. I’m glad the reviews for the finale seem to be really positive. I've been seeing a lot of people on Twitter complain about the ending/final few seasons in terms of how Arrow lost its gritty realism when it spun off all the other shows. And I don’t disagree with that. However knowing that MG and SA have talked for YEARS about how they wanted Oliver to die at the end, I think the other shows, the crossover and the supernatural elements saved Arrow’s finale (for me, at least). Had this remained a gritty, realistic show, Oliver might have just ended up dead in the finale. As it is, they left it really open, made him a god, and pretty much ensured we have not seen the last of this character.
  7. This post-finale MG interview seems to have different content than a lot of the others, including characters they tried to get back that I hadn't heard mentioned in other interviews (The Huntress, Walter, Malcolm), how they re-did the Moira scene without Manu Bennett, and how they've left it open for Oliver, Felicity and Diggle to appear in other shows. 'Arrow' EP on How They Pulled Off That Massive Finale & What May Come Next By Damian Holbrook https://www.tvinsider.com/852594/arrow-finale-ending-oliver-queen-questions-answered/
  8. Oh my god, it is!! I totally missed that and now I love it even more. You saved the ending for me, @Mellowyellow! Also, here's that scene without any music:
  9. This is such a niggly nitpick but, having watched the end scene three times now - I wish wardrobe had done a better job matching Felicity’s shirt to the one she wore in 1x03.
  10. Sepinwall didn’t write a review, but glad to see a critic at his level tuned into the finale:
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