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  1. TV Line has a bit more on why it took so long to announce the fate of the spinoff:
  2. Not surprising that they've known for so long, but that must have sucked for KM to be asked about it for months and be unable to say anything:
  3. They’re doing yet another part of Speech & Debate. That’s clearly Barrowman, right? https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHGyIpRHEWS/?igshid=irn9fh4qcyjl
  4. Oh no, I didn't think you were. I was just catching up on all the drama via Twitter and I kept seeing that theory. I'm with you -- I think he got it and some of the Jar got it, and there's a big chance it's connected because he flew to PS for his wife's party. If that's what happened and then he seemed to imply on the podcast that he may have gotten it from the Heels set (he mentioned he was already in quarantine because a crew member tested positive), no wonder there are leaks to the press. It'll be an interesting contrast from the Arrow crew, who seemed protective of him and reluctant to spill set secrets. It'll be interesting to see how he handles it if more comes out. (Not well, I'm guessing.)
  5. Yeah, I don't think there's any photographic evidence of him being there, but the Page Six source says he "hosted" the party in Palm Springs. It sounds like it the source might be someone from the set of Heels, and I get why they'd be angry enough to go to the press if he did that and put the show at risk. I'd sooner believe that flew from Atlanta to PS than the the theory going around that EBR visited him in Atl and then spread it to PS -- which seems to be only based on a fan saying she saw him in Atl at a restaurant with his "wife" when Cassandra was in Vancouver (but I might be missing something).
  6. I'm just getting caught up on all the covid stuff and it's hilarious how the Jar is frantically trying to cover their tracks and get their stories straight. Carina even changed her caption on her pic with EBR and took out all the stuff about how they quarantined and tested before EBR came to visit (though I'm not sure how that helps?). JW still hasn't deleted his pic from their Palm Springs house around the time of the supposed party though. I get why SA would want to get ahead of the covid story because if it shut down production then a lot of people know about it (and judging from the Page Six article, people on Heels may be more willing to blab to the press than the Arrow crew ever was). But I don't know why Carina and Cassandra felt the need to go public with their positive tests (his wife did a long IG Live on it yesterday). That's when everyone started piecing together the timelines and speculating about a party and/or EBR's travels to LA (and possibly Atl). These guys will never stop shooting themselves in the foot...
  7. Yeah I just reread the Deadline article and it was quoting sources and said Marvel wouldn’t comment. If it is still to be announced or she’s still in negotiations, you’d think she’d hedge a bit instead of a flat out “no” though.
  8. Weirdly, one of my friends was on a Zoom call with Tatiana last night that was hosted by the Toronto Film Festival for a group of about 25 members, and when it came time for audience questions she asked Tatiana about She-Hulk and she said she’s NOT doing it. She said it was just rumours and compared it to a time when there were a bunch of articles about her being cast in Terminator when she hadn’t even auditioned. I did find it strange that she didn’t post anything about it or interact with Mark Ruffalo’s tweet welcoming her...
  9. I hate that trope, which Hollywood seems to hold onto so tightly. As if the only way to create tension in a committed relationship is on again/off again bs. TV critic Alan Sepinwall talks about it a lot.
  10. This is fun! I forgot that her birthday always falls around SDCC.
  11. We’re not as strict as that. It varies by province but they’ll have been asked about their quarantine plan and contact info before leaving the airport, and health officials will call throughout the 14 days to confirm they’re sticking to it. I know BC was sending police officers to do home checks whenever they couldn’t get a hold of people in quarantine, and I assume that’s still happening. It would be incredibly easy for them to maintain quarantine as most grocery and food delivery now offer contactless drop off, so assuming they just stay put in whatever house or Airbnb they rented, they should be fine.
  12. Yeah, he mentioned having to quarantine for two weeks. His wife was posting from an airport so they traveled yesterday. Based on her latest post with mountains in the background, I'm guessing they ended up going to BC, which is much more open than here in Ontario.
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