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  1. Done. This creeped up fast and also one day ahead too. I'll try to create a couple weeks in advance as well going forward.
  2. Premiered April 19, 2021. Welcome back!
  3. Oh, we can all agree on that as the show really depicts Betty as someone who probably should have had kids later in life or wouldn't even at all to be honest. It makes me laugh to think about Don dreaming of a mother like Betty. His childhood was so rough that any half decent parent would be a dream. I do think that some fathers back then were very removed from the nuances of home life and parenting. There was a division in the home and childhood upbringing didn't factor in to Father's work. As long as the kids were fed, healthy, and not completely bonkers, I think Don and other fathers o
  4. Going to Thailand from the UK is not that expensive. Thailand itself is quite cheap after air fare. I didn't think it was unreasonable considering Tom seems to be obsessed with food as his main hobby. It also sounded like he's been working as a FOH manager which would have a decent salary in a city centre like Manchester. Alexina is more well off though. She went to Cambridge and works in marketing or business management.
  5. Based on this topic, I asked a friend who is in his early 70s. He would be a few years older than Sally. He and his 4 siblings did not spend a lot of time with their parents in the 50s and 60s. In the summers, they went with their mother (their father had to work in the city) to their grandparents house in the country and basically spent the whole day outside. He said they would sometimes come back for lunch but they rarely saw their mother except at meal times. It wasn't a lack of love. It was just the norm back then. Betty definitely had issues but the boomers didn't really have a ton of qu
  6. I was happy for the winner. He's been my favourite for awhile. Quite sure that show gives them a stipend for the food they bring to the show and for practicing at home. While a couple of them did seem a bit posher or better off than others, I didn't get the sense they were all very well off.
  7. I've done a couple of Chetna's recipes mostly from her Youtube channel and I liked them. I've done a couple of Nadiya's and they were fine. There are a lot of Nadiya recipes so you can probably find something that's ok. I'm still going through some from her shows. I have an ebook of the Kimber book but I haven't made anything from it yet. Disappointing to hear his stuff does not turn out like it could. Surprisingly, I have a few favourites from Paul Hollywood's books. For awhile there, I really liked how his publisher and stylist was making the books too. I love the British Baking
  8. I felt her jealousy made sense because John has a deeper connection to Jaime than Leery ever did. Most importantly, John is parenting Willie. John is a lot different than Leery; he's well read, intelligent, and was a soldier too. He's a lot more similar to Jaime and Claire. Claire is jealous because John and Jaime have a genuine emotional connection and their connection through Willie. I was uncomfortable with it too but I see Claire as very human. She's not always confident about her emotions and expressing them. She's probably never been particularly jealous or had the opportunity to be
  9. I really like this show for its ingenuity and creativity. I like Greg and Alex. Having said that, my enjoyment of every season has been very dependent on the contestants. Generally, I enjoyed the earlier seasons better. I feel like series 11 has had one of the best starts in awhile because I adore almost every one of the contestants. I loved Lee Mack before this. It's been a revelation to discover Mike Wozniack. Mike is one of the weirdest people on this show. It's been awhile since I loved a contestant so much. Of course, I could get tired of this season like I did last season, but I'm doubtf
  10. Incidentally, Benjamina has done a cookbook on cakes.
  11. I snickered at him saying "I don't get it". As a Canadian, I've found alot of Brits don't get poutine. It's too weird for them. I wasn't interested in Baz. I think Marc is wacky and like Grace said, he has an eccentric air about him and his cooking. It's definitely inventive.
  12. This was a frustrating story line. They wanted to keep the Taylors in town and on the show so they kept making Tami be the reason that held Eric back from higher and better coaching jobs. He was a fantastic coach and it was natural for him to be head hunted more than once instead of staying a small town football coach. Not negating the importance of being the coach in town, it made a lot of sense when Eric would get a bigger job. Unlike the high school characters, they couldn't naturally write him out as easily since he was the moral centre of the show and the lead. I hated that
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