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  1. I think the reference is to the young Mormon American missionaries whom Brits encounter. They often dress similar to Henry's outfit: button down, tie, sweater. This stereotypical Mormon has been joked in a couple of UK comedies and also popularized by the musical Book of Mormon which did open up in London a few years ago.
  2. The season and series numbering has always been in the first post of the pinned Mod Notes thread.
  3. I really like Call my Agent. I use it and other Netflix francophone shows and movies to sharpen my ever declining French ability. Call my Agent is one of the best offerings since the plot, characters, and guest stars make it enjoyable.
  4. Yeah, I was surprised like Prue and Paul that they were all so shallow. At first, I blamed it all on the technical recipe they were given because if all of them were so shallow, then they really should have specified the cutter size or given more detail about the tarts. On the other hand, making a tart is not unusual and a couple of the bakers should have known how to do it. The pastry will shrink even with the blind baking and they all cut their rounds way too small. Henry: I've never done a rough puff before. Oh, Henry. I really like him and he's a big favourite on the Bakedown podcast with Jane and Howard, but it does seem like he didn't come in wholly prepared. However, he is definitely one of the most natural bakers in the tent. Too bad about his ice cream, but he really should not have done a frozen element with such a short amount of time. He'd have needed a blast chiller to have gotten those set in time. Did anyone notice Paul said "Thank you, Prue/Priy" to Priya both at the Signature and the Showstopper? Was this a mistake or is Paul allowed to called Priya this nickname? A bit odd. I'm not shocked about Phil since he was basically coasting middle of the pack this episode and last few episodes. Both Michael and Priya were rescued by the fact that they did well with their mishti flavours. I think Phil would have struggled going forward as he was becoming less ambitious. It was harsh what they said about his mishti though. I still can't stand them showing the bakers crying especially poor Michael.
  5. Channel 4 Air Date: September 24, 2019. Netflix USA Air Date: September 27, 2019.
  6. I felt sorry for Lazenby as I did think OHMSS is a decent Bond flick. I never could warm to the Roger Moore films so I would take Lazenby over Moore. I have always liked Timothy Dalton's Bond since he was doing something very different than all the other Bonds except maybe Daniel Craig comes closest to his style. I like Brosnan and early Connery as well.
  7. It's similar to most competitive reality shows. This article has a little summary. You do a long application and then are called for auditions and a sort of screen test. The podcast the others posters mentioned with Jane and Howard have a lot of great insights on it too. Howard mentioned that he knew someone in his audition who didn't end up in his series but they ended up in the following one. The producers cast for the right mix.
  8. In a previous season, Morland and Sherlock settled his affairs as a precaution because of Moriarity's threats. Sherlock only wanted the brownstone (which he bequeaths to Joan) and he asks that the rest goes to charity.
  9. Channel 4 UK air date: September 17, 2019 Netflix USA streaming date: September 20, 2019.
  10. I like Weevil too. I agree that Francis Capra is very underrated on this show as an actor. One my dissatisfactions with Veronica's arc in S4 was her dismissal of Weevil and her lack of empathy for his own struggles. I feel like the writing on the show for a lot of the characters has regressed. While the show has discussed real socioeconomic issues and ostracization, it hasn't necessarily dealt with the issue of race and those experiences outside of Veronica and her Dad as much.
  11. As fascinating as the Steve shipping topic continues to be, it's been rehashed for a couple of pages. Please take a break from it if you've already said your opinion about Steve with Peggy, Sharon, Bucky, Falcon, or Mjolnir (my fav!). Thanks.
  12. Switching the theme to something like the "Default" one seems to fix this error temporarily so the thread does appear as normal.
  13. I personally like matcha, but I understand, as mentioned in the episode, that it's like marmite. You either like it or you don't. I do find that a lot of matcha used in coffee shops or commercial baked goods is not high grade and you end up with a subpar product. When you use higher grade matcha, the taste is more subtle and less chalky. I make my own matcha lattes at home with higher grade matcha powder and it tastes a lot better than the ones I get in coffee shops. Paul mentioned in an interview last year that he started noticing how free he was as well so he stopped "handing" them out towards the end of S09. I think he's back to being more judicious.
  14. I agree with you. He has charm and humor. I meant dreamy both as his own roles and also how he makes the audience feel (biased here). He has such a pretty and handsome face that it's probably been difficult to cast him as a normal every day guy. I thought Fantastic Four also suffered from the lack of chemistry he and Alba shared which I partly blame on the script. By far the best role that Gruffudd has ever done and one of my favourite TV series. Gruffudd said in the past he would keep doing those stories until he was an old man. Alas, no one really wants to pay for the production and that era doesn't seem to interest viewers or at least people who make movies and TV. Gruffudd has a similar posh feel to all those actors (though his background is not as posh as theirs), but he is taller and generally more attractive that it's difficult to cast him as an underdog lead the way all of them have been. I think some other things hurt Gruffudd. After he moved to Hollywood, he settled down and had a family and mostly did network TV for a long time. I liked him on Ringer and was one of the few people who thought it could have been a great soapy show; him and SMG had good chemistry too. Forever was also a good use of his talents but hampered by iffy writing. He missed out on peak TV and the critically acclaimed shows. His American accent when he first moved was hit or miss. Relative to other Brits, Gruffudd didn't do much theatre. He also has not acted much in UK productions since he left; he's actually doing an Australian show now. The UK acting scene is small and even Rhys has done a couple of UK things. Makes me wonder if he burned some bridges in the UK, but he definitely seems less plugged into the UK and theatre network which could have hurt his career.
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