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  1. Lizzie has a scouse / Liverpool accent. The scouse accent has been heavily influenced by the Irish accent and other ones owning it to being a port city.
  2. TBA Original UK Airing: Tuesday, Sept 28, 2021.
  3. In the last couple of years, I've offered things to my local Buy Nothing group (often on Facebook) first before donating to a charity shop or Goodwill. Freecycle is a similar concept which I used years ago as well. There are also trading groups and apps. It's surprising what people offer up. In my group a lot of people offer excess food as well as other goods. People start travelling bags of clothing, nail polish, jewellery, craft supplies, beauty samples, etc. I've even seen someone taking old computers and laptops, working on them by adding new hardware and software, and then donating
  4. The Great British Bake Off aka The Great British Baking Show is back next week on September 21, 2021. The UK airing will be on Tuesdays on Channel 4. Netflix USA will air the episode on Fridays. Please do not go into the episode thread unless you want to be spoiled. Reminder: Do not reference other episodes without spoiler tagging. Thank you!
  5. Original UK Airing: Tuesday, September 21, 2021.
  6. Quick reminder that discussion of the new season should be in the Season 38 thread. This thread will autolock tonight. Thank you!
  7. As mentioned above, book talk is not allowed in the No Book Talk threads this includes spoiler tags. Thank you.
  8. Agreed. Edith's 1920s wardrobe is the one I remember most from this show especially all the ones she wore on her dates with Gregson and Bertie. I also felt that the writing and the acting eclipsed Mary's a lot at the end. After she was widowed, Mary's whole arc really descended including her styling. Compare: Photos from screenrant.
  9. Jeopardy! Season 38 will premiere September 13, 2021. Please remember the basic rules of this forum and thread. Posting about the day's episode should happen after 7PM ET. Before that, it is considered spoilers so please tag it. As always, be civil to your fellow posters and no politics. Thank you!
  10. Nice article. I did not find it surprising that Jock is full of BS. I don't like MPW and he definitely has his strangeness and issues, but I find it hilarious that Jock would publish a memoirs detailing how close they were. MPW never seemed warm but he did know talent and several of his protégés are successful in the UK and abroad with lots of Michelin stars. Jock would be more well known if MPW did adore him as much as the memoirs claimed. I can't imagine MPW telling Jock that they would go fishing. Pure fiction. The drug stuff is a lot of self-mythologizing. I don't really care or belie
  11. This show and Great British Bake off are made by the same production company: Love productions. When GBBO returned last autumn, there were a couple articles on how they achieved it. You can read one here. In general, all the non-mystery challenges are told to the contestants before the series ever starts. This has always been the case. Even if someone doesn't make Week 7, they are told the challenges because they need to tell the production what tools and supplies are needed. The production prepares for it. They also sent the contestants of GBBO practice supplies (due to the flour shortage las
  12. Vulture's been hyping it up. It has an article on the development of the show and Safran's return and direction for it. It's also got a Who's Who comparing the original cast vs the new one.
  13. Certain threads which have not had posts in about five years have been archived. Is there a way to un-archive threads or possibly even merge them with newer threads? Thank you! Example here:
  14. Discuss the sport, comic relief or special bake offs here. Old thread has been archived. If it ever un-archives, I will merge these threads.
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