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  1. I did not enjoy the second book China Rich Girlfriend as much as the first book, but I agree that things pick up in book 3 Rich People Problems. It also showed Kwan did progress a bit as a writer through the trilogy but his themes of family and heritage are consistent. I really wonder if they will try to adapt the two other books since there is a lot to mine from them.
  2. Athena

    S02.E13: Dragonfly in Amber

    Children learn to speak based on their environment growing up and since Brianna spent most of her time in an American environment with American media, she would have an American accent. However, as @AZChristian mentioned, many children from migrant households will also speak like their parents and switch their accents or languages when speaking to family.
  3. Keanu Reeves has a reputation for being a very professional actor on set. There is a reason he's made a lot of movies as an action star. He's fully committed when he trains for movies and there aren't many lead actors with his experience and skills. He's known to be reliable on set (no drama, no issues) and he remains friends with not only other fellow actors, but also crew members. I think he is well loved by certain people in the industry. He probably doesn't need the MCU money, but I'm always glad to see him on screen and at least Marvel is consistently decent with its scripts and characters. As for Gambit? Eh, I could take it or leave it.
  4. Athena

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    I really like James Frain. He is good at playing villains and amoral characters, but it's too bad he doesn't do other kind of roles. He played a very sweet and romantic guy in the corny Natalie Portman film Where the Heart Is. I did find the episode ended abruptly with Odin walking away and Joan and Sherlock side-eyeing. The COTW was ok. Best part was the locked auction scene mostly because Lucy Liu always great in formal wear in this show and we rarely see Sherlock in a tux. I did hate Joan's checkered dress in the earlier episode.
  5. Athena

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    Any videos or photos officially released by the studios are not considered spoilers in this forum. However with big franchise movies, it may be a better to stay out of the threads until you've seen the movie to stay spoiler-free. Thank you.
  6. Athena

    Queer Eye

    That will be four episodes which has already been filmed so I think it's considered more of a special or mini season. Source.
  7. Chaos Walking, right? I'm actually a little concerned for them both because the movie was shot two years ago, but Lionsgate recently started reshoots since they found the current state unreleasable due to poor screen testings. The book it is based on yet another dystopian future YA series. Lionsgate has not been tracking well on those lately. I think Holland and Ridley will both survive it if it bombs or comes out with mixed reviews. I hope they don't get stuck with a mediocre franchise if the movie does ok.
  8. Athena

    Box Office

    In recent years, overseas box office has become very important to the studios. There are many franchises that do good but not great domestically, but turn bigger numbers overseas to justify remaking them. Franchises can't bomb domestically, but if the overseas numbers are healthy, studios will continue the series and make sequels. Obviously what is considered a flop depends on many factors and risk management is taken into account. Another thing to consider is that these quoted production/budget numbers often do not account for the marketing which is very expensive. Detective Pikachu is an unusual take from one of the most profitable multi-media franchises so I think it will be fine. It's doing well internationally since it has a wide global following. The studio may or may not try again, but the Pokeman franchise won't be hurt by it. Men in Black is too early to tell, but it's not looking good. The X-Men movies have being downward trending with every subsequent movie and this franchise has been turning stale. The last movie did do ok overseas. Deadline reported the studio will lose $100-$120 million on Dark Phoenix. If Fox had kept the franchise, it's questionable what they would have done with it next.