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  1. The Great British Bake Off aka The Great British Baking Show is back this week. The UK airing will be on Tuesdays on Channel 4. Netflix USA will air the episode on Fridays. Please do not go into the episode thread unless you want to be spoiled. Reminder: Do not reference other episodes without spoiler tagging. Thank you!
  2. It's become an issue with popular authors; their books only get bigger and don't seem to have anyone to edit or question certain things in these books. JKR had this issue with Harry Potter and now with Strike. George R. R. Martin and Diana Gabaldon get away with this too. I love big books but I definitely think most of these authors could have afforded to remove one or two subplots or characters.
  3. We're getting more into the books here for details but there are two more documented mixed muggle and witch relationships: Tom Riddle's parents and Snape's parents. Both of whom had muggle fathers. While the former's father was coerced, it appears Eileen Prince and Tobias Snape married without any magical inducement. They did have issues because he was abusive to her and she was also disowned by her family. The wizarding community is small and it's probably not easy to meet someone solely in the wizarding world if you didn't go to school with them, are related to them, or work with them. The community as a whole is conservative and isolated by nature. Interaction with muggles is available to them but it seems to be based on how willing wizards/witches are to explore it. I always thought the dating options in the wizarding world were extremely limited and not something I would like to be born into. It's probably comparable to more conservative religious communities around the world.
  4. I have renamed this thread to include Matt's name. Feel free to discuss all the hosts and their work.
  5. Pan hasn't settled on a shape yet. He is often an ermine.
  6. Returns to Channel 4 (UK) Tues. Sept 22, 2020.
  7. Jeopardy! Season 37 will premiere September 14, 2020. Please remember the basic rules of this forum and thread. Posting about the day's episode should happen after 7PM ET. Before that, it is considered spoilers so please tag it. As always, be civil to your fellow posters and no politics. Thank you!
  8. Roger definitely had many affairs but Roger always had a soft spot for Joan. They had a long term affair before the show started. They were work spouses when they weren't together romantically. I think they even became friends so he would feel much more invested in their son than any other of his dalliances. I always thought that after Jane, he'd have gone back to Joan if she had wanted him. Actually their relationship sorta reminds me of the Pete/Peggy one. While they never became friends, they understood each other. I think Roger understood Joan a bit less than Pete did Peggy, but I think Roger loved (or loves when the show ended) Joan in his way.
  9. Athena

    Making Your Own?

    I also make it regularly. You can experiment with spices and vegetables. I use a mandolin for slicing. My brine is only from the salt of the vegetables. I calculate the salt by weight and percentage. I use mason jars with glass weights. I find it has worked better. As for lids, I use fermentation lids which burp automatically as well. Burping is easy too though. I dream of having a giant crock as well.
  10. Marcus posted on IG that the Masterchef Pros trophy is on a table implying that they are filming the finale. Excited for this show to return in the autumn!
  11. Series 11 has wrapped up filming.
  12. Athena

    Disney Films

    This video was probably linked earlier in the thread but it's a good one about Cinderella and feminine traits in female leads in general: It highlights her strength is her feminine traits. I love Mulan and other female leads who become independent and take on more traditional masculine traits of physical strength. However, protagonists who display kindness and perseverance are strong as well especially in the face of adversity and abuse.
  13. Quick Reminder that Flying to England or unofficial methods of watching the show are not allowed on the forums. We know you do it, but please don't discuss it here. Thanks!
  14. I recently thought about this show and am doing a light rewatch. I am watching S1 now and the fashion, music, and editing do show its age and time. I'm still in love with most Blair's wardrobe though and her style was more classic so you could still work some of that stuff now. I found an article from Vox in 2017 which marked the 10th anniversary of the show and discussed the devolution of the show from S1. It even has quotes from the TWOP forum which I remember from that time. I think the show summarizes my own thoughts about the legacy of show and what I also felt about it at the time and since.
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