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  1. In the original UK version, Manon says to Noel: "Yeah, well it's you fast asleep and Sandi is f***ed off because you’re late." with the f word being bleeped. I guess in the Netflix version they may have ADR it?
  2. Series 14 started last Friday. I am eagerly awaiting for Bob Mortimer's episode in a few weeks.
  3. The Roger discussion reminds me of the first episode of Mad Men that I ever watched: S01xE07 "Red in the Face". I stumbled onto the show through that episode. I did not know anything about the characters but sensed the rivalry and "frenemy" quality between Roger and Don culminating in the challenge and power play Don sets up for Roger at the end. The look on Roger's face after it was all done told me a lot about their relationship. In S1, Roger did have a sense of mentoring Don. Over the years, he definitely considered Don a true a friend as anyone in his life. Roger took Don under his wing and nurtured Don. In that particular episode, Roger felt he was getting older and made the move on Betty to try to assert some dominance. Don gave as good as he could in that challenge too. He was a real asshole to Betty about it though. The whole episode is about male emasculation and power plays because it also involved Pete, the chip and dip, buying the rifle and telling Peggy that hunting fantasy (consistent with his "I'm the King" image).
  4. How about this? Pre-call: Knowing the clues based on the category itself.
  5. Please go back to the topic of media related to Jeopardy. Thank you.
  6. Reminder that politics is off-topic and not allowed on the forums. It is only allowed in the context of the movie and TV show and even then should be used discussed sparingly. Posts have been hidden. Thank you.
  7. There will be two episodes and tonight (Wednesday) is the second one.
  8. In British English a pitch can be defined as "an area of ground marked out or used for play in an outdoor team game: a football pitch." Basically, a playing field. Given that last year's Christmas special aired earlier this month, Netflix will probably secure it for after the next series in 2021.
  9. "The Science of “Little House on the Prairie" - Smithsonian magazine article about how some scientific fans of Laura and the books tracked data and records to determine weather, location, and events.
  10. The writers have always used Maris as a weird and strange villain. She's not even a real character more as a plot device to ruin Niles's life. Daphne disliking her would be consistent with that. Frasier and Martin did not like Maris (Niles and Martin didn't like Lilith either though). Even before Mel and the murder trial, Maris was horrible to Niles during their separation including trying to win him back and making things worse. Niles was probably the lowest in the show during that time and everyone knew it. Maris was consistently described as cold and strange to everyone who meets her and she consistently avoided Crane events so it's not like there was love lost. It's often understandable to dislike your partner's ex-wife because they made your spouse unhappy. Imagine if Niles and Maris had kids; it would have made things 100x worse. It must have bothered Daphne a lot since she loved Niles and she did have insecurity about their relationship.
  11. We're behind on our watch of Finals week. I usually savour the finale close to Christmas Day (a couple times, I've watched it on Christmas day) because I never like the end of this season. Episode 16: Be back after I watch ep 17 and ep 18.
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