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    Book Covers

    I read an article about the "Book Blob" trend. I was seeing this a lot the last couple of years and it really is a thing: https://www.printmag.com/book-covers/the-book-cover-behold-the-book-blob/
  2. Please remember that politics or related mentions of it (parties, figures, etc.) are not allowed on these forums. See the policy here. Thank you.
  3. It's been many years since I watched this show, but I got the impression that Sandy and/or Kirsten was good with money or knew to hire someone good to manage their money. Their house was probably paid for and Kirsten must have taken a high exec salary working for the Newport group all those years. I could see them saving a lot and having good investments to fall back on. Maybe Sandy had the foresight to not rely on Caleb's inheritance for whatever reason.
  4. "Champions of Champions" to air on Dec 31 on BBC One:
  5. It's basically an All Star episode for the amateur Masterchef UK. Five former champions return. It airs Dec 31. We can discuss it in the other thread. I was sad about Daniel as he was my favourite, but I knew once he messed up the chef's table, he really needed herculean effort to get into the finale.
  6. I agree about Dan basically winning with his menu. Marcus had heart eyes for his dishes that he didn't have with the others. Even if Liam hadn't made t hose mistakes, he was probably one step behind Dan's menu. I know Dan had won it when Marcus said his dish was dish of the day. Marcus and Monica have basically equal votes and Greg less so. Actually back when Michel was on, I don't think Greg even got a say in the finale. I felt so bad for Liam because you can tell he is an absolute perfectionist who beats himself up. He won't have trouble finding work that's for sure. As for Dan, I
  7. Paul would tease Mary a lot about her age but he admitted in an interview that he respected her a lot and that she reminded him of his mum. Like most people who have watched Mary Berry over the years, he took to her maternal side. It's the same with the contestants who constantly worried about disappointing her. A few reports during early seasons said that the producers frequently had to tell Mary to stop giving hints and tips to the contestants when they baked.
  8. Daniel is one of my favourites so far. His dishes and flavours sound fantastic. I am concerned too. He did not look like he got much sleep before the critics round. I think he could burn out and flame out if he keeps at this pace. Other chefs have fallen after the semis or near the finals because of this reason. He's put himself had a lot higher calibre than the others with his consistency. Both Marcus and Monica already look at his work with pride. Something they reference but the viewers don't see as much on camera is how the chefs prep, work in detail, and clean up as they go. They have al
  9. I didn't like any of Daphne's family and Simon and Gertrude overstayed their welcome. I think the actors were fine. The drama not so much. They should have kept those storylines short to a couple of eps max. I didn't mind the Daphne story lines of her insecurity being with Niles which I think added to the development of the characters and the relationship. Her family didn't add much to Daphne's character.
  10. I'm the opposite and looking for more places with souffles! I've made a chocolate souffle before to try it out because I could never find enough good ones. It is incredible when you have a good recipe for the flavour and the texture is so light yet rich at the same time. As a baker, souffles are a bit tricky because they are delicate to fold and incorporate the right kind of flavours. If you aren't careful with mixing and the additions, souffles have a tendency not to rise and you also don't want to overcook it. It's a dish about timing so it shows the chefs can plate in time too. The margin o
  11. Update to spoilers policy: While we discourage discussion of past episodes in the episode threads, we understand that the as the show progresses, past seasons comparison will happen. Please be mindful that other posters who may not have seen all the episodes yet or in different order. Some spoilers may be tagged. Thank you.
  12. Ep 9 and 10 more drama than this show usually gets!
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