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  1. No book talk in this media thread please.
  2. I saw this article about Horshoe crabs and their use for developing vaccines and immediately thought of Sherlock and Joan. I miss this show.
  3. I felt bad for the Turkish chef in the first episode. He really looked like he regretted inviting the show into the kitchen.
  4. In South Korea and Japan are very homogenous and do not rely on hired help from South East Asia. The largest group of foreigners in South Korea are the Chinese for a variety of reasons. A lot of service work in South Korea is done by Koreans. I think most of the Kims have been use to hustling which helps with grifting. The father had tried various schemes to get rich in the past and failed and the kids were obviously trying to find more stable work. Jessica was the best one in terms of being intelligence and being able to pull it off with confidence. I think once they kids got in, they saw an opportunity to get them all in. I don't think it was that far off for them to assume all four could be hired because only two of them were truly full time: the housekeeper and the driver. Also the Parks were very rich given the location and size of their home. Seoul housing is a huge marker of status. Mr Park did not really care about the day to day domestic help and they did not even vet their house keeper who came with the actual house so not a surprise there. Mrs Park is referencing the Battle of Hansan Island which was a pivotal battle of the Imjin War between the Koreans and the Japanese. I have been Korea and consumed enough Korea media to know that the Imjin War is one of the most important in their history so this kind of military knowledge is something all Koreans were taught. Mrs Park is educated to a point, but she was naive to a certain degree. Also, many people believe in alternative therapies for whatever reason and there is a huge industry of it in the West too. Jessica was clever and a good grifter and she did her job extremely well. A lot of film critics and people enjoyed the Jessica character specifically for her grit and tragedy too.
  5. I fold to her method for most things except underwear. It does save a lot of space for tops like t-shirts and shorts though.
  6. Begins Monday, June 29, 2020
  7. Craig works for Marcus at Marcus at the Berkeley. I even saw Craig in the kitchen when I got to dine there in 2018. Sadly, I only briefly saw the back of Marcus's head.
  8. Marcus's words, not mine 🙂 It's probably more accurate for us to say he was developing the tests. Marcus's IG has been pretty good to follow during the lockdown. It gave a lot more insights to his non-work life and he had a video filleting a whole turbot. Yes, I think the set up they have is conducive to distancing. They'll just have to set up a bigger table for the judges.
  9. Good news: Marcus has been practising the skills test and posted recently about going to rehearsals so filming is a go. We may not get it as earlier as previous years, but I am looking forward to having this show back.
  10. Yes, The King: Eternal Monarch did extremely well on Netflix especially in Asia. It's rare for shows to get a second series in South Korea so it's unlikely to happen but the show writer Kim Eun-sook is very popular in Korea and two of her other shows (The Inheritors and Mr Sunshine) are already on Netflix international. Netflix does not commission most of these South Korean shows; they only distribute them. With TK:EM, they had an exclusive international distribution deal. Netflix has been doing more of these deals as it is cheaper than them actually commissioning shows. Kdramas have become very popular on the service. Vagabond was partially produced by Sony so they had distribution as well as Netflix.
  11. Hello all! This season of Jeopardy has ended and you can continue to discuss reruns in this thread or in the All Eps or ToC threads. When we hear about a date to the next season, I will lock this one and open a new one. Let me know if you comments or questions. Thank you.
  12. Begins Monday, June 22, 2020.
  13. Kevin Kwan recently shared some notes about Crazy Rich Asians on Good Reads.
  14. We watched both of these shows recently as well. I enjoyed them both, but they both did very poorly in South Korea. The King: Eternal Monarch was visually well done and I like time travel and sci-fi concepts but the ending was a typically rushed like most kdramas. Vagabond had issues getting to TV and it was extremely expensive to make. Since it received low ratings and mixed critical response, it's unlikely it will ever get a second season. Currently, making our way through Crash Landing On You which is also on Netflix but unlike the other two, was extremely popular in South Korea when it aired.
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