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  1. There is a niche being filled in the mystery, ensemble variety. It benefitted a lot from the holidays. It's a real holiday movie with the setting, mood (cozy), and the wide demographic. Even though it has a couple of Award noms, it's not pure Awards bait. It's less serious than the award movies. The movie has a bit of stakes because of the murder mystery and social aspects but it's not a standard blockbuster like Bad Boys or Jumanji. It's more accessible and mainstream than some of the awards movies too. It's very rewatachable. I liked the film and understand why it wouldn't appeal to everyone; however, I can definitely see from a box office point of view why it is succeeding.
  2. I was frustrated with Kit these last two episodes. I know he's young but his cockiness in doing simple presentation irked me. He chided Sampada about not fettling enough since he spent most of the first part fettling his damn cylinders. His chess set was boring. Keith crying for him to do better meant Kit was going to stay. He is a great thrower from what we've seen, but he hasn't shown much creativity. I hope he does next episode or I'll wish him gone. Jacob's set was gorgeous. If he really is only starting with hand building, I wonder how good he can be with more experience. Incredible detail. I continue to like quirky Rosalind. Her set was pure Victorian/Edwardian kitsch. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I don't necessarily think I'd want to own something like that but there is something so beautiful and cozy about her style. I also like Claire's set. She is very good. Matt showed a lot of talent this episode too. I liked when the contestants gave their pieces a base. There were issues with stability on a lot of the baseless ones and even with the ones who weren't wobbly, I'd expect they'd topple over easily.
  3. Primetimer does not endorse or allow for sharing methods on "Flying to England". We know you do it but please don't discuss it publicly on the forums. Thank you.
  4. This video gets to the core of "Adaptational Attractiveness" which is not merely casting Hollywood attractive actors for book characters. It is making them too perfect, white washed, and in many cases, less relatable or less complex. It's why I was bothered by the Harry Potter movies; I disliked Kloves penchant of making Hermione perfect.
  5. I agree. I read The Fault in the Stars and then Looking for Alaska. I get on some level why teenagers like his style, and the former is better than the latter because of the points you've made. Alaska was too much of a cipher and MPDG. Miles was a bit too Holden Caulfield at times. I didn't get the hype and have basically not read John Green since.
  6. I love that this show is back. I've got my partner watching with me too now. I had to tell him that Keith cries at least once an episode. He started the series by crying twice. Gosh, I adore Keith. He appreciates the art form of pottery but I liked that the judges in the end sent Tom home because his set was not usable. There were too many mistakes in the form. Rosalind is whimsically eccentric but like the judges, her design with the chickens was really nice. When she mentioned how she wasn't a thrower and more of sculptor, she underplayed how good she can be. I really liked Claire and Jacob's sets as well.
  7. Hands down, my favourite panel show. I've laughed with tears and until I can't breath at some of the stories. Once in a while, I'll watch clips and compilations of best bits from Bob, Rhod, Greg, Lee, and David. It cheers me up if I'm down. One of the things I like about these panel shows is the improv and quick banter. Lee Mack has a sharp wit and seems to be underrated. I've watched some of his sitcom and it's so so, but Lee excels more on this show where he has so many zingers. I also don't find this show as one note or morose as other panel shows have become after awhile. I use to watch most of the UK panel shows but this is the only one (and Taskmaster which I don't think is a true panel show) I still watch. Lee, Rhod, and David are consistent and this show remains classic and fresh. They don't seem tired of the format or give the sense they are doing it for the paycheck. Or maybe they are hiding it much better. Either way, it's one of my favourite returning shows.
  8. This show is not syndicated like regular Jeopardy. As with other US shows on these forums, once the episode airs in ET, spoiler tags are not necessary. Thank you.
  9. Rhian Johnson and Daniel Craig should keep making Benoit Blanc movies. An original movie franchise is rare now and it's even rarer to see good mystery movies.
  10. Reminder that this is a No Book talk topic. Posts have been moved. Thank you.
  11. Athena

    Skincare and Suncare

    I do a multi-step skincare routine. Most reports about Korean 10-step are exaggerated; it is rarely ever 10 steps. It is usually more than the Western one and is focussed more on hydration, moisturizing, and sun protection. I average 4-5 products each routine from a mix of mostly Japanese and Western products. I always use a hydrating toner (or "skin" in Korean skincare), often a treatment (an acid), moisturizer, and an occlusive at night or sunscreen during the day. I'll add a serum, face oil, or other product as necessary. A lot of people love sheet masks as well.
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