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  1. Kiko is popular in Japan and all the heroes were aware of her. Kan was actually a bit nervous since it does seem she is involved or visible in the Japanese LGBTQ+ community. Her fashion sense and styling is actually mild compared to that of other Japanese celebrities or talentos. I liked that the special was also made with Japanese audiences in mind with the editing and by including Kiko and Naomi. Netflix Japan is more proactive compared to other international Netflix divisions. It has a huge library and they are trying to create more original content. I actually hope Queer Eye goes back to Japan. I loved the Yoko episode. I think I'll rewatch it because she had amazing chemistry with all the guys especially Antoni and Karamo. It was really moving as well because of the work she does with her patients and community.
  2. Yeah, the menu with the tartar followed the monkfish was our favourite too. Some years ago when Michel Roux Jr was on, they implemented this new format wherein Greg would only come back in the later stages. I think Greg is fine and I don't mind it, but it was a great decision to focus on the two chefs.
  3. Monica can speak at least a little French. She has done on the hotel travel show she hosts with Giles Coren (great show if you're into knowing how luxury hotels work). When watching UK shows though, there are often French words which become Anglized. It's become normalized in the UK and UK kitchens because a lot of people would not necessarily know how to pronounce it. The profession is still one that sources largely from the working class. This dish originates from the 1920s Savoy hotel and isn't as well known internationally, but it's one of the the signatures dishes at the Savoy in London. As a result, a lot of other UK hotel kitchens have it on menu and would know what it is.
  4. As this show will unlikely be aired in the USA, it is ok to discuss what has aired. However, we have a small group of watchers and we can discuss what works for every body. As the episodes air three times a week, perhaps we can post more spoilery comments in the weekend. We can also name names in spoilers and talk about challenges outside of spoilers. Usually a couple weeks after the whole show has aired, all bets are off so we can revert back no tags.
  5. A lot of your questions will also be answered in the following books in the series including The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. Someone else can correct me since I am going off memory. Spoilers for the Northern Lights/Golden Compass:
  6. This was not a bad start. I've reread the books a couple times and it's one of my favourite series. The pilot was really exposition heavy for audiences to get into the world. While Pan has a few lines, he is pivotal like Lyra and he hasn't had as much lines yet. Maybe it's too expensive but daemons interacting with their humans is a good way of getting exposition. I agree that the casting of the movie for the main characters really exceeds this production. I have always liked MacAvoy and he is doing well here, but he follows two Bond actors. Timothy Dalton played Asriel on the stage adaptation years ago. I like Ruth Wilson and they really got her daemon correct. Nicole Kidman fit the role because Mrs Coulter is suppose to be extraordinarily good looking. Her entrance on the show was good but not as mesmerizing as in the movie. As for Lyra, I'm not won over by the child actress either. They made both Asriel more dickish and Lyra even more annoying than usual. I think the kid who plays Roger has it perfectly though. The Gyptians are casted well too.
  7. Quick reminder that we have a Tournament of Champions thread.
  8. Rosie lives in rural, small town Somerset while a couple of contestants live up north or in central urban areas; it's not surprising that she doesn't have the time to meet up with them given her job. They show a lot of these in the first episode. They reused David's nursing footage. We were also shown Steph working at her two jobs. One for a sports store and one for her mum's car business.
  9. Yes, the same outfit for the weekend/episode (and it's a myth that they always film on weekends) is for continuity and editing. The Bakedown podcast discussed it a little too. If their candid interviews didn't work out the first day or the production team forgot certain shots, they can re-interview or re-shoot. This fairly standard in some other reality shows as well.
  10. Well deserved and I was happy for David. I like Steph a lot and she was my favourite going in but once she started tumbling in the technical and the Showstopper, she couldn't recover. It was stressful watching it as it was last season with Rahul. I felt so bad for her. On the other hand, I loved watching David work through his Showstopper. He was so clean, chilled and professional through that bake and all the rest. I know they kept saying "underdog" but David's consistency has always made him stand out in this group. His flavours were an issue but he won it on the day and I loved his picnic. It deserved the win. I thought Alice was the dark horse and not at all surprised that she was closer to it than Steph either. Yes but David has been the closest to win several times. He won it in the week where it mattered most.
  11. Agreed. Keanu loved that role. He has said that he'd come back for a sequel, but WB owns it and it'll be difficult any momentum to make a sequel. The movie wasn't well received enough critically and I don't think it did as well as they hoped in the box office. I also liked the cast a lot.
  12. We are less than two weeks away to the series premiere: Tuesday November 5th, 2019. See you then!
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