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  1. At the monthly cytology clinic, Sister Frances comforts a young woman who is struggling with a life-changing diagnosis. Lucille supports a difficult mother.
  2. Air date (UK): January 2, 2022
  3. This topic replaces the old Endeavour forum which has been vaulted at the location below: http://forums.previously.tv/forum/1006-endeavour-v/
  4. Your Peaky Blinders Topic!
  5. A discussion thread for all episodes of the GBBO companion show "Extra Slice".
  6. Originally these links were in the book thread, but there is so much fantastic information already out about the sequel to The Handmaid's Tale that I thought it would be great to have a place to openly discuss them. The book will be published on Sept 10th, but excepts and synopsis's are already out. This takes place 15 years after the book ends. WOW. Warning, as the tags indicate, this will contain spoilers, possibly to be used in the show, and also, this as yet is an unpublished book, so proceed only if you don't care about that. The Washington Post is the most complete s
  7. This is intended as a thread for the broadcast show spoilers. I decided to add book talk spoilers as well, since it's highly unlikely someone would click on a show spoiler thread and object to some relatively minor book spoilers. Mods please switch it around if you wish. Just found a pretty big spoiler in a general article about the show, obviously the reviewer has seen at least one more episode than we have. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/05/22/a-cunning-adaptation-of-the-handmaids-tale Since it's a first post I'll do the caution thing here, this is a show spoiler, not ju
  8. Trini


    Airing in the US on CW, Wednesdays starting August 7.
  9. I couldn't see a topic for this and wondered if anyone else is watching it. This show is mind-blowingly, mesmerizingly awful but has somehow managed to become the highest-rated show ever on its home network Sky Atlantic in the UK. It airs in the US on something called Ovation which I've never heard of. Neil Jordan gets a "created by" credit, even though he disowned it before it aired after his "original darker version" was "reworked" by others and by "reworked" I mean "allowed to chew through its restraints and run off screaming into a dark night of complete and utter insanity". I
  10. The kids are delightful as always, but I'm sorry, I will never accept Liam as a professional judge! The new female judge is okay.
  11. Black Jack is a 1993 anime about an unlicensed doctor who takes on strange cases that can't be explained by science. It's based on the works of one Osamu Tezuka, someone you might've known as "the father of anime." It's kinda like House M.D. but with a more ethical doctor who gives a crap about preserving life and set in a neo-noir genre with a lot more supernatural elements. From an anime fan’s standpoint, Osamu Tezuka is a fascinating subject of study. Even though I haven’t read or seen most of his works, his name and what he has done for the anime industry evoke admiratio
  12. Inuyashiki is a 2017 anime about an old man that receives superpowers in the form of his new robot body. It deals with issues of ageism in Japan as well as existentialism. It's currently available on Amazon Prime. Inuyashiki: Last Hero Review Whenever people think of anime, there's an ingrained impression even today that it's full of giant robots, ninjas, pirates or other crazy and fantastical elements that are, in an oversimplified manner, "cartoonish." Even nowadays, there's a communication barrier between those who got into anime and those who didn't. There are ce
  13. Banana Fish is a 2018 anime crime thriller that deals with gang violence and other uncomfortable subjects like sexual assault and pedophilia. It's currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Banana Fish Review Trigger warning due to mentions of sexual assault, but I won’t be going into explicit details. I’ve been ignoring everyone I’ve been wandering around I’ve been deceived everything At that time Then you appeared in front of me Ignited my pale heart We’ve been looking for each other from now on Save you - Opening lyrics to Banana Fish’s second opening theme,
  14. New Channel 4 post-WW2 Spy Drama written by Bash Doran, starring Emma Appleton with supporting performances from Michael Stuhlbarg and Keeley Hawes. I really enjoyed it.
  15. Anyone else see these? Seems like kind of a half-hearted spinoff, what with NOT A SINGLE PERSON from the original show (hosts or judges) as part of it. What's common? They bake. Inside the Bake Off Tent. The show uses the same music. The hosts are a double-act, even if not the SAME double act as the main show. The titles are SIMILAR to the original, if not the same. Also, due to a short schedule (3 episodes) the way they present and test the bakers has to be pretty different (groups of four doing a single bake to get into a quarter-final).
  16. Episode Synopsis: Ross is given hope for the Despards' return to Honduras but finds his new nemesis Ralph Hanson has returned to Truro. Morwenna, still struggling with the loss of her son, starts to secretly slip away from the village, leaving Drake to wonder where she goes. Sam and Rosina become close as Rosina starts to lend a hand with the school. Geoffrey Charles and Cecily continue meeting in secret but discovering the nature of Ralph and Cary's business plan leaves them in turmoil.
  17. Talk about Season 8 here! Premieres September 10, 2018.
  18. Season 6 premieres September 11, 2017! Episode 1:
  19. Discuss Season 7 here! Episode 1: Airs March 26, 2018.
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