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Found 447 results

  1. Colt and Larissa face legal issues again; Jay's sister confronts him about the truth; Chantel faces off with Pedro's sister; Elizabeth's baby shower has an unwanted guest; Pao's mom rejects her birth plan. Is there something weird going on with TLC? Because this is the 2nd or 3rd week now that an episode is available on demand before it even airs. Maybe I am missing something and it did air....and I am just an airhead. Anyway, if anyone has watched/is watching this episode, chime in. It is of course, as always, a total dumpster fire of snark.
  2. Chantel gets shady news about Pedro and his family; Larissa shuts Colt out after her second arrest; Ashley discovers the ugly truth about Jay; Andrei spends money on his father, which upsets Elizabeth; Russ and Pao's baby is ready to make his debut. Airs 6/23/19. Reminder: TLC has been making episodes On Demand nearly a week prior to their air date, so if you have not watched the episode On Demand and don't want to be spoiled, stop reading now.
  3. The show has been kind of dull this week. Where is the Brady/Theresa hookup going? I would love them to fall for each other but then Kristen shows up and things explode. Will the Wilson wedding go smoothly with no problems? Some drama would be nice. Too much lovey dovey stuff may be boring. Will Ben make Abby give him a chance or is she still pining for EJ? Who has the EJAbby pictures and how will they turn up? Will Gabi be dumb enough to go round three with Nick? Will Gabi end up dead? Who is the vicitm at the K' Mansion that needed police tape at the place? Will Hope and Aiden ever have a romance or continue to bicker for years? Will Kayla make Hope jealous? When will Sami find out what EJ has done? Will she find out everything? Will she forgive him? After Lucas and Sheryl make love what drives Sheryl out of town? How soon will Nicole and Eric break up? Who will Nicole rebound with? These questions should spark some discussion.
  4. Jenny arrives in India but Sumit may have cold feet; Paul finally arrives in Brazil and surprises Karine; Laura drops a bomb on her brother, revealing some big news; Tiffany is off to South Africa, hoping she's made the right decision for her son. Airs 6/17/19.
  5. Rhondinella

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Well, this probably won't upset anyone. http://tvline.com/2014/01/18/juan-pablo-galavis-anti-gay-bachelor-controversy-remarks-pervert/ Summary, Juan Pablo, on stage at winter press tour, reportedly said he didn't think gay or bisexual people should be on The Bachelor because it isn't good for kids to watch, then went off a little on the "weirdness" of kids having two parents of the same sex, before referring to gays as "more pervert, in a sense." It will be fun to watch ABC spin this one, although they will undoubtedly credit some of it to the language barrier. I think it was more a case of a big cultural difference and the speaker not being able to read the room. I personally wonder how many ABC publicists were in the back of the room simultaneously hyperventilating and trying to wave him off while he was speaking.
  6. humbleopinion

    S.09 E.01: Nice To Marry You

    Four couples have the requisite 2 weeks to finish being single, tell their fam and friends that they are getting hitched to a stranger. Will each meet their forever person or can't wait to divorce you and forget this marriage ever happened to me....
  7. WE know you can’t get enough of Love After Lockup, and lucky for you (and us), more arresting moments are right around the corner! This summer, the breakout reality series is getting a spin-off titled, Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, and will continue the stories of five fascinating couples we met in seasons one and two of Love After Lockup. Focusing on the continuously complicated task of maintaining a relationship on the “outside,” the former inmates will also face the highs and lows of raising children, buying their first homes, meeting parents and abiding by parole restrictions with tempting opportunities looming. The returning couples will include Clint and Tracie, Marcelino and Brittany, Sarah, Michael…and Megan, Scott and Lizzie, and Andrea and Lamar. WE. CAN’T. WAIT. Mark your calendars — ‘Life After Lockup’ gets real in June.
  8. As a reminder, there is NO preview talk in the episode threads. Instead, bring your comments about the previews, including speculation based on previews NO SPOILERS here.
  9. The bottom of the lineup finally gets to bat...the last 2 couples tie the knot. All 4 couples celebrate (or commiserate) their marriages with friends and family at their receptions. Keith finds out why his bride is going on and on about wearing a "pure as the driven snow" white gown. Keith's in virgin territory...literally and figuratively...
  10. OnceSane

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    Airs June 12, 2019.
  11. This topic will be used as our live chat for all of the 90DF spinoffs, so if you want to live-watch and live-chat with your buds while the episode is going on, and don't mind a few million posts, please use this thread for posting during any and all episodes. As with any other episode thread, do not post spoilers you read on social media or other websites. (We have couples' threads for that.) Happy posting!
  12. Corey begins to second guess his life-changing move to Ecuador; Sumit wants to transform Jenny into a traditional Indian woman; Tiffany and Daniel pick up Ronald from rehab; Jihoon hopes he can get his parents to change their mind about Deavan. Airs 6/24/19.
  13. They're back. How will Reagan and Tamica go head to head? Head butting like rams? Will there be an octagon? Or will they each bake a king cake and the others will determine which they like best? Let's watch and find out. Shout out to @ProudMary for finding the episode title and description! A grateful viewership salutes you. Original air date 2019.06.02
  14. Debbie gives Colt heartbreaking news; Nicole's stepfather reveals information about Azan; Jay's sister discovers the truth; Chantel finally faces Pedro's mother; Elizabeth is pushed too far; Pao realizes it's time to say goodbye. Episode will air 6/9/19 and is available On Demand.
  15. Here's the spot to discuss the second season/sequel to The Alienist!
  16. Charlotte's singles are getting the opportunity to be chosen for MAFS with Dr Viviana Coles brought to replace she who shall not be mentioned. The matchmaking process is no easier this season...excuses already?
  17. Colt and Larissa attempt to reignite their sex life. Nicole's trip hits a roadblock. Ashley decides the fate of her marriage. Chantel drops a bomb on Pedro. Elizabeth gives Andrei a wakeup call. Buried emotions get stirred up for Pao.
  18. Sarah 103

    The Speculation Conjecture

    Here is the place to post everything you hope will happen in season 3. Remember, we are not allowed to discuss future plot points from The Big Bang Theory.