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  1. Airs Monday, Jan 24, at 8:00PM EST.
  2. Taken from the Live Chat 2 thread (post from mod OnceSane): The 90DF Live Chat 2 thread is getting pretty long and some of us thought it would be a good idea to start a new live chat thread. This topic will be used as the live chat for all of the 90DF spinoffs with episode threads (ex: 90DF/90DF:HEA/90DF:BT90D/90DF:TOW) so if you want to live-watch and live-chat with your buds while the episode is going on, and don't mind a few million posts, please use this thread for posting during any and all new episodes. As with any other episode thread, do not post spoilers you read on soc
  3. The show has been kind of dull this week. Where is the Brady/Theresa hookup going? I would love them to fall for each other but then Kristen shows up and things explode. Will the Wilson wedding go smoothly with no problems? Some drama would be nice. Too much lovey dovey stuff may be boring. Will Ben make Abby give him a chance or is she still pining for EJ? Who has the EJAbby pictures and how will they turn up? Will Gabi be dumb enough to go round three with Nick? Will Gabi end up dead? Who is the vicitm at the K' Mansion that needed police tape at the place? Will Hope and Aiden ev
  4. Jasmine leaves Gino home and parties with a stripper; Kim and Usman clash over sleeping arrangements; Memphis is angry at Hamza's immaturity; Mike's habits gross out Ximena; Ben gets bad news from Mahogany; Alina reveals something she's been hiding. Airs 01/23/22
  5. Original air date 2022.01.24 Season finale.
  6. It's no secret that Darcey has moved on from her failed relationships with Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks with a handsome Bulgarian named Georgi Rusev, and audiences will see how that unfolds. But not everything is coming up roses for the Silvas when love is concerned. Darcey & Stacey will be diving headfirst into Stacey's relationship with fiancé Florian Sukaj, who has not only been accused of infidelity, but audiences will also get to meet the "other woman" on the series. Premieres August 16, 2020.
  7. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  8. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  9. Original network air date 2022.01.12
  10. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  11. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  12. Airs Wednesday February 2 at 11:03PM EST.
  13. Airs Wednesday February 2 at 8:00PM EST.
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