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Found 788 results

  1. Airdate: 02.24.2021 Please limit discussion to the events of this episode; current events are spoilers. Nice to see the klassy titles continue for these klassy ladies.
  2. Interviews, articles, and other media stuff goes here!
  3. This topic will be used as our live chat for all of the 90DF spinoffs with episode threads (ex: 90DF/90DF:HEA/90DF:BT90D/90DF:TOW) so if you want to live-watch and live-chat with your buds while the episode is going on, and don't mind a few million posts, please use this thread for posting during any and all new episodes. As with any other episode thread, do not post spoilers you read on social media or other websites. (We have couples' threads for that.) Happy posting!
  4. Well, this probably won't upset anyone. http://tvline.com/2014/01/18/juan-pablo-galavis-anti-gay-bachelor-controversy-remarks-pervert/ Summary, Juan Pablo, on stage at winter press tour, reportedly said he didn't think gay or bisexual people should be on The Bachelor because it isn't good for kids to watch, then went off a little on the "weirdness" of kids having two parents of the same sex, before referring to gays as "more pervert, in a sense." It will be fun to watch ABC spin this one, although they will undoubtedly credit some of it to the language barrier. I think it was more a case of a big cultural difference and the speaker not being able to read the room. I personally wonder how many ABC publicists were in the back of the room simultaneously hyperventilating and trying to wave him off while he was speaking.
  5. It's tow truck time for Destinie and Shawn! The epic battle of an idiot and a rage-aholic. Original air date 2021.02.19
  6. As always, this is a spoiler-free topic. If it didn't happen this episode, please do not discuss. Now let's do a cheers!
  7. Guests: former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, Democratic Sen. John Tester, who represents Montana, and Vox co-founder Ezra Klein. Original air date: 2021.02.26
  8. This thread will be to discuss "in real time" the new season of Sister Wives that begins Sunday, February 14, 2021. According to TLC this is Season 15, so for consistency it will be referred to as Season 15.
  9. Air Date: February 21, 2021
  10. This review of the crossover so far sum up my feelings, especially this exchange:
  11. Airdate: 02.14.2021 Oh darn, we have to wait a week for the dungeon style stripper party. 🙄
  12. The show has been kind of dull this week. Where is the Brady/Theresa hookup going? I would love them to fall for each other but then Kristen shows up and things explode. Will the Wilson wedding go smoothly with no problems? Some drama would be nice. Too much lovey dovey stuff may be boring. Will Ben make Abby give him a chance or is she still pining for EJ? Who has the EJAbby pictures and how will they turn up? Will Gabi be dumb enough to go round three with Nick? Will Gabi end up dead? Who is the vicitm at the K' Mansion that needed police tape at the place? Will Hope and Aiden ever have a romance or continue to bicker for years? Will Kayla make Hope jealous? When will Sami find out what EJ has done? Will she find out everything? Will she forgive him? After Lucas and Sheryl make love what drives Sheryl out of town? How soon will Nicole and Eric break up? Who will Nicole rebound with? These questions should spark some discussion.
  13. Airdate: 12.20.2020 Some reminders: Keep all comments to the events of this episode only. Any current events are spoilers. Discussion of BLM or other hot topic social issues are ok, but as always remember to be civil to each other. Discussion of politics or any political figures who are not specifically referenced in the episode are not on topic, and are against our politics policy.
  14. Originally aired: December 20, 2020 (on BBC One; Dec 28 on HBO)
  15. Original air date 2021.03.02
  16. Originally aired: December 6, 2020 (on BBC One; Dec 14 on HBO)
  17. Pounders, we have a 700 pound poundticipant! Shannon is a wee lass with a husband who feeds and feeds and feeds some more. This is the LIVE CHAT thread. It will be open during the initial US airing. Original air date 2021.03.03.
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