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  1. A thread for theories, discussion of plot holes, etc., such as:
  2. The show has been kind of dull this week. Where is the Brady/Theresa hookup going? I would love them to fall for each other but then Kristen shows up and things explode. Will the Wilson wedding go smoothly with no problems? Some drama would be nice. Too much lovey dovey stuff may be boring. Will Ben make Abby give him a chance or is she still pining for EJ? Who has the EJAbby pictures and how will they turn up? Will Gabi be dumb enough to go round three with Nick? Will Gabi end up dead? Who is the vicitm at the K' Mansion that needed police tape at the place? Will Hope and Aiden ev
  3. The Snowdens now have two news "wives" and five kids all living together in a small house. What could go wrong? And how will they get their vaginas steamed during a pandemic? The Joneses try to convince us that anyone wants to join them in a thruple. Meanwhile, women the world over suffer from extreme eye rolling. King Clark convinces someone to pretend to want to be part of his kingdom to stay on the show since Kaleh sensibly peaced out. Sure, Jarod, all the women want a piece of you. They want you so much they are willing to play Cinderella to Queen Alyssa. Finally, the
  4. This topic will be used as our live chat for all of the 90DF spinoffs with episode threads (ex: 90DF/90DF:HEA/90DF:BT90D/90DF:TOW) so if you want to live-watch and live-chat with your buds while the episode is going on, and don't mind a few million posts, please use this thread for posting during any and all new episodes. As with any other episode thread, do not post spoilers you read on social media or other websites. (We have couples' threads for that.) Happy posting!
  5. This is the place for press releases, etc. Do not put spoilers on upcoming seasons here.* *Location and contestant info revealed by the show and/or by Bravo are not considered spoilers. Otherwise, we have a spoiler thread and spoiler tags. If in doubt, please err on the side of hiding, in order to protect the spoiler-averse.
  6. Yes, it's Hamptons time! House porn! Possible food porn! Ramona Ramona-ing! Will there be tiki torches? Will there be excessive alcohol consumption? Will Ramona pretend to be above the fray? Meanwhile, Leah tries to pretend she's the coolest kid on the block with her Burning Man party. Ah, Leah, you're not in the desert with a thousand of your closest "friends". (Or at least I doubt she is if she's filming for RHoNY. Is she going to burn a cornhusk doll in her fireplace?) Original air date 2021.05.11
  7. New York is back for another season of drinking and drama. They are back in the big apple, versus being back in the Hamptons or the Berkshires or a vacation spot or . . . . Joining us this season is Eboni K. Williams. Heather Thomson returns along with Luanne, Ramona, Sonja and Leah. Original air date 2021.05.04
  8. It's part one of the reunion. Let the games begin! Original air date 2021.05.04
  9. Please let Dannnnnnielle tell GarrICK that he is a lying weasel who is following his dick into both infidelity and outright cruelty toward her while justifying it with God's will. Let his tears be from her kicking him to the curb rather than him missing the great love of his loins, Roberta. The Winders continue to be low key and remarkably enjoyable simply by not being anything like the other horrible couples+ on this show. Emily goes on a date with the King and Queen. All bets are that unless they're paying her for a storyline or she is homeless and destitute she nopes out on joi
  10. Original aur date 2021.05.21
  11. Original air date 2021.05.21
  12. Original air date 2021.05.21
  13. Well, this probably won't upset anyone. http://tvline.com/2014/01/18/juan-pablo-galavis-anti-gay-bachelor-controversy-remarks-pervert/ Summary, Juan Pablo, on stage at winter press tour, reportedly said he didn't think gay or bisexual people should be on The Bachelor because it isn't good for kids to watch, then went off a little on the "weirdness" of kids having two parents of the same sex, before referring to gays as "more pervert, in a sense." It will be fun to watch ABC spin this one, although they will undoubtedly credit some of it to the language barrier. I think it was m
  14. Airdate: 05.10.2021 This is episode ELEVEN? Have eleven things even happened all season?
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