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  1. I had been going back and forth about getting Disney Plus. I finally gave in because I wanted to see The Mandolarian. After watching the first three episodes, it was worth every penny. Baby Yoda! The most adorable species evah! He/she is so sweet. I love how quickly Baby Yoda became attached to the Mandolarian, using the Force to save him, and then gulping down the frog. Ha. It was so sad when he/she looked scared arriving at the new place and seeing the Storm Troopers. I was surprised when he referred to Baby Yoda has an enemy. This must be how they view and justify their bounties. If th
  2. Flash-90 is on the poster. His world was destroyed so I am still holding to my idea that he is the Flash dying. Maybe the Monitor gives Cisco his powers back temporarily.
  3. Another regular character? No, please no. If this show has another regular character, especially one with powers, Team Flash will practically have to live in Star Labs and never leave. We definitely will never see an extra again. Not to mention the characters will have even less dialogue, while doing even more standing around with nothing to do during scenes. And we will see even less of Joe who is already disappearing.
  4. I loved Wes and stopped watching when he was killed. I am only watching this season because it is the end so even if "Wes" from last night is really Christopher, it makes me happy.
  5. The appearance of John Wesley Shipp as Flash-90 is making me hold on to my belief that another Flash will die not Barry. Interesting. This hasn't occurred to me.
  6. The murder game actually started when Sam had Frank murder Lila to cover up his affair.
  7. It didn't occur to me that "Wes" could be grown up Christopher. That would make more sense that Wes being alive.
  8. Wes! Or his twin! I am glad that Alfie is back. Laurel and Christopher must be with Wes. Annalise isn't dead. She is likely with Wes, Laurel, and Christopher. Farewell, sweet Asher. I loved you. His mother or sister probably killed him.
  9. Eh, she is alright on Mayans. Maybe given more to do she will be more interesting.
  10. After thinking about it for a bit, I think Liz, Grey's girlfriend is probably on the run from her past. It will catch up with her just as she and Dex become good friends. Dex, Grey, and Miles will protect her, and she will end up having to leave Portland.
  11. Sadly, I predicted Miranda's miscarriage. She and Ben deserved to have another child, not the ridiculous Owen. I should have known there was no escaping Owen and Amelia. What is he on now? Kid number 100? On a positive note, this is a lucky escape for the wonderful Linc. He will get a love interest worthy of him. Oh Maggie. I am sure that she will be fine eventually. Too bad that car didn't take out Jackson. Better luck next time.
  12. I acknowledge the arguments for not killing Cecile and Jenna are persuasive. I would accept @SevenStars' suggestion about a change in reality. Both Cecile and Jenna can disappear or be erased and no one remember that they ever existed. Honestly, if Cecile was used better and wasn't meta, she would be an asset. Stop giving her so much airtime and her own story, Wallace! I hoped that Joe's promotion to Captain was going to mean the return of the CCPD set, but that hasn't happened. Now I I think that elimination of the CCPD set and rarely using Jitters is budget cutting to hire new regula
  13. If Dex and Grey are the true love/endgame couple, I rather that they just put them together or leave Miles out of their "will they, won't they" drama. Right now Miles isn't in love with Dex and he is still trying to figure out what he wants from a relationship with her. She seems open to being him beyond just sex since she agreed to let him meet Ansel. I rather Dex not break Miles' heart. He gets his own stories so he easily can meet someone else and have his own romance while still having a major role in Dex's stories. I did miss the captain in this episode. Camryn Manheim is always a treat.
  14. The triangle has arrived. It isn't too bad. I am ignoring Grey's new girlfriend because she is obviously just there to make Dex jealous and she probably has a secret past or something. I thought Miles was funny and sweet with Ansel. I like Miles with Dex, but if she isn't sure or if she has a thing for Grey, it is better he find out now before he gets more involved with her. I liked the other PI and the case of the week wasn't bad.
  15. Cecile was fine when she was just dating Joe and popped up occasionally. She should have never become a member of the main cast or even worse had that invisible kid. If the show had any backbone, it would have used the crossover as a twofer and kill off both Cecile and Jenna. The emotional fallout would give us some great performances from Jesse, Candice, and Grant.
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