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  1. Unfortunately, I can't help thinking the same thing that happened to AMC will happen to DOOL. This hiatus buys the show some time, but probably not much.
  2. I don't what Alison was thinking there. Buyers would much prefer quality hardwood floors than a ridiculously expensive toilet and cheap laminate flooring. She should have known better. This hadn't occurred to me, but you are probably right. The other competitors, judges, and HGTV were probably not pleased. I noticed Drew's reaction to the rooms that Leanne didn't redesign was "uh." Thinking about it Jasmine turned her house into a four bedroom, three bath with a half bath house. That would improve the value of most homes regardless of the neighborhood. However, it surely would have brought the house up to to highest value in the neighborhood or might even been over improving the house. It is possible that no one would be willing to buy any of the houses in that neighborhood for over a million dollars.
  3. I don't think that we know Eddie well enough to know if the fighting is out of character. He is the one character whose background we haven't delved into, we haven't got a "begins" episode for him. He is a veteran so who knows what he experienced when he served. It might explain his struggle to deal with his anger over losing Shannon. Bobby's reaction to Eddie telling him about the divorce suggests that he might not have told many people, if anyone. I wonder if even Buck knows. Surprisingly, I agree. I thought this was her best performance, maybe she was less nervous. She really needs to take acting lessons if she is going to pursue an acting career.
  4. I am tempted by Disney Plus, but I have Netflix which I hardly ever watch it and I have been thinking of that giving up.
  5. The other thing that I liked was how apologetically news and gossip about their problems and their spouses/significant others spreads through the firehouse. That is so realistic. Everyone confiding in everyone about each other's problems. They all care about each other too much which I love about the show. It occurs to me that the fire department is going to be sued for millions by Evelyn's family. No doubt the dept. will back up her and so will her union which I hope that we see in this story, but Hen's job is going to be in serious jeopardy. This will make Buck and Bobby's dramas look like peanuts. I don't know how Hen will go on from this incident. I hope we see her getting therapy and slowly finding her way back.
  6. I can't believe that Jasmine won. I hated that stone on the house and I roll my eyes she puts seating area at the front of a house. I would never let her near my house without close supervision. However, she did add a half bath which adds value. I would have preferred it if Mina had won because of those porcelain slabs in the bathroom. I personally prefer Alison's high end style though. Good luck to the person who is happy living in Leanne's house. I was surprised that she was wearing black, she must have known that she lost so she was in mourning. In any case, it is difficult to know who improved the house the most without over improving without knowing the value of the other houses in the neighborhood.
  7. Dylan Howard is scum. He is in Ronan Farrow's book also. He tried to have it banned in Australia by threatening to sue.
  8. The light definitely turned red when Hen hit the switch because from the aerial view, it was clear that the car next to Evelyn stopped. She was distracted talking to her mother on the phone and drove through the red light. I really hope that Karen realizes that she has to snap out of it to support Hen. Bobby's figure skating past was hilarious. I didn't see that one coming. Too bad the humor was lost in the tragic ending.
  9. This is horrible. Poor Hen. Aisha Hinds is such a talented actor. It was heartbreaking when Hen saw that Evelyn died and collapsed. I am so glad that Athena was there for Hen. How they showed Evelyn up to the moment she was got into the accident... This show is so freaking good at bringing the drama. I am glad that Bobby knows about Eddie's ex-curricular fighting. Now he can get him some help. The guy peeing on the machine was funny until it took him out. And that ice skating accident was brutal. I could barely look.
  10. The Little Mermaid crushed it for ABC. It got an amazing 2.6 in the key 18 to 49 demo. Disney/ABC must be thrilled.
  11. I actually think that they both are pretty girls with sweet smiles.
  12. What @BeautifulFlower said. I will change my comment to: Guggenheim probably gritted his teeth allowing Iris to be included in the crossover. I will be watching on YT
  13. Guggenheim probably gritted his teeth writing those scenes for Iris. I will be watching on YT.
  14. I didn't know that. Okay, I take it back. They just felt over the top. Guess, truth is really stranger than fiction sometimes.
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