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  1. SimoneS

    S04.E08: Ambo

    I have been watching this season because I saw that Emily Deschanel was going to be on, but they are hardly doing anything with her. Instead of the endless flashbacks, they could have given that screentime to her. Why did they bother adding her to the show if they were just going to waste her talent? Ugh.
  2. SimoneS

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    First, the music in this episode was on point! I was jamming. They brought so many memories, some good, some not so good. Second, Ryan Jamaal Swain's (Damon) acting has improved sooo much. Thank goodness! I really enjoyed this episode. Damon and Ricky competing was fun. They are both really good dancers and were great at all the auditions. Of course, Elektra had to ruin it. It was good that someone in her House had a conscience and 'fessed up before Damon was hurt. Damon teaching those enthusiastic middle class White people to vogue will never not be funny. I loved how the coordinator said that she was scared of them. Ha! I am glad that he has a steady income now. He has come a long way. Thanks to Blanca. I liked how they showed what different mothers Blanca and Eletra are. Blanca is all love. She builds up her children's confidence by giving them everything that she has. She is leaving a lasting legacy of love and accomplishment. They didn't give them much airtime, but Papi and Angel were steamy in their final scene. It will be hot when they finally hit the sheets.
  3. SimoneS

    Pose in the Media

    Yay, Pose! Yay, Billy! This is so exciting! I think Billy has a good shot at winning. Pose is a long shot though.
  4. SimoneS

    Pose in the Media

    Indya Moore signs with CAA which is a powerful Hollywood agency. It is huge for her career. https://deadline.com/2019/07/caa-signs-pose-actor-indya-moore-fx-lgtbq-diversity-inclusion-representation-1202646353/#comments
  5. SimoneS

    S03.E06: Fly Like An Eagle

    This whole Dean drama is over the top and ridiculous, but I can't lie, Melba giving birth to Dean and almost dying had me rolling. I initially thought that they wanted Dean to be a sperm donor. Desna singing Dream Girls to Dean was so inappropriate, but I really liked how supportive Roller and her father were. It is a good plan to launder the governor's money. I hope that it doesn't backfire. It is amazing how Victoria Virginia has grown as a character and is now one of the crew. They love her so much. I hate how Dean treated her. I was glad that Jen apologized to her. So Jen cheated on Bryce with EJ and got herpes. Crazy. I am glad that Arlene is happy about the baby. Hopefully, she and Anne will keep it together and be good parents. I laughed when Desna happily said that they were having a baby. I am not thrilled with UncleDaddy getting involved with Jen's mother. His boyfriend might get jealous and hurt her.
  6. The rumor in Page Six or some other NY tabloid was that he paid her millions and gave her their house in the Hamptons where she lived with their children to not to go through with the divorce. They also agreed to live apart and that she would appear with him at public events once in awhile if not at all. At the time, I thought it was strange that he was so desperate to stay married, but with all the revelations about his sexual predatory behavior, it makes some sense.
  7. SimoneS

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    I loved the Netherlands scenes showing the Dutch as the nicest people. When the guy locked the jail door after Peter escaped everyone in my theater busted out laughing.
  8. SimoneS

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    I saw it this weekend in an almost empty movie theater. I thought it was good, but in a kind of eh way. Nothing really stood out. However, I enjoyed MJ and Peter's romance, the sad Tony bits, and the humor with Ned/Betty and the teachers, best JB Smoove role. However, I thought Mysterio tormenting Peter with the illusions and the drones scenes went on too long. Those scenes felt neverending. I did like the ending with Peter being set up as a villain and his identity reveal.
  9. SimoneS

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    I never said that they don't write for her, I said that they don't care about her which I believe that they don't. To me, her stories are perfunctory. The writers do just enough to give KF/Caitlyn a story every season. Since Kreisberg was fired, her stories have gotten worse and are generally self-contained. The things that make you all angry about the character are evidence of this to me which I never get worked up about her. She is just there. Like I said, I am never going to view the character like you do and this conversation is going in circles so I am bowing out. They are always going to write for Caitlin. It is unrealistic not to expect them to, she is not only a regular, she is the only White woman in the cast. And I simply will never understand why you want them to put any effort into writing for her. It would only mean more screen time for her and likely scenes with Barry which WestAllen fans would proceed to complain about. I am cool with how things are with KF/Caitlin and hope they continue this way. Now I am done.
  10. SimoneS

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    I am never going to see this the same way as you. I don't see KF/Cait being treated as a "sacred cow" or "snowflake" rather she is a character that the writers simply don't care about so they never give her any scenes beyond what they have to and don't bother following up on her behavior unlike with the characters who they do care about like Barry, Iris, Joe, Cisco, and Ralph. Besides KF/Cait apologizing to Iris or any follow up to her stories means that valuable screen time is given to DP who can barely act her way out of a paper bag so I am good with the status quo.
  11. SimoneS

    Queen Of The South

    Have to say I think that the show was clever reaching back to its first episode to create real drama between Pote and Tony. I don't think most of the audience probably remembered that Pote killed Tony's father, only that Teresa, Brenda, and Tony were lucky to escape alive, especially after Guero betrayed them all.
  12. SimoneS

    The Flash in the Media

    Finally, Grant standing up and publicly supporting Candice. I can't give him any props because it should not have taken him five years to do the obvious right thing that Minka Kelly immediately knew to do in vocally supporting Anna Diop.
  13. SimoneS

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I suppose it could be a flash forward. They could have Barry's headstone next to his parents. Although if he disappeared, I would think there would be a service, not an actual burial in a cemetery.
  14. SimoneS

    The Flash in the Media

    Yep. Ben will be attending Comic Con in San Diego as a media person so I think that is how he got this info.
  15. SimoneS

    Queen Of The South

    Damn, I forgot that Pote killed Tony's father. That was so long ago. Now Tony knows. Oh well. I liked Pote turning to Santeria to protect Teresa. It is in character for him. What about justice for Birdie, Teresa? I don't feel inclined to make peace with Dumas. He needs a bullet put in him. That judge is annoying. They need to kill him and make it look like a heart attack. Javier still hasn't told Teresa everything, but now he has something to lose so he will have to be loyal to her for he and Emilia to stay alive.