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  1. SimoneS

    Pose in the Media

    The renewal is great news!
  2. SimoneS

    S03.E02: Muscle & Flow

    That was so funny. I didn't think that the show would acknowledge their violent past. It does make me uncomfortable because they do seem determined to forget that Desna shot Roller because he was strangling Virginia.
  3. SimoneS

    S03.E02: Muscle & Flow

    I enjoyed the mayhem of Desna and her crew running the casino. It is nice to see them take on different roles outside of the salon. I would have Anne be the casino manager since she has a MBA, but she was having fun doing security. I hated that the guy murdered that woman. These new criminals don't play. Desna and her crew better be careful. I can't wait to see how Roller proves himself to Desna. It would be nice to see him stop being an ass and be a better man. I looking forward to see Jenn and Bryce interacting with her daughter's biological father. I hope it doesn't go badly. Virginia as an empath is hilarious. At least Toby is feeling bad about shooting her. Dean needs to get off this revenge kick. It isn't healthy. I am not a fan of UncleDaddy. We will see how long this change of heart lasts, but it would be nice if he stops being evil as hell.
  4. SimoneS

    Relationships: Speed Dating

    I will never stop resenting that Barry and Iris got married on another show. I had to watch their half-ass wedding on YouTube. They are the lead couple on the number one CW show, yet they had to share their wedding with another couple. Hell, even their kiss was blocked by Oliver and Felicity. Iris will probably give birth on another show. Anything to raise those ratings and increase the ad revenue. RME. I don't much care whether Joe and Cecile get married or not. Their relationship just there to me.
  5. SimoneS

    Nora West-Allen: XS

    So it turned out that my first speculation about Nora erasing herself was right. Thinking back over the season, I can only conclude that the character of Nora was a colossal waste because the terrible writing. Instead of Barry and Iris anchoring Nora to the show, too often it felt that like they were side plots to Nora's story. Nora was actually the lead and co-lead is so many episodes. I have said this several times before, but I still don't understand why they dedicated so much story and screen time to a character that they knew would be leaving at the end of the season. It was so badly done. I hope if or when we see "Nora" again, she is written completely differently. Also, why were they so coy about Nora's sexuality? They implied that she was a lesbian or bisexual, but never stated it explicitly or let her have a romance. I would have thought that at minimum she would have a conversation with her parents about her sexuality.
  6. SimoneS

    Property Brothers

    The last episode of one of their shows that I watched the real estate brother wanted the homeowners to convert a small bedroom into a living space to make it more attractive to sell, I practically cheered when the wife pushed back hard, insisting that it remain a bedroom. It is rarely a good idea to lose a bedroom if you are intending to sell. The couple still were able to sell the house over the list price so they saved money not doing that wrongheaded remodel. As for carpet, I am not a clean freak and I find it disgusting, especially when you have pets. I don't care how deep carpet is cleaned, the dirt and various pet messes are never completely eliminated. I would give my right arm for hardwood or tile floors. I have never been able to escape carpet in the places that I have lived, one day hopefully. After years of watching these HGTV shows, I have concluded that these people who claim to have large families and tons of friends who they apparently entertain every week so they need a wide open space are mostly lying because they want to justify wanting "open concept."
  7. SimoneS

    Queen Of The South

    I don't mind Kelly Anne's return. It is believable that James let her live, but her bond with Tony isn't. They created this bond with Tony to reintroduce Kelly Anne and make it difficult for Teresa and Pote to kill her. I always thought that Pote had a thing for Kelly Anne although he kept his distance from her. Maybe something will happen between them now. I always thought the young guy in Teresa's flash forward might be a grown up Tony, now I am even more convinced after how he watched Pote slit the guy's throat. I liked the flashbacks of Teresa and Brenda. If only because I like the actress, Justina Machado. IMO, Brenda's death was the saddest moment on the show. Back then she and Teresa were just desperately trying to keep themselves and Tony alive. I liked George and the bartender hooking up. For a drug and gun smuggler, George is a pretty good guy and goodness knows he went through the ringer being captured and losing Bilal last season. He deserves a bit of happiness although it likely won't last long. I don't know how Teresa makes it alive out of each episode. It is difficult to believe that none of these people have killed her yet. She is so convinced that money is all. I am glad Javier is still alive. He seems loyal to Teresa. I hope that they take down his cousin before he gets Javier killed. Greed. That Black business owner has made such a terrible mistake. He is going to get himself and his crew slaughtered because of his greed.
  8. SimoneS


    I had the same reaction. What was that supposed to be?
  9. Adam and Sharon are on a slow build to exploding with lust. I love it. Yes, you are right to be worried, Rey. Hope he didn't completely unpack. Adam's scenes with Nick are so much fun. Adam looks at Nick with disdain at his uselessness while Nick snaps at his heels like harmless puppy. "Dad in a dress." Bwah! And from yesterday, Adam describing Victoria and Billy's new age recoupling party. Oh, Adam, I love your snarkiness. I did like Nick and Victoria's confrontation scenes. Neither are strong actors, but they were solid enough and for a second, it was almost like the original determined ruthless Victoria was back. It also felt like "game on" every Newman offspring for himself or herself. Wow, Victor dragged Christine hard. I am telling you Eric Braeden is engaged in his scenes these days. I feel for Summer. Phyllis is annoying as hell, but she loves her mother and is right to be worried. Nice to see Nick is acting like a loving father and comforting her, if unconvincing. Gawd Lola, leave Summer alone. Kyle's proposal was so overdramatic.
  10. With Mark Grossman's casting, the age difference between Adam and his siblings is finally closer to accurate. The whole thing is thrown off because a SORASed Nick and newly cast Sharon were having their teen drama when Adam was born, but in actual years, Nick is seven years older and Victoria is 13 years older than Adam. Victoria was born in 1982, Nick was born in 1988, and Adam was born in 1995. I had to look this up as it has been awhile. Got to say that I enjoying the hell out of Y&R with Adam's arrival. Eric Braeden hasn't been this alive in a long time. Victor smirking at petulant Nick demanding his help was fun as was Adam snickering at ridiculous Kevin. I can't wait for Adam and Sharon to give into their desire. I am not looking forward to Chloe or Chelsea's return. I also like Devon's budding romance with Elena, but I still wish they would bring back Mishael as Hilary's twin. If they can bring those characters, they can do the same with her. A quad with Devon/HilTwin/Nate/Elena would be entertaining.
  11. SimoneS

    S02.E01: Acting Up

    Great season two premiere. I loved the 90s music and style. And with the exception of the actress playing Elektra, the acting has majorly improved this season. Thank goodness. Billy Porter continues to shine above all. What a talent! My heart broke for Angel when the photographer exploited her desperation. I cheered when Papi beat the shit out of him. Blanca is a fierce mother who does not play. Don't mess with her children. Blanca and Pray Tell dealing with their diagnose and the damage that the disease wrought on their community was really sad. The AIDS protest was well done. I had forgotten how intense they were in the 90s. I have never been a Sandra Bernhard fan, but she is a force in this role. Elektra is back to being obnoxious, but I loved her Maria Antoinette look and act on the runaway. Very well done even though Pray Tell went off on her.
  12. SimoneS

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Chris Pratt comes off like a pratt. Ha. The rumor is that Ortiz was having an affair with a drug lord's wife. The drug lord put a hit out on him. He is lucky to be alive. Exactly. As they used to say in New York (and may still do), she made her bones destroying those boys' lives. She got into lucrative private practice, climbed the social ladder, and published bestselling murder mysteries. Everyone in NYC has known since that sicko Rey confessed and the DNA came back a match, what she and the NYPD did. Now the whole national is paying attention because Ava Duvernay rightly went for her hard. Nothing that Fairstein is losing now comes close to what she and the NYPD took from those boys. She is still wealthy and politically connected. She will be just fine.
  13. SimoneS

    S03.E01: Just the Tip

    Good to have you back, show! Desna is leading them down another violent crime ridden drama that won't end well. I like the wacked out Casino owners though. They promise to up the crazy this season. Desna thinks that she is badder than she actually is. She is an incompetent criminal. She is lucky to be alive and is fortunate to have family and friends to bail her out of the trouble she gets them into. Somehow Roller looks hotter this season. Did he take out the gold teeth? Whatever it is, nice. So UncleDaddy didn't kill Roller's parents and his lover is the one who shot Virginia. That is a twist. Not sure how I feel about this Virginia with deep thoughts. The doctor's reaction to Dean's bloodlust was too funny. I knew Jennifer and Bryce were going to end staying in Palmetto. They are so uninhibited and ridiculous having foreplay with their kids right there. Ann and her ex- need to stay away from each other. Surely, Ann can find a girlfriend without all that baggage. Polly rappelling down the building was hilarious. Loved the En Vogue dance number at the end.
  14. SimoneS

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I don't know what happened with the casting last season. Supergirl got Sam Witwer and Jon Cryer, while The Flash got Chris Klein. I just don't get it. Someone must have had it bad for Chris Klein. However, if his casting convinced Todd Helbing that he was burnt out and wanted to other things, it is all good.
  15. SimoneS

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    A new Big Bad. What a surprise, that never happens. At least an actor of color will be getting the job. Hopefully, he can act, especially after the hell that was Chris Klein last season.