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  1. I don't get why they all couldn't work together to clear that compound. There are so many of them. Create a choke point; open one gate lead the walkers out. Boy, was Morgan and Grace's reunion a letdown. She might be dying. The show couldn't give a happy moment. They should shoot Virginia just for being so freaking annoying.
  2. Ugh, I just read that Daniel Damien Lewis is in the running to be the new Bond. To be blunt, he isn't sexy or charismatic enough to be Bond.
  3. I am glad that hear that Wally is really returning and not in the crossover since I never watch it.
  4. La Ray hired that young girl who was at the gym to threaten Taylor which made me laugh. I bet he will have that girl beat up Taylor if necessary. First episode that I ever watched from beginning to end. It was okay.
  5. I honestly don't get why Elizabeth would be happy about Brexit. Almost all of her relatives are in continental Europe. If she really was happy, boy, has karma bitten her in the ass as the political fallout has tarnished the monarchy.
  6. While I feel bad for the actors if the show isn't renewed, I think that it was badly written show that didn't give Gina Torres strong material. I have always wanted her to join The Walking Dead. She would be outstanding on anyone of those shows and it would raise the quality.
  7. I absolutely loved this. The 80s' hair, clothes, aerobic craze, and music made me nostalgic. I couldn't stop cracking up at the frosted tips, the baggy pants, etc. I can't wait to see what happens next. I think that Emma Roberts' character (can't remember her name) totally hallucinated the attack in her bedroom. I also think that there are likely multiple killers with different agendas at work. Emma Roberts' character might just be one of the killers.
  8. I don't get why Jessica didn't just walk away before the shit hit the fan with FBI. Oh well, if she had, the show would be over. Farewell, Jeff. I understand Nick feeling guilty for his part in the murder and not wanting to take down Bobby, but his willingness to go to prison without a fight is ridiculous. If the show comes back, I am sure that Keri will be back in City Hall, but I hope she is given more to do than being Bobby's bed mate. Were we supposed to respect or admire Bobby's speech? Because I just can't get there. He is an ass, end of. Angela, the most annoying person on the planet. She will be hysterical as an Alderman. Unwilling to compromise on any issue. She deserves it.
  9. Or maybe the Queen's "talk to the hand" moment. I can see her doing that every time someone says something that annoys her. Bwah.
  10. TMZ has photos of Harry and Meghan with Archie at a pub after their day at polo a few weeks ago (she is wearing the same dress). The photos were taken by one of the patrons and TMZ blurred out Archie's face. Given how long it took the photos to surface and it was TMZ that got them not the British tabloids, it suggests that they might been taken by an American who took them in the UK and is now back in the U.S. The British tabloids have got to be furious at being scooped by TMZ.
  11. The ratings in the key 18 to 49 demo slipped from .6 to .4, but that is still great for HGTV so the exes must still be happy. They are probably brainstorming about what other show they can recreate.
  12. I also thought that this was a good episode for Bishop. I liked the backstory about his relationship with Medina and why he was so determined to get justice for him. It explained why he has been so tough on testing EZ. Too bad they didn't build up Medina's tragic demise by showing their relationship on screen. I thought Michael lrby (Bishop) did a masterful job emoting his character's affection for Medina and his pain over his death. I have been thinking about a lot about the potential stories if Miguel is Felipe's son. I am wondering if Emily's attraction to Miguel is because subconsciously he reminded her of EZ. It has got to be first thought that Miguel has after the shock wears off. Emily's too. If the Reyes brothers get over their resentment of each other and accept each other, they will become a formidable force against the CIA and their other enemies. It would change the dynamic of the show completely.
  13. I have to say that I think that this season has been a huge improvement from the first one. The show is far more cohesive. Last season I repeatedly complained that the character in different stories came off like they were all on different shows. This season they are connected to each other and feel like they are finally in the same show. Yep, Felipe and Dita had a love affair. Miguel is probably his son. Yikes. That is a truth bomb that will destroy some lives. I have read speculation that Dita might have been involved in the hit on Felipe and his wife, but I think that it was more likely her husband. After all, he sent men to butcher Adelita's family. Surely he would have done the same to Felipe, especially if he caught a whiff of Dita's feelings for him. So there was a fire that caused major destruction and that is how Dita got the burns. I can't blame the woman for taking Emily's bribe. I can't imagine what it must be like to be living with your children in a motel unable to get back onto her feet financially. I am glad that EZ is far from Emily this season. Alvarez's talk with Mini was poignant, but all I could think, one murderer is comforting another. Being a good one is so relative on this show. Coco killing the cop's mother was horrible, but "my bad," the club's WTF response, followed by Bishop's "I'm not mad at that" made me burst out laughing. This show brings the dark humor. I still don't understand how no one has killed Potter already. He is so damn annoying. I hope that agent isn't into him. I saw how she was eavesdropping on his story about that woman he cared about. I just read the article posted above about Adelita's pregnancy. So the show is serious that Angel mightn't be the father? I really hope he is because these Reyes brothers are already sharing one woman with Emily, I can't deal with another. At this rate, I would prefer that Pablo be the father.
  14. I enjoyed the second episode and am still surprised by how much because I mentioned before that I wasn't the Brady Bunch fan and can barely remember any of the episodes. Usually don't like that mother/daughter team on their own show, but they were tolerable. I thought Susan and Mike shopping for drums and then getting the doll was moving as was Barry sitting at Mike's desk. I hope that HGTV is paying for those items viewers donated or returning them to their owners after the show.
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