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  1. Yes. This Dr. Strange had a completely different personality: caring, considerate, not obsessed with his career. A lot of things must have happened differently long before the car crash.
  2. Agreed. This episode was mostly a downer, despite the attempts at humor. What was Pym's motivation? He was killing innocent, potential SHIELD recruits ... similar to his daughter's situation. Why not kill the man that he considered responsible for her death? Fury has has never shown any close attachment to .. anyone .. so it's not as if the killings would have done anything more than frustrate Fury. Yes, this was a big stretch from the normal "What If ..?" concept and execution in the comics. Also, yes: Natasha should not have wasted her dying breath with cryptic clue instead o
  3. This pretty much covers all the issues with the season (but in an amusing way): Loki Pitch Meeting
  4. Agreed. When Sylvie entered the Castle At The End OF Time, she was fulfilling a destiny she had been working on since she had been snatched by the TVA as a child. At that point, our MCU Loki sort of became her tag-along companion (in my opinion). Sylvie had a mission and was making things happen. Loki seemed to spend most of his time just reacting to events, trying to survive, and being told how things work. Side question: How long would it take a Norse god to age from looking like a adolescent to a thirty-ish looking person?
  5. #7. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Point-versus-counterpoint can be interesting ... but also annoying when someone is reacting to each and every post made by a user.
  6. I don't think I have a lot of confidence in the showrunners to have a lot of excitement for a second season. (It appears some higher ups didn't either, since some showrunners will not be returning.) My problems with show were with some of the basic premises. The acting, sets, etc, were good. The foundation, not so much: Loki is a thousand-year-old 'god' of mischief , but he does a heel turn in a few days time because he watched a video clip of the 'supposed' remainder of his life? He did not experience any of those life-altering moments. The Loki snatched from the 2012's Avenge
  7. How did that guy manage to be The Last One Standing in a multidimensional war? He didn't exude any type of special powers or command any vast army. He seemed like a more annoying version of the original MCU Loki. As someone upthread said: it was strange to end the season focused on a character we had not been introduced to previously. The Exposition That Never Seemed To End seemed pointless. I agree with Sylvie - it was all BS. The timey-wimey aspect of the show makes if feels as if everyone is running on a multidimensional hamster wheel. There are no stakes. Did Mobius die? no.
  8. I'm not sure if it is the writing, the acting, or the combination of each, but Assane comes off as sort of an arrogant jerk .. not a sophisticated gentleman thief. I think they were trying for charming, suave and debonair, but he seems more like a ruthless, manipulative liar. Assane creeping around in Claire's apartment, watching her and her boyfriend asleep in bed - that's not a good look. I'm not sure how Assane is hanging around, carefree, in Paris cafes and restaurants. (In episode 8) In the last episode, he escaped police custody and is now a known thief and criminal. And for
  9. Just watched the first episode of 'Part Duex'. What happened to the master, gentleman thief? The character from Part One was calm, cool, and prepared for every contingency. He even had bat-cave type lair. But this guy .. he bumbled through the entire episode, stumbling around the abandoned house with a flashlight and calling out his son's name. It looked as if he had never broken into a house at night before. He also had a lot of difficulty with the hand-to-hand combat with a older guy who was smaller than himself. The guy from Part One seemed like a skilled fighter. It was
  10. It was mostly mindless 'fun'. But a kind of dumb fun. But .. Dan (Chris Pratt) did not save the future - - he and his daughter merely created an alternate timeline. The unhappy, MIT scientist daughter lived with another version of Dan - a Dan who was never drafted into a future war. In the original timeline, it looks as if humanity was wiped out - because no one really cared about getting the time travel machine back up and running in order to get the alien pesticide to the future people. The writers also didn't seem to bother addressing what would happen to the people from the
  11. The outcome seemed fairly predictable. This was round two with Vargas and Isobel was due for a win. Jubal is dating his boss's boss? Wouldn't that get whats-her-face fired for fraternization with a subordinate? I found it odd that Isobel and Jubal hugged when the bombs were deactivated. You don't see male employees hugging other males. But that's on Isobel - - she's his boss.
  12. Army Of The Dead Pitch Meeting Although I still enjoyed the movie, ^^ this reminded me of a how many WtF moments there were. A zombie horse keeping up with a helicopter? Okay, sure..
  13. Sometimes (but only sometimes) it is fun to have all the tropes and all the clichés proudly on display in a popcorn flick. This was definitely one of those movies. It would have been more satisfying (to me) if the movie ended with Bautista back flipping burgers on a grill ... exactly back where he started with nothing to show for it. The most interesting aspect of Tig Notaro's performance was that fact that her character was added post-production - and she has claimed to have never met Bautista. I was looking to see how they cut between characters and scenes to piece the character in.
  14. This show takes a lot of shortcuts to get where it wants to go - - but an online stock trader type person leaving a computer out in the open ... and the computer never going to sleep and requiring a new log in ... ?? That's just lazy writing. Another head-scratcher. If Scola wants to "do good" and has a serious amount of $$, it would seem more likely that he would use it to put himself into a more influential position that just an FBI field agent. It would be like a rich person who wants to help animals and decides to get a job as a veterinarian's assistant at the local clinic -- b
  15. Back to the topic of Zach Snyder's Justice League on HBOMax .. Has there been any conclusive decision as to whether it was a success or not?
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