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  1. While I realize that Vanya is basically a comic book character and acts like one, it did seem odd to me that she just casually killed around a thousand Time Commission agents in the blink of an eye and didn't seem to think twice about it. Sure, the agents got what was coming to them - but could Vanya have stopped them without killing them? Did she care? And not all of the dead people in the federal building were guilty of drugging and torturing Vanya. I think it would have helped if the writers had given Vanya a moment of "whoa, what did I just do?" after killing so many people.
  2. They were a bad-ass fighting team during the first five minutes of episode 1 of this season. They were wearing the same outfits they were wearing at the farm (for some weird reason). Allison and Klaus were contributing - and they were fighting as a team.
  3. The Umbrella Academy are on the FBI's most wanted list and their names and faces have been broadcast on national television. But they think they can go to 2019 and nothing will be different? They also changed their family history by confronting their Dad in 1963. The Hargreeves children might not be 'exactly' biological siblings - but there is a chance they have DNA from the same father (alien being). Their upbringing was more like an orphanage than a family. I suppose their childhood was better than many foster kids and orphans - but Reginald Hargreeves was certainly a cold-blooded dick-tater. (Knowing that he was an alien and raised them as an experiment makes it more understandable.) It makes sense that Lila could be a sibling that wasn't collected by Hargreeves. What doesn't make sense was the hand-to-hand girl fight between Lila and Allison right after Lila had thrown a 400-pound Luther through the wall of a house. What was the point of that? Also: Allison never attempted to use her powers to help with anything that happened at the farm. Why? The Umbrella Academy was supposed to be a well trained team of superheroes at some point in their lives. There was no evidence of that when they were all together at the farm-pocalypse. Klaus did not seem to contribute anything to the fight. Kate Walsh was a fun villain as the Handler .. but it's time for her to go bye-bye. Although with this show, I wouldn't be surprised if she popped up in season 3 and said "I'm the only one who can fix your timeline problems." ..But despite all that, it was a fun way to spend time during our national quarantine lock-down.
  4. I don't like how the writers made Diego such a gullible dumbass: Diego could have prevented the assassination by just stopping the motorcade. A few anonymous calls to different authorities could have shut down JFK's visit to Dallas. Diego could have gotten Allison to rumor some authorities to help stop the event. Diego completely forgot about the actual shooter, Oswald, as soon as he saw a picture of Daddy Hargreeves at the event. Diego tackles a guy with a bowler hat and umbrella - standing in plain sight of people - not on a grassy knoll. Even if they managed to get back to 2019 at this point, they have majorly altered the past: A lot of federal agents were killed by a unknown powerful force: Vanya, a suspected Russian agent, during a presidential visit - which ended in assassination. The federal building may not have exploded, but there is no way the government isn't going to think they are under attack from another country. Sissy threatened her husband Carl with a gun during a domestic dispute and Carl ended up dead (via a series of unfortunate events). Sorry, Sissy .. but that's on you. You go, girl ... to jail.
  5. Murdering people with an ax is a bit much. I believe we are supposed to sympathize with Five when he kills indiscriminately - and on orders from the Time Commission - but we are not supposed to be sympathetic to the Swedes, who are no different from what Five was (and is, again). Yeah .. Vanya has amnesia - but has not bothered to ask anyone any relevant questions to piece things back together on her own. Instead, she is attempting to run away with a woman she has only known for four months. Despite having no memories or money, Vanya seems to think that she knows what is right for a married woman who has spent eight years raising a special needs kid with her husband. Carl may be a semi-jerk, but I can see why he would fight to keep his family. Vanya, Klaus and Diego seem to only care about things that matter to them. Unfortunately, the poignant emotional scenes for the core characters feel manipulative to me. The actors are good and really sell their scenes - - but those scenes don't fit with the overall zany atmosphere of the show. It seems wrong to have realistic scenes of the Civil Rights Movement, bigotry, homophobia, etc - and then jump to a kitschy scene with The Handler and the Time Commission - - or time-travelling, cat-loving Swedish assassins. It feels like emotional whiplash.. (just my opinion..)
  6. The characters' abilities are very inconsistent and seem to be dictated by what the plot needs. In episode 1, Allison had the ability to literally make heads explode .. and was speaking English to Russian soldiers. And Klaus doesn't appear to see any other ghosts besides Ben this season. Why? Allison could help Vanya regain her memories - but I guess TPTB don't want that to happen. I think the show doesn't want to be limited by logical realities .. it seems to try to be "off the rails" and somewhat grounded at the same time. At one moment we have sympathy for Allison and the restaurant protesters ( and Vanya+Sissy, and Klaus+Dave ) - - and later we are 'amused' at the Swedes putting a woman's head in a freezer - - and then, the wacky, campy 'fun' of The Handler killing Lila's parents and raising her as a child soldier assassin. We even get a somber moment when the Swedes mourn their dead brother. And there are bodies with fish-bowl heads.. It's a bit jarring.. I am braced for the likely possibility that most of the supporting characters will end up being collateral damage (Ray, Dave, Sissy, etc.). The Umbrella Academy tends to leave a lot of damage in their wake.
  7. Is there any reason that Klaus would not tell the others that Ben's ghost was there? I know Ben and Klaus are not getting along, but that was a dick move.. Having a ghost helping you investigate things would be a huge benefit. ..but I suppose the characters can't make smart decisions that would interfere with the plot. But the music is fun! (Tho the musical dance number in the hair salon felt like a weak attempt to repeat the much better one of season one.)
  8. I am hoping that this becomes the more accepted theory with regards to the possibility of time travel. I have grown weary of time travel stories (and there only seems to be more of them lately. Though I did enjoy Dark on Netflix, for the most part. ) I feel that most adults no longer buy into the 'Back To The Future' concept of jumping to the past, giving your grandparents stock market info, then you return to your current time where you were born into a rich family and your girlfriend/boyfriend is a celebrity model. So, basically, any attempt to change the past is pointless - - that timeline continues as normal - - while you have only jumped into another timeline or alternate future. You have not saved anyone who died. You have not stopped the apocalypse. You only disappeared from your original timeline and created an alternate one.
  9. We finished .. finally. I would have preferred this season to be shorter, actually. And that was because it was so, so serious and such a downer, episode after episode. I would classify this as a type of misery porn. (When I discovered that Frank Miller was involved, it made more sense - - that guy is not into happy endings or glimmers of hope.) The Fae people: Are they just there to be cannon fodder? Do they only have mostly elderly people, women and children whose bodies end up strewn out in the fields after constant raids? Why don't they have any mystical abilities to help them? The Weeping Monk: At least the show managed to kill off one villain: Father Carden. .. And Uther's crazy mom got off'ed .. But trying to redeem the Weeping Monk guy?! No way. That guy straight up killed hundreds of people, including Nimue's mom (I think) -- and the Fae people who tried to rescue Squirrel Boy. ("But I never killed children .. I just killed the adults trying to protect them and watched as my fellow Red Paladins slaughtered the children.") I fear that given enough time, this guy might even become one of Nimue's potential love interests.. Ugh. Please, no.. Percival, Lancelot and the rest: If you re going to just start grabbing character names from the Arthur legend and handing them out at random, why not get creative and use all the copyright free stuff? Next season we could meet a Dracula and a Captain Nemo.
  10. I must say, the music, set design and cinematography are top notch. The visuals at the Umbrella Factory and during Diego's fight were well done. I wish I was as impressed with the characters.. All of the Hargreeves siblings are a hot mess. They never seem to ask obvious questions (Vanya and Luther). They never seem to use their abilities in subtle ways when it could help (Allison). They are completely self-absorbed and never learn from their past mistakes (Klaus). They don't seem very bright when it comes to the potential consequences of changing major historical events (Diego). If Diego wanted to prevent the assassination of JFK, there are many ways of doing that without confronting Oswald - - maybe some anonymous phone calls to the FBI, CIA, police, etc. It seems as if Diego might be more interested in trying to figure out if the assassination was a conspiracy or the work of a lone gunman. (What if stopping Oswald did not prevent the assassination? - what if more than one shooter was involved?) And is Diego so amateur that he couldn't avoid getting put into a psychiatric hospital? - - and then not be able to escape whenever he wanted? From here on, I am resolving to try to turn my brain off and just enjoy the wacky hi-jinks...
  11. I think that Umbrella Academy is a bit too "out there" for my tastes - - and I think I am sort of over shows that are based on timey-wimey jumps, resets, etc. (We just recently finished up 'Dark'.) But I do give the show credit for swinging for the fences. Just some observations: Would Allison's 'rumor' powers really work that way (heads exploding).? And would her powers work on someone who doesn't speak English or is deaf? Will every season be based on trying to prevent an apocalypse in 8 or 10 days? I am hoping this season they don't do another "day that never happened" reset after significant events have happened. That always feels like a cheap stunt with time travel shows. For the record, Number 5 has never managed to stop an apocalypse. In season one, he managed to change the circumstances a bit - - but it still happened - - he just escaped it at the last second. His siblings have died in two timelines so far - - depending on whether you think new timelines are created or there is just one and things can actually be changed by altering the past.. I wonder why no one bothered to look for their 'Dad', who should be alive the 60's. Maybe they did and that will be addressed. I think I am going to miss the Umbrella Academy house, Pogo the chimp and robo-Mom. But with timey-wimey shows, anyone can come back at any time ( I feel certain that Hazel will still be around).
  12. Locations: The ruins where Minue and Merlin met; the spider caves; the Mill set up for an ambush; the camp of Cumber the Ice King; the Fae sactuary; all these places feel as if they are a hour or so walk/ride from one another. There is no sense of distance from any one place to another. And you can tell the Fae sanctuary is just ripe for invasion and slaughter. C'mon fairie people! Don't you have any special forest magic to help cover your tracks or use the birds and woodland creatures to help with surveillance and scouting ahead? Well of course the midwife's family is slaughtered by the assassin who has been sent to kill Merlin - just as she had disappeared without saying good-bye to spare them any problems. How could we expect to go an episode without a grassy field strewn with the bodies of women and children?
  13. About that .. I guess Nimue needed to see the memories in order to trust Merlin. That's understandable. But why never ask where the sword came from and how it managed to get stuck inside of Merlin? How was Merlin able to bend over with that thing in him?! The extraction scene was pretty gross - - the show may go cheap on the CGI, but it really excels at blood and guts. I knew that Arthur's new fae friend was too wide-eyed and enthusiastic to live for long. For a sword and sorcery rehash of the King Arthur legend, this show is a real downer. They never let up for a moment on the constant torture, genocide, be-headings and racism. Even the fae are racist toward humans.
  14. In these challenging times (tm), beggars can't be choosers, so it is exciting to have any new movie available. I was impressed that it had a few A-list actors on board. It reminded me a lot of the previous Net-flic 'Extraction' - - but it seems as if all the action movies lately have main characters fighting their way thru a nameless, faceless para-military squadron of mercenaries, as brutally and violently as possible. The baddest bad guys are saved to be killed last, of course. I wonder if these nefarious companies include some fine print on their security guard applications that read: Possibly evil enterprise. Amoral agendas. Please be prepared for military assault situations in workplace hallways. The evil pharma-tech company certainly seemed willing to lose a lot of employees in order to get their hands on the never-die DNA - - hope they provided good life insurance plans. It was fun. My one quibble with the movie was that at the end it felt like a Mission Impossible movie that had no mission. Everything seemed to revolve around the Old Guard being set-up, captured and escaping - - they never got a chance to save anyone other than themselves. Since the team members were vulnerable to being drugged, it seemed as though there would have been many, many ways for the traitor of the group to achieve his plan without so much violence and bloodshed. ..but as Ryan George explains why it happened that way in his youtube Pitch Meeting videos: "so the movie can happen".
  15. Unfortunately, there was too much running and cowering and not much evidence of being resourceful or trying to help anyone else but herself. For that, I mostly blame the writing and directing. (And why does her hair always seem to hang perfectly over her shoulders? ) I'm guessing at some point Nimue will unleash her powers in a big way, but for now she is supposed to be still discovering them. It just seems as if she would have had a little curiosity about what she could do since the age of 5 or so - - especially with all the alone time she had because she was the village outcast. But the scenery is lovely..
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