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  1. Do we know exactly how long it has been since the ring opened?
  2. Oh right, I forget they're all from Ganymede. I think same principle would stand for any artificial ecosystem though. But now when I think of it, maybe they need to keep real tight loops on Illus too. Since the rest of the biosphere is extra solar, maybe it wouldn't even decompose a body if they buried it.
  3. I find myself to keep thinking back on Drummer and what she might do next. I hope she can finally find a cause she can get behind fully. So far she's kept leaving because she couldn't fully get behind the grand ideas. First Dawes then Fred, once he started to get tactical about Belter life. Maybe something with a more narrow objective would be more meaningful. And something constructive rather than destructive. Like with Tycho station. I'm not sure what it could be though
  4. Yes, in space they defenitly recycles them. But on a planet it wouldn't be necessary to keep such a tight loop. That's why I was wondering if there's an actual recycler set up. Might be Belters would find burial disrespectful.
  5. Good question. Do you think they actually recycled them? Or did she just use the phrase because it's synonymous with dying in Belter culture? I suppose there could be some spiritual aspects of the recycling.
  6. I think Amos cared about Chandra. He did warn her he was coming. That was really risky for him; she and Murtry could have chosen to just shot him right when he popped out through the purple field. But when he had to choose outright between her and Holden, there was no contest.
  7. I made a poll about season 4. Sorry if I'm posting too many polls. It's my new obsession. React with a crying smiley if you find it too excessive 😄
  8. I've not seen any but we see people drink beer so I assume fizzy drinks are enjoyable even in zero g.
  9. Amazon has released playlists for the characters. https://open.spotify.com/user/ecjni8s1mbwv839axhilssr14?si=jlqjSHDuTFCpboWCjlKYeA I have to give a listen to see if I agree 😄
  10. Me too. I thought there would be more male than female, but not this much. It might just be that the people on reddit are more male and the majority of respondents came from there. Could there be other forums were hoards of female fans hang out? 😄
  11. That's hilarious! 😄
  12. Here's the result of the fan survey. 1807 fans participated 🙂
  13. I made a poll about Expanse fans. Not for any particular purpose, just cause I like polls and I like the Expanse fans. I hope you all want to participate. It's eight questions in total and there are no book or show spoilers.
  14. I think the election politics itself could have been more interesting if there also was some deepening of the world building. This is the government of the whole Earth after all, and way into the future. The election process should look different. But likely they wanted to focus on the personal story of Avasarala and therefore chose to go with a familiar kind of set up that people would recognize.
  15. The ring in our solar system leads to the weird bubble space they were in at the last half of season three. In that bubble space are all the rings to other solar systems. I don't know if the show has said or not if they all lead to solar systems in the milky way or if some of the systems are in other galaxies.
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