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  1. My thoughts too. I'm not a mother so maybe I just can't relate but I would have thought it'd be a comfort knowing that her daughter was safe and healthy in a loving home. I think it's also because of the flashback scenes. I was so scared the baby was gonna die. It hurt me to see her laying in a separate bed in that freezing cold apartment. And then Bebe puts her outside, she could easily have died!
  2. Here are the results of my fan survey
  3. Just speculation it seems like?
  4. I made a fan survey about this season. Just for fun, to see what people thought about it. Please fill in and share it with other fans you know.
  5. They were under thrust at the time. So Holden dropped it and it flew away.
  6. This whole episode was meh for me. The descussions were similar to what we've had before. And then there was some fire fighting in the dark, not interesting. I agree it feels like they're saving budget this season. Or maybe they will blow all of it next episode 😄 I guess part of it is my expectations. I thought this season would be about the confrontation with Marco. But now it just seems like it was instead an escalation and next season will be a war with Marco.
  7. I've only read up to book three so I'm not going through the discussion. Just wanted to jump in to say I'm happy the show finally got some more body horror this episode. That's the main thing I enjoyed in the books which has been almost entirely missing from the show.
  8. This was my favorite episode of the season. I've read many people found it slow, not for me. I really suffered with Naomi and was rooting for her to succeed. And I'm fascinated that we're stuck wondering what this stranger will do with the power of the SG office. We're introduced to him and he seems decent. But he might get wrapped up in power drunkenness quickly.
  9. Holmbo

    S05.E07: Oyedeng

    Yeah but I think it was an unmanned ship. Just the guy she stuffed in the locker.
  10. No, unless it happened between season three and four. We're told at the start of season four that Clarissa (aka peaches) traveled on the Roci back to earth (must have been a bit awkward for her and Holden)
  11. This is a great analysis about the adaptation of the books to the screen. The overall principles that informed changes. Great production value also.
  12. Holmbo

    S05.E07: Oyedeng

    Yeah, I think the first time, at Ganymede, it was probably cause he reminded her too much of Marco. Having causes without caring who gets in the way. The second time it seemed more nostalgia for her old life. Marco had kinda soured it for her but Holden made her feel she could work for something bigger without being a bad person. Now that we've seen her history with Marco it fits with some of her hang-ups to me. She's very bad at discussions, not able to share her reasoning or feelings for her stanse. Probably cause years with Marco taught her that any feeling or explanation is j
  13. Holmbo

    S05.E07: Oyedeng

    One of the torpedoes the zmeya shot away probably contained the pm and it was sent to a different ship.
  14. Holmbo

    S05.E07: Oyedeng

    I actually enjoyed the episode throughout. Even though deep down I don't care about Filip or Cyn the emitions of the moments got to me and I could relate to the feelings they were having at the time. I don't know enough about vacum to say if Naomis escape was realistic or not. It looked cool though. I thought the medicine she was carying was super oxinated blood, just cause Holden used that before.
  15. Holmbo

    S05.E06: Tribes

    That's an interesting idea and seems plausible to me. What if it ends with Marco and Filip escaping through the rings and disappearing? Or maybe just Filip. Then he'll be a Schrödingers son to Naomi. Neither alive nor dead.
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