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  1. Well, this sheds some new light on his decision to leave after one season. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2019/sep/16/christopher-eccleston-reveals-he-is-lifelong-anorexic
  2. The bombs looked like pimped Metronomes - definitely giving off a Doctor Who vibe 😉 IIRC Fancy found her body when he escaped from her ship and he later told Team Awesome Force where it's located. Agreed about the genocide aspect - but with only one episode to go I'm not sure that will ever be brought up.
  3. Yeah, DSK now matter how awesomely you sash-hay in and out scene I'll never forgive you for killing Pawter! Good try though. That was a lot of plot and plotting and I'm sure I missed some important details. But I loved Pree and Turin reunited (with bonus Gared). And they made great use of the Royale - the one place where true family meets no longer exists. Seeing that toy on the counter just before the explosion hit was some massive tucking at my heartstrings *sniff* Best part of the episode was Dutch giving her very own St. Crispin's Day speech. Special mention: Fancy remains a well of obscure knowledge and even hands out some heartfelt advice, aww!
  4. I think Beth Hall nails every scene she's in and she's also amazing when it comes to physical comedy. Also: I had not realized she's 61 - color me impressed. I wish we could see more of Wendy but I can also appreciate how they manage to pull off the occasional surprising background info (she does not dream, she's a MENSA member and of course the mob family). If we knew more about her those moments would lose impact. I agree it has become a bit of running gag by now. And I just saw a clip on youtube with her where she mentions that 'Weeping Wendy' had been offered to her as a one line character - now she's a regular, so they do appreciate her.
  5. The design of the blouse is not the issue itself - but its top-heavy and accentuates sloping shoulders. In other words it's not doing much for Hillary Duff's body-type (which is great - no critique intended). But since Kelsey very often wears flouncy tops with crew necks or turtlenecks I wonder if that might be HD's personal preference for whatever reasons. I think she looks tons better in crisp designs, simple non-fussy button downs and v-necks.
  6. Lengthy piece on the new season in the Guardian incl. pics of Charles at his investiture as Prince of Wales and Charles and Camilla. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/sep/07/queen-olivia-colman-an-epic-budget-and-a-cast-of-thousands-a-year-behind-the-scenes-on-the-crown
  7. Back in season one or two I claimed that this show has a problem with Dutch and her relationship with other women. She was mostly a bitch and just seemed to get along with guys. But they really fixed that by now and the show has passed the Bechdel test more than once. And how much did I love those 'Brain' and 'Brawn' t-shirts? If only this show was bigger - they would make great swag. As would Johnny's cute PJs, of course they're not listed on wornontv.net Nice use of Fancy as an unexpected source for an exposition dump with additional culinary skills. Loved D'Avin desperately trying to hook up Johnny. But the prisons ship plot took up too much time. I can see the point they were trying to make but that could have worked without additional complications via psycho doc. I'm also not on board with the Lady's sullen 'I can't handle emotions'-act. I mean it gives Rob Stewart some great moments but otherwise it's an overused trope. I would prefer her to remain a fierce and cruel presence only interested in the survival of her species. I've noticed due to knitting cult mother that the show seems suddenly trying to shed some ethical doubts over Team A's plans to annihilate the hatchlings which of course is uhmm... xenocide (?). Making the Lady vulnerable to emotions and humanize her could be the next step in shifting the endgame. I guess it all depends on what Lucy finds on the tapestry's data. (Btw taking inspiration from the Bajeux tapestry was a neat idea and the execution looked fantastic.) That dinner montage really looked like 'let's play who'll survive to the end' lotto *gulp*
  8. I had to google because I can't remember seeing her on the show. She was indeed on - in 2003. Not sure if she was full on diva mode back then.
  9. Graham's got a new book out and makes the tour on US talk shows. Last night he was with Colbert and now I'm trying to figure out the nine dressing rooms person. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7P_Yl3MQb-I
  10. Urgh, that little twat! I just hope he never returns to the books - but I know better than to bet any money on that. That said I could see Marcus Scribner for the part. I think he could pull off a sullen Belter teen.
  11. Oh man, what would I do for that burgundy pantsuit (and the turquoise jewelry to go with it)! Diana rocked the whole episode both fashion and otherwise. I'm so glad she had a great wedding (despite Mama's premonitions) and we were spared the usual sitcom shenanigans when it comes to wedding scenes. Of course Kelsey's not allowed to leave, just like Liza was not allowed to leave - this is Lady Edith all over again. And where exactly is Kelsey getting the money to buy those shares from Charles? Even if she made good money for the split second as publisher that should not be enough - considering that she splurges a lot on her questionable wardrobe. I hated the scene with the fey agent. Both Liza and Diana were written as clueless dimwits in order to underline Kelsey's business acumen. Kelsey was never the genius the show tries to sell to us. She was good - when she wasn't making disastrous mistakes. Case in point: asking Maggie for advice AND follow through with it. Poor Debbie Mazar is stuck with plots of Maggie giving stupid advice or having to deal with creeps. Speaking of creepy and/or stupid: why was Lauren dropping her panties before straddling the ice toilet? I don't want to really think about her reasons or the reasons she got stuck, ewww and ouch. And the big cliffhanger is that Charles proposes and because his timing is impeccable it just happens after another emotionally loaded scene with Josh. I guess next season we'll see Infinitely 21 lady make a move for Josh. And Liza is probably doing a runaway bride around mid-season *sigh*
  12. Yes, Lucy was on board but so was Fancy. They Lady might speculate that Fancy managed to escape on his own or with some help from Khlyen and freed Lucy.
  13. My money's on Kono (conveniently KIA off-screen) since that will free Adam for another romance, of course after an appropriate period of time spent as widower. They might throw in some death-wish action there to spice things up during his mourning period. The cliffhanger from last season is going to be a fake-out. They're not killing one of the main cast and I very much consider Jerry being part of the main cast. During the last couple of seasons he was probably in more episodes than Danny.
  14. I admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed at the beginning too - it's the curse of book adaptations. Since I'm not patient enough to wait I went digging for answers on the net. It helped but there's always the risk of getting spoiled. If you read episode threads here lots of things will probably get clarified without spoilers. Enjoy!
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