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  1. I'm glad de-chipping Crosshair has been delayed for a while. I was never a fan of Cad Bane but he was put to good use here. The Kaminoans only hire the best to get their 'property' back. There was definitely more interaction between team members than before. Echo questioning Hunter about not joining Rex was a good moment. And he was also not happy about Hunter's decision to go into arms trading. This should get interesting. This episode really conveyed a feeling of the size of those cruisers. The 'sets' were amazing. And Omega looking over all the other wrecks really brought back the
  2. 🙋‍♀️ Can't wait for HIMYF 🙄 but at least it has killed off the horrible idea of a Kelsey-centered spin-off.
  3. That's pretty much on brand though. I grew up watching original flavor Magnum P.I. and was just confused often wondering why Magnum always ended up with women (clients and/or love interests) who behaved erratically, stupid or just mean.* Took me a while to figure out the answer was 'Because the writing for this show is full of misogynistic tropes.' There were exceptions of course. And I would not say that the writing for current Magnum P.I. is misogynistic - just similarly clueless. And to answer your question: IMDB lists several female writers. * Sometimes I wondered if those
  4. I wondered about that too but I think they covered that in the scene with Tech delivering some technobabble about using data from Rex's scan as baseline while creating a 'chip scanner'. Requires a bit of handwaving but there you go. It also establishes how Rex managed to remove the chips from Wolffe and Gregor in Rebels. More mysterious seems to me that Rex and from what I could spot Tech too had gotten a huge area around the chip removal site shaved off while Hunter's Rambo mullet is still intact with just a tiny bit of band-aid peeking out from underneath his bandana.
  5. Yeah, it was a jerk move. But I don't get why she wasn't simply laughing in his face telling him to f*** off or to keep it more polite 'Nice try - now she me the written agreement.' 🤷‍♂️ Seriously, if you feel like you have to drag business matters into a budding relationship than keep it strictly business.
  6. Of course there's a Watcher in the water - there always is. Good horror episode. It was a gutsy move to not let Omega being able to get through to Wrecker but it paid off. Order 66 can't be stopped by the power of cute. Her worrying about being left alone if the procedure would not work was also a great scene. Despite Rex standing right next to her with a bubble above his head reading 'Chopped Liver!' So it was Rex who got contacted by Rafa - makes sense. And that also explains how the Martez sisters ended up with R7. Glad Rex told the guys how incredibly dangerous their assumption w
  7. Exactly!!! I wish I could give you more hearts - here we go: ❤️💜💙 💙💜❤️!!!
  8. Well, I'm glad that's over with. But I can't believe there's gonna be a Kelsey spin-off. Definitely out on that one. Her 'career' was probably the worst thing about the whole show. Almost every time she screwed up her counterpart turned out to be a misogynistic asshole (or the patriarchy being the patriarchy) and it was never her fault. Also: Inkubator was half of Liza's project too but somehow that never played a part in any of these business 'deliberations'? *sigh* Hi, Charles' daughter, it's nice show finally remembered that you might have feelings about your Dad's love life too. Let's
  9. Maul seems to be a favorite in many discussions. I sincerely hope not - he already gobbled up way too many episodes of CW. I'd like to think Rafa is choosing her business partners a bit more wisely nowadays but who knows? It has to be someone we know otherwise all the taunting makes no sense. Omega has now comms and a weapon - girl needs some protective gear because no matter how hard Hunter tries to keep her out of actual combat scenarios she always ends up right in the middle of things.
  10. Rafa and Trace!!! Never expected to see them again *does a little happy dance* Omega struggling with the energy bow at the beginning was a nice touch. I've seen some theories that she's Force-sensitive but I really hope she's not. My money's on her being engineered as a Taskmaster-like character. That's why she could punch the right panel in the pilot and got the better of Crosshair. Dammit, nobody listened to Wrecker having an 'Order 66' seizure/episode?!? I get it, they were kind of busy but it's still frustrating. I loved all the action pieces in this one, and every characte
  11. I think he sent it to only one person but that person sent it to another one and so on... A classic case of 'two persons in the know of a secret is one person too many'. I'm still not over Kelsey asking him for advice. It's another instance of the giant gap between show and tell that defines her character. We're told she's this incredibly business savvy, emancipated young woman - yet we see her running with a business proposal to her boyfriend. Why??? Why could she not discuss this with Liza who is her partner or a lawyer specializing in such deals (she can't consult with one of Empirica
  12. Ah, good times! I vote for Pauline and Quinn re-enacting Krystle vs Alexis in the lily pond!
  13. That's because you failed to deliver a daily Pearson speech to them!
  14. I need to check with TV tropes if there's an entry for 'completion fatigue'. I just want to push all these characters over the finishing line no matter how ridiculous their plots turn out. So, Inkubator has a podcast now? Since when? Was this ever mentioned before? And who pays for all the free shots? And look: clever business woman Kelsey seals a deal with a handshake after 5 seconds of looking at the first page (I checked back she never even looked at the second page)? Also: Liza never got to take a look yet happily shakes hands with Charles. Sure, a handshake is not legally binding but
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