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  1. He! Juliet or rather Perdita Weeks is the same body type as the Duchess of Cambridge, who loves skinny jeans. I wish the wardrobe department would give those a try for a change - the bootcut jeans are not a great look. Decent episode. I agree that there will be a backstory to the kid who hustled for a job. I also like how the 'Cougar' was not treated like a simple stereotype but humanized. She and Rick had a great rapport. I am getting slightly tired of Juliet and her magic tablet and hacking skills. In the cold open she grabs the tablet on the coffee table after knocking the mark o
  2. How apt since Kevin's plot was so often reminiscent of HIMYM (including Jennifer Morrison as possible 'mother' - for a while at least).
  3. Damn this show!!! I have two writing projects breathing down my neck and all of a sudden I feel the urge to create something tangible with my hands - which means I have to stubbornly ignore my knitting basket. Along comes this episode which features even more than the usual amount of knitwear in form of all those glorious cricket vests - Siegfried's was absolutely gorgeous. Well, at it that provided some distraction from all that cricket with its arcane rules (sorry UK folks). I'm glad Hugh seems to be over the whole marriage disaster. His need for a bit of payback was understandable and
  4. This felt als if the writers room had been working with a check-list for a sitcom wedding. All sorts of disasters, stupid fights, inappropriate wedding guests, last minute switch from priest to regular character who has certificate to do marriages from shady company. The one plotline I would have liked to see - how Dan was fixing the various problems - never played out. I assume some fairy godmothers swept in to fit the bridesmaids dresses. Darlene was a drama queen. She's supposed to be the smart one but did not think her father would invite his business partner? Or that Ben's plus one w
  5. I got so tired of Courtney's self-righteous b*tching to Pat that I'm glad she's off to the Shadowlands. Blaming him for 'letting' the JSA murder someone was rich but then she had the galls to blame him for what happened with Yolanda *eyeroll* Enjoy your stay in the Shadowlands, I'm sure you and Cindy will become besties! I do wonder by what magical gadget Pat managed to keep that garage spot-clean and dust-free. I'd rather have that than Green Lantern's ring or the Cosmic Staff. I did applaud Beth for giving her parents the cold shoulder but at the same time I would not have blamed them
  6. Yes, that's Hina. At first I thought she was Kai's sister but apparently that's not the case. I think she's Ohana but that covers a lot of ground.
  7. That was a fun episode. Five-0 briefly touched paniolo culture too but I liked this one better. No big surprise that Tennant knew how to ride - it was foreshadowed when she calmed the horse in the stables. What's the story behind the help-sign the lady made to Lucy? I've never seen that before. I had a close look at the fight scene and there were no stunt people involved (on camera), impressive. And I liked how the outburst of violence was not brushed off later but Lucy and Kai talked about it. They had some nice moments that I enjoyed. I'm not really sold on Ernie yet but 'Sarah C
  8. Since the pill was mentioned in this discussion: the pill was not available to non-married women in the UK until 1967.
  9. I'm confused - did we not already know that Hetty groomed orphans for spy-work? What's new here? Callen starts to remind me of Gibbs (and not in a good way), rehearsing the same traumatic past over and over again. Get some therapy! As for the rest: I must have missed some episodes because I had no idea what was going on but I enjoyed Kilbride calling out Callen's bad luck with dating.
  10. It became increasingly clear that this is Gibbs' departure episode and I'm okay with that. He might pop up occasionally like Ducky does but it was clear for a while that this arc will be his swan song. Not sure if the show can survive but I like the new team and if they add Parker that could be interesting to watch. More interesting than seeing Gibbs going through the same trauma over and over again.
  11. I've been bad with noticing callouts but this time I paid attention, he! Where did you learn all that medical stuff? TV! LOL! Good episode but I'm starting to miss Breanna. I enjoyed Maria's analyzing of Eliot and her interactions with Parker were fun. Still, I wonder how much longer she's accepting all his man of mystery stuff. Doing all the paperwork with leaving Eliot and Parker out of it must be quite a challenge. Lovely scene between Eliot and Parker at the end.
  12. Well, talk about an uncomfortable dinner all around! But at least all the festering secrets are out in the open now. At least Mrs Brompton showed some social grace by coming to Helen's aid and bringing some booze to Mrs H. Speaking of Mrs H: stop talking to dogs about your feelings of loneliness and call you-know-who!
  13. I feel bad because I have no idea who Hurley is (I did a Google search but my mind still refuses to come up with any memories) but I enjoyed the episode. Loved Eliot nearly slipping in a 'Dammit Hardison!' - he's missing his buddy. Agreed that James Master's character was a bit one-note. The randomness of the Sophie and Parker interludes was hilarious. But this was clearly Harry's episode and he did a pretty good job despite some snafus. I wonder what will happen to Sarah - even though she ended up on the right side of the law her path getting there was a bit dodgy. I hope she does not lo
  14. Well, her prissy moments make her not quite so perfect but also not exactly likeable. I thought her backstory really interesting - i.e. post war UK suffering from a shortage of workers had to rely on immigrants from the Caribbean to rebuild its economy. It was a chapter of UK history I had not been aware of. (I think the Windrush scandal hit the news after Lucille was introduced on the show.) But now that plotline has more or less played out and it seems the writing for her character is going nowhere. Probably due to concerns already mentioned.
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