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  1. Some slight pacing issues but given the tragedy Mack had to deal with I'm not sure how else they could have handled it. Otherwise great fun with lots of wonderful details. And Deke did not just rip off 'Don't you forget about me' - he did change the lyrics and it wasn't all just mindless adlib: Love's strange, so ready or not - Here I come, like a buzz - Running with thunder, blood, and - Slow change may pull us apart - Or if the knife stabs into your heart, Daisy - Don't you, forget about me Orig: Love's strange so real in the dark - Think of the tender things that we were working on - Slow change may pull us apart -When the light gets into your heart, baby - Don't you, forget about me When the elevator door opened to the boom of doom from Terminator I thought they couldn't top it but then 'Exterminate!' delivered the coup de grace LOL!
  2. I'd put the pain meds first 😁 Rick and Yolanda were both not injured and two against one. It's not as if Courtney has that much more battle experience than these two.
  3. I'm glad Cindy brought up the 'effectiveness' of Stargirl's costume LOL! Poor Pat had to sacrifice his beloved car for a cover-up job. He's of course right about keeping secrets from Barbara. I wonder if the show will have this play out differently than we expect. Maybe Barbara knows more than she lets on and won't be completely shocked when the truth comes out. The shocked/angry mother is a bit of tired trope so I'm hoping for something different. Nice team-work by the junior JSA getting Beth out of Stepford mansion. Though I question the wisdom of sending the one character without superpowers into the suspected villain's lair. I was surprised by Stepford mom's move at Pat - apparently she's not completely broken LOL! Courtney seems resistant to hard lessons. What made her think that she could take on Cindy fresh out of hospital? Henry and Dr Ito's minions saved her this time - last time it was mystery janitor. I know she's a teenager but I still wish she'd put her brain to some good use. Man, Henry had a sucky day. Dealing with telepathic powers without knowing what's going on and then finding out that his 'girlfriend' was placed at his side to be his handler for some unknown villainous purpose. Boy needs a break which he won't get. At least we now know why Cindy broke him and Yolanda up. It wasn't just sheer mean-girl behavior, she had a plan orders and a plan. I wonder how long Dad will keep out of commission now. Aww, Mike - bringing treats and real emotions. I think that was the first scene these two called each other brother and sister. Sweet. Courtney looked very different with her hair pulled back, younger and more vulnerable - good choice by the hair and make-up people.
  4. MissLucas


    Well, I decided to give it another go after dropping out of episode three in season one. Now that I've finished with the season I have to make a mental note to stop watching shows with Joel Kinnaman, first Altered Carbon and now this, sheesh ☹️
  5. He looks a bit like the lovechild of John Cusack and Nicolas Cage. If you google Cameron* Gellman you can see that he looks younger and less 'juvenile delinquent' with differently styled hair. Guess the hair and make-up department (they've also done something with his eyebrows) decided the character needed a higher visible testosterone level and overdid it slightly. *I got really confused with the discussion up-thread because I had not realized that we're talking in-show Cameron.
  6. The show actually subverted that dynamic a bit this episode, when her parents rather sheepishly asked Beth if she had made them lunch.
  7. I really appreciate how this show is giving nuance to its villains: Icicle is being a great Dad (so far) and the scene where he handed out good advice while casually admitted to murder was fantastic and also a bit whiplash-inducing, he! Same goes for Cindy: sums it up nicely! And I appreciate that the family dynamics are not forgotten. Both Mike and Barabara had something to say about the power-duo of Courtney and Pat. Speaking of Courtney: glad she's not always the perfect teenager and this episode really made that point. I thought after last week she'd be more willing to listen to Pat. Oh well, maybe a good beating by *insert Cindy's moniker* will do the trick. No giggling pink pen this week - wise janitor was there to provide mystery!
  8. I check the news thread for a publishing date for volume nine - not this sort of news 😢 Sheesh, is it really that hard to be a decent human being?
  9. Dumbledore kept finding new DADA teachers despite the curse and all the... ahem... inconveniences it brought along 😉
  10. Fun episode. As another non-American I also started to wonder about all the volcanoes. Though this was the first time I've seen an edible one. I wonder if Mike's culinary talent will be more explored, I never noticed how often we see him in the kitchen and/or eating. And the bonding between him and Barbara was sweet. Beth is charming (and the actress sells the character so well) yet I feel she needs more to do than just be the magic googles interface. And Hourman jun. is getting a bit tedious with his attitude. The Gambler has excellent taste in music. I was expecting a hallway fight à la Daredevil but that was of course not going to happen. That waitress doesn't know how lucky she was. Loved the scene between Pat and Courtney at the end - it took her some time to catch on though LOL! Another giggling pen sighting - I really want to know what's that about!
  11. Pfff! Just sprinkle some retcon magic over it! I still miss Leverage *sniff* (let's hope the revival/reboot is any good)
  12. Yeah, I actually googled all that before posting - not too much to ask considering at least half of the team is regularly in combat situations.
  13. Screw Yuri - I wanted Roman to step through that door (or make at least an appearance in Weller's hallucinations)!!! Felt like a bottle episode. As usual with lots of plot holes starting with Patterson making sure they have more or less a field hospital at the ready but never thought of making sure the team would have access to blood if needed? Granted she had a Venn diagram of the team's blood types memorized but that is uncharacteristic Hail-Mary-planning for someone like her. I assume Zapata is travelling by Interrail? And how lucky that the village Weller was being held hostage did have a train station. Oh well, looks we're getting a heist episode, yay!!!
  14. This was a lot more fun than I expected. I actually loved the deep dive into Wikipedia because that's what teenagers would do. And I notice that the somewhat 'time-less' world-building is slowly shifting to a more present day setting. The pilot episodes needed only tiny tweaks to work in the 70's or 80s. I think it was clever to ease into the present like that. And although both Wildcat and Cosmic Saff were right to call Courtney out on her dumbass idea - hospitals do have emergency generators. But the whole 'let's figure this out as we go along' approach was hilarious and fun. Less hilarious and sadly relevant was Yolanda's backstory. Can't wait to see what will happen to Beth (rats, had to google her name and got spoiled). Don't want to happen the same with the pink giggling pen so I'll just call it pink giggling pen and wait!
  15. Eh, I wanted original Zari back. Kardi-Zari is amusing but that's not enough. And I'm also not a fan of Behrad. This show keeps snatching away my favorites: Rip, Snart, Ray and Nora and now Zari. (The only ones I was glad to see leaving were the chicken people.) Apart from S1 this was my least favorite season. Not enough Beebo and losing three characters I like almost broke my enthusiasm.
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