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  1. I never said TOS wasn't utopian. The 60's were also a period of optimism and TOS reflected that. And it's also true that people complained that TNG was criticized for not being TOS. Both things can be true.
  2. Sounds a lot like what went down when TNG came out. It sounds trite but apparently folks tend to forget/ignore it but every iteration of Star Trek (and other shows) is also a reflection of its own time. TNG came out during a period of optimism where a lot seemed possible and there was talk of 'the end of history' (which always sounded crazy to me but that's another story) so it made sense to imagine a pretty utopian future (which still wasn't perfect). Now that history is once again biting us hard in our collective derrière the story-telling is reflecting that too. Not to mention that DS9 had already started to show the cracks in ST's brave new world.
  3. Well that was dark. The episode where Icheb donated his implant to Seven is my favorite episode of Voyager - not sure I can rewatch it now 😢 This is another stark reminder of how Ex-Borg are treated. I wonder how that will tie in to the whole synths plot. It can't be a coincidence that Soji is on that cube of all places. Man, the Federation really sucks in this version of Star Trek. Looks like they not only abandoned the rescued Romulans but a whole sector, letting it sink into chaos and disorder. Makes you wonder if it did not also have a hand behind the attack on Mars. Some of the things Maddox tried to say certainly pointed in that direction. In other words: Raffi you were not crazy but I doubt you'll ever get all the validation you deserve (this being such a dark take on Star Trek I see no shiny awards or appointments coming your way - you're lucky if you get to see your grandchild). Of course Rios' hat needed a feather. I wonder how long they keep those nods to the Musketeers going. It was a bit of much needed comic relief as was Elnor's being adorably clueless about the whole sting - glad he got a moment of badass when it counted. Thanks @Llywela for the reminder that Picard always sucked at acting because Stewart's horrible French accent and coming up with every French stereotype imaginable (he only lacked a baguette) was terrifying and hilarious at the same time. Soooo - Agnes is definitely no longer this show's Tilly. And I begin to understand Rio's issues with the holograms. The EMH focusing on Agnes while Maddox was dying right there on the table was not a good look. Also: I wouldn't mind a spin-off about the Fenris Rangers (and I loved Rios fangirling about Seven yet not being able to remember her correct designation).
  4. Bonnie and Adam's dialogue about their theoretical offspring was hilarious! I wish the writers had refrained from Christy all of sudden considering a third child. We all try to forget Roscoe (and Violet) like the writers did - no need reminding us of their existence. I get that the point was that right now she's really focusing on her career - well except when she's desperate for romance - but it was unnecessary. I'm also not sure we need yet another (third) arc of Jill wanting a baby. Although I have to say Andy was great. And congrats to Wendy Harris (did WE know that's her second name?)!
  5. I'm a historian and I love dealing with ephemera so I loved this episode. That said they can depress the hell out of you and break your heart - so approach any old cachet of letters with caution. On a lighter note: Palmer's suit in the opening scene was quite snazzy!
  6. All the talk about Toby's figurines being too small for Baby Jack had me thinking - maybe Dad should get him better sized dolls now that the Force-seed has been planted. And you all know what that means, right? Baby Yoda for the win! Toby's loaded he's got the $350 for the replica! Make it so! ahem... showing myself out now.
  7. Elijah Wood is a good-looking man (and I'm sure that during his LOTR stint he made it on plenty of dreamy lists) but I don't think he would be put off by the idea that he does not exactly fit the standards for a superficial 'hottest hunks' list.
  8. Hawk was my first tv-crush at an age where I did not really understand what it meant that I felt all happy whenever he was on. It pains me to admit that I did not recognize him again until Sisko decided to shave his head 😲
  9. As for Madison and Kevin violating the ladycode: I've seen a version of this playing out IRL when one of my brothers dated my sister's best friend for a while. There were additional factors making their relationship extremely difficult which I'm not going to disclose - let's just say it was Pearson levels of drama. Although they all ended up on friendly terms it was very difficult all around for a while and not a topic I bring up at birthday parties. That said I'm sure there's also a version of that dynamic out there where everything ends up fine and dandy. But I doubt that show will give us that version.
  10. It's Hollywood where male actors are under increasing pressure to get work done at a certain age so I can handwave the smooth face away by Kevin doing exactly that. And if Justin Hartley manages to get the number of Jane Fonda's dude he's got good chances to ease into a version of that silver fox.
  11. That was a great episode and you folks have covered most of it already but I need to add my outrage that someone on this planet would be stupid enough to draft a list of 100 hottest Hollywood hunks and not include Kevin?!? Sorry Elijah Wood, but Kevin was right. I guess show made it up to Kevin by turning him into a magnificent silver fox by the end 😁
  12. I was confused about that too - even googled the brand but it seems it was a made up name. At first I thought she had taken them to keep her eyesight but that didn't make much sense as there's no preventive treatment for retinitis pigmentosa and she had shown no symptoms (those set in early like with Marion). I think you're right and those were birth control pills - she mentioned to Trixie that RP is genetic and was probably terrified of passing it on to her kid. Once she realized that Marion is living a full life despite her disability she decided to take the risk. It might sound odd that it took her that long but maybe seeing Marion as a mother was a major wake-up call - especially if she had denied herself motherhood out of that particular fear.
  13. So, the best team in town didn't see the final twist coming although it was announced with the stealth of a Dothraki horde charging? ETA: Carla was definitely the episode's MVP 😁
  14. Another really good episode. I liked how they did not make the sister the villain and Marion the saint. Beryl had some good arguments and Marion was stubborn (even though I understood why). The scene with her bumping the doll's head into the table made me actually jump. To be fair stuff like that can happen to everybody but in her situation it just added pressure - glad it all good sorted out in true CTMW fashion. Also good: keeping Sister Frances and Doctor McNulty as a team and friends and finally giving the former a plot where she is competent and self-assured. I got the gist of McNulty's plot but had to google Pethidine - yikes! That's not going to end well. I wonder what Sister Frances meant when she talked about the 'secret' - was she just talking about him losing his nerves during that second birth or has she already noticed that he had made changes to the prescription records (he added another 50mg which he then took for himself)? Poor Valerie - seeing her Gran suffering and feeling guilty about it even though she did what she had to do. It's great that we keep the continuity and that the plot has not been dropped but it was hard to watch. On a lighter note: Valerie keeps getting the cutest 60's fashion (her look for the prison visit was fantastic) - poor Violet got the other end of the stick. That hat was atrocious. And when Nurse Crane asked Lucille for help because Sgt. Woolf was gone I thought for a crazy couple of minutes that she had been asking for help getting a date, wondering what she was doing asking Lucille, clearly that would be more in Trixie's wheelhouse! Apparently the early arrival of spring this year is meddling with my brain LOL!
  15. Maybe Schwimmer had heard tales of what could go down on that couch by Matthew Perry and was petrified? I'll never forget Perry's face when hit with the full force of MM. Kidding aside it was Schwimmer's first time with that format and I think that's quite a challenge when you're only used to the more standard formats. To me it looked as if he was trying to learn the lay of the land for a while and then settled into the part of a very dry straight man to Ruffalo's lovable act. And it really worked.
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