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  1. Just got a notification that Stephen will 'visit' Conan next Tuesday, yay!
  2. I will give her the benefit of the doubt for her actions. She was a victim of domestic abuse and she might have suffered from postnatal depression. And she showed remorse over what she had done and tried to do the right thing once she got help. I really don't see much of a double standard here - i.e. in this episode. (I'm a historian and I came across similar stories where men did the best to ditch all responsibility putting the blame on the woman, maybe that taints my vision.) In the show as a whole - that's another question that probably deserves its own thread.
  3. I was wondering if some summer shows would change launch dates - yay!
  4. I would have felt more sympathy for him had he not done his damnest to pressure her into giving up the child - including to threaten her with social services, casting doubts over her mental state and trying to blackmail her with her job. He also tried to throw his paternal rights into the mix which of course backfired in the end. Also: they had a sexual relationship so chances are that he had seen her scars and was aware of her emotional vulnerability. He was clearly fearing the scandal more than he cared for her - otherwise he would have respected her decision and set arrangements for her in motion. Like organizing a job where she could keep her child. As a man of a cloth this would have been an option under the pretense of being charitable towards his 'fallen' housekeeper. Or he could have asked Mother Mildred to do that instead of trying to pull rank (so to speak). This is what other priests in his situation have done - accepting raised eyebrows and whispers within the congregation as the price - at least the more decent ones.
  5. It's extremely risky to use a 20 year old condom. Just as it's risky to have sex without additional protection after you've discontinued taking it (and that one pill in your digestive system won't take care of things). The episode was full of idiotic behavior. Not sure how old Andi is supposed to be - probably in her 40's and on her way to perimenopause. Or she's already there but has not noticed because she's on the pill. Perimenopausal women can get pregnant too - so still taking care of contraception at her age is the one sensible thing she did in this episode.
  6. Neat episode giving the whole cast some good lines. I wonder if Marjorie will stick with the delivery job or look for something more playing to her skill-set in the long run (also: as a nurse Wendy can't be co-piloting that much). For a mad moment I thought Tammy and Trevor would get romantic. Glad they did not go there. In real life what went down could be problematic. I'm glad it was addressed by Trevor when he wanted to hand Bonnie that list of referrals. For comedy's sake I'm okay to hand-wave that Bonnie refused. I agree that the desperate-for-love plots for Christy get old. One of the worst jokes of this episode was based on her romantic/sexual desperation. There was a time when I could understand why Christy could not get a successful relationship or job: it was necessary for her to stay with Bonnie (the Full House Conundrum). But at this point - when we have characters who don't live in that apartment regularly getting A-plots - that really should no longer be a concern.
  7. The vasectomy plot has been done so many times that I was hoping for a new twist *sigh* well, I guess Adam not being a real man and taking over contraceptive duties from his wife in order to give her body a break was a new twist - just not the kind I was looking for. There was really a lot of weird stuff going on in this episode starting with them not having sex anymore despite having a viable if not perfect option for contraception at hand for the time being until they figured out what to do. Andi not thinking about a vasectomy was just dumb. And she goes off the pill for at least a couple of days and then wham! takes one pill again and off they go. I'm pretty sure that wasn't safe either.
  8. Of course in his head space that looks differently. He could not save Jack and he could not save William but he'll be damned if he can't save Rebecca no matter how many bridges he has to burn in doing so. Unless that tunnel vision gets shattered he won't see what everybody else is seeing.
  9. Was I the only one desperately waiting for a better view on that painting in the background? Was that an oil portrait of a Siamese cat or a racoon???
  10. I think Oh is half Vulcan - because she was able to perform the mind-meld. Raffi also came to that conclusion after Agnes came clear. Of course that also rises a whole lot of questions about Starfleets vetting process. Not to mention that Narissa also manged to pose as human.
  11. I said I would ignore the love triangle but I can't anymore. If they really had to go there why not make the character at least a bit interesting? At the moment Cara might as well date a cardboard cutout with a Post-It on its head reading: filler love-interest. Nothing to do with Chris Conroy, he's not to blame for the super-lame writing. Despite the abysmal ending that was something HIMYM managed to get right: almost all the characters that showed up as possible mother were real persons with lovable quirks and some flaws. If you have to introduce placeholder love interests make them at least a bit intriguing (agreed that they made more of an effort on that front last season). And what are the odds that Adam will pop up as a friend suggestion?
  12. On noes!!! He's back (with apologies to the actor)!!!!!!
  13. To play devil's advocate here: that was also anachronistic - at least to the degree it came up in the show. It's true that people who have to work 'on the front' of social issues can display a higher degree of compassion than their contemporaries but as the history of church-run orphanages or workhouses show that's by no means the standard.
  14. Yes, I was. I've found almost every other character (with the exception of Narissa) more compelling than this iteration of Picard. His greatest skill - speechifying others into moral submission - barely worked (and that mostly due to the writers room being willing to bend plotlines to Escher-levels of distortion) and I felt it was time for the character to go. I thought this was going to be his swan-song and that would have been perfect for me.
  15. Yes, the solution was obvious. Cara and Rakesh continuously pushing Miles to 'treat this like any other Friends suggestion' really didn't help because I kept thinking 'Why are you not taking over for him?' They both saw how he was struggling yet did not volunteer - not their best look. Of course it was a writing decision because the writers love to throw Miles into scenarios where he gets jerked around by the GA. We're one step away from defcon Job.
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