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  1. The beef jerky is probably vacuum sealed but it's still ridiculous to hide it like a pack of cocaine. Darlene's wonder and surprise that you can wash a comforter last season ranks higher in my gross-o-meter.
  2. Interesting discussion about Naomi - it fits with what she told TLS: Walking away... is the only choice anyone ever has.
  3. I wouldn't mind getting Booker back for an episode or two 😉
  4. It was particularly hilarious in view of Randall's OCD tendencies. And after Kevin's thoughtful musings about TPTB demanding shirtless scenes of their leading men (with all that this brings along - the prep for such scenes isn't exactly a walk in the park) we get not one but two scenes of Randall's pecs n' more within three episodes.
  5. I really don't think this was a ruse devised by Filip and Naomi. When TLS noticed what Cyn had been looking at at his monitor (Naomi in front of the airlock), he was shocked and followed Cyn. Had he been in on the plan he would have tried to create a distraction. It also looked as if Naomi was acting on the spur of the moment and did some quick thinking on her way off the bridge. Her conversation with Cyn might have given her the idea and of course she knew where the First Aid kit was (to get the hyperoxygenated blood). But I agree that the protomolecule is not destroyed. There's an ominous message about news from Medina Station at the end that TBS reacts to with 'about time'. Got to be more than just casual chatter on the SoS.
  6. Yeah, I think Cyn's dead. He had had no time to prepare for what was coming unlike Naomi who had been taking several deep breaths before pushing the airlock button and TLS was too shocked to react quickly to save him.
  7. After reading that link (thanks btw.) I must say it sounds like an intriguing choice. Established in lore with enough gaps to fill in. I guess that means we get to see Gil-Galad and maybe Cirdan.
  8. I enjoyed Candace Bergen but I really don't want to see Ben going on a This-is-Us like inspired quest for his bio-Dad. Also: blind-dating during a pandemic when you live with a high-risk patient? I know the show plays fast and lose with Covid protocols and I'm willing to hand wave stuff like mask removal etc. But that was odd and that Becky joked about the guy freaking out about her temperature didn't make things better - I was not sure who I'm supposed to think was the greater idiot in that scenario.
  9. So, walking in a body of water -preferably naked for no good reason- and a bit of screaming is all it takes to get rid of all your trauma? Duly noted though I might wait for spring until I give it a shot in a gator-less not frozen lake. It was all very tragic but I was not in the mood for emotional manipulation (the never ending plink-plonk of the score was the icing on the cake). Instead I came up with a dream scenario of Chi McBride playing a character who's finally reading Randall the riot act for *insert reason of choice* because I love Chi McBride going on an epic rant and he was criminally underused here.
  10. So, here's a vague synopsis dropped today over at the OneRing.net: Amazon Studios’ forthcoming series brings to screens for the very first time the heroic legends of the fabled Second Age of Middle-earth’s history. This epic drama is set thousands of years before the events of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and will take viewers back to an era in which great powers were forged, kingdoms rose to glory and fell to ruin, unlikely heroes were tested, hope hung by the finest of threads, and the greatest villain that ever flowed from Tolkien’s pen threatened to cover all the world in darkness. Beginning in a time of relative peace, the series follows an ensemble cast of characters, both familiar and new, as they confront the long-feared re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains, to the majestic forests of the elf-capital of Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Númenor, to the furthest reaches of the map, these kingdoms and characters will carve out legacies that live on long after they are gone. And yes, the discussion about Morgoth or Sauron being the greatest villain is already raging on the internets.
  11. Here's some background info on what happens to your body in vacuum exposure (as far as we know): https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/survival-in-space-unprotected-possible/ And here's a clip about the test accident mentioned in the article. Naomi did exhale slowly instead of holding her breath, as a Belter she knew what to do. But she did not lose consciousness after 15 seconds and only used the injection (adrenaline?) after almost 20 seconds. Maybe we have to handwave that away with Belter physiology? ETA: As others have mentioned below Naomi used oxygenated blood, which we also saw used on Monica after her vacuum exposure.
  12. I'm glad we finally got to the back-story of Naomi 'abandoning' TLS, it was necessary to understand her actions this season. She simply had to try even though she stood no chance. At least she got one tender moment with her son. And then she got to be a complete badass - I wonder if TLS realizes what she has done or thinks she committed suicide. Cyn was a goner for quite some time now. I wondered if TPTB would give him some final moment of grace and redemption by helping Naomi escape. But this was definitely the better option, she was not a damsel in distress and he did not really deserve that level of redemption. That said I think we could have done with a bit less of TBS moustache twirling in exchange for getting an idea what Amos, Peaches and Drummer were up to and maybe a bit more Avasarala. But at least Naomi is off that ship now and on her way to Holden. Bobbie and Alex make a great team, can't wait for them to get back to the Roci. I enjoyed the B-team's dynamics on the ship. Bull and Holden talking about Fred was interesting, I particularly liked Bull's annoyance at Holden's insistence on being right. That has been a narrative beat since season one, by now you'd think people realize that Holden is actually right (most of the time) - just like Avasarala. It's frustrating but realistic that they both still have to fight to get their points across. We did have a moment in this episode where Holden was wavering, I'm not sure we needed Monica to remind him that following the protomolecule must have priority. But it was a good use of her character and I like that the writing for her does not follow the usual trope of 'annoying journalist gets in hero's way'. And I loved seeing the Roci in combat, those railguns delivering rounds in a perfect spiral pattern was a sight to behold.
  13. And the writers know it - remember Randall's joke about Madison being the only friend of the family?
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