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  1. No word on season 5 (sorry folks) but title and vague publishing date for the final book have been revealed: Leviathan Falls - 2021 *sigh* Cover art and additional info.
  2. I think that was my favorite season so far. Although I felt there were some pacing issues - lots of treading water and then one big reveal after the other in the last episode. But the two leads and their acting made up for that - these two are great together and I enjoy the simmering romance. And the settings are great too - London never fails. One thing I wish for though was a couple of regular secondary characters (who are not romantically involved with Robin or Strike). I take it that Charlotte is a bit more nuanced in the books? Because her appearances here were abrupt and her firm declaration that she will get Strike back were jarring. Too bad Rowling is once again falling into the trap of 'more is better' - at least the last two HP novels were in desperate need of a ruthless editor.
  3. I really enjoyed the clips on YT with John Cleese - that was a great interview. But I couldn't figure out which book they were talking about, I guess that was mentioned in the skipped intro.
  4. Well, I haven't read the books but I enjoy this series more than the last ones - not for the obvious reasons but because it feels more compact and streamlined. I thoroughly enjoy the deeply dysfunctional posh family. As for my favorite scene in episode three
  5. Debicki is taller than Diana but Josh O'Connor is also taller than Charles. If the internet can be trusted then there's only 5cm between him and Debicki.
  6. I always love it when a show decides to not go all grimdark in the final episode and souring the whole thing - so, well done! I do have a timey-whimey problem that I just can't resolve. Back in the first episode Jemma arrives at the temple with four folks in blue hazmat suits to save the day. By now we know those were Fitz, Jemma, Yo Yo and Sousa. In this episode^s flashback prior to the rescue Enoch says 'Good, they sent 'reinforcements' when these four arrived at the Zephyr. Who did he mean by 'they'? Neither he nor Jemma could know at that moment that they were in a time loop so where did they think that blue team came from?
  7. Well, that was fun and all over the place. As pointed out by @mrspidey the mood-swing from Yolanda killing Brainwave to Mike's roadkill of Iceman was whiplash inducing. And so many open questions especially with regards to all the ISA offspring: Cameron, Artemis, Emo Tuba Boy and of course Cindy. Maybe Cindy will rally them around her though I don't think she's much of a team-player (neither are the others). Not sure I agree with Barbara's retort to Icicle that nobody's gonna die because of the way people think - but I guess being threatened by a maniac super villain on top of a tower might hamper one's philosophical and rhetorical skills. And yes, it was refreshing to watch a superhero show with no will-they-won't-they nonsense, no triangle of doom, no twu luv. The emotional core was the Courtney-Pat relationship and that worked spectacularly. That and those gorgeous shots of Stargirl and Stripe at the end make me willing to do a lot of handwaving.
  8. Cindy could very well turn into this show's Spike. And I guess the Principal is really dead but her sad-trombone son might turn musical villain.
  9. I got hooked by on-line comments and can't stop now. Thank God it's officially on YT (so it doesn't really matter that the CW lost its nerve after one episode).
  10. No, volume 9 is supposed to be the final book. The 2020 release date was only mentioned in a tweet and even there it did not sound definite. Since we still not even have a book title I'm starting to think that season 5 will be first.
  11. So, what will be first - volume 9 or season 5? I was hoping the book would be released this summer but so far only *crickets*
  12. Damn it, why can't I have Geoff Stults as a regular in show that does not get cancelled after one season(RIP The Finder and Enlisted)??? Instead he's either underused *GraceandFrankie* or has to play some jerks. That said, well played - makes sense that Courtney thought he was Starman given his looks. Plenty of devastating scenes in this episode. Brec Bassinger was really owning this episode. And although I'm glad Barbara is not going down the cliché route of freaked out Mom I'm having troubles with her calm demeanor and acceptance of all the crazy that just entered her life. But it's a refreshing change of pace and I appreciate that she's using her brain to handle the situation. Deleting her browser history was a smart move - just not smart enough when you're dealing with a supervillain with an IT department. Poor Mike can't catch a break. I agree Pat yelling at him was hard to watch. And now he's made it onto Brainwave's kill list. Justin was heart-breaking but I feel a if his introduction was a bit rushed in order to use him as a warning to Pat what's about to come. Not as much fun to watch as previous episodes but Henry's death required a more somber tone.
  13. Starman not being Courtney's father seems almost a given at this point although I find it exasperating that both Pat and Barb just say 'no, he isn't' without giving any additional reasons/explanations. At this point it feels like forced writing. Normally a person would continue with '...because XXX' and the repeated flat denial without additional reasoning feels unnatural. There's also some inconsistency when it comes to the JSA and ISA's and abilities: Hourman's bond with the hourglass seems to be genetic. Yolanda and Beth just clicked with the suit/googles. Courtney assumes her bond with the staff is also inherited (I wonder if she will struggle bonding with it when it's confirmed Starman is not her father). With the ISA's abilities there seems to be a clear genetic factor at play (probably even down to genetic engineering when it comes to Cindy). I find it a bit confusing and wish there was more worldbuilding/explanation on how the artifacts/abilities work. That might happen at one point down the road but I'm getting impatient. If the giggling pen latches on to Mike I want an explanation!
  14. I'm just upset the tiny door is gone.
  15. Put Lady Glenconner and Miriam Margolyes on the couch and let things unfold.
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