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  1. Jane Powell in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!
  2. It’s so hard to wait a week for new episodes when they gave us 3 at once in the beginning! I can see why a friend of mine won’t watch things until all episodes have dropped…
  3. Plus, Sookie and Emily bonded somewhat when Emily took over Sookie’s wedding planning…
  4. Off topic, I apologize, I don’t know how to quote and bring this to Small Talk… The way to get Monopoly to an end is to buy hotels and houses. And if you really want to tick players off, keep buying 4 houses without going the extra $ for the hotel so the supply of houses runs out.
  5. No <putting more details under spoilers just in case….>
  6. I think season 3 is in the can, just doing post production work now, so there’s time to sort that out.
  7. I noticed they put the FJ category over the clue!
  8. I’m guessing that despite being on at least a half dozen channels (and the fact that MTV doesn’t actually air, you know, videos), that no one watched the VMAs? 😆
  9. And even without her birth certificate, you think she would have known her proper birth year. Her grandmother surely knew. And her mother. Were they celebrating the wrong year all throughout her childhood?
  10. And how could Phoebe never have a birth certificate?? Presumably (I know) she has a driver’s license and would have needed it for her jobs and massage therapy training… The enigma that is Phoebe!
  11. He was Phoebe’s stepdad, married to Lily. I’ve always wondered where Grandma and Ursula were when Phoebe was on the streets. Did she run away?
  12. Ever since Zap2it stopped reporting ratings, I haven’t really followed them. Has doing endless crossovers really been helping ratings for either show?
  13. Will be airing former seasons on TBS starting 9/27. It will be nice to watch at a time that is not overnight/very early AM like it’s airing on Nick at Nite and Nick 2.
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