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  1. She also uses her purse to send signals to her staff.
  2. Mike helps Harvey get over a personal loss; an attempt to take down Faye becomes complicated.
  3. An old foe forces Harvey to account for past actions. Esther has a problem only Louis can solve.
  4. I think they can watch on their laptops. So we just have to use the hdmi cable to the TV.
  5. Before the update, at the bottom of a topic, it used to tell you what the next unread topic was under the “Go to next unread topic”. Is that permanently gone?
  6. My husband and son have informed me they have Hulu streaming via their Sprint cell phone. I have a Tracfone, what do I know! 😆
  7. Anything Gran wore. She dressed like The Dowager on any British period piece. Lorelai remembered Grandpa Charles, so he died in the 60s or 70s. No one was dressing like that!!
  8. Meh-Same handful of movies shaken up and thrown like dice onto the schedule. And Sweeney Todd is on at 11:00 am??? Great viewing for the kids!!
  9. If they do alternative universe-I’m out.
  10. 4 episodes left and we get this stand alone??
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