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  1. Snow and Snow 2! I also love Olive the Other Reindeer, but haven’t seen that one around in years.
  2. Syndication is where the money is! Considering they just started the 4th season of Young Sheldon, they are going to cycle through very quicKly.
  3. I’m glad they met and didn’t near-miss each other for episodes on end.
  4. I know why they held this for the Fall, but it really would have made for a fun summer series.
  5. I thought for sure when Kate and Toby were done bickering and turned toward baby mama, she would be long gone.
  6. How many episodes in the can do we have?
  7. Exactly. They have 15 cast members and 5 featured players. Give them a chance to make their mark! eta-they didn’t need Maya Rudolph and Alec Baldwin in the Aunt Jemima/Uncle Ben sketch. Others could have filled those roles.
  8. Christy got a better goodbye with short notice than Alex did on Grey’s Anatomy. Writers and Producers were put in a tough-no win spot for both. Yes, unrealistic for Christy to get a full ride scholarship to Georgetown more than halfway through law school, but better than dumping wife #2 to suddenly go back to wife #1. Does her full ride include housing? Books? Living expenses? DC is not cheap!
  9. We’re almost for sure guaranteed to have NO Covid storylines!
  10. I think the new Anna Kat will be fine once the writers stop writing for Julia Butters and start writing for the new actress.
  11. Yep, would definitely tune-in to a Julie and Jimmy Podcast. Erik looked so sad!
  12. And you just know there’s going to be a cliffhanger 😡
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