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  1. Well, Frankie and Joan-Margaret did make a toilet bong...
  2. What I appreciated about this season is that Frankie seemed more “lucid”. Yes, she still had her moments, but it definitely seemed like Frankie knew what was going on and wasn’t “wacky Frankie”.
  3. I was so waiting for Owen to call Koracick “Tommy” as he walked away. Since I watch The Good Place and Project Runway, Grey’s is a recorded watch for me. After looking at the 5 comments the Station 19 thread had, I knew I hadn’t missed anything important. I learned a LONG time ago that very special “crossover” events have to be self contained so those watching years from now in syndication can still follow the story.
  4. It also helped Nancy that everyone liked the outfit under the oversized coat.
  5. I’m glad Brandon dinged on Victoria for her same silhouette. Really Nina? You didn’t know that was Victoria's design?? Wow-wouldn’t want to meet mad Victoria in a dark alley! i loved Christian’s runway day shirt!
  6. I’m not familiar with the artist but I love her!!!
  7. They couldn’t have telegraphed the safe designers more by the lack of airtime they got.
  8. I always enjoy Katie Leclerc and immediately knew what the problem was when I recognized her. She is hard of hearing IRL and usually plays someone who is. But I always forget she has a lovely speaking voice. In Switched at Birth and in The Big Bang Theory, she does not speak as fluently.
  9. I was amused that Nick knew the FBI agent by name, like she was an old friend and that he told Grace to call his ex (can’t remember her name)-she’ll know what to do...we may see Nick next season!
  10. I’d wear the crap outta that!! 😊
  11. If it’s so hot and the A/C is broken-here’s a thought- open up the car windows people!!
  12. I love Grace's geometric sweaters. And I want to soak in that bathtub overlooking the City!!!
  13. Wouldn't "the cute Beatle" be the best clue? 😄 I wanted to see them all Mime at the Starbucks!!!!
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