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  1. Wonder where Brady (and his girlfriend) will live? 🤔
  2. I suspect that is director/producer driven. I was a big fan of the fact that the playing field was level because everyone had the same model I never even noticed Coco’s face. I was immediately drawn to the clothing, which is the point and function of modeling, for the most part.
  3. It was 2:30 in the morning-that’s a bit much!!
  4. They looked like library books. Maybe that hasn’t changed!
  5. Maybe THAT’S that’s the real endgame!
  6. I probably would have done the belt backwards too. Being left-handed, I start looping the belt on my pants on the left side, finishing on the right.
  7. I wonder if Deja’s “that’s going to be a problem” means they (unrealistically) got married?
  8. Kevin-buy a place and take the kids on the weekend!!
  9. I loved that they dedicated the first episode to Bob Saget
  10. Yes, Aaron said it. And, yes, ew. But production decided to leave it in.
  11. Adam Wylie popped up on a lot of shows in the early 2000’s!
  12. I’m glad Dean and Brad are still friends in the present day
  13. There’s helping and then there’s forming alliances….
  14. Do you think Racers from early seasons watch now and just shake their heads?
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