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  1. I think KJ just said “thank you Alex”
  2. Bars usually have sodas in a “gun” at the bar, but mocktails are moneymakers.
  3. Honestly, until people sporadically post, I forgot that we’re waiting on the last season. The last season seemed so long ago, even without factoring Covid in, that if it never happened, I don’t think I would miss it.
  4. On a shallow note-I really like the geometric blouse Bonnie was wearing at Trevor’s.
  5. The dancer clue gave me a heads up that it was probably a man, just as the football clue a while back clued me in that it was probably a woman. For the final 3, have they ever had it so they all think it’s someone different? It always seems to be 2:1.
  6. Why can’t they just leave Max and Kat as friends???
  7. I have a friend who needs dialysis. He goes on vacations. He just makes arrangements with wherever he’s going for dialysis. Is this not normal to do? His vacations are not overseas, however.
  8. Jackie-you were a cop a million years ago...Louise could take you in a heartbeat. in Illinois, the DMVs have been closed and recently reopened. There is an extension for expired licenses.
  9. I didn’t watch the opening credits and was wondering if he was directing because he wasn’t in the episode much.
  10. When one leaves in the middle of a contract, as Anna did, are there monetary stipulations that Anna has to repay? One can’t just leave when they are under contract...
  11. Man, everyone was trying TOO hard tonight. Just ask your questions!
  12. And Lake Superior making an appearance today!!
  13. Drew Carey was very Bob Barker-ish, but then came into his own on The Price is Right.
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