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  1. How is E! going to fill 2 hours of Red Carpet??? I predict decent ratings for the Emmy show to start, but big drop offs as the novelty and monotony wears thin.
  2. November 12 premiere date with Station 19 crossover 🙄 Never watched Station 19, never will. I can always follow what’s going on. Crossover episodes need to stand alone for syndication purposes, so I feel no need to be “goaded” into watching Station 19.
  3. So they canceled the show because of Covid and it wouldn’t be ready for the Fall? They couldn’t hold it until mid season? They still have a hole to fill either way.
  4. Tyra is like parsley here, you wouldn’t miss her if she wasn’t on the plate. She’s following the script.
  5. It’s been both actually! 😆
  6. For some context-there were only 11 Coneheads sketches, 21 Wayne’s World sketches, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood 10x, and 6 Olympia Cafe (cheeburger, cheeburger, no Pepsi, Coke!).
  7. Just binged both seasons. Thought everyone is perfectly cast but an extra nod to Aidan Gallagher who embodied the world weary old man so well. And being a minor, had limited set time and such a big, pivotal roll.
  8. I wonder how much they were able to film of the last two episodes of Season 7. The seasons usually end with a very Christy centric plot so try might be able to use that to give her story a conclusion. The last episode of the season has Christy doing a share and saying she is X number of years sober and kind of recaps the season as to where she is now. Who knows what was finished with the last episodes from last season. Perhaps AF filmed something they can edit in. As to the “Mom” title-Cougartown was stuck with that title after the show shifted to being not about that. It happens.
  9. Not Gilmore Girls related but an irritation while I’m watching GG-I cannot wait for I Can Only Imagine to air this weekend so I don’t have to see promos for it EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK!
  10. I’d be amused if she’s written out soap opera style-she’s just...gone. Chuck Cunningham on Happy Days just disappeared or she went into the attic for some skis and never comes back
  11. It’s also a stand alone film that you don’t need to see the other Marvel movies for backstory.
  12. Freeform usually does a Countdown to Christmas schedule and pulls out big ratings movies because it’s November sweeps.
  13. It’ll be weird to leave Christy hanging in the middle of law school. We’ve been building up to her being a lawyer since the beginning. I wouldn’t worry about Anna Faris’ income. Syndication $ will last a long time.
  14. Nutmeg and extra vanilla makes everything better!
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