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  1. That’s going to be interesting with Iain and Raegan’s growth spurts!! I know they didn’t finish filming the last episode from last season. I wonder if they will have to reshoot the whole thing because of height differences?
  2. Love The Festival of Living Art! My only quibble is that I would have put the original portrait at the end as a buildup...but I get they needed Lorelai’s to be last to address the flinching piggybacked with the pager going off.
  3. 800 Words is coming to UP channel on July 24!!
  4. He made a much better impact as Alan Brady than he would have as Rob. He went to dinner with Mel Brooks two nights ago and sent out a tweet yesterday morning. His voice will be missed. RIP
  5. I always wanted to know what the Town Loner was protesting... ETA-I love everything about A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving!
  6. chitowngirl

    Hamilton (2020)

    Disney is really going all out to promote this. It seems every commercial break of any channel I’m watching has a commercial for it. Does anyone know if it’s still going to be released in theaters like it was originally planned?
  7. I have found this to be true of anyone doing Cross Fit.
  8. I was yelling at the TV for him to take it all after the round! I looked at the time and realized he would. If he would have hit a whammy and lost it, he would have gone to the next round to build it back up again, but the clock told me what was going to happen.
  9. I feel a “SHUT UP AL!!” Is needed 😆
  10. Susan Sarandon was rejected from one of the boys’ list as being too political and she guest starred later.
  11. That’s who he reminds me of when he talks!! 😆
  12. I’m going to start Beecham House because I love a good period piece. There is NO chatter at all in the Beecham House thread here!
  13. I definitely think they benefited by having a Covid audience.
  14. If only the promos hadn’t shown Anderson Cooper going for the Million dollar question, the first 20 minutes would have been more suspenseful.
  15. After Anderson is done with his game, they are going to switch places.
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