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  1. I can see Jill having a splashy reception with her friends-she didn’t care about the splashy wedding, she wanted to just be married to a great guy and have children. The hows weren’t important to her anymore.
  2. Can they exhume Sharon’s body and study that valve?
  3. chitowngirl

    Media for Rebel

    Quoting myself-ABC really lives up to Already Been Cancelled.
  4. This episode packed everyone in there...except DJ
  5. Didn’t they tack on & Co? So even though it was Laverne & Shirley, the logo on the opening was Laverne & Shirley & Co.
  6. Going up into Alaska could be an adventure for many challenges
  7. Plus, she’s in a great position for renegotiations every year
  8. I feel like the first half of the season was a scramble to redo because Anna Faris suddenly left and the second half of the season was a scramble to tie up loose ends because of the series ending. And then add in filming during a pandemic.
  9. He missed his cue in telling Connie how he regretted them breaking up.
  10. Did Gary change his name? I have a friend named Mike. His given name is Miguel and everyone knows this, but he uses Mike. We might not have known Gary’s given name is Javier, but that doesn’t mean he changed it.
  11. Renewed for 2 more seasons!!
  12. I don’t see why he wouldn’t. He is also a producer of the show.
  13. If I wanted to check out Live and Kelly after listening to the podcast, I would be shocked at the difference! Podcast Kelly and Live Kelly are two different Kelly’s!
  14. From the previews-it looks like Mary’s hair is exactly the same
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