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  1. Perhaps Kevin bought a cabin near Uncle Nicky and gave up the trailer.
  2. I took to mean the other because when Nicky composed himself he asked to make a stop before home. That was for the shrimp. I took it to mean Nicky realized he could add on the the family traditions.
  3. Actually, it Bev were deceased, Roseanne’s 50% would be divided between Becky, Darlene, and DJ. They are Bev’s heirs, not Dan. Of course it would depend on how she wrote her will. She could leave everything to Odessa because Bev likes her if she wants. Children are not entitled to anything. It is Bev’s to do with as she wishes and I hate that Jackie and Becky think they are entitled to it while Bev is alive.
  4. Beth was a saint when everyone kept leaving and left her (and Miguel) to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I can see where Rebecca needed to clear her head for a bit, but to go to a 3 hour movie?!! And I too noticed that future Jack and his fiancé were alone on Thanksgiving.
  5. Did anyone see Annie come back with Randall and Nicky?! 😆 I loved when Nicky realized that Jack didn’t erase him when Randall told the story of the poem/song.
  6. I wish Rick and TC were on the same show as Magnum and Higgins!
  7. Proportions are everything! At 5’2”, I am petite. But, with the jeans that I prefer, I find my size in a short rather than petite fit me better.
  8. Oh, I can definitely see Randall grandstanding that this would never have happened on his watch!
  9. When Randall wanted to take Rebecca to the doctor for a full work up-how is that possible? She’s in town for a few days. What doctor has availability like that for a new patient? It’s not like Randall has a long relationship with a doctor that he can ask a favor to get his mom in-he’s new in town also. This is a concern you have a chat with Miguel about. Miguel might not have even noticed. Things like that could have happened gradually. Randall noticed because he hasn’t seen Rebecca for a while and things weren’t going from A to B to C. They went from A right to C for him.
  10. Heather Locklear was a "special guest star" on Melrose Place, and she was in almost every episode of the show's run. 😁 “Special Guest Star” is a vanity title managers wrangle for their clients. Edward Hermann had “Special Appearance By” designation on Gilmore Girls.
  11. Boyfriend came to pick up Kate. They talked about going to a movie. Chatted about Practical Magic and boyfriend said they would NOT be seeing that. They left. Randall’s dislike of the guy was apparent throughout.
  12. With Jackie being SUCH a screw about money that is not even hers, Bev should just go on a world cruise and never look back.
  13. chitowngirl

    Disney Films

    When my daughter wanted to watch AIW, she always asked for the Allison movie. At first I was confused until she said Allison Wonderland. She thought that was her name!
  14. It was more than Rebecca misplacing the phone, she was taking pix of every room from every angle-like she was using that to remember every detail.
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