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  1. So that conversation between Charlotte and Jonah about Wendy killing Ben being like Charlotte killing Jonah. Are they foreshadowing Charlotte getting in a situation where she might kill Jonah? Or maybe the other way round, Ben killing Charlotte?
  2. I was going to say the Netflix remake was very recent but then I remembered the 1998 movie. There was also a pilot episode for the WB but that was never ordered to series. So like Star Trek LiS also got a movie and a series. But Star Trek got more movies and series.
  3. As someone who hates reality tv I found this mostly disappointing after last week's excellent episode. The only positive in this episode was Behrad.
  4. Boba to Fennec: "I don't want to work for idiots who are going to get me killed." Me to Boba: "Because you want to be the idiot who gets people killed?" Boba to Fennec: "The Tuskens took me in and made me part of their tribe." Me to Boba: "You left out the part where they beat you up and kidnapped you." Boba to Fennec: "I need brains and muscle." Me to Boba: "That explains why you need Fennec. But why would Fennec need you?"
  5. Renewed for a second season
  6. Exposed as an ex-Russian spy, an American single mom must juggle family life and unique shape-shifting skills in a battle against an insidious enemy. Premieres January 28. Trailer:
  7. It's not great that it's on HBO Max. I haven't lasted more than a handful of episodes with their other high school dramas (Euphoria, Generation, Gossip Girl). Their only show I liked is The Sex Lives of College Girls.
  8. ‘Degrassi’ Revival Series Ordered By HBO Max; ‘Next Generation’ To Stream This Spring
  9. Adam had magazines with articles about the Yellowjackets when he had previously said that he didn't know who Shauna was. And Jeff probably took the journals out of the safe to refresh his memory. If he read them years ago he probably forgot many of the details. At least that's what happens to me when I reread a book or rewatch a movie or tv series that I haven''t read or watched for a long time. There are always things that I had completely forgotten or remembered wrong.
  10. That's another reason why I don't like that the show has the present day stories: spoilers. We already know that certain characters won't die because they are alive in the present (or were alive in the present in the case of Travis). It takes the tension out of scenes like that.
  11. I have been wondering that ever since I first saw the other Peyton List on the Tomorrow People when I already knew Cobra Kai's Peyton List from Jessie. Not enough to actually research it so I don't have an answer to the question.
  12. It's not. Cobra Kai was already renewed for a 5th season in August.
  13. There is certainly a lot of crazy about the set up, but the bolded bit seems easy enough to explain. Silver probably would have threatened to beat Stingray up anyway even if he didn't cooperate with the plan. So the choice for Stingray was basically only what to do after he ended up in the hospital: say Kreese did it and be allowed to join Cobra Kai or tell the truth and not be allowed to join Cobra Kai.
  14. Nice of Johnny to put some matresses on the ground, but I'd be more worried about someone flying face-first into the wall on the other side.
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