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  1. I've noticed a similar thing watching on my PC (Firefox browser). It doesn't go to black, but a few miniutes before the end of the episode the picture freezes for a few seconds while the sound continues. I also noticed it last week when I watched Lucifer.
  2. NBC recently released the first 5 minutes of their new series La Brea and I saw that one of the main characters has a prosthetic leg.
  3. "The Outpost" Comes to an Epic Conclusion October 7
  4. Probably the same place where we saw Dr. Midnite.
  5. Peacock Original Series "One of Us Is Lying" to Launch Thursday, October 7 Episodes 1-3 will drop Thursday, October 7, episodes 4-6 on Thursday, October 14, and episodes 7-8 on Thursday, October 21. Trailer:
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