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  1. I usually try to stay as spoiler-free as possible so I hadn't looked at the photos. All I knew was the character's name from your post. So I guess the photos show that she can't be Oliver and Helena's daughter. I guess she could be Helena's daughter with another father. Or maybe you were right about her being Sara Diggle. I'll find out soon enough.
  2. Didn't Oliver have a love interest with that last name in season 1 of Arrow? Maybe he has another child that he never knew about.
  3. Two-episode season 3 premiere on Thursday, April 2
  4. Premieres Wednesday, March 18 New trailer:
  5. Season Finale of "Party of Five" to Air as Special 90-Minute Episode on March 4
  6. Lucia and Julia are also similar. They have three letters in common out of five.
  7. I agree with your post. Obviously the network execs have had a chance to watch the backdoor pilot and the CW doesn't care that much about ratings. So the only reason to wait is because they want to find out what viewers think of the backdoor pilot.
  8. Season 3 premieres March 15.
  9. ‘The Kenan Show’ Pushed To 2020/21 Season
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