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  1. Based on what we've seen of Beth it would not surprise me if she prepared a family meals regularly. Her parents seem to be very busy so if she wants to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner with them it will be up to her to take care of that.
  2. ‘Ozark’ Renewed For Supersized Fourth & Final Season By Netflix
  3. ‘Thirtysomething(else)’, ‘The Brides’ & ‘Valley Trash’ Pilots Not Going Forward At ABC
  4. Pat, you're too experienced to make that rookie superhero mistake of using Courtney's real name. Of course Cindy is even worse, having a costume that doesn't even make any attempt to hide her face. Maybe Cindy and Courtney should form a support group for teen superheroes and supervillains whose (step)parents don't think they're ready yet.
  5. NBC: Series Prospect ‘La Brea’ Extends 2 Cast Members
  6. "The Boys" Returns September 4 to Amazon Prime Video
  7. That's how I feel about animals. I don't wish them harm, but I don't want to be around them and I generally don't like them in tv shows. As far as kids are concerned, the younger ones are often very bad actors. Not saying that teens are always great actors, but they're usually not so bad that I wish they weren't on the show. Although most of the teens on shows that I watch are actually played by actors in their 20s.
  8. Netflix Renews Kenya Barris’ ‘#blackAF’ For Season 2
  9. Cobra Kai moves to Netflix
  10. That was a fun episode. Of course the kids weren't going to give back their new toys. And of course they weren't going to win against the more experienced villains. So training them really is the only option for Pat. And something that I've thought since the beginning: Courtney has a costume made of some strong material, judging by how it damaged the sewing machines. So maybe she should have made herself a costume that covers her whole body for protection. She's going to end up with some damage to her legs and lower torso after being thrown across that parking lot.
  11. Since the topic of Sleepy Hollow was mentioned, Deadline just published what Nicole Beharie says about it in interviews with The San Diego Union-Tribune and The New York Times.
  12. I recently did a rewatch and I agree. Crichton could be very annoying at times. And I liked it well enough, but I don't consider it the greatest show ever.
  13. ABC has published a revised schedule with American Housewife moving to 9.30 pm.
  14. And they changed their minds about that. ABC published a revised schedule with Black-ish now on Wednesdays at 8.30 pm.
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