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  1. The French will speak with a French accent. Unless they are the captain of a Federation starship. In that case they too will speak with a British accent.
  2. We don't know what was in the box. All we know is that it is called Pandora's box.
  3. ‘Saved By The Bell’, ‘Punky Brewster’ Reboots Set For NBCU’s Peacock Streaming Service
  4. Netflix Renews ‘Family Reunion’ For Second Season
  5. ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Reboot From Sam Esmail Headed For NBCU’s Peacock Streaming Service
  6. I watched Undercover Cheerleader, another one where the main character is an only child with a single mother. In the Lifetime universe you'd better not become a father, because most of the single mothers are widows meaning that fathers die long before the movie even starts. Followed in a distant second place by divorced mothers who moved away from their abusive ex-husbands. It's also the second of the cheerleader movies where the main character was on the dance team at her old school, but her new school doesn't have a dance team. In a more surprising twist (for me at least) this movie had more than one villain. That made it a bit more difficult for me to figure out who the villain was because I was trying to look for just one villain. Although I had my suspicions about the one that turned out to be the final villain. Then again, throughout the movie I suspected almost every significant character at some point. So one of them was bound to be correct.
  7. New series on Netflix, premieres October 24. Small Talk: Shit's About to Get Weird Daybreak in the Media Show vs. Graphic Novel: Book Talk
  8. New series on Apple TV+, premieres November 1. Small Talk: Poetry Optional Dickinson in the Media Show vs. History: Poetic License
  9. In the movies I watch there seems to be a very large number of main characters' families consisting of a single mother with one daughter. Watching three cheerleader movies last week, Imogen from Degrassi, Buttercup from Knight Squad and the thirty year old cheerleader were all only children with a single mother. And teenagers' after school jobs are never at a fast food place. They always work at some boutique or coffee place. Depending on the type of Lifetime movie, the only alternative after school job for a teenage girl is prostitute / escort / call girl.
  10. I still have this issue. Links in streams still don't have ?do=getnewcomment at the end, so still go to the first post.
  11. Extended first look: Series premieres on January 8.
  12. The Li'Qiri was already sent back in a previous episode. It didn't last long, but Garrett did go to Gwynn with the intention to kill her. So he was an assassin on the loose for the first few minutes of the episode before the brainwashing started to wear off. Also not surprised that Dredd had been lying and Naya's family was already dead when he first employed her as a spy.
  13. Airdate: September 12, 2019
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