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  1. Since we were speaking of familiar faces in the pilot topic: Zeph from Killjoys is Georgia's sister Maddie.
  2. I never liked her character on Degrassi. Which is probably why I didn't realize it was her. I did forget to mention in my previous post that I recognized Scott Porter (Mayor Paul) from Friday Night Lights and Hart of Dixie. He was actually the only actor that I immediately recognized. For some of the others it took me a while or I knew they looked familiar but had to go on IMDB to identify them.
  3. Frankie and Sav from Degrassi were two for me. Although it took me a while to recognize Sav with the beard. And Georgia was Reagan on Batwoman. I liked this enough to keep watching.
  4. Disney+ Announces Premiere Dates May 14 - "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" Season 2
  5. Disney+ Announces Premiere Dates June 25 - "The Mysterious Benedict Society"
  6. I don't remember most episodes enough to say if I got second hand embarrassment from it, but it's certainly not the worst for me. That would be Sub Rosa, the only Trek episode I could never finish watching for that reason. Although I never could get into TOS so it's possible that it also had some episodes that would have done the same for me.
  7. The 2021 Apple TV+ Guide. New Year. New Movies. New Shows. New Seasons. Foundation is listed for Fall 2021.
  8. Renewed fpr a second season with eight episodes
  9. Ronald is a trucker so he could easily drive to Colorado to go after the girls. Especially now that everybody in Helena has seen his face on the news and he'd probably be recognized and arrested before he could get anywhere near Jerri. It would be easier for him to first go after the girls in Colorado where nobody is looking for him. Then he can go back to Helena when most of the publicity has died down and less people are actively looking for him.
  10. Would that lawyer even be able to represent Merrilee? She was a union lawyer. Do they also represent union members' spouses? And would the union continue to provide legal service after the union member's death? To the spouse who killed the union member? When the lawyer originally represented said union member? I am not American or a legal expert so I don't know the answers to these questions. But since this is tv the answer to all these questions is probably yes. I only started catching up on this last week mostly because I liked some of the actors in previous roles. Unfortunately it looks like two of them who played the teenage sisters are leaving the show now that their storyline has ended. Unless Ronald will now be going after everybody who was involved in him having to go on the run.
  11. That's one thing I really hate about so many movies and tv series. Characters being pressured to reconcile with abondining or even abusive parents or other family members. That's one thing that made more sense in the book where IIRC Peter and Lara Jean's first choice was a local college and Lara Jean's second choice was IIRC less than an hour away. The one where she eventually went was a few hours away, but not on the other side of the country. The colleges in the book were also not ones that tv and movie characters usually apply to.
  12. "Duke Culpepper, are you fresh out of jail? Just got to Jarrow Motel. Get down here. Urgent."
  13. I thought he looked familiar but I had to go to IMDB to remind me where I'd seen him before. He was Vikram on Twisted.
  14. "Wynonna Earp" Sets Premiere Date for Final Episodes on Syfy
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