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  1. MDL

    S16. E24. Daughters

    I liked it. But.. to me Fornell at times looked like a crazed feral cat- out of control. (realizing that his daughter is near death). I liked Diane, she was her typical bitchy self-but isn't that what Gibbs needs? Emily was her usual bitchy/needy self, until she "cracked" and reverted to being the Daughter that admitted to needing help-loved that reconciliation,although it was a cliche'. When Diane said "we" near the end, I had no clue as to who would be next, although I did recall the hints that Ziva was alive. Was she real, or was she another Gibbsian hallucination? And did she say"Gibbs you are in danger"??
  2. Doesn't "real life" contain unresolved issues? (Yeah,it's a TV show... )but somehow those unresolved issues make it more l ike "their lives will continue on beyond what we have been able to watch.
  3. I got the impression that the drink we saw her half finish was not the first . Also, regarding consent: "after the big pregnancy reveal( to the audience, not the other characters), when Leonard said (words top the effect) "why do we have to keep this under wraps", she said "if something else was wrapped, I wouldn't be pregnant" L said" you were drunk and attacked me".... All in all I liked it a lot, because the characters-warts and all- will live on and do whatever they do, we just won't be abler to see it happen. I'm good with that.
  4. MDL

    S16. E23. Lost Time

    I agree. ................................................................................................................................................................ different idea: Regarding the team knowing, and not sure how to approach Gibbs, I can get that. But after their "talk" at the end of the ep. I thought that Gibbs was more "OK" with things than Bishop or McGee. 3rd idea: Is there a difference in the teams responsibility with respect to "Gibbs' crime" because it occurred in a different country?
  5. MDL

    S16. E22. ...and Executioner

    Not only did I like the fact that Gibbs told the team about killing Gonzalez, but I loved the no-nonsense Gibbs style of (almost) blurting it out. " I killed the man who murdered my family...." However painful that admission might have been.
  6. MDL

    S16. E20. Hail & Farewell

    I like how the episode showed Tim being more "grown up/mature" as an agent, in how he dealt with Gibbs, yet keeping him true to his high tech/nerdy roots.
  7. Sorry if this was already posted, but this was the first time I'd seen Gimple on TTD. IMO He came across as a squirrely, twitchy, yet arrogant little nerd (?) who was so nervous to be there that he twirled his goatee, almost whispered (no pun intended) his comments, and just generally came across as a douche. Agree/disagree??(apologies if it was my assessment that was bad .)
  8. MDL

    S16. E07. A Thousand Words

    I didn't realize it was a rerun, but that would explain Bishop's "old" hair... I thought that it was disjointed, and did get a "vibe" between Ritz (?) and Bishop-not sure if it was friends or more.
  9. MDL

    S09.E12: Guardians

    Is it inappropriate to wonder if that was/is the only thing with sharp teeth in her pants? (Sorry, the wording made me remember an old joke.....apologies if is inappropriate)
  10. MDL

    S09.E11: Bounty

    I thought that it might be to better blend her skin with the walker mask ,so that her skin wouldn't show through the holes in the mask (gross!)
  11. MDL

    S16. E13. She

    I'm confused: did those notebooks contain Ziva's notes about her first case, this case, or every case she worked on throughout her time at NCIS, or even before? Also-she obviously returned to the "secret office" during the time frame of this case, but how did she know about the discovery of her secret office? ( I'd guess the lady who owned it called her) ???
  12. MDL

    S09.E09: Adaptation

    I missed the very end of the previous episode, where Jesus was killed, and the beginning of this episode, where they began transporting his body "back home". My question: What was done, if anything, to keep him from turning into a walker?
  13. MDL

    MacGyver (2016)

    IIRC, when Jack told Mac that he was going on this assignment, didn't he mention his replacement, referring to the replacement as a "she"???
  14. MDL

    S09.E12: Milestones

    I also like Baker. As far as the detective/receptionist balance, a cop friend who watches the show told me that it is smart to have an armed, trained detective in that role because "she is the last line of defense for the PC, if things go horribly wrong." While I think that hie words were a bit over dramatic, in this day and age, maybe not.
  15. MDL

    S16. E09. Tailing Angie

    This seems like a major change in both cut and color. I've missed the last 3 weeks due to work. Is this the first appearance of the new "do" and color?