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  1. "but the big news is ,we finally saw how he got the boat out of the basement!!!!!!!" I missed much of the ep. How did he do it???
  2. MDL

    S18.E16: Rule 91

    Wow! A few thoughts: 1) I guess all the subtle or not so subtle hints that Bishop was getting trained by Odette turned out to be true. How long is her “too long” undercover assignment going to be? is Bishop out? 2) So there was, or was going to be Bishop and Torres as an item? 3) Of course they never told us how Gibbs got the boat out of the basement. 4) I wasn't too surprised when the boat exploded, it was near the end of the episode and something had to happen. 5) I was glad they let us see “Gibbs” swim away. Without that it would be too
  3. Yes to this....After all, as a COP, shouldn't he be a bit more careful?
  4. Thanks to all for the clarification!
  5. Several things: 1) Joelle? really? The vengeance trip would /would not be allowed (even by the CIA???) Was the "cane toss" at the end indicative of the fact that she was not as bad off as she claimed (double amputation not with standing ...), or what ?? 2) Am I a heartless ********for not wanting Kensi all sad/angsty? 3) Did the plot in the plot seem needlessly convoluted, and the explanation even more so, and rushed at that?
  6. Several thoughts/questions (some have been mentioned already): 1) Agree that Nolan's new "neighbor/date/GF" arrival was a bit too convenient. 2) Did they say someone other than La Fiera ordered the sniper hit on Cesar?? 3) Agree that transporting La Fiera with such minimal security was amazingly dumb. 4) Was the red knotted thing Nolan found at the very end the same thing he gave as "borrowed" (Damn lighting)? If not, how did he seem to know it? 5) Did the Lucy u/c plot seem rushed to a conclusion? (I'm glad that it was, because I didn't like it. 6) Did they rea
  7. 2 things: 1) What is "the talk" (between Bishop and Torres, and referred to by the rest of the team, and that e was rammed down our throats) supposed to be about, and were B& T goofing on the whole idea, because ??? { Or are we supposed to guess that they are already "together??} 2) Were the comments by Kasie regarding Bishop's "knowing how much pressure is required to crush a trachea, and how much more pressure is required to rip it out", and Jimmy (?) asking "how does she know that", supposed to remind us that Bishop is still secretly training with Odette (?) to become "Z
  8. MDL

    S18.E12: Sangre

    ...and Bishops's Mother and brothers, for a bit.
  9. I wonder if the Danny/Baez scene about Feeling "awkward" discussing her dating history is a step towards ,or a step away from a Danny/Baez hookup/relationship? I'd also like to have seen some of the sessions between the shrink and Garrett, Baker, and Sid. Did Frank say that Sid "is taking some time off"?(in the scene near the end where Baker and Garrett were trying to make excuses for Sid's absence)
  10. Wow...an okay case, but first Fornell is leaving... did he buy Jack's house in Costa Rica?...Then Emily dies-and that poem......Wow
  11. Did Deeks' hair look different-shorter, maybe darker, in a few scenes?
  12. Regarding Danny's potential future "love life", Is it just me, or: 1) Did some of the comments between Danny and Baez -particularly in the hallway at the precinct-seem more "chummy" than "partnery"?? 2) That said, did the rapport between Danny and female lead detective on the shooting case seem to warm up as the case went on? (Almost like a "Hallmark Holiday Special" movie - at first the antagonize each other, but at the end.....) Am I reaching, or do these things set up an internal conflict for Danny?
  13. A quick laugh: when Torres commanded "Alexa.....etc." MY Alexa, located near the TV answered " I don't know what that means"
  14. I thought the ep was a bit disjointed. Nonetheless, some thoughts/questions: I guess the masks are needed to "acknowledge" Covid, but why can they remove them as soon as they get off the elevator.(Real life reason, not "TV visuals" reason??) Is Torres rich, or do NCIS agents make a lot of money? How else would he be able to afford that apartment?? Hated Palmer's wife dying. Was that mentioned earlier? Thought the memorial service at the end was touching. Did Bishop hold onto Torres arm/elbow part way through the scene?
  15. MDL

    S18.E04: Sunburn

    I agree. I wondered who that was on the pool lounge, until the dialogue established that it was Delilah. She looked very different. I think it was the new/vacation hairstyle (bangs etc.), that made her look so different,and confused me, because near the end of the ep., with her hair pulled back/down, she looked like she had looked , in past eps.
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