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  1. I just wish they wouldn't spend all their time yelling. First hour is less and less like a news program and more like a pep rally.
  2. I think distinction between the "billions/millions" and "bicycle/tricycle" clue judgments is that the "cycle" part is a word, but "illions" is not.
  3. What occurred to me for "Things That Are Cancelled" was checks. Even though Ashanti wobbled in the second half, at least she wasn't as disastrous a player as either of the Housewives.-
  4. I don't know when I've seen a segment as irritating as that "literally" shtick H & J extended for far too long.
  5. Sara did a fine job as one of the celebrity contestants on "$100,000 Pyramid" this week.
  6. There may be people runniing who have a platform of abolishing Prisons for Profit, which is an entirely different issue!
  7. Perhaps because they're adding streaming content to the four hours of broadcast they feel they need to add more people to cover them.
  8. I must admit that I find Sophie a bore, so I don't get the Kevin-Sopnie "grand passion." I also dread feeling hurt for Madison should she get dumped by Kevin at the altar. Should it be a mutually arrived at decision (after mandatory convo with assorted Pearsons) that might not be as hurtful.
  9. Talking about a lack of professionalism, the amount of loud crosstalk is ridiculous, especially when some poor soul is trying to demonstrate a recipe within a very strict time limit. \
  10. I hope the questionnaire becomes a regular feature, as long as the stars being questioned don't come off too scripted. That was delightful.
  11. I am imagining a sooner-than-expected Din-Grogu short reunion, when, about 15 minutes after leaving, Luke is back with Grogu saying that he was being driven nuts with mental images of some sort sort of silver ball...
  12. Condolences to Allison Janney - her mother passed away.
  13. Why do the promote what's coming up on the third and fourth hours when they've already said that coverage would be given to the Senate hearing?
  14. One thing that stayed with me afterwards is how much the episode balanced moments of "busting out" and "thrusting into)...
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