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  1. Pop Tart

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    I didn't notice that - but even so, there's no way that she or her security people would have any way of knowing that he's not taking a picture of her. If someone came up to me and was standing a foot away with their hands holding a phone outstretched towards my face, I'd assume they were taking a picture of me. And regardless of what he's taking a picture of he is still right up in her space. If the royal security protocols are anything like those of the secret service then they probably don't comment on why the security is done the way it is. So it could be that she asked for the empty seats. But it could also be that her security did so. And just because Kate M. didn't have empty seats around her doesn't mean it wasn't the right call for Meghan. Disliking the Duchess doesn't mean you're racist but racists do have a major problem with her and she has had more threats made against her than other members of the royal family. So if your protect-ee has had more threats, then the security protocol is going to be more stringent. It could also be that she asked for the space. Certainly. I'd just argue that there's a whole lot we don't know and no matter what she does she gets hit pieces written about her.
  2. Pop Tart

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    I think this would certainly alarm most security staff and personally would move beyond what I think someone in the public eye should expect. This guy is not just taking a selfie or trying to take a picture of a tennis player. He's less than a foot away from her.
  3. Pop Tart

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    Yep. I was so irritated that Sandy gave Colin more grief about the anchor chain (arguably only partially his fault and something he felt very bad about) then she gave Mila about any of her screw ups. Sandy didn’t know about the homophobic comments but she did know that Mila wanted to serve nachos, did serve tacos, did bake a cake with chunks of baking soda in it, served canned salmon, etc. Not once did she berate Mila in front of the others. And yes she did eventually replace her, but even then she did so while complimenting her “passion”. And of the two types of mistakes only Mila’s were ones that the guests were aware of. They never even knew the anchor chain had an issue.
  4. Pop Tart

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    I agree. I get that she probably felt both flattered and pressured to take on the job of chef when asked. I also get that she could regret saying yes. But Joao is right to be frustrated that she’s now saying that she wanted to say no but didn’t. The chef’s output is one of the most tangible elements of the cruise for the guests. So he is concerned that Ana will not be able to hold her own when they actually have challenging guests and that could affect their tips in pretty major ways. On a separate note Jack has now joined Mila at the top of my list of most disliked BD cast members. He’s lazy, entitled and gross and I hate how he can just skate because he’s funny. Joao on WWHL just said that whenever he would get mad at Jack, Jack would do or say something funny and Joao would let it go. Hearing that conversation between Travis and Jack about Hannah made me get a little more why Colin felt like he didn’t fit in with the rest of the crew.
  5. I’d argue that while the deck hands have short, very physical bouts of work, the stews are doing the harder job. They are working pretty non-stop from beginning to end of their shifts. Before the guests are up they have to set up for breakfast service, then they serve drinks and breakfast, then clean up after the meal, then have to get into the bedrooms to get them cleaned, do laundry, then set up for lunch service and do it all again at dinner. They’re making about 50 trips (only a slight exaggeration) up and down those stairs, often carrying something. I’m not suggesting the deck crew don’t have hard stuff too, but you’ll notice that when they get all the toys out, they’re the ones who have time to jump on the trampoline or ride a jet ski. You never see the stews hanging out with the guests. It’s clear that the deck crew have spare time as one of them is usually assigned final kitchen cleanup at the end of the night, even when they are fully staffed, and that’s because the stews need to get to bed and do it all again the next day. So Hannah’s comments about extra work didn’t seem at all like whining to me but statements of fact. She wasn’t bitching about others just saying she was tired. I think it’s interesting that Jack, who is pretty universally acknowledged as being lazy, including by the crew, is considered adorable. But Hannah who is responsible for a smooth-running, friction-free experience for the guests is whining.
  6. It seems like there are missing scenes between Tinsley’s dog dying and this final party scene where Dorinda is coming for her with a vengeance. Otherwise the push-back on Tinsley doesn’t make any sense. Clearly Dorinda, Sonja and Ramona had discussion among themselves prior to this about Tinsley’s financial situation because they were all on the same page from the moment T entered Luann’s event. Both Dorinda and Sonja made specific mention of her dress. Not just the usual “it’s pretty”, but more a sideways comment about how nice it was (which to me read as commenting on its priciness). A couple other comments were made and T said she was picking up an edgy vibe from Dorinda. Then later at Ramona’s thrown-together-to-spite-Luann party Dorinda was loaded for bear. And when she called Sonja and Ramona over they both joined right in without even needing to be caught up on what was being discussed. So something had to have happened towards the end of the season that put Tinsley on the outs with them but if there was footage, it got cut.
  7. I’m calling BS on Bethenny’s “near-death” experience. Do I think she had an allergic reaction to fish? Maybe, possibly. But do I think even more that she ginned up the story for storyline purposes with the added bonus of using her “illness” to get out of going to Luann and Ramona’s events? 100% yes. For several years now she’s used various crises to get out of mandatory ho-wife events and I think this was more of the same. All the wives do it at some time or another. Heck look how many times Ramona hit an event only to scurry out minutes later because she had a “date”. I totally get why they’d want to skip things (who among us hasn’t ditched a work event at some time or another?), but these women are being paid beaucoup bucks just the show up. That’s like their entire job on the show. So Bethenny needs to suck it up and do so.
  8. Luann has been incredibly self-absorbed (some of which I understand, some is just astonishing), but it seems the other women decided about mid-way through the season that Luann's state of being was going to be their storyline. And truly, otherwise what would they have had? Tinsley's sick dog? Bethenny's dead ex-best friend/fiance/ex-fiance/love of her life? Dorinda's new apartment? Sonja? Ramona? Barbara? None of the others really had anything going on. So it became all about how Luann was talking about her cabaret too much. They made their big joke about how much she mentions it, but they also made sure to push her into bringing it up even more by picking fights with her about it. Yes Luann has been behaving very, very badly - again some I get as I do think she is struggling with attempting sobriety. I think she did attempt to be sober but that is an incredibly hard thing to do even in perfect circumstances and these are far from perfect circumstances. But the thing with being sober when you haven't really been for years? You start to feel all the things you were drinking and dosing to escape and that's just so devastating to a lot of people. You've been muting your feelings with alcohol or drugs and then suddenly you're feeling them all in full. That's why people revert right back to their drug/drinks of choice, they don't want to feel all of that shit. What I think Lu did, and I don't think it was intentional, was try to make her new cabaret/show business success her new addiction/obsession. She grabbed onto it with a death grip in order to try and distract herself from all the other noise of being sober. It didn't work, clearly, but I understand the behavior. And I think it's why she ties supporting her cabaret show into supporting her being sober in terms of the other ladies and whether they're there for her or not. I've digressed into why Lu has been behaving as she has (outside of the self-absorption gene she shares with all the other women) so I'll return to my main point. I'm still on her side a bit because I think the other women have done this gang up for their own self-absorbed, selfish reason - which is to have a "story" for the season.
  9. And when he wanted full custody of Faith (I think it was Faith), mostly because Sharon was with Adam (MM version) which Nick could not stand, he sicced Victor on the situation which is then how Sharon ended up being charged for murder by Christine for the death of Phyllis (???) in the volcano in Hawaii. I still remember very vividly when Sharon, Adam and baby Faith (?) were sitting eating lunch, a very contented group, when Christine marched in and had Sharon arrested and I think Nick was there to grab Faith.
  10. Are we really supposed to feel sympathy for Nick because Adam wants to have HIS son back? Hasn’t Nick swooped in and snatched a child that he found out was his even though that child had been living with someone else? The kid that Dylan thought was his? The one Sharon thought she’d had during her mental break? As soon as Nick found out he was determined that kid was his immediately, didn’t matter that he’d only ever known Sharon and Dylan as parents. Nick was all about mine, mine, mine. In the case of Christian he’s his uncle and knows it. Yes he’s had him for the last couple years so a transition period would be best, but Nick deciding Adam can’t have his own child? Classic Nick. What’s okay for him is not cool for anyone else.
  11. Pop Tart

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    Yes and Celeste had bruising and lacerations on her face - and I'd think they would have gotten photos of her stomach and ribs too as several of the women told the police that Perry was kicking her. And I'd think enough people saw her at the party all beat up so that it would at least be known that on that night Perry was beating her, even if no one knows about any other time he beat her. With the Monterrey Five their big mistake is similar to someone who has hit and run. Often the initial act in a hit and run (the hit) might not be criminal or only minimally so, like inattentive driving or speeding or something, so that the person who killed someone with their car would be able to go on with their life. But if they run, that becomes the much bigger crime. That's what has happened here. If they'd told the truth in the moment then perhaps Bonnie might have been charged with some kind of manslaughter, perhaps, but would probably have not served any time, a deal worked out because she did it in defense of Celeste and the other women. But now they've all made it worse and made it seem like something far more nefarious happened because they lied. And they all could be charged at this point with obstructing justice or accessory after the fact or something. I do believe it's possible that Mary Louise might not know the extent of what happened. The death has been explained as an accidental fall - at least for now - by the police. And even though the detectives suspect something more, they're probably clamping down on any more details getting out as they continue to pursue the matter. Its not unusual for it to seem like the police are doing nothing at all because they don't announce what's going on, even as they're actively working through a case day by day.
  12. Pop Tart

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    Yeah I almost felt like he purposely tanked the added outfit because he just wanted them to put him out of his misery.
  13. Pop Tart

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I had a question about the belts. When Christian visited him didn’t he say his dad had crafted the belts? That’s allowed apparently? I just think of the season where Laura accused Jeffrey of having his clothes sewn by someone else. And wasn’t there a designer who had a friend who designed shoes for their collection and when other contestants complained that designer was forced to give up the shoes? The belts are a pretty big component of Sebastian’s collection but it’s okay he didn’t make them?
  14. Pop Tart

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I liked Hester’s three pieces as well and actually look forward to seeing the rest. I felt bad for Bishme but only sort of liked the one all black outfit. The fluted skirt was attractive but paired with a sequin halter top? As an outfit he’d done during one of the 1-2 day challenges? That would be understandable, but not as part of a collection he worked on for months.
  15. Pop Tart

    S04.E11: Lamster

    I still think they were fully aware that they might be bugged since they made such a point of making clear that Ira was their lawyer. I think Chuck has at least suspected they were listening to him going back to when they were discussing the bank that had been taken off the restricted list. Something about that phone call felt very staged. And Seniors nonchalance when he was being questioned by Jeff oat makes me think it’s all part of a plan.