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  1. Yes exactly. He not only doesn't take her side, but actively tears her down when with the others. I think of that party a couple years ago where she was not cool with having the fake cops arrest ??Lala's husband?? and he was extremely nasty to and about her to the others. And while she does support him in his endeavors and tries to fight for his interests when he won't fight for them himself, you're right, he never, never, never has her back. It's Schwartz and Sandoval with Ariana allowed in their club some of the time, and Katie barely tolerated. Getting away from Katie for a moment - I
  2. Fair point. I do think that the way in which Katie/Schwartz interact as a couple vs the way in which Ariana/Sandoval do is completely different. Certainly I wouldn't want K/S's relationship but it seems to be what they want? I get the irritation people have with Katie, but I think it's disproportionate to the heat that Schwartz gets for the same behaviors, and often he gets pretty vicious. And that imbalance is what puts me more in her corner.
  3. Scheana was on WWHL and she intimated that James reverts to his more normal horrible-ness as the season goes on. I can't remember the question asked, but it was about James/Raquel and Scheana paused a very long time and couldn't bring herself to say anything good. Just mentioned the rest of the season. I know that Katie's affect makes it hard to root for her but she's generally right when she's talking to Schwartz. He does just go along with Sandoval and allow him to steamroll him. And when it comes to a business that not only has your name but your money? Not a good idea. When Ariana d
  4. My biggest issue with Candiace is not that she wants the last word or keeps an argument going (that's kind of a HW staple). It's that she invariably reverts to the very personal with her antagonists. Much has been said about her throwing the first lettuce/vegetables and then throwing other things around the counter, but she also told someone to get Mia's "pimp" (G). I found that extremely low. Additionally, her constant references to Mia's large feet and big hands? Just comes through to me as transphobic. What other inference is there to be had about commenting on a woman's large hands es
  5. This is a good point. Katie gets a lot of grief for her lack of energy and output, but other than the cocktail book from a few years ago Ariana hasn't done anything more. Not saying people shouldn't comment on Katie and what she's up to, but as with others, Ariana gets a pass because of personality.
  6. Charli's dramatic "skills" make her seem like a Summer House cast reject more than anything else. Her forced fight with Lala about how Lala treated Ariana? Felt so fake and not in a "producer made me do this and I've made it interesting" way. I do agree that Schwartz gets way too much of a pass, but for me it's in how he treats Katie and always, always puts Sandovals wishes/needs/wants above hers. I don't love Katie (don't hate her either), but she often has good points about how Sandoval treats Schwartz and that Schwartz never fully has her back in any circumstance. And her suggested
  7. Agreed. For all the over the top back and forth with Blake and the others, when Kelly starts actually critiquing a song/singer/performance she usually has good points and clear-eyed judgements about what a singer did. They all make good points at times, but I think Kelly is the most consistent in clear, concise, actionable commentary - both based on her own experiences as a contestant and her professional career since.
  8. This is my issue with Malia- going back to the Hannah incident - she is selective in what she thinks "has" to be reported to the captain. Granted, a burn list is not a matter of "maritime law!" but it's a pretty out there thing to have and it was clearly not a joke for Lexy. She truly hated everyone on her burn list and harbored some pretty angry thoughts about them. And relatedly - Captain Sandy going off on Malia for not telling her about David (?)'s injury - I'm kind of, oh so reluctantly, with the captain on this one.*** She did make a point of telling them at the beginning to repor
  9. It would be a bit out there for her to immediately get the evening anchor job but I wonder how much time her new co-host has put in? Does he have tons of experience? If not then for him to get the evening gig instead of Bradley? I'd get her upset at that. When she went to Cory to ask about the job it felt like she was putting her name in because she wanted it, but not that she absolutely thought she'd get it. I think her angry feelings of betrayal were more because everyone else already knew and Cory hadn't told her. So she's feeling like an idiot on top of being disappointed to not get t
  10. All of those other examples? The cast members who said them were dragged for it at the time. Just because they're not brought up now doesn't mean they weren't criticized for their body shaming comments in the past. Right now it's Candiace who has said some things and she's rightly getting heat for it. Karen and Ashley did get hate for their comments in the past. Now it's Candiace's turn.
  11. Denise Richards daughter posted a TikTok about escaping the abusive, horror home that was living with Denise. Could be usual teenage stuff, but thought it was interesting... https://pagesix.com/2021/09/10/charlie-sheen-denise-richards-daughter-claims-she-was-trapped-in-abusive-home/?fbclid=IwAR1WT2nJy8yMI4zQy4B9plfoZpMZZxbflkTEHzEFgUoRNPZQO4OYZ41D9Fg
  12. I'm with you. Garcelle does stir things up and then backs down when it really comes to participating. She's got a lot of sharp observations and thoughts in her talking heads but rarely says any of them to anyone directly. Why didn't she speak up more when Erika was going after Sutton? She's all talk when not with the women but when she's in the mix? She'll lob a bomb and then fade away. I think that because all of this was happening in real time while they were filming and they were learning new things every day, most of the women made a calculation based on how they perceived things migh
  13. I really think she didn't want Garcelle wiping the tears off her face as they were part of her performance piece "the agony of Erika".
  14. You've pinpointed my issue with Garcelle. She talks a good game in her talking heads but very rarely says those same things in the group settings. She plays it cool - which I totally understand - but there have been a number of times where she could have spoke up and supported someone and she does not. But that's not how reality show dinners actually work. I think this second one answers the first. Kathy is amusing (though I have more cynical thoughts about her than most), but she is on a reality show and dinners are not meant to be nice sit downs where everyon
  15. I think they've brought the new stew on board to sex things up a bit. As it stands there have been a couple of make-out sessions between Courtney and Mzi and that's it. David tried to connect with Malia, but she's not going for it. So I'm guessing the producers were gnashing their teeth. What's a Below Deck season without insta-love, jealousy, clinginess, and sexy times in too small bunks? Not saying that Delaney (?) will go for any of them, but I don't think she was brought on just because Lexi isn't doing the job. Lexi not doing her fair share is one of the kinds of conflicts they like,
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