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  1. Yes I was thinking the same thing. All her "I'm so tough, no one would dare f*ck with me" is just so much bs. Joe G cheated on her multiple times and not only called her the c-word on tv, but did so to his mistress. I am not saying Teresa is to blame for the abuse she took or is in any way obligated to respond in any way other than what she decided worked for her to do. I am saying that for her to claim that she'd never put up with bad behavior because of how "strong" she is? And to do so in a way that is meant to shame other women for having done so? That sticks in my craw a lot.
  2. Not that they weren't making mistakes but Glen's getting on them about it felt like he was trying to compensate a bit for his own big blunder of hitting the dock. Regardless of if the "reverse thrusters" failed or it was his actual piloting error, it was extremely mortifying for him. So his suddenly pointing everyone else's mistakes out? Feels like the kind of defensive behavior you exhibit when you're feeling bad about yourself. Again - not to say that Natasha's 'lick the table' dessert isn't the worst thing ever, it is. I think she's just not very good at desserts. Seems like many meals
  3. Yes exactly. You captured what I was trying to say so much more succinctly. I really enjoy a quick wit and snark, but your description of digging a little deeper and making the cut a little longer is right and it's what makes the wit and snark veer into cruelty and viciousness. That's when they lose people. I get how it happens as they're trying to top themselves each year in order to keep the attention they crave, but it inevitably takes them in a downward direction.
  4. I don't mind if she still has beef with Rinna and Kyle, those make sense. What gets a little old for me is her put upon attitude about every event. When she was new last year and would project how much she didn't want to be at the events, especially when conflicts began (which they are probably contractually obligated to engage in), it made some sense. She's new to it. It's a lot to be going to dinner with a group of women and five minutes in have verbal screaming matches erupt. Makes sense that would make a person uneasy and looking for a way out. But she's not new to this anymore and h
  5. Has no storyline? That wasn't how I saw it. Her storyline was in part how her marriage was struggling - whether it was exaggerated for the show or not. To my mind that's a lot more of a "housewife" storyline than others. She's on a "real housewives" show and revealing things about her marriage. How is that not a storyline? Or at the least why is is less of one than Teresa's, which was starting a rumor about Jackie's husband and then fighting with Jackie about "my kids" for 80% of the season? I'm with you. I haven't liked her for most of the season, but thought that last night was reall
  6. Oh darn. You're right. Ah well, felt like a revelation for a moment. 🙃
  7. The more I think about it... the more I'm thinking Dylan's dad may be the baby daddy for Erin's baby - and perhaps her killer (though I'd been leaning towards it being a woman). Came to it as I was thinking about Mare's question for Jess (? Erin's best friend) about why Erin said Dylan was the dad. The friend she said it was Dylan because his parents were nice and she wanted DJ to have that. But maybe it's because Dylan's dad is the dad? Not sure he's also the kidnapper, who may be Dan or the deacon, but my new suspect for Erin's death.
  8. On third re-watch I am here to report that the ice cream was not left to melt in the breadbox. Helen stashed it there when Becca knocked at the door. But after letting Becca go down to the basement to wait for Siobhan, Helen went back to her ice cream. By the time Becca screams because she sees Siobhan making out, Helen is seated at the kitchen table eating her ice cream (with M&M’s and whipped cream on top from what I can tell). Still doesn’t excuse the half popped bag of popcorn. 😉
  9. Another screenshot of the kidnapper - which does look like cousin priest Dan (I'll admit), but when you see Dan in other scenes his sideburns are not very pronounced (less so than Zabels or Deacon Mark), so... Other factor that makes it maybe not Dan is the big, maintenance man, style of keychain this guy is wearing. So? You decide.
  10. I was hollering at the tv for her to text Siobhan. As to Becca claiming that Siobhan texted her...that felt like a spur of the moment lie she told Siobhan's grandmother so that she could stay at the house and wait for Siobhan. Jean Smart's character was clearly trying to edge her out the door and Becca wanted to stay and see Siobhan. A slower, building kind of episode, which I was enjoying just for all the character interactions. And then those last tense 15 minutes. Got me all riled up and conspiracy-brainstorming again. My theory now is that the kidnappings and death of Erin are two unr
  11. Oh I'm not thinking that Frank is the killer. I just thought that if he thought Kevin was DJ's father, it would explain why he had taken an interest in Erin and brought diapers and supplies for baby DJ. An explanation that doesn't include Frank himself as having been in a sexual relationship with Erin (which I thought was an early red-herring). This isn't a likely scenario to my mind, but for those positing that Kevin could be DJ's dad, then Frank's behavior becomes a bit more understandable. And also would explain why he wouldn't tell Mare about it. Kevin's suicide and how it clearly dea
  12. I've been thinking about the theory of Kevin being D.J.'s father. At first I was an automatic 'nah' on that. But I was talking to friends who watch and mentioned it. One of them said Kevin being the father would explain why Frank took an interest and was bringing Erin diapers and supplies. So I'm now sort of considering it - or perhaps just considering that Frank thinks Kevin was the father?
  13. Agreed. Sydney certainly has gone over the top with her reaction to her ONS with Gary, but the way he and Alli were behaving last night was bordering on cruel. Especially towards the end of the episode when Sydney, Natasha and Colin were sitting off by themselves. Suddenly here comes Gary and Alli to join the group and when they do they start a makeout session. Not just a side hug, but full on - two feet from Sydney. And then Alli kept pressing Sydney to say what she's feeling, etc. when clearly Sydney was too upset to feel she could do so. Alli knows at that point how Sydney is feeling.
  14. Another stellar episode and so many moments/beats to mull over. Will have to watch again of course as I'm sure I missed a few. Not sure if I caught it correctly (meaning not sure it was the same day), but I'm thinking part of why Zabel got so drunk that night was because of the previous case with the murder of the ten year old. When Mare was asking him about the case and he told her how he solved it and figured out where the girl was, he looked like he wanted to cry and it was difficult to even recount it to Mare. She asked him if they found the body there at the construction site (
  15. I don't think Mare wrote off Katie's disappearance. I think in episode one she mentioned all the ways in which she'd tried to find leads. Katie was different then Erin in that she just disappeared. Sometimes it's harder to find a missing person than it is to investigate when a body has actually been found. And someone else may remember better than I am, but I got the impression that Katie had some drug issues and/or maybe prostitution? I loved last night's episode. So many great little character moments. I was irritated by her mother and daughter not telling Mare about the custody s
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