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  1. @mxc90; @Scarlett45 After rewatching, I think you might be right. I didn’t notice the intense look he gave to his mom at the end. He may have an idea that his mom had something to do with D-Wiz’s death.
  2. Me too. I thought Book 2 was a bit of a disappointment.
  3. I never thought I'd be so tired of hearing the words "Buck-20" ever before until now. I can see that too. I can imagine the interaction between me and my uncle if I ask him what is he doing in his daughter's room in his house. I imagine I'd get slapped across the head. I don't think so either. Raq is definitely a cold woman for that. I didn't get the sense at all that Kanan knew or had a guess that Raq was responsible for D-Wiz's death. I took that scene at face value that he was watching this woman cry over her son and it sinking in that best friend
  4. ...and he also has a really fat head.
  5. I'm not looking forward to seeing Jemmye do a second All Stars season
  6. I think he’s crooked because he’s pragmatic.
  7. I can’t get over how amazing the acting is in Book 3. There’s something about the characters that make Ghost, Tasha, and Tommy look like amateurs when it comes to formulating plans to protect their children. What I thought they were gonna do is get to D-Wiz’s brother that just got out. The way D-Wiz went out was brutal. They essentially gave him a ‘last meal’ before killing him, taking him to a club, partying, and sex. I thought she sounded like Tasha’s mom. As I heard her voice before she came onscreen, I’m like ‘they couldn’t have hired the actress for this role, did they?’
  8. If Laterrian had decided to come back or would have been invited back, I like him but I'm conflicted because I don't really want people who play the game "admirably." I want the shit starters and the grimy people. I don't think we've been getting enough of that on the main Challenge. There was some decent drama but there wasn't much griminess last season and the most grimy thing to happen in the main Challenge over the last two season is Johnny asking Rogan for permission to throw in Dee.
  9. I look at the actress and think “she would have been a great Monet Tejada.”
  10. Agreed! I like the actress they chose. I think she's nailing it so far. The character's far more emotional and caring in this series than the original series. Those dots are harder to connect. In the original series, Jukebox was even more of a no-good MFer than Kanan and Kanan set that bar pretty high. Everybody was a pawn in her game and everybody is expendable; she showed no emotion; and she cared about no one other than herself. It's only the first episode but it seems like the opposite, with Kanan wanting to get into the life and Jukebox, not so much.
  11. Watching the episode, I wondered the same. Maybe I'm trying to connect the dots too soon, but I'm just trying to paint a picture of how the young Jukebox we're introduced to in this episode becomes the hardened unempathetic crooked cop we were introduced to in the original series. To me, this one episode gives enough to envision a clear line of how young Kanan became the Kanan we knew on the original series. I don't see anything about young Jukebox (yet) that can give me a sense of how we got original-Power Jukebox.
  12. I don’t think it’s necessarily conflicting. I think she taught him “survival” for their world. Every parent, or most of them, teaches their kid to survive hard circumstances they are likely to face, like telling your kid not to flaunt their money around other kids; or teaching them it’s not enough to just defend yourself the next time, but in our neighborhood, you can’t look like a punk EVER so we gotta go back to the park and handle business today so that it wouldn’t happen everyday after. She taught him survival but she hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with this forever.
  13. I'm not sure that she's to blame for this because I get the impression that Raq doesn't keep Kanan in the loop on the drug business because she doesn't really want Kanan in the business. Her brothers are in the business with her so they know the deal immediately. Kanan doesn't really need to know because she keeps him out intentionally. It isn't Kanan's business or job to protect his mother's and uncle's territory because he's not supposed to be in the business. In theory, Kanan isn't supposed to care about which dealer is on what block. He took that upon himself. Because he's not supposed to
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