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  1. I have mixed feelings about this. For me, the purpose of the show is to bring back people that have not participated in a Challenge for quite some time... like Beth, Kendal, or Teck to name a few. At the same time, I understand why people like Darrell, Wes, Aneesa and Johnny are invited to this show. Most importantly, they are "Challenge fan favorites" who are entertaining to many and can get the eyeballs watching the show, and secondly, they have been on the Challenge long enough to be considered "OGs" or "All Stars." Having Darrell, Wes, Aneesa and Johnny (and maybe others) makes sense becau
  2. I’m confused on that as well. I thought they may have DQed Kyle’s round entirely. I was thinking that maybe Ruby would still win because they had 3 people go the furthest as opposed to Emerald’s 2 people… and then they announced Emerald had won.
  3. …and flirt and cuddle with cute dudes.
  4. Ashley will also say that she’s doing it for her family. She just won’t say it in a “sob story” or sympathetic way. I remember once she said she was there to win again because she has her mother and grandmother to take care of and “these bitches are expensive.”
  5. This time he came for the fun. Next time, he’s coming for the money. Like you said one Ed isn’t a bad thing… especially among a group of cutthroat assholes.
  6. The thing about it is… Nelson and Cory are on island on their own. The only person that would be pissed about Nelson is Cory, and vice versa. I don’t think CT and maybe Ashley and Amanda are upset specifically because they lost Nelson, it’s moreso because they don’t want Kyle. Kyle has the reputation of being a not so trustworthy person. For example, everybody would be mad if you sent Josh to a different team. You would rip Josh from the team that wants him and that Josh wants to be on, and put him on a team that didn’t want him (I imagine). In such a scenario, nobody’s happy. D
  7. If anyone remember’s the plunger move that Laterrian did on Ace during their pole wrestle, that’s the same thing Ed did to Kyle. Even though Kyle won, Ed was just thrashing Kyle. I’m sure that had to be a painful win for Kyle.
  8. With names like these, they should just drop All Stars from the name.
  9. 1) "Mucus Plug" is a very apt title for this episode. 2) Sad to see Ed go. He brings a good vibe to the show. 3) The players playing with the water hose and spraying their opponents seemed like the most fun they've had all season.
  10. I don’t defend the comment on Amanda’s freckles. I was just glad somebody generally went off on Amanda. Also, that fight is my number 2 of hilarious fights after Jenna and her cousin Brianna arguing about Brianna’s dad owning a bakery and Jenna’s dad being in prison at #1. I am also hoping Amanda has matured. I’m enjoying watching Amanda this season, which is something I honestly never thought I would say. CT has definitely matured. For CT, I think it was a combination of not only just getting older, but having his son and winning the game. CT started winning more Challenges
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, I think that started because the Champ women did a prank on the underdog women on Invasions. They put chips under their bed sheets. Amanda got super upset about it. Amanda said something to the effect of the Champ women bullying her, Ashley and someone else in their “Lavender Lady” room and preying on young beautiful women with their tactics. Laurel and Camilla obviously were not gonna cower to Amanda. I found that Amanda’s calling Laurel and Camilla bullies and childish ironic considering she spread a rumor about Jenna and was being a mean girl to Jenna over this
  12. Maybe she is and they’re just not showing us. That story seems to have died once Berna left.
  13. I think your opinion is the popular opinion. Amanda is a terrible person. There’s a long list of people from The Challenge who I think are terrible people like Zach for being a big ass selfish man baby, and Camilla for being a terrible sport and her drunken antics… but Amanda, for me, tops the list of most despicable person on this show. However, I will say that she has grown on me this season. She seems to be a lot calmer and significantly less terrible over the years. Perhaps becoming a nurse and a mom calmed her down but my opinion of her is starting to change. I’m finding her enjoyabl
  14. Yes, Amanda mentioned that on the aftershow. I truly thought Amanda was going into elimination because in the beginning of the episode, it was pretty heavy-handed on Amanda single mom content.
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