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  1. I never watch reunions. That’s the only part of the season I never watch. l’ll watch episodes in which they show deleted scenes and tell stories about stuff that they didn’t air. It’s usually fun and hilarious to watch. Those episodes are always my favorites of the season, however, they haven’t been doing that over the last few seasons. Before this season, I think the last time they did it was Bloodlines.
  2. You notice how she always looks at him for support? When she is asked a question and she talks, she looks at him. When he talks, he looks straight at the camera.
  3. Cara today is a complete 180 from Fresh Meat 2, Cutthroat and Rivals Cara. She got bullied by everyone back in the day, my most remembered one being Wes on Rivals. I felt bad Cara then, I couldn’t understand why anyone was bullying her and also I just didn’t like the bullying overall. Now, she’s done a few seasons of the Challenge, been to a few finals, and won a couple and her ego blew up. Personally, I don’t think she’s that well-rounded of a Challenger.
  4. I was hoping it was gonna be one-winner-takes-all. Since they introduced the concept on Vendettas and we've gotten some version of that since, the female vs female and male vs male competition just seem boring to me now.
  5. It is. Before this season, episodes were an hour and before that 30 minutes.
  6. I agree that it was a boring final. That’s why I wanted there to be more checkpoints. Maybe pairing them up at some point would been more drama. i just saw this morning a video of Johnny and Jenny saying that there were checkpoints that were not shown.
  7. As soon as I saw the math checkpoint, I was like "well, Cory, say goodbye to your lead."
  8. I'm guessing that Melissa wouldn't wanna come back. Now that she knows what's like... she might not want to come back. I probably would have made the same calculation. She loses nothing if she quits and she's most likely not gonna win so her decision was understandable.
  9. Well they've never had 90-minute episodes so I guess they figured they can fit it enough into a 90 minute episode. I'm glad Jenny won. I love Jenny and I've been rooting for her the entire season. I'm glad to see her take home the top prize. I always liked the climate-brutal finals, the ones where you have to climb mountains and shit in the snow. I just wish there were more checkpoints, more math, more puzzles and so on.
  10. I'd watch it! Although I would cut the "middle school" team off at around season 25 or 26.
  11. Those editors are gonna miss that overtime pay for editing out Dee now that she's eliminated 😂
  12. BTW, I thought out of all the girls left that Dee was Jenny's biggest competition. I thought Dee and Jenny had the biggest potential to win out of all the girls.
  13. Did Nelson play a sport? I would assume he did and I'd also assume he wasn't a swimmer lol Also, I wanna add that Dee had no strategy. Her "strategy" was to face Jenny head on and try push her back, essentially trying to outmuscle Jenny, rather than trying to get around her somehow. Additionally, I have to admit that production fooled me. I think it was a second round between Rogan and Nelson and they showed Rogan stumbling first and I got out of my seat, took a gasp and thought "OMG! Nelson's about to pull out the win". I would love to see the GoPro footage from this elimination. I hope they post it on Youtube,
  14. It seems that the plan was for everyone in the alliance (plus Bayleigh) to vote for Dee, which production provided nothing leading up to that. They showed no one rallying votes for Dee. That threw me off when I watched the first time. That house vote made no sense to me whatsoever because production threw away all the context to cut Dee out. I couldn't understand why the girls seemed like they were burning votes on each other. It seemed like there was no plan and they were winging it on the girls vote. The plan was for everyone to vote for Dee, which explains how and why Fessy ends up voting for Dee, breaking with his "Team Old Buck" alliance who voted for Jenny. In exchange for Johnny and Kyle not nominating him into interrogation, Fessy votes for Dee and Rogan. The tribunal was on board with this plan. Bayleigh, Melissa, Jenny, and Fessy were supposed to vote for Dee. Dee gets voted in by the house, and maybe the Tribunal picks Bayleigh. This is what I believe the plan was ultimately supposed to be. It is also my understanding that Dee, at this point, knows that she was outed to Jenny about targeting her. Jenny mentions them having "problems" in the house vote.
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