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  1. She did know Victor was her father when she was pretty young, but I think she meant for most of her life he was a father in every way but biology, which would be wrong because she should have thought of him that way for all of her life. So yeah, weird 🙂
  2. I thought networks started doing that because lots of women watch football and you know damn well that as women we can't handle things like seeing attractive women on tv 🙄
  3. ByTor

    S03.E08: The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

    She's kind of a flake, she forgot to eat her burrito!
  4. I think AN looks awesome, the only thing I don't like about the dress is the sleeves.
  5. My sad face reaction to this is because I miss Lucinda...and don't even get me started on Emma Snyder 😢
  6. The only friends soap characters have are of the invisible variety, like young Noah's "friend" Sam. I'll be nice too. Not a fan of MS's "acting," but I can't hate her. My sister and her family were in Nevis when Y&R filmed there. They cut a scene to be redone & she overheard MS say "I was really bad, wasn't I?" She may have changed since then, but at least I know of a time she had some humility 🙂 Also, my niece who was maybe 4 at the time loved Lauralee Bell, she used to talk to her at the pool.
  7. So the thing I take from reading these posts...I MUST see this dress of which you all speak!
  8. As are my girls Brennan and Caroline! 🔥
  9. Cassie was group 1 leader, and if it went by best dancers, then Whitney should have had group 1. I'm not talking about the GL, but the group itself. But it doesn't really matter, it isn't true that the best dancers go to Group 1, I recall Shelly debunking that notion.
  10. I thought the belief that group 1 had the best dancers started way before Jenna was a DCC.
  11. Well in case you change your mind, it was Jenna who wanted BB, Erica auditioned for The Bachelor 🙂
  12. I could never pay that much for a candle and actually burn it! It would be around as a decoration forever 😄
  13. See? This show is actually educational!