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  1. ByTor

    Sex And The City

    Excellent synopsis of the characters @RealHousewife! I mean, even when she irresponsibly let her dog who is IN HEAT off leash at the dog park, all she could do was bitch that "Elizabeth Taylor" would have "trampy unpedigreed" puppies. As a person with a trampy unpedigreed dog, I find that unbelievably horrible.
  2. I agree about Amy. I think she’ll get it. I guess I don't really think about Amy because I don't think she'll get point, but while I do want Gina there I wouldn't be disappointed at all if it were Amy.
  3. Yeah, @cherryblossom is right, if you click on the underlined "Watch on YouTube" you can view it. It's just not available for preview here.
  4. LOL @cgloss, that's what I was thinking. Screw that panic attack and DANCE!!! I've felt like that girl many times...in a panic, shaky, vaguely not feeling "good", and I've found that more often than not it was a case of hypoglycemia. She probably needed to eat!
  5. Is there anyone in particular you're pulling for? I'm hoping for Gina. I think I recognized that doctor who auditions every year as one of them.
  6. ByTor

    S15.E10: Week 10

    I have found that intelligence and common sense do not necessarily go hand in hand.
  7. The "Past Seasons" thread could serve that purpose 🙂
  8. It does seem weird. I assume there was no falling out, though, because she was there.
  9. Is Kristin the one who got in trouble last year for being late to practice because the eyes in the back of her head weren't working & she got a ticket for a rear brake light being out?