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  1. Bold and Beautiful spoilers week of April 13 Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday April 13: As Shauna falls deeper in love, she surprises Ridge with a personal VIP experience. Sally flips when she realizes Penny’s been influenced by Flo. Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday April 14: Wyatt struggles with Flo’s decision to have Sally move out. Brooke discovers Ridge’s location as he and Shauna embark on a wild night on the town. Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier joins Bold and Beautiful as Matt the Forrester pilot. Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday April 15: Bill threatens Quinn. Sally works to hide her true feelings about Flo. Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Thursday April 16: Flo takes her detective work to the next level in order to confirm her suspicions about Sally as she sneaks a peek at Sally’s records on Dr. Escobar’s laptop. Quinn refuses to apologize to Katie for outing Bill and Brooke. Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Friday April 17: TBA Bold and Beautiful spoilers week of April 20: Dr. Escobar makes a game-changing decision. Katie and Bill have a candid discussion about their relationship.
  2. Doesn't TC begin in early June? We're talking almost 2 months from now, for all we know things could be more back to normal by then.
  3. I love boots. I'd wear boots to bed if it were acceptable 🤣
  4. That explains it then, I hated Pine Barrens too 🙂
  5. Possible, but it frequently is a last stage attempt to fend off death by exposure in the desert. It will buy a little more time, but the urine is toxic, so the emphasis is on "little". I think that awful movie had Costner filtering his urine. The only thing that urine scene reminded me of was Stephen King, he's had a few "had to drink his/her own urine to survive" paragraphs.
  6. Me too. Unpopular opinion, but eventually I was bored. I even said "Wow this is boring" out loud. I thought this by far was the worst BCS episode this season.
  7. Since it really looks like they're doing the digital thing, to me free-style prelims like they always do seems like a waste of time. Candidates could be sent a routine to practice and perform for their audition tape. That could also weed out those "bucket list" people who don't have a chance in hell.
  8. I am STILL bitter as hell over his 1994 WS performance...yes, I know there have been 25 World Series since, I hold grudges! This will always and forever be my favorite commercial:
  9. huh? https://www.tiktok.com/@dallascowboys/video/6752541513030438149
  10. LOL, but I'm talking about someone who retires and won't give it up, and I doubt she'll be retiring within the next 10 or so years.
  11. Jackie's another one who won't give up the glory years. This is exactly how I imagine future Victoria.
  12. The commercial is a bit obnoxious, but I do have to admit I like the "early-morning" woman's little smirk when she's done. I've had pretty much that exact look after a difficult run because it feels soooo good to know you got through it.
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