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  1. And the GUY got yelled at! Maybe I don't understand how stunts work, but I don't see what he did wrong.
  2. I remember them commenting that her solo wasn't great & she was really winded afterward. I'm guessing she didn't take classes and she let her aerobic conditioning slide.
  3. You're correct, Hannah posted about her depression in September 2018 (I'm guessing she did it around the time they showed the episode with her talking about it). From the time she made TC until then, she posted very little & what she did post was pretty generic.
  4. I'm pretty sure they still are.
  5. Yeah, she's been there a while, at least a year. I saw it on her IG when it was still public.
  6. Redhead Erica Jenkins, not Erica Wilkins (the one who sued the DCC).
  7. @Mabinogia I am shocked myself that I remembered that, the seasons blend for me like crazy! I am trying to keep the TV off while I WFH, but it's not easy! At least I can work later than normal and not really care since I'm already home!
  8. The year Dayton said in her interview that she didn't vote, she did not make training camp. She did make TC the following year.
  9. Kelli really truly wanted Malena on the squad, it was Charlotte who objected.
  10. I think Danielle and Paige were roommates, so that's where that assumption came from.
  11. LOL I was joking because my favoritism toward Brennan isn't exactly a secret around these parts 🙂
  12. Thank you. I don't live in usa so no idea about shows there as it don't get shown here in uk at all, unless it gets a uber massive viewing ratings etc. But I don't see the info where they might not be happening. I thought it was filmed already? I don't know about what kind of viewing rights you have where you are, but this show was supposed to be on YouTube.
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