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  1. Exactly, which is why her reaction, per Zack, wasn't a "mistake," it was intentional. Well, at least he's honest about his jackassery 😂 And then golfing the next day...she called me the wrong name & just left. 😡
  2. Not to mention that he started calmly eating as he was berating her. THAT was probably what I found creepiest.
  3. Ridiculously dumb, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about there.
  4. He's saying her behavior isn't a mistake, it's who she is. If it were a mistake or having done something wrong, it can be fixed; he's saying it's ingrained in her and cannot be fixed.
  5. But I don't think Kitty said "Why don't you want to be considered for show group?" I'm pretty sure it was "Why didn't you audition for show group?" Maybe it was just a poor choice of words, but Kitty did make it sound like she did not audition, so I understand the confusion.
  6. I think that had a lot to do with what got him so emotional, not only frustration with her behavior but frustration with some people believing the incidents are his fault.
  7. The worst part is, I don't think he's lying, I think his retelling of the story is the way he genuinely remembered it happening. He really thinks he's the victim here. Or he could decide he doesn't want to put up with abusive behavior, divorce her, and get on with life.
  8. LOL he had me believing she really did call him "Johnny." 😂
  9. Between that and the deadpan "okay...okay...okay", well...you think Hurricane Kay is bad? Try that one on ME!
  10. Yeah, I felt nervous just watching that disgusting display.
  11. True, but in the honeymoon phase I don't find it all that unrealistic.
  12. Bao is telling Johnny secrets she's not telling anyone else. Nobody but the viewing public, that is!!!
  13. I think I know where you froze that, and if it is then yes, I do agree that was a nice little move she had there!
  14. True, they're probably furnished apartments. Viviana, get with the program!!! How did she initially not understand that when Zach said Michaela "does not make a mistake, does not do something wrong" that he meant it's who he feels she is???
  15. Do Michaela/Zach and Brett/Ryan have the same sofa?
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