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  1. Oops meant to respond to this... they were talking about her face having too much filler, right? Colby? Yes.
  2. And further to your point, "pretty face" is really subjective.
  3. She's spunky and bubbly. I think she's fine. Her leaps look a little low but her pom is just what they want. My thoughts exactly! They're probably my favorite rookie class, they did all seem to be friends. If "Brennan is racist" was supposed to be the narrative, yeah, I think that's ridiculous.
  4. ByTor


    Split topic Split test
  5. Gotta say, I think Marissa is pretty good in this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKCNhiUjrjd/
  6. Victoria. Not "blood" niece, but niece by virtue of Kelli & Tina being BFFs.
  7. Hell, I trashed Hannah & shouldn't have. So I won't be a hypocrite...sorry, Hannah!!
  8. Good for them! If that were me I'd probably say something if I was being unfairly trashed by someone who doesn't know me.
  9. Chewy bacon. I guess I speak Kelli-ese, I knew what she meant 😂
  10. Please keep in mind that this is a thread for discussing your unpopular opinions about the show. Kindly keep the discussion about this and not the opinions of other online forums (TWOP, Twitter, etc...). And, as always, it is ok to criticize the show & its actors; it is never ok to criticize other posters.
  11. Best cameo this year IMO. I'd say maybe, but that white line goes all the way down her blue sleeve.
  12. You'd think after all the times I've hung things on the wall I'd have gotten better at it. I assure you, I haven't 🙂
  13. So do I. When I was commenting on your post before, I was going to say that just as many would try out without the show, but then I thought about this. Without the show, DCC probably wouldn't even be on the radar of many of these women. Quoting myself...I actually DID say if the show were no more that just as many if not more would audition, so may I clarify, I'm referring to local women. I do think a lot are turned off by having to go on the show 1st (Dayton Bramhall comes to mind).
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