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  1. "Well that's a little presumptuous to think you're getting two more days." Yikes! That season would have been so easy to cut to 37, LaRae & Morgan. I liked Morgan, but girlfriend wasn't good at all.
  2. From what I recall, the reason she didn't go was Tina wasn't comfortable with Victoria being on her own in NYC so young.
  3. I'm pretty sure the opportunity they passed up was offered to Vic when she was 12, I haven't heard about anything since. If I'm remembering correctly that was Liz Reuter.
  4. I know there have been rumors that Christina is not a nice person, but rewatching the season in which Christina got cut (the year they made her brunette at makeovers), when cutting Christina Kelli said something like "It's always the sweet ones" and she seemed upset cutting her, so I think you're likely right.
  5. Cook? I thought she was pretty immature.
  6. I think Meghan was bucking on Kelli not being "mean" enough to cut her on her 3rd time in TC...she pretty much said it herself when she asked "Why would you bring me into TC again?" They really shouldn't have taken her a 3rd time...unlike Brennan, it's not as if she improved year over year, and also Meghan was never one of the last cuts, so she wasn't particularly "close" to making it.
  7. @scorpio1031 they better do something! Don't they care that I keep seeing the same seasons over and over again? I think I have seasons 1 and 12 memorized LOL.
  8. Yeah, how hard would it have been to make it the 2 sisters with their mother instead of their father? I don't recall, though, if SatC mentioned Carrie had a sister.
  9. Yeah, I didn't hear Kelli call her toxic, I thought she said something like there's going to be a problem if she is being toxic. Do you mean Meredith? She's the one always crying.
  10. Tell your doctor if you've had an organ transplant. You mean your doctor doesn't know this???
  11. I don't think vapid, I think "blank." She may be nothing like that, but I agree that she comes across as not having much personality.
  12. Two seasons ago, K&J called NE Patriots Alexandria into the office because of her hair getting into her face during a routine, Kelli even snarked to Judy that Alexandria thinks it's cute but it's not. I do not think she thought it was cute, and I do not think she did it on purpose, I think her sweaty hair got stuck on her sweaty face!
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