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  1. I know Robin and Amber were both Rangerettes and TCC Lauren from season 14 was one, but not sure about others Meredith Oden was a Rangerette too. She definitely looks toned.
  2. @Jess14, this conversation is kind of blowing my mind...imagine that there were ALL those scenarios for point! Sadly, I can't see having this discussion now.
  3. As we know, Jenna was being "punished" and did not get point. That was Jenna's last year. The following year, had Holly stayed, I do not see teacher's pet Kashara getting demoted in favor of Holly. If Holly stayed after that, THEN I believe she would have gotten point. If ERICA stuck around, however, this is a moot point (pun not intended LOL), she would have gotten it.
  4. LOL I never thought they looked anything alike until that picture! Madeline Molloy commented on it:
  5. Let's assume it's true that she's a "self narcissist" (LOL what a dope). Still doesn't warrant "I hope you get cancer" and "I'm glad your father's dead." @vivianspoetry, I just want you to know I'm not trying to imply that you think the comment is vile because Taylor seems nice, but IMO that makes the comment double disgusting.
  6. I've never seen them do the one that Kristin did with both arms over the head. The one that Kelli mocked (duhhhh I'm a cheerleader) is this:
  7. But still, the little kid thing makes no sense. Since she was waiting in the DMV line soooo long (and yes, that happens a lot and is frustrating as hell), I'd think a filter that made her look like an old lady would be more appropriate 🙂
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