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  1. There is a CMT channel on Pluto, and they are now showing the season where the current 4-year girls made the team. I just saw the office visit when Victoria was told to work with Jinelle over her weight gain.
  2. The distance from her lower lip to the tip is the chin is closer on the right than the left, like everything was "lifted." I don't know what was done, but she does look great on both pictures.
  3. Ohhhh good catch! Ahhhh crap, I prefer the idea of drama. I guess she COULD have meant it both ways 😇
  4. I don't understand the whole "high energy" thing with Lindsey. She's just someone with no filter. I know she was trying to be funny, but that was a mean thing to say about the age of Mark's cats.
  5. Being that it's a week or so, I wonder if her New Years Resolution was to spend less time on social media.
  6. I have curly hair that's more frizzy than curly (and is huge and generally horrible). Then I got my hair cut at a new place in Philadelphia & the woman offered to do a blowout. Damn straight I looked at myself in every storefront!!
  7. And she wasn't even her mother in law at that point, she had just gotten engaged either during or right after TC and didn't get married until several months later.
  8. I'm getting mixed up what the exposure quarantine rules are now, but I saw on Gina's IG story that she was at a facial spa yesterday, so she's fine.
  9. I hope you didn't think I was implying you thought Jennifer was a fatty!! Only Kelli's eyeballs could see that 😁 She got even...I think she was one of the girls who laughed when that diet woman said carbonation causes cellulite LOL
  10. I assume that's what she meant too, but I didn't think she meant that it would be intentional.
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