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  1. You're right! I live in Canada and found out they've been shooting scenes in Port Perry, not too far from where I live. I had forgotten that most of the shooting in the first season took place in Toronto. I definitely need to go back to season two and finish it, without comparing it to Season One (which I loved). Hopefully, they are past all the drama of changing directors and show runners.
  2. That sounds like a great show~ I think Fred Savage is enormously talented. He was one of my favourite SNL guest hosts. He did an amazing Church Lady beside Dana Carvey - I think it was Church Lady and her mini clone. It would be interesting to watch them together.
  3. I disagree. I thought she did well as a secondary character but when they made her the lead on her solo trip to Oceanside, I was shocked at how bad an actress she was. It looked like she barely bothered to learn her lines, she was almost reading them tonelessly off a teleprompter. I've been waiting for her to get killed off ever since, but thought it was extremely unlikely because she's good friends with the head of casting. So Allelulah! Not an Alpha fan at all, but she did get rid of Henry and Tara in one fell swoop (well, I guess it took more to cut off their heads) so I am pretty grateful.
  4. Ooops can't read that spoiler yet, not finished, but wanted to say I know somebody that isn't a fan of Brandy (Anti) - my dog! He tries to bite her thru the television screen whenever she's on. He does have a bad history with black German Shepherds though, especially the female ones, so I won't hold it against him. I very much enjoy Ricky Gervais as a comic and I loved his hosting gigs at the Golden Globes. I actually found it funny that big name stars (that I actually like) were really offended at not being sucked up to and treated with kid gloves. Unlike you, catfi9ht, I don't think any jokes about his partner are mean spirited. They have been together more than 35 years and in an interview I read with him, he talked about how lost he would be without her and it seems to me that this entire show is a love letter to her. I do prefer the American Office though, and that puts me at odds with most people I know that have watched both. Though to be fair, I didn't get very far thru the English one. I tried Extras and thought it was okay, but this is the one that I am invested in, perhaps I like black comedy more than satire. So this is the first TV show of his that I have actually watched more than the first episodes and I loved it! I realized how fond I was of it at the conclusion of the one that he tried heroin with, I think maybe episode two? Definitely on the side of those that think giving Julian enough money to buy drugs to kill himself is definitely wrong, but I don't think he is thinking clearly. He is in a big dark depressive hole and believes he is giving Julian an out. So...Not Criminally Responsible? Love the scenes between little George and Tony (Gervais). I'd love to see him play a teacher in a comedy. I think he'd be brilliant at it, kind of like Gerry Dee but with a darker streak.
  5. Not that I would normally go to Fox News for anything newsworthy, but I thought they would probably not care as much about protecting the family's privacy. And based on the quotes they have from the police department, yes, it sounds like suicide, without actually saying it. Rough for his wife. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/amazing-race-contestant-jim-raman-dead-at-42
  6. Although I feel that Veronica as a character is all over the map, I am very impressed by her singing. I am always blown away by her voice, no matter what the song. Most people praise Ashleigh (Josie) but I find her voice is competent, not exciting in the way that Camila Mendes is, and I am hoping they continue to feature it in most episodes.
  7. I really didn't like this one, easily the worst Riverdale episode of all. I kept thinking how much better BtVS musical episode was, it made sense within the plot and Joss Whedon's songs were much better. Plus, no Luke Perry! 😞 I did think it was funny how limited Cole Sprouse singing was, he must be the only non-singer of the main cast. Interesting ending but really, how could EVERYONE in Riverdale get sucked into the cult? You would expect normal clapping from their parents at least. I hope we get to see Mark Consuelo's abs in the next episode, since we have been getting those teasers all week thru Instagram.
  8. I've watched episode one and I found it very choppy. There were quite a few interviews with the police chief, but I was dismayed that there weren't any subtitles, as he spoke entirely in Portuguese, It's a very disturbing story that I know has not been solved to this day, but I am very surprised that there are so many episodes. So far it has been a lot of random interviews with local residents, other tourists, the police, and many many journalists. There are interviews with the McCanns (on camera and voiceover) but since they are completely opposed to this Netflix series, I know they are taken straight out of the archives. I just don't know how they are going to fill the rest of the episodes up without any new information. Is anyone else watching this, and do you intend to watch the full series? At this point I am still on the fence.
  9. I hope he makes it back! Definitely my favourite EOR resident and the only one (so far) I want to come back.
  10. Hmmm You do know that the Original Subway Jared went to prison for possessing kiddie porn, right? I don't think Subway would want any reminders of their previous spokesperson. Her name sounded familiar but I didn't recognize her at all. I too found her very annoying pretty quickly. Don't understand all the love for her by Survivor fans, especially the ones cast on this season. I would have fought tooth and nail (!) to choose the comfort reward instead, mostly for that very reason, although I also think the long term benefits of warmth and comfort far outweigh temporary food. Plus, you are training your body to survive on less protein, adding these kinds of foods short term just confuse it. Yes, I would hate to kill them or see them be killed, but it would absolutely be more merciful than having them ripped apart by a predator. Breaking a chicken's neck has to be much quicker and painless. Yes, agree on the chickens and I too am finding EOE boring because nothing happens. Unlike the show Alone, these people don't seem to be doing anything to improve their shelter and Chris is the only one with the initiative to increase their food ration. If only one comes back, I hope it's him. I was absolutely stunned that his idiotic tribe voted him out last time. Plus, nice eye candy. It WOULD be pretty funny if they all came back, just as if all of them have been doing a practice run and not actually involved in the Survivor competition. Even funnier if it hadn't been filmed. Wendy would have had to establish her wacky credentials all over again. Ahhh thank goodness. With all these interminable sports postings, I was beginning to think I was on a football show's thread. zzzzz Thanks Mod, for ending that. I remembered Julia in the first couple of episodes, but after that all I could remember was that she had long black kinky hair. I don't think I even noticed that she was black. I do tend to be a bit colour blind and remember personalities more than looks. I am sure we will see much more of her in the near future, she looks like a dominant player once we are over teams.
  11. Whoops, I forgot I wrote this over a year ago, and agreed with myself! I guess my opinion hasn't changed. Actually revisited this site to see if there was any news about an air date for the final season. Thought the last one was a bit of a mess, hope the show goes out in a final season of glory.
  12. I wouldn't call the technology modern. It hit me pretty quickly that none of them have cellphones. That's definitely not 2018, right there. I think that might have been a big reason to push the time frame to a less advanced age. Too easy to avoid many situations if you don't have a smartphone handy. I didn't worry about the magical tree/magical orchard. Just another opportunity to practice my suspension of disbelief. Love Salem as a familiar. I would be very disappointed if I was stuck with a spider or a lizard.
  13. That's a good point but I still think we are mislead in some way, otherwise we would have been shown something that clearly indicated he was dead. i.e. body. The show certainly hasn't been shy about showing us gross and violent scenes. I can't think of a way they could circumnavigate the issue of Agatha fully recovering but I hope they did come up with some other plausible explanation. Possibly Tommy's soul getting eaten was the equivalent, since physical Tommy is only a shell of a person. Lillith was counting on it but I don't think the audience necessarily was.....it's one thing to kill somebody in self defense but another to cut their throat in cold blood, even with the intention of bringing them back to life. Most people would hesitate. We've not seen anything of Sabrina to this point that could indicate she is ruthless when needed. I would have expected someone else to jump in and do it for her, just because she was so innocent. But I definitely enjoy everything we are seeing here, none of it has been predictable for me.
  14. Because.....I don't think Harvey actually did it! After the conclusion of the show, I thought about it and realized that the teen that couldn't shoot a deer probably couldn't shoot his brother, despite knowing he was "souless" or just not right. We only heard the shot, nothing else. And the "body" was conveniently sent to Riverdale for burial. I'm not American so not familiar with their laws but I still feel there would have to be an investigation of a fatal gunshot wound, it couldn't be ticked off as a suicide without doing some kind of autopsy and inquest. And agreed, if Harvey is already feeling some PTSD, having to kill his brother would put him off over the top. Nope, he has secured his brother somewhere, and ideally neutralized his danger (tying him up perhaps?) That might be the real reason that Harvey wants to keep his distance from Sabrina and returns her enchanted pencils. He could be afraid that she will ferret out the truth and go ahead and kill Tommy for real. Although I do think Harvey has a very good argument for keeping her out of his life. She tried to bring Tommy back out of love for him, but her messing with his mind - putting a spell on him to make him forget her earlier witch confession - was done strictly to protect herself and it is pretty creepy when you think about it. I also think Sabrina already moved to the dark side before signing the book, when she cut the witches throat. Even though she intended to bring her back again quickly, it still should have been a hard act to do, no matter how sad/angry she felt about all the deaths the witch had caused. I think it is interesting how the show shows witches/wardens as servants of Satan, when they are two different belief systems. I haven't checked out the media thread yet but I imagine some Wiccan groups would be very upset with the underlying premise of the show. (A witch is expected to be baptised as the children/servants of Satan) *I am one of those that thinks McKenna Grace made a wonderful minature version of Sabrina!
  15. You are absolutely right, the quote was from booger6666 (!) Weird techno issues on PreviouslyTV. Yeah, that was completely strange. Some plotpoints just don't make sense. That really is a better solution, can't be that difficult to find a corrupt preacher in the States, right? I hadn't thought of that before. Gifted writers should be able to create problems and creatively write their way out of them, not just throw in the simplest most implausible solution. I am aware of that, but most people don't hire a private detective to spy on their wife unless something triggered their suspicions in the first place. Especially since Marty comes across as fairly frugal.
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