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  1. Ooops, I am only on the third episode! Oh well. I watch it for the characters more than the plot. Did love his dad though, so going to miss him. The interview with the very old lady (100?) was hilarious! I found that the second season had more moments that had me laugh out loud. At this point, I haven't seen too much of the therapist. I always wonder why anyone would keep seeing him but perhaps he's the only one in town and everyone says you should go to a therapist when you are grieving/dealing with a broken marriage. Apparently Ricky thinks he is an amusing character, Read an interview where Ricky mused over how a therapist could be a narcissist, and I think he said the comic possibilities in that. I have been alternating watching this show with Little Fires Everywhere. This is a nice relief from the heaviness of that show. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the season (as slowly as possible!) My trusty sheepdog would prefer that Ricky kills off Brandy though, and replaces her with a nice Lab, any colour. He hates German Shepherds, especially the black ones. Reminds him of traumatic experiences he's had with other black ones. Also females, coincidentally.
  2. Yes, his speech drives me crazy. I have to wonder why they cast him. It hurts my ears to listen to him.
  3. Pilot Pete can be rightfully blamed for many silly or thoughtless decisions, but the frozen dates have nothing to do with him. Production won't let Peter or any bachelor lend his jacket - they say their differing body proportions will make it look silly on TV. They do keep pashimas nearby for the women to wear though, if they are too cold. https://ew.com/tv/2020/02/26/why-the-bachelor-never-offers-his-jacket/
  4. At least The Bachelor alpacas are alive. (R.I.P. Louis) She desperately needs a bucket of conditioner thrown onto her hair though, I have never seen so many split ends on this show. It distracted me from her constant "likes." Aww we know nothing will happen there, except for loads of tears. If he is holding out for that, he won't get it. Madison has terribly mistreated hair though.... If it's not corrected now, who knows where it will lead. This is the first episode I haven't fallen asleep, so that's an improvement. I keep thinking Victoria F. must be a plant, but they have effectively shredded her reputation with all the rumours about her, so I can't see it as a viable explanation. Then I think to myself, no matter what kind of drama Peter has grown up with, it could never be as infantile as Victoria in her constant high maintenance tantrums. No man in his right mind would keep her around, and think it's likely that he will have any fun in the Fantasy Suite. Peter is dopey but he can't possibly be that dumb...
  5. This! I agree with everything you've said. It amazed me that a good policewoman wouldn't hesitate to cover everything up, without hesitating for a moment it seemed. Heidi's death seemed to trigger a gigantic personality or lifestyle change. (Messing with evidence, getting back together with her husband - who admittedly I thought was a hot nerd, a bit like Chidi n The Good Place. 🙂 ) You forgot to mention Anthony Stewart Head's biggest role - Giles on Buffy!! I think that's the only time he's played a likable, sympathetic character. I've seen him as slimy fellows before, thought he did a excellent job here and in some other BBC shows I've seen. And of course he was highly annoying as that coffee guy - loved to hate him in those commercials. Harlan Coben definitely seems to have a specific niche with his thrillers (crime dramas?) If you liked this, I recommend Safe with Michael C. Hall. Also has some plot holes but is entertaining and Hall does a fantastic job with his British accent, I though
  6. Yeah, she came across well on Survivor once her sister was booted, but I haven't forgotten that "Twinnies!" screech over two seasons and their incredibly sucky and entitled attitude. It may be hidden on Survivor because Natalie is alone, but I am positive her real self is still as obnoxious. Of all this season's cast, she was the one that I wanted to go first, so I am happy.
  7. I don't know that it was insecurity, as much as playing his on-air persona of villain. I think you could expect that kind of talk from a lot of guys, and most of them would snap right back with a retaliatory insult. Unless they are kind of quiet or just plain nice, as Ethan clearly is, at this point too, we don't know how far the two of them go. If they were to both make it to final Tribal Council, I would expect that kind of a tease, especially if Rob expected to lose to him in that last vote. Overall, I find Boston Rob to be highly entertaining, and I would love to see him replace Jeff Probst when that day finally comes, but he has an edgy side to him. Watching him in any of his reality show appearances, I generally like him but he does and says somethings that I find questionable. I think in real life I would like him, but not totally trust him not to shred me to pieces in private. Or on TV!
  8. These lists are very helpful. I apologise for getting it completely wrong. It made sense to me that the oldest one would opt out the trip to the graveyard, not the Satan Spawn (alleged). Unlike many people here, the four girls don't annoy me at all, but it would be handy to use costuming to help the viewer more clearly define which one is which. Perhaps colour related.
  9. I really liked Sandra in her first two seasons but I thought she was pretty useless as a mentor, basically repeating what Rob originally said and just talking to hear herself speak. Already, I have had enough. Colossal ego. She could go next, I'd be very happy about that. Well, different viewpoints from mine. I remembered Cirie as a lazy whining lump that added nothing to her seasons, I would have been completely disappointed if she had won. Didn't like Vi either, more sitting on her ass and trying to run things from her throne of negativity. At least Sandra was amusing originally with her comments. I don't need to see athletic feats out there but at least try to pull your weight a bit in camp and in challenges. I didn't mind her back then but maybe I was more easily amused. Now I don't find her entertaining at all, will be happy to see her go. I don't remember much about it, other than the two of them always worked well as a team, never any squabbling like you commonly see in romantic couples. Amber has a solid social game and the two of them formed strong alliances with other couples (which they ditched when the time was right). I also remember her as being supremely organized with lists and keeping Rob on an even keel. That's so unfair, I recall Natalie playing a superb game. It wasn't just her superior social skills, she also excelled in the competitions. She deserved her win!
  10. Yeah, the plot holes were quite large and annoying, but Richard Armitage is gorgeous. I'd watch anything with him in it. Oh and he's a good actor too. Totally sold the character to me. And gorgeous, did I mention that?
  11. The oldest daughter didn't go with them to the graveyard, it was obvious that she found the demon girl to be a bit weird but still, just a child and completely forgettable to a cool teenager like herself. I would have expected her to discourage her little sister from going in the hole but she probably thought there would be nothing there, that the girls were just playing scary games to add some excitement to their Halloween. Well, the implication is that this daughter is the one that was conceived with evil sperm. Or something like that. And she had no memory of what she did - or is innately evil enough to hide it. Otherwise I'd agree with you, opening the door to Satan Goat would make no sense. I still find Leland and especially Kristen's mother to be far more annoying and I will not mind when they have completed their business and left the show. Although, I do enjoy Kristen's putdowns of Leland. I do think she could do with a better villain to take on. George is pretty good at it. Satan Goat is kind of silly.
  12. Loved the first episode, mostly because of Sister Agatha and Jonathan Harkness. Great dialogue, very funny with moments of pathos (provided by JH). Second episode was also good, though not as good as the first. And then.....the third episode. Disappointing. I didn't realize that ended it, expected a fourth and fifth episode. Don't think they should have bothered. Would love to see Dolly in something better though, she was amazing.
  13. Ahhhh I didn't know that. I really enjoyed those, and actually preferred some of the remade episodes to the original (i.e. Time Enough at Last) - the last person living on earth. I know of Rockne as the creator of Farscape. I was a big obsessed fan, back in the day.
  14. Agreed that he looks much better without it. Perhaps this is some style trend currently going on that you and I are currently unaware of.... I do think Peter has a submissive type personality, but what's wrong with that? The happiest couples I know clearly have the wife in charge. His mom is definitely the dominant one in his family relationship and the dad is so happy about it, he renewed his vows! Although whenever celebrities do that, a divorce is just around the corner. I don't know any regular people that have done it. Anyway, Peter definitely seems to prefer the women with stronger personalities. Maybe that why "you're a strong woman" is his go-to compliment. Yeah, "crazy beautiful" just about describes it. I used to watch her modelling show, the one that she picked male and female aspiring models to be mentored by her and work at her agency. What I remember most about it was how mean she was and tried to portray it as giving good honest advice. She makes Tyra Banks seem down-to-earth. Victoria F just makes me think of the character Ella from Lucifer. Almost uncanny how similar they seem. I have a feeling that red-headed Lexi (red convertible) might be a dark horse in this season and go far. I actually liked Hannah Banana in the first episode, now I see her as an entitled little princess, coming on the show to extend her brand. I love Tammy, think she's the most interesting woman on the show but don't think she is there to have much to do with Peter. Could see this as her audition for a HGTV show about flipping. (Houses, not guys!)
  15. I really enjoyed it. I get your X Files references, they definitely apply. I was thinking of Buffy's hospital episode, with the Kinder monster. I don't have a problem with any inconsistencies here, unlike many. I can only take so much of Michael Emerson myself, I am hoping that we get some better evil demons a la Supernatural. They've had some terrific demons/bad angels on that show. If we're going to get Lost veterans, I'd suggest Mark Pellegrino. Can be evil and amusing at the same time and still pretty damn hot. I stopped watching Lost during the second season, maybe that's why Emerson does nothing for me. He comes along as creepy and unattractive, and I just can't see him as being seductive in any kind of way.
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