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  1. ITA. Also by the implication that "less than perfect" people shouldn't be parents leaves us with what happens if a parent develops a disability or mental illness problem (that can be controlled and is nonviolent and doesn't warrant intervention) after the child is born? As for Kate's weight problem, if she does have a child either biologically or through fostering or adoption with Toby, they can hire a nanny and/or housekeeper to help out. Also, we just saw Toby flush his meds down the toilet in this episode. Kate doesn't even know yet. In last season's cliffhanger preview we saw Toby in bed nearly catatonic with what looks like depression and Kate working with him about the doctor calling about his meds. Kate was there for Toby before they even got married through his heart attack. Kate doesn't need to now get on board with taking care of Toby, she's been doing it.
  2. I was happy to see Kate and Toby's dog again! I thought they could have spent a little more time with Audio though. I know, screen time. ;)
  3. It is dangerous to do this. If he wanted to go off his antidepressants, he should have called his doctor and had his dosage adjusted to wean him off. Stopping cold turkey is a bad thing. No wonder we saw the preview of this season of Toby in bed nearly catatonic. Even Kate told him not to do it so we can't blame her. Also, flushing pills down the toilet is a no no because of water contamination in the system. But . . . D-rama!
  4. I was wondering where the children were too. They were trotted out for the show for backstage photo ops. I was imagining they had a relative (probably not a hired nanny, but could have been one paid for by AGT) to take care of the kids in a different room or rooms. Remember, this DV incident took place at the hotel they were staying at for AGT. Either the front desk was called and then they called the police, or another guest was so alarmed that they bypassed a front desk complaint and called 911. We don't know what condition the wife was in when they arrived. Was she crying, scared, subdued, normal and wondering what the fuss is all about? We don't know anything other than she had a red mark somewhere on her body and he was taken away in handcuffs.
  5. Maybe they are pushing the idea that women should just have babies with no marriage and whoever gets them pregnant is of no concern since being a mother is the empowerment that comes with having a full-time career and not being a stay-at-home mom.
  6. No. There was a Walter Wong who played a tech in the first season of GA. BD Wong was last seen in L&O:SVU in 2015. Wrong Wong.
  7. I thought Mel B. was going to enter a rehab program and work on her personal problems, whatever they really may be. Conflicting gossip reports about her, but she seems to confirm that she has a problem with PTSD and wants help. Although she's not my favorite judge and is annoying at times, I do wish her the best. https://www.etonline.com/mel-b-explains-why-shes-really-checking-herself-into-rehab-108675
  8. Perhaps Simon is signing Courtney to a Halloween Spooksville Soundtrack? She can scream, so ...
  9. This. There's so much manipulation going on, what with the sob stories, audience being directed when to stand up and cheer, etc., even the Golden Buzzer is a bit of a manipulation. The judges should give their verdicts and opinions on the acts and that's it. Not publicly promising backstage deals and further promotion on a personal level. The wife is the one with the red mark on her body (somewhere), not him. None of us were there, but the LAPD responded to a call, and that is the outcome with them, complete with handcuffs. If Mrs. Ketterer starts taking the blame or saying it was all a misunderstanding, then it will show she's been a battered woman and is exhibiting signs of BWS (battered woman's syndrome).
  10. DailyMail Online has it on front page below the heading U.S. News story also.
  11. So far, the kids are safe. But the wife ain't! (See TMZ news story in 09.19 show's thread.)
  12. Of course the wife doesn't want to press charges. That's how battered women's syndrome works. I'll bet someone at the hotel called the cops because of the noise and ruckus. Also betting the whole almost died in childbirth story is made up or exaggerated. Phony Christian Values Singer! Buh Bye!
  13. OMG. O M G. How did Saintly Michael of the Six Adopted Children fall from grace? And so fast? Credit where credit is due: One of you posters made a cryptic comment that MK really wasn't a nice guy. I wanted to ask why they got that impression, but didn't. Who was that poster? I'll look around and post screen name unless you come forward. Thanks! AGT. The show that keeps on giving and giving!!!
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