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  1. I agree that when they were just detectives doing their jobs and partners they had a nice chemistry together. Just not the roll-in-the-hay or wine-and-roses kind of chemistry.
  2. Thanks for letting me know through this article that Rollins and Carisi are on fire with all that chemistry they have together. I guess I've been watching wrong all this time. 😄
  3. Difficult people don't get hired again in the business. That's show business. Only the top-rated talented divas can survive if they have already become a household name in pop culture or the music industry.
  4. It's funny that neither Tyra Banks nor Mel B played the "they don't like my black hair" race card. I recall both women going through many, many hairstyles, but I didn't keep track of how "black" or "white" they were supposed to look; they were just different hairstyles to me.
  5. At the email address associated with my account on Primetimer, I receive the same email twice sent at the same time each day.
  6. Ms. Parsons is elderly and already has a full schedule. Bless her to keep on truckin'!
  7. After reading stuff from articles, interviews and reviews of The Conners from other sources (as well as here), I have come to realize, believe and accept that (1) Jackie never gave birth to Andy and Andy never existed, and (2) Jerry Garcia Conner is still on a fishing boat somewhere.
  8. Not necessarily. Because of the 08 ensuing recession, people had to give up a lot of "luxuries" like dining out, even at cheap or fast-food places. People lost jobs and sat home a long time before they could find another one. Restaurants are the most vulnerable businesses and are the first to go under when times are tough.
  9. Excellent posts, Lonesome Rhodes and SG11!
  10. You know, I thought about Crystal but remembered she'd married the dad, not Dan. Thanks!
  11. Well I guess if the two ladies were that offended about a has-been comedian's lame ass-joke (which is as lame ass as Jay Leno himself and the way he acted nearly catatonic or stoned on camera during his episode), then they should be thankful they don't have to show up to AGT again and are free to gain employment elsewhere.
  12. My conspiracy theory is that the car manufacturers are trying to brainwash the great unwashed masses into relying on idiot alarms and lane-change prevention technology so we'll all be comfortable when self-driving cars hit the road en masse. I'm still waiting for the flyings The Jetsons cars!
  13. Yup, it's a gun. Maybe it's a water gun or oversized gun-shaped cigarette lighter?
  14. I really don't think either Gabby or Julianne were popular with the fans. There was a lot of criticism, some of it here, some of it even by moi, of their hairstyle, makeup and costume choices. Neither lit the show on fire IMHO. The Jay Leno complaint could have been a non-issue since it was edited out of the show's episode, so if the two women were that offended and complained loudly about a one-time guest judge, perhaps TPTB bristled at the two trying to run their show, and said buh-bye. I'm delighted that when I tune in to AGT again that there will be two new judges. And hopefully no more Jay Leno.
  15. To be fair, Jackie did date Ferris Bueller so she tried to move on, but it didn't worl out. No one is going to replace Roseanne in Jackie's life. So, according to now, Roseanne, Louise and Jackie had crushes on Dan Conner in high school? Who knew? Anyone else carrying torches?
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