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  1. Everything about him is annoying. Backwards baseball cap for starters. He doesn't even present like a magician. Boo hoo I got married and we adopted two kids. How is that exactly a sob story anyway? Whole act revolves around wife and kids who aren't (thankfully) part of the act, such as magician's assistant. (Piff has a Magician's Assistant and a dog, Mr. Piffles. Shin Lim is a snazzy dresser who always looks sharp and professional, including his trademark hairstyles which I think are cute.) Boo hoo my parents were alcoholics but they were mysteriously Saved By Someone Who Stepped In.
  2. There went two long, drawn-out hours of my life that I won't get back. Dustin? REALLY? The only saving grace for me to have endured all this season (that I managed to watch) is that there was a Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr. Piffles sighting tonight.
  3. That was a really cute scary start to this season of HBC. The warning at the start of the show was humorous. John Henson is such a great host who was in perfect form acting his way through the episode. Carla is my favorite judge and the three worked well together. Good costumes and makeup! I enjoyed the creations although some missed the actual theme of Devil's Food Lake. Who went home made sense but poor Stephen having to create a tomato-flavored cake was doubly cursed, so now he's part of the Lake.
  4. What a dunce. Everybody knows cheese was invented shortly after the Civil War. Or was it after Vesuvius erupted in Pompeii? Since cheese is made from the milk of animals, I'd say meat came first. What an asshat. All these Sonic Idiots are even worse than the two so-called comedy guys. Bring them back!
  5. Most of the comments are against "EO" with a couple rooting for it. One poster opines that The Letter is actually written by Kathy! If there is a love letter from "E" to "O" then perhaps L&O's LE should take another look at Kathy's murder. All the angst, anger and crying from Elliot may have been just a cover!!
  6. I haven't seen KCF*H as just the title turns me off as to how sophomoric (juvenile?) it probably is. The commercials for women's stuff have gone out of control. I haven't heard of this game show host AA either, but I don't want to see anyone's face closeup! Or a closeup of personal parts, thank you very much.
  7. That's right. In addition to being a passive-aggressive (?) inheritance-stealing lying bitch to humans, including her own brother, she cares not a whit about a dog. I think Leslie let's them stay so she'll have people to beat up on verbally, that is when she's not in the sack with Max, who she knows still carries a torch for Murphy.
  8. This sounds interesting! I'm gonna have to start watching ExX in addition to catching up with the ExUn episodes I haven't watched yet. I can get both on the discovery+ channel I subscribed to on Roku for the $4.99 a month. (I recently started paying the $6.99 Ad-free rate, but since Hulu's price hike I went back down to ads.) Thanks for posting this as a recommendation!
  9. And don't forget about the burgeoning romances between St. Olivia and Unstable Stabler, and the Rollisi rolls in the hay. Enough soap suds for everyone!
  10. It's totally unrealistic to have a skeleton crew full-time in the booming metropolis of NYC. Even if much of the citizenry have taken their homes and businesses elsewhere IRL, it's not like they are living in Mayberry RFD.
  11. It won't help the ratings for live viewing at Chez CrystalBlue. I watch on Hulu the next day because my OTA antenna does not receive ABC or CBS. I get NBC just fine though.
  12. Exactly. For instance, your wedding planner isn't going to choose your bridal shop vendor, or buy your invitations and write them and mail them out for you. Some people may want to use a caterer that the wedding planner's vendor lists doesn't utilize.
  13. Obvious to me that French Fry Bride finds other vendors for different facets of her life, e.g., Home Improvement, Pets, Legal, Repair and Technical Support, etc.
  14. Who are the soap opera shippers on social media peeing their pants over Benson and Super Hunky* Stabler getting down? A bunch of teenage girls? *For lack of a better moniker. Chris Meloni is being heralded as the hot bod dude over 30 for the ladies (and gay guys too, I suppose) to drool over.
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