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  1. So, I Googled 'Billie Commercial" and came up with "The Unicorn of Razors." Wow! A razor that shaves hair! Amazing!
  2. I agree with you and Patrice and Rob. As for Alonzo and friends, no doubt they should've been more on the lookout for potential racial hatred problems, but everyone was partying, i.e. acting most likely irresponsible, drunk, and they were young. No one can replace Mr. Stack (and Mr. Farina did try) so I'm fine with the new format but I kind of see your point about the stories being true mysteries.
  3. No, but that's interesting. Apparently the Shriners Hospitals for Children have teddy bears for sale from Build-A-Bear and Vermont Teddy Bear, and more.
  4. This is true. (I haven't seen any Billie commercials yet.)
  5. And here's your Fourth Surprised Like (so far). Yep, I found an article on Newsweek of an interview with UM's show creator saying he's remarried "to a lovely woman." Link is here. Not surprisingly, Primetimers aren't the only people who think Rob is guilty of Patrice's demise.
  6. I missed this lowlight compilation. As a way to segue myself into golden slumbers after a rip-roaring binge watch of some Netflix gangster shows, I enjoyed an AGT & BGT Best Dog Tricks Show compilation on YouTube. The dogs beat most of the lame-ass acts that are hyped up as being stars, paws down.
  7. The spouse is considered next of kin. Unless someone has explicit instructions in a Last Will and Testament or Living Trust, the spouse has the control over the remains of their own spouse. Had Patrice had the chance to finalize a divorce, her next of kin would have been her son, Pistol.
  8. I wonder if Law & Order will do a crossover episode(s) with Organized Crime and SVU. You know Benson Hargitay will somehow want to get into the act. I'm sure the show runners think everyone is waiting with bated breath to see the Deadly Duo back in action. No doubt St. Olivia will be needed to console the newly-grieving Stabler.
  9. I agree with what you say in the first two paragraphs, but Rey Rivera's weird note might have made perfect sense to him. It was probably for his eyes only and we just don't understand it.
  10. Given the fact that Pistol didn't name himself and he is just a normal young man who had something terrible happen to him (losing his mother to murder, not just getting locked out of the house), I don't see the need to make fun of his name. Rappers have unusual names too. Does anyone remember Remington Steele?
  11. Yes, that's the most ridiculous part of the story. Real spies don't go around announcing or revealing they are spies. Xavier had an affinity for the USA; if he's still alive I wonder if he somehow made his way to the States, or Canada, or by way of Canada. He could have traveled under disguise or newly changed hair color, style, cut, wig, facial hair, etc. to blend right in.
  12. Does it qualify as a Karen Haircut? 😄
  13. People of every stripe have a so-called derogatory nickname attached to them for people who want to stereotype. I don't find it offensive, just ludicrous and laughable (at them, not with them). Although, in the Vietnam war, Charlie was not a laughable name.
  14. This, and Rob letting Pistol know he didn't like him, creating family tension, could cause a kid confusion and acting-out behavior. It was the mother with sleep apnea.
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