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  1. Possibly and probably if they were regularly in touch, but remember Beth warned Kevin about Zoe, because of her past and she figured or knew she didn't want children, but Beth never explicitly told him why he should stay away from Zoe.
  2. The bookstore guy had Darlene and Harris push their hands against each other's, which resulted in tiny Darlene being shoved to the floor. I don't get the "Let's all" part either because it was the two women involved. It should be "Let's Push Both Our Hands Together."
  3. Totally. He's that sweet, gentle guy IRL too!
  4. But Jon Huertas declined the offer. Notice that starting out Justin made $35,000 more than Chrissy.
  5. AKA the die-hard Elliot & Olivia (EO) shippers.
  6. I believe you mentioned this nom-de-net dba trademark thing before here. It's a wonderful idea! I too have a nom-de-net so to speak. I use as an email address, screen name and anywhere I want to sign in anonymously. My cat's name is Chloe My Last Name which sounds really cute, especially with her unofficial middle name, which is Belle (she's a tortoiseshell). If you're in the States, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  7. She became an executive producer, which gives her financial responsibilities. She is also a director of the show. When Mariska gained all that power, all hell broke loose. She is also a philanthropist which she ties into Law & Order: SVU with her Joyful Heart Foundation.
  8. I really wish you folks would reconsider posting your true names on here or anywhere online where you're supposed to be anonymous. I don't think it's good for your safety and that of your families.
  9. Another missing L&Overse family member kid. Remember Noah and Grandma Sheila? Eli, who deals and uses Granny's drugs, goes missing for the Holidays. Did Wheatley arrange to have him kidnapped? Did he run off with some Albanian mob boys? Is he hanging with his druggie crew? Will St. Olivia be the one who finds him and delivers him all wrapped up in a shiny red bow to a grateful Elliot? Does Ellen Burstyn cook Christmas dinner?
  10. This is correct; I saw that show too. I believe it was Louise Turpin's sister. Louise had left home at a young age long ago, married David when she was 20 and then had 13 children and over the years communications were long distance and few and far between. Very little family involvement, which is just the way the Turpins liked it. I live in SoCal and have lived and worked in Riverside County where Perris is so this case was of special interest to me. I followed it from the beginning and didn't wait long to watch this 20/20. My God, what a huge failure on the part of the County resou
  11. Maggie telling Cam he has nothing to worry about = Famous Last Words. Katherine's first pancake gay date bombed. Perhaps Katherine is really just late-in-life bi curious as some kind of trauma reaction to her split with Eddie. How she treated her gay BF in school is weird. Katherine is too worried about what the neighbors will say. She didn't even want the waiter to see she and her date were holding hands. Count me as another viewer who didn't realize Ms. Cute Meet was Anna! I'm all in for Colin's full-feature episode.
  12. Does anyone find it odd that as soon as the non-honeymoon is over, Louise is back on a tour bus when at least I had the impression she'd given all that up, before she married Dan, and the happy couple was contemplating taking a road trip themselves? Now she's bailing on her condo, furniture, and husband. Also, as I predicted, we've never again seen that dog Dan was going to foster as a favor to Neville, Jackie's veterinarian brother, and make a few bucks in the bargain. Geena is nowhere in sight and she's been back from the Middle East quite a while now. David is nowhere, as if he
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