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  1. I failed to mention before that I judged my viewing of Ratched without benefit of ever watching any of the American Horror Story shows. I've never heard of Ryan Murphy either. Now that I know what I've been missing, I'll keep looking elsewhere for my horror entertainment. One Murphy style show was enough for me and I was always leery of AHS of being too slasher/gore for me.
  2. Unless I get a reminder from Primetimer, Netflix, or one of the TV show reminder sites, I'll have forgotten this (thankfully only eight episodes) season ever aired. My favorite characters were Nurse Bucket and Sharon Stone's monkey.
  3. Didn't make sense! California's first lethal injection execution wasn't until 1996. The electric chair was never used in California, so firing up Old Sparky wasn't an option to revive by any governor. Hanging was the original method and the firing squad was used in the old days before California was tamed in the wild, wild west and became a State of the Union. This whole subplot was like Alice In Wonderland to me, since I'm too old to not know my native California's real death penalty history. If this was supposed to be Ryan Murphy's signature campiness, it was lost on me.
  4. Firefighter turned cake artist. He and his wife were on Cake Wars together a couple years ago. https://www.oxfordeagle.com/2017/01/31/sweet-ts-captures-cake-wars-win/
  5. Yes, red would have been good and scary, a blood red Dracula teddy bear complete with fangs. Far enough away from the orange pumpkins. Or maybe even purple, just not white! Aren't teddy bears originally brown? Where did they come up with white. Good observation about Fireman. Don't be arrogant.
  6. Preach it! And this includes Carisi. Let us not be ever treated to a Rollisi roll in the hay!
  7. Which is why I initially commented (exclaimed excitement) that I thought that he's back in S03 before you posted he was in the finale of S02. I know he was in the finale of S02. Thank you.
  8. This is very serious. It sounds like he may have overexerted himself once he initially got up and walked around. I'm glad he's not doing any taped bedside messages nonsense. He has to heal properly and enjoy privacy, like every other person is entitled to do. He doesn't need to be put under additional pressure either. Godspeed Simon!
  9. Just hearing Shinmin describe the crunchiness and taste of the grasshoppers eeked me out. In the end I agree with the judges' decision, if only for the fact that the monster clown theme was scary and the selfie theme was more cartoonish or campy as they called it. To me Halloween has to be spooky and scary.
  10. I'm sure any stimulus money would go to a worthy bill to be paid, maybe earmark it for part of the back mortgage due? Oh wait, this is the Conners. The Conners probably spent it all on Halloween costumes and candy.
  11. Why is he credited as being on S03E01 then? I took that to mean Emilio is back, not a permanent guest star. Am I wrong?
  12. Hot diggity dog, Danny Trejo! And Emilio is back?!
  13. Flamingo. ETA: I replied before I saw the subsequent posts, so sorry for the redundancy. The commercial is awful and the idea is awful. They've expanded on the Betsey Wetsey doll idea. Where are the Charmin bears to wipe the flamingo's bird butt?
  14. Yeah, how desperate can he be? He stars on The Conners FFS. Does having a head on the tip of a finger remind me of a penis make me a weird and twisted person? Guess what that makes John Goodman in my weird and twisted mind?
  15. Those reverse mortgage schemes are shady and questionable. I know "never say never" but I would never do it. Thank God, I don't have to, but those in dire financial straits need to beware -- no matter what has-been TV star is peddling them!
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