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  1. Well, I watched. Or should I say I watched the show's intro and Chrissy's introduction as guest guesser(?). I fast forwarded through the songs until I came upon the muumuu comment. Yeah, right, whatever Jenny. You go and put on your big muumuu. I also noticed that the other woman Nicole whoever mentioned as one of her guesses to be the artist Chubby Checker, who is now 79 years old. Weird. I kinda side eye the big muumuu comment and mentioning Chubby Checker as kind of digs against Chrissy. Not classy at all IMHO. P.S. Chrissy was all kinds of adorable and personable and beautiful
  2. Wait, you mean if I want to see Chrissy on this Masked Singer show, I show I've never seen before, I'd have to suffer through Jenny McCrazy? I only remember her from a long time ago when MTV became a trash show and she was on it sticking her tongue out and acting slutty all the time. Then she became an avid anti-vaxxer. I doubt very seriously if she wears muumuus.
  3. Yeah, Senior Methhead talks in nursery rhymes and that other dude at El Banquero's said he didn't come down for Sesame Street stories! Ha!
  4. Mayans finally has a wild ride! No boring filler here. So much to unpack. Bish already told Gillly that if Coco wasn't at the next Templo he was out. Why Gillly wasn't calling and checking on him in the meantime I don't know. I don't like or want Coco torture porn either. Now I am so sad for Coco's future, and his very life. I thought Miguel was going to throw a plugged-in electronic device (radio, hairdryer) in the bathtub but instead he drugged Emily's wine. Then I was expecting her to make a miraculous awakening and gasp for air. Very good scene with surprise twists all aro
  5. I think tennisgurl meant Gaby heads for the Valley and EZ wants to go with her. But I knew what she meant too.
  6. Don't you mean his breadstick (singular)? Maybe the ranch is also for his two coocoo crusties. They're trying to get people to run an entire dishwasher and use a pod every night so you run out of the detergent faster and run out and buy more. No way is running a dishwasher every night gonna save you money.
  7. Re Law & Order: Defense Lawyers Version: Are they going to bring back Rafael Barba? If so, this may be worth watching. I hope they mirror real-life Raul Esprza's bisexuality and show him like that, as in, he's become a brilliant, sought-after attorney with a upwardly mobile career who just happens to be bi and has a life other than pining for St. Olivia.
  8. An extended engagement at their age and under the circumstances would be OK with me. A small inexpensive wedding would be apropos, maybe in the backyard with the chickens! Perhaps Emilio can splash out again for a fancy party afterward for the reception.
  9. I haven't seen this yet, but speaking of dogs in commercials, there's one with some doofus dog owner woman who is standing outside in the rain trying to get her dog to come out for a walk. It's not supposed to be critical of Ms. Doofus; it's supposed to advertise something for dogs (I think). The dog has more sense than his/her owner.
  10. Brace yourselves for another onslaught on Peloton commercials. Their stock tanked again amid the mandatory recall they were trying to fight, plus a data breach leak! Fortunately, none of us here will be affected, I suspect. Peloton Recalls Treadmills Peloton Users Private Account Data Exposed
  11. The sandwich dude must be a fan. He even knows how to correctly pronounce Fieri with the "r" sounds like a "t" sound!
  12. If Neville's in this episode, it's probably because he's proposing to Jackie. Your excitement may vary. Louise is the logical shoe-in. It just says two proposals, not engagements, and doesn't say who is doing the proposing.
  13. I'm having Cocoa Puffs.
  14. What is that, a loofah? Rinse well ... in Bud Lite! Quinoa: The New Alfalfa Sprouts.
  15. I saw a Domino's commercial last night introducing the Nuro, a driverless pizza delivery car. Apparently the Noid is the back (although I never saw it to begin with). Noid vs. Nuro - Domino's Video is below the still shot.
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