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  1. Randall has now taken his control freak tendencies to a whole new level.
  2. I'm thinking Louise has already found another guy to ease her lonely heart on the tour (and affirm that she is attractive) because in her mind, that must be why Dan didn't jump at the chance to keep her in Lanford, perhaps a band member or manager or someone like that. Darlene realizes how badly she wants a baby. Can this show get any more ridiculous? I am not interested in this inane storyline. At all.
  3. Good post for getting perspective. It seems like on this board and everywhere else people think anyone with mental problems are automatically hospitalized, run to the nearest therapist for help and if they don't they're evil and a danger to society, all their friends and relatives are instant PhD's and shrinks who can spot and diagnose mental illness and emotional problems a mile away. Everybody who wants help gets it immediately. So not true.
  4. What is the inevitable? Inquiring minds want to know.
  5. I agree with the points of your post, but Kate was blindsided by the revelation and has to deal with any aftereffects if the relationship goes south. She might not care because adults can do as they please, well, single unattached ones anyway, but she'll be caught in the middle. Kate knows Kevin's track record. Funny how after Kate and Madison became friends that Kate didn't tell Kevin, "Hey, have I got a girl for you!" Remember how Beth warned Kevin about Zoe? Maybe Kate doesn't see Kevin and Madison as a good match. Otherwise, I see your point of "hey, we're all adults here, we'll deal." But, you know, drahma!
  6. Hey, a little lesbian kissy kissy action between UC Kathy and Redheaded Pharm Rep! For those who are into that sort of thing. :) No one died! Not one Rollins. And Momma Rollins is on her way in to take care of the nephew Amanda knew about for 10 minutes before taking on savior duties to spare the kid from CPS because his mother is a junkie who hands him off to complete strangers while she goes and gets high. The only sane member of the Rollins family is Franny (the dog). Amanda is so screwed up to be manipulated like that. It's called a motel, Amanda. Get Daddy to check in to one and save the OD drama. Then he splits on them! Papa was a rolling stone. Hadid went back to skating on the thin ice of ethics. I believe the only reason she ended up showing Liv & Co. that she was behind them was so she wouldn't go down for blowing a SVU UC operation. She's one piece of work. The story could have been really interesting but 3/4 of it was wasted on the wasters Kim and Papa Rollins and Benoah's vaping side story.
  7. Oh, I see. I thought maybe Teen Kevin had either lost or traded the Johnny card but still had the other cards in the collection and had wanted to get it again now as an adult.
  8. It does suck, but three more seasons of the lukewarm baloney sandwiches they've been serving? I would think that the three seasons is part of the Peacock Plan, but I don't know anything as just a dedicated viewer. I hope the Show steps it up and isn't planning on resting on any recent laurels. Where is everyone? It's just the Mariska Hargitay Hour now.
  9. The only thing I got is that "weird" people may be vulnerable to these other weirdos who want to take advantage of them. Most non-weirdos wouldn't go for being Instant BFFs with some random woman they just met through a business dealing, or this Throuple crap.
  10. Snark? It the truth! 😄 You do know your Judy Collins. Thinking back, there's been many times songwriters have written for other artists to record first, but how unusual was that to happen to this song in one year after the other ('68 and '69).
  11. The article refers to L&O:SVU as "the Mariska Hargitay-led drama" so it's officially The Mariska Hargitay Show starring Mariska Hargitay. They're gonna have to widen the doorways so her big head can get through now that she has free rein to be the Free Reign. Our Most Holy Saint and Queen Olivia.
  12. Yellow-bellied Burrowing Hawk. To be fair, I don't have a middle name. I used the combination of the first names that makes up my actual first name. When I was married, I used my maiden name as my middle name and, thus, middle initial, with my husband's surname. This is the only other legal name I've used. That would be: Yellow-bellied Sea Porcupine.
  13. Just for the record, I am advocating to end the ridiculous Darlene-might-have-a-baby-because-Ben-wants-one-cuz- babies-are-cute storyline, like next episode. We already have a baby, Beverly Rose. We don't need a another geriatric pregnancy for everyone to angst over. Ben should get a puppy. Ben should get a job to help feed and care for vet bills for the puppy. Or adopt a senior dog who needs a home. Dogs and puppies are cute too. Darlene isn't even in a physical condition to conceive and gestate a healthy baby regardless of her age. Thanks Planned Parenthood for something. I hope Darlene grabbed a few free condoms on her way out of the clinic for Ben's manly sexual pleasure while the lovebirds hash out the baby or no baby off screen and announce they're adopting an adorable pooch next episode. Thanks for reading this.
  14. You should make this a weekly thing.
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