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  1. I would watch that. A retrospective in chronological order would be fun. Us fans who've watched the entire series could relive it and find new perspective on things, and the new viewers or those who didn't like the flashbacks and flash forwards could still end up having watched the series.
  2. When we were enduring another dose of the Aussie pipsqueak that is JJ, did anyone feel icked out or uncomfortable when Heidi was telling, and then explaining, the constipation joke? I am so relieved to know that Heidi "poops just fine." πŸ˜’
  3. I don't have a subscription and would not pay to read anything published in the New York Slimes.
  4. Very predictable that V. Unbeatable won. Hans went out with style. I want to see him doing something somewhere. I disagreed with the order in which the acts were eliminated, but it doesn't really matter. Enjoyed KISS.
  5. I was thoroughly engrossed in the story. I too like the transit cop. It was cool that he has such a diverse background and bonded with the husband by speaking Hebrew. I also would like to know what becomes of the Irish couple. Methinks they both get deported for perpetrating the fraud. I really hope the pregnant wife is carrying her husband's child. Buchanan was really good in court even though his scrumbag client deserves to get convicted. Carisi really shined as ADA in and out of the courtroom. Even though Fin got short shrift this week, at least he had one of the best lines about it never being what it looks like when Patrick's guy pal revealed the true story!
  6. I got a concussion from those anvils hitting me over the head.
  7. Olivia conveniently having Tucker's photo with her "in happier times" handy in her desk drawer was ridiculous. I was never on the Tucker Train as far as Liv having a romantic and sexual relationship with him after his IAB years. No Benoah is always is good thing. I'm not a big Kat fan; I can take her or leave her, as long as she reins in the OTT you white men crap.
  8. I would think it's one of the Beckys. πŸ˜ƒ
  9. I really enjoyed this episode. I think Kate looked lovely in her swim gear. The bonding of Rebecca and Kate was a welcome change of pace between the two. I don't think Kate and Gregory will have a full-on romp in the hay, but I believe she can become emotionally close to him because of his acceptance and enthusiasm over Baby Jack. Tobes needs to snap out of his doldrums about facing the future with his son, who happens to be blind. I feel for and understand Toby suffers from depression. He has to recognize that he should not allow himself to "get stuck" in a negative mindset over what is out of his control. I want to see more scenes with Audio, not just hear about he'll be walked by Madison!
  10. The song is entitled "White Rabbit."
  11. West Coast viewer here: The Putin line was funny. πŸ˜ƒ
  12. I can see your side and respect your opinion. I wasn't that thrilled going in to be inundated with politics, so wasn't expecting much and did get entertained by the Dan-Louise story line. ☺️
  13. I thought we were going to find out who won tonight. I guess my reading comprehension is on the fritz. What is it about Finals do I not understand? Alexa and The Dogs Show was entertaining, but the previous performance was better. I still enjoy the act and love the doggies. I wonder why they left Alexa's mic on so the commands came through to the audience. Hans is hilarious and he makes me laugh and that's good enough for me. Boogie Storm is the worst act in this finals. Their costumes where the same, complete with flapping cups. I thought the purpose of a codpiece was to hold it all still and protected, not wiggle around in an obscene way. The act was the same, just different music and background. Howie's Red X had me clapping and vowing my undying love for him. I am highly suspect of Simon's affinity for this act and wonder if there's an inside joke or story behind it. Miss Norway's rendition of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" was interesting and rather enjoyable. Like one of the judges said (Alesha?), she nailed the melancholy of the song. I love it when young people sing classic rock songs, and prove the timelessness of them while making them sound new and fresh. I enjoyed Duo Transcend even though I preferred Duo Destiny last week. They're kind of interchangeable, which prompts my wicked mind to contemplate a Duos Wife Swapping Competition. Russian Bar Babe and her Two Guys were impressive, even though I'm willing to bet a week's worth of beer money that those 160 spikes are made of flexible rubber and far enough away from the FIRE! to not melt. I liked her costume.
  14. I did see the "I love you, mom" at the end. Lovely. Thanks for posting the vid!
  15. Chrissy looked beautiful and I loved her dress. She did a lot with the song and was so engaged in her singing of it, but didn't go overboard. This is the only clip of this year's Oscars I've seen, as its been years and years since The Academy Awards was must-see TV for me.
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