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  1. They did blow up a kid on a boat in Vietnam though. 😛
  2. Double welcome, knuckles! I hate most of the dancing in commercials too, especially little kids bustin' a move an acting all sexy thang. I hate women dancing in the street about birth control too.
  3. I wonder how the jury would have ruled if Gabe had kept his shit together and didn't go all psycho. Carisi's strategy worked, but it wasn't a slam dunk because he couldn't control Gabe's meltdown point, and juries are always unpredictable. I agree with all the sentiments above of how Carisi was great, and that Kat is ridiculous (my words). Really good episode with great supporting cast of actors.
  4. The Kat's mom character is quickly becoming Debbie Downer.
  5. I don't think CmK is doing very well in the ratings. I doubt we'll see anything of Miranda's S02 episodes storylines.
  6. I just have to say that I don't hate the optics of this T-Mobile commercial, which are rather pretty with their hot pink neon lights and US map, but I am so bloody sick of hearing Queen's "I Want It All" chorus over and over again. And I don't even hate Queen, it's just that it's so sickening that Queen has become one of the go-to ripped off rock groups for commercials ("We Are The Champions" anyone?). It gets stuck in my head and I can't stand it anymore!
  7. Hopefully they don't import toilet tank jerky in from the Conners' house at the Lunchbox!
  8. This is assuming Miguel is even still alive then. I predict if and when, and at this rate it's a big if, they get around to the Rebecca and Miguel story, the very next episode will have Rebecca crying into her hanky at his funeral, surrounded by the Miguel's stepkids, the Big 3, who probably will have a family argument at the grave site with Miguel's adult children.
  9. Autotrader commercials! I love them. I don't think our Ancient Greek Goddess Claire is being rude; I took it to mean that the van's door was automatically closing while she was listening to the Greeks guess who she is.
  10. Well, Beth did say Randall appeared lighter on the ride home. Maybe that's what she meant? 😁
  11. I think Toby had a flashback to when he was single or newly divorced from his first wife and depression had set in and he was staying at or living with his mother. Vague memory I'm not sure if this is all correct. Miguel will be the 4th wheel on the Big 3 tricycle when they all jockey for position in sharing Rebecca's last days together. 🙁
  12. A reverse perspective. I like it. We've all been bagging on how much of a loser and jerk Marc still is, and can't believe he didn't actually say anything about the weight. Maybe he was just speechless (and tactful) that he dodged that bullet!
  13. He and Miguel need it. How much emotional support does Miguel ever get?
  14. You're lucky you had a buzz on. I watched stone cold sober. 😕 The only likeable person was the gracious and eloquent Hai. Beth was OK, but she sure was all in having keys handed to her husband that they now own a lake-front house. No questions asked. Like she's just received a birthday gift.
  15. This episode was a direct copy of the staycation storyline in Miranda, the Britcom series which by now you must know this show is based on. In Miranda, our protagonist stayed at a local hotel rather than go where she was supposed to travel to, and it wasn't Puerto Rico. Hilarity ensued; this trip not so much. Is that generic vanilla, Vanilla Bean or French Vanilla? 😀 I don't mind either; it's very Britcom which I ❤️ anyway. (Actors names would be better though.) Nice to see you over here @icemiser69!
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