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  1. I think Joyce just didn’t understand that it was a 1200 calorie a DAY diet, not 1200 calories a MEAL.
  2. Cochran is also a CBS employee now (writer on one of their shows) so probably cannot participate. Interesting/sad that Vecepia wasn't asked back... ever. Wonder if there's something that went down behind the scenes that we aren't privvy to.... especially in a season like this where they needed 10 female former winners... with Jenna and Tina out, there weren't that many others to choose from (assuming they were interested/able to participate).
  3. And what about the patients? Where will they go?
  4. Especially if they wrote the season with the notion that this was going to be a series ending season.
  5. Here's a link to all the clothes being sold. The version of Geoffrey's dress is nice, but I liked his tie-dye pattern better. https://nineteenthamendment.com/pages/project-runway
  6. I’ve read that he still lives at home. I know that with his job he is often away, but I think that if you are ready to get married, living on your own would be the first step.
  7. I think he does Survivor-related events to draw an income, which has let him be a stay at home dad with his kids. Good for him.
  8. It came out afterwards that in her contract, the show was required to present her as not having sex in the fantasy suites, when, in fact, she did. I don’t know if it was with all three, but she did have sex with at least one of the guys.
  9. Have any of them said they are in love with him. I think Kelsey said she might be falling, but the others.... isn't it all "I could fall in love with him?" Kind of late in the season for not even one woman to proclaim her love.
  10. Sean, too, had his epiphany and became a "born again virgin", but unlike Luke, he didn't seem to have any requirements for his wife-to-be or do any shaming or have any "requirements" for his wife-to-be, or am I misremembering.
  11. She portrayed it as a love affair to Peter... it wasn’t until the episode aired and he say the story arc that the singer went to People with he version of their non-relationship.
  12. He kept 2 23 year olds. He doesn’t want an equal.
  13. She is the one he met before filming started. She must think she’s pretty hot in the sack. She is sooooooo overconfident. No way does he want a woman who has a better profession than he does.
  14. And Sean and Catherine.
  15. Or a Sean. He wasn’t my cup of tea, but the man was sincere.
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