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  1. Very interesting. It also confirms that Dan isn’t allowed to speak with the press. That usually means something legal is afoot.
  2. To add to this... in cases in the real world, women have bitten their tongues and taken it for years rather than being thought of as trouble-maker much like Kellee was worried about how it would affect her game.. If an incident wasn't witnessed... and even sometimes if it was, if it wasn't sexual-touching often the victim will get the blame.... oh, she's just too sensitive/bitchy. He's such a nice guy. He never bothered me. (Ya, and Jeffrey Dahmer didn't eat everyone he met, but he was still a mass murderer) And look at victims of domestic violence. For years, cases weren't prosecuted unless the victim pressed charges, but many were afraid to. Now the cops arrest the abuser even if there is no complaint filed if they have probable cause. And in the case of Kellee, there wasn't probable cause... there was outright proof on film. I think the difference between Kellee and the crew member: the crew member wasn't competing for a million dollars. And even though it wasn't filmed, TPTB got corroboration from at least one of the players who witnessed what happened. The crew member just had to call her union and, in the MeToo era and CBS would have no choice but to act.
  3. Based on the episode and that People reported that at least one of the cast witnessed the incident... and the fact that they were all sitting together when Jeff came to deliver the news... My guess (and it is only a guess), is that production (after talking to the crew member and their legal team) called them all together and took them aside one by one to discuss what happened, leaving Dan until last. When the incident was confirmed, that was all they needed to finally turf Dan.
  4. What an ass Varner is. I’m sure he is from the school of thought that a little touching of non sexual parts of the body is no big deal and if the touchee doesn’t like it they are being too sensitive or a bitch.
  5. I think they plan on addressing it. The reunion show won’t be filmed live for the first time ever related to issues of security and sensitivity.... or something like that according to Probst in EW.
  6. This is the thread for tonight’s episode, and what Dan did to get kicked off was apparently done off camera.
  7. Dan likely miscalculated. A fellow castaway might hesitate rocking the boat because it could hurt their game. A staffer would have no such reservations. The show is going to have to make some sort of statement eventually because the speculation will get out of control... maybe they are waiting for 5he reunion show because in that EW link I posted up thread, it sounded like they were going to talk about things.
  8. https://ew.com/tv/2019/12/11/survivor-island-of-the-idols-finale-ruenion-pre-tape/ The official explanation for not going live.. Includes security concerns. They say we will see the show in its entirety... sounds like some folks may not even realize the show isn’t going out live.
  9. I guess they are worried about protesting or disruptions if they are live.
  10. He had them when he went to the island of the idols. And he’ll never know, until he watches this, that his advantage was fake because they went from 7 to 5.
  11. I was wondering why tribal started so early... buh bye Dan. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I wonder if we’ll ever know just what happened.
  12. https://people.com/tv/bachelor-in-paradise-chris-bukowski-katie-morton-split/ And then there was one... one engaged couple left.
  13. DEL901

    S39 Tommy Sheehan

    I can fault Tommy for a lot of things but not for being a 4th grade teacher. Some of my favourite elementary school teachers were men. A friends husband was a high school gym teacher and hated it. When the 2nd baby was born less than 24 months after the first, since she had a high paying job she enjoyed, he became a stay-at-home dad for three year. Now's he's a kindergarten teacher and loving it.
  14. Surgery so you don't have to put your hair in a Bump-It every day? Seriously? And when styles change....
  15. Wouldn't surprise me if he looks at the two 23 year olds and says, nope. They can't compare to Hannah and her post-mirror ball fame. I'm going to dump them both for the sake of gaining more instagram followers.
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