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  1. I liked Genie as a person, but she wasn’t cut out for the game. Why on earth did she tell Shan and Ricard about the idol. So many players I don’t like. Shan and Ricard, of course, Sydney and Tiffany. I like Nasser as a person but not a player.
  2. Yes, it has been confirmed by previous contestants that contracts give production the right to search. Mostly, the are looking for electronics which are banned and drugs. I am sure when 5hey found their files, the planning went 8th overdrive on what would be the best way to “discover” it on camera.
  3. I know they think they are building suspense but of course she will keep Joe…for now. Not a spoiler, just my prediction.
  4. Other suitors profiled https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/bachelorettes-ryan-fox-what-to-know-about-michelle-youngs-suitor/ https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/bachelorettes-joe-coleman-5-things-to-know-about-michelles-contestant/
  5. US Magazine just posted an article… 5 things to know about Ryan. Interesting reading. I posted a link in the media thread. Since he was sent home, this isn’t a spoiler… the US Magazine stated he was part of Bachelor Live.
  6. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/bachelorettes-ryan-fox-what-to-know-about-michelle-youngs-suitor/ He is such a liar….no exposure to the Bachelorette?
  7. The whole Brendan mess made BiP so talked about….trying to force it this time.
  8. Too, too, too many lame gimmicks. Regarding room searching… I think a PA must go through their luggage since they aren’t allowed to bring phones or other electronics. I’m sure they reported the binder, so tptb sent up the room searching so T&C could “accidentally” find the binder.
  9. The new season begins Did my eyes deceive me? Did the editing? Did that last guy bring a whole binder on how to get more airtime?
  10. Finally starting to watch…Tyra as Sandy in the opening…no words. And is it just me or is Olivia Jade’s face just too smooth…dipping into the Botox and fillers early. The Miz isn’t great but he has so much fun and tries really hard. Suni just isn’t cut out for this. She wasn’t feeling the choreography and Sasha kept so much of the iconic moves… And Jojo and Jenna rocked it. A deserved 40.
  11. She went along with it, actually posing for rowing pictures, so she was an accomplice. Glad she was bottom two. Show was blacked out her because of Buffalo football game and I didn’t think to switch my recording to the Canadian channel. Oh, well. Off to YouTube.
  12. The agency was 6 players last week, so there was voting, but just by the winning group.
  13. Agree. And I’ll add that some advantages negate others…eg you have an extra vote, but you can’t vote at all. Too confusing.
  14. From BiP Canada episode 1… lots of close ups and action shots of this guy…
  15. Not a great photo…Kevin is the bartender in the Canadian BiP. He has a photo of Astrid and their dog at the bar. She also joined him on the after show last week. She’s due fairly soon.
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