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  1. Armando is also trying to salvage his relationship with his father. Bringing his boyfriend home for a visit will challenge dad enough....bringing home a fiancé could be too much for dad all at once.
  2. Can’t sorry about the earlier post. Can’t seem to delete it. Re Brit and converting, so far, her main objection is the need to wash her face 5 times a day before praying. Wait til she learns more about what is expected from a proper Muslim wife.
  3. He has already bragged about the hot American who is giving it all up to marry him.
  4. He finally figured out she has zero intent to convert. eta and isn’t in a rush to marry either. But he is stuck. He could fool around with her when she was a tourist, but not now that she is his fiancé.
  5. I’m thinking it is more about three days to get married. Hope she mentions hubby soon.
  6. Lol, “I think my dad needs to know”. Ya think? It is going to be on tv, so best to tell him before he watches the show.
  7. So they only have this new place for a month? Explains where they were living in the flash forward episode one.
  8. When I visited Egypt a number of years ago, there was a mosque that allowed tourists. And if you notice, the camera didn’t follow Brittany to where the women were praying.
  9. Invisalign wouldn’t have pleased the sugar daddies.
  10. Wow. It is really getting weird. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/bachelorette-season-16-everyone-spotted-on-set-after-clare-drama/wells-adams-12/ Not just Tayshia and Wells, but also Becca, Sydney and Ashley I.
  11. One good thing... Frankie Grande has been a rumoured house guest. Dodged a bullet.
  12. It is probably pretty hard to get spoilers this season because of quarantine.
  13. Yet another twist... https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/wells-adams-spotted-bartending-at-bachelorette-resort-pics/
  14. Remember, Clare is the one who, on Winter a Games, fell hard for that player guy, dithered about Benoit, left them both after 3 episodes and then got engaged to Benoit at the reunion shoe, IIRC.
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