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  1. My PVR cut off the final standings. I know they said McCarty made it... but they certainly didn’t expect Flex to finish. Does she bump him out of contention?
  2. DEL901

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    What does Dylan do for a living? Can he afford her?
  3. DEL901

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    Did Blake actually see any bands at Stagecoach or did he just manwhore his way through the women of Bachelor nation?
  4. DEL901

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    Torture him?
  5. DEL901

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    Onyeka left with dignity. Clearly she didn’t get the memo. But I wish she’d given one of the guys a rose. She still could have left.
  6. DEL901

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    Yeah. She loved it. As for Christian, he might have been allowed to stay, but when Jordan was walking away, he went after him...multiple times. Glad they are both out. She is lucky Clay is still interested.
  7. DEL901

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    There was a time when I felt a bit sorry for Chad Johnson... he'd lost his mother and was spiraling...then he came on BiP and got so drunk he soiled himself. And now, this: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/pictures/chad-johnson-slams-bachelor-nation-favorites-in-twitter-rant/more-on-dean/ If he is so over the Bachelor experience, why is he going on a twitter rampage getting attention for talking about the Bachelor? Only part I really cared about: He claims he just found out he didn't call Sarah H names and that the words were edited (with the implication he was so drunk in Paradise that he believed he must have done it.)
  8. DEL901

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Wasn't she some sort of sports star in college? Would that have helped?
  9. DEL901

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Yeah, I think he's expressed to the cameras earlier in the series that he had wanted to meet others and get to know them, but Carly glommed onto him right away and he couldn't figure out how to get unstuck without her getting unglued. That's why the (very gentle) dumping happened at the end of the series.
  10. DEL901

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    LOL - He's missing out on a potential goldmine... fools gold that it! Wonder how Blake will be received after his time in Paradise. As for Jason... he was quickly sliding into Bachelorette irrelevancy until he got involved with Kaitlyn.
  11. DEL901

    S06.E21: Bias in Medicine

    The pill, while not the cure all some men think it is, does help with some non pregnancy prevention issues and so, of course, some are trying to make that harder to get....exhibit one... Hobby Lobby.
  12. DEL901

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Yeah. It may have been two weeks in tv time, but it was only 5 or 6 days in elapsed time, so she told Derek fairly quickly
  13. I think you are right about Dylan. My 2 cents is that Katie is the prettiest followed by Hannah. But to misquote Forrest Gump, "Pretty is as pretty does."
  14. DEL901

    Masterchef (US)

    It was nice seeing Dino on Wednesday's show. And all the put downs of Shuba remind me of how Gordon interacted with Dino. He put him down. Laughed at him. But in the end, Dino triumphed. I remember in the finale when Gordon told guest judge Joe that Dino was making squid ink pasta and Joe dismissively ran down the list of what could go wrong. Then when he went out to talk to Dino, Dino preemptively told him all the challenges and how he was anticipating and dealing with then. Joe had already compared Dino's cooking to Joe's mom's cooking. And he ended up winning. Do I think Suhba will win? Probably not. But I would definitely enjoy it if he did.
  15. DEL901

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/todd-chrisley-daughter-had-affairs-with-robby-hayes-josh-murray/ Something a little different... Apparently she's married and also may or may not have made a sex tape with Robby.