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  1. If Biniyan has the baby circumcised without a Bris ceremony, Ari will freak. And based on the previews, he may be considering this.
  2. The show is repeating tonight supposedly with extra footage. They are starting with Jenny and Sumit. Just noticed that in the scenes where Jenny is talking to the camera, she has 3-inch grey roots. Clearly that was filmed way after the scenes with Sumit in India because she has blonde roots there. It takes a few months to get roots that long. Wonder if those scenes were filmed well into the pandemic.
  3. From when Ashley and JP were on Marriage Bootcamp https://people.com/tv/bachelor-ashley-hebert-jp-rosenbaum-couple-confront-relationship-issues/
  4. Wow, I can see why she was interested even before filming started... she admitted that during the shut down, she googled the guys since the names had been released.
  5. What is somewhat amusing.... back in the first episode they showed Devean freaking out, wearing a mask, anxious to get back to the US, but as things have worked out, she and the baby would have been safer staying in Korea.
  6. Nope. From what I have read, this is it until they can film again.
  7. I remember around the time they got married there was some conflict. She had baby fever but he refused because she was less than a year from completing her dentistry program and he was worried that if she had a baby right away, she wouldn’t finish snd one day look back with regret. As soon as she finished, she got pregnant with baby #1.
  8. I wonder if part of Kenny’s challenge (I won’t call it a problem) with the situation is that he has been “the dad” for so long. He was the patriarch in his family. Now he is dealing with another patriarch. This one is from a different culture and is the head of the family Armando grew up in. I wonder if he just isn’t used to not being the voice of authority? But Armando isn’t a child, and definitely not one of his. Kenny has got to get used to sharing the power or this isn’t going to last. Especially when you factor in Armando’s daughter. It is clear Kenny loves her, but he is also going to have to deal with Armando being the primary parent and decision maker with regard to her. I’m basing this on zero direct evidence, but given that Kenny has raised 4 daughters, I am sure he will have strong opinions on the raising of a daughter (just as he had strong opinions on Armando telling his family they were engaged rather than just introducing them and giving the family time to get to know Kenny - much as what usually happens in families meeting a significant other for the first time), rather than taking his cue from Armando.
  9. So sad because they seemed to be a real success story. I loved how, after they filmed, they would have dinner “together” over Skype every night and just talk and really get to know each other. Weren’t they on one of those Marriage Bootcamp shows a while back? People thought they did it for the money, but maybe they did have things they were working on.
  10. Great location and tasks. I like most of the racers so far and really felt for the dyslexic Olympian. And I’ve got someone to root against... not sure if her name but she was one of the sisters who came 2nd.
  11. I always find it amusing/perplexing when Somme’s profession is “former something or other”. It this because that was the most interesting job they ever had? Are they retired? Unemployed? Dale was listed as a former football player. If he had played longer, retired would be possible, but an injury cut his career short after 3 seasons, so unlikely he accumulated enough money to retire. I’m guessing aspiring model, actor or influencer.
  12. Apparently everyone thought either Madison or Hannah Ann(both then 23) would be cast, so they picked young guys. The Covid break gave them the opportunity to add a few older guys, but they didn’t have the time (or willing bachelors?) to get more older guys.
  13. Yeah, right....they didn’t have enough time. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/why-bachelorette-didnt-include-clares-ex-benoit-in-premiere/
  14. I don’t think it is just about showing up per se, the show was delayed months and then they had to come and quarantine 14 days fir a show that is usually filmed over 45 days, max. So those guys who went home the “first night”, have actually been there for weeks already only to get rejected night 1 of filming.
  15. Wow, the season previews were something. Interesting how quickly they turn on Dale. Sour grapes or no smoke without fire?
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