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  1. https://people.com/tv/the-bachelor-colton-underwood-cassie-randolph-split/
  2. Watching my local morning show...Kevin and Astrid are being interviewed for a segment on a charity burger program they are participating in to raise funds. www.theburgershowdown.com eta, wedding is scheduled for November.
  3. I still hate when they tell every second act they will be stars. There is only so much disposable income to go around and limited time. No matter how good you are, you don’t just become successful based on talent. After all, who would have anticipated that the biggest star (money wise) to come out of this show would be a ventriloquist? I liked BAD but I felt kind of sorry for them when they talked about what they would do with the money if they win. At least the judges haven’t been asking what contestants would do with a million dollars if they win,.... conveniently not mentioning it is paid over 40 years.
  4. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/bachelors-victoria-fuller-chris-soules-are-exclusively-dating/
  5. A variation of this was played for laughs on Big Bang Theory as Howard and Raj, brilliant academically but awkward with women, thought they were entitled to supermodels. Howard eventually fell in love and married, but not before wondering if he should wait to see if “someone better” came along. His friends convinced him that a wonderful woman who loved him and who he loved was what everyone should be looking for. It is also like this Incel movement. They don’t really want a relationship, they want a hot woman who has sex with them as a trophy. They don’t see women as people who have their own needs and desires. They are often the “nice guy” who turns viscous when rejected. This reminds me of David.
  6. My biggest fear.... Claire’s season gets so delayed, she ends up passed over for Hannah B.
  7. Or family member or team staff or arena staff....
  8. Wait until you see Jessie Graff. She is a star over on American Ninja Warriors and the real deal. She is also a professional stunt woman and worked on the new Wonder Woman movie. edited because Steffi and Jessie Graff are not interchangeable.
  9. Why on earth would you think she has an illness?
  10. OMG. I thought it was just me being picky. Drove me crazy.
  11. Maybe he will ask her to help him choose, lol.
  12. If his immigration status was uncertain, that could explain the delay in the divorce.
  13. The candy would probably be a nice gift for her family, but she was probably anticipating something a little more $$. Designer. Hockable.
  14. I want her to ask to see photos of “their” home in Vegas and see her response when he shows her the RV.
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