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  1. DEL901

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    She would have sucked at following directions too. Benching her was a good call. Jamal is going to be going home with an idol In his pocket if he doesn’t recalibrate his game. Him complaining about not being a part of the group.... and then refusing to be a part of the group.... dude, the idol can only be used once. Alienation of your tribe lasts forever. Yeah, he really had her number. And Rob and Sandra practically rolled there eyes when she jumped at the challenge practically before Boston Rob finished talking.
  2. DEL901


    The wings people have posted that they are sold out for Christmas and Thanksgiving but are now taking presale for May 2020!!! But they will try to fulfill the orders earlier?!?! See bottom of page https://atlasmonroe.com/orderfoodnow And they turned down a million!?!?
  3. My early favourite is the girl from Love Actually.
  4. DEL901


    Thing is, once the episode is aired, lots of secrets are out there for anyone to take advantage off or exploit..... like those veggie chicken wings that were being sold for $22 and cost $2.
  5. DEL901


    ...especially when they said on television that the product only costs $2 to make. I'd certainly side-eye their prices. And no-way can they pitch deep-fried anything as healthy. They can pitch it as vegan, but deep frying...
  6. I suspect that Koracik is just yanking Owen's chain.
  7. DEL901


    Yes there was a royalty, but the couple would be RECEIVING it. Basically, Mark and Rohan would own the product and the company. They understood nothing about business. Their so-called projections were just them doing math based on what their new production could make. https://atlasmonroe.com/orderfoodnow Also agree that just because it is vegan, doesn`t mean it is healthier. Isn`t it deep fried... Finally, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. A bunch of years ago, there was a news story about a muffin company who had the most delicious low cal muffins ever. Turns out they were not low cal. They were extra high cal.
  8. Remember that folks on the different tribes only know who went to IOTI from their own tribes. Even the person who picked a name doesn't know who went from the other tribe. Will be interesting after the merge.
  9. I wonder if Koracic really did get a restraining order or if he was just playing with Owen?
  10. What I was wondering about IOTI... after you've been once, is that it or does your name go back in? I don't remember them saying.
  11. Yeah, but she lied. I loved it!
  12. Yup. And she was told she couldn't know who it was.
  13. I saw that and thought the same thing. Quite the contrast to Tyler and his limited Gigi commentary.
  14. With regard to Spicer, his “positive attitude” doesn’t change my opinion of him because of his week one tweet that the judges were overly harsh to him because he loves Christ. Ever if I could get past his past as a professional liar, I can’t get past that tweet. Wish they had put Lamar and us out of our misery. I never watched Dawson’s Creek so I never had an opinion on James, but he has really won me over. Likewise Kate. Usually I don’t care for the funny contestants since they often emphasize their wackiness over technique but she’s balanced both wonderfully.
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